• June 25, 2022

DeMarco Murray Brought A Bad Habit From Dallas

DeMarcoMurrayvsPats1I’ve heard a lot of people wonder aloud why DeMarco Murray would approach Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie with complaints about not getting enough carries and playing time.  That’s unusual for us here in the Philadelphia area, but it happens all the time down in Dallas with Jerry Jones as the owner.

I think it’s best for an organization for players to take their problems to their position coaches, then the head coach, but not the owner.  It’s also interesting that the story was reported by Ed Werder of ESPN, who has covered the Cowboys team for decades.  Surely Murray knows Werder and it wasn’t a coincidence that he made the report, but is that the way to deal with an internal football problem.  It’s not good for the football team to have a key player more focused on his number of carries rather than the huge win over the defending Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

While in Dallas playing for the Cowboys, Murray saw numerous teammates go to Jerry’s office when they had a problem.  Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant has taken and continues to take his problems to Jones.  Jones takes troubled Cowboys likes former Carolina Panthers defensive end, Greg Hardy and rookie pass rusher Rangy Gregory under his wing.

It’s pretty easy to see why Murray decided to go to Lurie, but he’s got to realize he isn’t in Dallas anymore.  That isn the way Lurie runs his football team.  Wisely, Jeffrey Lurie stays away from the cameras and the microphones for the most part.  He allows Chip Kelly and his staff to run the football team.  I think he’s running the team in the right way.

It isn’t a good habit for players to take their issues straight to the owner because it eliminates the power of the head coach and coaching staff.  It’s one of the reasons the Cowboys have had so much trouble winning under Jones, after Jimmy Johnson left.

From a football standpoint, Murray has no argument to be given more carries and playing time than the Birds other running backs.  His numbers don’t compare favorably with Ryan Mathews, Darren Proles and Kenjon Barner.  Murray has carried the ball 163 for 569 yards for only a 3.5 yard per carry average.  Mathews has carried it 75 times for 427 yards and a 5.7 yards per carry average.  Sproles has run with the ball 62 times for 234 yards and 3.8 yards per carry average.  Barner has rushed 23 times for a 106 yards and a 4.6 yards per carry average.

Oh by the way, Mathews practiced yesterday and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets more carries than Murray on Sunday.


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  • shady’s coming back to the Linc.
    This is the game I wanted to see as soon as the schedule came out. So Happy it is a 1:00 pm est game. Everyone will be focused on Shady in the stands anticipating his antics.
    Always shotgun snaps. Demarco might succeed better if taking a handoff from a QB under center. Chip might be shooting himself in his own foot by not willing to adapt to his players strengths.

  • This should be an interesting match-up as the Bills have a very explosive Offense, but like the Eagles, are very up and down from week to week ..
    QB Tyrod Taylor looks great one week and then terrible the next week
    Rex Ryan in Big Games typically comes out with a real conservative Game Plan and relies on his Defense to Win it for him late in the Game..
    The Problem with the Bills Defense is that they have only 18 Sacks after leading the NFL in 2014 with basically the same group and sometimes Rex Ryan can bastardized his schemes and coverage’s so much that he takes what what certain players do well and complicates it … They also have only generated 18 Turnovers for a 15th Ranking overall this Season …
    Bottom line is if the Eagles Protect the Ball & Bradford and allow him Time to survey the field , the Eagles should be able to move the Ball and Put Points on the Board..This will be a higher scoring game that many may have thought … I am going Eagles 36 – Bills 32 in another Crazy Up and Down Game

  • Damn that McCoy just can’t keep his trap shut can he?

    • He is a petulant little boy, spoiled brat and not very intelligent on top of all that. No biggie, he is a very good back and in hindsight a much better fit than we all thought… He gets paid loads of money to run the ball… He is good at it. He doesn’t get paid for his brains or maturity

  • Shady chatting has gone on long enough. He is taking this too far now. You know its bad when you piss off Herm Edwards. That guy is an emotional dude on espn…but he was really ticked off at the whole conversation about players talking about coaches. If yall aint see it check it out on espn. I thought Herm was gonna walk out of the session!!! LMAO.

  • You can catch the video on Eagles Green Nation if you are interesting.

  • *Interseted

  • **Interested…i guess i’m so annoyed that i cant seem to spell..LOL

    • Omg rhino that herm edwards segment was epic,lmao….herm is passionate, love that dude

      • Epic it was Z44!!! Love Herm..

        • I thought Herm was going to walk off the set once or twice during that segment..

  • Who cares…really…who cares what Shady thinks and says?

    Its simple…the guy is pissed off because he was traded and now he wants revenge

    Murray should get a comfortable seat on the damm bench…Kelly should play the other guys and let his ass stew…his teammates will understand…Murray hasn’t produced…he doesn’t run as violently as he did with Dallas last year.

    Sit his ass on the bench and let him talk to Lurie about that!

    • If another disastrous record leads to Philly landing Ben Simmons, it all might be worth it. Ford writes: “While players like Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel and (if he ever gets healthy) Joel Embiid are talented, none of them has Simmons’ superstar potential.” 76ers take Simmons No. 1 (Insider)

      SUCK FOR SIMMONS!!! he a once a decade talent. We gotta get that #1 pick and if we dont offer our #1 pick this year and all are other assets for him

    • What it shows is that the Eagles were correct with the idea of cutting Shady. My understanding is this shit was going on all last year. Constant comments, film room BS etc etc.

      Clearly that’s not surprising. Can’t have those guys in the dressing from so the idea of the trade was fine.

      The issue was the panic signing of an overrated Cowboy with no tread left. The original replacement plan was for Gore – which would also have been a mistake.

      The deciding that Gore and Murray would be the best fits for the offence is what gives me most pause in terms of Kelly’s ability to be GM.

      Its his system, and these are the guys he salivated over (overpaying tremendously for one of them)

      And yet neither would have helped the Eagles….certainly not long term.

      So how could Kelly have been so wrong about talent evaluation AND then, how could he be so wrong about the amount of the Murray contract??

      Losing Shady – he had to go…and that shitshow in Buffalo with the Blowhard running the ship full of blowhard players is going to collapse before it wins anything was one thing…

      Signing terrible players to bloated contracts is another….and its what worries me the most.

      • I disagree about Frank Gore being a Mistake,
        Remember it was a 3 Year $14 Million Deal for Gore who probably has 2 Years left (2015 & 2016) and is the type of downhill runner that would be much more effective in the Eagles Scheme than Murray, I believe the Eagles/Kelly were interested in Ryan Matthews the entire time and was one of the Free-Agent target but a Backfield of Gore, Matthews and Sproles for the 2015/2016 Seasons would have been effective and cheaper…
        Or even a Backfield of Gore/Sproles and then a Mid-Draft Pick in a very Deep RB Class is really the route Kelly should have taken

        Look at RB’s Drafted in the 4th Round or Later .. the Bears Jeremy Langford or Ravens Buck Allen, Arizona David Johnson or Panthers Cameron Artis-Payne … All RB”s with upside

        • Gore backed out after talking to Players who played for Chip Kelly and who said Kelly treated Veterans like kids and suggested that he look elsewhere to play..
          Gore heeded the advice he received from …… and went to Indy

        • Well that’s my point…age….Gore is a 32 yr old guy with barely anything left in the tank. He’s averaging a solid 3.6 yrds/carry and his numbers have dropped for 3 straight years.

          He would have been a stupid signing for the Birds because what exactly could he provide save a little “win now” “spark” (and I don’t even think he could provide that.

          This again goes to the stupid “win now” philosophy that permeates this franchise. The lack of long-term vision has led to the team going from the 2nd youngest in the league 3 years ago to the 5th oldest.

          The pursuit of Gore made no sense, except when one realizes Kelly doesn’t give a shit about next year and was in total “win now” mode (trade for FA QB, pursue 32 yr old RB, pursue over-worked “rushing leader”, sign ancient Austin, slap $63million band-aid on CB problem.

          Each and every one a “win now” one year “solution” and its all blown up.

          The only point you bring up that is positine for Gore is his salary $4.5 this year and 4 next…..(with only a 3 mill dead cap hit if cut next year)….

          That makes the Demarco contract look tremendously ridiculous.

          • Well obviously Kelly thought that coming off back to back 10-6 Seasons with a couple of Veteran Pick-ups in the Secondary/Backfield followed with a couple of Solid Drafts could propel the Eagles into a Deep Playoff Run..

            Fast Forward to the Present and Now,
            I think Kelly will run that heck out of Sproles with Matthews getting plenty of Reps while Murray stews on the sidelines and may not even be active for a some games depending if the Eagles get on a roll here in order to remove a distraction that Murray has become …

  • That about covers it !

  • Shady is a little bitch, dude move on, it took me a season of kelly to realize that he had to get rid of the trio, vick, djack, and shady…..but pman gotta give it to u, u called it since day 1

  • Im with u henski give everything for simmons

  • The 76ers 3 Selections in the 1st round of the 2016 Draft

    1st Selection (3rd Overall) – PF Dragan Bender (Croatia 7-1 220lbs)
    2nd Selection – PG Kris Dunn (Providence 6-4 220lbs)
    3rd Selection – SG Furkan Korkmaz (Turkey 6-6 – 200lbs)

    Both Bender & Korkmaz are only 18 Years Old and will remain in Europe until 2018 and then be ready for the NBA…

    • the 2016 NBA draft isn’t that good. I’ve never seen Bender play but the Turkey guy is rail thin. His shoulders are really narrow. ( The diameter of a basketball might be wider) Miami and OKC are both playing top 5 basketball so 2 of the Hinkie draft plan draft choices are complete garbage real late rounders.There is nothing in this draft especially in the late first round around pick 25 where the Miami and OKC draft picks will transfer.

      • this draft is amazing if you have the #1 pick

        • The Lakers or Brooklyn Nets will end up with Ben Simmons, not the 76ers
          This 2016 NBA Draft does not look at that strong or deep with Top NBA Prospects..

          • Now the 76ers Ownership are talking about Flipping/Selling the 76ers Franchis in order to buy the 1st NFL Franchise for a London Team.. The 76ers Fans are hosed once again, there is no commitment to this Franchise or to its Fans… Hinkie’s Job is to make the 76ers as attractive as possible to buyers since they have lots of Draft Picks (Assets) and very Low Overhead (Current Player Salaries)
            The Philly Fans get Duped once again…

            • I thought this was a ‘paulman rumor’ and it made me chuckle…so i’m flipping around the net and it comes from Forbes… unbelievable…trust the process..LOL

              • Its crazy isn’t it… Where’s Jon Hart’s “Insider Information” which is another Crock.. Good Grief, Back to the Drawing Board once again for the 76ers….

  • I was patiently waiting for a Sixers article but it appears that the guys that write Sixers articles are on vacation…

    This is my take on all of this Sixers news.. (No source)…

    Sam Hinkie’s days are numbered..

    He will not be the long term GM for this team.

    He’s burned bridge after bridge whether it’s with other GMs, Owners, players etc league wide.

    He’s decided to blatantly alienate himself from the media and other teams up until hes ready to speak or want to facilitate a trade

    Yes I was all for the plan to be bad and to acquire draft picks, but this thing started to look more and more like the losing would have no end and this process of getting these picks wouldn’t end. Meanwhile the team is in shambles, young players confidence are fractured and you have a great coach in Brett Brown thats in limbo and very frustrated

    We needed someone that has experience in reconstructing a team from scratch. Someone that can turn it around in a hurry

    Here enters Jerry Colangelo , a hall of fame executive 4 time executive of the year the most in Nba history, team USA chairman of the board , architect of building a franchise from scratch and turning them into a playoff caliber team, contacts galore in the country and out, leaguewide and overseas. Very accessible to the media, players, coaches all of the staff etc.

    So we have a heavyweight in the front office.

    My sincere feelings are that Jerry was offered a piece of the Sixers franchise and Chairman of ops position.

    Eventually I feel when Joshua Harris does in fact want to flip the team, Jerry will help facilitate the selling

    Now you may ask how could Jerry do that?

    Well after some research I did I found out that Jerry has done this before. He brought in Phil Knight to buy the Clippers in 1981 for $12 million, but the price was raised to $13 million and Donald Sterling won

    That’s just one instance. Though Phil Knight didn’t get the clippers, he did just fine with Nike. But we’re able to see the versatility and ability that Jerry has and the limitless contacts he processes

    Also his son Bryan Colangelo who is a two time executive of the year when with the Raptors is currently unemployed. Do you honestly think he won’t be involved somehow? Don’t be foolish, I think he will certainly be involved and will be offered a high ranking position with the team

    I think Sam Hinkie will be fired and Bryan Colangelo will take over as GM

    So names like Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan come to mind..

    Jerry seeing and having a relationship with Durant thru USA basketball and Bryan having a close relationship with DeRozan thru the raptors, could these guys be persuaded to join the Sixers this summer by the aggressive strong armed Colangelo’s? Guess we have to wait and see…

    Their are going to be some serious changes in the coming weeks and months to this team now that Jerry is here…

    And more than likely Bryan along with him…

    • Show ya love JH! too funny…trust the process!
      and the reason Denny doesn’t write a sixer article yet is because he is crying over many of the things you said… at least you have denounced that fraud, snake oil salesman STINKIE!

    • Yesssss!!!! We getting Durant or derozen!!!!! Fuckin idiiot

  • I see Kevin Durant playing for his Hometown Washington Wizards when his Contract is up and Team up with Guard Kevin Wall to attempt to Win a Championship or two or three for the Wizards..

  • We do need Fresh Article’s on the Phils Activity during the MLB GM Meetings
    and 76ers News with the Changes happening there

    I like the Jerry Colangelo Hiring and Think he will get the Ball rolling sooner rather later on rebuilding this Franchise to be competitive and take things from there.. As I mentioned when the story first broke a couple days ago,
    Jerry Colangelo is a very :hands-on” type of Leader and was not hired to just hang around in the background.. He’s probably involved for 1-2 Years and get his People (Maybe his Son Bryan, as JH indicates above involved)
    but either way, Sam Hinkie is out, as is the Tanking Strategy and for me and some others on here (HAC) this is good news.. You Field Teams to Compete, You offer Fans, Excitement and Hope for a better Future, but you have to filed a Competitive Team that’s out there every night trying to Win..
    Whats the point if you don’t operate this way, I’ll worry about 2021 when 2021 comes, meanwhile I and many Fans want a Competitive Team to root for and not this garbage of the last few Seasons

  • This #31 David Johnson from Arizona Cardinals is a load…
    The Cardinals will get 10 Days Rest before coming to Philly for a Sunday Night Game (12/20)

  • A Good, Exciting Game , Cardinals pull it out, 23-20 over the Vikings ..

  • Y but they’ve clinched a playoff birth already, and have a very good chance to have clinched a home field game prior to kickoff.

    So very little motivation for them.

    This eagles schedule has broken for them like I have never seen before with opponent injuries, rest before big games, teams heading to London…..its ridiculous how lucky they’ve been in terms of schedule…….

    And have nothing to show for it.

    Oh wait….tied for 1st I forgot.

    • No one wants to hear it

      The Eagles have had their fair share of bad breaks this year

      Injuries to the Offensive Line

      Losing key people-losing the kid that was playing linebacker at an All-Pro level
      The Quarterback getting hurt when our best offensive lineman got hurt
      Losing our starting Cornerback

      So your blabber is meaningless Vinniedafoolass

      So no one wants to hear the bullshit about bad breaks other teams supposedly got ….teams going to London is irrelevant…you fly over comfortably, fly back comfortably and get a nice check to play-no excuses for losing the next week except you got beat…period! Injuries?…like I said we have our fair share too…every bad break other teams have got…we got them too! Its even!

      The rest of the division is bad…so what…that’s the breaks…we still got a shot, still got a chance and if we get it will be because we got the key wins to get in…no one is giving out any gifts.

      So stop trying to make up lame ass excuses to cover your ass for an Eagles win…if they win its because they earned it Vinniedafool…bottom line!

      • Week Before London

        Jets Lost
        Miami Lost
        Buffalo lost
        Jacksonville lost
        Detroit lost
        KC won

        Miami lost
        Oakland lost
        Atlanta lost
        Detroit won (by 1)
        Dallas lost
        Jacksonville lost

        Do I have to continue, or can even an idiot like yourself see what happens

        2 wins and 10 losses for teams travelling to London.

        8 of those 20 losses by double digits.

        Every loss at home.

        So you have 2 options:

        1 – Keep embarrassing yourself with talk of “irrelevance” or “comfort”

        2 – Come back and join the conversation when you have a fucking clue about how the NFL works.

        • You have been run out of options

          Vinnie its very simple

          You are a fool

          12 games is too small of a sample

          As always your assessments are always lacking, you always miss key points

          In this the vast majority of the teams you mentioned are losing teams with losing records….the dont have to go to London to lose…they lose a lot anyway…Oakland, Jacksonville, Miami, Detroit, Atlanta (stunk last year and are fading this year)

          Its an excuse…they are professional players that can adjust…it’s a meaningless, irrelevant stat just like most of the stats you spouted that supposedly “proved’ something…just like those meaningless stats you habitually spouted to support Foles

          Meaningless, irrelevant, dumb..

          Just give it up Vinnie…your a has-been that never was…your never had any options to begin with…your stuck on stupid and you have no options out!

          • Those “irrelevant stats” have made me more money than your mom’s house is worth putz.

            You know nothing about the NFL. You have no idea how the schedule affects outcomes. You have no understanding that the NFL itself engineers the schedule to manipulate playoff seeding (and they gave the Eagles tremendous breaks this year that the Eagles failed to capitalize on).

            You completely dismiss motivation or emotion (evidenced last week) and its affect on games.

            It is completely understandable that you know nothing about/completely dismiss these things because over the past 3 years….

            You think Bradford is a good QB. You thought Sanchez was great. You thought Agholor would be better than Maclin. You loved the Murray signing. Vick is your hero. You think Desean is a great player. You pimped Taj Boyd, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Johnny Manziel and DENNIS DIXON as QB projects who would succeed for the Birds. You think David Molk is better than Jason Kelce. You applauded the Miles Austin signing.

            You are clueless.

            On an aside…that “too small a sample” has made me more $$ the past 2 years than your mom’s house is worth. The trend began in 2013 and continues.

            The teams don;t lose the week before, then get killed. Consistently. That’s why I knew, and told you the Eagles were going to win easily vs the Jets.

            And its why I’ll tell you right now, the Eagles are going to lose their game next year 4 days before they play in London.

  • birth….funny…..

  • Sixers extended Brett Brown’s contract.
    I don’t get it. The Sixers need to rid themselves of the Garbage, not extend it.

    • Brett Brown is not the problem E0S. It’s this roster. He can’t coach up bums. Team is filled with D leaguers

      • Wait JH…. You are a trust the process guy… How can
        Criticize the roster? You are a stinkyite
        Henski u have been quiet since the Sixers recent humiliation

        • Since you wanna continue to stalk my every post I ‘ll address your idiocy just once

          I’m a fan of anyone that can provide the Sixers with help, whether its a coach or front office guy

          When Sam Hinkie came to the front office it was a breath of fresh air, he started acquiring assets, dropping salary etc. That’s really what he was brought in here to do. And I was all for it.

          Doing all of that has gotten us Jahlil Okafor, Nerlins Noel, Dario Saric (coming over next season) and a bevy of 1st round draft picks. HE DID HIS JOB

          Now we bring in a guy named Jerry Colangelo who’s track record of building a team in a short amount of team and overall success on many fronts simply supersedes the likes of a Sam Hinkie. And as a true fan of the team with a brain I welcome that

          I’m a true fan of the Sixers, not a guy posting on a site to criticize every one that roots for change and or when a guy is asked to step aside for a more polished accomplished guy, look to bash a poster for it

          Get over it

          Do you have any worth to this site at all?

          What was your last post that was team related not poster related?


          Doubt it

          Develop a point of view, an opinion of the teams and share it.

          That’s what this thing is all about

        • Hac what am I supposed to say??? We still tanking and I’m still rooting for us to get Simmons build a team of our guys with draft picks and get some rings in the process hopefully. I could care less if we got some consultant guy that’s going to work for our team but live in Arizona he is irreverent. Hinkie is the gm and will be. I don’t necessarily like hinkie but like what we r doing. Watching the AI sixers days was awesome and it was great when we had a team that could cotend for it all, I want it again. That’s it. By the way what is your plan? What is the better option than what we are doing? I’ve only asked you 10 times. It sure seems like all you wanna do is piss and moan and be confrontational.

          • What can you say? How about…the process was a fraud, Hinkie was a fraud and this multiple tank years was a fraud? My plan? Draft the best players available, surround them with the best players available and compete… I already proved using your players that you don’t need a number one pic to be successful. James is the best player of this century and has one championship in like ten years…he may end up with more but plenty of lower picks can be the guy… You have to try to win

            • Oh ok so the same plan we used post iverson ? That was boring and awful and not fun for anyone. Same plan as the Knicks and teams like Charlotte , Portland , Atlanta… The same teams that have 0% shot at winning a title. U do understand every year in the nba 4 or 5 teams at best have a legit title shot and every other team has 0% shot right? U need the franchise player or u aren’t winning and u have to draft him… I get it u want to compete that’s fun for some I guess

              • I thought the Team from a few Years back with Jrue, Lou Wiiliams, Thadd Young, Iggy, etc,etc were fun to watch and support and if they Kept Vucevic and added more pieces they could have been competitive in today’s Eastern Conference
                To say It’s all or nothing in Terms of winning a Championship is simply childish and unrealistic… The City has been saying this for 50 Years about the Eagles.. And 35 + for the 76ers/Flyers.. Have Teams that compete, play together and make the City/Fans Proud and make some Playoff Runs but nobody owes any Franchise “Championships”

  • ***Sixers News***

    According to a source, coach Mike D’Antoni may in fact be joining the Sixers coaching staff as a associate head coach. Not the Head Coach, we already have Brett and just extended him, so as the associate Head Coach, I’m hearing possibly by late December

    My thoughts: This is the type of power moves I was talking about with Jerry Colangelo as the man calling the shots. He brings in a big name coach who was a coach of the year winner in the 04-05 season, coach of team USA etc. As we know Colangelo and D’Antoni have a very good friendship from their Phoenix Suns days. I’m hearing D’antoni wants to get back into HC in the nba someday but for now helping fix the complete mess in Philadelphia is first priority

    You bring in a Jerry Colangelo you don’t have to worry about a 5-10 year plan. By putting him in charge he almost automatically shrinks that plan to 2 years.. Hes no joke..

    I said in my previous post, expect a lot of activity in the coming week’s and months now that Jerry is here…

    • How many NBA Championships has Jerry Colangelo won for his respective teams???…Really need to give thought to that…

      Mike D’Antoni stinks as a head coach in my opinion, but I also feel that both he, and Colangelo do bring something positive to the team – Experience – and that’s it – nothing else.

      • Cliff u beat me to it. If this guys first order of business is to hire Mike d antonie than he sucks and is a flop. D antonie has flopped everywhere he has been and is an irrelevant flip hire especially on a team that had okafor Noel and eventually embiid as those 3 are not d antonie guys.

        • You see it as I do Big Mhenski….

          I don’t know why fans get so turned up over nothing with either of them…

          Ben Simmons is a got to have. If the NBA Executives try that political stuff at the draft lottery, and put the Lakers on top of this draft as they have with Cleveland in the past. The Sixers should file a lawsuit, protest or something. They need to get him in the worse way.

          Okafor is the starting point, and you have bench role players like Covington, Jeremy Grant, and Reshard Holmes.

          We have trade bait in Nerlens Noel, or Embiid – who I don’t think anyone would touch right now – But one will eventually have to go. Noel can’t play alongside Okafor, and should be a decent Backup which plays more to his strengths as a defensive player.

          We also have a chance to get the top 2 picks in next years draft as well which will be Josh Jackson 6-8 SG/SF, and Harry Giles 6-10 PF still having the option to swap with the Kings, and finally getting the Lakers #1 which will be high next year as well.

          But I don’t trust an old head like Jerry Colangelo, or Sam Heinke to draft the right players

          • So I guess you as a old head “GM” could do better right?

            C’mon Cliff. If they brought in Gregg Pop, Larry Brown and Phil Jackson to coach or work in the front office you’d say the same thing

            They’re now on the road to respectability…

            We should be rejoicing

            You’re forgetting, it was Jerry who set the Phoenix Suns up for success in the 90s and 2000, finals appearances etc. Great teams but ran into better HOF squads. Hes the one that reshaped team USA basketball and made them respectable again

            You gotta give someone credit sometimes cliff… Sheesh

            We’re a better organization than we were last week

            If you want to ignore all that he’s done because he’s 76 than so be it hahaha

            • Yeah, Jon, I would do a better job.

              Gregg Pop, Larry Brown and Phil Jackson, have all won NBA Championships. There would be nothing to question.

              I don’t think his resume is impressive at all by mentioning what he built in Phoenix. They were an overachieving team with really no chance of defeating Jordan, and the Bulls, and they never went back to the finals afterwards either – don’t forget that.

              He stole Barkley from an incompetent Front Office of the 76ers at that time who ignorantly rationalized we had gotten equal value for Barkley – How’d that work out?? Great for Phoenix. But, it doesn’t prove Colangelo is some genius – Far from it.

              I repeat my question, How many Championships has he won??!!??!!

              You know the answer, so I rest my case.

  • Good news on Embid. The cast is off and pics show him ripped with pure muscle. He has been working out and in great shape and looks like Dwight Howard now.

  • IMO..

    Its possible that either Noel or Okafor will be moved..

    They don’t play well together and as much as I like them both, they’re limited

    Okafor seems to be a bit flat footed at times and no defensive prowess but then again hes only 19 years old

    Noel is a good defender but because of his inability to score the ball consistently it leaves him limited

    I’d keep them both but if I was to move someone it would be Nerlins Noel

    But I have a good feeling about Embiid. I think this last procedure will allow that foot to heal better. Good thing about it is he’s young

    This team needs shooters and scorers. Trust me, now that we have D’antoni coming this team wont have trouble scoring the ball in the near future

    We’re finally gonna have some great basketball minds in both the front office and on the coaching staff

    This team is starting to look really different really fast



    ShowYaLuv Philadelphia!!!

    • Noel will end up in Boston as a Celtic in a Trade…

      • Or possibly the Brooklyn Nets…

        • Paul whatever will give the Sixers the most in return. But it has to make sense. Now that Jerry is here he’s not going to make too many mistakes big or small. His name is on the front of this franchise so hes not looking to embarrass himself

          I strongly doubt the Sixers would trade Okafor so it would have to be Noel.

          Would the Sixers pull the plug on an Okafor at 19 yrs old? I don’t think so, too much upside

          I think he has the work ethic and ability of a young Tim Duncan. He still needs to shed more pounds and bulk up a bit and he will, still a rookie still only 19.

          If we’ve noticed, Brett Brown is grooming him to be a power forward in this league, he said himself that he feels he’s a Power Forward (quietly recognizing that Embiid is 7’2 and a pure center with ridiculous ability)

          So it has to be Noel

          I’m thinking it would be a draft day trade but now that Jerry is here anything is possible…

          • I don’t think Noel will return a Lottery Draft Pick from any Team, but likely a good NBA player and possibly a 1st Round Pick that’s out of the Top 10 Picks or a future Year 1st Rounder where who knows where that ends up being..

            • It could be Noel and one of our 1st out of the top 10, for another teams top 10 pick

              Noel is no slouch.. he’s a good player and still so young he just has limitations but I like his defense

              The thing I liked about Hinkie is that he knew when to trade a guy when he reached peak interest from the league and before teams could see his imitations, case and point MCW..

              Now may be the time to unload Noel. Now as in maybe before this upcoming trade deadline or this summer during the draft

              I mean come on what are we gonna do with 3 big men unless one is willing to come off the bench and it would have to be Noel and I know he wouldn’t do that…

              But they may wait and see how Embiid heals before trading one of the bigs.. that would be the smarter move…

              I’d just wait and see how they all gel first…I’d keep them all

              • They probably have to wait to see what Embiid’s status is, but if they are in position to Draft Simmons, then Okafor would be the Player to Trade, don’t you think?

              • That would be a tough tough call.

                Yes Simmons is the prize but you have Embiid who were thinking will be a stud after returning from injury and you have Okafor who has franchise changer written all over him and a SF/Guard in Saric who I’m hearing is balling out for Croatia and his shooting pct from 3 has shot up and will be coming over next year, so you don’t want to mortgage the future too much for one guy when we’re finally starting to build something

                I wouldn’t trade Okafor.. Noel would be the one. Guys like Okafor at that size and ability don’t come along too often maybe every 10-15 years. Guys like Noel come along every other draft..

                But in regards to Okafor, we can say the same thing about Simmons too right?! Very rare type of players

                A very tough call…

              • Just stop Paul. U don’t know anything about hoops. Simmons won’t play pf in the nba guy…

                And of course u would say the jru Thad iguadala team was fun. Easy for u to say that when u don’t watch the sixers ever. Stop Paul and go do something besides type shit here for 1 day of ur life. Shit even 1/2 day, u live here. I’m beginning to think ur a cripple

  • Phils Acquire Starting RHP Charlie Morton from the Pirates for a Reliever
    Morton struggled a bit in 2014 but was solid in 2012-2013 for the Pirates and will bring experience and Innings to the Staff as the Phils start to put a Staff Together

  • Jerry said something very interesting in a interview this week when asked about free agents etc. He said that the day they announced he was now apart of the Sixers organization he checked his email that night and he had hundreds of emails from current agents and he said that’s from relationships he’s developed over time both past and present…

    Hes a heavy weight… You mention his name in NBA circles and guys know what he brings to the table. We’re finally on the path to respectability…

    Now word is that it’s a possibility that team USA may use that new Sixers practice facility obviously not this summer but maybe the following for Team USA since Jerry is now here and the the facility that’s supposed to be being built in Phoenix Arizona is now on hold due to money issues.

    Even if the Sixers facility isn’t ready, could Jerry have them practice at the current Sixers facility? I think he could

    Man.. what an advantage that gives us especially with a Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan and others becoming free agents this summer and will be in our neck of the woods…

    • Kevin Durant will be going Home to Washington DC to play for the Wizards per his Family..

      • Paul, it’s no guarantee that Kevin Durant is signing with the Wizards this summer…

        Jerry coming here has changed a lot.. things that weren’t available to a team like the Sixers is now open..

        I’m not saying KD is a lock to sign here but we can’t dismiss the possibility either…

        The sixers are ready to go to the next phase now so maybe that means they’ll try to bring in two max guys this summer

        I do know this.. they tried signing both Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler this past summer. Maybe if we had Jerry here at the time we may have had a chance to nab them..

        We also gotta see what Bradley Beal looks like injury wise by the end of the year. Hes a guy that can really light it up

  • The Final Deal between the Astros & Phillies has become Official and the Phils got more than originally stated
    Phils Send Closer Ken Giles & SS Jonathon Arauz
    For the Astros Pitcher Mark Appel (Former #1 Overall pick in 2013)
    & Pitchers Vincent Velasquez, Thomas Eshelman, Brett Oberholtzer & Harold Arauz (no relation to Jonathon)

    • 2 Phillies to the Asros for 5 Pitchers..

  • With all the Trades , What 1st Round Picks do the 76ers actually have for 2016 & 2017 Draft??

  • One for sure, the 76ers have to get a true Stud Guard..
    You can’t Win the NBA with superior Guard Play..
    Durant & Oklahoma become a legitimate Team when Westbrook Developed
    Spurs go asGuard Parker & Ginobli go
    Heat Won with Wade and Point Forward Lebron who handles the Ball
    Clippers are Relevant because of Chris Paul
    Wizards are Relevant because of Wall/ Beale
    Bulls are Relevant because of Derrick Rose/Jimmy Butler
    Rockets are Relevant because of James Harden
    Golden State is dominant because of Stephon Curry & Klay Thompson

    There’s lots of Good Big Men/PF in the NBA but until you have Top Level Guard Play (Offensively & Defensively) then you can’t Win Championships at the NBA Level

    Great Guard Play makes everyone better on the Court including Big Men
    Great Big Men don’t necessarily make average Guards into Great Guards..

    This I feel was Hinkies mistake of not getting a True Guard these last 3 Drafts
    To really groom to run an NBA Offense..
    This needs to be priority 1 for Colangelo & Co moving forward..

    • Saric is a point forward, if we get Simmons hes also a point forward. We signed Kendall Marshall who just got back off injury and is very capable of scoring the ball and most importantly distributing the ball putting guys in the proper positions

      He’ll be ok.. for now

      But the Sixers definitely need better guard play all around

      If Beal can stay healthy I’d say the Sixers need to pursue him this off season but his durability is a question mark.. but the man can flat out score the rock , he’s a sharp shooter

      • Saric is not a point forward, and Kendall Marshal isn’t the answer at Point Guard either. I don’t know why anyone would think that he is either.

        Maybe they can use one of their #1’s to trade for Dante Exum ??….LOL!!!!!!!!
        He maybe available….hahahahahaha!!!! Colangelo would be a genius…LOL!!!!

        • More post from cliff thinking he knows everything

          Saric is a point forward. Do your research. Hes a point forward. He runs the floor like a small forward and passes and has the court vision of a point guard

          Kendall Marshall is just what the Sixers need right now. They ‘re obviously going to upgrade but we have a veteran presence and a guy thatll set these young guys up for buckets

          And as for Exum. Hes a 2nd year guy, still very raw

          Let’s not go down the list of misses because I know you’d lead that.

          You have a countless number of misses cliff

          • He is NOT a point Forward Jon….

            and Marshall stinks….period

            I know more than most, and you’re welcome to go through the misses – there aren’t many – and they won’t be as many misses as you – that’s a fact. Be my guest brother….

            and Colangelo still wouldn’t have led even one team to a Championship. Which is what our original conversation was about.

            But I’m sure you’ll rationalize, to remain gullibly optimistic – just sad. Let’s just pray he can get lucky enough to do the right things, so the Sixers can get back to winning.

    • Paul, THEY NEED TALENT…a roster full of talent, that goes deeper than just a point guard. They’ve only got Okafor as a legitimate starter, and we have to wait and see how Embiid recovers. He is a talent, but we’ll have to wait, and see at what level he is.

      Covington is a talent, but not a starter
      Grant is a talent, but not a starter
      I think Holmes is a talent, but not starting talent
      and Noel is just Defensive Talent, that should be coming off the bench.

      • I agree GMCliff, but without excellent Guard Play, the Talent of the rest of the Roster becomes irrelevant.. You have to have 2 Very talented Guards
        (2 Guys who can handle the Ball and Create and yes, one can be a Point- Forward) and one of these Guards must play Solid Defense to stop opposing Guards.. We all know that Playoff Basketball is about Match-Ups and especially at the Guard Position

        • True Paul, but many that need a point , or a shooter make the mistake of REACHING for a talent in the draft that isn’t what they think them to be. Case and point DeAngelo Russell.

          There are many of those in this draft as well, and some GM’s will bypass better talent to grab a PG, or SG, just to grab one – with no idea he stinks.

          They need legitimate talent evaluators, to draft real talent regardless of position – and if need be explore free agency for that point guard.

          The draft doesn’t always supply that void at every position. These kids still need to learn how to play; most aren’t even ready, but many on here will sing their praises presumptuously assuming they are the answer, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

          I like your line of thinking, but they need to draft the RIGHT PG and SG – and not reach out of need.

          • What Guards do you see in this Draft with upside NBA Potential
            Kris Dunn – Providence 6-4 210lbs has an NBA size & strength as an example..

            • He is one Paul, and I was very high on EC Matthews before his knee injury, but he won’t be in the draft until next year, and we’ll see where he is in his game during the season next year. But, I like his potential as well

              I also like Kobi Simmons 6-5 High school Point Guard, who’ll possibly in the draft of 2017.

              • SG’s – Josh Jackson 6-7, and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk 6-6

              • From what I read, it appears the 2017 Draft may be deeper with more Talent than the 2016 Draft Class though it is way early in the process
                Do you think Ben Simmons can handle the Ball as a “Point Forward” against NBA Defenders?
                Where do you see him fitting in? As a #2, #3 or #4 , or more like a Kevin Durant Type early on?? I don’t see Simmons as a Lebron Type at this stage, do you?
                Is he strongenoughto drive the lane like Lebron was early on..
                Lebron has Guard Skills Ina Power Forwards Body.. I am not sure that Simmons is anywhere near that at his current skill level but definitely see he had big time Talent and in a few years time, with good Coaching and Teammates could be a Superstar, but I don’t think that will happen right away

              • I see Ben Simmons on the Sixers as a 3; yes, eventually a point forward, but he’s young, and has so much to learn on a bad team like the Sixers, he’s better off focusing on just improving his game on the NBA Level – THEN taking it to the next level

                I see him as a Sean Elliott type without the knee brace.

                If they can get a Josh Jackson, Kris Dunn, Ben Simmons, and Harry Giles to team with Okafor, along with EC Matthews, Thon Maker, and Kobi Simmons, you’ll have the young nucleus we’re looking for.

                Add 2016 Young Experienced Free Agents like : DeMar Derozen, Donatas Montejunas, and 2017 Free Agents like: Russell Westbrook, and Giannis Antetokounmpo…..now we can start talking playoffs, and running Brett Browns San Antonio Offense.

  • How about this 7ft center Skal Labasierre of Kentucky is the 76ers get the #2 Pick and Simmons is gone to the Lakers at #1 ??
    Then Trade Nerlens Noel for a Guard and go with a Front Court of Okafor, Embiid & Labasierre

    • What do you think of SG Dwayne Bacon of Fla State.. 6-6″?

    • I would say no to Skal Labasierre . I think he is one of those players, that will be overrated by scouts based on the success of Kentucky, rather than his individual skill level.

      Case, and point – Have any of the Kentucky draft picks from last year shown themselves to be anything other than average NBA Players??

      I would be cautious in considering him..

  • News from Jawan Carter’s secrete dad is his secrete brothers are really great talents ( Tyler Dorsey and Jaylen Brown) at the guard position.

    • oops secret

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