• May 27, 2022

Eagles “O” Line Problems Intensify With Injuries

SamBradfordvsSkins2The Eagles offensive line has been the number one problem that they’ve had this season.  They haven’t been able to block for what was supposed to be the most important strength of this team and that was running the football.  Chip Kelly’s offense is built on the running game.  He prides himself on obliterating defenses by running the football.

Instead of being the strength of the team, the Eagles running game has been pitiful this season.  It has been an embarrassment.  Kelly has to take the credit or blame for it because he’s the one who decided that he could improve on LeSean McCoy.  He’s the one who gave the big bucks to DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. So far, Murray has only 47 yards on 29 carries.

Kelly’s offensive line has played horribly bad and therefore his running game is near the bottom of the league.

“Right now we don’t run the ball when we need to, we don’t pass the ball when we need to, it’s a disgrace right now,” Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce said. “We have to pass block better, we have to run block better, we have to communicate better. There are way too many mistakes, way too many errors, especially for this point in the season. We’re costing our team wins right now. We have to get this fixed. We should have had it fixed yesterday. We should have had it fixed right from the beginning. It’s very frustrating right now.”

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYKelly is the one who hasn’t drafted an offensive lineman in the last two drafts.  He also made the decision to release Pro Bowl left guard Evan Mathis.   Now that right guard Andrew Gardner has injured his foot and been sidelined for the season; and Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters has a quad injury that had him miss most of the Redskins game and has him questionable for the Saints game; and right tackle Lane Johnson has a MCL strain and may also miss the Saints game; Kelly’s offense is in major trouble.

The Eagles offensive line gave up five sacks against the Skins.  They may give up even more against New Orleans, if they take the field with Matt Tobin at left tackle and Dennis Kelly at right tackle.  Sam Bradford doesn’t have the durability to stay healthy, when he’s getting hit so often behind this offensive line.


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  • Does anyone agree with me that Lane Johnson is a bust. He should be way better by now for a top five pick. I gave him a pass for last year. But he is still just pretty average. Reminds me of Todd Herremans. I was expecting more like Jon Runyan at least. This kid just gets pushed around. Ertz is still yet to live up to the hype. So far, Logan and Hicks are the only successful picks Chip has made in three drafts!! Patheitc! Can Jeff hire a f’king personnel guy that knows what the hell he is doing. This is why the Giants and Ravens win SBs and we don’t!!!!!

  • Sorry, I forgot J Matt. He has three good picks. The rest suck.

  • Lets look at the last 2 Drafts …..

    2014 Draft
    In the 3rd Round – Eagles Selected WR Josh Huff (#86th Overall) who is not an NFL Player — Here were some Promising OL on the Board who some of us liked better and who could be contributing to this 2015 Team and for Future Years while Josh Huff is out of Football
    Guard/Center Chris Watt from Notre Dame Drafted by Chargers at #89
    Guard – Trai Turner from LSU Drafted by Panthers at #92
    Guard – Brandon Linder from Miami Drafted by Patriots at #93
    Tackle – Michael Schofield from MIchagan Drafted by the Broncos #95
    Guard – Brandon Thomas from Clemson Drafated by the 49ers at #100

    Then in 4th Round – The Eagles Moved up to Select CB Jaylen Watkins who is out of Football already while other DB’s like Breeland, Dontae Johnson, Tre Boston, Pierre Desir & Walt Aiken were still on the Board and other
    OL like OT’s Cameron Fleming (Patriots) & Dakota Dozier (Jets)

    In 2015
    Eagles Traded their 4th Round Pick (#113) to the Lions for a 2016 3rd Round Pick when the following OL were still on the Board
    Guard – Jamil Douglas from Arizona State Drafted by the Dolphins at 114
    Guard – Jose Feliciano (Raiders), Guard/Tackle Terry Poole (Seahawks), Center/Guard Shaq Mason (Patriots), Center/Guard Max Garcia (Broncos)
    & Guard Mark Glowinski (Seahawks)

    The Lack of Drafting Quality OL over the last 2 Drafts has come back to bite this team in the Ass… The Eagles have a Ton of $$$$ Committed to 3 RB’s which is a joke (Murray/Matthews & Sproles) when 7 of their 10 Offensive Lineman are Journeyman or Career Back-ups as can’t even Run the Ball
    This past 2015 Draft may have been the Strongest Draft at RB in 10-15 Years also I may add…
    The point of my rant and ramble here is that the Eagles have flat out failed with their Overall Draft’s over the last 3-5 Years and now they are paying the Price of either having to Overpay for Starting Quality Players (Maxwell, Bradford, Murray) or having a lack of quality NFL Talent forced to Start like Barbree,Gardner, Tobin, Cooper, etc,etc
    We all know that you are not going to have Studs or All-Pros at every Position but you would think that Chip Kelly would start his Offense with a very sound OL first and foremost and build from the inside out…
    He has done none of this in regards to the OL and all these great things I keep reading and hearing about OL COach Jeff Stoutland has not translated to the improvement of Play from the Young OL on the Roster and to be honest, all of these Back-ups from Dennis Kelly, David Molk, Matt Tobin,J Vandervelde have all been with the Eagles for a while and in the same system, with the same teammates so I am not buying that they are too inexperienced to at least be effective..

    • I totally agree….so is Johnson a bust right now relative to his draft position?? I think you are happy with him as a 2nd rd pick. Maybe even at 23rd in the 1st, but number four and you aren’t even flirting with the PB? And I shudder to think of you replacing Peters some day (which was supposed to be the upside)??

      • I would not categorize Lane Johnson as a Bust..
        He’s is not a LT material but he’s a pretty good RT even though he struggled last week as he always does versus the Redskins & Ryan Kerrigan..
        LJ would never make a Good LT for he has real issues with those smaller, faster, athletic DE/OLB Pass-Rushers that you face almost every week as a LT in the NFL.. He’s solid at RT
        A Bust to me is MS2 who in his 2nd Season isn’t even on the “Active Roster” on Game Days.. That’s a Bust of a 1st Round Draft Pick and not a Player like LJ who has started almost game of his 4 Year Career…

  • Another myth. The league is littered with Gardners and Tobins starting on olines. Those players are serviceable. Like Mark Sclereth said what Chip is asking these linemen to do is absurd especially when defenses know where to slant its almost impossible blocks for them to make. Run traditional man on man runs and you will get positive yards. Its not that complicated.. But to think Gardner and company are that much worse than half the guards inb the league just isn’t true. What they are asked to do is.

  • This is simple stuff ,that Chip swung and whiffed on..It started after winning a meaningless Giant game ,or was it? If Cip the snake oil salesman planned his coupe on Howie 2 consecutive ten win seasons might sound more impressive.So his own arrogance and greed may have cost him a better draft position..is that an indication of his commitment ?Players that got him win ,are then ceremoniously “thanks but no thanks” are traded in a frantic two minute drill.Parts were made bing a t a frantic pace ,and the Eagles had there head coach and GM face plated all over the screen..Paulmans said it coherently ,you can’t bring the guys he’s brought and expect that chemistry to be good ,if you don’t enable them..not addressing the O line is sactamount to committing first degree murder to your less than healthy QB and new runners .Perhaps you thought,that a NFL rushing leader would accept a subservient role and also alter his style of play to feed your ego? And style and technique.You have failed to accept you have failed to build a foundation (O line) and its lack of depth ,and wanted instead ,new toys for your offense ..The irony is shady was one of the backs who could actually create his own space at times..crazy shit…Then Nick Foles who I watched air out perfection go routes against the Cards with less than stellar wide outs (Austin is a nice player) ,won Abigail division game on the road..in a pretty hostile environment ..There O line was questioned prior to the season and ours wasn’t .theyre getting it done ..we’re not..Your evaluation now is in serious question on the offensive side ,and we’ve all agreed that your insistence on not upgrading Bill Davis is another gaff..I search hard to see what you’ve done right ,and in a 4 quarter game you’ve failed more than 50% of each game or more (Dallas) The once fast paced offense has sputtered like a wheezing jalopy…The O lines depth isn’t even in the discussion ,because when you fail to draft a need you do what you’re doing ,leaking oil..Now the genius tag is long removed ,the time to really coach and adjust to the sqauare pegs and round holes will put your skill set to its first test of your mettle as a coach By the way in the NFL GMs can’t swing and miss for long ..and owners who last year decried the record number of defensive big plays ,can’t be happy sitting cozily and watching Bill Davis create a passive puss personality for his defense ..Especially when the owners checkbook was emptied filling those voids..

    • You bring up some interesting points…especially about that Giants game. Most of us were in agreement going in…Eagles should have started Barkley and tanked it. Made no sense at all to win…..else to make Kelly look good as you say. Interesting.

      11 new starters is stupid.
      Signing a 500 carry RBs is stupid. (and of course I said this over and over to much derision)
      Signing said 500 touch RB after having already spent 4 20 mil on another RB seems doubly stupid
      Trading for heartless QBs when you have a guy who was 14-4 is stupid.
      Keeping Billy Davis is stupid
      Not drafting Linemen is inexcusably stupid
      63 million for a guy with 17 starts seems stupid
      Playing a 3-4 D with 4-3 personnel seems stupid
      Having the D on the Field 25% longer than any other team in the league seems stupid

      • Vin… The stupidest thing which I know you’ve agreed with me on ,was how he was duped into thinking Bradford was going to get him Mariotta..that wasn’t only stupidity ,it was an undressing..If you calculate that move and adding no O line assuming perhaps you’d have a mobile Mariotta it’s doubly stupid ,because you miscalculated and now it’s biting him and us in the ass

        • Y. I continually wonder if he got “played”. Were Stl and Tenny GMs on the phone with each other….

          STL GM: “I have Kelly on the other line. He’s actually willing to give us picks for Bradford but only if thinks he can flip Bradford for Mariotta. You think you can give him a call?”

          TEN GM “I thought you were going to drop the guy. Ok, we can help you out. We’ll string him along a bit…dangle Mariotta, but there’s no way we’re trading the pick.”

          Did it go down like that? Remember Fisher has deep roots in Tenny. This could have been one big scam for them. Is it hard to imagine Fisher calling in a favour with his old Titans buddies??

          Or did Kelly just jump head first into the pool without looking to see if it had been filled first?

          • In all honest vin ,I believe Sam held the cards close to his vest.He wanted to get out of St.Louis without the embarrassment of being a number one pick ,and getting released ..He wouldn’t blink on re working his bloated contract so the Rams were floating the idea of trading him just as anyone would.I truly feel they never believed anyone would give them anything in return other than a pick.Cleveland was rumored as giving up One of their two picks ,and chip devised if he had clevelands plus his pick he could tempt anyone.He got played by Sam ,because Sam refused to restructure his deal with Cleveland ,leaving Chip and the Eagles holding the bag…What I can’t figure is why Sam wouldn’t extend his deal with the Eagles ? This is the head scratcher

            • At this point it would have behooved Sam to take the offer Chip was willing to give him. Admittedly I do not know what the money or years were,but, with the way Sam’s season has gone so far he will not command a lot of money on the open market next year if his play does not turn around tremendously. Sam’s decision to not accept a deal benefits the Eagles right now, it also saves Chip from looking like a bigger dope GM…however, Chip still wanted to offer him an extension which makes one continue to question Chip’s ability to evaluate talent.
              I read a story by Ruben Frank on CSNphilly.com about Josh Huff, he is not happy with his snaps, he says he is healthy and ready o play, but his number has not been called for whatever reason. This goes back to Kelly’s GM inability, perhaps it’s because Huff is not that good, or Chip was punishing Josh last week for saying that his play calling and plays are really simple for defenses to decipher and plan against. Murray is not happy with his carries either. The Eagles better win the next two games or the wheels will fall off.

            • Sam Bradford is not an East Coast/Philly Guy and probably doesn’t like it in Philly very much in terms of not wanting to sign an extension to remain..
              He’ll Play out the 2015 Season and contemplate Offers from the Houston Texans, Denver Broncos (depending on Peyton Manning status), Chicago Bears (depending on Jay Cutler’s status)
              Bradford sees that Playing QB for Kelly is simply machine-like where the QB has little to no input in changing things up at the Line of Scrimmage, There’s no Audible Out of Plays or taking advantage of certain coverage’s, etc,etc..
              When Playing for Chip Kelly, the QB Runs the Plays that Chip Calls or they don’t Play… Bradford and any other QB worth his salt wants no Part of This with Mark Sanchez being an exception who is just happy to Play..

              Again Kelly’s way of running the Offense and have his QB do exactly as he says can work at the College Level but not with Professional Football Players…

              • Pman ..exactly ,and it allows the QB to point the finger at the coordinator/coach ,deflecting any of the blame ..Here’s my question ? Why did it take a whole half for Sam to look to air it out vs washing tons depleted secondary? Was there a mutiny in the locker room vs. Chip ,or was Sam the culprit ,who was told ,you either do it this way or Sanchez is coming in and you may never get the chance to put together film for your next chapter ..? If he has success vs a real defensive backfield ,he’s raised his stock..and probably become of intrigue ..A sign and trade might be still in the offing ..perhaps Houston and Clowney might be tempting midsession ..SAMs Oklahmoa ties might be interesting ..

              • I believe it was OC Pat Shurmur who got in Bradford face as Halftime and told him to look Deep and that the big play is there for the taking..
                Texans would be a great Fit for Bradford for what they like to do and Coach Bill O’Brien likes Pocket QB’s, and they have a balanced Offense when RB Foster is healthy..
                DE Clowney has been a Bust as I thought he would be, his Work Ethic is horrible and he’s hardly practiced in his 1 1/2 Years with them.. I know GMCliff said Clowney was a can’t miss Prospect, a once in a generational Player but Clowney has not shown anyone the desire or passion to be an impactful NFL Player since he was Selected #1 Overall in the 2014 .. Everyone went Ga-Ga over that big hit on the Michigan RB in Citrus Bowl in Jan 2013 that ESPN has Replayed a million times and the Reality is that Jadeveon Clowney has done very little since…

                I would simply take the Texans 2nd or even 3rd Round Pick in 2016 for Bradford and be happy with that as Clowney will be out of the NFL by 2017

  • You guys know howie is huddling with Jeffrey ..this soap opera has only just begun ..coupes that end badly get bloody

  • How long do these new guys go for chips bed checks ,gulping drinks and watching the walking wounded ..this looks likea home built jalopy with wobbly wheels ..

  • In GM terminology his skis got ahead of his feet ..he swapped a non conditional two (stupid) ,to get Sam ,who in all likely hood was going to be released ..that’s inexplicable ..

    • desert – you don’t believe the rumor that Cleveland offered their other first round pick number 19 overall to the Rams for Bradford ? And Fisher and Snead chose Foles and a 2016 2nd rounder as a better deal?

      • In evaluating the deal ,they had Foles at less than one million signed and an ability to kick the tires ,yes ,that to me in my estimation ,plus a non conditional second was a better deal in there estimation.Also they knew Sam ,and figured there number two pick obtained might be a diamond in the rough.So far that estimation is proving ,to be just that …

        • For the 2015 Rams, Trading Bradford to the Eagles for Foles and 2016 2nd Round Pick (40th Range) was the better move instead for the Browns #19 PiIck..The Rams are competing for the Playoffs this season and needed a QB in return for Bradford, not a Draft Pick that could potentially be used for B who will need 2-3 Years to learn.. Jeff Fisher/GM Snead don’t have 2-3 Years to Develop a QB…
          Fisher also probably found out thru his Tennessee Titan’s Connections that the Titans were very likely going to keep that #2 Pick and Select Mariota basically taking him off the Board… and of course, Kelly has no clue what else is going on around the NFL Circles so he was played badly…

  • **NFL News***
    Bears are actively tying to Trade RB Matt Forte who is in his Final Contract Year and will be bolting in Free-Agency anyways, so the Bears are trying to get some Draft Picks in Return while they can… I expect Playoff Teams like the Panthers and possibly the Patriots to pursue him if the Price-Tag isn’t too steep or even some crappy Teams have have a need for a RB like the Browns,Dolphins & TB Bucs…

  • Ironically the one successful move that Chip made was the one I least expected to work. Walter Thurmond. Now R Mathews was a successful move but he has decided to sink his season to placate Murray’s ego and justify his spending and he makes him look like more and more of an idiot every week. I hope for Murray to get a benign injury just so he can’t play because he sucks in this offense and he is killing this team. Has anyone ever noticed that every Dallas player we ever bring here has failed pretty miserably? Not addressing the O line was egregious and the height of arrogance. There was no reason to jettison Mathis. We held all the cards and he was coming in because he knew he wasn’t getting more money ANYWHERE. Both sides lost, but that was a total ego trip by Chip and a very dumb move. People have pointed out he is not that great in Denver. Well he is brand new and had no training camp. He will be playing at a high level again by November. Herremans was trash and that was a smart move. Getting rid of Cole was a smart move. Graham is just a stiff that doesn’t give it 100% consistently. Notice no one else was banging down his door? Maxwell was a stupid move. He is average at best and kind of stiff and slow. He is laughing at the Eagles. He didn’t even respect the organization before he came and came just for the ridiculous money. He does not give a rat’s ass about this team, his teammates or this city. He probably sends giggly texts to Sherman about how is fleccing us and our “racist” coach. Bradford was a total accident that Chip is stuck with. Even if he plays pretty well, he will not be here next year. We can’t even talk about the drafts. L Johnson, borderline bust. Ertz, never lived up to the hype. MS2 is dreadful. Worst pick since Jon Harris 19 years ago. Agholor is too early to tell but he will not be worth a first round pick in restropect. Have you noticed the last five Cowboy drafts? We should have taken B Jones before they did instead of Agholor and not tried to make a safety a corner with our second round pick. And forget the later rounds. We have gotten absolutely nothing after the third round. Not one diamond in the rough in three years. We have gotten Logan, J Matthews and Hicks. The rest is junk.
    I have made up my mind it is just not happening this year. Look at the injuries. A kicker for Christ’s sake! You know you are fucked when you lose your damn kicker! Anyone remember ’05. Yeah its like a cross between that and ’11. Kendricks and Alonso will not contribute significantly this year so the defense is not upgraded. We desperately miss Kendricks’ A gap blitzes. Cox is not having the same year. He is secure through next year and is probably not thrilled that he was trade bait so he is going through the motions. Thornton knows he is out because his deal is up and he is being replaced by the Duck posse so he probably doesn’t care. The only guys on this team that really care are Jenkins, Barwin, Kelce, J Matt and Celek. L Johnson cares but he just isn’t that good. The rest are indifferent or incredibly frustrated with the mess their coach has made. He will start losing the lockerroom soon enough at around the 2-6 mark.
    Nobody likes when I say this, but the curse of Bednarik has cast a dark cloud over our season as we kept him alive for another year with the 60. Hopefully the Lombardi curse will be lifted when all this is over. Vince is still pissed about him laying on Taylor at the end of his ONE playoff loss. We certianly were not going to win Vince’s trophy in a year dedictaed to Concrete Charlie and the 50th anniversary of the game.

    • You bring up a good point about being “trade bait”.

      I brought this up several times during the “Quest for Mariotta” when just about everyone on the team was being mentioned as trade candidates.

      I kept bringing up (and still do) the emotional aspect of this. How hearing your name in the paper every day (and not for accomplishments) affects the player, their families, their wives, their kids in school. Everyone.

      These concerns were met with the usual barrage of, “They’re professionals. I don’t care if their feelings are hurt”, “Get over it” etc. But they are human beings. They get angry, frustrated, etc like everyone else. When a player hears 50,000x that they’re trade bait (IE – not appreciated) it has an effect (and on their teammates/friends too)

      And BTW – You do know that this has 1…maybe 2 weeks left before the media fully unleashes on Kelly, Bradford and Murray. Right now they’re just beginning to turn….but its coming.

      How do you think that’s going to go over?

      • At thleast moment the Eagles are teetering on the edge of obscurity .Other than the end of the AR era ,which everyone agreed that a change was necessary ,we as a fan base ,and Lurie hasn’t experienced a hostile fan base.The bullseye was clearly on Chip and his staff.As they radicalized the way business was done .The finger pointing and leaked (howie) sound bites are going to become combustible .Sam will inevitably be hurt behind the falling wall of balsa wood..Murray will tweak his hammy ,nobody will step up to save this coach in my estimation.He created this anomynity ,and him blaming the players and there lack of execution ,is just the very beginning of the Avalanche.The owner needs emasculate the coach and fire Bill Davis …that’s the first salvo across the bow ..as he’s a perfect foil..

      • Vinnie as an Eagle lifer you know how it will be for both of us and many others. Sad, but perversely satisfying. We face the same dilimma that the Phillies are trying currently to escape from and that the Flyers are saddled with. Its the owner. And as long as he is here, it will always be like this. Close but no cigar. He doesn’t know how to find a personnel guy. Someone made a good point yesterday. We all know that good is not good enough and that nothing short of that ring is a success. Being an Eagle coach is a horrible job. It isn’t just winning but how you win. This guy on WIP said yesterday, we would take Buddy over Andy 10 to 1. And he accomplished nothing. And he was right. But Buddy was fun and they played nasty. And that is how we want to win here. We don’t care about cutesy offense. We want mamed QBs, brutal hitting and total domination by defense. If Jeffrey is such a slick marketer, maybe he should try giving the hoard what they really want and stop chasing the latest trends in offense.
        The Eagles have been the same for 35 years I have been watching. Someone said Chip doesn’t beat good teams outside the division. Neither did Andy. Neither did Buddy. Neither did St. Dick. There is one primary simple reason for that. The Eagles have never had a HOF QB. Never in their history. Football is complex but simple at the same time. You either need an elite QB. And I mean great. Not a McNabb. Or you need to have a lot of other things, a QB that doesn’t fuck up, and, always a good amount of luck. I bring up that Lombardi curse because LUCK is the one element we always seem to have in very short supply.

        • JBird ..in a glass is half empty approach ,this season that one opportunity to reach for the brass really !may very well be in our grasp .The QB is in this draft and if we do as expected we will be in the sweepstakes .The Lions ,who suck have $$ tied up in Stafford,the Bears cutler ,Tampa has a guy ,tenny same . We are one of the few teams that has no signed QB that needs expulsion to make a pick like that realistic ..Cleveland always looms ,however ,it’s like death and taxes with them

          • Who is that QB Vinnie? It sure is shit ain’ Cardale Jones (Doug Williams II). Are you speaking of Goff? I can’t say I know much about him.

            • Cal ( 23) plays Utah(5) this weekend 10:00 pm est . Goff is a real skinny QB. I only saw him play Texas and he looked good but everybody is looking good against Texas this year.

              • It will be interesting to see how Lurie reacts as the Season unfolds..
                If 2015 really becomes a “Train-Wreck” which is a strong possibility for I see them losing their next 2 Games to the Saints/Giants to drop to 1-5 , then I think Lurie steps in and ends things before they get worse.. If they bounce back and make things interesting, then it Lurie will give 2016 for Chip to make things right…
                Bottom Line, Chip Kelly is not a Right Fit for the NFL and for Philly and Owner Jeff Lurie now realizes this too.. He’s not stupid and won’t put up with it for too long… I see a buying out of Kelly’s Contract after this Season where Kelly can save face and make whatever Deal he wants with a College Team/School as U of Texas is hot after him… UCLA may be looking for a change from Jim Mora Jr, U of Georgia may be looking for a change, etc,etc..

            • Jared Goff-6’4″ 215, he will put weight on as he continues to mature. Goff has a strong arm, is football smart and accurate and can make all the throws. He is mobile but always looks to pass first, good pocket awareness. He plays in a spread offense at Cal which should make him attractive to a team like the Eagles.

              • Goff’s Dad who will be his Agent has already stated that he does not want to see his Son ruined by playing for Chip Kelly .. He wants his Son to play for a QB Coach who will allow his Son to Call his own Plays and help to develop and nurture and grow as a Play Caller and not simply run the Plays that the Coach Calls…. Scratch Goff off the Eagles Radar…

              • paul, please allow me access to your pipeline of information. Nowhere have I read, heard, or seen anything about Goff’s dad making any statements about Jared’s professional career prospects. Chip’s way of doing things would be good for Goff as a rookie QB, after that, take the reigns off.

              • Do you think he’s a better QB than Bradford, or just younger and better fit for Chip’s “system”?

                I wonder if he would make an immediate impact, or would he have to mature..

              • I think he is a better QB than Bradford. He has not been injured and has shown durability as he has taken some shots. I also appreciate his willingness to aggressively throw the deep ball with accuracy. I think in Chip’s system his ability to make an impact would be accelerated due to his familiarity with playing in a spread offense, but, I also think he would be good in any offense.

              • I made that up EHL about Jared Goff’s Dad stating he wants nothing to do with Chip Kelly, but now that the Cat’s out of the Bag this is what His Dad will do behind the scenes…..
                What young QB wants to go to a Team where half your opponents Players publicly state they know which plays are coming before the snap and even has players on the Eagles saying the same thing (Huff)…

              • paul, I think Goff would see the Eagles taking him as a positive as he would be able to come in and put up big numbers and develop his skill/craft in this offense at the same time. Not to many rookies come in and call their own plays and are allowed to audible. Chip may not be here after next season so I would not be to concerned about what happens after Goff’s rookie season.

              • Jared Goff is from the Bay Area (Novato,Ca) and likely goes to the 49ers
                as the Colin Kapernick Experiment will end after this Season or possibly the Broncos Trade Up to get him to replace Peyton Manning
                Its better for the NFL to have Goff remain in the Bay Area with the 49ers with that nice New Stadium,Corporate Sponsorship,etc,etc

              • It’s all about who would be in position to draft him, no guarantee who will pick first between the Eagles and 49ers.

              • The Broncos will not have a chance, the price would be more than Elway would be willing to give. They may go with Brock Osweiler to see what they have in him, but they would not give up the asking price though. But, I doubt an offer would be made, or accepted from a team that wants to draft Goff.

              • Broncos Brook Osweiler is a Free-Agent and word out in Denver is that Elway is not that enamored with him as he would have extended him already if he was..
                Elway will reload after this Season for that’s what he does as GM/President
                and yes, He will mortgage some Future Picks #1 & #2 Picks and and maybe toss in Von Miller & A Talib to go get his QB for he knows that you cannot compete for a SB without one and Osweiler is not the answer

                The Bottom 5 Teams in the NFL will be
                Bears, TB Bucs,Browns, 49ers & Eagles

                That 2nd Round PIck in the 2016 Draft going to the Rams as part of the Bradford/Foles Deal will likely be the 35th-38th Overall Pick of the Draft which is like a late 1st Rounder…
                Eagles will go from their Pick in the 1st Round (lets say 5th-7th Overall) to #67-#70th Pick in the 3rd Round by not having that 2nd Round Pick and missing all of that Top Talent..
                Chip Kelly is not a NFL GM …

              • Broncos will be picking in the bottom 5, Von Miller, Talib, and the rest of their draft is not getting it done….they will pick to late. We will see though, we can revisit this in April 2016.

    • Great Post J-Bird… I agree with you

  • Chip Kelly Runs his Teams like the Military and is just too-Impersonal, too regimented which just doesn’t work with Professional Athletes.. It is what It is…
    You can get by in College with it for a while for the Kids are only there for 2-3 Years and you have 80-85 Players
    Kelly in 3 Seasons with the Eagles has had 100 + Different Players..
    How can Fans even get attached to this Franchise any more with 20-25 New Players every Year… His complete Approach to Running a NFL Team just goes against every successful NFL Model and Owner Jeff Lurie is just catching on to this failed approach by Chip Kelly…

    • Pman ..the Velcro numbered and names jersey approach ,is exactly why he will become a coach on an island .No players playing for pay ,want to feel devotion is a one way street .Just looking at last year and Maclin ,they realize the nickel and dime approach Chip the GM took,with one of his own ..how do the newbies create a culture when they judge you by you actions ,and not your slanted words?

    • I absolutely agree Paul. Andy was a stubborn dope in a lot of ways. But we were a family and they played for each other. Harbaugh has a family in Baltimore and Carroll does in Seattle. I even think Belichick has a weird sort of family. He is just the Great Santini that never really tells his oldest son how proud he is of him or how much he cares for him. He is a hard man. And the oldest son just keeps trying to secure his approval and rallies all the other kids to try to make dad proud.

    • Paul Regarding your post above. Two points. First, I think Chip is likely to give up on his own when these college offers start rolling in to his agent, the team has tuned him out and he realizes he can’t get a QB to fulfill his goofy vision. Second, Lurie is a good businessman if nothing else. I am sure Kelly has offset language in his deal where if the Eagles fire him and Texas pays him $8 million a year the Eagles don’t have to pay him anything.

  • Here is a scenario. Lurie fires Chip after we go 1-5 and Shumur steps in and runs a sraight WC offense with simple hat on hat run blocking and lets Sam audible at the line. He pretty much benches Murray because Mathews is averaging 4.5 per carry and Sproles is doing well also. Sam plays better and the defense picks up as Davis stops being so conservative as he is a lame duck anyway. Everyone is happier that Chip is not around. The Eagles surprisingly finish 8-8 and Lurie gives Shurmur a three year deal and re-signs Bradford to a team friendly three year deal as well. Shurmur hires a D coordinator that runs a more aggressive 4-3 defense.Next year we are relatively Healthy. We sign a good FA lineman and draft another in the first round and we make the playoffs next year and actually win a game.

    • 🙂

    • I think you guys are wayyyy to quick to dismiss Chip’s offensive scheme. Chip’s offensive scheme works in the NFL. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. We have seen it work over the past two seasons. The offense was 4th and 3rd in scoring in the last two years.

      Everyone knows that an offense can’t have success if your offensive line can’t block… It makes no difference if it’s a spread offense, a West Coast offense, or any other offense….. Andy Reid ran a WCO – He had 5 starting lineman go down his last year here and went 4-12… They went from 8th in scoring the previous year to 29th, with the same skilled players…

      Chip’s offensive line uses zone blocking principals, no different than the Seahawks, Packers, Redskins, Chiefs, and others.

      The plain simple fact is that this offensive line sucks, and all the other offensive problems steam from that.

      If Kelly has a flaw it’s that he overvalues the X’s and O’s, and undervalues the Sam’s and Joes’s… His system is fine.

      • Chip would disagree with your assessment, Chip believes he has the right players to play to fit his schematic system. If he does not and you are correct, then Chip needs to have a serious talk with the GM…Oh…wait!

        • Yeah, I don’t expect Chip to come out and say – I screw-up, these o-linemen are not good enough.

          But I think he knows. He knows even bad defenses win in the trenches vs this o-line. The whole league knows. Chip will have his hands full fixing this problem.

  • It turns out Chip actually had a lot of the right players, his scheme just sucked. Mathews rushes for 1200 yards and totals 1600 YFS. J Matt, Agholor and Ertz are actually a nice young group of receivers. Bradford is a top 12 QB in a real NFL offense. Barwin, Kiko and Kendricks make up the best LB corps in the league among 4-3 teams. Cox is a terror up the middle and Curry is hell from the blindside.

    • Damn JBird.. Put the Pat Shurmur Kool-Aid down… It’s not even Halloween Yet.. But I do like the Lurie bouncing Kelly out on his Fat Ass and replacing him with Shurmur but I can’t see that happening until after the Season where Shurmur can bring in his own Staff

  • Will be at the game Sunday for my annual pilgrimage, and can honestly say, perhaps for the first time I have no idea if I want the Eagles to win or not.

    (I probably felt the same way a couple times during the Kotite era but can’t really remember)

    Deep down I know this isn’t going to work, and the only logical move is to lose for the #1 pick and make Jared Goff (or whomever) the goal. (though he seems to be the consensus dating back a year now)

    JBird is right. The Eagles…and this is nigh impossible…have never had that franchise QB. They’ve had some very good QBs, but never that real “I am in every game right into the 4th every time) superstar.

    In my lifetime I have watched Hall of Fame QBs play for the Broncos, Bills, 49ers, Packers, Cowboys (2!), Steelers, Chargers, Dolphins, Oilers, Jets for god’s sakes, and Vikings.

    In my lifetime only 2 Eagle players that I have watched live have entered the hall total……one went in as a Packer the other a Viking!!!!

    Dawkins is going to make it…but even he is a “bubble” guy.

    How is this possible???

    • You got it Vinnie. Van Brocklin was really a Ram and Jurgenson did his real showcase with the Skins. They don’t count as Eagles. And you are also right about this being seemingly impossible. The Steelers are working on number two HOFers, GB their THIRD!! Dolphins two, Cowboys two, 49ers two, Rams two!! I can’t go on.

    • Hey Vinnie I am doing my annual pilgrimage as well. We have decided to drink more this year and BOO the shit out of them on their first three and out/ turnover/ missed FG. If they can’t move the ball against this team they are hopeless.

      • It will be interesting to see what happens with this O line against the Saints defense.

        • You can bet Rob Ryans Haricut that he will Blitz 40-50 Times versus the Eagles… They have some Young Talented Rookie LB’s in Stephone Anthony,
          and Hau’oli Kikaha, who led the NAtion in Sacks while at the U Of Washington last Season and both of these Guys along with DB’s (Ross Browner and Safety Kenny Vacarro) will be Blitzing quite Often against Sam Bradford and this banged up Eagles OL..
          Saints Win Big as Brees gets a little healthier 34 -20
          Sam Bradford does not finish the Game due to Concussion and Getting tossed around quite a bit… Mark Sanchez comes in relief and leads Eagles to 2 TD’s in garbage time…

  • the bradford excuse train keeps on rolling- his personal trainer is saying that he is struggling now because his A$$ isn’t strong enough– I did not make that up!!! I don’t think i could have…

  • For Vinnie

    NYG-YA Tittle, Eli
    Wash-Sammy Baugh, Jurgenson
    Dallas-Staubach, Aikman
    Rams-Van Brocklin, Warner
    Packers-Starr, Favre, Rodgers
    Lions-Bobby Lane
    Bears-Sid Luckman (ancient but still)
    Cards- No one (hence why they are the only team more pathetic than us having waited almost 70 years for a title!! And who did the ’47 Cards beat? Da Birds)
    49ers-Montana, Young
    Seattle-also none but 30 years less history and Wilson is probable if healthy
    Tampa-none but they have a ring
    Panthers-too new to count
    Atl-none but not original franchise
    Mia-Greise, Marino
    Pitt-Bradshaw, Rothlissberger
    Balt-too new
    Clev-Otto Graham
    Jax-too new
    Hous-too new
    Colts-Unitas, P Manning
    Tenn-Blanda, Moon
    Oak-Stabler should be
    KC-Len Dawson

    Here is your score. 21 of the 28 qualifying franchises have HOF QBs and I think Stabler gets in soon, so you could argue 22. Nine of them have two and GB has THREE! So only six teams do not have a HOF QB. Sea and TB have won SBs. We hold esteemed company with Atl, Cin and Cards. What a crew that is!! The Pathetic foursome!! Years since inception or championship? Eagles 1960, Atl 1966, Cin 1968, Cards 1947. Lions round out the Fucked Five. They go back to 1957.

    • Bengals had Kenny Anderson & Boomer Esiason who neither are HOF, but still better than what the Eagles had.. Anderson was a very Good NFL QB on some bad Teams and Boomer took the Bengals to 2 Super Bowls…

      • Totally agree on Anderson. Multiple PBs, one AP and an MVP and HE actually took them to the SB first time, so Esiason only had one. Wyche got totally out coached in that game. 49ers were not that good. If not for the fog, I think we would have beaten them in NFCC. That was Buddy’s best team and we were red hot going into the playoffs. Cinicnatti was the best team all year, just got out coached by Walsh that day.

  • Paul it is interesting that you bring up the 1988 Bengals. I would put them down with the likes of the 98 Vikings, the 07 Patriots, 11 Packers as one of the greatest teams that didn’t get it done.

    • I remember those Bengal Teams were strong, I forgot about Kenny Anderson taking them to their 1st Super Bowl…
      Remember DT Tim Krumrie….. Ha

      • RB’s Ickey Woods, James Woods, Stanley Wilson WR’s Eddie Brown, Tim McGee, Chris Collingsworth

        NT Tim Krumrie had 152 Tackles which is remarkable for a NT/DT/DL…
        then blew out his Knee in that Super Bowl and was never the same unfortunately ..

        • I remember Krumrie. Awesome D lineman. He was probably right behind Reggie and Bruce Smith at that time. James Brooks the former Charger mate to Chuck Muncie. All those guys flamed out. Eddie Brown got hurt. Ickey flamed out. Do you remember David Fulcher. He was a 230 lb safety that hit like a LB but yet he was a ball hawk. AP for like two years, never to be heard from again.

          • I remember David Fulcher and he was a load, a lot like a Kam Chancellor Type and 30 Years ahead of his time… Word was back then that lots of these Bengals, like a lot of many of the Players in those 80’s were partying heavy,coked-up where many of their Careers ended up being shorter than what woulda,coulda, shoulda been…

  • You guys are f’n depressing. sheesh. 1-3 jump off the ledge. Are we eliminated from contention? I missed the memo. I saw a tease from Bradford and I think it gets better. I think he gonna air it out more now. The plays are there and he saw the WR’s go get them. Call me a chipbot whatever. I’m still here for my Eagles and 1-3 wont change that. See you Sunday

  • Put Sanchez in. I will then buy in.

  • More articles today comparing what the Eagles did acquiring Bradford to the Saints acquiring Brees.

    How Both teams did the same thing by “taking a chance” to make the team great.

    Those analogies are wrong on so many levels. So tired of reading them.

    Saints who were 3-13, took a calculated, $$ only (free agent) “risk” on a winning QB. A winning QB who was over 62% passing with 79tds. In fact there was very little risk at all. Brees’ first contract with the Saints was completely team friendly and they could bail easily.

    They were a desperate team (3-13) without a QB who gave up no assets (save owner $$) for a QB who had an overall winning record in the NFL including an 11-4 record one year.

    Eagles, who were coming off two 10-6 seasons, with a decent young QB, traded actual assets including a winning QB and 2 draft picks for a losing QB.

    They traded assets for a QB with twice as many losses as wins in the NFL, who never had a winning season, and who was completing only 58% of his passes.

    The only comparison between the two is the first is an example how to improve a franchise, while the second is an example how to cripple one.

    Trading 3 assets for a loser…..and again today I am reading how Kelly was taking a shot just like the Saints did. Hogwash.

    • No Comparison between the 2 Transactions
      Before the Saints ever acquired Drew Brees, there was never any Super Bowl Expectations in New Orleans.. Hell, they were happy just to get to the Playoffs.. HC Coach Sean Payton knew of Bree’s Leadership & Mental Toughness from their Mid-Western Roots and took a chance on Brees Shoulder healing
      Do Note that Sean Payton has Coached on Staff for Teams that were Winners (Giants & Cowboys) so he knows what it takes to build a Winner
      The Eagles have been in the Playoffs and Knocking on the Door for the past 10-15 Years off and on and have High Expectations every Season from the Ownership,Coach’s, Players and Fans that New Orleans has never had..
      The Problem with the Eagles now is that they have no True GM who can make sound Football Decisions when it comes to Building a Winning Roster in the NFL theu the Draft, Trades, Free-Agnecy,etc,etc… Having Chip Kelly both Coach and handle the GM Duties was a huge Mistake by Owner Jeff LUrie who will now pay the price for approving this arrangement.. There’s just too much Power for 1 Person to have and not enough time with too many nuances,relationships communications, ears to the ground that a GM Has to have to focus on Roster Management, Salaries/Contract & Cap Situations, Upgrading the Roster, keeping an eye on Practice Squad Rosters, Replacing Injured Players, etc,etc where a Head Coach during the In-Season is too Bust & Focused on the Upcoming Game on hand week to week to really have the time to look at al these other important factors and waiting to the Off-Season and then saying here is our Plan in March/April is not good enough for quality Roster Management/Talent Evaluations/Coaching Staff Upgrades is a Full Time -12 Month a Year Job and not something you say, “We’ll wait until the Season is over to figure out”….

    • Vin..a little revisionist history and to bolster your points of assertion,Bree’s was a free agent ,who after a devastating 2005 season when the city and the team due to hurricane Katrina were displaced from there home stadium.In a bold move GM Mickey loomis obtained Bree’s (a free agent) and immediately signed him to a six year deal.Sam is an asset (loosely speaking) unsigned ,and he was far from “free”. Bree’s hadn’t missed a game due to injury ,since that fateful day in 2006 until two weeks ago.Sean Payton was a new coach and was an assistant in Dallas (prior pro experience) ..Brees was given tutelage playing behind a starting QB ..in San Diego.Lookthis is simple ..Chip the GM GOT SNOOKERED ,any references to similarities in the Drew Bree’s deal are folly..pure and simple.

  • This will,not end well as once you tossed Chip the keys ,you can’t emasculate him and ask for them back.You are the steward of a football team ,and in a New Year’s Eve haze ,you not only kissed him at midnight you took him home as well..for now,this bed with duck feathers ,is yours to lie in..

    • The Real Issue now is what does Owner Jeff Lurie do about this…
      Does he stand up and admit he made a mistake and cut his losses after this Season or let things play out thru the 2016 Season with Hopes that Kelly can turn things around … Is Lurie asking around with his NFL Friends about what to do or how to improve things.. Does He bring Chip Kelly in and Say.. You can Coach the Eagles, but I’m hiring a GM for you to Report to..Can Kelly even work for a GM? We won’t know anything until January as Lurie will most likely be invisible to the Press but knowing his pattern of not standing pat for too long, I am sure Lurie is thinking about these issues and that maybe wearing the Dual Hats of GM/HC are simply just too much for 1 Person to do effectively, which most around Football Circles will say that it is…
      These next 2 Weeks/Games are pivotal for the Future for Chip Kelly..
      The Lose both to Saints/Giants at Home (which is very possible) and then this 2015 Season will be over regardless of what ‘mathematics” will state and then Lurie will start working behind the Scene’s for Kelly’s ouster
      If Eagles Rebound and win Both or even split to get to 2-4 or 3-3, then Lurie will likely wait until the end of the Season to get a plan into action but I have to believe that Lurie is fully aware that he made a huge mistake last January and in giving full control to 1 Person (Chip Kelly) to oversee the entire Football Operations while being the HC as well.. Its just too much

      • It’s already a predetermined outcome.You can’t sit there and tell me that with a weakened O line his prospects for success are better than they were .The “leaks” from howie will be coming soon.The Sam I am momentum has stopped in its tracks, and the next home loss will be how many in a row? This is a business first and foremost .Like any CFO ,you can’t rely on blind faith ,it’s a wins and losses bottom line .This scenario of losing multiple games at home In a row,losing every NFC game on the schedule ,will topple something or somebody ..Whatever circling of the wagons ,that’s taking place ,will become ,Everyman for himself.Agents will demand the GM be fired ,fans will demand the same ,and ultimately this Duck will fall on his BBQ skewer..

      • The glass is half full ..the Eagles snap there drought and losing streak at home and beat the Giants allowing there season to play out..The glass is half empty..losing the next two will become ugly ,as Chip with the bullseye will be a lame duck..

        • It is all so interesting to watch.

          Can the Eagles turn it around? Pull off a 9-7 division win. The next 2 are winnable. There are really only 4 “hard” games out there on the sched (at Car – and I can’t believe I said that, at Dall, at Pats, Ariz)

          So Yes. I think they might be able to….then what?

          Or….Oline troubs will not rectify themselves…..if anything getting worse….Bradford remains Bradford……Lose this Sun…head to NYG in turmoil….lose either that or at Carolina the following week…..

          Oh my…how the venom will flow, both from within (Murray, Howie) and from without…..Media, fans, talking heads on tv…….From everyone’s pre-season Superbowl darling to unmitigated disaster.

          • Vinnie what does it all mean if we lose all those “tough” games?? We finish 9-7 and win the division but we lost to playoff teams Atl, Ariz, Buf, Carolina, NE. We beat zero playoff teams but we win the division. What is the point to being one and done and going through the whole season and into the next knowing you can’t beat anybody good. We could beat Carolina here maybe. The NFC would probably line up

            1) GB
            2) Atl
            3) Sea
            4) Eagles
            5) Carolina
            6) Ariz

            Then we get trounced in GB since I doubt Ariz beats Sea. Now if Ariz did beat Sea, it would not take a miracle to beat Atl given their track record. Then we get trounced by GB. I don’t know. I would settle for the final four at this point. I am back to 2001 where getting to the final four is thrilling again.

  • Injury Report from Wednesday’s Practice

    Did Not Practice
    K Alonso, B Bair, M Kendricks, B Maxwell & J Peters

    Limited Practice
    Lane Johnson

    Full Practice
    A Barbree, T Hart, C Maragos and C Thornton

  • what to watch tonight on TV-
    7:00 Sixers vs. Cavs preseason;
    7:30 Flyers vs TB NHL season opener;
    7:30 Astros vs Royals MLB AL playoffs;
    8:30 Colts vs Texans
    I’ll tune in the Sixers for a half hour then I’ll probable watch the whole Flyers game live and channel surf to baseball during commercials and intermission. Watch the 4th quarter of the NFL after the Flyers end. Catch the rest of the Sixers on DVR Friday morning.

    • You mean the Matt Hassleback vs Brian Hoyer Match-Up doesn’t excite you..
      This may be the more boring Season to watch the NFL this Year
      No Big Ben, No Luck, No Romo, Peyton Manning a Shell of himself,
      Russell Wilson Struggling, Kapernicck,Cutler falling off the Map..
      Detroit with Stafford & Megatron are Winless….
      Saints and Eagles both 1-3 and struggling Offensively…
      Ravens Offense struggling, Dolphins Fired their HC 1/4 of the way thru
      Leadership and Integrity Issues for the Face of the NFL

      Its been a bad 2 Year Run for the NFL and the Owners better do something about it or this Great Sport is going to slowly die on the Vine..
      These Thursday Night Games are Brutal with the quick turnarounds..
      most of them are all Divisional Games too to keep the Games Interesting and close for Travel Purposes

      • PMan that’s funny –
        I was unaware Hoyer got his starting job back, was Mallet benched or injury?

        • Hoyer played the 4th Quarter last week in the Texans Blowout Loss and played well in garbage time and HC O’Brien said he was going with Hoyer this Week for it gives them the best chance to Win.. I think Mallet was simply pulled for his ineffective Play

          • Todd Herremans has been benched too for ineffective play in Indy.

            • Todd Herremans was Benched after Week #3 in favor of Guard Hugh Thornton
              Herremans may end up getting Released or Retire as he has struggled all Summer/Season with the Colts

  • “perhaps for the first time I have no idea if I want the Eagles to win or not.”

    Why not just come out and admit it Vinniedaloser! Lying ass…You stopped wanting the Eagles to win at the exact minute they dumped your man crush, Nick Foles.
    Turncoats, flip-floppers, and frontrunners! Vinnie and other lames are desperate -just as I predicted-to see the Eagles lose. Desperately want Chip Kelly and the Eagles to fail.
    The Eagles are in a tough spot, injuries have befallen the offensive line…Bradford despite the worse offensive line play we have seen in the Kelly era, despite the weak receiving corp and leading the league in drops, has begun to get better. If we can patch together the offensive line, get the running game going and keep Bradford clean-we will see the offensive explosion that will lead us into the playoffs. This would be a major accomplishment given the massive injuries we have suffered on the O-line

    • Kool. If it quacks like a duck. It’s usually a duck..you’re wanting to believe in Santa ain’t making him appear down your chimney ..

    • Dude shut up. I would give you props for sticking to your guns but your fortress has been over run and your soldiers are all dead. Keep calling people names maybe some people are just ignorant enough to cheer you and your Obsessive profile pic on. Honestly though I wish you would stop acting the fool and join us in reality. I know, they faked the moon landings, the earth is flat, and Vick is a HOF QB right behind Bradford….We get it. That’s all that matter to you, i will root for Sam and Chip this weekend cause I have to. They fail and my life sucks for a few days. Even though I knew what would happen. It’s been a long time since you made sense. Join us in rooting for the eagles dude. The Illuminati bleeds green too.

      • X puss, you need to shut the fuck up, take off your bdawk jersey and get the fuck real

        This team is going nowhere, and it’s largely because of the moves this elevated gm made

        You Can root All you want, but it ain’t happening

      • LOL Xevious, you are just a miserable jerk…don’t blame the Eagles for that…”They fail and my life sucks for a few days. Even though I knew what would happen”
        Your miserable and your life sucks because you are a soft, fair-weather fan who carries unreasonable expectations, doom and consistent gloom. So of course after 4 games with 3 close losses the Eagles season is over, Nick Foles is going to lead the Rams to a Super Bowl, and we will finish in last place forever..
        Shut da hell up and sit your miserable ass down somewhere!
        The season is not over, there are fixes to be made…teams go through periods of adversity…its better for the Eagles to go through it now rather than later in the season

        • You putz.

          What “unrealistic expectations” has Xevious and other pronounced?

          That a GM shouldn’t trade a winning QB AND 2 picks for a “Never has been” losing QB? One who, aside from a 10 min stretch last week against a bunch of nobodies in the backfield, has been afraid to pull the trigger for 6 seasons?

          That a coach/GM should understand a little history and recognize that all 500 carry RBs fall off a cliff the following year, and they should perhaps not sign them to 6 year deals?

          That a team should draft at at least 1 olineman over 2 drafts. And that taking just 1 lineman in, what is it? about 24 picks over the past 3 years is beyond inexcusable.

          That dropping 65 million on a DB with 17 career starts is perhaps a waste of resources.

          What….exactly is unreasonable about any of those positions?

          You are such a little puss…still pining for your first true love. Such a nice pic you still use……you still get all giddy looking at that little Mike Vick perma-scowl. He was just sooo toughy-tough eh?

          You were so gleeful that Kelly dispatched the guy who made your hero look like the bum he always was, that your joy has blinded you to what has happened here.

          Now you think that anyone who points out the folly of this misguide4d adventure has “unrealistic expectations”

          What a joke.

          BTW fucknuts. You told us all 78,000x how great Bradford was. “Quick decisions!” “Accurate” “Smart” “No turnovers!”

          Is he meeting your expectations?

          The only fool with unrealistic expectations was you!

          You expected Bradford (like you expected Sanchez, Vick, Taj Boyd, and a thousand other failures) to be Great! You said so over and over and over….

          Your expectation was that he would be a great improvement…..

          Now that he’s ranked one of the 5 worst QBs in the league, I have to ask…is he meeting your expectations?

          Who had the unrealistic expectations after all???

          Cue Koolbreeze avoiding the question and talking about the oline in 3….2….1…..

          Come back in 15 years after you have watched more than 2 seasons of football ok? Maybe coach a couple teams. Play

  • Nobody wants the Eagles to lose ,I know I don’t..The facts are the scenario looks very troubling .Can it turn on a dime? Yes ,starting with winning a home game (been a while) ,and th n winning two in a row ..The excuses for the team and Sam ,are irrelevant ,all they do is put out a schedule ,and every team ,has its issues.In some cases ,they’re self inflicted..that’s my greatest gripe..

  • Source jimmy kempski…there’s an old saying ,numbers don’t lie ..This is the proverbial bitten in ones own ass chart at the qauarter pole for coach -and GM purveyor of the castle ..not even Chip can belie the facts ..in 3rd down successful attempts the Eagles rank 31..that’s Bill Davis altitude..n first down eight of the 43 called right no on 1st down,almost 1 in 5 went for negative yardage.17 of those 43 almost 40% went for 1 yard or less..only 7 gained more than 5 yds.or more.Blend in the 3 and outs ,gas,your defense ,and you can see clearly ,the GM screwed the pooch..

  • My advise to chip go to wing bowl and find a big ass guy who can block..it ain’t that difficult..

  • From the heart on Sam Bradford ..Eerily similar to last year ,when we lost 60% of our O line ,we lacked depth .We watched as Nick got pounded,although. He actually had more protection than Sam..SAMs protection issue are two-fold..He still I believe has “buyers remorse” the mind the nips there’s pressure and tells the body what to do .That is called being out for two straight seasons ..with the same knee ..the one and the same..The athletes tortute to re-hab..To do it twice ,is a mind fucker ..he took shots last week but he didn’t play defense..he left the field ahead ..I’m rooting for this guy ,he’s all we got..Not protecting him with a run game is a huge elephant ..in the stadium.Its criminal to get th production your getting out of the rush game ..especially this rings true with the owner who wrote those checks and a check for Sam ..your folly with that money is reprehensible and as a GM you let the coach down ..Its a head scratcher for chip,but it t was as plane as the nose on pinnochipios face..now he’s backed in a horrible place ..he better hope he has the humility to stop running side to side ..there no goal posts at either end ? Road graters ,and taters ..that’s the dinner …we all anticipated snot and Demarco downhill ..where the hell is that? Why was it so efficient in the jets game ? Where is the consistency ,game to game ,quarter to quarter? Every chance you had. ,you threw th baby is it with the bath water …you better hope you don’t drown in that same..

  • I’m ne last gripe. Why did it take 31/2 games to throw deep ? I need answers ..I need the truth …code red. Chip

  • I am going into this game saying that Sam I am showed a glimmer of hope last week– first time ever he threw the ball more than 20 yards down the field– so there is that- maybe he now remembers that he can..dunno but was it flashes of this tremendous ‘upside’– damn i hope so!

  • deserteagle once again you are flip-flopping around like all is lost and the Eagles dont have a shot…you act as if these games were all blow outs and the Eagles have absolutely no shot!
    Of course, like all flip-flopers you seek to cover your ass, hedge your bets:
    “.Can it turn on a dime? Yes”
    The fact of the matter is the games we have lost have been close, we obviously have some offensive line issues with injuries, a quarterback who has not played in 2 years, in a brand new system coming back from knee injuries with receivers that have led the league in drops and a poor running game; a defense that’s struggling to get pressure on the opposing QB…however, again…the games have been close, we have come back in games and Bradford is starting to get a better feel for the game, his timing is improving.
    So despite all of the gloom and doomers there is reason for some optimism that the Eagles can turn it around…and if they do all of you flip-flopping, turncoats will crawl in a hole.
    I said from the beginning that in order to win the big one you have to take a shot. The Eagles were not good enough. Foles was not good enough, the team was not good enough…Chip Kelly pulled the trigger and took a shot at getting better. The team is understandably going through some growing pains and have had some tough luck with injuries…but I’m predicting they will get better!

    • Koolidtiot’s Business card:

      “Predicting incorrectly since 2011”
      We take special pride in incorrectly predicting NFL QB success.

      I’d love to play poker against you clown. Free $$.

      You have no idea what the “take a shot” entailed. Kelly took his 3 of a kind, and instead of trying to build a full house, he through all 5 cards away in search of a flush.

      It was, all around, a series of stupid moves. Starting with the QB, but continuing through the oline and RB pickups. Not to mention the retaining of Davis, or the overpaying for maxwell.

      But the QB is the symbol of this. Always is. And Kelly cot completely fucked on his stupid play.

      That you don’t see this does not surprise me, as you have spent the past 3 years trying to convince us that Vick, and Sanchez, and Boyd, and Manziel, and…who’s that backup in Buffalo….whatever….

      You thought all those guys were good. They all suck. All you know how to do is make excuses and over-exagerrate the “qualities” of pathetic QBs. And you don’t realize you’re doing the same thing again here with Bradford.

      And the one QB the Eagles have actually had over the last 5-6 seasons who actually showed some moxie, won games, and held promise….he’s the guy you continually slag?

      The one guy with success is shit….everyone else who sucks is the BEST CHOICE for the Birds?

      And you continually question who the “real fans” are?

      Sorry kiddo….one has to ask….why would a real fan always hope for the inferior QBs the way you do?

  • LMAO…What a clown show…coming from a guy who has spent the last 3 years crying about Nick Foles, moaning about what a nice guy he is, whining that the criticism was hurting Foles family’s ‘feelings’, and the endless stats…
    We’ve seen your clown show before Vinniedaloser…the first showing was when you were distraught that when Vick and Foles went head to head for the job how Vick kicked Foles ass…then after begging and pleading that Foles get a long term deal-Chip Kelly smashed your world by rejecting all of your stats, all of your cries, all of your claims and getting rid of Foles…
    There was no QB in the world Kelly could have brought in that would escape your wrath as a jilted, depressed and heartbroken clown!
    We all know you are incapable of any balanced or rational analysis of the Eagles situation…your a jilted lover who will hate Kelly no matter what.
    Of course, you and the other flip-floppers on here always want to know which way the winds blows…so when Bradford played well in the preseason…you were all on board with him claiming that you love Bradford-he’s a “pocket Quaterback-just what I wanted”
    Now suddenly-a few losses that were not his fault at all and “presto”, Bradford sucks…
    Flip ass Flopper….Vinniedaloser!

    • As I said…avoid the question at all costs.

      Attempt instead pathetic grade 8 name calling.

      Cannot answer questions because deep down you realize you are wrong. Deep down you realize that all you ever do is put all your eggs into the loser basket. Man that must be depressing….realizing (eventually) that every single QB you have ever touted is a loser.

      And the one guy you hate was a winner.

      “I love all the Eagles QBs who lose and give the team no chance to win. I hate the Eagles QB that actually won!” Eagles fan indeed.

  • Sad…so sad…

    Your pathetic Vinnie…

    you cant face the simple, plain and objective fact

    The Coach who knew him from playing against him in college

    Who allowed him to compete for the job with Mike Vick and of course-he lost

    Saw him in every practice, preseason game

    Saw him fail in the playoffs

    Saw him come in as the unquestioned starter with a chance to play his way into a long term contract…he had the experience in the system, a good offensive line, good receivers and tight ends

    And he still failed…led the league in turnovers…choked up…got hurt

    The Coach who knows him better than anyone knew…the Kid just didn’t have it…so he got rid of him

    The Coach who knows him better than any football coach in the NFL

    Dumped him and gave up a second round to ensure the Rams would take him off his hands to give him a more talented QB.

    Its obvious and pathetic….you dont want the new and more talented player to have the slightest of chances

    You deeply desire with all your heart for Bradford to fail

    And you want the Eagles to fail too

    Sad and so pathetic!


  • Not to change Gears,
    But I’m liking this QB Joshua Dobbs from Tennessee…
    He has a nice arm, a high football IQ, athletic , but looks to pass first
    I think he is a true sophomore this year…
    I did watch NC State last evening and was not very impressed with GMCliff’s
    QB Prospect J Brissert who struggled versus Va Tech all night last night..

    • Bradley fletcher released by pats..guessing they were “tired” of his act too..

      • Look for the Redskins or Steelers to invite Fletcher in for a workout …

        • Josh Dobbs is a junior. I think he would benefit greatly from another year of college ball to increase his draft status.
          Christian Hackenberg looked good today. He showed off some surprising mobility to augment his quarterbacking arsenal.

    • Josh Dobbs is an interesting prospect, good size, great arm strength, is mobile, and yes, he looks to pass first. It will be worth watching him continue to develop. I also watched NC State last night. Brissett struggled, he is not used to playing that caliber of talent on the Va Tech defense. He was very hesitant to pull the trigger, he also struggled with accuracy on his deep passes. I do not know if it was mental with him as appeared to play with caution instead of letting it rip, he did not look comfortable or fluid. He looked like he was thinking to much which slowed his play making ability down from the pocket. I was wondering if he was looking to protect his passes w/o interception streak, which was broken at the end of the game. Brissett has been feasting off of Troy State, Southern Alabama’s and Old Dominion’s of the world. He will need to be brought along slowly in the pros as the game would be to fast for him due to the level of competition he is accustomed to playing. Brett Hundley was more polished and NFL ready than Brissett appears to be simply because of the level of defensive talent he (Hundley) faced week in and week out. I would not use anything higher than a 5th rounder on him at the moment. To me he looks like a project. It was only one game, however, if I had to judge him off of the one game I have seen him play this year…to quote Cliff, I did not see anything special.

      • Yes I agree on both accounts…
        Dobbs needs another year of playing and gaining strength & experience
        He kind of reminds me Hundley a bit… He’s very natural and smooth looking..
        Brissett does not have a High Football IQ and relies on his legs more and is rated anywhere from a 5th to 7th Round NFL Prospect by some Scout Services so he’s definitely a 2-3 Year Project if he even makes it all…
        Heck, I like the QB from UNC (Williams) upside more than Brissett’s…

  • On a side note, Cal’s QB Jared Goff throws 5 Int’s in a loss to Utah…
    I’m not sure if any QB in this 2016 Class is going to come in Rookie Season and play much.. Cook from Mich State, Cardale Jones from Ohio State,
    Boykin from TCU and D Prescott from Miss St are putting up good #’s but we will see as Season progresses as they play better conference Teams & Defenses & Coaching…

    • I read an opinion on Goff a couple weeks ago where the journalist ranked his draft talent at pick #23 but being pushed up the board as the highest ranked QB. He reminds me of Ryan Mallet only skinnier.

    • Jared Goff struggled last night indeed. The first interception was not his fault as he hit WR Kenny Lawler right in the hands with a perfect pass and Lawler let the ball bounce off oh his hands for the pick. Goff is responsible for the other 4. The last pick was egregious. He had an opportunity to lead his team down the field for the win at the end but could not get it done. It was a disappointing performance, but, I still think he is the best QB in college. You can’t win every game, he did beat a very good Wash St. last week. I have seen Goff play very well against good defenses so I know he can get it done. E0S, if Goff reminds you of Mallet, you have not watched Goff play that much as Goff is mobile and more accurate, he is not a head case either like Mallet is.

      • Goff is definitely a more willing runner like his Cal alum in Green Bay going right and passing. My Ryan Mallet comparison is the hard fast balls that rise like Cam Newton. Only a 2 game opinion ( Texas & Utah)

        • I hate to even say this, but Goff kind of reminds me of “Blaine Gabbert” where he has the physical tools and arm and mobility to run a “Spread Offense” very well at the College level… But I questioned his Improvising and his reading defenses well and making the correct read and pass.. He seems a bit of a “System QB” which is what Kelly wants some may be a good fit..
          Rodgers, Big Ben, R Wilson do most of their damage on the fly where their initial options are taken away versus prepared NFL Defenses but then slide here, slide there, roll out, step up while keeping their eyes downfield to make big plays… Maybe Goff will grown into this, I just haven’t seen it often in my limited viewing of his games…

          • Blaine Gabbert…lol, you’re killing me. The only weapon Goff has is Kenny Lawler and Bryce Treggs who is a true #2 wr, and he has been winning by spreading the ball around. Make no mistake the Cal offensive line is poor, and they only have Lawler and Treggs as skill weapon, but Goff still makes it happen on his skill alone….5-1. No TE production and no good running game, due to the bad o line. That o line is like the Eagles…simply not good enough.

            • Yes Blaine Gabbert… Similar in size, build & arm strength…
              He could develop into a nice NFL QB but he’s 212 lbs soaking wet and needs a good 10-15 lbs or will get killed at the NFL Level…

              Check out the QB at U Memphis whose name escapes me..

              • I don’t worry about that, Goff was 180 pounds as a true freshman starting at QB for Cal. He is up to 215 now, but lets say 210 because teams inflate player sizes…that is an additional 30 pounds going 3 years later going into his Jr year. Go back and look at how long, skinny and lanky both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were at their NFL combines..you naturally put on weight through training , diet and physical maturation. I think Goff is a lot better between his ears than Blaine Gabbert…more of a student of the game. You can see the continuous progress in Goff’s game year after year…at least I can because I have been following him.

              • I agree that Goff is a brighter kid than Gabbert ever was and believe his Dad was a Coach so he’s been around football his entire life
                I just don’t see the “wow” factor with Him or any of the QB’s this Draft Class
                But there are some good young ones out there that will develop with good Coachinh, Maturity, etc.. I like the Futures of the Notre Dame,Clemson,UCLA QB’s

  • WTF?!?!?!, Sam threw that pass right to the defender…..ughhh!

  • Sam Bradford…drive killer!

  • Drew Brees just executed the Eagles defense.

  • Ryan Mathews is just a better runner for this offenses scheme than Murray is.

  • Despite the very bad errors by Sam Bradford early…the Eagles right the ship and do exactly what I stated! Showing character…Sam Bradford bounced back…and the offensive line showed guts…like I said…the Eagles are going to recover and get better!!!

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