• July 3, 2022

Eagles Must Give Ryan Mathews More Carries

RyanMathewsvsPanthers1The Eagles were trailing 21-6 and on the verge of being blown out last night against the Panthers when running back Ryan Mathews used his unique talent to get them back in the game.  Astonishingly after that play, he only ran the football one more time the rest of the game.

DeMarco Murray can still be the main ball carrier, but Mathews has earned more chances to contribute to this offense.   He is a home run threat every time he touches the football.  He’s much faster than Murray, so he’s able to make yardage in situations where Murray gains little or nothing.

I think it’s obvious to everyone now that they could improve the offense by simply handing the football to Mathews more often. c He got the Eagles back into the game last night with his speed by taking off on a 63-yard touchdown run.  He ran six times for 97 yards and caught three passes for 24 yards.  That’s nine touches for 121 yards.

Mathews has run through two of the best defenses, Carolina and New York Jets in the National Football League this season.   it’s simple, he runs through tackles and he outruns everybody once he gets out into open field.

I wasn’t shocked when Mathews took off and outran everybody for the score.  He has that type of speed and the way Chip Kelly’s offense spreads the defense out, there aren’t many tacklers who will have the chance to make the play, once he gets into the secondary.

Murray wasn’t nearly as effective with 18 carries for 65 yards and two catches for five yards.  He was facing the same defense and running behind the same the offensive line.  Murray can continue to be the workhorse, but

There’s a noticeable difference between the two runners when they’re carrying the football.   Kelly needs to make an adjustment about how much each of them is carrying the football.   We all want to see more of number 24.


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  • From all of our mouths to Chip Kelly ears!! Give Ryan da damn ball!!!

  • a better headline and article would be


  • What everyone knew prior to the offseason, yet Chip Kelly did not.

    What we knew then:
    400 carry backs always fall off a cliff.

    What we know now:
    Murray (500! touches) has fallen off a cliff.

    What we knew then:
    Bradford sucks

    What we know now:
    Bradford sucks

    What we knew then:
    Must draft oline

    What we know now:
    Must draft oline

    What we knew then:
    WRs often have sophmore slumps

    What we know now:
    WR is in a sophmore slump

    The single biggest factor moving forward is that apparently Kelly is completely unaware of the most basic historically proven tenants of the NFL.

  • It’s not all Bradford’s fault. The receivers were dropping passes all over the place. Losing Maclin has hurt more than I expected. We have NO ONE who can stretch the field. Agholor isn’t the answer at the moment, and Jordan Mathews has been a big disappointment so far. I think it’s time the Eagles start using a 2 TE set and keep rotating Ertz, Celek and Burton and work the middle of the field. Ryan Mathews has been a big surprise in the running game. He didn’t look this good when he played for the bolts. I still think the Eagles can improve and win the NFC east. Hopefully Peters, Agholor and Alonso all return after the bye week.

  • Nelson Agholor can’t even get on the field and is turning out to be another Marcus Smith II …

    LB Jordan Hicks has been great but did get pushed around last evening as all the Eagles Defenders did ..
    The Panthers Center (Kalil) and both Guards (Trai Turner & NOowell) basically man-handled the Eagles Interior DL and ILB all Night
    Did Fletcher Cox or Bennie Logan make any Plays at the line of Scrimmage or behind the LOS ?
    ILB’s Hicks & Kendricks made some Tackles but many were a few yards down the field.. You have to be impressed with Jordan Hicks, who is a Solid Tackler, Very Good in Pass Coverages as he was covering TE Greg Olson a good part of the game, and getting Players lined up..
    The Edges of the Eagles Defense last evening did very little
    I know a lot of you stated Panthers LT Michael Oher Sucks, but he actually played pretty well as he has all Season with the Panthers. … What did Brandon Graham or Vinny Curry do ?
    Sometimes reuniting with a former Coach (the Panthers OL Coach used to Coach Oher with the Ravens is what a Player needs)

    Many on here said the Panther WR’s suck and yet we saw Ted Ginn, Philly Brown and Jeremy Crotchery come up with nice Catches and outplayed the Eagles WR’s…

    Back to the Drawing Board for Chip Kelly as they head off for their Bye Week and have a make or break their Season Game versus the Cowboys next Sunday night which I expect them to Win against a Team that has lost 4 Games in a Row and getting no Production from the QB Position
    But do note that Cowboys DC Rod Marinelli has stuffed this Eagles Offense 2 of their last 3 Games they have met…

    • Agholor hasnt been on the field because he’s injured, not because he’s MSII. He was playing the 2nd most reps behind Jordan Matthews for WR’s before he was injured… and also he was open a lot the first few games and the ball was either not thrown his way or was thrown poorly. I want to see him play better when he gets healthy but he is the least of our WR problems.

  • #24 is the running back Brian Dawkins with that look.

  • post game a local reporter asked the Chipper why Ryan Matthews only got one carry after his 63 yard TD run. The Chippers answer was bizarre. He said Duce decides who enters the game and when Ryan Matthews was in the game after that 63 yard TD run the plays called were for passes. Bizarre.

    • Chip Kelly is so Full of Shit that he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going..
      Just like where was Darren Sproles in the 3rd Quarter when there was still a chance fror the Eagles.. He comes out and gets the Ball once the Eagles are down by 11 Pts with a minute to play to catch 8-9-12 Yard Passes and go out of Bounds…. Kelly is a horrible Coach with both Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray having him strung up to his Balls… Its funny and sad to watch but I can’t wait until he’s gone so I will have to bide my time until after the 2016 Season…

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