• August 8, 2022

What To Expect From Doug Pederson

PI-NFL-Chiefs-Andy-Reid-121015.vadapt.620.high.14I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if Jeffrey Lurie were able to hire Andy Reid again, he would do it, but that wasn’t an option.  The Eagles owner is eager to return to the stability of the Reid years.

Peterson knows Reid’s organizational structure, which helped the Eagles make the playoffs in nine of his fourteen years as Birds head coach.   He knows what Reid looks for in assistant coaches and how to put together the staff.

Reid’s planning and organizational skills was what wowed Lurie and Joe Banner years ago, when they offered the job to Reid.  Reid, who had worked for years on staff with different coaches was able to be a team guy and work with different personnel people.

Pederson will try to emulate Reid’s way of putting together the off season and in season game plan and practices.  Reid knows how to keep his team’s legs fresh so they finish strong.  Like this year in Kansas City, Reid’s teams are very difficult to beat late in the season.

You can legitimately criticize Reid for in his game time management and play calling, as well as evaluating personnel, but Reid’s organizational, management and people skills are his strengths.  The structure of the coaching staff, practices and Reid’s supportive personality made the Birds consistent and Lurie hopes Pederson has the same types of skills.

Reid also always exhibited an ability to work with anybody.  Pederson is going to come into a situation with Howie Roseman, whom he already knows, where he will coaching the players and that’s it.  He won’t be distracted by worrying about evaluating the talent.

I think Brad Childress will be his offensive coordinator  and I would like to see them keep Pat Shurmur as the quarterback coach. Duce Staley will likely continue as the running backs’ coach, and they need a good wide receivers coach because they will be starting from scratch.  With a good coach I think Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor will develop into quality NFL receivers.

The key to success of the offense will be the rebuilding of the offensive line.  Hopefully Jason Peters will be able to come back strong, but the Birds will need to address the offensive line in the draft.  Roseman will need to get his picks right early in the draft when they go after one of two offensive linemen.


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  • After the 2013 Season Jeff Lurie stated that the most important thing for his franchise was identifying and obtaining a Franchize QB.

    I believe now after seeing the way things played out that chip was going to change QB again as I now believe Sam Bradford was brought here to trade to The Titans (at the time I thought no one would be this stupid to try and risk that)

    Pederson is here because he understands how Lurie sees players as part of the Franchize family and not just Assets.

    How successful Doug is will be based on how he connects with players and staff and.. Does he commit to a QB in the next Year weather Sam or a Rookie

  • haaaaaaaaa

    childress coming back.. this is hilarious

    • Back to the Future.

      Hey it became a trilogy

  • I normally dont like Rueben Frank but I think he nails it here on CSN Philly:

    “The front office model that led to the Eagles becoming one of the NFL’s winningest teams from 2000 though 2009 was Andy Reid as head coach, Joe Banner running all franchise operations and a general manager in either Tom Modrak or Tom Heckert who had a varying degree of power.

    That model worked wonders. Only the Colts and Patriots won more games during that 10-year span, and only the Patriots won more playoff games. During that stretch, the Eagles won 10 playoff games. Since that stretch, they’ve won none.

    The franchise’s decline directly follows Howie Roseman’s rise to power.

    Roseman has been general manager since 2010, minus last year, when Chip Kelly had the power. These have been dark days, filled with coaching turnover, quarterback instability, poor to average drafts and free agency catastrophes.

    And precisely zero playoff wins.”

    Bottom line…the problem is Howie the Accountant…and it has been all along!

    • Its hard to argue the results of the Eagles Franchise the last 6-7 Years and the 1 Constant has been Owner Lurie himself and Howie Roseman..

      For as long as Owner Lurie has owned the Eagles, he still does not understand the vast majority of who Eagles Fans are… Lurie keeps thinking he has to stand apart and get the next “Hot Offensive Genius Mind” for his Coach while completely abandoning the Defense, which is how Playoff Games and Championships are actually Won..
      Growing up my whole life as an Eagles Fans, what they Lacked in pure Talent, they made up in hard work, teamwork, sound fundamental and always played physical football.. yes, over-achievers in a sense, maybe it was a little boring compared to what some of the other Teams were running (remember the Run & Shoot of the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons during Jerry Glanville days) these Teams were fun to watch but they never actually Won anything ..
      Then Lurie Hired Coach Andy Reid who brought the Packers/49ers West Coast System to the Eagles with a twist, He had a Mobile QB, in McNabb, who would add the unknown on plays that would breakdown and McNabb made some of his biggest plays on brokedown plays….
      Many other Teams back then who ran the West Coast System had pure Pocket Passers who were little to no threat to Run, by the Mid-Late 2000’s, many Teams had mobile QB’s and Defense’s got better on how to Defend it.
      Look at AR recent Success with the Chiefs and a lot has to do with Alex Smith making just a few big plays here and there with his legs, during a Game, to make a Difference and the fact that he Alex Smith doesn’t turn it over which was one of McNabb’s best traits as a QB during his Eagles tenure
      It’s amazing how efficient an Offense can become when it doesn’t turn the ball over, or have many negative plays and eliminates the mental errors (Penalties)
      These are all attributes that Owner Lurie is counting on Doug Pederson to bring and provide to this Eagles Offense

      Look at the FInal 8 Teams still Playing in the Playoffs
      Wilson, Newton,Rodgers & Smith are all mobile QB’s
      and Big Ben, Palmer, Manning & Tom Brady are all Veteran QB’s that know how to buy time, can move around enough in the Pocket to avoid pressure and most importantly, know when to get rid of the ball quick enough to avoid negative plays and protect themselves..

      Doug Pederson was a pretty mobile and athletic QB back in his College Days and early Playing Career.. I am sure he is going to ideally look for a QB who has some the same attributes with the QB’s he’s worked with over the Years from Brett Farve,D McNabb to now Alex Smith and to be honest
      Sam Bradford does not fit the bill as a mobile QB ..
      I would not be surprised to see a 3rd Round Draft Pick be used for QB
      Dak Prescott of Miss State (6-2 230lbs) or possibly a Brandon Doughty of Western Kentucky (6-3 220lbs) with a 4th/5th Round Pick or maybe GMCliffs Boy, Jacoby Brissett of NC State (6-3 235lbs) ….

  • We have our Qb in Sam Bradford. I would rather over pay for a potential beast qb who showed signs then not have a qb at all. Have chase Daniels come in and compete for a spot and we’re settled at the qb position for 2016. U don’t waste ur 13th top pick on a qb. That’s how u end up with Christian ponder. Go defense or oline.

    This.team has been used to going and playing fast..weather it’s practice or playing on Sunday. It can only help the defense and the team if.they slow things down a bit and give bradford a better oline and running game

    • dude you really just referred to bradford as a potential beast?????? jesus christ i wish i was that naive… im pretty sure he has had plenty of years to show the “beast” in him and all he has shown is feces

    • Well put CT…we dont need to take foolish gambles…we should add a few pieces on the Oline…shore that up get a more aggressive running game and in this weak division we can make something happen with sound coaching and just few more contributions…
      If we dont keep Bradford we are in big trouble…if we get rid of him why keep Cox…and have him suffer through years of below mediocrity with no chance of winning?
      Trusting Howie Roseman to ‘rebuild’ this team as fools like Vinnie suggest would be the worst possible move we can make!

  • It’s not Roseman… Lurie is the one ultimately in control as owner of this franchise. He just doesn’t put the proper people in place to run this operation. “Football people/minds” (and Roseman is not one) with a strong GM as captain need to steer this ship with trained “crewmen.” Lurie lives in some fantasy world with the Eagles as his toy.

  • jesus christ paulman. wtf is up with the novel? does your work know you spend ur entire day on gcobb.com writing novels?

  • from fraudman: For as long as Owner Lurie has owned the Eagles, he still does not understand the vast majority of who Eagles Fans are… Lurie keeps thinking he has to stand apart and get the next “Hot Offensive Genius Mind” for his Coach while completely abandoning the Defense, which is how Playoff Games and Championships are actually Won..—
    he writes this not recognizing that no one– NO ONE– is saying pederson is the next offensive genius, he says this without realizing that KC is in the playoffs because of defense, he says this not realizing that pedersons mentor is in the playoffs again and just won a game 30-0 (yes its the texan, but yes its the playoffs and yes thats a shutout…) he continues to blather his made up non-sense–
    also, ‘not a football guy’– how long does it take for ‘a guy’ to become a football guy? how many years do you devote to a profession to be a ‘football guy’– ????? you guys pound on a keyboard all day and consider yourself knowledgeable football guys– yet lurie has dedicated his life and considerable cash to football for 20 years- reporting to an office in a football facility day in day out– roseman same can be said for 15 years…. what exactly does it mean to be a football guy??? how long into my education career before I was an education guy? paul you were in transportation (i think) how long before you were a transportation guy? etc– hot air you’ve been unemployed forever–how long till we consider you a knowledgeable unemployment guy…

    • Hot air hasn’t been unemployed forever. He’s too young Still at Mom’s house with the bunkbeds.

      He’s working on transitioning from the paper route (dating myself) to the part-time job at a fast food joint, but he’ll get there. I believe in the guy.

      • LMAO…what a lousy ingrate you are Vinniedaloser

        I put $2 whole bucks in your cup in response to your cardboard sign saying your were homeless

        I even talked that cop out of locking you up for being a public nuisance with your other cardboard sign saying “Bring Nick Foles Back”

        The Cops were going to throw your ass in jail for that one.

        Stop being an ingrate…wash up and get a job fool!


    • haveablunt you have been smoked out so long you wouldn’t recognize a job if it bit you on the ass.
      You are still making the same dumb ass statements that come from excessive blunt smoking
      “reporting to an office in a football facility day in day out– roseman same can be said for 15 years…. what exactly does it mean to be a football guy??? how long into my education career before I was an education guy? ”
      Dumb ass…I guess they should hire the janitors that’s been cleaning up the football office for 15 years and say…”Hey Vinnie and Smokey…you’ve been cleaning toilets around here for years..we know you have picked up something…why dont you select the talent”
      Fools..for your information…football guys have a pedigree of coaching, scouting, evaluating talent..some of them have played and then worked their way up in organizations doing football related tasks. Guys like Tom Gamble learned from his father, started out as a scout for small colleges and worked his way up the ranks.
      . Howie Roseman was a pencil pusher, a contract guy under Joe Banner. His years of training is as an accountant…When the Eagles were winning they had football guys like Tom Modrak or Tom Heckert-again experience guys who had paid dues, and worked their way up in organizations by proving their football acumen…Howie Roseman has never done that at all.
      You are a smoked out fool if you believe Howie Roseman can build a football team…he has a track record already…that we have already tried…he failed once..and now Lurie is foolishly turning the team back over to him…Pederson is doomed…

      • So you don’t think Howie has football discussions with coaches, scouts personnel guys on a daily basis? Watch thousands of hours of coaches tape? All the while you are sitting in your bunk bed looking at your laptop ? So hot air let’s say Jeffrey comes to you and says, ‘hey I need a moron who has never done a thing related to football, I will pay you more per year than mommies house is with, you have to work 12 hour days 6 days per week. You will have access to facilities, coaches, scouts, film, consultants etc.,,,” how ling does it take you to become “a football guy”?.. Same could be asked of all of us… It is not rocket science

  • @HAC–Niiiiiiiiice……………..:)

  • It is the biggest fallacy in the nfl that high octane DC or OC translates into that as HC… A HC responsibilities are so varied that heir position before that job is almost unimportant…(see AR and harbaugh)… Likewise belicheat was a good DC yet pats have made their mark as an offensive team (see Brady).. Pats have done well with below average defenses yet this was their HC specialty…

    • well hac the pats have only won there superbowls when they had a top rated defense they never have one a super yet when they had great offense but i see your point and the other guy where has bradford ever been a beast….

      • One year they won and were 24th in yards and lost it ranked 31….
        Tomlin had one year as a DC team ranked 14 in points and is a great HC, AR never called plays… There is no need to get worked up over Pederson (for or against) he is an unknown like all the coordinators hired this year… Exception might be Hugh Jackson but damn he has that Marvin Lewis and raiders smell about him…

        • When has Sam been a beast? Maybe when he got his ass whooped this season time and time again. Getting pummeled and having to get right back up time and time again.

          Having no running game basically at times and having it set records for worst rushing attack in Philly history but yet still throwing 10 tds 4 ints last 7 games while leading the league in drops.

          Oh and BTW out of those 4 ints Sam threw during the 2nd half of the season, two of them came off the wr/te hands just like 6-7 others out of the 13 he threw all season.

          Look at aaron Rodgers, one of the most gifted and talented passers ever who can also run pretty damn well. Look at tom Brady this season. Both of these qbs are superbowl champions and are elite , but yet have struggled heavily this season when Injuries have occurred and when the running game and wr are not getting separation.

          My point is, if those two qbs are going to struggle when the players around them are not playing well, a qb who has had 5 different offensive coordinators in 6 years with multiple head coaches and acl years will not struggle???? This game is a TEAM sport and the qb position is the hardest position to play in the world when the people around u are not playing well.
          But yet Sam still threw 14tds in year 1.

          This is when a whole bunch of ingnorant fans will say “those stats occurred in garbage time” which might be true to a degree. But what about all the dropped touchdowns that were not in garbage time? All those ints off the wr hands and called back tds because of motion penalties?

          IF Sam comes back, it is a stretch to say he will be better then last season? Year 2 removed from injury, playing for the same team and same weapons in ertz and Matthews etc.? Keep shurmur so he has a coach for once in his career in back to back seasons.

          They say weeden is the most unlucky guy in sports. That’s a joke. He’s ass, and has been ass since day 1. Sam Bradford is probably the most unlucky player I have ever seen. And again, IF he goes to Huston he will be a pro bowler with that defense and talent

          • 17tds in year 1* srry

  • You know who the best OCs are? The ones that don’t lose their jobs?….the ones with the best QB… Wow… Sam has another fan… 6 years, no playoffs, no winning record, no turning a WR into a PB player… Nothing

    • Speaking of OC’s who I haven’t heard a peep about during these Coaching Search’s is Mike Shula of the Panthers who has overseen and coached Cam Newton the last 4 Years to where the Panthers now have one of the better Offense’s In all of Football which is hard to believe and especially all the youth and changes they’ve had along their OL & WR Corp’s..
      I thought he was worth an Interview unless he’s just happy being an OC

  • Paulman’s Predictions on Saturday Playoff Games

    Patriots 24 – Chiefs 13

    Cardinals 34 – Packers 29

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