• June 25, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Dolphins

losersChip Kelly’s Offense Folds As Dolphins Deal Birds Devastating Blow

As the first quarter came to a close, it seemed as though the Eagles were well on their way to routing the lowly Miami Dolphins.

The Eagles finally managed to start a game strong, driving for two first quarter touchdowns and even picking up a safety to take a 16-3 lead.

But it was all downhill from there.

After the fast start, Chip Kelly’s offense went in the tank for the remainder of the afternoon, plagued by mistakes, penalties, turnovers, and struggles on third down.

The Dolphins would go on to score 17 unanswered points over the final three quarters, and Chip Kelly only managed to generate another field goal the rest of the afternoon.


Bradford Goes Down

We’ve been so focused on Sam Bradford’s erratic and maddening play throughout the regular season, that the questions of his durability had become a bit of a forgotten concern.

However, Bradford’s fragility finally came back in to play today, as he was knocked out of the game in the third quarter with a concussion and a shoulder injury. There’s no word yet on how long Bradford will be out, but his replacement Mark Sanchez also cost the team.

Sanchez moved the ball well on a couple of drives, but also killed the team with a brutal interception in the endzone. Sanchez is, and always will be, a heartbreaker. That’s his call-in card, and that’s what the Eagles can expect if he’s to see any extended action.

Kelly’s Playcalling And Coaching Remains Baffling

Chip Kelly has made some brutal in-game decisions throughout the year, and his calls cost the Eagles again on Sunday.

Late in the game, with the Eagles threatening with a red-zone possession, Kelly channeled his inner Andy Reid, and decided not to the run the ball on one of the league’s worst rushing defenses, and put the ball in the hands of turnover-prone Mark Sanchez who hadn’t seen any action since August.

Sure enough, the Sanchez found an open Miami Dolphin in the endzone, killing another scoring opportunity.

Kelly’s team also struggled on third downs throughout the day, going just 3-for-14 after the first quarter.

Why can’t this coach figure out how to get Darren Sproles involved in the passing game? Sproles has been MIA in the offense since the New York game.

And seriously, how many times is this team going to have touchdowns wiped out by illegal formations or illegal shifts? These are issues that the coach needs to be held accountable for not ironing out during the week in practice.

Dennis Kelly Gets Exposed

The Miami pass rush came to life on Sunday, and much of that had to do with their gameplan to attack right tackle Dennis Kelly.

Kelly struggled throughout the day, and his inability to hold up in protection contributed to Sam Bradford taking a pounding and getting knocked out of the game.

It goes back to Chip Kelly’s lack of depth on the offensive line. Kelly did a good job last week against Dallas, but the Dolphins had a chance to study him on film, and exploited him.

Quick Thoughts


  • Jason Kelce continues to just have a terrible season. Kelce was flagged for another holding penalty, and killed another drive by firing a ball right over Sam Bradford’s head.
  • DeMarco Murray managed just 61 yards on 22 carries. He also was responsible for a killer drop late in the game.
  • Ryan Mathews scored a touchdown, but was knocked out of the game with an injury.
  • The tight ends continue to be involved heavily in the offense, which is one of the few positives I took from this game. Brent Celek went for over 130 yards on three catches. Zach Ertz chipped in 68 yards on seven catches.
  • Meanwhile, the wide receivers continue to struggle. Jordan Matthews came back down to Earth, with just three catches for 21 yards. Nelson Agholor returned to the lineup, and had another quiet game with three grabs for 32 yards.
  • Josh Huff made a spectacular catch in endzone to put the Eagles up 7-3, but had just two catches the rest of the day.


  • The defense generated four sacks, including a safety in the first quarter.
  • Walter Thurmond picked up the sack on the safety, and also had six tackles and a forced fumble.
  • Just four tackles for Kiko Alonso, and three assists for DeMeco Ryans. Safe to say the Eagles missed the big-play ability of Jordan Hicks this week.
  • Byron Maxwell made a nice play to break up a touchdown in the endzone.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis missed an easy field goal attempt, which was the really the beginning of the momentum shifting towards the Dolphins.

Final Thoughts

A lot of disturbing things came out of the game today.

But most of all may be the team’s lack of urgency.

Once again, the Eagles came out and played a sloppy, mistake-prone game, the typical marks of a poorly coached, bad football team.

And once again, you see very little fire or desperation among the players and coaching staff.

After the game, Chip Kelly was pounding his chest about the 88 plays his offense got in today (to which Ray Didinger of Comcast Sportsnet points out, generated only 17 points of offense for the day). Players were echoing the message of “we’re still in it.”

No one in this organization seems at all bothered by the fact that they came out and choked away a critical game to mediocre football team in front of the home crowd.

While the Eagles are busy playing down to their opponents, the worst division in football continues to slip farther from their grasp.

The Eagles now find themselves in third place, with the Washington Redskins stepping up and overcoming the New Orleans Saints.

We’re halfway through November, and this team still has a sub-.500 record.

It’s time to accept that this is not a good football team, and the head coach has his fingerprints all over this disaster.

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  • Jordan Hicks was the one bright spot this year. I saw him at Texas and thought he was a great pick, I also saw Agholor ar USC and thought he would light it up for us. I can only question our wide receiver coaching because it is like he has regressed not running crisp patterns and not getting open like all of our other wideouts.

    • “and not getting open like all of our other wideouts.”

      You sure you’re talking about the eagle’s wrs? Carguy they stink. They all have trouble getting open consistently. When they do they can’t hang on to the ball.

      • Sorry Coldbrewski I phrased it wrong I meant he does not get open just like all of our other wrs can’t get open. They all stink and it must be coaching

        • Carguy, I stated after the first Dallas game in September that this WR corps was not good enough. They are not talented enough, no explosion off the line or down the field. kelly wanted receivers that can catch the ball and get YAC and he has them. The problem is that speed wise they are not out running anyone consistently and lack elusiveness. They can coach these guys up all day, if you have difficulty catching, and making plays it does not matter. That is the issue, the Eagles wr’s are not play makers.

          • EHL I can’t say they’re good at yac. All these clowns that disparaged Djax (our best wr, turned on Avant (great leader/sure hands), rationalized that over paying a little for Maclin was stupid (but overpaying for Cooper is just fine)……………..should place both hands around their throats and choked themselves to death

        • Agreed

  • In the NFC, 9 other Teams have a better NFC Conference Records than the Eagles do, who are currently 3-4 versus NFC Opponents so unless they Win the NFC Least, there will be no Post-Season in 2015 and the Chip Kelly Era will will be closer to ending, which I predict will be after the 2016 Season …

  • This Eagles team is exactly what their record says they are, average, like I have been saying. They came out like gang busters, looking sharp and crisp, then they just lost it. How does this happen? Well it’s the mark of a team that is inconsistent and just is not good. The fact that we had to go into OT last week against a Tony Romo-less team to win speaks volumes, just to follow that up with a home loss against the Dolphins who everyone expected the Eagles to beat. This team is not good enough to look past any opponent..period. This is clearly a 7-9 to 8-8 team. The offense is simply not good enough, the o line, the wr’s need upgrades, if everything is going well Bradford will be fine, but, he can not make it through a season if we do not have an elite o line, nor do I believe he is good enough to put the team on his shoulders and will it to win by carrying the offense on his shoulders as the offense is presently constructed with it’s skill players.

  • The problem here is our weak feminine owner giving this fraud head coach the keys to Jeffy’s fairy tale palace,

  • Ok. So I away all day at a Bonspeil. returned home to watch game on PVR – here are my thoughts:

    1- It’s over. I don’t even think it ever began.

    2 – Bradford is great as long as Celek is running wide open. Otherwise, he;s Bradfors – throwing into the dirt or behind wrs every time. Bradford sucks.

    3 – Bradford beilec out of Int on “roughing” (qustionable)

    4 – Bradford overthrow bailed by questionable PI

    5 – After the 1st Q every single WR “spinning” for a catch

    6 – Overthrow/Behind fest

    7 – Sack/Fumble fest

    8 – Crowd cheers when Sanchez comes in – good times – Sanchez Sucks.

    9 – Patented Sanchez getting his WR gilled – Matthews leaves game after getting killed – what a surprise.

    10 – Coaching sucks. Fast fast fast fast….with 5 mins left needing a FG…….SANCHEZ THROWS on FIRST DOWN?????!!!!!!?/?????


    A pick – what a surprise.

    Grind the fucking clock and win on the FG. fucking coaching.

    11 – 2:50 to go. Mia ball on 3rd down and all crowd shots show fans sitting. No faith.

    To review:
    Season is over
    Bradford trade was a joke
    Sanchez is a joke
    Murray stinks
    Coaches have no idea how to handle the clock

    This is all on Kelly

    Koolidiot is….as always….an idiot


    • It comes as no surprise that Vinniedafool is overjoyed at tough loss by the Eagles! He is filled with joy at the failure of the team…and he comes yelling and screaming a bunch of ridiculous and the stupid claims about who…you guessed it….the Quarterback!

      Once again, Vinniedafool proves without a doubt that he’s not a Fan of the Eagles…he’s a Nick Foles fan chomping at the bit and overjoyed that we lost the game….so now here he comes with his downright dumb ass claims about Bradford…a litany of pure BS and hypocrisy as if it is Bradford’s fault that we lost the game today.

      Vinniedafool normally relies upon ‘stats’ except when they dont a story suited to his biased agenda.

      Sam Bradford was 19-25 for 236 yards and 1td no turnovers

      This is a 76% pass completion rate!

      He stood tall in the pocket despite being battered and beaten as the Offensive line repeatedly broke down around him.

      Completing 76% of his passes with grit,heart, and determination as Miami’s defenders battered him.

      How much better could Bradford had possibly played when he is completing 76% of his passes?

      Meanwhile, the guy that Vinniedafool’s hero who he desperately wanted to keep, Nick Foles doing? He was being booed in St Louis missing open receivers, scared in the pocket-shaken and then finally benched after a miserable 17 for 36 an awful 47% completion rating!

      The miserable performance by Jason Kelce and the offensive line has doomed the Eagles…but only a fool like Vinnie would blame the loss on Bradford

      • No one is happy shitforbrains.

        No one is “overjoyed”

        The only one who drops his loads over a couple of completions is you. But that;s typical of 16 yr olds.

        Bradford played great for about 1/2 a Quarter…as long as Celek was running uncovered. Once Mia adjusted it was more of the behind/Over/around every WR that’s we’ve all come to know and love.

        Then an injury – what a surprise – leaving Eagle fan with shitty Sanchez.

        Good times.

        Did you mention Foles on the Rams again????

        That’s weird.

  • was in the stands so I didn’t see a replay yet ( I’ll watch the DVR tomorrow) was that 2 minute drill Bradford interception at the end of the half a gift BS call against the Dolphins? What happened, why was that not an interception?

    • Does it matter?

      Bradford played great for 7 mins. Then reverted to regular Bradford. Got hurt and in comes Shitty Sanchez.

      Season over.

      No second round pick.

      Good times

  • figures, the next game after 8 starts Bradford gets hurt costing the Eagles a 3rd round draft pick from St Louis.

    • Make that the Eagles 2016 2nd Round Draft Pick for Bradford after 8 Starts..

      • And Bradford will be back for the Final 5 Games..

        • bradford’s coming back, yippie. A choice between Bradford and Sanchez is like a choice between George Clooney and Val Kilmer to play Batman. ( bad and worse)

          • lol, helluva comparison.

            • and for the spell checkers I know it’s hell of a.

  • Eagles OL and QB will get killed by the Cardinals DL & Front 7

  • Vinnie nailed his prediction if the Cowboys lose to the Eagles the entire ship is going to sink. Dez Bryant yelling at multiple journalists mid week. Then pregame Greg Hardy & Demarcus Lawrence get into an argument in front of everyone. LOL and another lose 10-6

    • 🙂

      Bully/Loudmouth/Lookatme!!!! types always get their comeuppance. Often earlier than they expect. Isn’t that right Ronda Rousey?

  • Lol ronda got hers real good

  • Ryan Matthews..Sam Bradford ..concussed..thanks again to back ups on the O line..look no further ..no CSI philly investigation needed here ..look at the GM and the coach and his suspicious fingerprints on the play calling ..It started at the half when he had Sam throwing with seconds left on the clock (picked off ) and saved by roughing (great idea) lets get th QB killed and shift the MO…especially when we receive the second half kick..why are we targeting miles Austin on game winning drives ? Riley cooper ? Center of attention with Kelce..flags ,errant snaps ..(He’s the only starter playing in position) and this is how he performs.. Long snapper donnebros magic tricks of bad snaps on punts ,field goals ..

    • Reviewing Kelly the GM:

      Action: Trade for inconsistent injury prone Qb
      Result: Inconsistent injured QB

      Action: Re-sign terrible turnover prone backup QB
      Result: Terrible turnover prone QB.

      Action: Sign 500 carry injury prone RB
      Result: 500 carry RB with no burst who has missed games due to injury

      Action: Trade RB for LB with injury history dating back into college
      Result: LB missed most of season injured

      Action: Sign injury prone backup RB
      Result: Backup RB injured

      Action: Ignore stocking OL for 2 seasons
      Result: Oline is a mess

      Does that cover it?

      Really its so surprising to see the results of these moves. Shocking actually. How could any of this been known beforehand????

      • Vin..ill give you all ,but ,Matthews (concussed) as a good signing at running back.To be fair ,shady has also been sidelined this season..the bottom line is that we all were skeptical with all the moving of the deck chairs ..was it all bombastic bluster ? Did he even have a cogent plan? It seemed he was knee jerking and enacting when he had gore in the fold and then signed Matthews ,and the Murray .I won’t criticize that move ..Dallas has no plan B after Romo went down..addition by subtraction…the cynics all wondered …why not put emphasis on the O line and protect the gimpy QB ,to enhance his potential to survive? I see a pedestrian O line ,where once there were pro bowlers..it’s football ..not rocket science..the protection of your family jewels …wearing a cup ..before taking the field ..

  • There is something about this coach and team that seems bewildering at home..they have self destructed ..the play calling on offense is suspect..Demarco Murray “for who for what” at the end ..what’s that say?

    • How do the Eagles only Rush for 83 Yards on 36 Carries (2.3 Yards Per Carry) versus the 31st Ranked Defense against the Rush in the NFL which was allowing 142 Yards a Game on the Ground..
      Coaching and Scheme…..

  • Peyton torn planta fasciitis …

  • Eagles WR Corps as a Group in Yesterday’s Game which had the Dolphins playing without their Top Cover CB (Grimes)

    13 Targets Resulting in 9 Receptions by Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff & Jordan Matthews for 76 Yards (8.4 Yards Average per Reception)

    The Eagles Have perhaps the Weakest WR Corp in the entire NFL..
    Worse than the Titans, Panthers,Rams,Seahawks,49ers & Ravens


    • Wide outs sucked ..tight ends were special..yet with all the marbles on the table we targeted miles Austin..

      • Yup we pay Miles Austin who should be out of the league almost 2,5 mill a year and Riley cooper – a 3rd stringer on an avg team 5 mill a year- but 1 or 2 mill more for Maclin would be blasphemous. Gm Chip and his complicit kool-aid drinkers were dead on the money there.

        • All of you that still think Mathis and Maclin “played” themselves as you watch the oline get the qb killed yesterday and your wrs look like pop warner should just quit watching football now.

  • I would guess that Bradford is out for sure versus the TB Bucs Game
    and maybe even for the Lions Game.
    The Eagles will lose to the TB Bucs either way.. Lovie Smith has them playing pretty good ball right now ..

    • Tampa bay sucks Pman ..we suck. Who sucks more that day ..all that matters..what difference does it really make …

      • At least the TB Bucs are building a Core Unit on Offense with a Young QB & OL and some good Young WR’s …
        What is Chip Kelly Building with teh Eagles.. .Another 25-30 New Players Next Year like College Ball… We’ll compete and hipe to start playing better ball the 2nd half of the Season.. Fans can’t even relate to their Hometown Team for the Players come and go like College…
        What’s Scary as the Eagles will soon approach Year #4 of Chip Kelly ERA and are no closer or better and still don’t have not their long-term QB Position figured out …
        Having Tebow in all Summer was a complete waste and a detriment to the Offense and the Receivers who had to try to catch his crap passes ..
        How do you develop and Coach up NFL Talent along the OL and Receivers Positions with no QB?

  • Wi

  • Hmm…

    With the exceptions of the AFC South and NFC East the division winners are pretty much set slightly halfway through the NFL season.

    I think I’m just going to enjoy watching NFC East football to see who ends up on top of the dung heap.

    • NFC Conference Playoffs look like this…

      NFC East – Redskins Win (Giants have a more difficult Schedule)
      NFC North – Packers and Vikings (1 will be in as the Wild Card)
      NFC South – Panthers
      NFC West – Arizona

      The Last NFC Playoff Spot comes from the Following 8 Teams
      Falcons – 6-3 (Have a Tough Schedule)
      Giants – 5-5 (Have a Tough Schedule)
      Eagles, Rams, Seahawks, Bears, TB Bucs are all 4-5
      Saints are 4-6

      The only Team I could see getting hot would be the Seahawks but I just don’t see it from Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Co this Year so it could be anyone of these Underperforming eams ..

      • Washington beating the Aints…doesn’t mean a damn thing …we have to understand as bad as this pile of steamy garbage is …we still have the ability to control everything ..playing wash..and ny in our path towards a playoff berth..I’m not throwing the year away ,based upon this NFC …

      • Redskins beating the Saints doesn’t mean anything.

        Giants are still in the best position to take the division, but it is anyone’s show.

        NFC North is the only other NFC division that offers *some* intrigue. However if the Packers drop another one and the Vikings win another one, it’s pretty much a wrap.

  • DesertEagle ..
    You know whats worse than this 2015 Eagles Team is what the Kelly Plan will be for the 2016 Team on Offense.. Who is the QB? Bradford ? Sanchez is under Contract thru the 2016 Season she he will be back, but Bradford probably not… The OL needs Youth and Strength
    Who Plays at WR as Cooper,Austin, Aijurutu are probably goners?

    We as Fans will likely have to wait another 1/2 of a Season next Year to find out what the 2016 Offense is going to be like just like we had to wait and see about this Year;s Team..

    I am about done with Chip Kelly to be 100% Honest.. I didn’t like the Hire to begin with but gave him a chance (2 + Years) to prove to me that he’s a worthy NFL Coach and GM .. Now he is pissing me off as a Fan for its apparent he is in over his head in terms of Roster Management/Talent Evaluations and Drafting and he’s Coaching I thought has been overrated from the get go, Take his Up-Tempo Out which caught many Teams that first Season unprepared and out of shape to handle, but now is more common place and Teams Defense’s know how to prepare for it much better..

    His “Horizontal Approach” to attacking Defenses is not what I want to see and has not proven effective against NFL Defense..

    • The shame of it all or sham ,is that they improved themselves on the weakened side of the ball ,addressing there defensive shortcomings,this past off-season.The GM moves on the offensive side were alleged to be ,”his type of players”.. This is where the 600 pound elephant resides ..what was he thinking? What was his plan? If sports at the pro level is a quantitative measure,what we are facing to break even based upon consecutive 10-6 seasons is a need to close 6-1 …who in there right minds see that happening?

  • This team is soft – no heart! No leader on offense at all! There’s no one to follow, no one to lead the way! Coaching continues to be horrid! Just another poorly coached and played game on offense.

  • Pman alias chimp. What’s your odds making on the NFC least ?

    • Final Stretch of Games for teh NFC East

      Giants (5-5) have a Bye this Week then finish with the Following
      At Redskins, Home vs Jets, At the Dolphins, Home vs Panthers, At the Vikings and Home vs the Eagles
      (Giants finish 3-3 and with an 8-8 Overall Record)

      Redskins (4-5) finish with the Following
      At Carolina, Host NY Giants, Host Cowboys, At the Bears, Host Buffalo,
      At the Eagles and Finish at the Cowboys…
      (Is Romo even going to play in these Cowboy Games as they will be eliminated already?)
      I rather Visit and Play the Bears then Play at the Vikings like the Giants have too… I also rather Host Buffalo then PLay the Jets at their Home FIeld like the Giants do
      (Redskins finish 5-2 and Win the NFC East with an Overall Record of 9-7

      Eagles (4-5)
      Host TB Bucs, then at Lions Thanksgiving (which the Lions always plays hard), At Patriots, Host Bills (McCoys Homecoming) Host Cardinals (wants Revenge and Home Field for Playoffs), Host Redskins (QB Cousins Plays like a HOF vs Eagles and D-Jax making a splash to finish the eliminate the Eagles again like last Year) thne Finish at NY Giants
      (Eagles Finish 3-4 with an Overall Record of 7-9 for the Season for 3rd Place)

      • In what world are the Redskins gonna finish 5-2?

        That’s not happening.

        3-4 is a better scenario.

        • Redskins Sweep the Cowboys with no Tony Romo Playing as the Cowboys will be eliminated by then..
          Redskins Beat Eagles because Cousins and D-Jax are better than what the Eagles have
          Redskins Beat Bears & the Bills who stink on the Road for their 5 Wins..

  • You do know Pman you’re picking Washington (a game behind) -really? Let’s look under there hood..they play Carolina at there house..the Giants home..at bears..bills Eagles Cowboys

    • Don’t say anything. He will just pretend he didn’t make that prediction when the skins fail to take the division.

  • Who else can see Cooper getting signed by the Patriots next year for 2 years 4.5 mil, then lighting it up with 85 for 1200 and 13tds.

    Its a lock.

    • He’ll return to Florida …and to be honest ..good riddance. On cooper ..he should have been gone years ago..

    • Vinnie I absolutely agree with that

      • The Patriots have arguably the best qb of his generation. They have a track record of getting the most out of marginally talented receivers who can’t do shyt elsewhere. Cooper could very well be their jabar Gaffney. So what.

  • The Eagles suck I’m not being deluded into believing otherwise ..but the skins are not winning this division…the giant /eagle finale ..will be for the prize of shame .selfishly I sell a playoff game and make $$ and in this NFL …you never know ?

  • Y Skins stink, they just got to beat up against the completely inept Saints D.

    With the Panthers @Vikes @Mia and Jets still on the sched, the Giants are going to head into the final week at 8-7 at best. Probably 7-8

    With TB, Det, and the Skins….the Eagles should be able to scrape together 3 more wins heading into that “winner take all” final matchup….shouldn’t they?

    The question is….do we want that?

    I don’t. I don’t want them to win again.

    I am loath to watch the next couple weeks with Shitty Sanchez at the helm doing the 2 things he does best:

    1 – Throw high floaters to his WRs in order for them to be righteously flattened.
    2 – Follow those kill shots with patented turnovers a most inopportune times.

    That for a couple weeks before the return of the soon to be leaving in free agency (thank goodness) pencil at QB.

    I want no part of that shit, or scratching and clawing to a solid 7-9.

    I want to enter the draft with a top 6 pick. I want also to have 2 top picks at the beginning of the 3rd (their own and Detroits). Of course this plan would have been much more enticing with another pick at the top of the 2nd, but Kelly, in his infinite wisdom decided to trade that for the pencil at QB.

    But beggars can’t be choosers can they?

    • Getting into the Playoffs is all that matters. Think about teams that were getting killed by their fan bases at this point in the season, turned it around, made a run and then even carried it over to the next year. Just last year the Panthers were the laughing stock of the NFC south. Everyone thought Cam was a true bust and Rivera didn’t know how to coach. Not only did they win the division, the won a Playoff game and then carried it over to a perfect 2015 (to date).

      Yesterday’s loss as bad and gave the typical doom and gloomers/hate Kelly/team sucks/life sucks crowd all the ammo they need to get through another week. But the bottom line is they played a terrible game. Resting Peters one extra week killed us. If he Played and the line was normal they would have been fine yesterday. Anyone that watched saw that the line completely impoded in the second quarter and Dennis Kelly got exposed.

      Peters will be back next week. Sanchez can beat Tampa and Detroit just like he beat Carolina and Dallas last year (at almost the exact same time of year ironically). Receivers suck, no getting around that. But they are good enough to win three of the next five. Bradford comes back and hopefully continues to improve as he has been looking better and better each week (aside from getting crushed yesterday when his line was leaky)

      Then just win the last two of the season and see what happens. Of all the “winnable” games to loose in this stretch yesterday was the one to loose. AFC opponent on the same day that Giants loose.

      The standard negative crowd will respond by saying “for who, for what”. What does making the playoffs matter, this team sucks bla bla bla. All that matters is getting in the playoffs then you see what happens.

      As far as bashing Chip the GM, are you all forgetting that he completely remade the Defense to become a top 10 unit? He admitted that he was allocating more resources to that side of the ball this year. This offseason he will address the line and give Aghelor another season to grow. Who knows what this team will look like next year.

      But who am I to tell you otherwise. Carry on with your miserable lives.

      • Eagles Defense is Ranked #18 in the NFL out of 32 Teams..
        A nice Improvement from the last few Years but still not close to a Top 10
        Carry On and have some more Kelly-Kool-Aid…

        • Actually, they are at 9 on NFL.com. But regardless, with our pace of play the “total defense” stat is worthless and you know it.

          Take aways – 1
          Yards per drive – 10
          Points per drive – 8
          DSR – 8

          Those are the defensive stats that matter. But what do you can, aren’t you a Carolina fan?

          • The Eagles Defense is 10th Overall in Points Allowed, so I will give you that..
            and Yes their Overall Record should be better than their Current 4-5 Record but thanks to Chip Kelly and his lame Offense, its not which at the end of the day is all that matters, this Team is worse than the last 2 Years Teams…

          • Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. He was nick named the Boone, NC Chimp for a reason. The evidence is all that Chimp shyt plastered on the community wall.

      • Very good points Canttakeitanymore, we still have a shot, still have a chance…this is one of those years where everyone in the division stinks, can we eke out a few more wins and win the division? We are right in the hunt. If we can somehow get Peters back, get Bradford back….there is still a very good chance for us to make it!

  • What’s Chip Kelly’s Off-Season Game Plan for the QB Position for 2016?

    1) Resign and Overpay for Sam Bradford (Who I think Bolts for the Broncos on the 1st day of Free-Agency and wants out of Philly real bad)

    2) Let Bradford walk and play Sanchez as the Starter who Chip signed to a $5 Million Salary thru the 2016 Season

    3) Make a Trade for RG3 and Give up more Future Assets ?

    4) Draft a QB in the 1st Round and Hope that Player can be ready by 2017?

    5) Quit the Eagles as GM/Coach and let someone else figure it out like GCobb Posters…

    • I agree with everyone that the QB position is the biggest question mark of all with this team, as is the case with over 50% of the NFL. But I don’t fault Kelly for that situation.

      Should he have picked Derek Carr or Teddy in 2014 draft? Probably, but Foles just had a historic 2013. If he spent a high pick when it already looked like we had a QB, people would have killed him for that also.

      This year, he took a chance that Bradford would be the second coming of Brees because it was apparent that Nick had his limitations (which are continuing in STL). To date, that doesn’t look like it is the case. However, Bradford has improved and played solid in Caroline, Good in Dallas, and was playing well in Miami before the line imploded.

      I think first and foremost you NEED to see what Bradford has after he returns from injury. That is the most important part of the season. If he improves pay him and let the chips fall where they may.

      If not, maybe make a run a Kap. The position is a problem, but I don’t put that on Kelly like most of you.

      • I’ve said it time and time again (not on Gcobb but to friends), 27-2 was the worse possible thing that could have happened to Kelly’s NFL tenure with the Eagles. It gave us 10 wins when we should have finished more in the 5-7 range. It gave us too low of a draft pick to get ODB (the guy Kelly wanted). It gave false pretenses that we had a franchise QB in foles when we didn’t. And it drove expectations for Kelly way up.

        Think about it, if 27-2 never happened, you may be looking at a team with Derek Carr as your QB and ODB as your number 1 wide out. Then with this defense the base would be set for years to come.

        It was fun while it was going on, but man are we paying for it now.

        • Foles problems were obvious even during the 27/2 season.

          Eagles should have definitely drafted Bridgewater or Carr that year or Hundley or the Auburn cat this year. It was dumb not to. Everyone but Bridgewater could have been had in the lower rounds, so it wouldn’t have cost much.

          It’s all frustrating.

          On another note..please PLEASE let the Skins be stupid enough to extend Kirk. If Ealges can get their sh*t together the Skins will be easy pickings for even more years to come.

          • Agreed, but 27-2, at a minimum, showed potential that he could have been the franchise QB with more development, despite the issues that he was showing during that stretch.

          • The only team that the Redskins have been easy pickings for have been the New York Giants. Where are you getting these easy pickings deal from, the Eagles play like complete, and absolute shit against the Redskins. When they beat the Redskins they barely do it, and when they lose to the Redskins they find ways to do it.

            • Notice I said “if we get our shit together” and Cousins makes that a lot easier win should we have our “shit together.”

        • I said in Year #1 that Chip Kelly’s Biggest Problem was making the Playoffs in his First Year giving the Fans,the Organization, the Media the false hope that they were simply a few pieces away, meaning that in Year #2 Chip Kelly was really stuck with the status quo and really could not blow up the Roster like he wanted too and which is what he finally did in Year #3 …
          Now with almost 20-25 new Players on a 53 Man Roster, 2015 has become a learning Season… I said this last early Off-Season and I stand by it in November , You cannot have 10-11 New Starters on both sides of the Ball including a New QB/RB/Receivers and Secondary expect to play as a well-oiled machine.. It just doesn’t happen at the NFL Level..

          • This is funny..

    • He will re-sign Bradford to a short contract for a lot of money. He really has little choice.

      From everything Kelly says he thinks Sam is steadily progressing and improving. He made the comment that “it’s like a book that everyone else has been in from the start, and Sam just got in” In other words – It’s going to take Sam some time to fully learn the system.

      I guess we just have to wait and see if he is right.

      • I can’t go another year with Bradford at QB. The man is a pencil. It looks like he’s never once seen the inside of the Novocare gym. Forget pencil, he’s a freekin’ toothpick who will never finish a season.

        Absolutely no point in rolling out a guy that’s going to play 7.5 games every year. I don’t care how many times he plashes his “potential”

        And wasn’t it there for another 7 or 8 mins yesterday. Hitting those wide open TEs. Sooo great. But then back to the tried and true throwing behind, spinning guys around, bouncing a few off the turf that we’ve all come to know and hate. Can’t be resigned. Just a complete waste.

        But can’t enter next year with Sanchez either. He’s worse.

        • We are in QB hell. If not Bradford it will be some retread , ponder type or worse yet the remaking of krap or rg me

        • QB’s on the Move in 2016

          1) Sam Bradford Signs a 3 Year Deal with Broncos with a Team Friendly Deal
          as Peyton Manning Retires
          2) Redskins Trade QB RG3 to the Houston Texans straight up for for FOrmer #1 Pick and Bust DE Jadeveon Clowney (anyone remember when I said this guy was a loser and to stay away at all cost)
          3) Drew Brees works out a Deal from the Saints who Trade him to the Cleveland Browns for Johnny Football and Draft Picks
          4) Geno Smith accepts an Invite to Eagles Camp by Chip Kelly
          5) Jay Cutler reworks a new Deal to remain in Chicago as he’s actually had a pretty good Season for them
          6) Eagles Send DE Vinny Curry & LB Michael Kendricks to the 49ers for QB Kapernick..

          Eagles Go into next Summer Camp with QB C Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez & Geno Smith…

          2016 Season will be the Final Season for Chip Kelly as the Philadelphia Eagles HC & GM and he works out a release of his Contract with Owner
          Jeff Lurie to pursue greener pastures in the College Game

          • Cleveland & Dallas both reach & draft QBs in the top 5 picks.

            • Cowboys will Select RB Leonard Fournette of LSU, with there Top Pick and I wouldn’t be surprises to see Johnny Football make his way to Big D and sit behind Romo for the next 2 Years.. ..

        • I know, it’s hard to watch, but if I had to guess I’d say Kelly will re-sign Bradford. I don’t like it.. but what else is there?

          Bradford is a low energy guy running a hi-speed offense. You could feel the energy level go up when Sanchez came into the game. He runs the offense so much better than Bradford – It’s just too bad he is so careless with the ball.
          In all honesty, both Foles and Sanchez ran the offense better than Bradford.

          Hopefully something will change and Bradford will get accustom to the speed and the playbook. And maybe he’ll stop favoring his one leg. Those bad throws he makes are because he doesn’t get a good weight shift when he throws sometimes. If there’s any traffic around him he throws off his back foot… He really watches out for those legs… Sometimes he looks like Bill Bergey did when he came back from knee surgery.

  • Chip Kelly has Announced that GMCliff, DCar & Jon Hart will now handle all
    Player Personnel Issues for the Philadelphia Eagles..
    Coach Kelly states that he will simply Coach the Players he is given..
    Owner Jeff Lurie has Signed off on this…
    Howie Roseman and his belongings were seen being moved back into the Big Corner Office..
    Stay Tuned, NovaCare to be an exciting place of activity over these next 6-8 Weeks

  • over his head,
    painfully obvious the Chipper & Ed Marynowitz are rookies. The results speak for themselves.

  • Paulman’s 2016 Eagles Mock Draft (Version #2)

    Rd 1 – OT Taylor Decker (Ohio State – 6-6″ & 315lbs)
    Rd 3 – Center/Guard Nick Martin (Notre Dame – 6-3″ & 305lbs)
    Rd 3 – CB/Safety Cordrea Tankersly (Clemson 6-1″ & 195lbs)
    Rd 4 – WR Jordan Williams (Ball State 6-2″ & 225lbs)

  • NFL News

    Saints have reportedly Fired DC Rob Ryan per Sources

    Patriots WR Julian Edelman has SUrgery today on Broken Arm and expected to miss 4-6 Weeks

    Broncos Name QB Brock Osweiler the Starter next Week versus the Surging Bears as Payton Manning tries to get healthy with Foot Injury

    NY Giants WR Victor Cruz to have Season-Ending Surgery on that Calf that’s been bothering him for the last 18 Months

    GB Packers are 0-3 since Mike Dikta donned a Packer Sweater in a TV Commercial

  • More NFL News

    Cowboys Announce that QB Tony Romo will get the Start versus the Dolphins next Week as they must Run the Table to have any chance for the Post-Season, even in the crappy NFC East
    Jerry Jones, when Asked if Romo would Play if and once the Cowboys are eliminated from Playoff Contention.. “Let’s cross that Bridge, when we get there”…

  • GMCliff’s Free-Agent Prize of a Couple of Years ago. DT Terrance Cody, formerly of the Ravens, was Convicted on 5 Counts of Animal Cruelty.. I recall GMCliff wanting the Eagles to Pursue Cody who many thought was an under-achiever as well as bad news…

  • Jeffrey Lourie and Howie Roseman should be playing fantasy football and Chip Kelly should be back in college. coaching. They are all clowns who talk a good game but deliver puke provoking results.

  • ***More NFL News***
    Rams HC Jeff Fisher announces that QB Casey Keenum will Start this Weeks Game as Nick Foles has been Benched for Poor Play
    I expect to see Koolbreeze to show up shortly after being quiet all day with the Eagles loss..

    • Ex Rams HC Steve Spagnuolo didn’t have a QB coach on his coaching staff.
      Jeff Fisher hired a QB coach and that person was Frank Cignetti. Then Jeff Fisher terminated his Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer during the off season and promoted that QB Coach Frank Cignetti to be offensive Coordiantor. Chris Weinke was hired to be the new QB coach. A lot of QBs coming and going ( Bradford, Kellen Clemons, Sean Hill, Austin Davis, Nick Foles ) and a lot of these experts staying ( Jeff Fisher, GM Les Snead, Frank Cignetti) How many more scapegoats get served up before Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are held responsible just like Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney were?

  • Nick Foles ..was atrocious and the press was making him the scapegoat ,deservedly so ..but this team was built around rushing the ball and defense ..now that both Sam and he are watching games ..I’ll assume the “who holds the clipboard better debate will heat up..”

    • Stop it right there Deserteagle…that bullshit will not work at all! I’m not having it! There is absolutely no arguments at all…Everything that I and others have said about Nick Foles has now been confirmed.
      Nick Foles is finished…done! Vinnydafoolass is in tears now…crying and sobbing uncontrollably over the news that his man crush has been proven beyond any doubt now to be an undeniable bust!
      Foles has not been benched due to injury….he has been benched for dismal play and Fisher now realizes what Chip Kelly knew and recognized….Nick Foles is NOT a starting, franchise QB.
      We would have been doomed if we followed Vinniedafool’s desires and given Foles a long term contract…once again…we made the best move available for us…getting rid of Foles…and this is now absolutely proven…Kelly was right on this call!

      There is absolutely no Bradford-Foles arguments anymore its proven.
      Bradford played significantly better…when he is healthy again probably will miss a week…he is the starter no question about it.
      Foles will hold a clipboard completely healthy…he after so many opportunities and chances has been benched for wretched, stank play that Chip Kelly saw coming.
      Foles is officially a bust. He’s not a franchise QB and getting rid of him was absolutely the right play….Jeff Fisher and the Rams confirmed that for us today!

      Bash Kelly all you want…he recognized that we had to make a move at QB and that Foles was not the guy going forward…he wanted Mariota…no way to get him…so he got the best QB that was available…Sam Bradford
      Where Chip Kelly has to take the heat is for the offensive line…we dont have enough depth there at all. Injuries with Gardner and especially of course, Jason Peters, has hurt tremendously…it hurt us yesterday as Kelce was overwhelmed by Suh, and Dennis Kelly was dominated and got Sam hurt…no quarterback can play behind a line getting their asses beat to death and dominated like that…

      That’s on Kelly and he has to fix it…you cant ask any QB to play behind a line like that
      But the Quarterback issue is clearly settled for all of us to see. I predicted that Foles would eventually be benched in St Louis, I told you that the stank play we saw last year from Foles was the real Foles and he proved that I was right and Vinniedafool and others were dead wrong!

      • I agreed with you ..Foles was deservedly benched ..you’re suffering from blind ambition..

  • People here in Arizona that are in the cards organization were discussing the man crush that chip has with trying to get kapernick this offseason ..unlike Sam or Nick Foles ,he’s actually won some games ..he is persona non gratis where he is and he can run the RO offense .i know many here think he sucks ..curious if it’s a likelihood?

    • Foles won some games… But yes he has been horrible. As many in here stated, Fisher kills QB’s… With this defense a Foles, shady and maclin led offense would have the East about clinched by now…

      • Stop it haveablunt! Its time to stop. The argument is done and there are no mitigating circumstances here for Nick Foles…he’s shot…he cant play. Fisher gave him the job right away from training camp, he had a full camp, no injury issues, he gave him a dynamic running game and decent wide receivers…
        Foles had the same problems that he had here last year…missing open receivers, unable to read the field, confused, mentally slow and unable to process in a QB friendly system…he regressed so badly…Chip Kelly could not wait to get rid of him.
        He was given every opportunity with the Rams to be successful-Fisher wanted Foles to succeed, he had the full support…Foles simply is not good enough…and Chip Kelly knew it!

        • You keep assailing chip knew Nick was garbage ..really …question in your opinion..please ..how’s chip been as an offensive guru this season? And his basic talent evaluation ? And his plan at 4-5 ,how’s that doing without Nick Foles ? Different systems and different teams can’t be compared at the pro level.yet you keep riding that pony..nobody cares if Nick Foles is benched but you …and to be honest I think it’s confirmation of Nick regressing ,his offensive line spinning to earth ,and a coach that killed more Qbs than Butkus..let it be that it’s not affirmation of anything in a Sam vs Nick 3rd grade argument.theyre in a different systems and being coached by different coaches and Sam hasn’t done anything here to be given a free pass (he had a 16-3 lead at home into the third quarter and admittedly had less protection than an adolescent after his first kiss ,but he did fumble the ball .he ran a very effective first quarter ,following a good effort on Monday night ,he payed one good quarter vs Atlanta ..Foles beat the cards in there building with a gorgeous fade ..they both had atrocious coaching in my opinion Nick and Sam ,and offensive lines that were a crap shoot ..at least the Rams drafted the position of admitted need.So let’s be fair minded ,wish both guys a comeback and move the fuck on ..

          • deserteagle, once again you are going over the top making illogical arguments. The Eagles are 4-5 not because of Quarterback play. Being an ‘offensive guru’ doesn’t mean you are right all of the time and cant make any mistakes. With the comfortable benefit of hindsight, I can sit here and say yes…Kelly should have put more emphasis on the Offensive Line, even though I really need to know more about his evaluations on Andrew Gardner, Matt Tobin, and Alan Barbe in comparison to what was available to them in the past two drafts and free agency.
            Losing Jason Peters, an All-Pro, hurts bad, and against Dallas the Oline performed a lot better…yet against Miami…they really struggled with Suh on the inside.
            However, when it comes to the available decisions at the Quarterback spot, Chip Kelly has been right. Sanchez is a back up, Foles was a back up-he’s not nor will he ever be a franchise QB! Kelly had seen Foles for two full seasons, knew him in college, saw him in training camps, practices, games, and in a QB competition with Vick, saw him at his best and worst…
            He’s not good enough and Kelly knew it and now Jeff Fisher knows it! So he benched the guy to the joy of everyone in St Louis-Players and Fans!

            Spare me with the different ‘systems’ and that bull…He had a full training camp to learn the Rams system, just like he knew the Eagles system fully last year. He had the benefit of some dynamic playmakers with the Eagles and the Rams. He didn’t just struggle a little bit …he was stunk…he was terrible! Foles had the exact same problems in the Rams system that he had in the Eagles system…missing open receivers, poor throws, being slow…mentally…which was a bigger problem than him being physically slow.
            Nick Foles was okay when there was no expectations on him and he went on a brief run…but when the expectations came on him, and defensive coordinators started to figure him out…Nick Foles folded under the pressure. Just like when he had to compete for the job with Vick…he folded under the pressure then…and now despite all that Jeff Fisher did all that he could to make him comfortable, ran some hurry up offense, tried different things, in addition to giving him the comfort of a secured,13 million iin guarantees on his contract. How much more support can a team give a Quarterback? Nick Foles simply folded under the pressure of being the starter…Why?
            He’s not a franchise Quarterback…he is at best a back up!

            We can bash Chip Kelly for some errors…but not about the Quarterback! He knew that Foles was not the guy for the job.
            So Kelly rolled the dice…he got rid of a guy he knew couldn’t do the job, kept Sanchez as a back up and rolled the dice with Bradford…and no one including you deserteagle can provide any credible alternatives that Kelly had for the Quarterback position…Bradford was the best available to the Eagles and the best gamble to take for us to get better at that position!

      • You guys are a joke. You whine constantly about Kool and Songs dogging Foles, when you all do the same with Bradford and Sanchez. If I’m starting a team right now, there is no way in hell I’m taking anyone on the eagles side of the ball over the rams. Except with one glaring exception. I’m still going with Bradford. He is clearly better than Foles (and that ain’t saying much). Foles has a better supporting cast, he’s been the worst player on offense. Period!!

        • Coldbrewski, I’m surprised, I didn’t know Foles was in you head the way he is in koolbreez’s

          • Irish you see what you want because you have a bias when it comes to certain qbs. Unlike you, I’ve got a record of supporting this team’s starting qbs no matter who it is. I’m on record supporting Foles even when he wasn’t playing well. I’m also on record stating Bradford hasn’t played well. Unlike you, I can objectively look at both qbs and state based on stats and eye test that Bradford is a better qb.
            Now would I have made the same deal Chip made? No. Because though Bradford was the better qb, his body of work coupled with the knowledge that the Rams wanted to jettison him anyway, screamed leverage eagles. Simply put, Foles has done absolutely nothing to warrant any praise vs any qb on our team.

            • I have a bias? I’m not the one spending my time talking about a quarterback that plays for the Rams. Let it go, he’s gone.

              • You’ve been on the qb thing as much as anyone. Stop lying. Follow your own advice and back the qb of your team.

  • Kapernick they said is on a 2 million dollar salary next year ..I looked it up and confirmed according to mike floro of football talk.com he’s making that if he’s not named first or second team all pro or if the miners don’t play in the super of..more fuel to that fire ..

  • Foles benched jeff fisher does it again, foles made itbsuper easy

    • Fisher’s oline, rb and yes recievers are all better than what we have. Foles only has to manage the game and can’t do that. That Fisher killing qbs is just bullsyt folks are floating to absolve Foles of any responsibility. Good thing the Rams snookered our idiot GM out of a 2nd rounder. Now they have extra ammo to package to go get their qb.

      • Is this ridiculous rant about the Ram’s benched quarterback what you consider supporting the Eagles quarterback?

        It puzzles me how you and koolbreeze seem to think that Foles’ poor play justifies Bradford’s mediocre play.

        Bradford is better than Foles… So what?

        • Quit moving the goalpost Irish. Now you’re trying to say Kool and I are the same. Your lame idea of a shame tactic? Again, try to keep up, I’m on record supporting Foles when kool and Songs were not. So stop making shyt up. Where Kool and I agree is in Bradford being the better qb. Plenty of anti-Bradford people were touting Foles play for the fleeting second where it appeared he was outplaying our qb. But since he’s looked like hot shyt all season, now the same people don’t want him referenced. Please. You were one of them.
          If it’s ok for Vinnie, Fraudman, you, and hac to flap your lips about Foles and other qbs, then it’s fair game for Kool. The only difference I see is he’s been mostly right.

          • I’ve said all along – I supported Foles when he was here and I support Bradford and Sanchez now… My problem with both you and koolbreeze is that you use Foles as a measuring stick for Bradford.

            Foles sucks… so what? How does that help the 4-5 Eagles with their microcode quarterback.

  • Kap ranks 22nd and the de escalator clause is kicking in ,as the miners were eliminated from the supe..

    • Does Kaepernick really have a de-escalator clause ? If so was his agent Master P?

      • Yes..I checked it out. ..here’s what I read .its interesting ..7 years $126 million is the banner,however when reading the configured deal it’s broken down as follows.after leading the 49ers to two NFC championship games and one super bowl ,kapernick signed for 7 and 126..he received a 12.3 signing bonus. And 2014 salary was 645k.he was due 12.4 million this year ,however as written based upon his poor performance he was to receive $10.4 million .as mentioned if he isn’t n the Super Bowl or named 1st or 2nd all pro after 80% of the snaps he’d be due $2 million.That makes apocalyptic his benching..he may be a winner who missed on being in a shit storm with his coach and the organization..he’s raised the bar to prove his true value,thus the motivation.Im intrigued reading this contract ,he’s a no brainier ..

  • Oh and Foles will be cut by the Rams…as well: “The benching obviously calls into question Foles’ future with St. Louis, as the team would have only a $3.75 million cap hit next year if they released him.” Eliot Shor-Parks-Nj.com
    So now we can close the book on the Quarterback arguments…it has been proven objectively…Kelly was right to dump Nick Foles and he took a shot with the best QB available…Bradford who we saw was playing at a higher level as the season went on with less talent and poor offensive line play.
    Sam will probably miss a week be back for the Detroit game and if somehow we can straighten out our offensive line and run the ball…we will still have a shot.

  • Kool the guys laundry hasn’t hung in his locker as a back up and already you’re throwing him to the curb.Ever hear of an injury ,and needing a humbled benched Nick Foles ? Why cut bait and throw that bait ,overboard..think …then speak ..

    • When you bring a guy in as a Franchise QB, give him the keys to the franchise, the support as a starter, dont even let him compete for the job in training camp…just hand it over to him to support him….and he fails as miserably as Foles did…he is really no good as a back up…
      Foles is shot, his confidence is gone…he has been humiliated and benched…they got Casey Keenum who only has to be a little better than the putrid play that Foles gave them…and they got a rookie they are developing with Sean Mannion…no need to keep a shot, humiliated Nick Foles around….

  • I have been one of foles biggest supporters,

    But kool is correct

    There are only so many chances you get to prove yourself as a qb in the nfl

    Regardless Of His 13 season. Foles has been unproductive and it validates the Bradford trade. Foles stinks. He stinks bad.

    Any other way of looking at is revisionist history

    Give kelly balls and insight to see this before we did

    Bradford was nor great but the gamble was worth it as kool said

    • Thank you jakedog…I appreciate you stepping up and admitting what we all can see now is the truth.

    • Well I’ll be damned!!

  • Yes Nick Foles has stunk up the joint but Zilents, myself and a few others called this right after the trade, Jeff Fischer is a serial QB killer and King of finding scapegoats to keep his job rat bastard. Kool this doesn’t validate a damn thing Kelly replaced a bad QB with a gimp legged stiff. This Eagles offense ran 88 plays and scored 17 damn points the bum ass Redskins offense ran 59 plays and scored 47 points. The Genuis had a high powered offense now it’s the dink and dunk all stars. Look at that damn receiving crew, Cooper, Matthews, Austin,Huff and the rookie are you shitting me? Alabama’s secondary would shut those stiffs down. Kelly has killed this franchise.

    • Biglion stop it bro…please stop…yes Jeff Fisher does not have the best record with Quarterbacks, but what more do you want the guy to do for Nick Foles? They gave him a full training camp, made him the starter from the jump to get him the full reps and time to acclimate himself to the system.
      They gave him a dynamic running game with one of the most exciting rookies in the league. They tweaked the offense to do things that Foles was comfortable with…
      Fisher gave the guy every chance…and Foles didn’t just ‘struggle’ a little bit…he stank up the joint to the point that the St Louis fans were booing him…
      Kelly replaced a bad QB with the best “available” QB…I know you hate Bradford but there were no options..who would you have gotten to replace Foles as a starting QB? Add to that there is not one game you can point to and blame Bradford for the loss. Bradford-gimp legg and all with no receivers, no running game threw for 236 yards on 19-25 passing…he hit the game winning walk off shot against our hated rival the Cowboys giving me bragging rights on the job for weeks…we can see the accuracy, the talent and skill…the only QB who could have taken a massive beatdown like Miami’s defensive line was giving out yesterday would be someone like Cam Newton
      As to the receiving core, we thought Huff would take a step up, Agholor is just getting back from injury…most thought he would give us a lot more than he has up to this date. We thought we were getting more from the tight end spot with Ertz who got hurt missed a lot of camp, and is just now starting to develop some rhymth with Bradford.
      Kelly has improved the defense and we thought we would be relying a whole lot more on the running game with getting Murray and Matthews…but Jason Kelce has taken a massive step back and you cant tell me that’s because of the loss of Mathis…he gets manhandled by physical defensive tackles…the franchise is not dead yet…we still have a shot to win the division…can we ignite the running game again if Jason Peters returns? This is what we need!

      • Sorry Kool but your man Kelly is a fraud who has set this franchise back for years, sorry you don’t see that but not only is the talent lacking they are soft and stupid. Same mistakes game in game out. We talked about Foles gold well believing in Kelly like you do is fools gold. This stupid QB debate is masking the main problem with the Eagles. That being Chip Kelly aka the LLCB.

        • Correct Big!

          Who gives a shit if Bradford is better than Foles… How does that help anything? Now it’s a debate over who has a better supporting cast…

          The Eagles suck – It don’t matter who plays quarterback.

  • I want the old Jake back…

  • Peter’s is at the end of the line, he probably has 4-6 Games left in his Body
    Fast forward to 2016, the Eagles Offense needs a QB, OT, RG, At least 2 WR’s
    Then Draft a Center,RB & TE

    • You can roll with Bradford (If I can upgrade him I do, but I do not see it happening in 2016), but, you have to upgrade the o line and wide receivers in order to help Bradford out. I was extremely disappointed in not being able to get Mariotta which made me reject Bradford, but it’s the best option right now. Chump Kelly has made a train wreck of the receiver position and this moron still says in his press conference that his outside receivers are good enough. This guy is stubborn like Andy Reid, or just stupid. I do not care what anyone says, Kelly’s dumbest move was to get rid of DJax and not replace him.I do not care if he tried, this abject failure told me right then and there this clown can not judge talent. He got Jordan Mathews and Hicks, the rest of his draft picks are lame. I give Howie credit for 2012 and 2013 draft, Chip is responsible for 2014 and 2015. I do not want to hear about 10-6, 10-6, he did that with Reid’s players, now that he has his players and culture club, they suck big time, and it all starts with this fast talking snake oil salesman!

      • I ask guys over and over again…what moves should Chip Kelly have made?

        The Quarterback move was a gamble that Kelly had to take…he had two backups and no franchise QB

        The worst move made by Kelly was getting rid of DJax

        All of the other moves can you really complain about them.

        Does Mathis make this team that much better

        Kelly’s drafts have been average like everyone else some hits and some misses

        He took over the GM’s job when Roseman made the push for more power and pushed Tom Gamble-the football guy-out of the front office

        Kelly’s option-accept Roseman-a financial guy as the GM- or make a power play himself

        Kelly wisely took the latter.

        This is the NFL…its not college, it’s not Arena football…Kelly doesn’t have a magic wand…and the season aint over…we are not out of it…we are in the same spot as a lot of other 4-5 teams, like our division…suffering from key injuries, set-backs

        The key to this Eagles team is the offensive line and the running game…we get that straighten out and consistent…get Bradford back we can win the division…period and that gives us a shot.

        • Chip should have stayed in College, He originally turned the Eagles Offer down, and then went back to Oregon only to find out that his Duck Program was about to be placed on Probation for Recruiting Violations and would have a Bowl Ban, Plus lost Scholarships and the Shame and Disgrace that Follows So Chip Kelly calls Owner Lurie back to see if the Offer was still good and accepts it… The Eagles should never have Hired his Lying, Arrogant Ass to begin with.. and Do Note, that Chip Kelly actually accepted the HC Job Offer with the TB Bucs a Year before and then reneged on the Deal when Oregon came back to Kelly with more $$$$..
          The Guy is a Scumbag, Always was, Always will be in my Book…

    • Pman ..none of the draft picks matter ,unless we get a real organizational GM change and O.C with a voice

  • Chip Kelly’s offense has gotten steadily worse since 13- we all focus on the QB- the 27/2 Foles, the mediocre Foles, the mediocre Butt Fumble, the mediocre and inconsistent Bradford. We argue about the O line, the running styles of this guy or that guy but I think the LLCB has been figured out. The NFL is filled with lots of smart coaches, they figured out the blocking schemes of the Oline and reek havoc on the play design- NO OFFENSIVE SYSTEM CAN HANDLE PENETRATION, that two level blocking pattern they go for allows penetration…

    • I’ve been saying this for 2 Years HAC..
      Mis-direction, Guard & Center Pulls are fine once in a while but not as a base Blocking Scheme..
      Quick Slants by the D/Line and active shooting the gaps LB’s blow these plays up before they get a chance to work
      Chip Kelly talks about his 88 Offensive Plays last game, but how many went for 4 + Yards?

      • its not really a lot of counters and misdirection- the idea seems to me to be lots of chip blocks and on to the second level- i’m sure its more complicated than that but really it just amounts to the inability to put pad on pad at the point of attack- i think we saw this early on when they wouldn’t go for 4th and inches etc.

        • I think we’ve put our fingers on the pulse of the trials and tribulations of the offense..That’s why chip surrounded himself with “ducks” ..and pac 12 reverence players .It took 10 weeks to target the tight ends ..His PC explanation was ,”it was based on mismatches ” which was a convenient excuse ,nothing more .His under utilization of sproles is now glaring .Why can’t this guy focus on big play playmakers ,and discard the money shots targeting miles Austin?

          • As I stated DE and HAC,
            This “Horizontal Approach” of Kelly’s Offense just doesn’t translate well in the NFL as it did at the College Level where sheer Speed,Tempo and Depth of Skills Players like he had at Oregon, would just wear down and run away from most College Level Defenses and Defensive Coordinators is simply not going to happen at the NFL Level where you have Professional World Class Athletes ,Coach’s & Schemes prepared to take away what you do every week..
            If you want Big People to Beat up little People, then you need to win the 1 on 1 Battles up Front and move that DL off the LOS so the RB’s can make that first defender miss and get some positive Yards..
            Eagles have to lead the NFL in Zero or Loss of Yards Running Plays

  • That’s because Chip is a college coach. Not because he came from college, many other coaches have done so and assimilated to the NFL. He is a college coach because after 3 years he thinks his tempo can trump superior athletes. Because he leads the team like he has a bunch of 18-22 year old kids and not 24-35 year old men. Because he can’t rationalize that pro linebackers and linemen are too fast to run options and horizontal schemes as the basic staple of your offense and because while your josh huff’s of the world can get open against secondary’s players that likely will never make the pros, his lack of discipline and football acumen can’t do it in the NFL. A pro coach recognizes these things and adapts. He puts the talent he has assembled in the best scenarios to succeed and win regardless of “his system” and in this case, with the sweeping changes he made in the off-season, one would think the players currently on this team would be better at running “his system”, not worse. Which leads me to believe it’s not just the players, or even mostly the players, its the coach. The NFL, consisting of the elite 1% of college football players caught up to his nonsense, just like they caught up to the Read Option overall and Chip has had three years to make an adjustment and hasn’t. Never hire a college coach that wore a visor is my theory.

  • You guys are funny. There are at least 3 people in here pimping the Stl Rams “skill positions”

    If you think the eagles skill positions are bad, you only have to look to Stl to feel instantly better.

    If you were to trade the entire group of Eagles WRs and TEs to STL and have their entire crew sent here, I guarantee you that everyone here would be screaming about how terrible the offensive skill players are.

    Their WRs are:
    Kenny Britt: Fat, slow, and terrible. He catches less than 50% of his targets and over the past 4 years has averaged 30 catches for 400 yrds and 1 td.
    Tavon Austin: A smurf who sucks. Over the past 3 years he has averaged 35 catches for less than 300 yrds/season. He has 4 career tds.
    Brian Quick: The old Eagle reject with 58 catches over the past 4 years????
    Bradley Marques: Who the hell is Bradley Marquez? a converted QB rookie with 4 catches.

    I would take the Eagles WR group over that mess 6 days a week and tewice on Sundays. Anyone who thinks differently, that this is somehow a better position group than the Eagles is a complete buffoon.

    They just added out of football jello-brained Wes Welker to improve that dismal crew.

    Tight ends:

    Do we really want to compare Zach Ertz and Brent Celek to Jared Cook and Corey Harkey??

    There are really people on this board who would swap those guys? If you think that’s a good idea you are an idiot.

    • Easy on Brian Quick who is not an ex-Eagle (maybe your thinking of Mike Quick who played like 35 Years ago)
      Brian was Drafted by the Rams from my Local College (Appalachian State) and when Healthy, has played pretty well considering he’s played for about 6-7-8 QB’s and 3 Offensive Coordinators in his 3-4 Seasons with the Rams

      • No…I had him mixed up with Brandon Gibson who was on the Eagles and went to the Rams.

        A simple enough mistake….both shitty WRs who did nothing in the pros and with the initials BG.

        • Or BQ – not having the best day. Point still stands though…STL has nothing at the WR/TE positions.

        • Brandon Gibson was traded by the Eagles to the Rams for LB Will Witherspoon I believe after the Eagles had Injuries to the MLB Position..

    • The only thing that’s funny is your clown act, Vinniedafool

      Kenny Britt is a legitimate deep threat that none of the Eagles wideouts

      Tavon Austin is an explosive playmaker with speed in the open field…put those two guys with the explosive running back Gurley…a young beast and you have some offensive explosion

      The real reason their numbers are down is because their Quarterback sucks ass! Everyone in St Louis identified Foles as the weak link…receivers running free wide open…Foles missing them…poor over thrown and under thrown balls.

      All reports out of St Louis was the same familiar reports we heard about Foles here…confused, missing open targets, late with passes…

      Foles stunk ass and it wasn’t because of receivers…it was because of his terrible play. Teams stopped respecting play action and started selling out on the run because they wanted Foles to throw the ball…

  • Foles sucks in Stl. He was benched. Who the fuck cares???

    That doesn’t change the fact that we have a erratic injury prone sleepy twig as the starting QB for the Eagles now does it?

    Nor does it change the fact that Stl will be enjoying a nice high 2nd round pick so Eagle fan could have the privilege of watching Sam Bradford flash occasional “brilliance” and “potential” for 6 minutes a game before reverting to the inaccurate mess he’s been his entire career.

    And only to get broken in half like he does every single year.

    Foles sucking in STL does not belay the fact that the Eagles leader is a shoulder slumped, inaccurate brittle twig. (which every intelligent fan knew he was before he came to the Birds)

    Foles sucking in STL does not somehow validate the trade.

    Foles sucking in STL does not make the incredible mistake of throwing draft picks away for inaccurate, always under .500, injury machines any better.

    It was a mistake to trade for Bradford then. It was still a mistake now.

    Eagles would be much better off with Foles here at 4-5 and that high pick, than with Bub-Bye Bradford here and no pick.

    And nothing anyone can say can change that the Eagles are worse off now than they would have been,

    • Vinny losing a 2nd round pick doesn’t matter the Eagles cant draft either so who cares. The Eagles can recoup that pick in many ways. They can drop back in the 1st round which in all likely hood they will be picking around 10-15.pick up a 2nd round pick and then select Marcus Smiths brother. lol

      • Exactly, dagolden…we have a couple of 3rd rounders one of which is Detroit’s which should be pretty high…Vinniedafool wants to project that loss of a second rounder as the greatest Eagles loss in the history of the game…Ridiculous…we had to throw something in because St Louis was giving us the better talent…they had offers for a first rounder for Bradford

        St Louis was the only team that had the slightest interest in Nick Foles, he wasn’t worth a 4th or 5th rounder to anyone else…so for Bradford we traded the equivalent of a 2nd and 6th rounder (Foles value on the market)

        The gamble was clearly worth it and we have seen the quality of Bradford’s play go up and up as the season is going on…even with his Oline getting dominated and no running game…Bradford was 19 for 25 with a touchdown…

        Quarterback is NOT and has NOT been the main problem with this team

        Its been the Offensive Line and injuries

        The last game we were hurt by not having Jason Peters…not a surprise when you lose an All-Pro Tackle that the quality of your line play is impacted!

  • I have to disagree on this premises. If kelly concluded as he apparently did that nick foles is not good, what was his option?

    He couldn’t draft Winston or mariota

    he took a gamble, can’t blame him for action to improve

    you can validly argue that throwing in the 2nd was too much, but kelly needed a franchise qb or one who he thought when healthy, in his scheme, that Bradford was the best available option

    you can be critical of Bradford s play, but the trade had to be made,

    • The Biggest Problem I had with teh Deal was the Inclusion of the Eagles 2nd Round Pick which could very well end up as a Top 40-45 Pick Selected in 2016 Draft..
      Foles for Bradford Straight-Up, I could see, as Eagles assumed Bradford’s Higher Risk of Injury and a much larger Contract than Foles.. It should have been the Rams tossing in a Draft Pick, not the Eagles if Kelly played his GM Cards properly..

    • No it didn’t Jake. It was a “shitty franchise” move. Its the Jets picking up Fitzpatrick, or Houston with Hoyer. Its Bradford.

      And it never, ever was going to add anything to the team in terms of long term or playoff success.

      Nothin. And everyone and anyone who has followed Bradford’s career knew it. He is and was an innacurate, scared under .500 twig. And while he occasionally “flashes” “brilliance” and “potential” he is a madde3ning, frustrating injury machine who always reverts.

      Rams fan was done with the guy because he always gives you those flashes, then always fades away.

      Trading for him was one of these never works desperation moves. Another short-sighted “win now” type “plans” that this franchise has been lurching through for over a decade.

      You know what was the best thing this franchise did over the past 30 years?? Finishing 3-13 in 98.

      Its absolutely too bad that the 2013 draft was a QB wasteland….but by 2014 Kelly had to know he needed a QB.

      He had to. And sitting there were Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr……

      But he didn’t. He was all “win now!!” (and a lot of people in here supported that – I did not I have been saying since about 2005 Eagles needed to draft and groom a young QB – and not some 4th rounder like Barkley – I’m talking about a first rounder)

      But Kelly is in full “win now mode…..and so desperate to hold us there he’s hauling out pathetic re-treads like Sanchez, and Bradford, and Tebow and Murray to keep the “win now” mantra rolling.

      Its a terrible strategy. All logical fans know it. And the franchise is paying for it.

      • I’ve heard some lame ass stuff on this site…but can anyone believe this lame ass stuff from Vinniedafool?!

        Are you kidding me???

        Vinniedafool has the unmitigated gall to tell us:

        “Its absolutely too bad that the 2013 draft was a QB wasteland….but by 2014 Kelly had to know he needed a QB.

        He had to. And sitting there were Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr……”

        2013 we had a QB name NIck Foles Vinnie who had those stats you quoted over and over again-“27-2”, we went to the playoffs…so now in 2014 when Foles is playing for his big time contract…the exact same year you cried, begged, and whined for the Eagles to sign him to a long term deal similar to what Kaepernick got in SF…NOW you want to bash Chip Kelly for giving Foles the fair shot to prove he deserved the job and spend a high No#1 draft pick on to sign Bortles, Bridegwater, or Carr

        What a lame ass flip-flopping guy you are Vinniedafool!!

        This is absolute proof that you are a certified flip-flopping master…you and Paulman are professional flip-floppers.
        This is typical of Vinniedafool..never any regard for circumstances and situations…just blurt anything out as we go along…flip-flop positions constantly on the fly

        You are a lying ass Vinnie…stop it

        “I did not I have been saying since about 2005 Eagles needed to draft and groom a young QB – and not some 4th rounder like Barkley – I’m talking about a first rounder)”

        Complete and utter bullshit Vinnie and you know it…the “young QB” in your mind was Nick Foles…Chip Kelly did exactly what you and what everyone wanted him to do coming off of a year when they went to the playoffs and Foles played well…they gave him the ample opportunity to prove that he was a franchise QB capable of handling the job…you dont draft a Qb in the first round when you have a QB in his make or brake year…

        If it was terrible strategy then why didn’t you bash Kelly back then Vinniedafool?

        Bullshit! Your full of it!

        • Yes. In my mind it was Foles. I absolutely thought that. I also think that if Foles had remained on the Eagles he’d be performing – on the Eagles – better than the twig has been.

          But as you have so often pointed out…this is obviously not what Kelly thought.

          Are you now saying he also thought Foles was great, then changed his mind?

          Or are you going to stay consistent with your preaching that “Kelly knew”

          That’s your line right?

          So if “Kelly knew!” as you continually point out….then why not draft a QB??? That’s the only logical move.

          Trading Foles and a 2nd another teams’s reject sub-.500 inaccurate scardy-cat, shoulders always slumped injury prone twig was and is plain stupid.

          • Of all the ridiculous and disingenuous contentions…

            Vinniedafool the argument was that you wanted to give Nick Foles the big money right away…me and more balanced observers felt that 2014 was Foles make or brake year to prove himself. I said that over and over again…I made no arguments for Vick to be retained on the team…It was clear to everyone that Foles would be and should be the opening day starter for the team …with the fair chance and organizational support to be the franchise QB. No one called for Sanchez to start despite his superior play in the pre-season!

            So Kelly did exactly what you, the Foles supporters and those of us who doubted Foles wanted and thought he should have done…give the kid a fair shot to prove up or down, either he was the franchise QB or not…he got the shot and when he failed miserably you were the guy insisting that he the Eagles commit to him even AFTER he failed in the 2014 season and get a deal like Kaepernick got…

            So after all of the whining, crying, moaning and groaning you did for Nick Foles…you have the gall to turn around and hypocritically bash Kelly for not drafting a QB in the 2014 draft??!!

            What a hypocritical, disingenuous flip-flop!

            You are a fraud Vinniedafool!

        • BTW – why do you keep lying about Krapernick’s “long term deal?”

          It wasn’t and isn’t. Its another in the long line of completely fabricated myths you keep shouting in here, as if shouting them will somehow make them true.

          Krapernicks deal is an extremely team friendly deal that allows the 49ers to cut him at almost any time with very little penalty.

          That is exactly the type of contract the Eagles could have done with Foles, one that would allow them to cut the guy sans penalty after a year.

          Instead, they went with your pencil-thin, inaccurate, injury machine….who has been….very very surprisingly…inaccurate.

          And now he’s hurt. That’s a surprise.

          • The 49ers have an easy out after this Season with Kapernick hardly costing them anything.. Kapernick Guaranteed $$4 were in the first 2 Years of his Deal which have already been paid by the Club.. They are not on the hook for much at all… Kapernick’s a Goner..

            • and will probably end up with the Cowboys as Romo’s Back-up

  • ****NFL Rumors***

    Eagles and Chip Kelly very interested in Acquiring QB Robert Griffin III from the Redskins.. Eagles Right now are Offering former 1st Round Pick OLB MSII and a 2016 3rd Round Draft Pick in the 2016 Draft
    I expect this Announcement to be made in Mid-February
    Sam Bradford’s Agent/Team have told Chip Kelly that they are testing the Free-Agency Market, basically meaning he wants very little to do with remaining an Eagle..

  • while many players have been replaced the last 3 seasons the coaches have stayed pretty consistent on the Eagles. The secondary coach has been a revolving door replaced 3 years in a row ( Lovett, Lyght now Undlin) and the QB coach also has left but for better coaching opportunities ( Lazor, Musgrave, now Ryan Day) the rest of the staff has essentially remained the same. Why so much player turnover yearly but the coaching staff ( minus the secondary coach)all remain?

  • Eagles lose their 2nd round pick to St Louis in the Bradford for Foles mistake.

    add Detroit 3rd rounder for trading 2015 4th rounder for this 2016 3rd.
    add Pittsburgh 5th rounder for Brandon Boykin.
    add Arizona 7th rounder for Matt Barkley.

    • Eagles should Tank it for the rest of 2015 Season which would result in a Top #10 Pick in Each Round on their Own Draft Picks
      Plus the Lions Pick in 3rd should be a Top 5 Pick to help in their Rebuilding
      since the Steelers and Arizona Picks will be late Picks in those Late Rounds due to their Winning Records

      • Great.

        RG “running the scout team” me or Colin Krapernick.

        Another litany of other team’s rejects coming in in the continual flawed philosophy of “win now” while the 8-8 tires spin.

        • 2016 is going to be Chip Kelly’s final Season as HC, Vinnie ,what else do you expect him to do.. It’s too late for him to Draft a QB and Take the 2-3 Years to Groom him, as that needed to be done in Year 1 or 2
          Bradford is out, Sanchez is under Contract and RG3 & Kapernick won’t be be big Costs to Obtain… A No-Brainer for Chip.. We may not like it, but its the corner that he’s painted himself into in Year #4 which will be his last

    • What does one have to do with the other? Eagles could have had those picks AND the 2nd had Kelly not been playing at GM.

  • Wonder if the Eagles get a compensation pick for the free agent Jeremy Maclin departure or does the signing of Byron Maxwell and Demarco Murray void that ?

    • Eagles Signed More Starting Free-Agents than they Lost (Murray,Maxwell,Thurmond are all Starters acquired in Free-Agency and really only lost Maclin in Free-Agency..

      Players like Trent Cole,Todd Herremans, Evan Mathis, James Casey, Cary Williams don’t count as the Eagles chose to “Cut/Release” them of their Contracts making them Free-Agents…

  • In all favor of the Eagles Tanking the Rest of the 2015 Season to Finish 4-12 and To Guarantee a Top 6 Pick in each Round in the 2016 Draft sign Below

    1) Paulman

    • I’ll sign.

      • Will you take “Syrian Refugee’s” into Canada as well ?
        Whats your take on that Situation…
        As a Canadian and on a Scale of 0 to 10 with 10 the Highest,
        What Score./Ranking do you think President Obama Deserves in Terms
        of Foreign Affairs during his Presidency as Commander and Chief..

        • We have just elected a new super-softie Prime Minister. The week before Paris he announced the ending of all Canadian bombing in Syria and the immediate bringing in of 25,000 “refugees” Great timing.

          I think all you need to know about Obama is how he described Paris as a “setback”. But this of course is bigger than Obama. Its about the fading/ending of civilizations/empires.

          The retreat/withdrawal of the British empire nearing the turn of the last century and culminating with the end of WWI was alleviated by the rise of American power to fill the vacuum. What we are currently witnessing is the slow withdrawal of American power and influence from the world. Its a pretty natural order of things. The West is fat and broke. Europe left the party in 1945, and America is leaving now.

          The question is who will fill the vacuum? I fear it won’t be pretty.

          The complete withdrawal of a significant and legitimate American power has left a vacuum into which groups like ISIS have been able to flourish. That will continue.

          America/the west hasn’t really won a war since 1945 (ok Grenada and the Falklands) and its because we’ve lost the will. We have all the technology, but no will. The enemy has no technology, but all the will.

          And Europe?

          Europe is on the fast track to civilisational suicide. 800,000 “refugees” of which 80% are males under the age of 30 isn’t a “crisis”, its an invasion. Merkel wants to hasten her own country’s demise by admitting another 1.5 million next year. Current demographic numbers have Germany, France, Denmark all being majority Muslim by 2100. Those countries will, at that point, no longer exist in the forms we know them now.

          • Damn vinnie a bleak picture much of which I agree with. Do you think that it would have been better to keep dictators KHadafi and Sadaam in power to at least keep the region semi stable? I have said before we should all reread 1984, Orwell was a few decades off but global turmoil, constant war, big brother monitoring us from ever present video screens, no real jobs for the middle class.

            • I believe it would have been better to keep Sadaam/Kadafyi in Power for at least we know what they were doing and capable of and not capable of ..
              Also, they were able to keep some sort of relative security in their own Countries.. but they were monitored heavily and manageable fropm at least the US’s Security Perspective…

              Its going to take at least another 2-3 Generations of Bloodshed, Courage, Leadership before those Countries or Regions can fend for themselves as they do now in Vietnam, South Korea, and other Places..

              The Next POTUS will have many Foreign Affairs and Issues to handle and the US cannot afford to have another President who is learning on the Job as we have had for 8 Years.. I am not so sure that there is 2 Candidates out of the 20 Running for POTUS that actually know much about Foreign Affairs which is a scary proposition when you think about it…
              Clinton, Kasich,Lyndsay Graham and maybe Trump/Fiorina with their Business Dealings and thats about it …

              But Candidates like Sanders,JEB Bush, Carson,Rubio,Christie, Cruz,Rand Paul.. Yikes…

              • Relax – Don’t worry about that,
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              • Zero…um lunatic fringe much

              • These Muslim Refugees will never accept that Progressive Obama agenda mentioned above that President Obama spent the last year vilifying with the help of his justice department & the Courts against Christians. These were adjudicated court cases mentioned above against Christians costing some their life savings defending their religion. Any Muslim he imports better agree that.

    • Getting close but still have a chance for division. But if Sanchez tosses another win away the Chipper has to pull the plug on Riley Cooper, Miles Austin and Chris Maragos and insert Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Eric Rowe to see what they can do as feature starters.
      I have 4 home games left to attend I want to see wins although I will probably give away the day after Christmas night Redskin game away. I am definitely going to the Buffalo game – I want to see Shady’s antics, I know he is going to take a jab at the Chipper for all to see.

  • A bad Report from Howard Eskin reported that Chip Kelly was going to Activate
    LT Jason Peters to be available as a Back-up only last Gmae versus the Dolphins
    When Kelly Told Peters about being a back-up for the Game, Peters Responded, “No thanx, If I am not going to Start, then don’t bother Activating me” Chip Kelly is losing this Team… Jason Peters is probably the most looked up to Players on this entire Team as well as Brett Celek and Malcolm Jenkins and pissing him off will only hurt this Team moving forward…

    • Selfish Peters,
      Big Ben dressed as the backup but played because Landry Jones was injured early.

      • Steelers had no Choice to Dress big-Ben for they don’t have another QB on their Roster with Mike Vick basically Quitting on the Team leaving only Landry Jones & Big Ben as the only other QB on their Squad ..

    • Paulman there was also a tweet..i think from some Lombardo dude that said Peters didnt refuse..so i guess we believe whichever. On another note: We need to cut Austin and sign Chris Matthews who was released by Seattle today.

      • NY Giants Re-Signed Hakeem Nicks
        Eagles should bring in someone at WR and Release Austin as you suggested
        Whose been disappointing and is not part of the Future
        Eagles have done almost zero pickups/upgrades to Roster since the Season Started which I believe is a result of the HC/GM Kelly being too busy and immersed with game planning, practicing, and getting his Team ready to play instead of checking available Players or other Teams Practice Squads for he doesn’t have time to do this once the Season starts..
        Roseman would at least pickup a quality Player or two like Najee Goode, Colt Anderson, etc. etc.. Are the Eagles that Deep along the OL & WR Positions to not upgrade???

    • Anything Eskin reports is bullshit

  • ****Breaking News****
    Mark Sanchez Graded out Higher than Koolaids Golden Boy Sam Bradford
    even though Sanchez has not even taken an Snap this Season..
    So Much for KoolaidBrains Theory of Chip Upgrading the QB Position…
    Basically Chip Kelly gave Up Foles and a 2016 2nd Round Draft Pick only
    to Add $13 Million to the Eagles 2015 Payroll…. How is this an Upgrade?

    KoolAid is beside himself …..

    • paulman my head is spinning from your consistent flip-flops and go the way the winds blows approach…

      First you are clearly wrong…Bradford Qb rating was higher he had no turnovers while Sanchez had a killer turnover that helped cost us the game

      Anyone watching that game with the slightest bit of objectivity saw Bradford under siege…Suh had his best game of the year…he totally and single-handedly dominated the interior…watching the tape of the game made me realize why the Eagles couldn’t run and why Kelce was so bad…
      Suh was just that dominate..the offensive line was massacred…yet Bradford still went 19-25 and 1 td…that’s a 76% completion rating….I and anyone else would take that any game!

      Also…once again you are wrong…Vick is out with a hamstring injury for the Steelers…Vick is done…he’s old,subjected to too many injuries…time for him to hang it up…no shame in that he has had a good career, redeemed himself and can ride off in the sunset with his head held high

      You should provide commentary on gymnastics paulman…flip-flopping ass!

      • Isn’t going to get easier for the Eagles Center and 2 Guards. Gerald McCoy comes to Philly this week for Mr Kelce then Marcell Dareus the following home game.

      • The Only things that Blow are Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford, Mike Vick and You, Koolbreeze.. There’s nothing to Flip-Flop about that …
        It’s become so obvious that you know very little about how Winning NFL Football Is Coached & Played..

        • I knew as soon as I saw Foles was benched ,we’d be going back down that dark dank rabbit hole..Well here’s what I’m thinking about ,and in hopes of changing the dialogue ,what if..time..If Sanchize stops getting the ball to the other team ,he’s better as far as pace and eye appeal to run the Chip Kelly’s offense.In my estimation he had very few reps (less than even normal) as chip was putting Sam I am through the paces ,making up for the “bubble wrap” period ..what I envision is another QB debate ,as Mark (without the dreaded ) turnover ,is a better fit for this offense.If the management of the game is more of the emphasis I’d like see a mini run by the Sanchize.Last week Mark was misguided in handing the ball off ,and I can’t help but wonder if chip took taht into account ,when fatally dialing up a throw ,at an in opportune time..The best of all possibilities is that Sam is concussed..It gives the organization ,wiggle room to quell the fan base .If Mark plays clean and wins ,it’s a win ,if he fails miserably ,it’s a win ,as we obtain better draft picks..

  • Keep touting that 19 of 25 like its some sort of accolade.

    Bradford played a “great” 6 mins over 2 drives when the Miami DOlphins apparently forgot that the tight end position is often used by their opponents. He went 7 for 7 and gained almost half his yardage as Celek and Ertz stool 20 yrds alone on the field.

    Bradford was sacked on the 1st play of the second quarter and after that did what Bradford does best. He turtled. From then on it was the usual mess of 2 yrd check-downs and behind the WR inaccurate throws and 3 and outs.

    Typical Bradford….tease the fanbase with 6 minutes of “potential” and then revert to his useless self. I understand why you might be impressed by that 6 minutes Kooltwit….its at least twice as long as you give your left hand.

    But hey…no biggie…..Bradford is full of “upside”…has been for years….and all Eagles nation will once again get to watch him redeem himself this week leading the team to a big win against the Bucs right??

    • Vinniedafool your babbling again…complete nonsense.

      All ready your ridiculous claims have been exposed…

      Are you drunk, high, or just plain stupid?

      Completing 76% of your passes is good Quarterback play according to anyone who objectively watches the game.

      Completing 76% of your passes when the running game is shut down, when receivers cant get open, when your offensive line is getting dominated is good, sound Quarterback play.

      Its what we have gotten from Bradford over the past three games

      Good, Sound Quarterback play.

      Turnovers are down, completion percentage is up

      A 76% completion rating when your offensive line is getting massacred IS a objective sign of competent, strong QB play!

      Only a biased, Bradford hating, Foles loving guy like you Vinniedafool would see it differently.

      Every objective observer notes that the Eagles receivers stink and dont get separation, you could see in the game that the running games was terrible, and watch the All-22 tape…Suh was destroying the inside of our line…

      Yet Bradford STILL completed 76% of his passing, no turnovers.

      Bradford will probably be back for the Detroit game…he was already at the practice today…

      Get used to Sam Bradford…he will be back next year…and if we can some how resolve the Oline we will be okay this year…if we get Peters back and healthy. The ultimate key to the Eagles success will simply be getting more competent talent around Bradford…he has the heart, the smarts, and a accurate throwing arm…the bottom line is that the trade was the right one to make…none of the Qb’s coming out this year that will be available to us are better than Bradford, no free agents are better…so we had a choice be stuck with Nick Foles or Bradford…

      We made the right move…the only reasonable one available to us!

      Get comfortable, get used to it…Bradford is this team’s QB as long as Kelly is here!

      • Buddy…honestly. Why do you keep shouting about completely made up imaginary events.

        Please stop talking about recievers not getting open when everyone in the universe watched Celek run uncovered all over the field SUnday.

        Receivers could not have been more open in that first Q Sunday. Impossible to be more open because there isn’t enough square yardage on a field.

        Bradford was able to connect with these wide open guys for about 6 mins of playing time.

        Then he got sacked by Suh. Then he turtled. Typical Bradford.

        But he’ll get to redeem himself this week right?

        Oh…and where is this mythical “talent” Bradford “needs” going to come from? The draft? Well, they already gave away the 2nd rounder that could have been used. Drafted olinemen usually take 2 seasons to get up to speed. Wrs take 2 to 3. The RBs and TEs will be exactly the same as this year.

        So if I have to “get used” to Bradford…well you better get used to continually writing about the “lack of talent” around him.

        Start warming up those 2016 excuses for the twig, because you are going to need them again.

        • Vinniedalame…if I am going to cut and paste excuses and lame ass claims all I have to do is go to your massive archive of Nicky Foles excuses, stats, cries…
          Your archive is filled with crap including begging and pleading to give Foles a break because of his nice family and him being such a good kid.
          There is no excuse for Bradford last Sunday…when you complete 76% of your passes, no turnovers and a touchdown with no running game and your offensive line getting their asses kicked…that’s not an excuse-that’s an accomplishment!
          We’ve upgraded the QB position-Bradford is not being benched for being awful and stinking up the place…but the guy we dumped for Bradford…your man-crush Nick Foles has been sacked by his own coach for the exact same reasons we got rid of him here….he stinks.
          So the trade has been validated…its clear…now we have to put some other pieces together, hope that we can get Peters back, hope that somehow Kelce can return to his All-Pro form….if we can stabilizes the offensive line and establish a consistent running game we have a chance to win the division and get to the playoffs…

          • I used to think your lack of reading comprehension was due to the deteriorating educational standards of the past 20 years, but its something more.

            Now when we link your reading comp issues, with your fantasy observations about covered receivers when they are open by 20 yards, third down conversations that were never called back except in your mind, or every interception bouncing through the hands of fantasy wr hands, we see a larger problem.

            I stated Foles and his family especially would want him to leave the Philly market because of the venemous media.

            How you interpret that as an excuse for his play is…..well….disturbing frankly.

            Really, I think research into kids meds has come a long way, your parents might want to investigate that. For your future you know?

            “that’s not an excuse-that’s an accomplishment!”

            Wow. You also have pretty low expectations of “accomplishment”. One td and 14 points in almost 3 quarters at home against Miami? The team that gave up 41 and 38 to Tyrod Taylor??

            That’s right buddy, Tyrod taylor…band new to a team has tossed 4 tds against the shitty Dolphins, and your hero could manage a measly one. And only after gifted great field position after a safety.

            And we’ll just skip over the two sack fumbles, and the interception – oh ya – called back on a phantom RTP – whew!

            Yep…what an “accomplishment”

            There we go with your fantasy world again – honestly – I’m worried about you.

            How about New Orleans? The Awesome triuumverate of Eli, Cousins and Mariotta shredded that team to the tune of 14 tds and 0 ints.

            Your hero? 2 and 2. I believe the only 2 interceptions New Orleans has all year.

            Dallas only has 3. Guess who threw 2 of them?


            Funny how your definition of “accomplishment” has changed so dramatically over the past year.

            • A litany of swiss cheese defenses…

              Dallas 17th, Dolphins 25th, Skins 21st, Giants 31st, Saints historically 32nd.

              In the 6 games against those pathetic dregs? Those dregs with a combined 19-28 record and historically bad defenses.

              3 wins 3 losses

              9 tds and 7 ints.

              Wow. “Accomplishment indeed”

              And to think you are celebrating that this, dropping exclamation marks “Get used to it!” “As long as Kelly is here!”

              The joy drippin off your words is palatable. One has to wonder how you can be so excited for this sub-mediocre twig, who cannot:

              a – get to .500
              B – stay healthy

              Your love for this guy is irrational. “Accomplishments” indeed.


              • And just a reminder.

                You told us all 50,000 times that 22 of 33 for 195 2 tds and 0 ints no fumbles in a first playoff game was an unacceptable failure.

                But now 19 of 25 with 1 td, 2 fumbles and an int called back against the 3\5 Miami Dolphins is an “accomplishment”??????????

                My the standards have fallen.

              • Desperate and Pathetic

                “22 of 33 for 195 2 tds and 0 ints no fumbles in a first playoff game was an unacceptable failure.

                But now 19 of 25 with 1 td, 2 fumbles and an int called back against the 3\5 Miami Dolphins is an “accomplishment”

                The problem with all of your desperate assessments, Vinniedafool…is you never watch the games…so you didn’t see the tape of a wide open DJax on numerous occasions running free and open through the Saints secondary but Foles baffled and confused by the Saints zone defense couldn’t pull the trigger, failed to get him the ball! He had one play for 40 yards to Djax and he missed many receivers running wide open on so many plays…it was brutal and frustrating….and when I saw the tape..it was worst! Foles was terrible in that game which should have been an easy win. Foles measly 195 yards..is similar to his dismal play this year where he went 7 games in a row without going over 200 yards….pathetic and weak.

                Has much as I have criticized Nick Foles I have never bashed him for ‘almost’ stats…his interceptions that were called backed dont count as interceptions…his fumbles that our team recovered are not fumbles…you never took this into account with Foles yet not at all surprisingly….you want to bash Bradford with ‘almost’ stats


                Yet you want to blame Bradford for fumbles that the Eagles recovered- one fumble caused by a high snap from the center, and another from a vicious hit from a defensive lineman busting through poor Eagles offensive line play.
                The “almost” interception or the ‘call back’ interception…is also bogus

                What sheer desperation and total hypocrisy

                No running game, offensive line is having one of the worse games of the season, receivers covered and not getting opened…Bradford getting hit repeatedly….yet he STILL throws for 239 yards, and completes 76% of his passes!
                We have seen steady upward progress from Sam Bradford this year and the Miami game continued that trend. Bradford is playing better this year than Foles did last year and Foles had better weapons, had been in the offense longer, and got better Offensive line play!

                Desperate, Pathetic….that’s you Vinniedaloser…that’s you!

              • That playoff game. You are so right…almost magical how the Saints just took their #3 ranked pass D and decided, just at that moment, to let all the WRs run free all over the field.

                And then….3 years later….again rolled into Philly, this time with the abysmal 32nd ranked D, shredded by every other semi-competent QB they’ve faced, completely transform into an amazing shutdown unit who were able to skillfully amass their only 2 ints of the year. Just for that 60 mins they were great.

                Fantasy world.

                The problem you have is you keep thinking the TV broadcast is “film”

                As I have told you 100x before…start saving your paper route and babysitting $$ so that you can purchase the NFL.Com package that allows you to watch the coaches film starting Monday.

                You might then be able to see a game a little different than the fantasies you keep inventing and shouting about.

  • Well, actually, you’ll only need those packages excuses for 7 or 8 games as we all know the toothpick is never going to play 16.

    And you have an advantage here…all you have to do is go back into the archives, find all the excuses you used to constantly make for Vick, and just cut and paste them replacing his name with Bradford.

  • ****NFL News****

    Cowboys Release QB Brandon Weeden and RB Christine Michael
    and CB Corey White

    Ravens Place Rookie 1st Round Pick WR Breshard Perriman on Season Ending Injury Reserve List (Perriman) has been slow to recover since the Summer and really had a lost Season which has hampered his development
    at the NFL for his inability to Practice and Play..

  • One guy that will benefit most is Matthews ,as Mark and he were in a tremendous rhythm..I also recall he and celek and Ertz were also often on the same page.These “safe” throws ,being he doesn’t possess a hose for an arm ,may be just what this team needs ..Lovey smiths defense is formidable and it will take a lot of pressure off Mark to execute ,and. Not be balling from desperation.Thats when the buttfumbler shows up..

    • Sanchez likes to roll out much more than Bradford. He likes slants and in routes the most in the pocket. Bradford liked curls and come backs. Neither like outs which is why the outside receivers haven’t been used since Nick Foles broke his collar bone.

      • Eagles0supe..exactly ..which makes you wonder why boy genius devised such a scheme .As you increase the amount of plays you also increase the risks for a turnover.In his PC he seemed all hung up on the quantitative amount of plays ..what good is it if you’re increasing the risks? And not scoring ..he needs run the rock 65/35 ..two tight ends ,and leak sproles out into mismatches ..that’s what I’ll be looking for.

      • Spot on analysis E0SB about the lack of production of the Eagles WR’s…
        If you look at Kelly’s History of utilizing Outside WR’s at his Oregon Days,
        they don’t put up a lot of great Stats.. Kelly with those quick hitting, mobile QB’s who lack the arm strength to run those deep out routes and deep routes which is what he has in Philly with Bradford/Sanchez..

      • I am amazed how we make these analysis that dont come close to giving consideration to so many other variables and factors.
        Last year, we had Shady, Maclin, and a better offensive line. Maclin didn’t run a lot of inside routes, slants and the like because he dont like getting hit. His routes were to the outside, he had more speed and experience than most of the receivers we have now, and he made a number of amazing catches of poor thrown Nick Foles passes.
        This year with no Shady who is a more explosive runner than Murray, no Maclin-Agholor has not given us anything close to what we expected-you dont have enough talent on the outside!
        The problem is clear…we have a better Quarterback but the receivers, running, game, and offensive line are worse!

        The outside receivers haven’t been used much because they dont get open much, EOS…Bradford can make all of the throws but the receivers are terrible
        Last year you had Maclin who does not like to run inside routes like slants because he doesn’t like contact…so he did most of his work on the outside but he struggled against most good cornerbacks.

        • The Eagles are worse for their Offensive Coaching is worse, in my Opinion
          Do note that Chip Kelly Put this Unit/Team Together over the last 3 Years and its gotten worse and worse each Season which is mostly a result of being “predictable” and a “horizontal attack” which simply doesn’t work versus NFL Defenses & Professional Defensive Coordinators
          Chip Kelly is the biggest Weakness for the Eagles Offense and Franchise, not its QB’s..
          I hope we see Thaddeous Lewis for the last 4-5 Weeks of the Season to see what he can bring for 2016 Season for Bradford is a goner and just a terrible fit for the Eagles and Philly as I stated he would some 8 Months ago when he was acquired ..

          • Oh shut the hell up about Thad Lewis. This is pure tolling.

            Bradford might be shit.
            Sanchez is worse.
            But get lost trying to pimp Thad Lewis to “see what he can bring”

            He can’t bring anything except sweet fuck all.

            Eagles are his 4th frikkin’ team.

            • I already bought everyone I know, Thad Lewis Eagle Jersey’s for Christmas…

  • Sixers verse Pacers tonight 7:00 est
    Do the Sixers win first or the Warriors lose first?
    Philadelphia (0-11), Golden State ( 12-0)

  • Sam Bradford diagnosed with a completely separated shoulder on his non-throwing arm.

    • That’s weird. Guy has been an NFL ironman. Eagles just never get any luck.

  • As I stated after the Dolphins Game, Bradford will miss at least the next 2 Games with hopes of Returning vs the Patriots for their Final 5 Game Stretch Dec 5th which may be too late anyways depending on the outcomes of the Bucs/Lions Games which are both must Wins in my opinion…

    If Eagles are out of it by then which is a possibility and there’s no Guarantee of Bradford even Returning to the Eagles in 2016 then does Chip Kelly play QB Thaddeous Lewis to see if he can jump start this Eagles Offense… I say yes he does which will finally give him a QB who is at least a threat to run the ball off of Read-Option Set..

    Kelly must go into the 2016 Season figuring out who he QB is..
    No one is Sold on Sam Bradford which includes Chip Kelly
    Everyone is aware that Sanchez is just a Back-Up QB
    No one knows if Thaddeous Lewis can Play Effectively in Kelly’s QB Friendly Scheme.. My Opinion is that he can, but will need to Play to prove it..

    • No way Lurie is going to pay the balsa wood twig $13 million to sit on the bench behind Thad Lewis.

      And no way Kelly is going to sit his greatest gamble in favour of a 3 team reject. That would be the ultimate in humiliation.

  • According to a report on Bleeding Green Nation: Bradford wants to try and play…he wants to come back in the Tampa Bay game…

    Shows me a lot about the Qb…unlike the other guy we had last year who didn’t really make any efforts to get back…

    • Kool. Once again my simpleton..think and then talk..Sam already has banked multi millions..foles made squat..sometimes you lose sight it’s a game but firstly a business..and you don’t know own he didn’t lobby to play..either. .

      • Well desertdorkl that’s interesting…you are saying Folsey made the classical “business” decision and made sure not to rush back from that collarbone injury …Foles is actually a great competitor and burns to compete but well we all understand …business!
        Foles is actually a real understanding, nice young man..here is what he says about being humiliated and benched: “I respect Coach Fisher to start off. I want to be out there, but it’s his decision to make, and I respect it. I love Case [Keenum] to death. He’s one of my favorite people in the world, so I’m going to be right there to support him every step of the way and help him
        in any way possible.”

        Aw shucks! What a nice kid that Foles is…and the Florio adds the comment about Foles: “…Foles doesn’t seem to be all that upset. After all, he’s still getting $6 million this year — and he’s guaranteed to make at least $6 million next year, whether he’s on the team or not.”

        Yeah…we understand why be upset…your right it is a ‘business’ …and Foles is fine…he sounds relieved just collect the check, dont have to compete…maybe, just maybe…that’s why he’s on the bench!

    • LOL – Anybody with any football knowledge knows that quarterbacks often play a week after separating their shoulder. I’m yet to hear of anyone playing with a fractured clavicle.

      I have to say, your hatred of Nick Foles is unhealthy, koolbreeze…. Get a fucking life man….Stop letting that kid haunt you….

  • You trying to invent more “fantasy world BS” Kooltwit

    “The other guy” broke his collarbone in week 9. Said he was good to go if Eagles made the playoffs. Out 9 weeks.

    Tony Romo broke his collarbone in week 2. Returning week 11. 9 weeks

    Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone week 8. Returned week 18. 10 weeks.

    So attempting to pass off his 9 week absence as a lack of toughness is another in your long list of fantastical imaginations.

    Newsflash: Most Qbs who sprain their non-throwing shoulders never miss a week.

    So for you to get all giddy about Bradford saying something every QB in the league would say with the same injury? That’s you lowering your standards again.

    At least you are consistent:

    If its Bradford its great no matter what it is!!

    • Hey, but good news for you…if he does play (he won’t) but if he does, then you’ll have the built in “rushed back from injury” excuse when he sucks – which is probable.

  • “San Diego quarterback Drew Brees yesterday disclosed that he separated his left shoulder in the fourth game last season and played the rest of the year with the injury.
    He said he had arthroscopic surgery in the off-season to repair the problem.
    Despite the injury to his non-throwing shoulder, Brees had his best season, throwing for 27 touchdowns with just seven interceptions. He made the Pro Bowl.”

    You think Bradford is going to have surgery on his shoulder? I don’t.

  • ” Tennessee Titans fans were relieved this morning to learn that star rookie QB Jake Locker is expected to play next week after sustaining a shoulder separation to his non throwing shoulder.”

    Best part of that report is the “star Qb” bit.

  • “Colorado QB Sefo Liufau played with separated shoulder in win over Colorado St”

    • Didn’t Colorado QB Sefo Luifau propose to one of the “Alou” Daughters
      from the Baseball Family of Alou’s

  • “NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reports that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has a separated shoulder and is expected to miss at least the next two games.”

    But he didn’t miss a game.

    It was his throwing shoulder btw.

  • “Temple’s Walker learning to play with separated shoulder”

  • “when St. Louis defensive end Robert Quinn slammed Smith to the turf on back-to-back plays at the end of the first half of the Chiefs’ win Sunday, he recognized the symptoms of a sprain to his right shoulder.

    Smith immediately underwent treatment during halftime, and came back to complete 10 of 13 passes for 115 yards in the second half of the Chiefs’ 34-7 victory.

    “There, in the middle of it, you’re pretty loose, you’re feeling loose, you kind of keep all of that swelling out and feel pretty good,” Smith said on Wednesday before the Chiefs began preparations for this Sunday’s game against the New York Jets at Arrowhead Stadium.

    Smith seemed to throw effortlessly during the portion of Wednesday’s practice that is open to reporters.

    “The last two days have been great,” Smith said. “I’ve got great work in, and I expect the same (Wednesday).”

    After the St. Louis game, Smith gave little indication he was hurt. He didn’t sport an ice pack or any kind of wrap on his throwing shoulder.

    “I got treatment after the game, too,” Smith said. “ I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. I felt like it was something I could handle. I’ve had a history of stuff with my right shoulder. I was a little sore, but I felt good, though.”

  • Stop ejaculating all over yourself because Bradford said he wanted to play with a mild separation to his non-throwing shoulder.

  • All the babble about who is on what team etc is childish…coming into the season anyone with half a brain knew the eagles season rested squarely on he narrow and frail shoulders of sam. If sam lived up to the overall number one pick a dozen years ago then the eagles would be great… He had an unbelievable quarter in preseason and the eagles went to Near the top of SB odds favorites… He is 4-5 and terribly inconsistent as a starter… His frailties have shown ( this time I don’t fault too much, QBs get hammered) so even if butt fumble wins two games and puts them “in the hunt” Bradford still hasn’t done much…the eagles will go only as far as he takes them (same can be said for every nfl team)… It looks bleak

    • What’s does Chip Kelly do at the QB Position for 2016?
      Bradford is going to seek at least a 3 Year Deal worth $50-$60 Million with half of this in Guarantee $$ for this is what average QB’s get these days
      Does Chip Kelly hitch his NFL Future on the limited Sam I Am…
      I can’t see him doing so and have to believe that Kelly is going to look into acquiring a mobile QB who can run his Offense whether that’s RG3, Kaepernick, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith or a Top Draft Pick

  • 2016? You continue to show zero knowledge of what a coach goes through… You do understand that to talk about 16 with 7 games to go is amateurish at best

    • Kelly’s off-season moves were made really for a dominant 2016 Season in order for him to get a Contract Extension from Lurie
      Kelly knew going into 2015 that it would be ugly the first half of the Season with all the changes and new Starters , so he was counting on having strong late push in 2015 to show that he and the Team were back on track, of course this would mean having a solid Rushing attack and improved QB play from Bradford and have big-play making ability with Young Receivers Matthews, Huff & Agholor …
      The reality is that none of this is happening and now Bradford will be for a critical game or two, who knows, The Running Game/OL Play has been inconsistent at Best the Young WR’s have been disappointing collectively as a group and appear not ready for prime time..
      I amsure Kelly is concerned about winning as many Games as possible in 2015, but the future of this Team raises more questions than it answers and he will not receive any Contract Extension from Lurie which will be a point of contention between them two come next off-season, mark my words !!!!
      The bottom line, this Team halfway thru 2015 is no better than it was last year and offensively is actually worse… Defense is Better for sure, but the Special Teams has taken a step back and the Offense has taken a good 2 steps back..

  • Fraud it is IN season. You spout nonsense

    • And that’s the problem with Chip Kelly and the Eagles
      Who is in Organization looks at the Big Picture, the Future & the Difficult Decisions that have to be made… It’s as if Chip Kelly hasTunnel Visionand only concerned about this week which is great for the Coaching staff and players, but who has their eye towards the Future… That’s right,No One…
      I guess all these things will be dealt with after the Season
      Over these next 7 Games , The Eagles need to find out about Young Players like Agholor, J Huff, T Burton, MS2, Eric Rowe and Thad Lewis determine if they are part of the Core moving ahead…

      • Wrong their focus for the next seven games is to win as many of them as possible

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