• August 15, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants

murrayPredictably, Eagles Win Meaningless Game, Screw Up Draft Position


Chip Kelly may be out of the picture, but the painful shortsightedness that existed throughout his regime carried over for at least one more game.

With nothing to play for but a higher draft position and deciding key matchups next season, the Philadelphia Eagles predictably came out and played one of their best offensive games of the season, putting up 35 points in an effort to take down the New York Giants in the final game of the season.

Had the Eagles lost this game, they likely would have secured a top-10 pick. Unfortunately, the organization somehow felt there was more to gain by going all-out for one more win.

How did that mentality work out for the Eagles last season when they won the empty Week 17 finale against the Giants? Did that silly win carry over in any way to this season? Sure, it gave Chip Kelly the hollow right to claim that he had a 10-win season. But it pushed the Eagles farther down in the draft order, harming their ability to get closer to making a trade for the quarterback that they desperately needed.

Flash Of DeMarco Murray Offers Glimmer For Next Coach

Chip Kelly criminally misused DeMarco Murray this season.

On his first touch of the game, Murray took off for a 54-yard touchdown to give the Eagles an early lead.

Murray began the run from under center, and the downhill runner hit the hole provided for him quickly, and rumbled his way into the endzone.

Throughout the season, Kelly foolishly had Murray running slow-developing stretch plays out of the shotgun, which didn’t give the running back much of a chance to succeed.

Murray’s season in 2015 may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Chip Kelly kindly decided to phase Murray out of the offense, greatly reducing the workload he took on. He can now serve as an attractive piece for the next head coach to build his offense around.

Ertz Finishes Breakout Season With Another Strong Effort

One of the only legitimate bright spots of the Eagles’ offense this season has been the play of tight end Zach Ertz.

Ertz has emerged as one of the team’s top weapons, finishing his season with a nine-catch effort for over 150 yards, including a 60-yard reception that set up the team’s first touchdown.

Chip Kelly may have torn down the offense, and stripped it of most of its talent, but Zach Ertz is one of the few legitimate building blocks that the next staff will have to work with.


Quick Thoughts


  • Did I mention how thrilled I am that we don’t have to put up with this gimmick offense anymore?
  • Pat Shurmur dialed back the fast-pace of the Eagles offense, resulting in a number of quality drives, including a 16-play march down the field resulting in a touchdown. Its quality over quantity, Chip.
  • Not too interested in a Sam Bradford return next year. Bradford isn’t a god-awful quarterback, but he’s not taking this team, or any other, on any kind of run in the playoffs. I wouldn’t necessarily be upset if he came back, but if I had my choice I’d turn the page and purge a lot of the players that Chip Kelly brought in.
  • I can’t figure out what went wrong for Nelson Agholor. When he gets the ball in his hands, he’s got good shiftiness and elusiveness to his game, but for whatever reason the Eagles never seemed to make it a priority to get him regularly involved.
  • Not a fan of Jordan Matthews at all. Guy drops too many passes, and is the absolute king of garbage time stats and touchdowns, highlighted by today’s two-score effort in a meaningless game.
  • Just four carries for 11 yards for Ryan Mathews. He really wasn’t the same after the concussion.


  • The Eagles played a lot of 4-3 looks throughout the game.
  • Marcus Smith picked up a sack, rushing an end on a third down, forcing the Giants to kick a field goal on their second red zone possession of the day.
  • Smith also had a hurry on the final drive of the game, forcing Eli Manning into an incomplete pass. Both of Smith’s plays were made with Smith rushing as a defensive end.
  • Kiko Alonso, shockingly, led the Eagles with nine tackles.
  • Connor Barwin picked up a sack and forced a fumble.
  • The Eagles held Odell Beckham to just 54 yards on five catches.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Eagles hurt their draft position, and earned themselves a road game in Seattle next season, I can’t say I’m too bothered by today’s outcome.

The victory this week was the firing of Chip Kelly.

No more smoothies. No more Tuesday practices. No more sports science. No more gimmick-offensive systems.

Jeffrey Lurie had enough foresight to recognize that the Eagles were a sinking ship under Chip Kelly, and that things weren’t going to get much better next season.

The 2015 season is mercifully at an end. Now the focus shifts to the coaching search, and the shape that the team will take as it transforms from the flawed vision of Kelly, to the image of the new head coach.

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Denny Basens

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  • aWesome win we dropped Lower in the draft and traded a would be win next year (Rams) for loss (at Seattle)

    • I loved listening to Bradford after the game, trying to talk up how important it was to win today and he would have hated to see this group go into the off-season on a loss…what a joke.

      • Denny, what exactly would you like him to say? Being a pro athlete is a different job than any of us have. I’ve had bosses fired, quit unexpectedly etc. I don’t have a microphone in my face asking me about it. The difference between a 10-6 season and a 6-10 is a small fraction. They work their balls off either way. He said what he had to say.
        As this is a QB driven league I thought the more poignant statements were the endorsement of shumur …. Very interestig.

        • I would have liked to hear him say something along the lines of “We’re not playing anymore games after today, and that’s extremely frustrating for myself and my teammates…that’s what the goal is, that’s what we’re here for, and anything short of that is unacceptable”

          The last thing I want to hear from the quarterback, or any member of the organization, is “how much it meant to win” a meaningless game. How’d that mentality work out for them last year? Did last year’s win in Week 17 against the Giants carry over in ANY way?

          When I look at Sam Bradford, I don’t see a guy that has a deep desire to win, or a killer instinct like that a lot of the great quarterbacks have…I see a guy with a career-losing record that is just happy to be out there healthy, playing, and winning a game here and there as opposed to spending his time rehabbing an injury.

          Is he a terrible quarterback? No. He’s ok. He’s better than what the Eagles have had, and he’s better than any of the veteran options they’d have for next year. But he’s not good enough to be great.

          The thing is that I hear Sam say that this win was important and meant something, and I actually think they mean what they say…

          What did the Eagles accomplish with a win today? Draft position is worse on a team that desperately needs top talent, especially with no second-rounder, and especially with the possibility that the guy they gave up that second-rounder for might not even be here…they also booked themselves a very difficult road game in Seattle next year, a team that make no mistake is still going to be very good…just a number of things today that put next year at a bit of a disadvantage before it begins, although like I wrote in the article, the fact that Kelly is gone alone at least offers hope that some legitimate progress can be made.

          • Denny, do some research there is ZERO difference in the achievement of a 15 vs a 10… Do your homework son. He mentioned the season being a failure.
            Do you really think a PLAYER should be concerned with draft position or next years schedule? Really? That’s just silly…

            • It’s not necessarily about the difference in talent, more so the more options in talent that is available. For example, instead of taking Brandon Cooks, Hasean Clinton-Dix and a few other players that the Eagles wanted in 2014, they moved back and took MSII because all of the players they coveted were selected by the time their draft position came. If they had lost that last game to the Giants..they would have been able to get one of the guys they wanted. I understand you are saying from 10-15, however, it depends on the talent that is coming out and the positions the team will be looking at. If the Eagles want an OT, Ronnie Stanley may have been there at 9-10, definitely not at 15 or wherever they will pick…so the position is important, if you think differently, well that is just not realistic…and 2014 proves it.

              • I have ten years of analysis comparing the careers of 10 vs 15…. No difference, in fact argument to be made that 15’s have been far better. If I have time tomorrow I will post it and I will try to extend it to 15-20 years… Draft is a crapshoot regardless of position… Busts up and down the draft, HOF players up and down…

              • HAC, did you also look at the 5 Positions Diferrence in Rounds 2 thru 7…
                The real Difference really Stsrts to happen in Rounds 3,4,5 as the Depth and Talent Stsrts to Drop Off ..
                Just looking at 1 is not looking at the big picture
                Also you would have to admit that having a 10th Selection in Each Round as opposed to the 15th Selection should increase any potential Trade Value or Offers from other Clubs …
                To say there is little to no difference between Drafting 10th or 15th each Round is just not accurate or very smart…

              • Here’s a question Haveacigar…

                If the NFL were to offer the Eagles the 10th OR the 15th (whichever they’d prefer) your suggestion would be for them to flip a coin because there is no difference between the picks right??

                SO it wouldn’t matter right? Flip that coin????

                Eagles would have had the 8th or 9th had they gone out and handed off 45x. Instead they have the 13th.

                To say there is “no difference” is wrong.

              • I did look and the difference is negligible … 42 vs 47 is nothing, 74 vs 79 nope etc

              • The 10th pick offers 5 more options, history says most of those options will be busts but of course I’d rather look at 1005 players vs 1000.
                Vinnie you like stats etc… Compare 15 vs 10 ur own

              • Vinnie go back 10 years compare number 9 to number 13… Negligible

              • You avoided the question.

                If offered the 10th and the 15th you’d flip a coin because there is no difference right?

              • Actually vinnie I did answer by saying I’d rather look at 1005 players vs 1000… I know you can read… I was very clear.
                Said another way … 224 players are drafted if I draft 10 I look at 215. If I draft 15 I look at 210… If you think that is a big deal you are misinformed

              • As a GM, you would give up the 10th pick for the 15th because it doesn’t matter. OK Cool. Now we know.

                Next question – would you then give away the 15th for the 20th because probably the research would tell you there’s not much of a difference between the two either.

              • I never said I’d give up anything… You made that up. I’ve maintained from the start that pro players need to line up to win. I’ve never said anything different.and that your draft pick falls where it falls. 15 isn’t different then 10… Look it up

              • Also you have to think about “Trade Back Values” which are increased the better pick you have to begin with..
                Many more Teams would want to Trade with you if your holding the 9th Pick of every Round than if you have the 13th Pick of every Round..
                The better the Oick the more Opportunity you have to make a Trade and the better return you will get if you choose that route ..
                Where’s Gloomy with his Draft Day Trade Chart!!! Ha

              • Vinny, any GM who would view the disparity between picks like that and actually do that would be fired immediately and seen as incompetent league wide.

              • Paul it’s moot to people who actually play and coach. It’s incredibly important to losers on a blog

              • Vinnie you are silly

              • I am “silly” You are the one arguing there is no difference between pick 10 and 15. (or 9 and 13 in this case)

                You have said over and over that there is no difference between 10 and 15, and when asked whether you’d flip a coin if offered each pick you avoid the question….because you know…as does everyone….that the 10th is better than the 15th.

                Peroid. Done.

                10th pick better than 15th.

                There is no frikkin’ argument.

                Every GM in the known universe would take the 10th over the 15th….save HaveaCigar who says its irrelevant….he’d take either….flip a coin.

                Why are you hanging on to this asinine position?

              • Vinnie… Sam I am was number one, Rodgers 28?, Wilson what 35?, bridge water 40? ( I’m guessing admittadely), Brady like 240, rothlisberger 11, flacco 15 , dalton 35, you argue against yourself

              • haveacigar…vinniedafool is beyond ‘silly’

                Players dont care about what draft position the team has…they want to win

                A competitor wants to win when he steps on the field…bottom line

                Whatever pick we get we have to draft a player that will contribute..whether we are picking 9th- 10th 20th or 22th…no matter where…we have to get a good player…I’m not confident in Howie Roseman at all…Vinniedafool wants us to dump Bradford and depend on Roseman to find us a franchise QB

                He is beyond ‘silly’…

  • I agree that the victory this week is Chip being fired. Clock management was way better. They took time off the clock when they needed to and no high tempo three and outs when they needed to eat up clock. Chip is gone and that is all that matters to me. Let him run some other city’s team into the ground!

  • The run defense stunk again today due to our crappy inside linebackers.

    That being said, it might have been our best total game of the season.

    Wish they had lost.

  • ****Rumors****
    49ers are interested in both Coach Pat Shurmur & QB Sam Bradford
    As they look to improve their Offense ….

  • There is no doubt…we have to keep Sam Bradford even if it means that we franchise him. Who else is reasonable and viable option?

    • Panthers up Big 38-10 over the TB Bucs as CamNewton throws 2 TD Passes as well as Rushing for 2 TD’s to probably seal the MVP Award for 2016 as
      Both Carson Palmer & Tom Brady did not have very good games today

      Cam Newton ended up with 33 TD Passes with 8 Rushing TD’s for 41 Total
      He’s thrown for 3500 Yards with 10 Ints and a Passer Rating of 97..
      When he’s throwing well and protects the Ball, the Panthers are difficult to Beat

  • I have mixed emotions about the Eagles win today. From the fan’s perspective, it would be great for the Eagles to lose so that we could play the Rams in London next year and get higher draft picks in the upcoming draft. However, from the player’s perspective, I cannot blame them. If I were an Eagles player I am not going to play poorly so the team can draft a higher pick that could potentially replace me. That would be ludicrous.

    The Eagles must sign Sam Bradford. Chip made many mistakes while with the Eagles, but Bradford was not one of them. He does not necessarily look like he can pick apart defenses however he does look like he can lead an offense with a complimentary run game.

    As far as the draft is concerned, the Eagles should draft an offensive lineman with the first pick. From what I witnessed this year, the issues with the run game started with the line. Their inability to block opposing defenders created issues for the backs trying to find holes. If the Eagles can get a solid offensive line together, I think the offense will become more consistent.

    The Eagles should also look to add a deep threat if there is anyone available via free agency or in the third round.

  • I’d try to resign Bradford, but I wouldn’t break the bank for him and I certainly wouldn’t franchise him. If he wants to go elsewhere or somebody else is willing to throw 18 Million at him, let him go and draft the best QB option. I can live with a season of Sanchez if I have to.

  • Predictions- they will sign Bradford, they will convert to 4-3 and they will compete for division….again, the difference between 10-6 and 6-10 is minimal

  • Eagles should probably Name Pat Shurmur as HC and re-sign Sam Bradford
    To a 2-3 Year Max Deal for $16-$17 Million per Year with a Buyout Clause after the 2nd Year .. Keep some continuity on Offense going into 2016
    Replace Bill Davis with a new DC (Chuck Pagano, Mike Pettine was just Released from the Browns) and rebuild the Defense and OL & WR in the Draft

    Cleveland Browns have already announced the Release of GM Ray Farmer & HC Mike Pettine

    Tom Coughlin has Resigned/Retired from Coaching the NY Giants

  • The Eagles will draft # 13 in the NFL draft…that is official!

    • Would have been 8 or 9 had they gone in and handed off 45x.

  • Wow. Great game. Sam Padmystatsford was in full effect – looking great against a D that had no players left and who they did have weren’t trying.

    People already getting sucked in just like after the pre-season game at GB. Because mark my words – that is exactly what we saw here. Padmystatsford is a fair weather player who will look great in every meaningless game or “down 30” 4th Q.


    Any of the “best option” talk is complete BS – because you know what….somewhere out there in college is the next HoF QB and its mperative the Birds find him – rather than roll with Sam “Garbage time” Bradford.

    And YES the Eagles should have played this just like Bellicheat did…went to Miami, handed off 98x and got the hell out of dodge. Instead….we saw Padmystatsford tossing pass after pass in the 4th today to get to 35.

    Terrible. Short term thinking.

  • It actually would have been 10 overall if we won, now were at 13. So as of right now it doesn’t seem like much. But when you look at the Marcus Smith draft picking few spots ahead would have made a huge difference. I didn’t have the chance to watch that much college football this year, was hoping for Jalen Ramsey weeks ago but thats not happening now. Im sure a high quality OLineman will be there at the very least.

    BTW Vinnie your posts sound identical to the ones Songs and Koolbreeze would post about Foles when he would put up pretty stats against the bad defenses in the league. Im no fan of Bradford, as I don’t think many are on here, but damn you are just as insufferable as those idiots. You guys are all the same people

    • I believe you guys are wrong in stating the Eagles and Giants would have merely flip-flopped Draft Positions.. You have to look at Head to Head Records & Conference Record,
      If Eagles lost and Finished at 6-10 they would have finished Tied with at 6-10 Record just like the TB Bucs did
      BUcs beat the Eagles and had a better Conference Record
      The Eagles would have been at 9, the Bucs 10th & Giants at 13

      • It would have been 9th pick.

    • “BTW Vinnie your posts sound identical to the ones Songs and Koolbreeze would post about Foles when he would put up pretty stats against the bad defenses in the league. ”

      I am not saying that at all. I am saying nothing about defences.

      I am saying Sam is a “garbage time” performer. Foles may have dropped 7 against the pathetic Raiders….but the Eagles “needed” the win.

      Sam Bradford is nowhere in important games and pads the stats when there is nothing on the line. He is clearly absolutely fantastic when a team is in preseason, down 30, or in a meaningless game at the end of the year against a depleted squad that has quit.

      But against a team in a desperate fight for the playoffs?

      Or in the playoffs?

      Ya. Ok. Keep dreaming that Sam “garbage time” Bradford steps up.

      • Once again the delusional and bitter, Vinniedaloser wants the Eagles to do the equivalent of committing suicide.

        Just find any Quarterback that going to be ‘clutch’

        Well pray tell…who would that be Vinniedafool?

        Hope and Pray that the Rams cut Nick Foles and resign him to a long term deal? The clutch Nick Foles…LOL

        The bottom line is that there are no franchise QB’s in this draft…

        There are no available free agent QB’s outside of Bradford that’s worth resigning.

        The Eagles need to keep Sam Bradford…his game improved as the season progressed. We know what we have in him…is he Tom Brady, Russell Wilson…No…he is a competent QB…and anyone who trust Howie Roseman to find us a franchise QB is suffering from severe mental problems…

        Bradford is a keeper…even if we have to franchise him to do it!

        • “is he Tom Brady, Russell Wilson…No…”

          No is right.

          He’s Ryan Fitzpatrick.

          And that’s a pile of shit,

          You love it. I hate it.

          Move on.

          • Wait….sorry….Fitzpatrick has thrown more than 20 tds 4x AND has had a winning season.

            Comparing Padmystatsford to Fitzpatrick might be a bit of an insult to Fitzpatrick.

            • Santa Clara/San Jose is the heart of the “Tech Center” and it’s definitely a more Wine & Cheese Crowd then. The old Candlestick Crowd but many Teams have built their newer Stadiums further out to avoid the Higher Big City Taxes
              It’s not a bad area and a growing area but it’s not San Francisco

        • The Eagleswill not Franchise Sam Bradford..
          That would Cost about $22-23 Million for a 1 Year Deal on a 6-10 Team that will likely have a new Coaching Staff and some new Front Office Personnel
          and a bunch of other needs
          If they can’t work out a reasonable short termDeal with Bradford, then they will let him walk
          Owner Lurie & Rosemanhave a history of not believing in using the Franchise Tag for Financial Reasons for its a waste esources…
          If the Eagleswere 1-2 Players away, that’s a differenvt situation but the Eagles Are 10-12-15 Players away and that’s the reality of the Franchise as of now

          • Lurie has already stated that he has the expectation of a competitive team next year…to be competitive you can lose Sam Bradford…Period.

            Unless you are choosing Mark Sanchez as your QB

            or some unproven rookie in a draft that contains no blue chip Quarterbacks

            You will do whatever it takes to keep Bradford…franchise him if necessary

            He has proven this year that he can be a quality Quarterback especially in these last games, despite the weakness of the offensive line, no wide receivers..Bradford has played well.

            Losing him would be a devastating blow to the franchise

            We have to keep Sam Bradford

            • The Eagles will not Franchise QB Sam Bradford or any other Player
              It just not what they do…there’ll be other short term QB’s out there
              (Peyton Manning, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, RG3, Kaepwernick (depending on 49ers new HC) etc..

              • “to be competitive you can lose Sam Bradford…Period.” UHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh when has Sam Bradford ever been competitive ?

        • You can’t do whatever it takes to keep Sam Bradford. They can not just throw the type of money Sam is reportedly looking for at him when looking at their cap situation as well as the many holes they need to fill. If you throw all the money Bradford is reportedly looking for (100 mil..50 guaranteed) you have to look at how that will impact your ability to rebuild. The Eagles need two new WR;s as Huff and Cooper need to go, 2-3 O line men, at least 1 safety and another cornerback. If you throw all that money at Sam and can’t build the team up then we will hear the same excuses as to why Sam has had a less than stellar career and a losing record..Sam does not have any weapons..his o line is garbage etc etc. If he is willing to sign a cap friendly deal than cool..re-sign him, if not, just start a total rebuild and go into the draft. Sam stayed relatively healthy this year, however, he needs to be healthy two years in a row for him to be totally out of the woods as far as his knees are concerned There are good QB’s coming out in 2017, the fact is the Eagles are not going to the SB next year so it’s no big deal. Bottom line I would re-sign him to a deal that is good for the team, No way would I break the bank for him though. Sam is good in an offense that creates spacing for the wideouts, I do not know how good he will be in other types of offenses. I guess that is why he said whether he stays will depend on the new coach and the type of offense to be ran. I do know that the Eagles better be smart about this!

  • Top Candidates for 49ers
    David Shaw, Hue Jackson & Chip Kelly
    Former Veteran Coaches Mike Holmgrem & Mike Shanahanhave expressed an
    Interest as well..
    GM Trent Balkee loves his Draft Picks and is very unlikely to trade any high picks away for a HC
    49ers have lots of Young Talent, High Draft Picks and Cap Space and a rich Tradition with a new billion $$$ stadium so it’s one of the best Jobs in the NFL

    • Stadium is in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere and everyone is complaining about how/where it was built. 49ers fan pissed they have to drive forever to get to and from the park. Its an unmitigated disaster.

      So you are wrong on the stadium…but perhaps right on the other points.

      • For whatever it’s worth Dept

        Eagles Need to be in Touch of Retired OT Anthony Davis who retired last year from the 49ers during the Harbaugh debacle and is 27 Years of Age

        Free-Agents to Pursue

        DT Malik Jackson or Derek Wolfe of Broncos who will not be able to resign the both of them

        CB – Trumaine Johnson or Janoris Jenkins of the SL Rams – remember the Rams will not be able to sign the both of them

  • Curt cousins 101, Wilson third round.. Blah blah about draft position. I call bullshit

  • One draft “know it all” claimed that if Brady was drafted number one overall he would have been “over drafted” lol… Guy is an idiot of course but it goes to show about the draft….

  • Rodgers throws ain’t in End-Zone on 4th & Goal from the 15 YardLine with about 2:09 minutes left as the Vikings hold a 20-13 Lead

  • Regardless of Draft Position

    The Eagles need 3 Solid Players with these first 3 Selections

    13th – DT Antwan Jackson or ILB R Ragland (Both are from Alabama)
    77th – Best OL on the Board
    80th – Best DT or ILB on Board (whichever Position isn’t Drafted in Round 1)

    • I am not arguing against anyone. Great players come from everywhere. Gems can be found every round.

      10th pick is still better than the 15th. Move on.

      • statistically it really isn’t any better. obviously as i stated it is better that you have 3ssentially 5 more players to choose from but the results are the exact same over time.
        Since the eagles are drafting 13 and would have drafted 9 (I think thats what you said) I went back to 2000 and compared. I gave a score of star if the guy was multiple pro bowl/all-pro- for example 2000 was Urlacher 9 and J. Abraham 13- both got stars- a + if they had a good career as a starter example BJ Raji 9 and B. Orakpo 13 both got + and a – if they were total duds –from 00-13 there were 3 stars at 9 and 2 at 13, there were 2 duds at 9 and 1 at 13…
        I know the NFL has turned the draft into this huge event where draft nerds think its this exact science… it really isn’t- final point you can’t tell pro athletes to tank- certainlynot in football.

  • All this coach talk is just a smoke screen, so when they hire Shurmur or Pederson they can say they looked at “everybody.”

  • With Howie in the mix none of this matters anyway just continuing dysfunction, you allow the biggest rat to help with the coaching search so eventually the biggest rat will sabotage the football team. Get rid of the rat.

  • “Bradford is a keeper”


    he just cost our coach his job (1 of many factors but a big part of it no doubt, if they were on to something with sam chip wouldve stayed…)

    he has been a huge bust given his draft position.,, has been shit his entire career and did nothing better than that fraud foles. bradford is shit. let him walk

  • with howie running the draft this year (assuming that doesnt change) you really gotta think he will be extremely open to trading the #13 pick right? howie was always good at accumulating picks and trading up/down… gotta think trading that pick and dropping down a few spots and a 2nd will go down if its offered

  • damn paulman for someone that doesnt have time on sundays to watch the eagles because they are so busy with family and social events you sure had a lot to say on here yesterday

    • Yes last evening, after some of the Coaching Announcements around the NFL…
      I didn’t watch one Play of the Eagles Game as it wasn’t on down here anyways… I think I made 1 Comment about them giving up 170 Rushing Yards with 20 Minutes still left in the Game..
      Yesterday was the old take the Christmas Stuff down & clean the House Day, as it probably was for a lot of people…
      It was a great Holiday Season but glad to get the House back to Normal…

      Now onto the Playoffs which should be some great match-ups

  • **NFL NEWS***

    Per ESPN – Miami Dolphins to Interview Mike Shanahan for a 2nd Time

    • and hows that relate to anything eagles?


    The Sixers plan to sign Elton Brand to a contract on Monday, sources told Yahoo! Sports.
    We had to make sure the calendar read 2016 and not 2006 before writing up the news just to make sure it was real. The Sixers have talked of adding veterans in order to improve the culture, and while Brand has a history with the franchise, he’s unlikely to offer anything on the court and will instead play a mentorship role to Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, among others.
    Related: 76ers, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor
    Source: Shams Charania on Twitter
    Jan 4 – 11:39 AM

  • Its all related.. its the NFL.. What one Team does impacts the NFL and the Eagles.. You have Relationships with Coach’s, Players, Drafts, Trades, etc,etc
    A Football Junkies Favorite Time is right now, when 5-6-7 Teams change Coach’s, Front Office’s, Get a New Direction, New Leadership …
    Some Work out, others don’t .. Some Owners and Organizations really do their Homework and bring in Quality People to their Organizations and other Teams don’t…. It will be interesting to see the Process the Eagles take..
    But make no mistake, what Other Franchises do, will impact what the Eagles do in terms of timing, the people involved and the ultimate decision that’s made on their next HC and possible Player of Personnel Hire

    This and Draft Week are very important to the Success of any Organization

  • Am I the only one who thinks the Giants tanked yesterday? First, you have a RB that runs for 170 yards yet you throw six straight passes in the RZ. The last one, Eli threw it away in less than two seconds with no one near him. Second, with the clock winding down needing 8 points, you kick a FG. Third, you mean to tell me Beckham can’t destroy EJ Biggers and Co?? If the Giants were not tanking, Beckham certainly was and so was Eli.


      • No I am not the only one who thinks this? Or no they didn’t tank?

        • sorry, no they did not tank. they stink but they didn’t tank. brian westbrook said it looked like a pro bowl because nobody was tackling. two teams playing for nothing but players don’t tank

        • I didn’t see any of the game so i can’t answer but knowing this was Tom Coughlin’s Final Game as HC and playing their Season Finale at Home,
          No, we don’t think the Giants tanked yesterday’s game..
          You just have to remember that both the Giants & Eagles Defenses are among the worst in the NFL and a all out shoot-out was expected

          I remember many on here clamoring for Steve Spagnolo .. What has he done
          since the Giants Won the Super Bowl some Years ago..
          He was a disaster in St Louis, Coach the Worst Defense in the History of the NFL with the Saints a couple of years ago and then replaced the Popular Perry Jewell as the Giants DC and they have sucked ever since .. You have to change with the times and stop thinking there is only one way to attack an Offense or a Defense.. The Good Coach’s know this and change things up all the time.. while the Bad Coach’s go from to Bad to Worse…
          See Billy Davis..

          • How would you explain Beckham? It definitely looked like he was tanking and I think he is smart enough to be aware of how much better it would be for Giants to lose.

            • just silly– flat out silly- playing to not get hurt is one thing, purposely playing to lose is another. players have no reason to want to lose– draft position means very little as I documented on this site- 9 to 13 or 10-15 there is zero difference in the performance over time- maybe top 5 to the bottom 5 but in essence there is very little difference

              • Maybe he didn’t want the Legion slapping him around and calling him a fag all day next year. LOL

        • If standing around and letting Eagles run right by them without trying to stop them is tanking.

          Then ya….in spades.

          • not tackling isn’t tanking– because if it was then both teams were tanking. as you said yesterday, defense is emotional and none of the defenders on either team really had their emotion in it… but they weren’t tanking, purposefully trying to lose.

  • Since the 1970 merger, Eagles have picked 13 twice. Keith Jackson and Brandon Graham. Not bad. Between injury, Washburn and Chip Kelly’s ill-advised 3-4, Graham has had some major obstacles. I think he could get 8-12 sacks regularly as a 4-3 DE playing the blindside. He sets the edge well against the run. He is kind of another Trent Cole. Good but not dominant. Curry would look great on the strong side in a 4-3 with the weight and strength he has added trying to play in a 3-4.

  • **Titans News***
    Tennessee Titans announce that GM Ruston Webster has been Terminated as GM with the Club effective immediately ..
    Interim HC Mike Mularkey will interview for the open GM Position ..

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