• May 17, 2022

Eagles-Giants Preview

SamBradfordvsJets4The Philadelphia Eagles have failed to string together “four” productive quarters in any game so far this season. The team hopes to even their record at 3-3 after a win Monday night, putting them in a share for first place honors in the up for grabs NFC East.

The New York Giants are riding a three game winning streak and their future hall of fame quarterback is playing borderline mistake free football. The last visit for Eli and company to Lincoln Financial Field, the Giants were absolutely embarrassed, shutout, with a final score of 27-0. Head coaches and their quarterback move on but never forget games like that, so a revenge factor certainly comes into play.

The New York Giants are a team that doesn’t give up a lot of sacks on offense and doesn’t produce a lot of sacks on defense. The offense goes through quarterback Eli Manning and his most dangerous receiving threat Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants have an average running game, they use a three man attack much like the Eagles, but they don’t rely on one particular guy, it’s evenly distributed and carries are based on formations and positioning on the football field. Vereen is a guy the Eagles will have to account for, the Giants have recently begun to find ways to involve him more in the passing game much how the Patriots did for many seasons.

On defense the Giants are not a unit that is full of playmakers. Their first priority is to stop the run, and they will often cheat with additional linebackers or bring a safety close to the line of scrimmage to help remove the outside run. Their secondary is their best position group on defense, they have above average cornerbacks but both of their starting safeties can be exposed by speedy receivers.

The Eagles offense has been a different story each week of the season which almost makes it difficult to predict what their identity is. It’s obvious the team wants to establish the running game early, but their offensive line is streaky with how they perform. Last week and for the first time all season, the Eagles were able to get both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews involved to form an “effective” duo. At the same time, Darren Sproles did not play a role in the passing game with only one reception. The Eagles last year failed to integrate Sproles into the offense on a weekly basis, and Chip must find a way for history not to repeat itself simply because he has two other running backs that are producing. Sproles has the receiving skills and mismatch capability that the “possession” receivers like Cooper, Austin and Matthews lack. It was nice to see the tight-ends involved last week, and more of the same should continue for the Eagles as Bradford grows comfortable with Celek and Ertz.

The Eagles must find a way to get pressure on Eli. Opposing defenses have averaged less than one sack per game against the Giants, so it’s certainly going to be a challenge for the Eagles. How Billy Davis elects to contain both Vereen and Beckham Jr is the number one priority to limit the damage from the passing game. Like the Giants, the Eagles are also very good against the run, which makes the likelihood that this will come down to the play of the quarterbacks.

“X” Factor

There is a good bit of familiarity that surrounds Sam Bradford and the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants. Steve Spagnuolo was the head coach of the St. Louis Rams when Sam Bradford was drafted with the first overall selection. The flaws in Bradford’s game have been on display throughout the season, and if any defensive coordinator is going to game plan against Bradford it’s going to be Spagnuolo.


I like the Eagles to get their first win against an NFC East opponent. The Eagles defense will find a way to get enough pressure on Eli Manning to disturb his timing, and Bradford will outplay Eli in the prime time matchup.

Eagles 34 Giants 28

Jeff Kolsky

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Thoughts From Eagles-Giants


  • The Key on Offense for Eagles to attack the middle of the Field versus the LB’s & inexperienced Safeties… Both TE’s (Ertz & Celek) and the RB’s out of the Backfield (Sproles) should have big games opening things up for the Running Game as the game goes along.. I expect a big Offensive Output by Bradford & Co with the Eagles Winning 36 – 24

    Also the Giants Coverage Teams on Special Teams are below average so Eagles need a big play or two in the Return Game…

  • I think Giants take this one.

  • This game sets up like a teed up one wood in the fairway .The Giants know last years eagle team ,but now ,this years version they’ve never seen.I I contest we haven’t either ..For all the facets to work in synchronicity ,the much maligned ,inconsistent O line ,the trio of running backs,working as a unit ,where all are productive ..The emergence of huff ,in consecutive games .Thehuff factor is huge ,because it will lighten the load on Matthews ,he’s not a one ,and shouldn’t have been anointed that ,off his rookie year ..His growth into that role will take lightening the pressure ,and that’s what I’m hoping..If the trio of backs and O line can dominate ,the lightened load on Sam will be a win ,win..Bill Davis ,no wit appears has some weapons ,itsincumbent ,he utilize them and attack Eli,make him become Sheli..The kicker ..who knows? The attack of Cox and how he emerges is so much the identity we all crave ..

  • And the two tight ends is a no brainier ..protect Sam ..give him a chance ,to prove you were right. At least give him an optimal chance to succeed..another win win coach

  • Nice Drive by the Panthers to take a 7-3 Lead over the Seahawks..
    It’s all about matching your physicality as a Team when you play the Seahawks which is why the Panthers have been in their last 4-5 Games playing against them.. These Teams genuinely don’t like each other and should be a battle.

    The Panthers match up well with the Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams & 49ers
    The Panthers do not matchup well with the up-tempo, spread Offense’s like the Packers & Eagles run..

    The Eagles typically have not matched up well versus Physical Teams..

  • A nice Response Drive by Seahawks & QB R Wilson who made some big plays with his feet and arm during the Drive .. Seahawks back on top 10-7
    ThisGame has a Playoff feel & atmosphere about it..
    Seahawks can’t afford to drop to 2-4 and the Panthers are trying to prove they are a top tier Team..

  • Both Defense bringing it up a Notch.. Fans are going nuts..
    Panthers have the Ball back but another penalty to start a Drive ..

  • eagles looking better as some NFC Teams ahead open all lost today as I called
    The Redskins, Cardinals & Bears all lost so a golden opportunity for Eagles to not only get even in the NFC East but to gain ground on other NFC Conference Teams
    The Vikings did Win over the Chiefs as I expected..

    • Don’t worry about that, the KC head coach is going to do a better job of putting his players in a position to make plays.

  • Newton is 4 of 11 with a pick. Is anyone surprised? Big game on the road.

    I wonder if Kooltwit is going to come on here today spurting about how great Mike Vick is like he did last week. Replaced by Landry. Embarrassing.

    I cannot wait to wager against Denver in the playoffs. Manning cannot throw the ball over 12 yards.

    Watching wide open WRs dropping balls all over the league. According to Kooltwit, this only happens to the Eagles.

    If Eagles were to draft a QB….would we give him 3 years to work through his issues (like Blake Bortles etc requires….or perhaps Andy Dalton? Still need to see him in the playoffs)

    Obviously Rob Ryan is just a big hothead. Jets have improved since he arrived, and Bills D is collapsing….

    • Cam Newton wins that game on a nice Newton to Olsen 26 yard TD with less than :30 seconds left. The other QB is having trouble delivering, Russell Wilson. Seahawks have a (2-4) record with wins against Jimmy Clausen QB’d Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions.

    • lol.

      Always on the wrong side of these conversations.

  • Down goes Vick. 10 quarters of action and predictably he gets hurt again, as usual. Softest fragile QB in the league for the last 7 years.

    • He’s not soft.

      He is made of glass though.

      There is a difference.

      • Of course he isn’t soft TS. But you think that registers with some of these guys on this mssg brd? He we are hoping to make a season saving splash in arguably the weakest division with the likes of Cousins, Elisha, and a pedestrian Bradford, but somehow Vick’s play or “softness” is relevant. And people have a nerve to disparage the fans of our division rivals. Are many eagle fans any less silly?

  • Collin Kaepernick completed 16 passes for 340 yards, wow!! That is some serious yardage per completion.

  • Damn, Cam looked good on those last 2 drives, Vick hurt again as usual.

    • Those last 2 Drivers by the Panthers was about the Best I’ve ever seen Cam Newton at the NFL Level, His Passes were razor sharp, to the correct Receivers and he managed the Huddle, the Clock and the Big Moments like a Pro…
      He’s playing at a very high-level and whoever things they are overrated or the chump team the Eagles beat bad last year is simply not paying attention
      They went ‘Mano to Mano” with the Seahawks at their Place in a Must-Win game by the Seahawks in a very Hostile atmosphere.. Could the Eagles do this?? do they have the Grit, Determination and Heart to hang in and overcome adversity like that …

  • Drives me nuts watching Dion Lewis playing so well on the Pats. How do they do that?

  • It all starts with the mensa- like football mind of B.B. no one can get close to him in the game planning, observations, and as Big Rd liked to say., puts his players in better position to win . Not that this is a news flash or anything. but B.B has to have a devious, genius like mind. Plus he does not appear to be overly loyal to most all of his players, yet he gets all there is out of them.

  • In Kansas city, Len Dawson and others ,are mocking .and holding their sides in laughter, after the latest Chiefs loss , Hard times for Big Red and co. The total opposite as far as coaching , minds, methods, etc than B.B . just a matter of time before Reid is showed the door, A once proud Leader now becoming almost stooge- like in his latter phases of head coaching. A sad sight to behold.to watch a broken down once well respected coach become almost dunce- like as His football creds. are quickly evaporating.

  • lmfao @ paulman giving play by play on panthers seahawks game yesterday…

    as ive said many of times, russ wilson blows

    • Russell Wilson has been sacked 26 times this year and leads the NFL in that negative category. Last year Blake Bortles lead the NFL in getting sacked 55 times in 2014 in 14 games.

      • yea he got a lot of those sacks trying to be like mike back there. never in the pocket, never timing throws, always running and dancing. he stinks, always been a product of that D and run game

  • The NFL Game has past Andy Reid by (8 Years ago in fact)
    its about time he hangs them up or Coach’s at the College Level where I always thought he would best excel at… Wish him well, but he;’s on the Hot Seat for the rest of this Year and their Offense went from being built around RB Jamal Charles to now, it’s all about Alex Smith? Which just isn’t going to happen at least Success isn’t going to happen relying on Alex Smith to Win you Games week in and week out..

  • Man if the Eagles don’t win against the Giants, I’m not sure I”m still feeling so secure they will beat the Panthers.

    While I’m not 100% sure they can keep it together for the rest of the year – Panthers sure let everyone know they were the real deal in that Hawks game yesterday.

    The offense is till held together with duct tape, bubblegum and tinfoil…but d@mn.

    Let’s beat the Giants tonite and I’ll feel much better going forward. lol

  • The Eagles have never suffered a loss to the N.Y. Giants on Monday Night Football and they have had the Giants number over the last eight years and are 3-1 against them in the Chip Kelly era. The Giants are down on wr’s, Beckham may be a decoy at best tonight. The Giants front 7 can stop the run but can not get after the QB and their d backs are not at full strength as Prince Amukamara is out. This is a game where second half Sam should be able to come out in the first half and play well…that is my expectation and what I need to see from him. The Eagles o line should be able to protect him as the Giants generate very little pass rush. Sam needs to come out sharp and consistent, take some shots down field and eliminate the interceptions. This is a game the Eagles not only need to win, but should win. This game will be in Sam’s hands, if he plays well, we will win, if he does not….we will lose. Here’s hoping Sam plays well…GO EAGLES!!!

    • I believe the Eagles Win Big, but it won’t be easy early on in the 1st Half…
      I think the Eagles pull away late in the 3rd Quarter with a 14 Point Explosion to go up comfortably and Win Going Away 34-23..
      Bradford needs to take advantage of the TE’s Match-Up’s versus their LB’s and Safeties… Big Plays down th field can be had once a Running Game is established… I look for Ertz/Celek/Burton to have a Combined 12 Receptions.. Sproles on Wheel Routes versus their OLB for a big Play or two also.. RB Barner may play in Place of the injured Ryan Matthews and needs to get involved to get his feet wet.

  • I woke up, normal time of 5am, and I felt great about the game tonight. This has been a strange NFL season so far, but I believe the Eagles are going to look like the team tonight that Philly expected to see.

  • I mentioned on another Article that I had a real Good feeling about how this Weekend’s Games could play out and how the Eagles would be right back in the thick of not only the NFC East Race but even the Wildcard Race with many of the Competing NFC Teams all losing this Weekend like the Falcons,Redskins,Cardinals,Seahawks & Bears and both the Cowboys/Rams off on their Bye Weeks so the Eagles can move up to 3-3 win the Win Tonight..
    These Next 3 Eagles games are all National Games played at Night under the Bright Lights… Home Tonight Giants, Next Sunday at the Panthers, then a Bye Week, followed by a Road Game at the Cowboys ..
    Eagles Run the Table here and they will Win the NFC East, even a 2-1 Record with Wins over the Giants and Cowboys puts them in Good Shape..

    • paulman setting the table, going all captain obvious on the board. in addition doing opening the door for some future flip flopping lmfao. you got this flip flopping down to an artform

      • The BottomLine Henski’s is that the NFC East and NFC is wide open..
        The Top Teams right now (Packers,Packers,Falcons & Cardinals) all have weaknesses and vulnerabilities.. Eagles get a couple of NFC Rival Wins under their belt and they are right in it.. It’s dome divorce that 10-12 Teams have a shot which is exactly what the NFL wants..

        • It starts with the division first Paulman, and the Eagles have made a huge hole for themselves. Losing to Dallas at home was a blow but losing to Washington was an even bigger blow. This is a must win game tonight going 0-3 in the division will almost ensure you won’t make the post-season.

  • Lets see what Eagles team shows up tonight!

    read something interesting today about the Giants safety Landon Collins..he is struggling to cover WR’s when he has to play them in coverage giving up a passer rating of > 120…. I look for Chip to try and get Collins matched up in the slot against Matthews often.

    • Sounds good to me. I would like to see them find the mismatches tonight.

      And see Bradford not continue to give the ball away.

      • Hell they did that before Bradford he’s just following tradition.

  • The ESPN crew really skewered chip for not only running his east west offense ,but in the case of Demarco Murray a north south guy…typical ESPN fools..they haven’t gotten the memo ,from Kool.

  • I’m feeling those that we see a team fire on all its cylinders and join the field for the NFC ..at home ,this has to be a win ..il be looking for special teams to elevate its play and for chip to pull some tricks out of his college bag …Sam I am ,needs read and run ,at least to plant the seed..Memo to Bill Davis. No single one on one …a Pman said ..a single safety over the top on beckam …even if he’s a decoy ..Cox needs take and make Monday night ..his stage as will huff I hope ..GO BIRDS

  • you see # 5 out there on the field – he will always love you Philly – loves alcohol more but 5 will always love you

    • #5 has a desert full of stops and breathalyzer…when Andy is your mentor ,it leads to addiction..seriously he needs help..he’s in denial on his last traffic stop soon here in AZ…he not only threw worm balls …he’s becoming one..

  • Birds 2 ILB abused by Manning and Jennings to start the game for 7 points

  • Tighten that defense up Yost!

  • What the hell was that?

    • Tell me we didnt single on beckam on a backer and just go 3 and out…if Eli had any more time ,he could scan the stands for nice looking babes

  • Same old sorry ass Eagles walked right down the field on these losers now here comes a quick 3 and out by Shitford and company.

  • Giants should have no problems walking down the field again and scoring on these pathetic fucken losers.

  • Beautiful defensive play by Ryans!!!

    • the old dawg still has it –

      • That roughing the passer negated two three and outs ..that has to stop..chip..and Yotes. …surprise me. Here stop em..once

  • Second Half Sam with a nice touch pass to Cooper…TD!!!

  • Thank you..Billy.

  • Coughing on 4th and one you don’t go east west.

  • Sweet defensive play by Carroll…TD!!!!

  • Bird’s defense 2 picks including a pick 6 by Carroll – Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • More turnovers than dunkin..donuts

  • Sam I am ..oh great

  • God dammit…stop with the damn interceptions dude!!!

  • That’s plain awful..with no pressure …folesesque..hey Kool?

  • Vinny Curry sighting … liking it a 3rd down sack to get off the field — Eli has only been sacked 7 times now this season. To get a sack on Eli this season isn’t Easy.

  • Defense bailing out this team ..if the offense could just eat clock as a start,that would be incredible..geez

  • 3rd and 28 and we run the ball?!?!?!?

  • Bradford…. Average at best

    • First half. What a shit division ..if these two are battling for1st place

    • I said the same thing this past week…Average at best, nothing special…he will give you some good, and some bad, but not dynamic enough, and that has been his history.

      • There’s nothing about Bradford that inspires confidence.

        There are three quarterbacks coming out of college this year who would be better than Bradford. It don’t take much to be better than him.

  • Bradford blows! With this defense Coles would be 5-1. This is awful

  • Graham another good play with a sack to go along with a 4th and 1 behind the line of scrimmage tackle

  • What a Terrible Series and Play Calls on this last Offensive Drive…
    It’s hard to fathom that both of these Teams are playing for 1st Place …
    At Least the Eagles Defense came to Play tonight
    But Special Teams has 3 Penalties hurting Field position..
    Bigger screen caught on Hold ona30 Yard Punt.. Just Brutal
    Bradford is too gun shy back there …and he’s getting time on most drop backs
    But he sure isn’t playing that way…

    • Sturgis..is like a scary ride …glad when it’s over !

  • Demeco. Questionable to return. Damn shame

    • Ryans was playing well and probably having his best Game of the Season
      It looks like he had his explosion back… He should have been placed on the Short-term IR list to begin the Season to be honest ..

  • Wow. This is pre season bad

  • Eagles to attack these Giant Safeties down the middle of the Field…
    Ertz/Celek all Game long..

  • I hate Sam Bradford – I mean I really really hate Sam Bradford

  • And for the second straight week, a game that should be long finished if not for Bradford.

    Seems like the entire Eagle O is predicated on roughing the passer calls. It’s the only way they move the ball.

    Bounce that pass now.

  • 1. All you guys that pretend to understand the eagles defensive scheme.. I call bullshit, bill Davis is no smarter, he has better players and the D is solid.
    To hot air, Bradford is a phony, Foles with this defense and we’d be a SB contender.l,

    • If the Eagles had Randy Moss and Jerry Rice as his wide receivers Bradford still wouldn’t throw the ball to the outside.
      4th and 26 in the playoffs against green bay Bradford would throw it to the running back for a 5 yard gain.

      • Oh no ..huff and coop …who’s next. Run chip. Run. Demarco with Sam under center

  • Perhaps Second Half Sam will arrive…he awakens in the second half…..like Star Wars..The Force Awakens…so does Sam in the second half…just plays like shit in the first.

  • Bradford doesn’t even get those short, outside passes off quickly enough..
    The first Pass to Murray was 2 seconds too long which results in a 3 yard gain…
    Now he did toss a nice one to a open Cooper which if the ball had some air under it, Cooper could still be running..
    Both Huff & Cooper are hurt, Huff likely out for the Game,
    Cooper should be back

  • Kelce is just not the same player he was 2-3 Years ago..
    He’s simply an average Center

  • These Eagles are too soft!!!
    Matthews needed to cut up immediately after catching that ball
    Huff on the Kickoff stopped to cut back to a dead stop, the gets taggedandthrninjured
    Do these Players know common sense plays and momentum and where you are on the field in relation to you opponents… Just Basic stuff!!!

  • Eagles may have blown their chances to go up big with last Drive of 1st Half and starting with ball again to start the 2nd half..

  • Eagles D to the Rescue again.. Let’s go Bradford & Receivers
    Get a Drive and put this Giants down by 3 Scores
    Use the TE’s in the Middle of Field to then set up Sproles on a wheel route down the sideline for a big play..

  • Kelce is having a horrible game snapping the f’n ball…

  • Hey fellas the NFC East is worst than the AFC South.

  • Now Eagles are getting into a Rhythm
    Huff is back..

  • Nice drive for Murray. Keep feeding him the rock.

  • Demarco Murray for 7, Yeah!!!!!!!!
    24-7 – first place here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They have to keep the pressure on Eli. They can’t let the Giants get back in the game.

  • 2 TE’s, 2 Backs and pound this tired out Giants D/Line right off the field..
    With inside Running Plays and not these slow developing outside the #’s running plays..
    Murray is stiff arming these Giants right off him..
    Matthewscanpound and then use Sproles on a big Pass Play/Screen Plays

  • another Vinny Curry sighting – having a great game ! Does Vinny Curry get credit for a sack on an intentional grounding penalty ?

  • Why is Sproles playing so deep on this Giants Punter who is kicking his Punts
    35-40 Yards inthe air at most and Sproles is back 10 Yards too much resulting in lost field position .This last one he could have ran up and fair-catch on the on the Giants side of the 50..

  • Unbelievable … These Eaglesare not going to beat good Teams with this kind of stupid ass plays..
    Did Cooper even look to see the ball was thrown his way…

  • I go back to playing smart football
    Why the F is Sproles even Catching and running that punt from his own 5 yard line
    Let it bounce into the end zone for a Touchback and now he’s out with a Concussion
    You play dumb and this is what happens shit to you ..

  • Eagles are getting every break and call in this Game

  • How the hell did the Giants win 3 games? Shit after this debacle I’m wondering how the Eagles are 3-3. Kool, Sam Bradford is horrible absolutely horrible.

  • I hate Sam Bradford, I mean I really really hate Sam Bradford

  • Where is hot air? Bradford sucks… Still rusty?

  • This guy is NOT as good as Nick Foles. Kelly knows it too.

  • Sam Bradford 9 TD’s 9 interceptions…turn over machine. 2 picks last week..3 picks this week. 5 in two games.

    • Run. Andy. Run

  • Terrible Decision & Pass by Bradford ..
    You cannot continue to throw Int’s in the Red-Zone
    Can Anyone wait to read Koolbreeze Garbage , “Bradfod is knocking Rust off,
    The Receivers stink, Bradford’s not getting enough time”, etc,etc..

    You have an exhausted Giants front 4, why even pass the ball !!

    The only reason the Giants are still even in this Game Sam Bradford

    • With this defensive effort just have Sam manage the goddamn game

  • time for the defensive 2nd teamers to get some time to prevent injuries to the first team in mop up duty

  • On the Positive side of things, Kicker Sturgis kicking the ball well and with confidence which is well needed and good to see…

    • the positive is Billy Davis’ defensive front is kicking the crap out of the Giants OL – Graham, Curry, Cox, Barwin, Logan DOMINATION

  • The Eagles might be one of the best defenses in the NFL. Who would have thought.

  • Bradford’s QB rating = 63.1

    • A Short week, the Eagles need to heal and get ready for a much more Physical Battle & Team In the Carolina Panthers…
      The Panthers Front 7 and especially at the DT’s & LB Play may be the most talented the Eagles have faced this Season

    • Bradford’s QB Paaser Rating was 63 out of a perfect score of 158
      His total QBR Score was 31.9 out of a 100 for his decision making, play in the red-zone, ball security and 3rd down efficiency….

  • Eagles Front 7 won this Game tonight..
    Cox, Curry, Graham, Barwin, Hicks, Ryans & Goode all Played well
    The Giants Receivers (Beckham & Randle) with their hamstring issues are only at 75-80% and lack any explosion

    I guess it’s a good thing when you consider how poorly the QB Play has been with Turnovers, Poor Red-Zone Efficiency and poor Decisions and they stillWinby 20 Points and gain 400 + Yards..

  • Boyz bradford played terrible, but we got ourselves a damn defense, hats off to billy d

  • Game change was Demeco Ryan’s interception — snatched the ball right out of the Giants hands. From that point on the Giants never threatened.

  • Man i luv hicks

  • The good news is we are 3-3 and in first place in our division. The bad news is that our division sucks and we are only 3-3. The defense is playing very well…thank God for them. Chip stated in his post game presser that Sam needs to play better and improve, here’s the problem, Sam is playing now the way he was playing in St. Louis…this is who he is. It will be interesting to see how Sam plays against defenses that can get after the QB and cover, the Giants pass rushing defense is brutal and their coverage is weak..they rank like 31st in the league against the pass, they should have been picked apart…a better QB would have done so. The search continues!

    • I wish we had a young QB waiting in the wings. Watching Bradford play is like watching a rookie play – the only difference is, Bradford is not going to improve.

  • Anyone else upset every time the Giants had to punt? I wanted them to keep the ball as I felt Eagles had a better chance to score when the Giants had the ball!!

    Sam Bradford is complete shit, Eagles paid a 2nd and a 4th for this shit. We can win these games against disinterested Jets, Saints and MASH unit Giants….but for God’s sake….we cannot win with this inaccurate, bounce passing, interception throwing disaster at QB.

    • Look let’s be real..three turnovers and winning by 20. Never happens..that’s how bad the Giants were after there first possession ..we now seeing this front 7 dominate ,without two starting backers ..and 3 at times when demeco left ,is off the charts balling..great to see.. The QB needs just hand th ball off 35 times a game and use play action and don’t ask him to be Nick Foles and go over the top..and the dominant special teams ,a dependable kicker (fingers crossed on every sturdiest kick) and this type of hair on fire defense will get Er done

  • Wtfik..where the fuck is Kool..you spineless worm?tbad week with Vick and Sam. And to add insult Nick had a bye..

  • Worst game from Bradford by far. I won’t excuse away his performance the same way you guys should stop excusing away our wins. We beat a 4-1 jet team, killed a saints team that just beat the undefeated falcons, and embarrassed a divisional opponent that had the 6th best offense in the NFL and “couldn’t be run on”. For god sakes get off the QB. Teams have won superbowls with guys like bradford. Foles had terrible games like this on more than one occasion.

    Further, how don’t you guys get what he did with the bradford trade. He took a risk. At worst he was the same as foles but the potential was much higher. That is not a dumb risk and we still don’t truly know how it will play out.

    Only fan base ithe NFL where after you cant tell the differece between a win and a loss by reading message boards

    • Can’t take it …here’s what you’re missing ..he is what he’s always been and always what he’s going to be,stop making any excuses for bad play ..We all want Sam to get a transformation but he was bailed out by his defense and wasn’t good enough tonight..Nobodys hating ..just that it is what it is …poor decisions in there’d zone ..inexcusable ..stop

  • Lets see…Foles, Maclin and a first round pick thats not Agular along with this defense….. hmmm…can you say deep playoff run- this isn’t rust, its just bradford… some great throws and some shit- thats the definition of mediocrity.

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