• August 8, 2022

Report: Eagles Trade Maxwell and Alonso To Dolphins

ByronMaxwell&WalterThurmondOTA1Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that the Eagles have traded cornerback Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso to the Miami Dolphins for some undisclosed draft picks.  The Eagles won’t be able to comment on this report until Wednesday, but the details of the deal will likely come out sooner.

Maxwell was a major disappointment a year ago because he was supposed to be a shut down corner.  Instead he became a target for opposing quarterbacks.  Still, it’s a surprise that the Birds would be moving him so soon.

Alonso was former Buffalo Bill and Defensive Rookie of The Year, Alonso.  He played against the Dolphins twice during his rookie season, so his outstanding during his first year must have impressed the Miami club.


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Thoughts On The Rumored Byron Maxwell/Kiko Alonso Trade


  • Rumor that the trade with the Dolphins may be off because of a concern with Maxwell’s shoulder. This came from Ed Werder and Mort.

  • Now Werder reports that the Dolphins consider the deal to be off.

  • Mother fucker

  • This is so stupid. Bad business by Dolphins. Just give us a 7th and we good.

  • Sources in Southern Florida say Deal is Off…
    Maxwell injured his Shoulder in Week #15 and missed the Final Game of teh Season as he was placed on IR List but apparently the Shoulder is still not back to 100%.. Dolphins Say No Go…. Eagles are Screwed for they won’t
    be able to give away Maxwell and Kiko now ….

    GM Howie needs to work the Phones and see about Trading Michael Kendricks & Brandon Graham for some Draft PIcks

    Other Free-Agent CB’s like Sean Smith ,Casey Heyward, Jurard Powers,Morris Claiborne, Patrick Robinson all have no interest now in Meeting with the Eagles…. This Sucks

  • And everyone wondered why JH wasn’t reporting

    Nothing is official until 4pm. A lot of hot air right now guys

    But my source did tell me that this deal “IS NOT DEAD”

    We’ll know officially by 4pm

    • Stop it Jon you came on here to report it 20 minutes after schefter but you saw everyone already talking about it so you didn’t post. You came on right after, logged in , said nothing then logged out.

      • If you saw when I came online yesterday for a split second then that shows how much of a lifeless guy you really are hahaha

        And you talk about Paul not having a life…

        • It wasn’t a split second it was like 10 mins not rocket science. When this was going on 2 days ago not yesterday I was here talking about it unlike you who is a self absorbed delusional cunt that calls Adam schefter “my source”

          • 10 mins?!?! What are you some brainless creep?!

            You monitor who logs on and what time they log off?!?!

            If you’re not a creep…

            I came on, saw the nonsense that was being written from the uninformed chasing a Adam schefter tweet (you) then logged off. 1 to 2 minutes tops

            But enough about me, explain to everyone why your monitoring when guys log on and off and who reports what?!

            You really don’t have a life hahaha. You’re writing about deals that aren’t official until 4pm. I won’t waste my time

            Btw it’s only official if I write CONFIRMED

  • I find it hard to believe Maxwell flunked a physical because a shoulder sprain 3 months ago. I feel like this is some Eagles pr nonsense to justify us only getting a 4th or 5th round pick.

  • This isn’t about his shoulder it’s about reworking that dumb ass contract Chip Kelly gave him, he’s due 19 million the next 2 years no damn way Miami is paying his bum ass that money so if he doesn’t agree to restructure they will call it off because of the shoulder. Read between the lines folks.

    • Yea I don’t think the Dolphins will be able to pull out based on a shoulder sprain. If he passes the physical I have to think their is protection from shenanigans like this ….

      • He passed the physical Henski, they aren’t in love with the shoulder, which is straight bullshit they aren’t in love with that dumb ass contract.

        • MAxwell went to physical and told Dolphins he couldn’t do push ups or pull ups at physical big

  • Reports that GM Howie tosses in Mark Sanchez & Ryan Matthews to the Dolphins and the Deal is back on… More Details from JH at 4pm

    (Remember that Sanchez was Drafted by Mike Tannebaum when he was GM of the Jets)

  • More Reports state that Maxwell did not attend any of his Re-Hab Sessions for his Shoulder and that he admits that about all he’s done this off-season so far is Play X-Box in terms of Physical Activity … The Eagles are Screwed…

    • Jesus u have issues Paul. May be time for a new hobby

      • Jackson Jaguars sign RB Chris Ivory for $6 Million Per Season Multi Year Deal
        Panthers Re-Sign DE Charles Johnson to a 1 Year Team Friendly Deal worth $3 Million for 2016 .. What a Steal for them, though Johnson has made Good $$$ over his Career with the Panthers.. but that’s a nice Hometown Discount…

        • Jags going off the rails and reverting to the dysfunctional franchise they are.

  • NY Giants sign CB Janoris Jenkins of the Rams on a Big-Deal expected to be
    in that $12 Million Per Season Range…

  • Maxwell was at the LInc lifting and working out during this off season and reported no physical problems. Maxwell is bullshitting.

  • Maxwell says to Dr’s in Miami that he can’t do a push up or a bench press, he is sabotaging the deal. Trade him for a bag of donuts and move on.

  • Yes he’s bullshitting because he doesn’t want to restructure his deal, how this turd was given the deal he got with no due diligence is beyond me, now they are stuck with this complete and utter waste of space.

  • Dolphins balking because they’ve been reading “Dolphins got fed” articles for the past 2 days.

    If deal doesn’t go through – Eagles in a bind.

    If they straight up cut Maxwell his cap hit rises rom 9.7 to 13.3 million.

    So if the trade does not go through the Eagles are in a situation with no good outcomes.

    1 – keep a disgruntled player who knows he doesn’t have to work hard because the Eagles are trapped with him

    2 – Cut him and lose another 3.6 million in space.

  • Bay Area Sources state 49ers GM Trent Ballke Offers their 7th Round Draft Pick for LB Kiko Alonso… Howie has 4 Hours to Pull the Trigger….

  • Steelers Re-Sign Guard Ramon Foster to a 3 Year Deal
    Redskins Re-Sign Back-Up QB Colt McCoy

  • Lions fill a Void at WR and Sign Marvin Jones of the Bengals
    No Terms of Contract made Public yet

    49ers Re-Sign DT Ian Williams to a Multi-year Deal

  • QB mike Vick says he wants to Play 1 More Season and would be open to Returning to Philly as a Back-up to Sam Bradford… He knows and likes Doug Pederson … Stay Tuned …

  • DE Chris Long is Visiting the Dallas Cowboys after meeting with the Redskins this morning ….

    Dolphins pull Transition Tag off DE/OLB Oliver Vernon making him a Free-Agent now that they have signed Mario Williams to a 2 Year Deal

  • OT Donald Stephenson of the Chiefs expects to sign a Deal with the Denver Broncos

    Colts Resign Kicker Adam Vinitari to a 2 Year Deal

    LB Danny Trevathan of the Broncos is being heavily pursued by both the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons

  • maxwell cleared

    its goin down fuh real

  • Les Bowen ‏@LesBowen 24s24 seconds ago

    Again there will be no change in compensation. So if reports are true that Eagles were moving up from 13 to 8 in 1st round, that’s the deal
    10 retweets 6 likes
    Les Bowen ‏@LesBowen 7m7 minutes ago

    I have confirmed what Maxwell’s agent tweeted: Trade will go forward as planned, no changes, Maxwell shoulder OK.


  • Maxwell’s agent supposedly now says maxwell is good to go and Dolphins cleared him.

    I hate the internet.

    • deal done we got the 8 pick for a former juice head lb who is scared of contact and a disgusting chip kelly error and the 13th pick

      nicely done by howie

      hopefully we signing a guard or 2 today with that cap savings

  • I wonder what they will do with the pick. If Im eagles…. id be open to trading down UNLESS there is a QB or CB, OT there that they want bad. Right now we need to be adding DB’s and OG’s.

    • Is there an impact player at 8 that they love, then I am good with them taking them there. Otherwise, I am with you. They could trade back and still get an OL or CB in the first round and then pick up more picks. I really want to see impact. The QBs worth a 1st round pick will probably be gone and OT Stanley will be gone by then too.

    • Firstly – Eat it Jon Hart. I posted the twitter report before you did!

      Secondly….do you really think the Eagles are moving up just to move back down?

      There’s a target in mind at 8.

      • They also have enough ammunition to move up a couple of more spots if the want to. They definitely have a couple of targets in mind…agreed..you do not move up just to move back down. If anything they will move up further.

        • I agree with that.

        • hmmmmmmmm. random thoughts

          the browns wouldve gave up a 1st rounder for bradturd last year

          the eagles met with wentz i believe twice this offseason

          the browns dont have a starter

          can we do bradturd+8 pick+2 3rd rounders for that #2 pick ?

          the “mentor” just signed …

          • Wentz is not worth that. I really think the QB’s (Wentz/Goff) are decent, neither are guys that I expect to shock us in 5 years as top level NFL QB’s.

            Paulman….I’d love Myles Jack, hard for me to see him falling to pick #8, but it certainly could happen.

            I’d still like an upgrade at safety not names Thurmond. Maybe Chase Daniel and Pederson can do a conference call with Jeff Allen to get him in Philly.

            • How is Myles Jack’s injury…is he healed and cleared to play. #8 is high for a linebacker. I like him too, but gotta consider where he is being taken.

              • He is committed to performing at the UCLA pro day on March 15 which would be pretty amazing. Eagles should take a peek at him and Paul Perkins for later on.

            • I posted some Info on Rodney McLeod and his Stats
              He covers alot of ground so i would expect Malcolm Jenkins playing close to the line of Scrimmage/in the Box and McLeod playing a lot of Center Field
              on obvious Passing Downs …
              4 Year Player from U of Virgiina, He’s only 5-11′ and 193lbs but quick
              and has never missed a game in his 4 Years in the NFL..

      • That Target could be QB Jarrod Goff…

  • Top 10 PIcks on 2016 Draft

    1) Titans – OT Laramy Tunsil (Mississippi)
    2) Browns – QB Carson Wenz (N Dakota St)
    3) SD Chargers – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State)
    4) Cowboys – DE Deforrest Buckner (Oregon)
    5) Jaguars – DE Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    6) Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
    7) 49ers – QB Jared Goff (Cal)
    8) EAGLES – LB Myles Jack (UCLA)
    9) TB Bucs – CB Vernon Heagreaves III (Florida)
    10) NY GIants – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson)

    • Love me some Myles Jack

  • Breaking News….Eagles sign safety Rodney McLoud formerly of he St. Louis Rams..17 mil guaranteed.

    • Yes EHL. 25 year old safety that can hit like a truck. Teamed with Jenkins, this should help Schwartz run the aggressive style defense that he is known for.

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