• May 27, 2022

Keeping Pat Shurmur Makes Sam Bradford Better

SamBradford7If I were advising Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, I would tell him to step back and look at the situation the team is in, starting with the offensive side of the ball.  They are limited in the personnel moves they can make in the next three or four years.  They don’t have a lot of salary cap room and they’re not in position to get a better quarterback than Sam Bradford.

How can we get the best out of Sam Bradford?  It’s simple keep Pat Shurmur in place as your offensive coordinator.

Bradford talked about not wanting to have to learn a new system with new plays and new terminology.  The best quarterbacks in the league have been in the same system for an extended period of time and that’s one of the reasons they have excelled.

Shurmur knows the West Coast offense plus he will keep parts of Chip’s system in place.  Bradford already knows the West Coast offense and he knows Chip’s offense.  The Eagles current starting quarterback feels comfortable working with Shurmur and I think Shurmur can get the most out of Bradford.

“The quarterback-head coach relationship is extremely important in any organization,” Bradford said. “Given the history I have with Pat — we were together my rookie year [in St. Louis] and reunited this year — I think it would mean a lot to me. I would love to play for him. I really enjoyed playing for him today. If he is a candidate, I hope that he gets serious consideration.”

Shurmur has a reputation amongst the players on the team.  They respect him and trust him.  He’s not the kind of guy, who is going to tell you want to hear, then forget what he said and act like he never said it.

Just like on Sunday, Shurmur will put together running plays to utilize the skills of DeMarco Murray.

“I’ve always talked to ‘Shurm,’ ” Murray said. “We’ve always had a good relationship about certain run plays.”

Shurmur is going to get the most out of Bradford and Murray.

You’re not going to be able to effectively turn this roster upside down in one off season.  If they have Shurmur running the offense, it will mix and match plays and systems to fit the players, which is the number one thing a coach should do.

The first they must address is the offensive line.  The first pick should be an offensive lineman and they should draft two more picks on the line.  They must decide if they’re going to have a running attack that will allow an undersized finesse center like Jason Kelce to flourish.  Shurmur could utilize him this year, if you want to keep him in place.

You need to draft a tackle to replace Peters and he could start playing guard until Peters retires.  It could be a right tackle because Lane Johnson has already proved he will have no problem moving to the other side.


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  • Latest Paulman Eagles Mock Draft (Version #7) for First 3 Picks

    1st (13th Overall) – DE Jonathon Allen (Alabama 6-3 285lbs)
    3rd (77th Overall) – Guard Landon Turner (North Carolina – 6-3 325lbs)
    3rd (80th Overal from Lions) – CB William Jackson III (Houston 6-1 195lbs)

  • Tough to really predict the draft until they have a coach and a new defensive coordinator. You also have the gigantic QB question which could have them drafting a QB early. Hopefully they switch back to a 4-3 and then you have this as your front 7 (starters only):

    DE: Graham, Curry
    DT: Cox, Logan
    MLB: Hicks
    OLB: Kendricks, Barwin

    Not sure what they do about Kiko. I would love to have the rookie Kiko, but I am afraid that he may now be more of the 2015 version.

    That being said I wouldn’t go DE, with the first pick. They really need to go OT. They need a replacement for Peters whether he is here next year or not. He cannot last a whole season, so they need somebody that can step in for him when he gets hurt and then take over when he is gone.

  • Top OT’s in the Draft and their Rankings

    1) Laramy Tunsil (Mississippi 6-5 305) – Projected as #1 Overall to Titans to help Protect Mariota for Years to come.. A No-Brainer for Titans
    2) Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame 6-6 315lbs) – Projects as a Top #10 Pick
    (Ravens at #6, Giants at #10 are likely landing Spots for Stanley and would be a great Pick by Eagles if he falls to #13)
    3) Taylor Decker – (Ohio State 6-7 315lbs) – Projects as a Late 1st Rounder
    4) Jack Conklin – (Mich State 6-6 318lbs) – Projects as a Late 1st Rounder
    5) Germain Ifedi – (Texas A&M 6-5 325lbs) – Projects Late 1st/Early 2nd Rd
    6) Shon Coleman – (Auburn 6-6 313lbs) – Projects as 2nd Rounder
    7) Jason Spriggs – (Indiana 6-6 305lbs) – Projects as 2nd Rounder
    8) John Theus – (Georgia 6-6 305lbs) – Projects Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rounder
    9) Kyle Murphy- (Stanford 6-7 302lbs) – Projects as 3rd Rounder
    10) Willie Beavers (Western Michigan 6-5 312lbs) – Projects as 3rd Rounder
    11) Joe Haeg (North Dakota St 6-5 300lbs) – Projects Late 3rd/4th Rounder
    12) Le’Raven Clark (Texas Tech 6-5 315lbs) – Projects Late 3rd/4th Rounder
    13) Hal Valtal (TCU 6-6 315lbs) – Projects as 4th Rounder
    14) Pearce Slater (San Diego State- 6-7 335lbs ) – Projects 4th/5th Rounder
    15) Brandon Shell (SOuth Carolina 6-5 325lbs) – Projects 5th Rounder

    Its not a Real Deep OT Class in 2016 Draft
    If Eagles can Find a away to get Ronnie Stanley, that would be great,
    Their Best Option in my opinion would be the Eagles to Trade Back from #13 to later in the 1st Round and Pick-up an Additional Pick for doing so and then Grab one the Higher Rated OT’s left (Decker, Conklin, Ifedi) who all project to go from the 20’s to the end of the 1st Round
    The OT Prospects in the 3rd/4th/5th Rounds will need a good Two Years and are probably better suited as RT as opposed to critical LT’s

  • Excellent analysis G…and this would be a smart move by Lurie
    The fools on this site simply want to dive in QB hell by dumping Bradford and keeping that bum Sanchez and drafting some unproven rookie….with the hope and prayer that maybe one day we will get a franchise QB

    This would be foolish…

    Stick with Pat Shurmur..keep some continuity with the team…the Players support and want Bradford back..losing Bradford means going into a Hinkie-like tank mode…and that’s not going to work with the Eagles!

  • lets roll with Bradford. We are good to go at 8-8. On a good year. Gcobb you are losing your mind

    Bradford is an average to below average qb

    Nick foles, far as bad as he is, performed substantially better in this system.

    Bradford is worse than foles. That’s saying a lot

  • ***Hot Eagles News***

    This Just In!

    Eagles are going to meet with Tom Coughlin about HC vacancy

  • They’ve asked the giants for permission to speak with him

  • If they can get a motivated Tom Coughlin then this would be a win win.. Hes a two time SB championship, which wasn’t that long ago..

    • The Eagles don’t need Permission to talk to Coughlin who Resigned last Monday? Why would the Eagles need Permissionfor a “Free-Agent Coach” who can talk to any Team he wishes to…?
      And for the record, I mentioned Tom Coughlin as being very interested in the Eagles Job as he Started his NFL Coaching Career inPhilly in 1984 as a WR Coach believe it or not…taking the Philly Job for him is a no brainier as he wouldn’t have to move, still close to family and remains inthe high profile NFC East and could get back at the Giants twice a Season.. All Wins for Couglin

      • First off your telling us everything we already know, save that crap for your grand kids

        Secondly your wrong about something every body should know when it comes to resigning and being fired hahaa, there is a clear difference

        You wanna come on here like your all knowing about football and you didn’t even know something so simple


        Notice he always runs away when he was dead wrong hahaha We won’t hear from him until tomorrow hahaha I guess he gets embarrassed hahahah

  • Interview likely Monday

  • They giants won’t stop it from happening, they’ll allow Coughlin to meet with them

    • The Giants can’t stop Coughlin from Interviewing with anyone, he’s no longer their Coach or under Contract since Monday 1/4/2016??
      Do you Understand this???

      • You really don’t know anything huh?!


        • When Resigning, the Contract becomes void & null..
          Tom Coughlin is Free to Talk & Negoitiate with any Team, the Giants are not obligated to pay him .01 Cent as he Resigned and forfeited his Final Year of Employment??
          Sounds like you have home-schooled for too long, get out in the real world and out of that Basement and maybe you’ll learn something… Keepers Weepers!!

          • Youre being laughed at as we speak for you don’t know wtf your talking about or the rules

            Again go read up dumb dumb

            • Hahaaaa the so called football junkie (who doesn’t even watch football on Sunday’s ) doesn’t know the Giants have his rights still. And has Just been made to look like Johnny fanboy hart. Ouch. Sad day for the chimp

  • Fraudman trying to outsmart and he doesn’t even know wtf he’s talking about hahaha

    Go read up genius

  • eagles need permission to talk to him… he is still employed by them but not as coach… don’t let facts get in the way of your absurdity

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