• January 21, 2022

Report: Eagles Pursuing Bears OC Adam Gase

AdamGase1There’s a report in the ProFootballTalk.com that the Eagles are eagerly pursuing Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase. He’s credited with getting Bears quarterback Jay Cutler back on track.  Gase worked with Peyton Manning in Denver for the previous three years.

Gase is regarded as a great quarterback coach.  Bringing him in to Philadelphia could mean the Eagles are prepared to commit to Sam Bradford for a period of time.  Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has made it clear for a long time that he believes in the importance of the Franchise Quarterback.

Former Eagles quarterback and current Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is considered a hot name.   Adam Schefter of ESPN names Pederson as a leading candidate of the Eagles job and you know he would come with the blessing of former Birds head coach Andy Reid.

Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott who spent a decade with the Birds, is being talked about a great deal by the media.  He has been an outstanding defensive coordinator in Carolina under former Eagles linebacker coach Ron Rivera.  He grew up in the Philadelphia area, ran the Birds defense for a year under Andy Reid in what was an awful situation.  He would be a great candidate for the job, but Lurie may want an offensive coach to take over.

One of the reasons, the Birds owner gave for firing Chip Kelly when he did was so that the team could get a head start in finding a new head coach.  The extra is extremely valuable during this time of year.  After this final weekend of regular season, the Eagles will get the chance to interview assistant coaches of teams that have a bye week.  Teams like Cincinnati, Carolina, New England, and Arizona will off this week.

It won’t matter with Gase because the Bears didn’t make the playoffs, but assistant coaches like McDermott, Carolina’s offensive coordinator Mike Shula, Cincinnati offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia will all be available to be interviewed during the bye week, but afterwards they could be off limits until after the Super Bowl.

If any of these guys are on the Eagles list, they will get the chance to talk to them this week.

Other coordinators which might be on the list are Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who did a great job in San Francisco, but was passed over when Jim Harbaugh was fired.  Greg Roman who was the offensive coordinator in San Francisco during their recent run, has done a nice job with young quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Should the Birds be interested in taking another shot at a college coach, which I doubt strongly, Stanford’s David Shaw is a highly regarded prospect, but it’s very unlikely that he’s ready to leave for the NFL.


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  • ***Eagles News***

    According to source, Chiefs OC Doug Pederson is expected to be a leading candidate for the Philly HC job. Pederson coached in Philly from 2009-12.

  • Please Noooooooooooooooooo to Doug Pederson!!!!!!! Andy Ried all over again. Not that he was all that bad but we can do better.

  • Adam Gase is the hottest name out there with a track record of working well with any style QB and especially Pocket QB’s and will have his choices on where to go
    He’s from Michigan and will draw a lot of interest from his Home State Team
    Of Detroit Lions, Indy Colts who both have young QB’s in Place
    Eagles HC Job is not as attractive Job in comparison to the others that are out there, it just isn’t, there’s no QB in Place, Bad Salary Cap situation the next 2 Years with these bad deals Chip Kelly did and this year the Eagles have only 1 Draft Pick out of the Top 74 Player and until the 3rd Round comes around
    Toss in the unstable Front Office group of Roseman,Smolenski & Lurie where a lot of back-stabbing and bickering seem to come from and a fickle media with a demanding Fan Base so this Eagles a Job is not for everyone and it’s definitely not for a Young, unproven Coach who will have to learn on the Job unless there are some real veteran, solid Coordinators in place who can help shoulder the duties

    Josh McDaniels , Mike Patricia and any Coach from Belicheck’s Tree are a No-Go with the Eagles as long as Howie Roseman is in place with the Eagles

    Eagles need to go with an experienced low key Coach with a track record of success and an understanding of what Coaching in Philly entails..
    Hue Jackson, Vic Fangio, Brad Seeley, Don Pease, would be strong Candidates to talk to and these Coach’s would restore some physicality & fundamentals back to this Club which is sorely needed..
    Sean McDermott would be a younger Candidate to Interview with his past history working with the Eagles and shaping the Panthers into one of the best NFL Defenses the last few years..
    OC David Shula of the Panthers could be worth Interviewing also,
    Shula has Coached QB Cam Newton with the Panthers from Day 1 so he’s done a great job molding a young QB and developing an Offense that’s effective around Cam’s Talents..
    Shula & McDermott are both Quiet Guys and I am not sure they are HC Material though they are both very good at the Coordinator Level

    • fraudman, over analysis as usual. Any coach young/old that is worried about the media or the demanding fans isn’t worth having. AR was young and unproven with no QB and he made out fine. So ‘quiet guys’ are not HC material? interesting non-point there, Belichek says 2 words during a game and less in a press conference, mike tomlin is typically reserved on the sideline , Ron Rivera and the list goes on… but even more to the point how do you know they are quiet? an assistant coach typically coaches and lets the HC do the ‘animated’ talking… you just make shit up constantly. There is a hierarchy of who can give refs shit, a HC has more latitude than a Coord who has more latitude than a regular assistant, who has more than an equipment guy….

      • No Over Analysis HAC
        There was little to No Expectations for AR & Eagles when he was Hired
        The NFL, The Eagles & Professional Sports and Media Coverage is a lot different now in 2016 than it was just 15-20 Years ago and Today’s Coachs Niall Sports have to be well suited and disciplined to handle the barrage from the media and philly is harder on their Coach’s & Teams than most Cities, it’s just a fact so if you hire a Newbie who is not prepared or understands about how to play the game, then it becomes a distraction and only grows
        I doubt very much that the AR of 1999 would even last 4-5 Seasons if hired in 2016 .. It’s a different time now for better or worse

        • Andy took the job in 99 knowing he was gon be able to draft a franchise QB. Luckily for him he picked the right one, or he woulda been out in less than 4 years.

        • I can only assume that in your rush to make yet another stupid argument that you forgot what the local philly media did the year the franchise QB was drafted! Fact of the matter is that it is an attractive job, it is on the 95 corridor , it is a huge market and if a coach is afraid of media…he’s not much of a coach. Look at what the demanding fans in San Fran are doing? They got rid of their coach in one year to satisfy fans…and San Fran is laid back. Indy getting rid of a good coach …Cleveland has been the media capital of the nfl the last couple years… Media means nothing

  • Source says there could be some mending of the fence required in order for the Eagles to lure defensive coordinator Sean McDermott from the Panthers

    • Word from Charlotte is that McDermott has no interest in working for Roseman or Lurie and felt he was lied too and not fully supported by the entire Organization after AR begged him to take over for JJ as the DC even though everyone knew he wasn’t quite ready and no one did much in helping him succeed with a better Staff and Players
      McDermott has basically said “F-Philly”

  • The Eagles in2016 are just not a very attractive job,
    Lots of questions about Roseman who is simply not very well liked around NFL Circles..
    They have statistically, one of the worst Defense’s in the NFL over the last 5 Seasons…
    They have no real QB to build around
    An aging OL & RB Corps..
    One of the least explosive WR Corp’s in the NFL

    After the Colts, Lions, Dolphins & 49ers Jobs and Giants if they look outside to fill Coughlins spot
    Then it’s the Eagles & Browns who are cleaning house tonight with entire Front Office and Coaching Staff fired

    Eagles and the Browns… This should tell everyone how far the Eagles have fallen in terms of their “Brand”..

  • It will be a newbie Coach that is familiar with Philly and someone who Jeff Lurie likes personally
    Look for Duce Staley, Doug Pederson, Sean McDermott or maybe even this
    Special Teams Coach David Fipp …
    I believe Owner Jeff Lurie missed his window of Opportuntity to Wina Championship as these next few Seasons will be challenging to say the least..

    • Loved Duce as a player, but will be very disappointed if he gets the HC position.
      Pederson would be a disastrous public relations move, so I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if they hire him. But I doubt it.

      I think it will be Pat Shurmer. I think the “brain”-trust will decide that the quickest/easiest way to transition will be to give Pat the job, especially if they decide they want to keep Bradford.

      Not sure I want Shurmer/Bradford back, but I can see the logic in it. Pat would be able to pick the best aspects of Chip’s program to continue and which parts to jettison.

  • ***Sean Mcdermott & Adam Gase are Leading Choice’s for the Indy Colts per Sources …
    Adam Gase also being heavily pursued by the Detroit Lions & Miami Dolphins
    Hue Jackson also drawing interest of the Colts & Lions & 49ers

    Winston Moss of the Packers is also making the Rounds among NFL circles

    All Patriots Coachs (McDaniels and Patricia) have stated they are not interested in leaving the Patriots

    Older Coach’s like Vic Fangio, Brad Seeley, Bill Callahan have not created a lot of interest as yet which is a shame for they are very good Coach’s
    but every Team is trying to find that next Coaching Genuis ..

  • Lurie, Howie, and Donohue, really don’t know what they are doing. That’s one of the foundations of there problems.

    Pederson, just dumb,

    Gase – The job he did with Cutler is minimal at best, and any work in Denver was over glorified because of the abilities of Peyton Manning not him.

    McDermott – All he is, is an emotional tie to the city; a name some would be IMO unreasonably comfortable with, but will want fired in 3 years, because he isn’t head coaching material – so why bother?? – just to please the overzealous, incorrect evaluation, of his true abilities as a head coach by the fans????

    They’re guessing. The really don’t know what they are doing……

  • Hopefully the Eagles will take their time and interview numerous qualified candidates and not get enamored with a name. I am not interested in retread coaches, nor a coach that has already won a SB, history says that a coach who has won a SB will not win another with a new team as it has never been done in the history of the NFL. Those who do not learn from history….and Lurie has repeated history giving the HC full GM power..hopefully he will not hire a coach with a SB ring…I am not worried about Sean Peyton. I do not think he is getting fired, even if he does, I do not see him here, nor am I interested.

  • Hopefully they are more thorough this time around.

    Missing out on Arians (not even interviewing him) will be a thorn in this fan’s side for a long time.

    • Arians was on the list to be interviewed when Kelly originally turned then down..
      But then Kelly accepted their Offer only after finding out that Oregon was going to be placed on Probation for Recruiting Violations
      Jeffrey Lurie never had a good feel or completely trusted Chip Kelly which is why he was so quick to cut his losses with him.. Lurie will never Hire another HC that he does not personally feel good about or have that trust factor..

  • I am going with the older Coach’s who like a physical Running Game along with a Physical Defense

    My Wish List
    1) Vic Fangio
    2) Bill Callahan
    3) Hue Jackson
    4) Brad Seeley

    Dark Horse Candidate – Winston Moss
    Darker Horse Candidate – Mike Vrabel ( But Belicheck will tell him not to consider due to Howie Roseman)

  • All I know is I am going to get completely annoyed with the 52,347 Eagles “pursuing” and “_______________ is a front runner” articles over the next couple of weeks/months.

    Especially if John “day late and a dollar short” Hart keeps repeating them 30 mins after they’re tweeted or reported by a national “writer”

    Because then it becomes 104, 696 times.

    I want a young NFL co-ordinator. O or D doesn’t matter – its all a crapshoot. I hope that this new guy does the right thing – sits at his first press conference and says this will be a long slow rebuild.

    Again – this is why all this mess should have happened next year after the total collapse when they’d be in a better position to scrap the dead weight like Murray and Peterson.

    This year the new guy will have his hands tied. Middling draft position, no second, dead weight players he’ll want to cut but can’t (Murray) and from what I read, not the best crop of QBs out there in the draft.

    Bad situation.

    Should have let Kelly rot one more year to 4-12 and then began anew.

  • Maxwell, not Peterson….weird

  • Reports for Vinnie that both Harbaugh Brothers are not interested in Philly
    Stay Tuned

  • ***Breaking News****
    Vai Saikaheima flying into Philly Airport, make of it as you will..
    You Younger Guys will have to look him up… Ha

    • Now they’re interviewing sportscasters?

      It must be the Mormon connection back to the Andy Reid days.

      We’re in trouble if Vai Saikaheima gets an interview.

  • For Vinny..
    Former Eagle John Runyan, says he’s interested in the Eagles HC Position

  • Just throw money at and hire David Shaw end of story.

  • ***More Eagles News***

    According to source, the Eagles will pursue Sean Payton if the Saints fire him

    • I hope so JH. ..He should be our coach if he is available. If he is hired more than likely he will bring Mickey Loomis with him, and possibly talk Drew Brees into considering the coaching staff as the QB Coach.

      If he did, I would like the Eagles to grab Kaepernick if he is released, and have both Payton, and Brees, fix him the way Sean Payton fixed Drew Brees, after all his issues when he was in San Diego.

      • Payton like any coach is linked at the hip to his QB…. A good HC has a good QB… Belichek was terrible until Brady, Ron Rivera was terrible until Cam blossomed , tomlin without Ben is just a guy…
        So Payton and Bradford? Ok

      • LOL

        You just linked Peyton to Krapernick.

        I can absolutely guarantee you if Peyton joins another team, the QB he chooses will be the exact opposite of Colin Kaepernick.

        • Hey Vinnie, Brees was crap at one time as well, and Payton made him a hall of famer FYI bruh…

          • Brees had some nice Seasons with the Chargers who only gave up on him due to his Right Shoulder Surgery and didn’t think he would fully recover, they also preferred the Big Arm/Deep Ball As part of their Offense which was not really Drew Brees strength.. So they moved oinfrom him and Drafted Phil Rivers
            Meanwhile Brees plays another 8-10 Seasons with HC Payton , Wins a Super Bowl and is probably a Gold HOF Jacket..

          • That’s revisionist history.

            Brees had a good rookie year. A bad sophmore year and then 2 very very solid years prior to going to NO.

            He improved every year from year 2.

            Those 3rd and 4th seasons he had 51tds to 22 ints. He was ripping it up. Please.

            Compare that to Krapernick who had a good 7 or 8 running around games like every other scrambling twit before the league catches up is asenine.

            Krapernick has deteriorated and gotten worse every year from his 1st. His own coaching staff benched his ass for Gabbert.

            Comparing the two situations is beyond stupid.

      • That’s one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever read Cliff
        The Eagles going to get Payton and Brees who can still play at a high level in as a QB Coach.. Why would Brees even want to be a QB Coach ? He would be hired as a TV Analyst in a heartbeat and make more $$$ than as a QB Coach.. He’s has like 5 young kids, andwhen he hangs themup, he will be spending time at home with his kids..
        That’s funny..

        Is Sean Payton goes anywhere, it will be to the NY Giants or the Indy Colts who both Teams have established QB’s .. Sean Payton would have little interest in the Eagles
        Chances are he and Saints GM Mickey Loomis will work out their differences and all remain with the Saints with Brees and try to turn things arounf for next Season

        • Maybe so Paul. Perhaps, but of course you don’t know that….not being sarcastic bruh, but we’ll see….buddy…

        • But there is nothing ridiculous about it…..

          • I bet you a $25 (To Favorite Charity of Choice) that Sean Payton does not end up in Philly … Do you accept GMCliff?

            • No one would accept that because everyone knows Peyton won’t be coaching the Eagles.

              • Yes Vinnie, everyone but GMCliff…
                See he thinks because he wants Sean Payton to Coach the Eagles, that
                This should happen no matter what it takes, thenwhenit doesn’t happen, he can hark all next year and say , “See if Eagles-hired Sean Payton like I said… Yada, Yada, Yada. Cliff does the same crap with his Draft Picks
                He’ll state 5-6-7 Players the Eaglesshould Pick who are Rated in the Top 50 when the Eagles Only have 1-2 Picks in the Top 50 …

              • In response to your constant gibberish about me mocking prospects out of the top 50……..If you go back to the draft ranking archives you’ll see those players are mocked throughout the top 700….and to select 7-10 out of those 700, displays the eye for talent…..unlike yourself bruh, who needs a variety of options to offset your lack of……just being honest…..still waiting to see the actual skill.

                2016 players as well: Here is their actual rank

                Vadal Alexander – (42)
                Jaylon Smith – (21)
                Jacoby Brissett – (257)
                Denver Kirkland – (129)
                Noah Spence – (140)
                Yannick Ngakoue – (173)
                LeRaven Clark – (146)
                DeAndre Houston-Carson – (104)
                Maurice Canady – (123)
                James Bradberry – (422)
                Hunter Henry – (34)
                Tony Connor – (213)
                Corey Davis – (248)
                James Connor – (415)
                Jonah Austin – (not even in the top 1000)

                You do a lot of talking, with no substance to it. Bottom Line is you have to identify the talent in the top 700. Stop hating Paul; and as I have stated before, you are NOT better than me. Live with it.

            • Doesn’t matter Paul. I’m not considering any other candidate options until Payton is out of the equation – Which he is not; The Eagles are absolutely interested – despite your objection…..

              Doug Morrone, would make a good Offensive Coordinator. I wouldn’t mind having Tom Coughlin, as part of this coaching staff, in some capacity.

              I think anyone who is mentioning names like Sean McDermott, Mike Vrabel, Bill Callahan, and Doug Peterson, are just dumb in their reasoning about the long range best interest of this team – none of which would be any good as HEAD coaches.

              If you think any of those coaches are better than Sean Payton, just stop talking to me about what you think, because that thinking is not only mediocre quality thinking – but just moronic.

              • Keep Dreaming for Coach Sean Payton, Cliff,
                Why would Sean Payton want to come to Eagles?
                Because you like him? Because he’s #1 on your list??
                If Payton leaves the Saints, which is a good possibility for their Ownership is going thru a transition and his relationship with GM Loomis has soured since Payton’s Suspension, they are over the Cap, they have as bad as a Defense as the Eagles do.. They regret wasting $$$ on Safety Jarius Byrd that everyone on this Board creamed over including you, when I stated, stay far away from, he’s overrated, often injured and just not really that good.. How did that work for the Saints..
                Sean. Payton is a good Coach but has not Won anything in 3 Years but still will be able to Select his Next Job..
                Why would he choose Philly over the Colts, Giants, Lions, Nashville or SF 49ers…
                When you can answer that, share your reasons on why Philly is a better fit than the other Teams I listed, for I would be interested in what you come up with..

              • I will, because he is the best coach for the job currently that’s why I like him.

                Why would he not explore this option, and decide to sign…..because you don’t like him???….or prefer Mike Vrabel, Brad Seeley, or some other mediocre coach over him ???( just dumb)

                Why would anyone sign to coach the Eagles?? who knows, but we have had a head coach decide to coach here before.

                Outside of Luck the Colts don’t have anything but overachieving players, players close to their retirement, or players you continue to overstate for nothing, because you think more of them than most. – Moncrief – average at best.

                What do the 49ers, Giants, Lions, and Titans offer that you think is worthy of more consideration???….The Eagles have equally as much of a chance to attain his services as any other team, but your hang up is you don’t want him………so what???

                Memory serves me right, you also reasoned that Chip wouldn’t be fired because he has 2 years left on his contract – although that too was in the best interest of the team……..How’d that work out????

                You don’t know who is coming here, and who is not….

                He may not sign, but you have to explore the best options, BEFORE you blow them off, and I am tired of the mediocrity with the Eagles – Coaching staff, Players, and Talent Evaluators – and hate the idea of McDermott, Gase, Hue Jackson, Gruden, or some other inferior you guys will pull out your uniformed minds.

                I’d much rather have a Darell Bevell, Josh McDaniels, David Shaw, Tom Moore, Harold Goodwin, or Vic Fangio

              • If David Shaw would be willing to leave Stanford he would be the most coveted head coaching candidate.

                Shaw would be my pick.

              • Yeah, he would Irish, but unfortunately. Chip left a sour taste in Jeffery’s mouth that may make him hesitant to reach to the College ranks, but there is still a chance. He at least has coached in the NFL.

                But, again, I would rather consider him, than McDermott, Pederson, Jackson, Vrabel, or any other of Paulman’s mediocre desirables.

    • Source being Paul Domowitz at 524

  • According to source, Adam Gase will interview with the Eagles in a few days

  • Here’s an interesting connection between the Eagles and Adam Gase: Gase’s father-in-law is Joe Vitt, who was a part of Rhodes’ staff, Lurie’s 1st coach hire… Very very interesting

  • According to my sources, Jon “day late and a dollar short” Hart will continue to post “exclusive” reports 15 mins after they’ve been posted on national websites and then claim that he is the only one with the news.

    This will happen 1548x over the next 3 weeks.

  • Eagles Draft Picks in the First 3 Rounds

    1st Round (13th Pick)
    2nd Round (No Pick – Would have been the 45th Pick)
    3rd Round (77th Pick)
    3rd Round from Detroit (80th Pick)

  • The Eagles will interview interim HC Pat Shurmur on Monday and Bears OC Adam Gase on Tuesday

  • According to source, Lions DC Teryl Austin and Giants OC Ben McAdoo are among the candidates the Eagles will consider pursuing for HC vacancy

    • DC Teryl Austin very well thought of around the NFL..
      Ben McAdoo was the QB Coach for the Packers for Aaron Rodegers and reminds many of a young Andy Reid personality wise..
      I would be very surprised to see the Giants let him get away with Tom Coughlins like sly to resign/retire as early as Monday after he meets with Ownership

  • According to my source, John Harbaugh is the guy Jeffrey Lurie really wants as the head coach but probably can not get him

    • It’s not a probably… John Harbaugh is under Contract and very well liked, respected and appreciated by Ravens Ownership , he’s not going anywhere..

    • JH very interesting MY SOURCE says the EXACT SAME THING AS your source– mine said it at 6:58 this morning and you ‘reported’ it here at 7:12… damn we have some good sources don’t we!!!

  • Chip Kelly-49ers-talking

    • It was the Kelly Camp who reached out to the 49ers about their Opening as I stated he would, the 49ers are Split in whether they even want to talk to him with the reputation he amassed while with the Eagles
      As I mentioned In previous post, the 49ers GM Trent Balkee is a very opinionated and ego driven, alpha male GM, and may be too similar to Chip Kelly and could be too toxic of a relationship to overcome though Kelly Coach wise could be an excellent fit for them with Kaep, Young Talent, High Draft Picks and Cap Space
      49ers Owner Jeb York is interested in talking to Chip Kelly while GM Balkee is not is what I’m hearing .. Balkee likes Stanfords David Shaw

      Word out of Nashville is that Totans Ownership are not real fond of Chip Kelly’s arrogance and attitude and have no plans of interviewing him for their opener..
      They want a younger Coach who can grow with Mariota and the Community as they have been they a lot of change the last few years and want a long-time partner as Coach…

  • Paulman Reports that Jon Hart will Report that Mike Shananhan is set to Interview for the 2nd Time with the Dolphins here in the next little bit…

    On a side note, the Available Jobs for Chip Kelly don’t seem all that interested in him…

  • Elton Brand will be signing with the Sixers according to my source

    • Well your Source must be Mhenski who reported this at 11:41am and beat yo to it…

      ***Miami Dolphins Promote their Current Director of Scouting Chris Grier to the GM Position as they restructure their Front Office and Coaching Staff

      • Hahah… Jon Hart scooped again.

        I mean used his source (the internet) again to report this news.

  • ***Paulman Rumors****

    New Orleans Saints work out a Deal with the Indy Colts as HC Sean Payton is traded to the Colts for a 2nd Round Pick in 2016 Draft and a 2nd Round Pick in 2017 Draft

  • ***More Eagles News***

    Doug Marrone will interview for the Eagles vacant HC job according to a source


  • Throw Jon Gruden in there as well… He could be a true Dark horse to sign on as the HC here in Philly…

    • Doug Marrone whose specialty is working with the OL and Running Game
      didn’t leave many Friends behind up in Buffalo after leaving them high and dry
      Players were so-so about his Personality… Not Sure he’s a Good Fit or has that “Emotional Intelligence” that Luie is looking for…

      Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher are both flat out Not Interested in returning to Coaching or the Eagles Job…

      • Doug Marrone…Marone a mi..is there a Rooney rule for having to interview terrible unqualified retread coaches? Must be!

  • Sean Payton still meeting with saints owner and other front office reps… No decision as of yet I’m hearing

  • Next year:

    @seattle, @cinci, @Det, @Balt, Home Pitt, GB, Minny…..

    Jeeeeezus. And with a rookie HC??????????????

    More evidence Eagles should have held on to Kelly one more year for total collapse.

    How’s this going to go with a rookie coach, rookie QB (or Padmystatsford – doesn’t matter results will be the same) rolling to 4 wins next year???

    Media will turn on the guy by week 9. Eagles should have waited a year…hit rock bottom and then they’d give the new guy 2 seasons……now……storm clouds ahead…..

    • 2016 will be a long season for any New Eagle Coach..
      4-12 11 or 5-11 at the Best…

      Go 2-4 vs the NFC East (Beat Giants & Cowboys once)
      Go 1-3 vs AFC North (Beat the Browns)
      Go 1-3 vs NFC North (Beat the Bears, maybe)
      Lose to Seahawks, Maybe beat the Falcons ??

  • Fraudman wrong again…

    Chuck Pagano and the Colts reached a contract extension

  • I love when you clowns have to eat ya words hahaa

    Ish Smith with another double double tonight, leads the Sixers to a win

    With Ish 3-3… Without Ish 1-30

    You do the math

    He doesn’t look so much like a bum now huh?!

    When it comes to evaluating a player don’t question me, question yourself

    • He still a bum to me….He’s playing well for a team that has basically zero guard play – and really has no other real options at guard…so what??

      He’s still not the player your spewing about win or lose..

      Give him credit for his play, but he’s still a bum by NBA standards Jon. You’re always so overzealous in your praise for less than average players…LOL

      • HAHAHAHAHA wrong wrong wrong again gmstiff

        And you’re still deciding to stick to your guns when your being proven wrong game by game

        The dude has practically averaged a double double since joining the team again on a team lacking serious talent, just two lotto pick players in Noel and Okafor

        But he’s doing exactly what I said he would do and that’s improve this team, set guys up to succeed, alley ops to Noel etc.. you and many of the other clueless posters ridiculed and mocked me and said how wrong I was hahaha

        Eat your words! Admit when your wrong and move on

        • Actually, I don’t think so….Has he done well over the last few games…yes.

          Does that make him all that you say he is…no

          I went through this with some about Nik Stauskas, and he had just a few decent games, and then his real abilities began to show…

          Like I said before, you very often over do it on players you glorify, then within a week or two you have all this egg on your face.

          How are Tyler Ennis, and Dante Exum’s careers going…….Yeah Jon, you sure have an eye for talent, No wonder you’re bragging on someone like Ish Smith, you need all the help you can get…..Congratulations…..

        • JH, trust the process-Hinkyite- question if he is this great of a fit why did they not sign him originally??? also, after all this tanking you report that the sixers are seriously lacking in talent? I thought the idea of tanking was to get more talent???

          • LOL!!!……. Good question Ciggy.

            • I don’t know what you are talking about GM. A lot of good players play for 9 teams in 6 years. A lot of good players can get on the court unless they playing for a historically bad team like the Sixers have been in the last 3 years.

  • Colts surprise most NFL Followers and come to an extension with both HC Chuck Pagano & GM Ryan Grigson ..
    Good for the both and for the Colts..
    Owner Irsay showing some patience which he’s rarely done during his tenure

    • Youre always wrong… Move on… Clean it up any way you want

      • There wasn’t one News Service including the Local Indianapolis Media and all the National Media like IanRappaport, Adam Shefter, and the guys from ESPN that didn’t expect the Termination of Chuck Pagano .. He fought for his Job, His Players stood up for him and Fans wanted him back, so good for Owner Jim Irsay to take a step back at look at the Big Picture and do what’s right for his Organization.. Congrats for Coach Pagano & GM Grigson

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