• May 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Patriots

usa-today-8980199.0Fluke Plays, Patriot Mistakes Give Eagles Fraudulent Victory

A shocker of shockers.

The miserable Philadelphia Eagles escaped with a victory over the heavily favored New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

So how did the Eagles manage success against the AFC superpower?

It certainly wasn’t the still-miserable offense of Chip Kelly.

Kelly’s hand-picked quarterback Sam Bradford managed just a miserable 120 yards on 12 of 24 passes. DeMarco Murray carried just eight times for 24 yards. None of the wide receivers managed more than 36 yards.

Of the 35 points scored, only 14 of them came from Kelly’s offense.

The Eagles won this game on flukey plays from the defense and special teams. They managed to block a punt and run it back for a score in the second quarter. Malcolm Jenkins finally hung onto an interception, and returned it 99 yards for a touchdown. Then Darren Sproles capped it all off with a punt return for a touchdown to give the Eagles a two-score lead in the second half.

Mix in some horrendous coaching decisions from Bill Belichick and some uncharacteristic mistakes from Tom Brady, and you have the perfect formula for a fraudulent upset, which is exactly what this game was.

Quick Thoughts


  • What in the world was Chip Kelly doing handing the ball to Kenjon Barner on the final drive of the game? Barner made some plays earlier in the game, but Darren Sproles is the guy you go to in that situation to close it out.
  • Barner fumbled the ball away, giving the Patriots one more chance to tie the game.
  • How much of a joke is it that DeMarco Murray is a complete non-factor on this offense?
  • First-round pick Nelson Agholor was shut out, with no catches.
  • Jordan Matthews was the team’s leading receiver with a whopping four catches for 36 yards.
  • Miles Austin was deactivated. Why is he is still on this roster?


  • The defense made a couple of big plays, but still let up over 400 yards of offense.
  • Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham each recorded two sacks.
  • Byron Maxwell came down with his second interception of the year.
  • Walter Thurmond registered 10 tackles.
  • Another no-show for Kiko Alonso.
  • Ed Reynolds played a lot of snaps, and registered five tackles.

Final Thoughts

Well, Chip Kelly most likely secured his job with the win today.

A win over Jeffrey Lurie’s hometown team the mighty New England Patriots will go a long way towards blinding the ever hopeful owner of the Eagles into believing that Kelly can still turn things around.

The reality is that the defense and special teams combined to outscore Kelly’s miserable, pathetic offense today. And on a day where the Patriots were more prone to mistakes than normal, the stars aligned for the Eagles to come away with an upset.

Make no mistake, the Eagles are not “fixed”.

On the contrary, the offense continues to generate into a more of a joke every week.

Expect things to come crashing back to reality before long.

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  • Wow do you sound bitter Gcobb.

  • Haha. ..you are just the clown of clowns. As bad as some of the posters on here. You so set in your ways u cant even enjoy this.

    • This win is right up there with the hollow wins the 2011 team got that fooled Lurie into keeping Reid a year too long.

      Offense generates just 14 points, plenty of three and outs. The quarterback throws for barely over 100 yards. The star running back and first round pick wide receiver are still nonfactors.

      Big picture, very little changes for what this team is, that’s all.

      • Denny…stop the foolishness…the running game was better and Bradford was 7-10 on third down and made key plays.

        When your special teams and defense scores that takes offensive possessions from you…so it doesn’t matter that the QB barely throws over 100 yards…

        The proper assessment of Bradford was the key,clutch plays he made to help us win!

        That Bradford pass to Cooper on a 3rd and 11 was a clutch and money play

        This is a big win…the QB deserves big credit!

  • So proud of this team, and how they came out here and fought today for our fans and their coach. We needed to play good, mistake free football in all three phases of the game and we did.
    Sam Bradford and the newly refurbished Eagles out played Brady and Bellichick in there own house.
    People will try to make excuses on how the Pats didn’t have Gronk or Julien,but who in the hell is our Rob Gronk? We have nobody even close to his caliber of player on our offense since we have gotten rid of players like Jmac, Desean and Lesean. So if anything it made the game more even. All I heard all week is that all the Pats need is Brady, and how they are at home coming off a loss.. And Chip outcoached his boy Bill.

    The Eagles really showed what kind of culture and character they have on this team. Going to a great week baby!! FLY EAGLES FLY

  • The Way the Eagles have played this Season, you take a Win any way you can get one.. In the big scheme of things, all this Win means is that the Eagles get to play a relevant Game next Week versus the Bills..
    the Eagles are now 5-7 and have a chance for 2 Wins in a Row next Week at Home.. Let’s see how they respond as it should be Game..

  • Could have left this on your laptop…

  • Offense, Defense, and Special Teams contributed to the Win

    The Quarterback was clutch

    The Defense held on

    and they beat the best QB in the league in New England’s house when you were down 14-0

    Stop it…Denny…stop it!

    • Well Stated.

  • Sam Bradford can only ll.

    1 – Cooper wide open on a crosser. Instead throw to a covered Agholor on a hook.
    2 – 2 yrd checkdown
    3 – Low and behind
    4 – checkdwn to SProles
    5 – short to a double covered Matthews on a hook
    6 – swing to Sproles who got lit up
    7 – 2 yrd checkdown on 3rd and 11
    8 – doinked at LOS
    9 – throw to no one on 3rd and 10. Announcers laughing
    10 – 2 yrd pass
    11 – 2 yrd pass to covered Agholor on a hook
    12 – Bradford ducks for no reason, then throws 2 yrd checkdown – pussy play
    13 – 4 yrd hook
    14 OMG 15 yrd crosser on 3rd and 10…like an actual NFL QB!!
    15 2 yrd hook to Celek
    16 TD to Etz!
    17 LOS swing to Sproles
    18 Right at Pats LB 2 yrds deep who drops it
    19 throw to LOS on 3rd and 13
    20 overthrow – almost picked
    21 – 2 yrd pass
    22 – doinked
    23 – short pass to Matthews
    24 – The 11 yd pass to Celek that Kooltwit jizzed himself over

    Bradford is complete shit.

    Anyone who gets excited over this is delusional.

    The offense is still putrid.

    2 good things came from this:

    1 – Eagles rose up after Bellicheat tried to humiliate them with that pooch thing. Complete insult. Eagles responded well to that complete humiliating move. Pats just kick away there up 14-0 and they win the game 283…instead he tries the insulting play and Eagles D rises up and responds.

    2 – Kelly realizing his incredible mistakes about Murray and Austin and deactivating one and sitting the other where he belongs on the bench. Hopefully he’ll follow suit next week and bench the pathetic pussy 3 yrd passing Bradford.

    • Bah humbug…

      Crusty, lame ass Vinnydaloser…still whining, still bitching

      Shut da hell up Vinnie!

      Bradford was clutch…

      Vinniedaloser tells us:
      “Eagles rose up after Bellicheat tried to humiliate them with that pooch thing. Complete insult. Eagles responded well to that complete humiliating move.”

      Guess who was the guy that ‘responded’…who rose to the challenge and started the comeback!

      Sam Bradford! The Quarterback made the plays directly after this insult from Bellicheat! Bradford responded to the challenge, answering the insult by getting the ball and making critical plays, converting with a big time throw on third down and hitting Ertz with the touchdown…on the money…clutch!

      This brought us back when in previous weeks without Bradford…we folded like a cheap suit!

      It was Bradford coming back injured and leads the team to a Clutch win in the toughest places to get win…New England…in their house against the best QB in NFL history!

      Bradford gets the job done…made the plays and the key throws

      The guy who is absolutely complete shit is the bum Bradford replaced

      Vinniedaloser’s man crush Nick Foles who if it was up to Vinnie would be our franchise QB!

      He’s getting the hook yet again down in St Louis…being sent to the bench…again!

      One guy is making key, clutch plays…the other guy that Vinny desperately wanted to keep to lead our team is choking up badly…is a complete failure and embarrassment

      One guy shows fortitude, leadership, comes back and rallies the team

      The other guy we got rid of is a complete disaster who will probably be cut!

      Kelly made mistakes…no doubt..the biggest one is getting rid of DJax

      But getting Bradford and getting rid of that bum ass Nick Foles who has single handledly destroyed the Rams season was not a mistake at all…

      Vinniedafool your are a complete idiot

    • Vinnie….you don’t even annoy me anymore. I actually feel sorry for u.

  • Soon to be NFC east champs of 2015…we are so screwed. I would rather they hit rock bottom so the rebuilding can start asap, starting with a great draft pick.

  • Sam Bradford last 3 stars 57/85 (67.1) 4Tds 0ints. 105.6 qb rating
    Nick Foles last 3 starts 62/117 (52.9) 0 tds 5ints 48.8

    And Sam Bradford, who has not had a consistent running at game at all this season, poor oline play, and inexpierienced reciever play with a shit ton of drops is shit?
    Wait until this team finally comes together with another offseason and draft.

    • Thanks CT…I’m sure Vinniedafool appreciates the fine statistical analysis that you have provided here:

      Sam Bradford last 3 stars 57/85 (67.1) 4Tds 0ints. 105.6 qb rating
      Nick Foles last 3 starts 62/117 (52.9) 0 tds 5ints 48.8

      One guy shows improvement in the offense

      The other guy is getting worst

      One guy is a leader

      The other guy is a lame

      One guy shows heart and guts in bringing the team back from a 14 point deficit against the greatest QB in NFL history, playing in the toughest place in the league to get a win…New England

      The other guy has no heart when he is given another chance to get his job back after being benched for lousy play, he comes back and completely chokes under pressure and is being sent right back to the bench yet again!

      Kelly aint perfect…but he got it right about Nick Foles


  • Just watched the game again. Malcolm Jenkins is a damn good safety! He plays the run and pass very well. Probably chips best pickup. Not sure if Kiko is fully healthy but he is horrible. I don’t know what happened to him but all those instincts he had in buffalo are gone with us. Also vinny curry needs to start over barwin. Vinny is a problem when he’s on a field and barwin has been invisible for the most part this year

  • Looks like Belicheck gave his friend Chip lotta help with this one to save his ass. Now we gonna be stuck with both stiffs Chip the chump and Barney Davis because they beat a depleated banged up team with half their starters out. Watch how they come back to earth when McCoy runs for 150 yds + next Sunday this will probably be only win in these last 5 games

  • People need to wake up this morning!! Two things. First, the Eagles beat the Patriots scout team by scoring three TDs on defense and STs and barely hung on to win. Second, if you have not been paying attention this year, let’s review. The Eagles came out flat as a pancake in their home opener so the media rubbed their noses in it (because they all do pay attention to what the media says) so they beat the Jets and immediately fell flat against the Skins the following game. Then, they took first place by beating the Giants and immediately fell flat against the Panthers. Then they had a big win against Dallas and fell flat against the Dolphins. I will bet my house the Eagles lose to the Bills next week because they think they are ok again. And when they think they are ok, they SUCK!!!!

  • What we accomplished yesterday is truly amazing. First, we blew our chance at a top five draft pick. Second, we blew our chance to get a GM who could actually make the right pick with that draft choice because Chip’s job was saved yesterday. We will now finish 6-10 and get the 15th pick which Chip will use on a D lineman from Oregon instead of drafting an OT which is what we need given we have no second round pick because of his brilliant impatient off-season maneuvering. Bradford will likely be back next year because we have no other options. At least the guy is 5-4. Sanchez was horrific at 0-3. We need not cut Murray. I know we signed him because it was a counter tactic to cripple Dallas. That’s why we need to keep him next year so Dallas doesn’t snatch him up again and go 13-3 with a healthy Romo. Let Murray sit on our bench until Romo is too old and Dallas has lost some guys to attrition. We can cut him in 2017.

  • Denny this team reminds me SO MUCH of 2011. Another Nightmare (Dream) Team of mercenaries that are playing for a paycheck with no loyalty to Philadelphia or its long suffering fans. They rest on their laurels every chance they get and they will do it again this week against Buffalo and this will all come crashing back to earth next Monday. They will win enough to save Chip (which is the worst thing that can happen) and blow their chance at a decent draft pick. And with the 16th pick in the 2016 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select DeForest Buckner defensive lineman from the University of Oregon. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we will draft an OG in the third round or maybe not. As long as we make sure to draft some DBs from rounds 4-7 we should continue to rebuild that secondary. We love to bring in DBs that get cut after one season in the later rounds.

    • Agree 100%.

  • Lol gcobb.com is bizzaro world. Eagles with a nice win against a decimated team is awesome and I loved it. But cmon people talking about foles after that win???? People talking about the Rams qb after Eagles beat pats???? Wtf is wrong with you???

    And people saying Bradford was clutch ? And that Bradford deserves credit for that win?

    Unless I’m missing something Eagles got 21 pts from defense and special teams and got another 7 that can be attributed to the onside kick… Exclude non gifted points and pats out scored us 28-7. And people are hyping this loooozah Bradford that’s scared as fuck to make real NFL throws.

    Win was awesome to get for us fans but it has negative effects on the future too – chip stays for sure now ( it was likely he was never going anywhere to begin with but now that’s fact). Chip more likely to stay as gm. Bradford more likely to come back. Billy Davis more likely to come back. Draft position got WORST ( for all you imbeciles that don’t know the difference between worse and worst )

    All in all ideal instant gratification win and detrimental long term win

  • i don’t care about foles….we needed bradford to be a top flight QB and he is not.. I’m happy with the win- those talking about losing draft position are idiots.

  • You people are the worst. Winning this game can be a massive momentum change for this team, but because it was “flukey”, us optimistic fans can’t enjoy it?

    For all you Chip Kelly haters out there, last night the Eagles were 6-14 (42%) on 3rd down. That isn’t setting the world on fire, but its a great improvement on the 26% they had been converting this year. In comparison, the Patriots were 7-17 (41%) on 3rd down.

    Also, we had 2 special teams touchdowns and a defensive touchdown and our offense was still on the field 42% (25 min time of possession) of the game. The play calling and rushing attack/screen passes were much more effective with Sproles and Barner.

    Say what you want about the Patriots offense limping into this game, our defense certainly took advantage of the situation. We had 4 sacks, 9 tackles for loss, and most astounding, 13 QUARTERBACK HITS. Our lowly offensive line only gave up 3 to a solid Patriots front-7.

    For everyone who says this game was an fluke and that its giving us false hope, I’m not denying that, and I’m not saying that we are going to catch fire these last few weeks. What I am saying is take the time to appreciate the QUALITY win we got last night against Tom Brady, who the Eagles have NEVER beaten.

    Save your angry posts for next week when we have to match up against LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor, who claims he wanted sign with us in the offseason. Cool your jets people, this season isn’t over quite yet.

    • “Winning this game can be a massive momentum change for this team”

      how so? best case scenario we limp into the playoffs and the whole world complains its a joke that a 7-9 or 8-8 team can make the playoffs then we get bounced first round? i guess that would be cool, im more interested in hoisting that lombardi that being the 2010 sixers of the nfl

      • Tell that lameness to Carolina.

        Limp in, win, carried over and now undefeated.

        • Or how about the Giants who also “limped in” all the way to Super bowl champs. Not predicting anything because I honestly agree that they will miss the playoffs, just showing how your argument makes NO sense.

        • thats a good point i think

          cam was complete doodoo for his whole career now this year he straight whooopin everyone, im shocked at his play

          • That’s what I’m saying….Cam was awful and Rivera should have been fired. Then all of the sudden……..

            That’s why fans don’t make the decisions.

            • Do you forget that PAnthers were 12-4 in 2013 and had the mighty 49ers Down in the Divisional Playoff Game before they blew it.. Then in the Off-Season that followed, new GM Dave Gettleman’s Plan to purge the Roster of Higher-Paid, Veteran Players who no longer lived up to their Salary vs Production and also had 2 Starting OL Retire due to age/Injuries so most who follow Football knew that 2014 Panthers were going to be a work in Progress who then got hot at the end of the Season and have just gotten better and better and more confident along the way from the Coach’s to the Players to the Front Office.. They added some nice Veterans this years all on the Cheap who were perfect fits …Michael Oher reunited with his Former OL Coach while at the Ravens, Ted Ginn JR who did crap for Arizona but has played well for the Panthers, DE Jared Allen has been rekindled with energy playing for a Winner, Kurt Coleman is playing the best he ever has in the NFL and will be mentioned for the Pro-Bowl.. CB’s C Tillman and C Finnegan are Players no one else wanted and want to Prove they can still play… Add in some great Draft Picks and a Mature and Healthy Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Jon Stewart, Mike Tolbert Charles Johnson and Thomas Davis with an aggressive, younger and inclusive Coaching Staff who believes in the their System and Players and here you have the makings of a Winner not only Now in the wide open NFC but for the Future Years as well with Young Players like Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, Philly Brown, Luke Kuechley, Josh Norman, Kony Ealy, Star Lotuleile, Kawann Short, Ben Beneweirke, Trai Turner, Scott Norwell, Shaq Thompson, Tre Boston

      • We beat the 2nd best team in the league, at their home stadium, against a quarterback we have never beaten, and potentially tying us for first place in the division. You’re delusional if you don’t think this could be a major momentum shift.

  • To me, here are the two biggest things that came out of last night –

    1. This team, despite what the media will try to feed us, has not quit on Chip. The only reason I would want chip gone is if this team quit on him. I think aside from the Maclin issue, his actions have been justified as a GM. I’ve gone on and on stating why so no need to repeating here, not like I’ll change “that” crowd’s take on Chip either way.

    2. Despite what the negative folks will throw, Bradford is improving which is the MOST important thing for this season. Frankly, I still don’t think they are making the playoffs and I think there is a lot of work to be done this offseason, but finding a QB is the most important thing here. While I’m not saying he is setting the world on fire, I am saying that he is trending in the right direction. We as eagles fans should hope this continues as there are very few options on the open market/draft. His stats these past four games have been above average (105 QB rating) and their record over his last seven starts is 5-2. That, my friends, is the trend we want to see with a guy coming off two straight ACL injuries and learning a new system.

    Is he perfect….absolutely not, has he arrived to the franchise QB level yet….hell no, but he is continuing to show me improvement and intriguing me that he may just become that guy in the future.

  • The team stepped up and got a big win. Chip’s offense still was trash. The defense gets the game ball and can share it with the special teams. I don’t like Bill Davis at all, but the defense has been better than the offense consistently. All this talk about the team not quitting on Chip…maybe some pride kicked in after getting their ass whipped the past two weeks….or maybe after the talk about Davis being a casualty, maybe the defense played hard for Davis, not Chip…or maybe you’re right the team rallied around Chip…..Chip’s offense was once again below average.

    • Agree that the offense was below average. But to be fair, with a pick-6, punt return TD their possession were cut down. Of the 10 possessions only 8 were before milking the clock up three scores. Those drives are tough because the other team knows you are running and you don’t dare pass and give Brady any more time. So I really only focus on the first 8.

      Of those 8, 2 were good (56 yards for a TD and 80 yards for a TD) and the other 6 were pretty awful. This offense needs to be more in the 50/50 range with productive drives. Piling up yards and scores. In my opinion they were two off of that number last night. They were below average but not as terrible as the overall stats make it seem considering the circumstances.

      • Extra possessions don’t equate to automatic TD’s for this offense…In fact the best thing that could have happened for this offense was that the special teams and defense scored 3 TD’s…had the Eagles received the possessions I highly doubt we would of scored 3 TD’s…That would equate to 5 total TD’s produced by the offense…Has the offense even scored 4 TD’s in a single game this season?
        I know the circumstances but the offense has been bad and still is bad. I have no faith in Chips offense this season…We simply don’t have the weapons nor do we have a solid O Line. Not to mention the questionable play calling….

        • Understood…just making a point that in this particular game the way it played out impacted the offenses’ overall potential for production. Not saying they would have capitalized. But regardless, there were possessions that could have gained some yards and possible points either through FGs or TDs. You need to be in that 35-40 percent drive efficiency to win in this league. Right now they are at 28. They need to improve that down the stretch.

          The only 4td game for this offense was the Saints

  • Remember when Andy won his last four in the hopeless season of 2011 and we fired him a year too late?? Yeah its like that!! Next year we will play Pitt, Balt (bouncing back healthy with great draft), Cin, GB, Chi, Det, Minn as well as excellent Dallas team and improving Skins. We also probably finish second (7-9) and draw Bucs and Seattle. Where the FUCK does anyone see even eight wins there??? Please tell me how we win more than five games?? The time for change is now but we will keep Chip a year too long. Next year would be a great year to rebuild when the schedule dictates you are not going anywhere anyway!

    • Two reasons this is different from those four wins:

      1. Those four came against terrible clubs with loosing records. This was a win against the defending SB champs in their house.

      2. It shows that this team still supports Chip. If the team is behind him then there is no reason to make a change. Chip has had success in this league. He is having a rough year but he should be given time to right the ship. Now if the team gave up on him then I agree there is no sense in keeping him around. But that is not the case. If he still has them then I say give him the chance to bring this thing back together. Andy was at the end of a decade plus tenure. It was time in his case.

      Fans that didn’t want Chip from the beginning are just using this year to yell and scream that he should be fired. Those people are ignoring the fact that the guy has had some success here and the risks of letting him go and getting into Head Coach carousel hell far outweighs the risks that this year is an anomaly. If the team is still behind him then let him try to fix it.

      • I liked Chip from the beginning…But after getting rid of proven play makers from the offense and not seeing the same type of production from the replacements, my patience is wearing thin. The culture over talent BS, but yet he still has Cooper on the team….that in itself, to me…says a lot about this coach…he has an understanding about Cooper that just doesn’t sit well with me…But yet, we get rid of proven play makers because they don’t fit the “culture”…Bullshit…now we watch this mediocre product on Sundays, it pisses me off as an Eagles fan…Chip offense has been saved by the defense and special teams all year long…When Chip offense becomes the strength of the team again, I’ll ease up…but for now, Chip deserves all criticism pertaining to his offense.

        • Real you know I am going to keep it real with you. When Chip got here he saw an unholy trinity that had to go. Three guys that are more about talk than work. Vick, Shady and D Jack. He knew from the gate they were not his guys. Vick has grown up a lot and is no longer the knuckle head he once was but he still rested on his laurels and did not know how to play QB the right way. D Jack is a punk and you know that. Shady is a spoiled prick who was talking about 2000 yards when he should have been talking about getting past the first round of the playoffs. He is a me guy. His track record shows that when he does things like tip two cents because he took offense to something a three dollar an hour waitress did. Seriously? So he was out to get those guys from day one.
          He does not think Cooper is ok for what he did. He just has too big of a cap hit to cut. But the guy used a word bro. Sticks and stones. He didn’t drag somebody by a chain with his truck. Stop with the big N word thing. Its a word. You never worked in the fields. You never sat in the back of the bus. You were never told you couldn’t go somewhere. Your not your grandfather dude so get over it. Its a word. Its an ugly word but its still just a word. The guy doesn’t deserve to be cut because he called someone the N word when he was pissed and drunk.

          • What does culture mean to you? here’s the definition
            “A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.”

            DJAX a punk, Shady a me guy…But both produced while here and are putting up better numbers than any WR or RB we have on this roster! Bottom line! I agree, that they were most likely gone when Chip got here, but I don’t agree with the reasons…Because Chip, wants culture? If Cooper brings the type of culture Chip wants – F the cap hit, make a statement for your football team, where the majority would be considered an N word based on Cooper’s culture!

            yea Chip got rid of players I felt produced and now we have an below average offense..

            • telling a black man to forget about the N word, is like saying forget about slavery…GTFO with that bullshit! like 9/11 I’ll never forget slavery! Shut your ass up!

              • Ok I am sure that in moment of anger, you never said cracker, white trash, trailer trash or some other such thing. That doesn’t make you a racist does it? Its just a term used in anger. And when you did, it wasn’t captured on someone’s smart phone and put on YouTube. So thank god your white co-workers or supervisors or family members never got to see you put on blast when you were angry and said something you probably didn’t mean to be racist. You were just angry. The N word does not have some mystical power that makes it the strongest word ever created.

              • Unreal I’m sure you are equally as upset with the sixers Okafor for using the same word in a similar circumstance? Maybe he should go as well?

            • Real he definitely should have been smart enough to know that based on the three previous seasons (2010-12), 2013 was an anomaly and you don’t commit those kind of dollars to a mediocre WR that can block well. And then the structure of the deal was terrible for a guy who was for all intent and purposes a one hit wonder. Chip is a bad GM, a bad people person and a mediocre coach. A smart GM would have over paid for Maclin knowing you had no other proven talent. Mathews had half a good season and Ertz has never lived up to his potential. Huff was a terrible pick that was complete unknown. Other than that you had veteran garbage and rookies. They should have gone hard for Randall Cobb which would have been an upgrade. But they didn’t and let Maclin walk over a money they gave to Murray and then some. And you don’t throw money at Murray just to keep Dallas from getting him. That was a dumb move for a guy that doesn’t fit your system. Now I would have to keep him rather than take the cap hit and let Dallas get him back.

              • actually no I haven’t said those types of things…but I guess it’s safe to assume you have, said those types of things in regards to other races…Don’t put me on trial for something someone else said…

        • As far as Chip goes his bullshit doesn’t work in the NFL. Players are not commodities. They are not here today, gone tomorrow. He is not invested in his players so they are not invested in him. And his schemes and play calls are too simple to work in the NFL. I think he is smart enough to be a good offensive coach but he needs to throw his Oregon play book out. However, I still don’t think he has the right personality for today’s players.

  • Anyone who thinks I am delusional about Dallas is sadly mistaken. Carolina will have SB hangover and Cards have Palmer another year older. Eagles and Giants will stink and Skins will be mediocre. SB 50- Carolina over NE. Carolina will not be perfect. You heard it here first. Carolina will lose to the Giants who have long history of beating undefeated teams (’34 Bears, ’98 Broncos, ’07 Patriots). SB 51- Cowboys over Bengals. Yes the Boys win another one before we do and we are going back to drawing board again after Chip gets fired following a 4-12 campaign. Oh and we are locked into a contract with Bradford through 2019. Good grief!!!!

  • Denny you are a clown. Everyone in their right mind knows the Eagles are far from good, but when anyone goes into New England and wins against Brady at QB they should get a free pass. To win these games you need a QB to not turn the ball over and make 3rd down plays. I think Bradford did that today. Would you rather have a QB with a huge fantasy day yesterday (Bortles) or a QB that won the game? I will take the win. I totally understand the Eagles will have a hard time finishing out the season 3-1 let alone 2-2 but write something more constructive about the what the team needs to do to make the playoffs. Stop with the junior high negative goof talk. Or if you want to have fun with your readers write an article how Chip out coached Bill yesterday. To me that would bring great debate.

    • I would take Bortles over Bradford in a heartbeat. That’s a young qb with legitimate upside and very much on the way up. You think five tds would be good enough to win on any day, but the Jacksonville defense gives up a 40 spot.

      Get over Bradford, seriously. Average at best, nothing dynamic or special about his game.

      Chip didn’t outcoach Belichick. Belichick got cute with the drop kick, a bit of arrogance and lack of respect for his opponent that got him burned.

      The Eagles won this game because of three plays from defense/special teams that bailed out another average/mediocre showing from the offense.

      • Blake Bortles is a damn freak, he can ball and is an awesome qb. every throw he makes is in an awesome spot… if they get an oline and a d he gonna be a legend.

        id take virtually every qb in the nfl over bradford as he is a homeless mans (trying to think of something worse than poor mans) alex smith

      • Once again you guys are in fantasy world

        I’d take Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Tom Brady over Bradford too
        Unfortunately this ain’t fantasy football and those guys ain’t available
        Bradford led the team with clutch plays in big spots to a big win
        Denying that is simply delusional

      • I too would prefer Bortles over Bradford but back to my point, give Bradford props for not turning over the ball on this day and making 3rd down conversions on this day and focus on writing something meaningful instead of being a junior high complainer.

    • Great points lewdoggie…there are a lot of clowns on here

      They are in fantasy la-la land
      Denny and Vinniedafool wants to attribute the win to a drop kick by Belicheat in the first half.
      Well the bottom line is when you get slapped in the mouth you have to respond…when you get insulted you have to do something to respond to the insult!
      The leadership on the team has to stand up and respond….
      This is exactly what Bradford did immediately after that failed dropped kick….he made the Pats pay by leading the team down the field, converting on third down…and then throwing a touchdown pass
      This inspired the team…Sanchez would have turned the ball over…Foles would have turned it over or went 3 and out
      Bradford stepped up and hit back
      He’s not Russell Wilson, Tom Brady or Cam Newton….but Bradford is the best available Qb for the Eagles…,Bottom line!

  • Y’all be hypin Bradford up. Of course your not gonna turn it over when all you do is check it down. Throw the damn ball down the field! I ain’t hatin on that man but all he is is a checkdown Charlie. Are offense looks so regular because of him…that’s not chips fault

  • I must say I didnt see the game but the ohilly commentaters were saying a lot bradford had plays down the field he just would not throw it

    • yep-

  • Can you believe Tom Brady was the QB tossing end zone 100 yard pick 6 TD returns and not Bradford, WTF is going on ? is it April Fools day or something? And Malcolm Jenkins actually caught the football. The world is upside down.

    • Did you Guys see the Panthers/Saints Game.. Every Pass NEwton Throws is 10-15 Yards or Bombs… How about the 2 Passes (TD) that Ted Ginn Dropped..
      The one down the left-sideline where he had beaten CB Browner by about 10 Yards and cam lays a damn 50 Yard rainbow right in his arms and right in stride and he Drops it.. Good Grief…
      Cam Newton picked apart CB R Browner a half dozen times..

      • man shut the fuck up about the panthers will ya

        • So many dumb asses on here who told up repeatedly

          Cam Newton stinks was the repeatedly mantra of fools like mhenski, fraudman, Vinniedafool and other idiots

          The kid has grown…developed…now he is clearly one of the best in the league and the idiots are eating crow…

      • I always thought Cam had tunnel vision – would focus only on Steve Smith then only on Kelvin then only on Olsen but I guess he is maturing as a player focusing on a defensive weakness.

        • A lot of People Bitched when they released WR Steve Smith, but the bottom line is that they had too.. This Panther Team was not going to become Cam Newtons Team until Steve Smith was gone.. It should have been done in a better way, but ask anyone around the Team or Media that Follows the Team..Cam was very held back by Smith and was intimidated by him leadership, locker room wise..
          That last TD Pass to Crotchery where he looked off to the left and then fired a laser up and away from Defender where only Crotchery could make a play on it was a thing of beauty and a Pass Cam Newton couldn’t make in his earlier years.. He has supreme confidence nad is letting it rip
          Wait until Next Season when they line up K Benjamin (6-5′), D Funchess (6-4″) and Greg Olsen (6-6′) all wide within the Red-Zone
          Who and How do you cover these Guys in the Red-Zone…

  • Browner is the worst CB in the league. Slow as molasses. Not sure how he gets that much playing time

    • CB R Browner was another product of the System in Seattle where he was surrounded by All-Pro Players in Sherman & 2 Stud Safeties (Thomas/Chancellor)
      Any Team is Wise to get Browner isolated and go right at him 1 on 1 for he can’t keep up with any NFL WR after 10-12 Yards

  • Bradford won a big game against Dallas and New England the last two times he finished. The last time he played he had a 16-3 lead. In those two and a half games he threw zero picks. He is a decent QB and WAY better than Sanchez who was an abomination and 0 for three. He is similar to Alex Smith who would have taken his team to the SB had it not been for Tedd Ginn being hurt and a rookie fumbling away the game. We could do worse. The real problem is the defense and the defensive coordinator. The defense still just sucks. They gave up two TDs against nobodies in the blink of an eye yesterday. It really doesn’t matter who the QB is if the defense continues to be this terrible.

  • I agree with Denny. The win was nothing more than an illusion. A mirage that will disappear probably as early as next week. This win did nothing more than screw up their draft order just like last year.

  • On a Side Note, down in Nashville,Tn for the Baseball General Manager’s Meetings …

    The Phillies in Talks with the Astros about Trading Reliever Ken Giles for some Prospects as the Phils will likely Trade their 2-3 Young Good Players they have now on their Roster, in hopes of turning them into 5-6 Young Good Players for the next few Years to come..

    Phils did claim versatile 28 Year Old OF Pete Boujos off the St Louis Cardinals Roster when they left him unprotected off their 40 Man Roster which was a nice Pick-up by the Phils … Bourjos can Play All OF Positions and is a Righthanded Bat and will basically replace Jeff Francouer as that 4th OF that can add flexibility to a line-up and he comes from a Winning Organization which is nice for to surround the young players with winners.. .

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