• June 25, 2022

Eagles-Dolphins Preview

SamBradfordvsPanthers1The Philadelphia Eagles are halfway finished their 2015 regular season schedule, and have yet toshowcase a winning record.  At 4-4, the opportunity once again presents itself for the team to finally rise above the mediocracy of a .500 record.
Coming off an encouraging overtime road victory, the Eagles welcome the underachieving Miami Dolphins to Lincoln Financial Field.  At 3-5, the Dolphins find themselves in last place after many experts predicted they would contend with the New England Patriots for the AFC East division.  It’s a team who is on their second head coach and one that has some talented offensive weapons that will challenge the Eagles defense.
Interim head coach Dan Campbell has made it an emphasis to involve running back Lamar Miller in both the rushing and passing attack.  The Dolphins offensive line is not great by any means, and if the front seven of the Eagles defense can keep Miller from extending plays to the outside, they will achieve similar success as the New England Patriots found in late October.  Second year wide receiver Jarvis
Landry will also be a challenge to slow down. He is electric in open space, creating big play opportunities anytime the ball is in his hands.  Quarterback Ryan Tannehill who showed improved his game in 2014, has regressed and reverted to old habits, demonstrating turnover vulnerability.
The Dolphins defense may actually be the biggest let down for why the 2015 season has gone the way it has unfolded. Ndamukong Suh who received a massive free agency contract in the off-season has not been the impact the team expected him to be.  The Dolphins are not good at stopping the run, and without sack specialist Cameron Wake who is on injury reserve for the remainder of the season, the Eagles offense will have the opportunity to put up big yards and generate a point total in the mid 30’s.
The key for the Eagles coming into this game will be their run distribution.  If they follow a similar distribution as the Dallas game, 34 total rushing attempts for their running backs (18-Murray, 11-Mathews, 5-Sproles); it could be a huge day for the Eagles rushing attack.  By running the football, the Eagles offense becomes less predictable, and allows Bradford to find open space with the average wide receiving core.
Slowly, the offense is shaping their play calling to feature the strengths of the football team. The playbook has been modified; the level of excitement for the offense is not exciting like it was the previous two seasons. It’s certainly an adjustment for both the players and those who follow the Eagles, but there are some signs trending upwards heading into the second half of the season.
The strength of the Eagles continues to be the ability for the defense to create turnovers and for the offense to run the football.  These two areas are exactly the formula needed to not only win Sunday against the Dolphins, but also to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Detroit Lions in the weeks to follow.
As for this week, the Eagles are going to put up points, hopefully some of them will come in the first half as the offense continues to struggle in this area.  I envision a big win, similar to the score when the Eagles were victorious over the New Orleans Saints earlier this season.
Look for the rushing game to eclipse the 200 yard mark, and for Ertz to finally score his first touchdown of the season.
Eagles 37   Dolphins 20

Jeff Kolsky

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Thoughts From Eagles-Dolphins


  • This game is not a gimme! The defense will be challenged. We really need our front seven to dominate!

  • Rhonda roused got knocked the fxxk out!

  • Holly holm put the fatality on rhonda with kick of death

  • Eagles Offense and Bradfordneed a quick start to make the Dolphins 1-Dimensional.. With the Dolphins Rushing Defense Ranked 31st in allowing 142 Yards per Game, RB’s Murray/Matthews should get off a QuickStart which then allows Bradford some nice easy Play-Action Plays down the field…
    The Dolphins outside CB’s are pretty good, so Bradford needs to attack their Secondary between the numbers/middle of the field versus their ILB’s & Safeties…
    A quick start will make the desperate Dolphins at 3-5 and already 2 Games behind the Jets/Bills play more desperate… Don’t allow them to hang around for WR JarvisLandry and RB Lamar Miller are dangerous and big play players once in the open field

    Eagles 27 – Dolphins 23

  • Very nice drive by Eagles, gotta give Bradford credit on that drive. Lane Johnson looks natural on the left side. A Josh Huff sighting…what a pleasant surprise.

  • Other Key NFC Games/Match-Ups for Eagles Fans to pay attention too

    NO Saints at Redskins – Loser will be behind the 8-Ball in the NFC Race
    TB Bucs at Cowboys – Loser is probably eliminated from Post-Season
    Bears at Rams – Rams must Rebound If they have hopes for Playoffs
    Packers at Lions – Can the Packers lose 3 Games In a Row?
    Vikings at Oakland – Can the Vikings win on the Road in a hostile environment?
    Patriots at NY Giants – Giants always play tough vs New England
    Panthers at Titans – Can the Panthers remain Undefeated ?
    Cardinals vs Seahawks – Must Win for Seahawks at Home to stay within the NFC West Race and especially if the Rams win earlier vs the Bears

  • Just heard that no CB Brett Grimes for the Dolphins today who is their best Cover CB…if Bradford & Eagles Offense get off to quick start, this could be a lopsided game in the Eagles favor..
    Dolphins already without their best Pass-Rusher Camrron Wake for the Season
    Bradford should have a big day today as Do,Phils will attempt to stack the box to take the Running game away.. Eagles need to hit them early & often..

  • This Game is Over 16-3, could not have been a worse start for the Dolphins and a great start for the Eagles.. Lots of game left of course, but Eagles should win going away easily unless something crazy happens…Bradford is perfect starting out I believe…
    It’s a Beautiful Day out down here (Low 60’s & Full Sun) and its time to get the Back Yard/Deck closed up for the Season and get some Fire Wood and Winter Clothes brought up…
    Enjoy the Game…

  • Color that quarter green with envy…keep it on there throats..

    • That damn missed FG keeps the Dolphins in this game…

  • No one thought/thinks Eagles are going to lose this game.

    The Ealges just need to win the games they are supposed to win moving forward. But that’s not some ish I can get excited about.

  • never Ez……

  • Eagles dodge a bullett as QB Sam Bradfolds folds under pressure again and almost gives the Dolphins the lead.. Good Grief the Eagles can’t do anything easy..

    • what game are you watching paulman? Its clear what’s happening, Suh and company are giving our interior line problems…Bradford is under a lot of pressure but handling it well! We need to come out in the second half and run the ball!

  • Let’s see us execute a good 2 minute drill. Seize control at the half

  • Tight ends. Don’t go away from it..we’ve been screaming for the tight ends…so far so good..celek is over a buck twenty at the half..that underneath stuff on play action is there

  • That’s frustrating short of the sticks ..can’t happen

  • Bradford 16-20 1 td for 196 yards and he’s ‘folding under pressure’???


    • 2 Brutal Sacks by Bradford giving up 31 Yards is a huge no-no
      The first Sack was a Drive Stopper followed by the missed FG or this Game could have been over…
      And then Bradford got very lucky on that last Fumble which coulda have given up the lead at the first half…

  • Redskins over Saints big at Half 24-13 (Cousins almost 300 Yards and 3 TD’s

    Bears over Rams at Half 24-10 as Cutler having a big day against the Rams Defense & Secondary

    Cowboys up 6-3 over TB Bucs

    Panthers up 14-10 over the Titans in 3rd Quarter already

    • Packers & Lions are Tied 3-3 at the Half….

      Damn this NFC is Ugly

  • Kool..he’s been great..but taking too many kill shots..he’s tough ,as he got back up..that’s going to do wonders in the huddle ..keep the ball on quick hits and run the rock ..

  • *** Irisheagle reporting from the Linc at half – lol ***

    – Sam missed two wide open receivers, costing us first downs and points. Sam needs to hit guys when they are open! Otherwise he looks like he’s worried about his leg when he sees the rush. Can’t blame him with Suh in there.

    – Linebackers have to pick it up. Giving up too many yards on the ground.

  • Let’s stop with Green Bay..losing to the lions..that highlights how th NFC is a pile of garbage

  • Irish…great report,have a blast

  • Kece is killing us this year with bad snaps and bad holding calls

  • They are very sloppy team. Boring to watch. Struggle pushing the ball down field.

  • True there is no discipline on this team

    • Filling up that special teams checkbook..blocked punt .missed bunny f.g..sensing sproles emerges to save us from this ugly game

  • The Sanchez saga …begins

  • Those of you that were calling for butt fumble got your wish. Looks like the same injury as Romo

  • Kelly wanted to play with low priced oline now he reaps what he sows

  • Vegas just improved the Eagles Odds to Win the Super Bowl from 75 to 1 under Bradford to 60 to 1 with Mark Sanchez at QB…. Go Eagles …

  • Hac..with pressure I might add ..we let it happen with poor offensive line play ..bad snaps ..holds ..consecutive 1st and 20s..and who is that guy in the cape ..M..Sanchez..who has to basically play one solid quarter here

  • What the hell is wrong with Kelly…you see the tackle getting his ass kicked why couldn’t you get the guy some help…now look you get your QB hurt…smh

    • The Eagles do not play it that way, they do not give help. This is how they play. This is also the chance they took with a QB with a well documented injury history.

  • Redskins killing Saints 37-14 and about to move to 4-5 for the Season
    Panthers up 17-10
    Bears over Rams 24-13
    Lions 9-3 over Packless
    Cowboys 6-3 over TB Bucs

    • Stunning …now not only does Sanchez have to wear a cape ,he better now how to fly..

  • Oh Jesus…

  • 3 years under Kelly 3 starting quarterbacks lost each season? Go back to college genius

  • Pick 6 by the Skins makes it 44-14 over the Saints
    Panthers get stuffed at the Goal Line on 3 straight running plays and settle for a FG to go up 20-10 (Newton Sacked 5 times today)
    Lions kick FG to go up 13-3 over Packers

  • The Eagles anemic offense should have had this game put away in first half.

  • Steelers QB L Jones injured his Ankle and Big Ben in the game asthe Steelers beating up on the Johnny Football Browns
    Mike Vicks Agents puts a call to Chip Kelly… The Chipster is thinking about it..

  • Taj Boyd & Kyle Orton are Visiting Phiily for a workout on Monday

  • I don’t like Sanchez but he runs the offense the way it’s supposed to be run. Look at the tempo with him there. Offense looks totally different

    • Sanchez isn’t better ..he’s a back up for a reason..too many snaps and you raise his probabilities of dirtying the bed..he’s clutch here ,I’ll take it ..

  • Eagles blew a gift horse by the Dolphins and blew a16-3 Lead at Home against a Team barely holding onto their Season
    Now RB Ajayi has given the life and WR’s J Landry & R Matthews and L Miller are feeling it

    Meanwhile the Eagles WR’s cannot do anything versus the Dolphins back up CB’s on the outside .. Take the TE’s Celek/Ertz out of the mix, and the Eagles WR Corp can’t get it done….

  • X rays negative on Sam I am ,but not returning

  • Call me names if you want, but that’s the best QB play of the season so far on that drive.

  • QB Sam Bradford X-Rays come back Negative so nothing broken/separated, just sore and should be back for Thanksgiving Game or probably more likely vs the Pats after the 10 Day off for the Final 5 Games…
    Vegas moves the Eagles back to 75 to 1 Odds for Winning Super Bowl

  • I hope he never comes back

  • The irony bowl..we actually start a game out well up 16-3 ,and ,now with a back up QB were fighting to remain relevant ,ridding the Sanchize..

  • Hits him in stride.

  • Crazy game, oline got bradford killed

  • Bears Score again and go up 30-13 over the Rams
    Panthers Score on QB Keeper by Cam Newton to go up 27-10 over Titans
    Steelers up 30-3 over the hapless Browns
    Redskins up 47-14 over the Saints
    Cowgirls still up 6-3 over the TB Bucs
    Lions 12-3 over the Packers still

    Eagles cannot blow this Opportunity for a W today. A Loss would be devastating

  • There’s a throw where he showed his stride..bailing on a big midfield 3rd down…run the rock and play shutdown Dee..

  • TB Bucs Score a TD with a minute left to go up 10-6 over the Cowboys

  • Packers score a TD with 5 minutes left to make it 12-10 Lions
    Ravens Up 20-19 over the Jaguars with 3 minutes left

  • Great stand. Good sproles time here !

  • Howard Eskin reporting Sam Bradford has a concussion.

  • Let’s all talk about who’s better Bradford or Foles. My answer: Sanchez

  • Ball at the 50 , 6:30 Left inGame
    A Ground & Pond attack to score a TD here and go up by 6 Points (26-20)
    With little clock left for the Fish

  • Sanchezzzed

  • Two more of those and he’ll catch Bradford.

  • Wasn’t someone just talking about how great sanchez was

  • Eagles Suck!!! A Int in the End-Zone!!!
    Why did Dolphins Defender run that ball out.. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Plays I see every Week by every Team except the Patriots

  • Why even put the game in his hands there ? He is what he is ..

  • Defense needs to make yet another stand. This offense is just terrible

  • Play QB Thaddeus Lewis next Week vs the TB Bucs..

  • This game might come down to sturgiss….

  • Sturgiss and Sanchez…that’s quite a law practice..we’re on death row and they’re our “Vinnie”

  • Sanchize Time again.. A chance to redeem himself…
    Do not play for a FG here, run the Offense and go for the TD!!

  • Lions miss X-tra Point and only up 18-10 with under 2 Minutes left

  • Embarrassing

  • Very Embarrassing….what the fuck is Miles Austin doing on the team…

    Cut his ass NOW!

  • That Drop by Demarco Murray on the 2nd Down Screen pass was brutal..
    The Eagles did not deserve to Win, nor do they deserve to make the 2015 Post Season, nor do they need to Retain Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford or Demarco Murray for the Future

  • What the fuck, I do not care who the QB is/was…WTF? Can we stop thinking this team is a playoff team now please?!?!?!

  • Terrible loss so pissed

  • We are a bad team

  • Missed fg by sturgis in 1st half gave dolphins a chance

  • Chip needs a QB. Every QB Chip has had as the Eagles coach sucks!

  • Ladies and Gents your Chip Kelly lead 2015 Eagles, simply embarrassing offense, special teams, sloppy play Bradford/Sanchez just a heaping pile of crap. Sick of this team, sick of this Coach. Damn damn damn.

  • The Eagles Offensive Line is the culprit this week… Right Tackle Kelly might have cost us the season….

  • Im soooooooooo pissed right now. A whole week to deal with this fukin loss!!! Im sick of this team. Mediocre starting Qb. Mediocre-er backup(my new word) lol. This is such an embarrassing loss. We were up by 10. Sturgis with yet another missed fg. 32 yards..Cmon man..thats a xtra pt. DDDDAAAMMMMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SMH.

    How long is Bradford out?

    Not like it matters…

    • They won’t know anything until Tue/Wed once the swelling/pain subsides
      It’s not his throwing shoulder but his range of motion would be impacted that my guess is he will be out the next 2 Games, then a mini-bye after the Thanksgiving a games means a likely return vs the Patriots on the first Sunday of December giving him about 3 Weeks to get healed

    • Doesn’t matter at all TS, Glassman, Sanchez makes no difference Dennis Kelly looking like a turnstile and Ertz wide open on 4th down and Lane Johnson decides to play turnstile. No worries they’ll still somehow manage to win the NFC least. By the way for all the QB idiots, how was Foles today? LOL

  • Why is Chip Kelly Calling Pass-Plays inside the Red-Zone with a Back-Up,
    Mistake prone QB instead of running clock off by running the ball and kick a FG to go up 22-20 ?
    This Chip Kelly is a Jack-Ass… Another Genuis !!!

  • Hitting Murray in the back with a pass ..Murray making a who for what effort in a critical 2nd down screen ..what a shift in a game within a game ..Sam is concussed as its being reported and I’d assume he’s out until at least the pats …or until peters returns..what took my mind from me ..is why are you getting cute in the red zone with Sanchez?

  • Pman sorry I was typing the same thought..but yeah. Why?

  • Now Redskins, Rams, Eagles are all 4-5
    Packers fall to 6-3
    Panthers are 8-0
    TB Bucks 3-6, Cowboys 2-7

  • This coach won with Andy Reid’s players on pure energy and emotion but he got rid of talent for nothing in return. The replacements are sub par and he has lost the locker room the same way Andy did by refusing to adapt and change. Laurie should bite the bullet and admit Kelly was a mistake and start over.

  • Shame of it is we have a nice defense this year. They made a couple of nice stands late in the game but the offense is just not carrying their weight.

  • This team doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs. They had a Miami defense ready to quit in the 1st quarter and failures by the QB, special teams and lack of discipline/focus gave Miami a reason to believe. I recall not being in love with the Kelly hire when it happened and for the very reasons I witness every single week. He’s turned over a roster since he’s been here with “his guys” presumably to run “his offense” which we all believed is the R/O style, yet hasn’t ever brought in a QB with any mobility. He made wholesale changes after seizing power from Roseman which led you to believe this was finally his team and all he accomplished in doing so was lateral changes of one guy who wasn’t good enough, for another guy who isn’t good enough plus a draft pick or chronic injury history. In essence, he has slightly upgraded the defense and slightly downgraded the offense, which equals the same or slightly worse product that we already had. The man continues to run out of the shotgun with players that are made to run from the “I”, a QB who is no threat to keep the ball and an O-line with a 275 lb center that gets pancaked every other play. Look, I hate the R/O as the foundation of an offense, but if your going to be so stubborn that you “must” run it, at least bring in guys that are capable of doing so. To me, Kelly is a college coach, with college concepts and leads/runs the team like a college program. The end result of which is an offense of tempo and concept that gets dominated by physical, professional athletes and a weekly lack of discipline and focus. That trade to Tennessee to reunite with Mariotta should be explored this off-season. I just want the Eagles to win and I don’t see it with this coach.

  • Kelly’s offense is putrid it lacks consistency, maybe or probably it’s the qb play

    The offense moved smoother under Sanchez

    The problem with him. ..

    He’s Sanchez, he threw a pick like he always does

    This all comes d own to kelly

    This is his team

    • Jake it’s all on him..he put the bullseye there ..this NFC is so putrid that ,winning the NFC least is like being the tallest midget in the circus.and he’s not lost any ground if the Giants lost .The depth issues on the offensive line ,have come to roost .On a day when huff was ballin a bit ..miles Austin ,was atrocious.Sam took some major kill shots ,more than once ..That’s on Kelly the GM ,not drafting any…and then his suspect play calls ,knowing there was a turnstile on bradfords blind side.He was with possession ,in the red zone and the only conceivable foe (the clock) ,he chose to not run clock ,but yield to put the season in Sanchez hands.A good coach,knows the choice ? Why doesn’t chip? The GM paid a shit ton of money for Sanchez ,all he needed do is play smart ..he’s as much to blame.It doesn’t make sense either when in crucial spots for the redbone and for firsts we are trusting and dialing up Austin? Was cooper even there ? Matthews was special last week ..why no repeat performance ? We fnally ran tight ends all over the place ..but at the expense of not doubling for Kelly j..we rolled them bones and they came up sanchized ..

      • Ok…ok..desert…I understand the ‘depth’ issue on the Oline…Jason Peters is a big loss…but when your All-Pro talented Center is getting his ass kicked what do you do?

        There was absolutely no push in the line for the running game…again the Center when he is getting his ass kicked loses concentration snaps the ball over the QB head!
        Kelce is supposed to provide leadership on the Oline…but when you are getting your ass whopped and you are dominated by the other guy…you destroy your teams chances to win…

        Plus Kelly the Coach knows he has a backup in Dennis Kelly…why not give the kid a little help? This was some of the most pathetic offensive line play I ever seen…and Jason Kelce was the main culprit!

  • Everz11 I could not agree more this guy is more pigheaded than Andy and I thought that was impossible

  • Like Parcells says you are what your record says you are. This is a bad team and a poorly coached team period end of story

  • Exactly carguy

  • How Bout those Panthers… Another Solid Game by Cam Newton,
    Nothing spectacular but threw for 1 TD, Ran in another TD, but No mistakes
    I recall stating that the Panthers were building a very solid Team from the inside out based on Physicality, Athleticism, Sound Fundamentals and Football Smarts … I wished the Eagles would follow their blueprint once Chip Kelly is gone after the 2016 Season

  • At least we don’t have Peyton manning

  • Pman ..on a day like today ..ho gives a shit about the panthers ..that’s like the kid in grade school ,on a day my birds lost at home after up 16-3 ..I don’t want to hear about anything ,let alone the hicks from the sticks panthers “…when Andy of Mayberry closes Main Street ,get back to us

    • Sorry DE, I know today’s game was a tough one to watch and take..
      But I hold Chip Kelly responsible for this below average Team & Performance
      Eagleswillhave a difficult time beating the TB Bucs & Detroit Lions with their Offense playing this poorly ..
      Another thing I have not hear or see anyone post is the big step ask inSpecial Teams this Season from the Coverage Teams, Kicking Game and 2 Crucial BlockedPunts that directly attributed to 2 losses … The Defense is improved but the Offense and Special Teams have taken steps background the Eagles an average Team.

  • Shaking my damn head about this game. Once again, the fact that you cut a Pro Bowl o-lineman and 1 Pro Bowl receiver go and another excellent receiver leave in free agency bit us in the ass. I mean, how long do I have to watch Miles Austin not make plays?

    Three draft picks within the first 3 rounds on receivers, where if you just keep the guys you had, those resources could have been spent on drafting offensive lineman. Then you compound it by cutting a Pro Bowl o-lineman before the season for no reason at all but spite.

    Just one fuck up after another today. Should’ve beat this team by 3 tds.

    • Culture = Average Team

    • Preach

  • I can’t shake thinking if we had just kept things as they were; Foles at QB, Shady at RB, Maclin at WR and even Mathis, drafted heavy O-line and secondary (still could have plucked Hicks in the 3rd) and grabbed a bonifided, head thumping fullback to go with the handful of quality signings kelly did make (Jenkins in 2014 and Thurmond this year) and run a more conventional offense with sprinklings of “tempo”, R/O and shotgun run, this team would be running away with the division at minimum and been in conversation as a contender.

  • This loss, like three other losses, is squarely on the offensive line. Holding penalties, bad snaps, blocked punts, sacks… No team can win with an offensive line that plays like ours.

    No quarterback can operate behind a line like ours.

  • I gave up my season tickets last year and I really thought I would miss them but I don’t. It is hard enough to watch this team on tv I can’t imagine wasting my whole Sunday going to the game for this shit product. They are not a team they are a collection of milk shake drinking square pegs trying to fit into round holes for the head asshole our coach

  • Broncos Bench Peyton Manning for Brock Osweiler as Manning is 5-22 for 50 Yards and a couple of Int’s as the Chiefs are routing the Broncos 22-0

  • I see Sam Bradford playing for the Denver Broncos next Season as Elway will go hard after him in Free-Agency and Bradford wants no business remaining in Philly
    I see GM Chip Kelly trading a couple of Mid-Round Picks for RG3 and putting his 2016 Hopes on him…
    The Talent is thin for the next HC & GM for 2017 & Beyond I’m afraid…

  • Boy the Vikings are looking good with a very balanced Offense and Rookie 4th Round Draft Pick TJ Clemmings was a steal and looks very good at RT

  • Also forgot that the Chicago Bears with QB Jay Cutler are also 4-5 and now inthe Wild-Card Hunt

  • when is Jason Kelce gonna take some damm heat?

    I’m sick of his “I gotta play better” bull.

    He’s supposed to be an All-Pro and he get beaten like a rag dog, no push on the inside at all!

    Suh owned him on the inside

    No running game…i dont want to hear nothing about the QB…what the hell is Bradford supposed to do?

    19-25 for 236 yards and a touchdown and these are his numbers while his Offensive line is getting their asses kicked all over the field and he is getting beat like a drum..


    How does Chip simply watch his QB get massacred he sees that Dennis Kelly was getting his ass kicked and the guy flies in wallops the QB…

    Bradford never had a chance

    Smh…Pathetic, awful performance

    Cant call anything but that!

    • I told anyone who wanted toliston that Center Jason Kelce was overrated and has beenindecline the last 2 Seasons… Everyone loves himinPhilly for he’s one of the few OL that actually speaks to the media.. But he’s middle of the pack as far as I a concerned as a Center inthe NFC
      Give me Frederick of Cowboys, Kalil of Panthers, The Packers Center,
      The Center from the Saints , the Center from the Vikings and Cardinals before Kelce..

    • kelce was always overrated. An undersized avg center who excels in downfield blocking (basically because he’s too small). And no the same local media who hyped him along with the same local fans who cosigned, won’t call him out. Kelce is one of the many faces of the superior “culture” guys.

      • Kelce’s teachers pet act has grown old…

        You’re correct, Kelce has never been able to pass block, and he gets no push on straight ahead run blocking. He does well pulling to the outside, which is no help with a back like Murry who runs downhill.

        This team needs to upgrade the offensive line. They are losing games…

  • Pats Kicker Gostkowski saves the Eagles for another Week …

  • Eagles are not good dude, they will lose to the bucs next week

    • I think the Eagleslose out for the remainder of the Season..
      TB Bucs are improved and the Eagles always play like shit down in Tampa..
      Then the Lions always play well on Turkey Day and will rise up to play their best game of the year
      Then the final 5 Games, they play Teams that are better, more talented and better coached than the Eagles and that are in the Playoff Race and have something to play for..
      The Pats, Bills, Cardinals, Redskins & NY Giants all roll the given up Eagles
      4-12 is what the Trainwreck Season ends up.. I already see,sense and hear comments from Players that they are beginning to tune out Chip Kelly

      • The Eagles will win 3 more games this season to finish 7-9. If they get lucky..8-8. No better than that.

        • 7-8 Wins gives them a 14th-#18th Range Draft Pick in each Round
          Taking the Philly Style of Tanking and let’s say Finish 4-12 and then they would get a Top 6 Pick of every Round (Except the 2nd Round in Bradford Deal)
          If they want to get a real QB of the Future which they don’t presently have on their Roster, then why not tank it and get into better position to get one next Draft… Chip Kelly the GM should be thinking this ..

          • This would and should be the draft they focus on the O line and WR (again), I can wait another year on a QB. We need upgrades at RT..I like Johnson on the left, Center and at both Guard spots. I am interested in seeing Malcom Bunch play.

            • upgrades at the Center and left and right guard spots.

              • This 2016 is not real Deep along the OL as as past couple of Drafts have been.
                Eagles missed the boat ..

              • They have to find them. The last two drafts he squawked about not drafting o line because no one on the board was worth the pick at the time…nonsense.

              • I am not sold that Chip Kelly knows what to look for in his OL and I’ll be honest, this OL Coach Jeff Stoutland has not impressed me 1 bit, either has the WR Coach .. I just don’t see the improvement in those Positions with the Younger Players… Agholor looks spastic as Josh Huff does…
                Aijorutu & Austin & Cooper would not even make 20 Teams NFL Rosters as WR’s

              • Front the 2015 Draft
                Pitts OT TJ Clemmings sitting on the Board in the 4th Round?
                Fla State Guard Tre Jackson on the Board in the 4th Round ?
                Georgia Tech Center Shaquille Mason are the Board in the 5th Round ?

  • I don’t think the Chipper’s plays work in the red zone. Conventional offense, yes with a huddle, in the red zone maybe should be considered. Under Center not in the shot gun, a full back who can catch for play action in the flats to at least take a linebacker with him on a pattern opening up the seams.

    • We’ve seen over the Years with the Eagles (with AR too) that “horizontal schemes” don’t work in Red Zone … Ar used to use FB’s in his early seasons but then got away from them, chip Kelly does not believe in FB’s at all..
      His gimmicky Offense is built on Tempo and Decption..
      In the Red-Zone, Defenses don’t have the late of field to be concerned about and react to the ball which if it’s moving horizontally plays right into the Defenses Hands..

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