• July 3, 2022

Sam Bradford & Company Are Still Getting Used To Each Other

SamBradfordvsPanthers1Eagles head coach Chip Kelly made quite a few moves during the offseason to try and improve his football team from a talent standpoint.  He may have improved their talent, but he disregarded an accepted rule in the NFL, that players need to play together for a while before they gel together and that’s especially true on the offensive side of the football.

Kelly is suffering through that lesson right now, but he may be the one smiling at a later date, if the acquisitions of Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews yield a run deep in the playoffs.  They’ve got a quite a way to go to even start talking about getting above .500 giving themselves a good chance of making the playoffs.

This is not an excuse for losing, but it is a reality.  The history of the NFL has proven it.  You don’t need to make so many changes in one off season. You can make a move here or a move there, but you can’t overhaul a team and expect them to play well together in the next season.  Understand that I’m not taking the players off the hook for not doing their jobs, but something always seems to go wrong when guys are not used to playing with each other.

Back to offensive players playing together and getting used to each other.  The execution of an offense is dependent upon how well the players know each other and how well they know the offensive system they’re playing.  If you look at some of the best quarterback/wide receiver combo’s like Aaron Rodgers, Gordie Nelson and Randall Cobb.  They know what each other are thinking when they walk to the line of scrimmage and they see a certain defense.  You see much the same thing with Tom Brady, Ron Gronkowski and Julian Edelman.

They call it chemistry, but it takes many games or seasons to develop.  That’s why you don’t see good teams with winning records making as many trades of their core players at the same time.

Bradford is new to his teammates and Kelly’s system  is new to him. After every game it’s been I didn’t know this was going to happen or I didn’t know that was going to happen.  Familiarity is a good things in the NFL when you’re talking about executing offensively.  It’s especially true with the offensive linemen and how they work with each other and it’s also especially true with the quarterback and his receivers.

The Eagles have a very good chance of having a good football team at the end of the season, but there’s no guarantee that will be the case in October and November.  This could cost them a place in the playoffs, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Case and point regarding what I’m talking about is the Eagles passing game.  For most of the season, Bradford has been off target with his throws.  He’s failed to put some air under balls and gotten them picked off.  In other cases when he should zip the ball into the receiver, the throws have come up short.  The receivers confidence in him had to be on shaky ground at best.

Last night he was on target with most of his throws, but his receivers, Jordan Matthews, Miles Austin, Josh Huff, Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz were dropping ball after ball.  They were probably thinking more about whether Bradford was going to do his job rather than are they going to do theirs.

In the NFL, you have to be focused on doing your job and that alone.  If anything is more on your mind than doing your job, then you usually fail to do your job.  Last night the Eagles receivers didn’t do their jobs.


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  • Stop with the bs excuses ..drops ..familiarity ..confidence..rust ..sometimes it’s delusional to keep unearthing things to explain away the obvious..it’s also provocative,in that ignores the true problems as they exist as plain as the nose on your face .The retooling and rebuilding are regressing .

  • still getting used to each ???? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA theres a knee slapper.

    reality sam bradford and company are putrid. every single player on this offense is replaceable. not 1 player on the entire offensive group is above average except peters.

    every olineman minus peters is average at best

    every wr is below average at best

    every te is below average at best

    qb is arguably the worst starter in the nfl ( id take sam over krappernick and thats about it )

    our rbs are above average i guess.

    bottom line you cant win in the nfl with sam bradford, thats a fact, its proven and documented, he blows. he is matt schaub on his best day

    a total looooooooooooooozah

    people keep saying the seasons not over there is still hope cuz the NFC east is weak. HELL NAH SEASON IS OVA. you cant win a super bowl with these looozahs

    mail it in take get some high draft picks, take ur lumps with that disgusting trade of the 2nd round pick for this scrub and move on

    i pray we dont resign this scrub bradford but im scared to death our clueless GM will do it

  • What position on the offense did we come close to “Improving Talent” as you say in your opening line….

    QB – Nick was 14-4 in this offense. Bradford makes Nick’s poor 2014 look great. Bradford is only an “increase in talent” on Pro Days and when not facing a defense. And he’s not a winner. And he’s not clutch… two things that our previous QB was.

    RB – While I think Ryan Matthews is as talented as Shady, we did not increase talent at RB as we already had one of the most talented RB in the NFL.

    WR – We let a top 15 WR in the league walk in free agency, for a small difference in salary (makes me think Maclin just wanted out of Chips team – I cant blame him.
    We are severely less talented at the WR position than we were last year.

    OL – we dropped an All Pro and another starter, and added literally nothing. Our outstanding LT gets one year older and is getting injured. Kelce has regressed further than anyone on the team not named Jordan Matthews. Even Lane Johnson doesnt look that great (though he has a sprained ankle and knee). We literally have zero depth whatsoever on the O line.

    TE – Celek is still blocking well, Ertz played well yesterday and has been hurt in the beginning of the year. Trey Burton is still on the team. You can call it a Push as far as talent level.

    So as far as improving the talent level… the only position that can be even considered a PUSH – is the TE’s… everything else is a downgrade.

  • Next Year (Off-Season) is Year #4 for Chip Kelly’s 5 Year Plan
    I expect QB Sam Bradford will want out of Philly as this Season will likely turn ugly for him to want to return and that he will bolt in Free-Agency to the Broncos (who will be replacing Peyton Manning) or to another Team in Need of a QB like the Houston Texans…

    I expect Chip Kelly to pursue a more mobile QB for his next Vision of the Eagles QB whether that’s a RG3, EJ Manuel or worse, even Johnny Football

    Chip Kelly will be on his last breath with the Eagles for the 2016 Season, so who knows what will happen, but I doubt very much that Sam Bradford wants to return to be any part of it and can’t wait to get out of Philly which was just a bad fit for him and the Eagles to begin with …

    So now in Year 4, Chip Kelly still doesn’t have a QB..
    Bring in RG3 which they will have to eat his Contract and Give up something to the Deadskins to make it happen..
    Maybe Ryan Mallett who can make a Team Flight on time…

    • RG3, EJ Manuel or worse, even Johnny Football are all shit

      RG3, EJ Manuel or worse, even Johnny Football are all better football players than Bradford

      • I agree with your assessment Mhenski, but D-Bag Chip Kelly will take a chance on someone for he’s running out of Options and Time..
        He may have to use the 1st Round PIck for a QB who is not ready just to buy some time..
        Eagles and Us Fans are F’d for the next 3 Years …
        It Is What It Is…

        • id debate this but frankly im at a loss with this team, its direction, its talent, i just have no clue what the plan was, why it was a good idea to give chip gm reigns and where we are going.

          this whole team just seems like names were thrown in a jar and plucked out…

          sam fn bradford seriously? for a 2nd and a winner?

        • If Kelly would have attempted to build the O line and QB through the draft he would have more leeway and understanding from the fan base, but, trying to build a team with another teams QB reject is not going to work, he looks at Drew Brees and says OK, that is how we will get our QB, but how often does that work? One O lineman drafted in three years. To say no O-lineman was high on our boards and worthy of a selection when we picked over the last two years is beyond ridiculous and insulting. A successful team can not be built that way, not only does it take time to gel, but, the players may not ever develop chemistry together, I guess that is where culture is supposed to come in as everyone will fall into line and work together, well I heard Ike Reese say he saw D. Murray yelling at Sam Bradford when he pulled the ball away from Murray, throw it to Matthews and the ball was picked, the players are tired of the picks and drops too. If the reset button is to be hit, a QB needs to be drafted high, build through the draft in key areas, not through someone else’s trash heap.

    • The bottom line that you are missing paulman is that Bradford wasn’t healthy and ready to go…the Eagles took extra pre-caution to get him healthy to make it through the season. They limited him in pre-season and after not playing for 2 years…he had to knock off the rust of not playing while also getting acclimated to a brand new system with new receivers.
      When you combine these factors with the reality that this is the worse Eagles receiving corps going back to the days of Freddie Mitchell, James Trash, Todd Pinkman…(who didn’t drop as many passes as these receivers) it comes as no surprise that the Eagles and Bradford have started slowly…have had some rough spots and growing pains
      This is the NFL…you dont just pop up and start dominating teams offensively without going through some development and growing pains! Every QB in this league goes through a stretch of tough games.
      Of course, you have the foolish “stats’ people like Vinniedaloser who can’t analyze the game but can rattle off a bunch of stats that are absolutely meaningless
      Sam Bradford progression took a huge step last night…he was accurate with his throws…his decision making was good..the difference in the game was dropping accurate passes…
      This is the NFL…receivers are paid to catch the ball, Sam Bradford was hitting people in stride…his endzone pass to Huff was a thing of beauty that he whizzed by two defenders into Huff’s hands only to be dropped…he threw an excellent pass to Matthews for a touchdown only to have him fail to get his feet inbounds like a good receiver should.
      Receivers in the NFL rountinely catch balls that are thrown slightly behind them…that’s what they are paid to do…Bradford last night was accurate for most of the night…he executed on several third down plays which would have been first downs but were called back due to a penalty or the pass was dropped.
      However, Bradford is getting better, the Eagles running game is getting better…and by the end of the year…the Eagles will make a run

      Book it!

      • No shit Bradford wasnt Healthy which is why you dont Trade for him to begin with on a 1 Year deal.. At Least with Foles, you know what your going to get and could have used some of the $11 Million in Savings to add a WR or OL if Kelly knew he was getting rid of Mathis which by April he know he was going to do.. Kelly F’d this entire Season up and gets what he deserves which is laughs around the NFL .. Eagles are trending Down by almost every NFL Talking Pundit out there .. Kelly’s Schemes Peaked in 2013 with AR’s Talented Players, and then the NFL caught up with his gimmicky, horizontal Attack.. I will be around long after both Chip Kelly & Sam Bradford’s Ass’s are out of Town.. Just another Bad ERA for Eagles Football which is no Big Deal as I have been thru many of them before..

        • You trade for Bradford because he is a significant upgrade in talent and because the Coach who has evaluated and seen him in mini-camps, training camps, practices, pre-season and regular season games…the Coach who knows him better than anyone, who knew the plays he was running, knew who messed up on the plays he ran unsuccessfully, the Coach who seen him at his best and his worst knew that you were not going to win a championship with Nick Foles!
          Why cant you understand that paulman!
          Forget about money…Kelly made the smart gamble…and we would have seen the payoff last night if the Eagles didn’t drop more passes than any NFL team in the past 6 years!
          Sticking with Foles would have been a disaster…he is now playing worse than Bradford…Bradford has not caused the Eagles to lose any games…Foles has been the direct cause of the Rams losing 2 of the three games that they have loss and he has very little to do with there wins…they are throwing much less and running the ball with Gurley

      • Pathetic…now inventing fantasy scenarios to prove ridiculous comments.

        Desperate times eh Kooltwit?

        “he executed on several third down plays which would have been first downs but were called back due to a penalty or the pass was dropped.”


        Not once. Never happened. Nada.

        You are making shit up to somehow defend your pathetic new hero.

        Not once did the Eagles get a first down only to have it called back.

        In fact, the EXACT OPPOSITE happened, when Kuchely got a PA penalty on another of Bradfraud’s now patented 5 yards short of the sticks passes. Eagles came up short, but the penalty gave them the 1st.

        Otherwise, your statement is completely false.

        Never happened. Not once.

        And I won;t even get into your laughable “wizzing” description of passes high and behind, or use of “excellent” on passes OB that no one is going to come down with.

        At this point your delusions are becoming indicative of someone in need of help. You are not just wrong, you are completely making shit up.

        • LOL…Vinniedafool…you still just reading the stats and not watching the games

          I know its difficult for a blind guy like you

          Check the play by play sheet or something or get someone to watch the game

          The Eagles had an easy first down when Demarco Murray broke off his longest run of the game only to be called back by a holding penalty.

          Several of the Eagles pass plays that were dropped would have resulted in first downs. One pass that Bradford hit Matthews on the money would have easily gotten him a first down and more…he hit him in stride,

          Matthews caught a pass for a touchdown but didn’t get his feet down

          The pass to Huff was a thread the needle pass between two defenders that Huff right in the hands

          These passes are drops..Bradford is hitting receivers putting the ball on them…not like the incompleted passes of Foles in St Louis where balls are way behind, over the head…completely missing wide open receivers..just like Foles was doing here last year.

          The Eagles lead the league in drops…that’s going to hurt any QB’s stats….

          Only a biased fool like you Vinnie with your butt hurt over Foles…wont give Bradford any credit…hypocrisy still reigns…if this was Foles getting so many dropped passes you would be up in arms….lol

          • Holy shit….back back back back back back …..Kooltwit now backpedaling faster than Kelly throws Staley under the bus.

            Koolidiot with a Hillary Clinton like spin doctoring of his own actions.

            You said:
            “Bradford last night was accurate for most of the night…he executed on several third down plays which would have been first downs but were called back due to a penalty or the pass was dropped.”

            Bradford executed on several third down plays that would have been called back due to penalty.


            Never happened. Not once.

            Did not complete one pass on 3rd and more than 5 (9 tries) where the ball made it to the sticks in the air. In fact….none of them were converted.

            None. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

            Don’t try and drop some Demarco Murray run bullshit now.

            You were hurt about Bradford being a puss who doesn;t have the balls to throw the ball to the marker (ever) when the pressure is on….so you made up shit to defend him.

            I get it. You are the last one (on the planet) still banging the Sam Bradford drum.

            You are the one with egg all over his face saying all offseason how Bradford would be “10 times better” (your words).

            And now that’s all stripped away. The whole world knows the guy stinks (as if we didn’t already) and you painted yourself into a corner.

            Now so desperate to keep up your pathetic narrative, you have resorted to making shit up. Like this inane penalty business.

            And fuck man…”Guys…guys….Foles is losing games in Stl!! No really guys…he is he is!! He’s the reason for their losses!! Guys?….guys…..guys….really he is….guys…..”

            Give it a rest.

            As for my quoting stats??

            Better to do that than to invent fantasy scenarios and try to pass them off as legit excuses.

          • kool if you want to live in a fantasy about bradford, then you should at least be honest about Foles. The Rams have a higher percentage of dropped passes than the Eagles… they have the highest dropped ball percentage in the league and drop first down passes left and right.
            but yeah.. keep going on about looking at stats and not watching games

          • Actually, the Eagles dropped passes at a higher percentage last year (4.2%), than they have this year (4.0).

  • Intelligent Observation G, and one that I have been making all along.

    I have consistently stated, Sam Bradford’s play will improve as he gets a better feel of the offense and the players around him and shake off 2 YEARS of not playing

    Last night…against a top ranked defense Bradford showed the improvement that I predicted that is coming with his growing knowledge of the system, his natural talent, his shaking off of 2 years of rust.

    These are not excuses…they are facts!

    Last night it is clear to anyone with an objective view…Bradford was decisive, on target with his passes, we lost the game because of dropped passes

    • on target with passes? say what? i cant this team disgusts me so much i just cant.

      what was keanu reevs name in the matrix? whatever it was i dont think he could catch bradford balls

    • Bradford 17th in yards, 29th in the league QBR and is first in turnovers with 10 interceptions and a fumble, he averaged 4.6 yards per attempt last night…that’s not rust, just bad QB play. Rust excuse is tired and not applicable anymore. By the way, Sam killed a worm last night with that 3rd down pass.

  • Again, I understand the drops. I understand that they aren’t “on the same page”. I am losing it watch every WR reacing back, twisting around, sliding to the ground to make catches. Sure they’re pros, but its ridiculous. But despite all that…..for me the most telling observation last night was the 9 3rd down throws.

    Each and every time it was 3rd and 5 or more, the throw was short of the sticks.

    Not one traveled to the first down markers (or past) in the air. Every single pass short of the sticks. Every one.

    Isn’t that impossible???

    What does that say about this guy. Need 8 throw 1. Every single time.

    Maybe its the “system”, but I don’t believe that. there are 4 or 5 guys in every single pattern. Short, med and long….and every single time, when the heat is on, we know which on Sam will choose.

    • This shyt is starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s Teacher

    • Same ol Vinnie…Still unable to see things in an unbiased manner….Because you’re butt hurt about Foles you are attacking Bradford every chance you get…

      you said “What does that say about this guy. Need 8 throw 1. Every single time.”

      It says something about the offense as whole…If you need 8 yards, do you want the QB to force the throw to a covered receiver in Eagles territory and risk a turnover, or rather take the underneath throw…? The problem is we don’t have the same type of dynamic players at WR where you could throw them the ball and look for them to make things happen

      Instead of seeing the whole picture…like why is the coach calling certain plays, like the WR screen called to Huff on a 3rd and 9..? …The O Line is a shell of what they were last season also, but that’s not considered….My stance has always been the same no matter who the QB has been…Poor offensive line production, poor play calling, in no way benefits any QB…

      We’ve seen players make harder catches than those that you speak of that have been dropped by Eagles WR’s this year…WR’s need to make plays, WR’s make plays for Brady, Rodgers, Manning etc…not all of their passes are perfect…

  • 2 things should have happened in the SUImmer in regarding Sam Bradford

    If Bradford was Healthy and Good to go
    1) Then he should have played the 1st Half of every Pre-Season Game to get used to playing again and get as many reps as possible
    (Bringing in Tebow was a waste of time)

    If Bradford was Not Fully Healthy
    2) Then placed on Short-Term IR and he would then ready after the Bye Week with QB Mark Sanchez playing the first half of the Season

    Instead this Season has been a Work in Progress for a QB who is not vested or even likely to be here next Season.. What a real head scratcher it was in acquiring this Sam Bradford was and was the beginning of the end of the Chip Kelly Era as we knew it ..

    Congrats to Panthers DC Sean McDermott who called a nice Game Plan versus the Eagles and really, when you take about that big 63 Yard TD run by Matthews, The Eagles didn’t really threaten getting into the end-zone
    McDermott will be on a lot of Teams Radar as a Future HC

  • Brady and Rodgers use the entire field when throwing the football.

    • The fact that they have a totally different offensive system….does that have anything to do with using the whole field? I think so…Do they have better O Line than this Eagles O Line? Hell yes!
      Do their WR’s catch balls that are catchable at a higher rate than the Eagles WR’s…Hell yes! Some of you really need to have a better understanding for the game of football and see more than the QB…

      • Actually heading into this week Edelman was 2nd in the league in dropped passes and NE as a team has a higher drop rate than the Eagles.

        GB is not far behind, with only 3 less drops than the Eagles wrs.

        As for different systems….can you please explain that while in STL (and in a couple different systems, Bradford was 2nd last in the entire league in Y/C and now this year with the birds (in a new system) he is 2nd last in the league in Y/C

        Different systems, but always the same result.

        • haha..don’t get the wrong idea, here..I’m not defending Bradford and not going to even try and come up with an excuse for his play…Pointing out the obvious though…..things that can impact a QB, O Line, play calling… not an excuse, its just truth!

  • Part of me wants Bradford to improve, but how much improvement is realistic? He appears to be a mediocre, battle-worn, gun-shy, moderately accurate QB. If he improves, they will re-sign him. I fear we are going to get stuck with Sam at a relatively high dollar. To my eyes, Sam Bradford is no better than Kevin Kolb, they both specialize in check-downs.

    • The improvement was obvious last night…Sam Bradford is much better than the nervous and scared Kolb who folded like a cheap suit everytime he took a hit.
      Bradford took a big step forward last night. Despite his Center-Kelce getting dominated in the middle…Bradford stepped up in the pocket and delivered accurate on the money passes..he was decisive, made good decisions.
      Its a different game if his touchdown passes were executed by the receivers.
      Carolina has two shutdown corners, excellent linebackers you are not throwing a bunch of deep passes against them especially when you are handcuffed with mediocre receivers like Riley Cooper
      Bradford IS improving and will be at his best when the games count the most!
      Get used to it…Bradford will be the QB for this team!

      • That’s the problem; on a night where his improvement was “obvious”, he still stunk. Cam threw 3 picks and still had a higher QB rating than Sam.
        Could you commit $12-$16 million to Sam based on what you’ve seen so far?

        I don’t think Bradford is their biggest problem, but he’s top 3.

        Koolbreeze, you have no eye for the game.

        • Koolbreeze..i think your hatred for Foles is so huge that you would back any qb no matter how bad he does…Im sick of bradford and his slow ass self. Do we have so much bad luck that we have to have the slowest qb running our fast paced team. Like i said he doesnt have to be a running qb..just a qb that can run. Bradford getting away from a sack is pure luck. He has no escape skills whatsoever. Combine that with throwing 2 yard passes its a miracle we score at all!!!

  • I don’t even think Sam Bradford wants to stay in Philly..
    I see him booking to Denver,Colorado to replace the Retiring Peyton Manning and play for QB Friendly Coach Gary Kubiak…
    A Real No-Brainer for Sam.. He;s not an East Coast guy and is a Fish out of Water and has no vested Interest in remaining in Philly.. Wait until those chilly winds of November/December come…

    • Maybe, Elway doesn’t seem to like Osweiler. I thought Nick Foles would wind up in Houston if the Chipper passed on extending his contract before the blockbuster Bradford trade. Houston will change QBs next year somehow. Bradford might be in the mix there.

      • Wait to Bradford starts hearing the Eagles Boo Birds at Home coming down the stretch of the Season if they are out of the Race .. Why would he want to come back to Philly… To Play for Chip Kelly ? GTFOH…
        Gary Kubiak has the perfect Offense for a Non-Mobile Pocket QB like Sam Bradford..

  • yesssssssssssssssssssss

    videos allowed here now

  • Paulman you can be a dick at times but you are on a roll

    Bradford wants nothing to do with playing football

    He’s checked out and I give him credit for his survival instincts because that’s all he’s doing, surviving

    He locks down on a receiver, waits until the receiver locks on him and throws 90 mph howitzer, no wonder receivers can’t catch them, and they are usually behind the wrs causing them to contort their bodies while waiting for a hit

    These wrs are now taking the fall for a pussy poor qb that’s checked out, made his money, now in survival mode

    I want nothing to do with kelly and Bradford

  • Another issue Vinnie and Paulman are correct on is the constant crossing routes are taking a toll on the receivers and running backs, they are being pounded. I’ve been agreeing way to damn much with Vinnie lately and if he gave up his love of Foles we’d agree on everything.

    • Correct Big… Another problem is that Bradford has zero touch on those passes that are dropped. In many cases the passes are not only high and behind the receiver, they are rockets that get on the receiver too quickly.

      There are some legitimate dropped balls, but I would say half of them are on Bradford. Not everything that hits your hands can be caught…

      • Got a fifth of vodka ,and worked up the courage to re-watch the game ..I agree with the assessments overall by many ..vin..lion.irish Henski..Irish jake.(Pman) excluded because Boone chimp was seen wearing a cam jersey..Sam when you watch the throws is still putting guys into position to make plays but also more importantly to feel pains.Every throw on crossing routes would put them into kill shot territory.Against the formidable defenses that watch tape ,this falls on pinnochipios shoulders..stop ..putting Sam and his receivers into conflict.How about singling up on a vertical game where the safeties or corners are making the hits ? After the bye ,if the game plan doesn’t change ,the results will be a QB hearing footsteps ,and receivers the “same”

        • No Cam Newton Jersey’s in my home Deserteagle… I do have a Panthers Fleece Pullover that’s about 8-9 Years old..
          When Thomas Davis knocked Jordan Matthews back to Vanderbilt on the 2nd Series, Jordan Matthews Day was essentially over..
          When Josh Huff got knocked halfway back to Oregon, he was a non-factor the rest of the Game…
          SOme will say, that he Patriots and PAckers throw a lot of short, crossing routes, which would be true, but both those Teams have HOF QB’s who can lead a receiver and pass them an easier ball to handle out in front where they can keep running and get away from heavy contact while the Eagles have
          Sam Bradford who throws High, Behind, Off-Target where Receivers have to slow down or even stop just to catch a 4 Yard Pass and then pay the Price and get tagged by LB’s bearing down on them… Huff/Jordan were getting hit by CB’s LB’s and even DE Jared Allen was in on a few Tackles on WR Bubble Routes/Screens..
          Chip needs to take these Plays out of the Playbook until he has a better QB or just keep them for his next College Coaching Job..

          • Glad to hear you put your Pom Poms away Pman…..just stoking your “we and us ” during the game analysis you were spewing..I. Do agree with you ..the flaw in everything has one common denominator ,one moral compass ..it’s the GM and the coach..He brought D Murray in to carry the rock ,when he already had an able duo ,in sproles and Matthews ..now he’s a shitface liar trying to justify why Matthews who ran like gayle Sayers ,only had a total of 6 touches ..It’s obviously a GM vs coach moment ..And with regards to Sam he has a Bambi deer in the headlights ,with a group of receivers that are getting short arm disease..perhaps you’re correct ,if the QB was operating at a higher level of effectiveness the receivers would lay out for him.Instead they watch the film and see Sam putting them in harms way ,and not rewarding them for there deep efforts (ever) ..that demoralizes a group…try running play after play and see yourself open ,and you have zero to show for it.In conclusion backs are pissed off ,as an unfair surplus of carries is doled out to Dmurray ,not rewarding performance ..receivers are being blamed for drops by the media ..this is at the feet of the GM and coach..one has to go .Yetserdays PC was just a beginning of the sex lies and videotape

            • Completely agree with your thoughts on what they see watching film. Not only do they have to feel the hits, then then get to relive themselves getting planted over and over the following day. Can’t be feeling good.

              They see how they have to first fight for every ball that his high/low/behind, only to then be pulverized by a guy who has 50-100 lbs on them over and over. Can you imagine the squinting “oooohs and ouchs” that happen in the WR film room every Tuesday?

              Will they continually run those fly patterns full speed knowing the ball will be dropped off to a 3 yrd hook every time? Will they become a bunch of Deseans?

              J Matthews also knows that there is a guy on the bench from whom he caught 50 passes for 500+ yrds and 6 tds over 8 games last year………(and no, not espousing shitty Sanchez – just saying Matthews probably wouldn’t mind seeing him at the helm)

              Sproles and Matthews both know and see how much more effective they are, yet are glued to the bench. Must be happy about that.

              • I believe vin ,that this couldn’t happen at a worse time with a bye week ,allowing the shitstorm to stew..Football players are hormonal women at menstruation ,they need the release point of physicality..There’s the perspective of seeing coach film..like zapruder..that film don’t keep the truth hidden..it’s all out there ..These athletes play for pay .We always be mindful of that ..The truth is what we see as fans ..we ain’t fooled and in most cases (Kool) we can’t conceive of all these scenarios of hope and removal of alleged “rust”.. The guys in the locker room know the damn truth..the. Coach knows and the GM (I guess) ?what we have is a PC after another beat down by a winning opponent,a coach who says one thing on Sunday and another on Monday..tape don’t lie ..The receivers aren’t committed..that’s a fact..it’s week 7 and they’re feeling the double edge fatigue ..more mentally ,than physically..they’re trying to buy in ,sell out ,whatever..They knew what they had and now what they have ,we as fans need leave ex players in the ex wives category.You can’t waste your time lusting ,for something you can’t have .And you can’t be watching your ex from afar with envious deer eyes..Bambi’s been shot and she’s venison ..

          • Paulman you are a undercover Panthers fan and always was one you talk about them on here frequently.

            • I talk alot about the Panthers for 2 Reasons

              1) I have lived in NC since the mid 90’s, so I see,read and watch them for they are on every Week, I have gone to a few Games over the Years, SO yes, so I pull for them more for Civic Pride where it’s good to see a Local Team and Players do goo than being a die hard fan for the Eagles are my Hometown and Favorite Team of 40+ Years..

              2) More Importantly, I like how the Panthers Built their Team over the last Few Years with a Physical, Ball Control and a Good Physical Defense.
              I prefer this Style as opposed to the College, Gimmicky, Horizontal, Look at me I’m a Genius Type of Coach & Schemes that the Eagles have had since Andy Reid and now Chip Kelly and to be 100% Honest, I am tired of the excuses Year after Year from the Eagles about why they under-perform and essentially are just a mediocre Team..

              For whatever its worth, I followed and Rooted for the Colts when I lived in Indianapolis,In from 1987-1993

              In both my experiences, both Teams (Indy and Carolina) were brand new Franchises for both Cities which were new to Professional Sports which was fun to be a Part of even though neither Team won much during those first couple of Years.. The Panthers actually had pretty good Teams early on but the Colts sucked during the Jeff George Era

              This is my Story and I’m sticking to it…
              I like how the Panthers have gone about in rebuilding their Team as a serious Playoff Contender who should be good for the next 5 Years

  • I can just hear the receivers in the locker room..”for who…for what”

  • Ryan Mallet?? Shoot i would take him then tra

  • For our 3rd string.

  • ***NFL News****
    The Texans Release GMCliff’s QB of the Future, Ryan Mallet, after this Weekends Debacle with him missing the Team Flight to Miami as I called they would do…
    Texans are bringing back TJ Yates and have Zac Dysert on their Practice Squad as last Years Draft Pick Tom Savage is on the IR list for the Year..

  • Bill Barnwell from Grantland in article “Should Eagles bench Sam Bradford?”

    Conclusion: Eagles are fucked either way…better hope Bradford gets better.

    Highlights: (or I suppose lowlights)

    “By any objective measure you can find, Bradford has been subpar. He’s last in the league among starting quarterbacks in QBR; his 29.6 figure is 8.6 points below the second-worst passer, preseason MVP candidate Andrew Luck. Bradford is 29th in passer rating, 30th in adjusted net yards per attempt, and 24th in individual DVOA.

    This also isn’t a case where the numbers struggle to match up with what Bradford looks like on tape. There is exactly one stretch of the 2015 regular season in which Bradford looked remotely assured or confident in Philadelphia’s offense: the second half of the season opener in Atlanta, when he went 21-of-25 for 219 yards with a touchdown before throwing an interception that bounced off Jordan Matthews’s hands. It’s a far cry from the quarterback who was “this” good in the preseason.”

    “And it’s not as if the Eagles have an obviously superior option on their bench, either, given that their backups are Mark Sanchez and Thad Lewis.”

    “And at the same time, the Eagles can’t afford to make a speculative, high-risk decision right now. They’re still in the thick of the playoff race in the NFC East. Despite their 3-4 start, ESPN’s Football Power Index gives Philadelphia a 60.6 percent chance of making the playoffs.”

    “It’s obviously disappointing that Bradford appears unlikely to reach that potential, but that’s an issue the Eagles can’t really concern themselves with at the moment. They’ll have to take another shot at addressing the thorny problem of finding their quarterback for the next 10 years this offseason. For now, they need to find the guy who will give them the best chance of winning this season.”

    “Philly is turning the ball over on 16.5 percent of its possessions, the fourth-worst rate in the league. The chief offender, surprisingly, is Bradford. He has thrown a league-high 10 interceptions through seven games, good for a 3.6 percent interception rate. ”

    “If you’re an Eagles fan, that should either terrify you or give you some hope. It’s distressing to see Bradford regress so badly at the one aspect of his game that seemed stable, but he also seemed to undergo an adjustment period during the first two months of his career before eventually settling in as an interception-shy passer. It’s not crazy to think that Bradford might need to undergo a similar stretch in his new offense before improving,”

    “The Eagles coaching staff has also suggested the interceptions are in part the fault of Bradford’s receivers. It’s fair to say he hasn’t gotten a ton of help this year, but I’m not entirely sure I’d put too much blame on the guys catching those passes. Watching those 10 picks again, there are only three where you can really make a case that Bradford was harmed by his target. In addition to the aforementioned Matthews drop in Week 1, Bradford had a pass bounce off (a well-covered) Zach Ertz’s hands downfield late in the fourth quarter of Week 2, then had Riley Cooper stop on a route for another interception in Week 6. The other seven picks sure look to be Bradford’s fault.”

    “Bradford’s receivers also didn’t offer much assistance against the Panthers on Sunday night, as they dropped seven of his 46 attempts. That’s the highest drop percentage (15.2 percent) that any team’s receivers have posted in a game this season. And indeed, they’ve been dropping too many of Bradford’s passes all year; their season-long drop rate of 5.8 percent is the highest in football, placing them narrowly ahead of the Jets (5.7 percent), Texans (5.5 percent), and Giants (5.4 percent).”

    “To be fair, seven of Philadelphia’s 16 drops this season came in Sunday’s game, and it’s not like Bradford was phenomenal before the Carolina trip. Drop rate also doesn’t encapsulate how much work Bradford’s receivers are doing to catch passes that would fall incomplete on most teams. After watching Bradford play and seeing enough of the league to get a representative sample of how frequently that happens elsewhere, I think it’s fair to say that he is also getting bailed out by his receivers a fair amount of the time, too.”

    “Not counting the drops, Bradford is completing 65.9 percent of his passes, which doesn’t seem too awful, given that the league average on non-drops is 66.0 percent. I split those figures out by the distance Bradford’s passes have traveled in the air and compared them to the league-average completion rates on those same throws to see where he was struggling. You’ll see where the problems rest:

    Distance Att Cmp ExpCmp Diff
    Minus-9 to 0 yards 69 52 49.1 2.9
    1 to 10 yards 132 93 91.2 1.8
    11 to 20 yards 47 18 26.8 -8.8
    21-plus yards 26 7 8.8 -1.8
    Totals 274 170 176.0 -6.0
    As much as Bradford has struggled throwing deep in years past, his real issue this season has been in the intermediate range, on those throws from 11 to 20 yards downfield. Bradford’s QBR on those throws is a league-worst 5.8. Five of Bradford’s 10 picks have come on throws in that range. And do you know who had the best QBR in the league on throws in that split between 2013 and 2014? Why, it was Nick Foles, who posted a 97.5 QBR on passes in that 10-yard range! That’s an enormous swing. Sanchez, for what it’s worth, was at a 76.7 QBR across 77 attempts on those same passes last year.”

    “Teams aren’t afraid of Bradford beating them downfield, so they’re very comfortable clogging up those intermediate routes with defenders.”

    (haven;t I been saying this all year)

    “Bradford’s been blitzed on just 15.4 percent of his dropbacks, the lowest rate in football.”

    ” but pass protection hasn’t been a concern. Bradford has being pressured on just 17.7 percent of his dropbacks, the third-lowest rate in football, trailing only Andy Dalton and Eli Manning. He’s taking sacks less frequently than league average and he also uses more time before his passes, 2.55 seconds, than the baseline.”

    “And as disappointing as Bradford has been, it’s not clear that Sanchez is a better option. He posted a 59.3 QBR last year, which was far superior to what Bradford’s done this year, but that was with a better running game and Jeremy Maclin,”

    “The biggest concern with Sanchez, though, was the same thing that has ailed Bradford: turnovers. Sanchez threw picks on 3.6 percent of his passes in 2014, just as Bradford has this season. And there’s far more reason to think Bradford will improve in that category, given that he threw picks far less frequently with the Rams. Sanchez threw interceptions 3.7 percent of the time as a member of the Jets and is also far more prone to fumbling, coughing the ball up 50 times in 3,517 career snaps; Bradford has lost the ball only 31 times in 3,592 snaps.”

    “Philadelphia’s typical third down this year has come with 7.8 yards to go for a conversion, the fifth-highest rate in the league. The Eagles have to throw downfield more than most teams to survive, and Bradford has been terrible throwing downfield throughout his career, both in terms of frequency and success rate.”

    “In terms of actual value, though, I don’t think there’s an appreciable difference between Bradford and Sanchez.”

    • We are FUCKED

  • Hot air, please address these horrible numbers

    • Koolbreeze says that Bradford has the kind of Rust that’s only found in Siberia and that it just takes longer to knock off than the usual US Rust that only lasts a couple of weeks for most of us ..
      As some of us

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