• July 3, 2022

Eagles Release Miles Austin

MilesAustinEagles.vadapt.620.high.17The Philadelphia Eagles have parted ways with veteran wide receiver Miles Austin today.

According to Howard Eskin, Chip Kelly had been facing some internal pressure to release the former Cowboy, and the team finally made the move today. Its not clear whether that pressure was coming from the front office or from the locker room.

Austin had been inactive for Sunday’s game against New England, and the Eagles were carrying a ridiculous seven wide receivers after activating Jonathan Krause last week.

This was a move that was long overdue.

Austin had given the team nothing all year, and had really cost the team in certain spots. He probably should have been let go after the Miami game where failed to drag his toe and secure a touchdown and also failed to make an attempt to fight for the Mark Sanchez pass that was intercepted in the endzone.

Its hard to believe that it took all this time for Chip Kelly to come to terms with the idea that Austin had to go.

Denny Basens

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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Now if Chip would fire Davis and hisself lol

  • Well until they added WR Jonathon Karuse, who else did the Eagles have to move up on the Roster.. a Big thing that Chip KElly has to work on or Ed Marynowitz or whomever they have working with them is to scour these other NFL Rosters at Positions of Weakness for the Eagles due to injuries or under-performing Players..Things change and look at the good Teams inthe NFL and who much they upgrade and churn that bottom 5-7 players every Season to help them out as they move forward… The Patriots, Packers,Seahawks, Panthers have done a great job of picking up Players who can not only help them in 2015, but for down the road also..
    It’s as every Roster Strategy is decided one 1 Weekend at the end of teh Summer and not looked at again and you can’t operate like this in the NFL..
    Heck, Even Howie would add some quality to the Roster every Season like LB N Goode, Safety C Prosinski, Safety C Anderson, OL Andrew Gardner, etc,etc…

  • Now the Eagles must look closely at LB’s DeMeco Ryans who is not getting it done anymore, RB Demarco Murray who is just a bad fit for this Offense..

  • Sixers finally admit they needed a basketball man… FINALLY

  • This hiring is a direct reflection in the process… The process did not address relationships, building a team and dare I say culture … Sorry you ‘Hinkie-ites’

    • Amen brother

      • Wow, Jeyy Colangelo is a heavyweight in the Basketball world and has run the US Olympis Teams and Program the last few cycles
        He used to be a GM gf the Phoenix Suns when they were good and fun to watch and then got into Club Ownership I believe ..
        He’s always been a very hands-on guy in previous roles and very loyal to people that are loyal to him… He’s real tight with Coack K and some of the best Minds,Coach’s & Players in and around NBA, College & Amatuer Basketball
        A Great Hire, I believe the Sam Hinkie timetable and long term vision has been dramactically reduced with this Hiring from an original observation on my part..

        • it’s a stupid hire, they needed to clean house and remove Hinkie and Brown ( they are losers) Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo is reporting Brett Brown is going to get an extension. Brett Brown is a nice guy who is nice to his players. This team needs discipline on the court badly and Brett Brown is way to loose.

          • No… It’s a great hire! Hinkie, stinky understands analytics but not people, not team building… The entire NBa has shunned the sixers, no FA would ever come here because stinky is a social retard… This will make them credible soon… Assets eventually have to produce wins… ‘Trust the process people are really silent tonight’…apparently there is a suicide watch on for Spike Eskin…meanwhile Howard is rubbing salt in his sons wounds…

            • I don’t think any of the players who have been with Brett Brown have improved. Scotty Brooks is out there.

              • tyronne lue

  • Seahawks Release CB Cary Williams who had signed a $18 Million Free-Agent Deal in the Off-Season to help replace the departed Byron Maxwell but has not played well for Seattle and was beaten out a few weeks back and was inactive the last 2 Zgames for Seattle who are eating some $$$ but moving on a bad egg.. Maybe the Eagles will do the same with RB D Murray who is a bad egg and bad fit for this Team

    • eagles should sign him. He knows the defense. 4 games left for a playoff push. If it doesn’t work release him like they keep doing with OG Vandervelde.

      • No way for bringing back Cary Williams even if for short term… Kelly is trying the rally the troops as it is and doesn’t need to bring back a Player who publicly questioned his way of doing things..
        Play Eric Rowe with Biggers, Rice & Watkins in the Nickel/Dime Packages

        • yeah, you are right PMan. What was I thinking. Eagles are paying him on this year’s salary cap after releasing him, the Seahawks are paying him and it would be foolish for the anyone to pay him any more money for essentially being sent away twice this year. when you’re right you’re right.

  • I like the Hire of Jerry Colangelo just like the Philes Hire of Lee McPhail.. Both are highly respected in the Sports & Business World and know how to build Winners & Organizations the right way and HAC is correct that these are “people/relationship first” type of Leaders which are both desperately needed at both Franchises

  • Stinky treats players like chattel … Refers to them as assets?..

  • You guys are so pissed off at Hinkie and Brett Brown that you all once again fail who the real dumbass truly is. Doug Collins set this team back 5-8 years with the release of several double digit machines.
    But all you guys are correct, we should have built around Jrue Holiday, Thad Young, and Spencher Hawes. That way we could contend for a 6-8 seed and mediocrity for years to come!!! Get over yourselves in hating on this rebuilding plan. This is not the NFL. This is the NBA where ping pong balls can determine a organizations future for decades. If It was up to Hinkie, we would have Wiggins, and Okafor right now. We are setting many bad records, one being to youngest team to ever hit a NBA floor. Look for this team in get better after the all star break with Tony and Kendall Marshall returning. Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Okafor, Noel, Rocco, Tony, and many more draft picks and ASSETS to come along the way.

    Sixers fans have not had hope in 15 years. We were not going to get it with the front offices that have ran this team. Im glad we have somebody in here willing to take chances and risk, while making smart calculations with brilliant basketball minds. Sam Hinkie knows what the hell he is doing. He basically built the Rockets into a contender in 9 months and showed he was not afriad to make a big FA signing.
    Brett Brown mentored under the great Gregg Pop for years and had a great hand in bringing in alot of talent there and developing it.
    God himself could not coach this team to victory. Brett Brown is the perfect man for the job, as he sAID BEFORE HE SIGNED that he would not accept the deal if it was not 5 years or longer. And now people are wanting him fired? Lol. We all knew what was going to happen coming into this, and nothing was 100 percent, as even the ownership stated.
    You have to suck, in order to be great. Like many other organizations have came and done..

    • Brown is a very good coach it appears.. Hinkie doesn’t understand the people part of team building the sixers themselves acknowledged that today… Are you dense? They acknowledged it!

      • I don’t see the good coaching. I see players continually jump in the air and pass ball one handed over and over again for turnovers. I see Nerlans with his hands on his knees while the ball is live. I see players continue to miss tip in attempts instead of securing a rebound then shoot the basketball for a layup attempt. I see Grant miss easy dunk after easy dunk trying to do windmills while down 10 points.

        • You are witnessing D league players who aren’t good enough.., I thought he did a nice jib with MCW and Noel… Neither are perfect players but both playing in a culture that is toxic… That is on stinky… I think if he had a team of professionals he’d be pretty good

  • Btw saric and Embid are not playing after the all star break

  • Best thing that could have happened for Saric, and Embiid is that the Sixers are taking there time with them. Allowing Saric to grow, mature and develope his game for 2 years will only help him, along with Embiid practicing and Spectating with his teammates for two whole season getting healthy.

  • Lol nfc east this year

  • FIRST PLACE BABY!!! Dallas is mathematically alive, but looking at there schedule they would need to basically run the table and have everyone else go 2-2. Which is highly unlikely

    NY has to go to Miami, and Minniosota.
    We have Buffalo and Arizona at home.

    Philly gets into playoffs at 8-8 beating The Bills, Redskins and Gmen

    • There’s no guarantee we’re beating all of them.

      7 wins just may win the East.

      Skins and Giants have the best shot.

  • smh…this is amazing…we still have a chance…we still have life

    I’m stunned

  • I said a couple of weeks ago to just enjoy the ride. The East was up for grabs. No need to declare the sky is falling when all the teams are under 500.

  • Mesean really helped the birds out… that was classic mesean! love him!

  • Morning GCOBBers. Well just read an article that Murray sat down with Lurie to discuss his role in the offense which doesn’t suit him. We let McCoy because of his character but yet here we have a running back that jumps over the HC and bashes him to the owner. Do you guys think the locker room can handle this? I hope our leaders step up and tell Murray he was out of line and he needs to accept that he isn’t playing at a high level right now. He should’ve known that this offense didn’t mesh with his running style.

    • On this very site there was a lot of talk of Murray being a plant your foot and go type of back and that he doesn’t dance like shady… I rewatched some of his runs from sunday well he was running that sweep and I saw ertz engage his block to the outside, creating a nice hole to the inside and murray kept running to the sideline for a loss… i distinctly saw ertz raise his arms as if to say ‘dude there was a hole’- this guy isn’t what we thought. as for the locker room, i think benching him was in direct response to letting the team know that the coach hears them.

      • Completely agree. There’s been some nice holes for him to run through.

        My prediction is we win 3 of the final 4 games. Could this team make some noise in the playoffs? I think Eric Rowe could really develop nicely these next few weeks. Just don’t know if it will be good enough to make a nice run in the playoffs. Weaknesses on defense is our MLB in my opinion. For some reason they are struggling covering RBs coming out of the back field. We sure do miss Jordan Hicks… Who would have ever thought Hicks would have been such a huge contributor….

  • Murray is a Cancer, Whiner and one of the “New” Players that Jason Kelce was referring too as not being on Board… Eagles should Cut the Chord with him if they want to save their Season and move forward.. I believe this 100%

  • Murray is a 500 carry ran into the ground Cowboy who anyone with any historical acumen knew would fail on the Eagles.

    The signing was a knee-jerk reactionary move to the “loss” of Gore (which also would have been a stupid signing).

    I immediately said it was a stupid move at the time, though there were many in here who thought it would be great.

    I don’t think he can be cut (at least not without problems) because his “dead cap” hit this year is $18 million and another 13 million next year. I don’t think you can have a guy playing for the Patriots burning that kind of whole in the salary cap.

    Better move is to not dress him and just send him on a 2 year paid trip to Tahiti (can they do that?)

    Kelly went about building this team of hired mercenaries. One has been cut, another is crying to ownership.

    Better win next week…this is still a lot bubbling under the surface on this team.

    • Eagles would have $18 Million in Dead $$$ in 2016 and another $9 Million in Cap Hit for 2017 … The Eagles are stuck with this Loser unless he reworks his Deal for no other Team is taking on his Current Contract no matter what GMCliff says…

      • Correction on RB D Murray’s Contract which was a 5 Year – $40 Million Deal with $21 Million In Guaranteed $$$$

        2015 – $5 Million Salary/Bonus – Cap Hit of $18 Million
        2016 – $8 Million Salary/Bonus – Cap Hit of $13 Million
        2017 – $9 Million Salary/Bonus – Cap Hit of $ 5 Million
        2018 – $9 Million Salary/Bonus – Cap Hit of $ 2 Million
        2019 – $9 Million Salary-Bonus – Cap Hit of $ 1 Million

        Eagles are Stuck at least thru the 2016 Season and Possibly the 2017 Season as well unless they want to take a hit $5 Million

        Total Salary – $40 Million

  • The whole episode of Murray sliding was a metaphor for this squad..I said yesterday I suspected Jeffrey was mandating moves in fox pro ,regards to Austin and Murray ,and not the coach..If the coach has been emasculated ,than he deserves with his “culture” ploy ..everything he sows..

  • Every signing of free agents has been a crap shoot ,going in ..We did receive a nice preview that Matthews can fit this system (when healthy ) toting the rock..sproles showed he’s still a durable and capable back..with diverse talents ,Wrong signings (not trades abound in Maxwell..Murray ..Austin..) that’s some serious scratch to eat in two of those deals ..GM is culpable..and the coach screwed himself ..Jeffrey’s involvement may be a harbinger for a checks and balances going forward ….

  • Dallas’ kicker sure is good. Both Eagles kickers cost the Eagles a victory this year.

    • We signed the wrong cowboys….

  • Whoever Wins the NFC East will be the #4 Seed have the #5 Seed Seattle Seahawks visiting them in the first Round of the Playoffs
    The Seahawks have their swag back after a slow start even though they have been playing without RB M Lynch and TE J Graham… Graham was a terrible Trade for them and just not a good fit for that Offense who has played better without them both .. Lynch will be back by Playoff Time but RB Rawls has filled in nicely ..

  • NFC Seeding for the Playoffs

    #1) Panthers (Will get a Bye)
    #2) Cardinals (Will get a Bye)
    #3) Packers/Vikings (Will host 1st Round Playoff Game)
    #4) NFC East Winner (Will Host 1st Round Playoff Game)
    #5) Seahawks (Will have to travel)
    #6) Packers/Vikings loser (Will have to Travel)

    Saturday NFC Wildcard – Seattle plays at NFC East Winner
    Sunday NFC Wildcard – Vikings at Packers or Packers at Vikings

    • We can assume the chip Kelly era was saved by a New England win .The owner was egotized after giving an impassioned plea ,which in his mind the players executed upon..Forget the Bellicheat disdainful tactics ,forget the special teams heroics ,it’s all about the owner winning in Boston.TheEagles have 3 home games left and a schedule that will allow in all likelihood a 2-2 outcome with wins coming vs Washington and the Giants being tantamount ,to the task..it puts cash in the coffers with a home playoff game wether you’re 7-9 or 12-4 …Murray has helped the. situation by creating a divisiveness that can in some ways help th locker room..Remember all the Sam rooters spoke of his rah rah leadership speech ,well it turns out that Jeffrey’s fingerprints were on the Austin cut,and the Demarco benching ..That’s why Murray jumped the shark ,and went to thes source..petulance will not be looked at kindly by the locker room ,especially coming off a win for the owner that is ranked as his finest under the chip Kelly era..don’t discount his joy at beating Kraft ..at his house…billionaires egos are as large or larger than there bank accounts..sproles is the winner here as is the rest of the team ,that can now know the owner has there backs ,and sat the high priced Murray for the good of the team..that translates well ,hoping it translates into a home playoff game..The misfit of Murray ,was another indication,that the GM isn’t seeing the vision of the “big picture” …why isnt Sam and Murray ,who were Oklahoma roommates ,playing out as hoped ?

  • When the stars align ..think about the things that quieted the Chip Kelly firing ..the owner had to grow a pair…the highest paid back had to be relegated to a 3rd string role in the 4th quarter ,the SPECIAL teams had to be SPECIAL..blocked punt for 6 ,a punt return to the house ,and the alertness of coop to deflect the second onside kick out of bounds..and cooper making a grab past the sticks …that almost never happens

    • Chip Kelly is not out of hot water yet! However, the talk of the team quitting on him was premature, albeit a reasonable judgement given how badly the team played. Murray deserved more time on the bench given the angst on the team about him sliding for that first down…
      However, the biggest change that took place from the blowout losses and the shocking upset win is the Quarterback!
      Sam Bradford’s return to the lineup instilled a new level of confidence in the team. When they went down 14-0..and the team was in a position to think…”Damm…down to Brady 14-0…here comes another blowout”
      Same thought was on Belicheat’s mind too-he is the best Coach in the NFL-and he took a bold move to go for the jugular.
      Sam Bradford made him pay, making key plays and throwing a touchdown pass to Ertz! This instilled confidence in the team…then special teams and defense started making plays…so much so that Bradford didn’t get back on the field until a few minutes left in the third quarter.
      The play to Cooper that deserteagle wants to attribute to the unproductive, poor receiver Cooper should actually be credited to the Quarterback…who stood tall in the pocket, was under duress…stepped up and delivered a on the money throw. The Eagles receivers are terrible..looking at the film of the game you saw no meaningful separation…but what Bradford time and time again…made good decisions with the ball, avoided turning it over…and is now in groove of the offense.
      Bradford like I predicted is trending upward, playing better than he did early in the year…

      • Bradfordshouldbe trending Upward, don’t you think?
        Playing in a very QB Friendly System after being injured the last 2 Years and now 6 months of Practicing & Playing , shouldn’t the Former #1 Overall Pick play better ? That’s what was expected but sooner, don’t you think..
        Don’t give me Crappy OL or Receivers Excuses either…look at the Receivers
        That Brady had Sunday and still passes for 350 Yards behind a rag-tag OL also
        Bradford had to Start Winning Games for the Eagles and not be a “Game
        Manager”, hopefully the big W over The Pats will instill some confidence in Bradford, the Offense & Coaching Staff to be more aggressive .. The Eagles face a couple of Good Defenses the next 2 Weeks versus the Bills/Cardinals and the 21 Points from Special Teams/Defense is not something you can count on moving forward…

        • This is something that you and a lot of others do around here, paulman

          “look at the ReceiversThat Brady had Sunday and still passes for 350 Yards”

          Poor, shoddy analysis and comparison

          You want to hold Bradford up to the standard of arguably the greatest QB in NFL history-Tom Brady.

          Stop getting it twisted-Sam Bradford is no Tom Brady
          He’s no Aaron Rodgers
          He’s no Cam Newton
          He’s no Russell Wilson

          He’s the best available QB for the Eagles. The only fair comparison you can make with Sam Bradford is with what we had as an option at QB-Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez

          He’s better than both of them.

          Bradford is trending upward with a sup-par Oline and crappy receivers

          He hasn’t played in two years and this by far the worst talent we have had at the receiver spot since Kelly has been the Coach

          So Bradford’s upward trend when he has poor receivers and defensive coordinators have caught on to this offense is very impressive!

          We need the running game to pick up. We need Matthews back and to keep giving Kenjon Barner and Sproles touches…sit Murray on the bench…

          Special Teams and Defense needs to make some plays, score points like they did last year when we won

          We need the Offensive line to cut down on the holding penalties and other dumb plays they made in the beginning of the NE game

          We need the Quarterback to play like he has played…hitting receivers when they do manage to get open (and they need to get open a lot more!) manage the game, dont throw dumb interceptions and dont turn the ball over!

          We do that and we will win the division and make the playoffs!

          • The only issue Koolbreeze is your inconsistency.

            Last year this:

            62 2L 59.8% 2163yrds (270/game) 13tds (4.2%) 10ints (3.2%) with 4 fumbles, 2 4th quarter comebacks and 3 game winning drives was…

            “Leading league in turnovers..mentally slow…horrible…unacceptable…Sanchez is better” and on and on and on….

            This year its:

            5W 5L 63.5% 2417 yrds (241/game) 13tds (3.8%) and 10 ints (2.8%) with 6 fumbles no 4th Quarter comebacks and 1 game winning drive is….

            “Trending upwards….10x better…..He’s better than both of them.”

            And a bunch of other completely untrue fluff.

            The QB play for the Eagles has been about the exact Same (well except for the guy you lauded Sanchez, who has completely collapsed).

            The QB play has been so similar its scary…and certainly not worth the trade…especially considering the $13 mill to Bradford could have been used for Maclin, perhaps a guard etc. When you throw in the Eagles also game up a 4th last year, and a 2nd this year…the trade was terrible

            Remember how you went on and on and on about “Foles is scared and throws off his back foot!” 58,000,000x last year?

            ….well where the hell is your “Bradford is scared he’s ducking phantom rushers in the pocket and always checking down to standing still wrs” call this year?

            Because that’s exactly what happens over and over and over.

            The oline last year was as crappy (in fact worse) over the start of the season….Kelce may be having a bad year, but he’s 1000x better than David molk)

            The Wrs? Matthews and Huff were rookies and couldn’t be counted on Cooper was the same. TEs were the same.

            You really so convinced that Maclin, rookie Matthews and Cooper was sooo much better than 2nd Year Matthews, rookie Agholor and Cooper?

            And if you bring up how shitty Austin was – I will remind you that you proclaimed him as a great signing.

      • Koolbreeze, I do not know about the talk of the team giving up on Kelly is premature given the fact that the owner went in and gave a pregame speech in which he reportedly was fiery, passionate and cursing. We know this is out of Lurie’s normal character, but he did it. The coach claims that he does not yell at grown men, but the ownner goes in and does it in speech fashion. If I am the coach and the owner comes in and feels he needs to give a speech to motivate my players..that does not look good. Props to Jeff Lurie, but I still think that some of the players are not on board with Kelly…Like Peter’s said, I think they played for the owner last week, not Kelly.

  • After 13 weeks. Of football ..NFC east teams are a combined 19-29… With a triumvirate of teams at 5-7.Of those 19 wins 9 came from playing each other in the NFC least..so 4 teams have 10 wins collectively vs other foes.todays odds have the Eagles as co-favorites with the Giants at +225 and Washington and Dallas +300.. Dallas plays at lambeau vs packers… jets ..(still meaningful game ) @bills and redskins (one will lose ) the Giants at Miami vs Carolina at Minny and head to head vs Eagles (tough ) and all games meaningful impactful after Miami ..skins at bears vs bills at Eagles at Cowboys. For a winless road team 3 out of 4 remain on the road..

  • damn ben zobrist just signed at 34 years old for 14$ million a year…. damn i wish i could hit 265…. economics….

  • There is some talk on PFT that Murray has carried the ball for the last time as an eagle…. They are saying the cap hit would be $4 next year if I’m reading it correctly

    • Let me Re-Post Demarco Murrays Contract Information per Spotrac

      5 Years – $41 Million Deal with $21 Million in Guaranteed Dollars

      2015 – $5 Million in Salary & Bonus – $18 Million in Dead Cap $$
      2016 – $8 Million in Salary & Bonus – $13 Million in Dead Cap $$
      2017 – $9 Million in Salary & Bonus – $5 Million in Dead Cap $$
      2018 – $9 Million in Salary & Bonus – $2 Million in Dead Cap $$
      2019 – $9 Million in Salary & Bonus – $1 Million in Dead Cap $$

      Eagles are Stuck with Murray at least thru 2016 Season unless they work out some type of arrangement which is very unlikely.. Why would Murray give up Guaranteed $$$$.. Most of the Bonus and Dead Cap $$$ are within the first 3 Years of Murray’s Contract which is pretty standard on any big long term Deal so making a mistake and cutting the chord in Year #1 or Year #2 is very costly for the Team and protects the Player with his Gauranteed $$$ in place..
      A Terrible Deal made by GM Chip Kelly for a dime a dozen RB, there’s is no 2 ways about it and whats really crazy is that Chip Kelly in his entire Career has never relied on or cared much about having that “#1, Feature Back” for he has always built his Offense’s Backfield with a RB Corp by Committee
      He steps out this past Off-Season and Sign’s the Biggest name out in the Free-Agency who wasn’t the Best RB, but happened to Run behind the NFL’s Best OL in 2014 and got the ball a ton playing in a Dynamic Offense in Dallas with other Weapons like Dez Bryant, Williams, Whitten around him..

      • The Murray contract made absolutely no sense. He was just sitting there. I don’t seem to remember him being jetted around lining up visit after visit.

        He’s $13,000,000 in “dead money” against the cap next year if they cut him. ($8 million if he stays)

        I am fine with cutting the guy….but that’s going to have an effect on any FA signings…..which I don’t really mind too much either because FA signings are wayyyyy overrated.

        • The Reality is that the Eagles Currently have approx $25 Million under the Approx $150 Million Salary Cap for 2016 Season and have 17 Of their Own Players hitting Free-Agency including Starters/Contributors like QB Bradford, Safety Walt Thurmond, DE Cedric Thornton, DE Vinny Curry, CB Nolan Carroll, Slot CB EJ Biggers,OL Matt Tobin, Special Teamers Seji Aijorutu & Najee Goode plus the 2016 Draft Class to sign…
          Eagles also have Players like Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan & Lane Johnson that they have to start thinking about locking up with Long-Term Deals before they become Free-Agents after the 2016 Season… ,

          Basically the Eagles will need to Sign about 20 Players between their Own Free-Agents and others Teams Free-Agents and players that they Draft all with working about $25 Million in Cap Space which means that some Veterans that don’t have a big Cap Hit Figure will likely be released

          The Deals for DeMarco Murray & Byron Maxwell will hurt the Eagles Ability to upgrade Positions the next 2 Off-Seasons in terms of Top Tier Talent

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