• June 25, 2022

The Sixers Did The Right Thing With Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel

NerlensNoel&JahlilOkaforI think the Sixers did the right thing by not trading Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor during this past week’s draft.  I would have understood them trading Noel as compared to Okafor because Noel isn’t much of a scorer.  Okafor has the potential to be a 20-point a game scorer.

Noel has the potential to be both an outstanding rebounder and defender.  He may never be a prolific scorer, but rebounding and playing defense are extremely valuable to a good team.  He’s also a very good athlete who can run the floor and fill the lanes on a fast break and of course he can finish around the rim.

Okafor is only 20-years old and he already has the footwork and scoring ability to force NBA teams to double him in the post.  While in college, he showed he has the ability to pass out of the post if he is doubled.  I could see a good NBA team running a good portion of their offense through him.   Remembers he’s only 20-years old, his potential is enormous, so you only trade him for a great asset of some kind.

In this situation the Sixers did the right thing by holding onto their young big men because the offers they were getting weren’t any where near being good enough to give up a talented young big man in the NBA.

Another huge reason they need to keep Okafor and Noel is because we won’t know the real deal about Joel Embiid until he plays through the 2016-17 season.  I’ve said numerous times that “Big man and Big feet don’t go well together”.  We all know the stories of Andrew Bynum and how his bad feet forced him to end his career prematurely.

What about about Yao Ming and the quick end to his career because of foot problems?  What about Bill Walton?  Big men and bad feet don’t work well together.

Although, Embiid has been working out and having no problems with his feet that we know of, he’s still in jeopardy of re-injuring his feet when he starts stressing them during a season-long 2016-17 schedule.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Sixers need to continue to develop Okafor and Noel, so that regardless of when they decide Embiid’s foot problems are over they will be able to deal them for valuable trade package.  Okafor needs to improve his defense and rebounding.  I would like to see him get stronger and in better shape.  He needs to learn how to play good team defense.

Noel needs to develop his offensive game, so that he can consistently connect on short jumpers, as well as scoring out of the post with his back to the basket.


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  • I don’t know why Phoenix wouldn’t have taken the same deal for Noel, that they offered the Celtics, if they the Sixers were truly interested in drafting Kris Dunn.

    I don’t think they were trying to get Dunn at #3. I think Boston drafted who the Sixers wanted at 3, and it through off their objective.

    I really think they liked Dunn, and could still get him, if they want him bad enough, but they will have to give a little – the Lakers pick, or a future draft pick.

    With all those resources – picks, players, salary absorption – There was no reason why they couldn’t have made a deal of some sort.

  • Maybe Phoenix and Colangelo simply didn’t want to work out a Deal Together
    due to old feelings about his leaving/termination from the Suns?

    Also I tend to agree with you that Jaylen Brown may have been the 76ers Target at #3, #4 or #5 and we willing to make a Deal to Get him, but once the Celtics took him at #3, they went back to Plan B ..

    • The point of my question Paul was based on the fact that Boston wasn’t going to draft a guard with all the guards that they have. So why strike a deal with Boston to draft Kris Dunn.

      Old feelings have nothing to do with business. The way I see it, Phoenix has no talent. Booker – overstated, Bledsoe – overrated, Brandon Knight – overused/outdated; They needed a Big man – Noel, or Okafor would have been able to help…..Phoenix, Minnesota, or New Orleans all could have used them.

      I wouldn’t have entertained the thought of trading Okafor, but I darn sure would have got rid of Noel….

      • Obviously Phoenix did not think very much of Nerlen Noel’s Future Upside and that he was not worth a High Draft Pick to Trade with the 76ers for him.
        Phoenix Traded up from #8 to #4 with Sacramento to Draft Big Man Dragan Bender..

        • We don’t even know if Noel was even offered to the Suns – Heck, I don’t think Noel is worth much, but he is almost the exact player that they already have in Tyson Chandler – So, I doubt if that is the case of them not liking his future potential, with him being younger than Chandler…

          But do you agree Paul, that they still have to make something happen??

          • They need to add 2 Guards — A True PG and a Shooting Guard
            They can’t move Okafor until they know about Embiid which will take a full Season to determine..
            Noel on his own is not Returning a Top Player .. 76ers would have to add one of their Future Top Pick’s + Noel to get somebody Decent ..

            In Free-Agency
            Demar DeRozan would be awesome, but Toronto most likely will re-sign him
            Bradley Beal is good, but most likely stays with the Wizards
            Mike Conley would be a nice fit for the 76ers and their Bigs

            Some 2nd Tier Guards out there who could be short-term Players at a Reasonable Cost
            Guard Courtney Lee.. Nice Size, Physical, Can play Defense but is a Streaky Shooter..
            Then there is E”Twaun Moore, Ty Lawson, Austin Rivers, Troy Daniels all with baggage and up and downs in their Career’s ..

            As Henski mentioned above, I think the 76ers end up keeping all their Bigs for 2016 and get Simmons/Saric assimilated to the NBA Game and then make their move next Off-Season to “Balance out” this Roster

            • I really think they didn’t want to trade Okafor. Noel was the one they were shopping hard.

              I have no problem with them sweetening a trade with future picks, and Noel to get what they need. I wouldn’t trade Okafor, who has way more talent.

              Beal would SEEM to be their best option at SG. DeRozen would probably want to be on an established Playoff team.

              I don’t like Mike Conley a little bit; I think he is completely overrated as a player, and not even close to a Max Player. I hate the thought of him on this team. He’s just a name not a franchise changing option. I don’t like him.

              Austin Rivers, isn’t an NBA Level player – I stated that the year he was drafted. Everybody thinks all these prospects skills translates to the pros until they get on the court – Nope, and none of the other options would work for me. That’s why they have to try to get Dunn; It’s not too late.

              But they have no choice but to put the full court press on Bradley Beal; There are just not many options.

    • Mhenski, asked me for some insight before the draft on Jaylen’s draft status, and I told him what he told me – That Kris Dunn wasn’t the target. He said the Sixers were going to attempt to try to trade up for him – not Kris Dunn – and that I think that’s exactly what was happening.

      But Boston also liked him, and wasn’t going to make the deal unless the Sixers gave up some future draft picks – Which didn’t work for the Sixers, because, they would have only strengthened the future of the Celtics; which was counter productive for them, and I agree.

      • there is something wrong with you, serious mental problems. You never talked to Jaylen Brown, you don’t know Jaylen Brown. Jaylen’s father lives in Hawaii. He was sitting with him and his other son, Jaylen’s brother in Brooklyn during the draft with his ex-wife and mother of Jaylen who you never met. Reality is a wonderful thing, join the real world.
        why isn’t being you good enough?

    • They can still get Dunn, but they will have to give up at least one of those future picks, or the Lakers protected pick. But, I think they have some prospects in mind already. Perhaps – Josh Jackson, and another prospect, or two…

  • I no doubt wanted the sixers to cash in and move oak or noel for buddy or murray. but the reality is noel doesnt get you a top 10 pick let alone a top 5 and you cant just give away oak without something bigger than a top 5 or 7 pick but other teams arent ready to pay a premium for him yet (they will in due time tho)

    if we made one of the rumored deals it wouldve been great from a entertainment standpoint but the way i see it now we keep all the bigs and dont cash them in until joel shows something and teams are ready to pay big for oak… now next year we have 2 shots at a top 3 pick (ours and the kings) and the lakers pick is still there…we in good shape for a 2020 title run which always was the plan

  • man the kings should really trade cousins that roster is awful

  • Cannot complain about this move at all.
    They still might make a move and trade one of the big men obviously. But who knows?

    I say keep all three this year just to be 110 percent sure you know what we have. See if a Oak and Embiid lineup could work with bringinging Nerlens off the bench. Or vice versa. We’re not goIng to the finals this year so Brett brown can play around with this roster for a while and see what’s best.

    Show case their talent and see if u can get a better offer for next season and next draft. Don’t forget these players are all still VERY young.

    Draft ur guard of future next year while Signing A few FAs..

    Emiids foots problem is overblown. He young.. Very young. And has had 2 years to learn and spectate while healing at the same time.

    Yao Ming played for eight years, and Andrew Bynum got his rings and his money and just didn’t give a damn anymore..

    Didn’t Kevin Durant have the same injury a embiid?

    The sixers took their time with him. And joel is going to be fine. Just like nerlens has been fine since his acl.

    • 2017 Draft Stacked with Top Guard Prospects
      Josh Jackson – Kansas
      Markelle Fultz – Washington
      Frank Ntilinka – Belgium
      Lonzo Ball – UCLA
      Dennis Smith – NC State
      De’Aron Fox – Kentucky
      Grayson Allen – Duke
      Dillon Brooks – Oregon

      • I’ve been talking about Josh Jackson for 3 years now – love’em.

        But Terrance Ferguson is the best shooter in that draft class.

        The other players you have on your list – Fox, Ball, Smith, and Fultz – It remains to be seen how good they really are, but most of them are Point Guards. My hope is for Fultz, or Ball to be successful, because of their size – 6-6, and 6-5 PG’s

        Grayson Allen, and Dillon Brooks are not immediate NBA Roster Players; D-League prospects.

        I am interested to see the progress of EC Matthews of Rhode Island after his injury – also 6-5 at the point

      • I think Dennis Smith hurt his knee last season. Sixers won’t take chances again on injured draft picks after Nerlans and Embiid.

  • Brandon Jennings, Jeremy Lin, Matthew Dellavedova, Dion Waiters, Eric Gordon, Arron Afflalo, Jeff Green, Kent Bazemore will be the players the Sixers offer a max money 2 year contract. 2 of these players will accept the sixers offer because the offer will be so much more than anyone else will offer.

    • “Brandon Jennings, Jeremy Lin, Matthew Dellavedova, Dion Waiters, Eric Gordon, Arron Afflalo, Jeff Green, Kent Bazemore will be the players the Sixers offer a max money 2 year contract”

      huh????????? they gonna offer one of those loooooooozahs max money? u high?

      • Yes, Sixers have to spend 55 million this year and they aren’t accepting Danny Granger, Andrei Kirilenko and JaVale McGee to get there this time around.

        • holy shit they do got a lot to spend. However

          “The salary floor, or the minimum amount teams will need to spend on payroll next season, is now $84.6 million. There’s no penalty if a team falls short of spending that amount; in the event that occurs, the team simply cuts a check for the rest and those dollars get divided among the players who finish the season on the roster.”

  • I read the sixers will take a run at Jordan clarkson.

    • I wish Dario makes his damn mind up, colangelo pushing his buttons to get over here now saying they might not need him next year, I’d go after bazemore and Clarkson is not a bad choice but only for Noel not oak then your staying 5 would be pg Clarkson sg bazemore sf Covington pf Ben Simmons and center oak, then have emblid ,stauskus, luwawa and furkan and Sari off bench , that’s a pretty good roster for now

      • I’m telling yawl right now don’t sleep on furkan the guy is a smooth athlete who shoots the three with high form and quick release , and luwawa is the perfect 3 and d guy right now, furkan is coming over right now he is pissed he got picked so late, his body is slender but 10 to 15 mins off bench will be good for him at NBA level

        • I’m so excited for the sixers we are young and finally have talent, I’m definitely more excited for sixers more so then the eagle s

        • I was at the draft Z, and when he was drafted -Furkan Korkmaz, is his name , the first thing you heard from all the scouts, and news media around the tables was Manu Ginobilli, with a more consistent jump shot…..

          I think the Sixers did their homework, but he still needs time to get accustomed to the NBA style of play but a very underrated pick, I agree.

          • LOL, at the draft next to media members? sitting next to Tyler Dorsey, Juwan Carter and Jaylen Brown. What a dingbat. did you see Elvis and little green Martians in your apartment too that night ?

      • Probably keep Canaan for bu pg but offense will run through saric and emblid on second unit with luwawa furkan , and Canaan as catch and shoot players

        • Just thinking about the lineups we could do gets me going man, we can go big if needed and run pg Clarkson, sg luwawa, sf Simmons, pf oak and center emblid then come back and go small Clarkson, sg Canaan sf bazemore pf saric and center Ben Simmons

      • Jordan Clarkson, and Bradley Beal, wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize in free agency for the 76ers – and would be immediate starters in the backcourt.

      • i highly doubt saric comes now. way i read it he would lose money by doing so and now he got noel, embiid, simmons & oak in front of him unless he can play SF which ive read he cant. idk

        the delay is probably b/c he will come if they move a big and not come if they dont

        • You may see the Knicks,Nets or Celtics make an Offer for Dario Saric

          • Why Paul?

            • Bulls GM Gar Forman said the Bulls were not shopping Jimmy Butler on draft night.
              “We like Jimmy Butler. We didn’t shop Jimmy Butler,” Forman said

              I hope you see it now and have given up on Butler now Cliff

              • I heard that too Big Mhenski, but he has to say that, But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t shopping him..

                He also stated that per KC Johnson
                K.C. Johnson
                ✔ ‎@KCJHoop

                Forman: “When you have a special player like Jimmy, in order to move him, it’s got to be something that knocks your socks off.”
                12:16 AM – 24 Jun 2016

                That tells me that they were shopping him but didn’t get the right deal.

                He said he wasn’t shopping him tongue in cheek – That’s all that is bruh.

            • Because these Teams could use help and depth along their Front Court
              Knicks & Phil Jackson were reportedly interested in Saric back when he was Draft Eligible
              Nets & Celtics are both heavy with Guards and will need to move some of them

              • okay, we’ll see…

        • Henski I’m at the point where he better come this yr he is a man of his word and told us two years ago he would be here for this upcoming season, he better come now because if emblid is the real deal and Simmons then he will not be as needed so he better come now

          • i wouldnt be surprised if the sixers tell him to stay 1 more year either…

            • What are you talking about henski colangelo just said yesterday he better come this season

    • Love it Diddy…

      • Damn sad news buddy the legendary defensive coach for eagles passed I expect to see a lot of dedicated games to buddy this season

  • Colangelo is still shopping Okafor and Noel for a “position balanced team”
    NY Knicks hope Noel doesn’t land in Boston and leaves Philly, they would rather Okafor have to defend Porzingus the next 5 years.


    • Quit bashing on Okafors defense.

      He’s 20 years old for god sakes. Lol.. Give him some coaching and time and he will improve

  • Cliff, what do you think about Crabbe from Portland I think he’d fit great with his catch and shoot game. I even like Fournier in Orlando but he’ll cost too much. I just don’t know where they’re going to find a point guard. BTW I also think if they would’ve moved up to 3 it would’ve been your son.

    • What’s Up Biggie??!!

      I don’t like one year wonders like Crabbe, they rarely duplicate their previous seasons; I need to see him do what he does more consistently to think he’s worth a max contract –

      Many had the same feelings about Nik Stauskas game, and I stated that he wasn’t the player some thought he would be – Buyer beware of him, and Fournier.

      I’d go for quality – Jordan Clarkson, and Bradley Beal would be a fine backcourt for the Sixers – a lot better than the garbage many on here are suggesting.

    • BTW, it would have been Jaylen – not Dunn, had they moved up to 3, but I do think they would have been more willing to trade some of their future draft picks for Dunn to the Timberwolves had they gotten Jaylen.

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  • Rumors have 76ers going hard after Forward Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors.. Another Forward, who doesn’t Defend or Rebound Well or Create for himself… He’s a Decent Shooter but this makes little sense when you have Ben Simmons, Dario Saric on your Roster….
    Good Grief…

    • Hell no on Barnes, he was exposed during the last 2 rounds in the playoffs.

      • gotta target

        clarkson (although not a fan)

        if we gotta get to that floor you gotta get at least 2 of those

    • If they do sign him, for me it is a real indication of what kind of GM Brian Colangelo is – because that would be pathetic…

  • The 76ers and Kings reportedly have interest in signing restricted free agent Dion Waiters this offseason.
    Waiters is hopeful to return to the Thunder, but the Kings or 76ers could offer him more than he’s worth to try and change his mind. Waiters would have the opportunity to start with either of the aforementioned clubs, although that won’t necessarily translate to standard league value for the career 41.1 percent shooter.
    Related: 76ers
    Source: Michael Scotto on Twitter
    Jun 28 – 4:44 P


    • Waiters is a waste of roster space – not anywhere near worth a max contract either

  • More Sixes News***

    According to my sources, not only are the Sixers expressing strong interest in SF Harrison Barnes, but I’m also hearing they have interest in SG Dion Waiters

  • Gotta sign Barnes and Waiters. Both can score the ball

    • NO to both of those scrubs……and they can’t really shoot either

  • Barnes is a shooter. Dion can shoot the ball as well

    • Neither is a shooter – They can shoot, but are not marksman shooter by any stretch of the imagination – You’re totally overrating both of them, and there are better options than both of them.

      • Hell no to both I’m with Cliff get beal and Clarkson I hate Barnes and especially waiters, I’d go bazemore over them also, for god sake Covington is better then Barnes

  • I didn’t like his attitude in the playoffs though.. came off pretty selfish.. Barnes is someone I really want them to sign

  • I like Free-Agent Guard’s Mike Conley & Courtney Lee to work with the 76ers Young Front Court of Simmons,Saric,Okafor, Noel & Embiid…
    Still Keep Covington, Ish Smith to run the 2nd Team, maybe Stauskus
    and then Draft their Guard’s of the Future in the very Deep Guard 2017 Draft

    • We already have our point guard, Ben Simmons… now the Sixes will add a pg that isn’t ball dominant… look for that to happen

    • Conley, and Lee are garbage for the direction they want to take this team – NO THANK YOU…

    • And NO to Stauskas too….more garbage..

      • maybe the Sixers can trade a future 2nd for that hot garbage Kevin Looney and Noah Vonleh you wanted ?

  • Nice little nucleus around Simmons and Embiid that we’re forming if they get them then bring Saric over..

  • I’ll take clarkson over waiters

  • To think the sixers may have the number one pick next year too. Right now it looks like Sacramento is going to suck. All hail to Heinke

  • I need to apologize to Heinke, when he quit I ripped him good on here. I became impatient with the process, I was wrong. ALL HAIL TO HEINKE

  • Both are head and shoulders above anything we have at guard or forward now outside of Simmons. But Barnes was exposed big time. Don’t want him. I’m willing to take a flyer on Waiters.

  • Waiters definitely isn’t getting a max deal

    Nor should Barnes but that may be the only way to snatch him from the Warriors…

    Barnes won’t be the go to guy here either, he’ll be asked to spot up and shoot. Yes he had a rough playoff/ finals, but I think he was just struggling. That wasn’t him.. Also he’s only 24 years..

    If and when they do give Barnes a deal, it’ll be for a 2 year max offer, not 4 years. Sixers want flexibility in the near future..

  • Everyone keeps saying “Barnes was exposed” Huh?!

    I just don’t call missing open shots as being exposed, he just missed alot of shots that he hit all year long

    I’d sign him in a heart beat. 24 year old knock down shooter with potential to grow and mature

    If you remember, in there run to the championship last year, he was making everything all over the court. This year he struggled. It’ll have little if any effect on him getting offers

    I do think that he and the Sixers are a match and will happen

    Huge indicator was the Jerry Colangelo USA invitation to Barnes..

    I love it!

    Not bad having Jerry run the USA team and have his son running the Sixers..

    Things are looking up guy!

    I told you!!!

    • He was exposed. He like many of the guards/wings in this league, is overrated and a byproduct of a guard centric league that believes small ball is the wave of the future. It aint, and you’ll be doing no more than overpaying like you did with Iggy. If it’s a reasonable signage for some veteran leadership like we already have with Carl Landry, okay. Otherwise, look around this league, do some research in regards to impact on games (Nerlens steals and blocks) (OK4 offense) and get back at me where all these other juggernauts are producing likewise.

    • Jon, hell no to Barnes at a max contract, I could be added to the Olympic team and be productive. Barnes is okay we need better than okay, hell TLC will be a better player in a couple years.

      • Barnes is not a max contract player. He is vastly overrated and they would be panicking if they pursued him. This would be a classic Coangelo move though, so I wouldn’t be suprised.

        • Max contract for a guy who averaged 12 points a year. WTF? You give a max contract band on performance and not on potential.

          • Harrison Barnes = Byron Maxwell with a loaded seahawk secondary.

            • Spot on dude. Spot on.

              Hopefully they don’t make this mistake.

  • Any suggestion that nobody wants any of the bigs the Sixers have after only one aspect (The draft) of player acquisition, is either a troll or in and above their head in regards to bball IQ. We haven’t even gotten to phase 2. And for what it’s worth, anyone giving credence to the likes of the Suns supposedly turning down a deal for Noel. Well lets just say, it explains why they’ve been stuck in mediocrity since Nash left. This league is so devoid of talent in the paint, that Tim Duncan has to play into his 70s and the Spurs made acquiring Aldridge their #1 priority, not some overrated guard or wing.
    Nope I’ll just wait for a few more inept GMs get fired for mimicking clueless fans and media heads, instead of building a team around sound bball principles. Outside of Cousins, there isn’t a big I’d trade any of ours for.

    • A lot of Centers will be switching teams this year some team will get left without a big in the West where Aldridge, Cousins, Towns and Anthony reside. If you have to face one of them in the playoffs you better have a big to tangle with them.

  • ***New Paulman Rumors****
    Lebron James and Dwayne Wade discuss about coming to Philly to Play for a Season to see what Happens as they are both looking to play with each other again but don’t want to remain in Miami or Cleveland and want something new..

  • Solid article on ESPN about hinkie

    • I’m not a process guy but that was a very FAIR article…

      • Hell hinkie

      • It was a good article on Hinkie, it will be interesting to see if he gets another chance to be a GM again in the NBA..

  • Uh oh finally I trade I agree with from Toronto, Noel for Corey joseph, Terrance riss( on a a 2 yr deal worth 10 mill a yr) and clippers first rd up pick or even better Noah Powell who had a great playoff run this season, plus Ross is a electric athlete who can put major points, (51, with him getting 20 shots a game here he should avg 18 at least, and Corey Joseph is very serviceable

    • I’ll even throw in stauskus to sweeten it a tiny bit

    • 51? What’s that mean ?

      • Sry he scored 51 in one game before

  • From barstool. Good read imo

    Let me start by saying I hate conspiracy theories. I think they are a crutch for weak minded people who are just trying to find some justification as to why their life sucks. I avoid conspiracy theories like the plague, and if you’re a conspiracy theory guy, my respect for you will always go down a notch or two.

    So you can imagine my disdain when I found out that the Sixers owners had quite literally conspired with Adam Silver to oust Sam Hinkie. From the ESPN article that came out today:

    “Adam Silver admitted to reaching out to Jerry Colangelo on behalf of the Sixers’ owners in December. But interviews with more than a dozen league sources — including GMs, other executives and agents — suggest that the commissioner’s involvement in that regime change may have been greater than he has let on.

    Some sources claim Philly’s ownership group had grown impatient with Hinkie’s lack of a clear timetable to be competitive and had been worn down by constant criticism. Others suggest Silver pressured the 76ers into making a change.”

    These absolute motherfuckers. Now, not only do I have to grapple with the fact that I’m the idiot ignoring the conspiracy, but now I have to come to the grips with the fact that Adam Silver has been chasing down Hinkie just to fuck him over.

    The crux of the article stressed that Silver’s qualms with “The Process” weren’t the diminished ticket sales or Hinkie’s less-than-friendly relationship with the rest of the league. He was afraid it would work. Silver was afraid that the Sixers would see their losing and asset acquisition through to a point of such success that it would beget copycats across the league.

    If I heard something like “Adam Silver made Sam Hinkie resign because he thought the Sixers were going to do too well,” and I would gut punch whoever told me that conspiracy nonsense and call them a moron. Now the hard truth is more apparent.

    Sam Hinkie was operating within the rules of the league: the team with the worst record gets the highest percentage shit at the top pick. And, from the article, “over the past five seasons, more than 60 percent of the players who made an All-NBA team were top-five picks (and 76 percent came from the top 10).” Correlating the two doesn’t take a Hinkie-level-genius.

    Speaking of, that was part of everyone’s problem with Hinkie—many of the owners thought that Hinkie believed he was smarter than everyone else. Sooo they got mad? It doesn’t really make a bunch of sense. “Oh, this guy who’s job it is to make smart decisions thinks he’s smart. Let’s get him out of there.” What kind of insecure bullshit is that? I half expect these owners were snitching on Hinkie like a jealous contestant on the Bachelorette running to Jojo about how entitled they think someone is. Ok dude? What does that have to do with you doing your job?

    If you ask me, I want my GM to think he’s smarter than Stephen Hawking. That’s how you get an edge. What, is he supposed to go into trade negotiations with an “Awe shucks, I hope I don’t get swindled” attitude? I want my GM doing the swindling. And if other GM’s don’t like the attitude, guess what? They don’t have to make a deal with him. All this complaining is just making the rest of the league come off as mental midgets. Just because Vlade Divac got duped by Hinkie by trading a glut of draft picks for Luka Mitrovic, do we really have to lose our Hinkie privileges?

    What really bothers me is, at the end of the day, the Commissioner is supposed to work for the owners. So the thought that Adam Silver might have the Sixers’ owner’s ears, as opposed to it being the other way around, is deeply unsettling. Adam Silver should not be telling the Sixers how to run their franchise. Especially through the suggestions of personnel. Imagine if Silver was setting up Kevin Durant and the Lakers the way he was arranging Jerry Colangelo and Josh Harris’s meetings? If I heard that, I know what I would do; dismiss it as a conspiracy. We’ve got Silver playing Yente the matchmaker over here setting up grown men on blind dates.

    Frankly, if the Sixers wanted to be a shit franchise for the next 20 years, it is not Silvers prerogative to tell them otherwise. Sure they would hear backlash from the fans and take a hit on the bottom line, but it is not Adam Silver’s franchise. In fact, circuitously, he is employed by it. And from the rest of the league’s perspective, wouldn’t one less team with a legit shot at the Finals be a good thing?

    But endless ignominy wasn’t even Hinkie’s end game. It was just one of patience. It was an unspoken contract upon which the Sixers and their fans had agreed. We were just living lean for a couple years while we saved up for that mansion. And now the league is telling us that you’re not allowed to get mansions that way? Bullshit.

    • silver does work for the owners…. the other 30 out voted the sixers… a group of billionaires conspiring because one of them is putting out such a poor product it tarnishes the rest (in an already watered down and tarnished league)– i said yesterday the article was fair– but in the game of sports to plan to lose and lose badly is a slippery slope, even in such a BS league as the NBA– when you trade young players who can help you win games for FUTURE players who may/maynot help you more is sketchy at best.

      • Just another reason to not Support or Follow the NBA very much..

      • I don’t think the other owners voted on anything and when they had the chance to chance the lotto system they didn’t change it…

        • “Vote” is used figuratively….
          They did not change it…. It’s a shit league
          Fraudman you correctly pointed out that you don’t follow it…so stop commenting on players who you never see.

  • Sounds like in about an hour sixers gonna offer Harrison Barnes 5 years , 115 million.

    • I told you Mhenski, that Brian Colangelo was gonna screw this up…

      Harrison Barnes is a decent player, but not hardly worth those numbers even with the objective of over paying him – ridiculous – He’s not a good GM, just another recycled name in NBA circles .

      I would prefer Crabbe, instead of him, Clarkson, and Beal.

      Options like Courtney Lee, Dion Waiters, Mike Conley, Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore, and Austin Rivers, are exaggerated, and desperate moves that stink, and shouldn’t be considered.

      • prefer Crabbe, along with Clarkson, and Beal…

        • Beal gonna take a 5 year max from dc by morning

          Lakers will match any offer for clarkson he ain’t going nowhere

          I like crabbe

          Also was looking at Seth currys numbers at the end of the year when he started and he lit it up. Never paid him any mind but was impressed at his lines.

          Bottom line we gotta keep all bigs hope they’re all good then flip 2 of them for a top 3 pick next draft or a star

  • **NBA Signings — No surprises Yet

    Forward Joakim Noah sings 4 Year $72 Million Deal with Knicks as expected
    SG Nic Batum sings a 5 Year $120 Million Deal with the Hornets
    Guard Jeremy Lin signs a 3 Year $36 Million Deal with the Brooklyn Nets
    Guard Derozan Re-Signs with Raptors 5 Year $139 Million as Expected
    Guard Bradley Beal close to Re-Signing with Wizards as Expected

    • More Signings
      Pistons Sign for 76ers Guard Ish Smith to a 3 Year $18 Million Deal
      Pistons Re-Sign Andre Drummond
      Heat Re-Sign Hassan Whiteside
      Lakers Sign Center Timofey Mozgov to a 4 Year $64 Million Deal
      Chandler Parsons offered a Max-Deal from Portland Trail Blazers but still has a meeting with the Memphis Grizzles

      76ers are talking to 2 Guards….

  • Pacers Sign PF/C Al Jefferson to a 3 Year $30 Million Deal

  • Guards E’twaun Moore & Cortney Lee are on the Radar for the 76ers

    • Thumbs down……………not worth it

      • 76ers may end up having little choice to Fill out their Roster … The Top & Good Ones are choosing Other Teams as expected…

        • No shit paulman the drunk most everybody knew the Sixers were at best going to sign 2nd and possibly 3rd tier free-agents to fill out their roster. You babbling old idiot they just came off a 10 win season what top tier free-agents did you expect them to sign fool?

          • I don’t expect them to sign any Top Tier Free-Agents and have stated so for the last 3-4 Years since they have been so poorly run as an Organization that no up and coming Player wants to even come to Philly.. Half the guys the Draft don’t even want to play for them.. They have a Ton of $$$ to Spend and have Huge Needs at both Guard Positions so they should be able to still attract a Tier #2 Players since they can Overpay for that Player and for that Player, they would be guaranteed lot of Playing Time ..

  • Lakers Resign Guard Clarkson to a 4 Year $50 Million Deal

  • My source is telling me the 76ers and Jerryd Bayless have agreed to a 3-year $27M deal

  • Check this out!!!

    Jerryd Bayless posted an eFG% of 67% on catch & shoot jump shots in the half court this season (top 3% of NBA) up from 41% last year.

    This team gonna be filled with shooters all around Simmons and Embiid

    Let’s freakin go!!!!

    • Thank you Jerryd Bayless for coming to Philadelphia, only him and Dion waiters wanted to come here.

      • It’s starting to look like Okafor and Noel are not as valuable as we thought.

        • 1 will get moved soon.

  • NBA Signings

    Guard Evan Turner signs a 4 Year $75 Million Deal with Portland Trail Blazers
    Parsons chooses Max-Deal to Sign with the Memphis Grizzlies
    Evan Fournier signs a 5 Years – $85 Million Extension to remain with Orlando

    and this is part of what makes the NBA a Joke.. .

  • Man we couldn’t even get Jeremy Lin

    • We showed no interest

  • Dwight Howard has reached agreement on a three year $70.5 million with the Atlanta Hawks

    • Sucks for Atlanta and sixers best not get Rubio he’s Awful

      • or Dion Waiters…..

        • Waiters is no worst than the rest of these 2nd and 3rd tier junk that these idiots seem to think are difference makers. these guys are mostly Carl Landry types, but are being hyped up by fantasy geek forum types and idiot bloggers trying to appear like legit reporters. I’ll take a Waiters on a cap friendly Bayless like deal than overpay for an overrated Barnes.

          • Well Brewski I respect your opinion, but you are in the minority. I don’t think he’s worth having on the team period.

            I’ve never liked his game- at all – his stats aren’t really saying anything to me, because he’s one that try’s to pad his stats by gunning taking ill advised shots that play outside the scripted offensive game plan. He’s really not even a good player. I said that when he was overdrafted; and my opinion hasn’t changed – and won’t.

            I hear what you’re saying about all the other less talented players getting paid un worthily, but that doesn’t mean Waiters should be paid either way on my team, because I also have the option to save my money until something worth it comes along.

            and Dion Waiters isn’t worth it.

            • NP Cliff I respect your bball analysis. But we can disagree on this one. One question? Why are you entertaining fraudman? He knows absolutely nothing about basketball. I mean nothing…..lol.

  • Noel’s & Covington to T-Wolves for Guards Rick Rubio & Tyus Jones

    • where is the equal value in that deal????…

      Tyus Jones stinks Paul….I TOLD YOU SO….Deal sucks

      • See what I mean bruh? This mofo just offered up Nerlens and Roco for slop….lmao

  • Mike Connelly 5 yrs 153 mil god dam

    • Wasted money on a mediocre player at best Diddy…….Glad he played someone else for a sucker.

      • Agreed

  • Source told me the Sixers showing interest in Rajon Rondo

    • Rondo is a Locker Room Cancer and does not make anyone better around him… He Runs the Floor well, plays in open court well but poor defensively
      Stay away!!

      • Outside of a few issues with his coaches that saw him benched, Rondo’s issues have never been his play. He’s never been a great shooter, but he has elite playmaker and set up ability. AND HE’S ALWAYS BEEN AN OUSTANDING DEFENDER from the pg position.You know nothing about basketball, but keep posting…smdh.

        • Rondo’s problems are clearly not with his play…the question would be can he get along with the Coaching staff…the notion that he is a poor defender is ridiculous the weak part of Rondo’s game is his jumper

  • Sixers Hot Free Agency News***

    I’m being told from my source that the Sixers have given contracts to both Jamal Crawford and Allen Crabbe

    Jamal is expected to sign it any time now

    As for Crabbe, the deal that the Sixers offered is said to be “extremely difficult” for the Blazers to match due to the money either the first 2 years or the last 2 years. I’m told it’s a four year almost Max contract

    If the Colangelos pull this off.. they’ll be viewed as geniuses

    I’m also told that the Sixers have made significantly huge offers to other notable FAs and are just waiting for a response..

  • Sixers also showing strong interest in SG Courtney Lee

  • That deal with Crabbe is all but done.. I’m hearing that Crabbe and Sixers are finalizing the 4 year deal. The Nets were another team in hot pursuit but I’m hearing that the Sixers just offered more money and Nets weren’t willing to go as far..

  • The Crabbe deal may have fallen thru. Blazers may still match any offer and I’m hearing the Sixers have no Interest in a sign and trade. They may be looking elsewhere

  • Arron Afflalo has agreed to a two-year $25M deal with the Kings

  • Orlando Magic have agreed to terms on a 4-year deal with Bismack Biyombo.

  • Rockets Sign Forward Rick Anderson to 4 Year – $80 Million Deal
    Lakers Sign SF Leoul Deng to a 4 Year -$72 Million Deal

    • Do you mean Ryan Anderson??

      • Lmfao at Rick Anderson
        Lmfao at leoul deng
        Lmfao at paulman and hart being the same guy
        Lmfao at paulman and hart posting irrelevant nba signings

      • Yes, Ryan Anderson.. Teams spending $16-$20 Million a Year for Bench Players.. Unbelievable
        The Best Deals I’ve read so far is Jeremy Lin and Aaron Affalo signings who will likely start for their new Teams for about $12-$13 Million

        76ers have to bank on getting 2 Good Guard Prospects in 2017 Draft then it will be 4-5 Years from there before they can compete for Deep Playoff Runs and that’s only if Embiid/Simmons are the Real Deal .. A Championship by 2020 is not on the Radar for the 76ers, by then half the Bigs will be gone already

  • Career Stats for New 76er Jerryd Bayless (6-3″ – 200 lbs – 28 Years Old)

    521 Career Games – Averages 21 Minutes Played – Career Stats

    .42 % Shooter from the Field , .37% from beyond 3-Point Line
    .82% from the Free Throw Line , Averaged 8.5 Points Per Game
    3 Assists per Game, 2 Rebounds per Game, 1.5 Turnovers Per Game

  • Horford is a Celtic

  • Courtney Lee has agreed to a four-year $50 million deal with the Knicks.

  • Eric Gordon to the Rockets

  • Mavericks offer Harrion Barnes a Max Deal of $95 Million
    With Celtics Signing Horford, they are officially no longer interested in 76ers Bigs Noel or Okafor

    • Here let me help you. They signed; no the overpayed for a big who has won nothing since he left Florida and that stacked Billy Donovan coached team. Horford advances the Celtics nowhere. And no legit GM looking to build with legit talent at CENTER would consider him over any of the sixer bigs.This FA frenzy is for idiot non fans like you squawk over avg at best players. The only legit stars worth noting were Beal, Derozan, and Durant.

      • I don’t need your help.. The 76ersare 5-6 Years away right now from competing for any legitimate runs in the Playoffs as I stated Pre-Draft, very little has changed, the 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets are the worst Teams in the East

        • I have to disagree with you buddy. The Sixers now are in a position where they could be a viable 6-8 seed next year – with the right free agent signings, and draft picks, and a contender 1-2 years from there.

          Hinke really put them in a great position. My only concern is Colangelo turning them into the Raptors – who will never win a title – because of his overblown, and overrated ability to be a great GM.

          BUT 2 maybe 3 years – not 5-6…..

          • A 6-8 Seed in 2016-2017 Season Cliff?
            I don’t see an additional 20 Games Wins with this Roster… Do You ?

            • I said as early as next year – with the right free agents, and draft choices –

              , next year is 2017-18 season, not this season. where did you read I said this year??

              • The Upcoming and Next Season is the (’16-’17 Season) which has not Started Yet So it’s another Year/Off-Season Years before the ’17-’18 Season
                How many Wins in 2016 -2017 ? 32-35 Wins maybe?

              • Paul, please……..next year begins in 2017. This is the upcoming 2016-17 season – not next season……. stop playing with words bruh..

                The point is they are not 5-6 years away from being serious contenders.

      • Horford is hands down better than Noel. Similar on the Defensive end, and Horford can score – Noel can’t unless Ish throws him a lob, and he isn’t here anymore. No GM would agree with you on that point. Noel gives you nothing on Offense. Horford, on the other hand gives you both.

        Doesn’t matter because Noel is the one who they will get rid of anyway.

        • Funny how Paul complaining about who getting what amount of money and saying the sixers suck and saying the nba products sucks yet the nba and sixers got his attention so much so he spent his entire Saturday posting which scrub players signed with what scrub teams. Spent his entire day toggling between hart and paulman from sun up to 2am.

          Good grief go on one of those picnics or something

          • Took all day?? How do u figure that douchebag Henski
            5-6 postings off the ESPN Headliner News on Free-Agency takes about 30 seconds…
            Your still an Asshole Henski, You Always were and most likely will Always be..
            Why don’t you research some stupid ass Rap songs to post …
            What a West Chester Country Club Pussy you really are..

            • U posting at 8 am up until 2 am. What a loser you are, on a holiday weekend you have nothing better to do then complain about the nba and follow that up with telling everyone who the meaningless Orlando Magic have signed when nobody cares. Get a life looser. Do something other than gcobb especially on a holiday

              • Go Jackoff with your Gay buds at the Chads Ford Country Club… Good Grief your a raging Homo!!

              • I feel you’re pain Paul I struck a major nerve calling you out for being friendless and alone with nothing to do but post on gcobb on a holiday weekend. That wasn’t nice of me. I apologize.

                Now I don’t belong to a country club or do men but if I did that would be more exciting then fucking myself by myself all alone on gcobb . Com

              • lmao

  • Sixers Free Agency News***

    According to source, Jamal Crawford’s discussions with the Warriors has ended due in fact to what the Sixers are offering. Sixers are offering Crawford 2 yrs for $30M.

    • I like Crawford – good veteran leadership – and can still shoot the rock.

  • Jamal Crawford agrees to three year $42M deal with Clippers. They upped the years and money on the Sixers. He’s going back to LA

  • Source said Nets have reached 4 yr $70M offer sheet with Allen Crabbe, which Blazers will not match

  • It was between Sixers and Nets for Crabbe, they seem to have won out

    • Hearing now that it may not be true.. allegedly he has meetings lined up next week including with the Sixers.. have to wait and see

  • Source is telling me the Sixers are hoping to get Crabbe in for a meeting on Tuesday and will make an offer around 4 yrs 82 mil

    • Lmfao 5 contradictory hart posts in 15 minutes lmfao. You’re source got schizophrenia ?

  • Sixers not doing shit where is Heinke

    • Diddy they’ve been very active, they’ve made alot of offers to alot of players. I personally feel they have a good chance of signing Crabbe if they can get him here on Tuesday

  • All the quality people are gone this is horrible Sixers ain’t really do shit this offseason. Ben Simmons was a given, very happy with him but colangelo ain’t shit. I’ve said my peace see y’all at training camp.

    • I feel that Diddy. Heinkie wouldve done 5 deals by now …

      • I’m trying to be patient fellas but dam between the draft and the third day of free agency. I mean they really not doing shit, I don’t understand this philosophy at all. Please someone explain this to me

        • Diddy they’ve been very active, they’ve made alot of offers to alot of players. I personally feel they have a good chance of signing Crabbe if they can get him here on Tuesday

        • If we get Crabbe we’d be even more attractive of a team for perspective FAs… They haven’t sign Crabbe Tues

          • Have to

      • I See you’re Posting all day on here Henski, what the fuck is wrong with you you Hypocrite…
        You Postedat see at 11:15am, then 1:30pm , then 3:15pm, then 8:30pm and then 9:25pm all on this thread alone… And ona Holiday Weekendnoless!!! You’re such smacked-ass & hypocrite.. You really are and too full ofyourselfto even recognize what aback-ass you are!!! Now wait to J Hart, or Pdiddy, Gliff, Myself Posts something so you can respond since you can’t come up with an original thought … What an Asshole you are!! Really!!!

      • I See you’re Posting all day on here Henski, what the fuck is wrong with you you Hypocrite…
        You Posted at 11:15am, then 1:30pm , then 3:15pm, then 8:30pm and then 9:25pm all on this thread alone… And on Holiday Weekend no less!!! You’re such Smacked-ass & Hypocrite.. You really are too full of yourself to even recognize what smacked-ass you are!!! Now just wait until J Hart, Pdiddy, Gliff, Zilents, EOSB or myself Posts something so that you can respond since you can’t come up with an original thought … What an Asshole you are!! Really!!!

        • Oh god Paul’s off the wagon, can’t read time stamps , can’t type English, can’t write a sentence !

          So sad, why has God cursed you? Why are you so sad and alone? I feel for you, I cry with you !

        • The Jackass Henski is backing 1030pm on Holiday Weekend…
          I wonder if the Douchebag has an original thought!!!
          Talk about a Loser!! See the Bullshit you start… Try finishing it for once you Puss!!!

  • If the Bucks can get a meeting with Wade, why can’t the Sixers?!

    I say pay DWade whatever he wants. I’m hearing he wants anywhere from 22-25 mil annually. The Sixers have that money. Only give him a 2 yr deal.

    Add some more shooters and we’d be highly competitive..

    Pg Bayless
    SG Wade
    SF Simmons
    PF Saric
    Center Noel

    • D wade not coming here JH stop it.

      • Kobe Bryant has a better chance of coming out of Retiremennt to play for the 76ers than does Dwayne Wade who will return back to the Heat now that the Bulls have signed PG Rondo and the Knicks signed Guard Courtney Lee
        Wade Leverage with the Heat just evaporated after those 2 Signings

  • This is what source is saying, the Sixers are offering Crabbe $18M annually over 4 years and it could include a player option for the 4th year. The Nets are offering 4 years $70M

  • Crabbe is meeting with both the Sixers and Nets on Tuesday..

    Source also is saying that the Sixers will target a PG via trade not FA

    • Nerlens Noel’s to the T-Wolves for Ricky Rubio

  • If the Celtics land Durant they are in serious contention for a title next year. Must be nice to have real Gm.

    • Diddy chill bro It’s still early. We signed Bayless a very good shooter. We got the prize of the draft Ben Simmons, Saric is coming over, Embiid is finally healthy and will be ready to roll. If they sign Crabbe they’ll be in a very good spot (let’s hope they do)

      Yes Hinkie did a marvelous job of tearing it down and acquiring assets, making trades etc, but he struggled putting it back together and building this thing expediently

      I don’t expect a huge splash unless it’s via trade, if and when they decide to move Okafor which I’m thinking could be just before the trade deadline or anytime now…

      I think Noel should stay but they may trade him too for a PG or scorer.. I’m thinking a scoring PG

      Still so many moving parts but alot of reasons to be excited for Sixers basketball

      We can’t compare ourselves to the Celtics, they were further along then us. They had the guards in place that we don’t and didn’t.. Now they signed Horford and want Durant and are looking to win now.. Give credit to Ainge, but the Sixers did their rebuild a little differently..

      I think next free agency the Sixers will be in a position to sign two max contracts.. some very elite talent will be FAs then..

  • NO!

    • No what Diddy?!

      • I’m done, I’ll get wit you guys the start of training camp. The Sixers ain’t do shit. Go Ben Simmons and Embiid good luck boys

        • What do you want pdiddy? This isn’t all about free-agency it’s about the young guys on this roster that is the path they chose over building a team through free-agency this is not the Eagles. Now your getting tight in the ass losing your cool when the Sixers don’t pull off the free-agent moves you want.

  • Now if KD goes to GS.. I think my earlier prediction of going after Westbrook via trade may be a possibility

    • Remember what I’ve been saying for a couple years now.. Westbrook to Philly will be a possibility either thru trade or free agency..

      Hed love it here and we’d truly value him a hard working guard like him

      • Westbrook moves back to LA and takes over the Lakers PG next Off-Season
        Russell is not the answer for them..

        • based on what Paul???

          and if he doesn’t – lets just wager you don’t give anymore predictions like this for a year……what do you say??

          • He hungover he don’t know

          • Westbrook wants the limelight and to play back in his hometown of LA
            He’s been stuck in Okie City and the #2 option behind Durant his entire Career
            He’s as good as gone to the Lakers for next Year, no doubt about it..
            With Kobe gone, Chris Paul & the underachievement of the Clippers every year and on their way down there is a huge “star player” that Westbrook will grab by going to the Lakers and playing with Clarkson, Ingram, Mozgev, Deng, etc.., and it’s also good for the NBA to have Star Power for the Lakers…

            • Old paulman that moonshine from back during the prohibition days have left your old ass almost completely blind. Mozgov, Deng, Ingram, and Clarkson you call that star power back in L.A. After the Lakers last championship no legit free-agents were breaking down the door to play with Kobe. Now all of a sudden in paulman’s delusional world Westbrook is just going to miraculously leave the Thunder while they get no compensation just to join a talent less Lakers team.

              • No Ass-Wipe Dolo, Russell Westbrook gives the Lakers that Star Player to lead the other Cast of Players I listed… Westbrook is the Star while the others are his Supporting Cast… Can’t you comprehend ?
                With Durant & Ibabka gone off the Thunder, they become a 45 WinTeam and a likely 5th-6th Seed in the West ..

            • when did Westbrook say he wanted to play back home in LA..Paul???

            • Now you calm down you limp dick old drunken fool I know you at the Boone Saloon getting intoxicated with your retirement pension from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. I probably should have added Westbrook to the star power response to your comment. I kinda left that out intentionally being that you said he was a second option in OKC. If Westbrook was a second option in OKC than who was the real star lol? Your only calling him a star sitting next to a bunch of scrubs and young unproven players. So he leaves a 45 win team to a team that is 10 x worse just to be back home lol, and when he gets there with his 2nd option star power he will miraculously bring in top tier star power. I mean the star power that Bryant couldn’t even lure to L.A. a proven championship winner in over six season’s.

        • And your not the one that should be coming up with answers for the Lakers paulman. The NBA has left you behind old man you have no answer for this new NBA other than making up a crock of shit. The times when your not drunk or sucking down a pack of cancers you don’t even know what the hell your looking at the very few times you watch a game. Most of your NBA analysis comes from rumors that are already out there you just add a twist of paulman’s bullshit and annoyance to it to try and frustrate gcobb posters.

          • That pretty much sums it up.

  • KD to GS

    • Durant is a pussy period

      • Lebron gotta love this. The decision is nothing compared to this bitch move

  • Wow fuck Kevin Durant ! What a total pussy punk bitch.

    I always have thought he was a soft butch and this just confirms it. Guy chokes in the western conference finals hard just like his soft ass chokes every year.

    As a fan of the nba I’m so disgusted.

    This is 100000000 times worse than Lebron. A top 10 player jumping ship to go be 3rd fiddle on the best regular season ever, gross. What a heartless piece of shit. Scared of competition.

    By adding oladipo okc finally had that 3rd piece to get it done and he leaves like a coward.

    Jon hart you’re right. They 1000000% have to trade Russ at the deadline now they just watched Durant leave for nothing and can’t let that happen again. Sixers gotta offer any 2 players not named Simmons, their 1st and lakers 1st and get it done

  • The nba should be ashamed

    • Westbrook is getting traded book it no way they keep him

      • He will be gone at the deadline. They can’t let him and kd leave for nothing. Sixers gotta offer their pick , lakers pick , oak and Saric

  • Exactly why the nba is an awful product and a sham of a ‘league’…. It’s borderline WWF

    • Usually I back the NBA product but this takes the cake, this league is too watered down

    • No the nba is just catching up with the lunacy that’s been mlb. The same mlb you defend to the death that gave us no salary cap and the Steinbrenner’s of the world spending a trillion times more than the Pirates of the league. All they need now is a steroid scandal to push them over the top while the league, media, and clueless fans feign surprise.

  • Sixers Free Agency***

    The Philadelphia 76ers and Sergio Rodriguez have agreed to a 1-year $8M deal

    Dude is a good shooter and can take you off the dribble

    • Euro leagues best pg

      • They will pay a $3M buyout towards Sergio Rodriguez’s overseas contract

  • Pau Gasol to SA

  • Dallas and unrestricted free agent-to-be Harrison Barnes have struck a verbal agreement on a four-year, $94 million deal

  • Look out for Russell Westbrook to Sixers.. Sixers have the most assets to give that would attract OKC, who inevitably will be rebuilding…

  • Westbrook would be very expensive for the Sixers i’m sure the Sixers will inquire, but the price is going to be way to high.

  • The Sixers are not getting Westbrook. They have not made a great move like that since they got Doc from the Aba. The Mutombo move was ok back in 2000, but other than that nothing in last 20 yrs makes me believe they can do it.

  • Why would Westbrook play the 76ers?
    He doesn’t have 4-5 Years to wait for a chance for a Championship
    You guys crack me up… He’s LA Bound but I’m sure Oklahoma will try to Trade him to the East where he likely only Play’s 1 Season until his Contract runs out and leaves in Free-Agency .. Are Teams willing to give up a Ton for a 1 Year Rental… I don’t think so unless they can extend him.. Only the good Teams knocking on the door now will have a shot at that, the 76ers are not one of those Teams

    • Ben Simmons debut was awesome. The guy is gonna avg at least 7 to 8 assist a game if Holmes could finish a damn lay up he would have 10 last night, just as I thought he needs to get comfortable with his mid range jumper then gradually get that 3 pt shot. I like tj at the point good bu off bench, and luwawa has the makings of 3 and d all over him but he’s gotta work on that dribble too loose, other notables wood looked good and Holmes is a rim protector but awareness for rebounds is bad. All in all a good showing for Ben as when more talent is around him I see a 18 pt 8 assist and 7 rebound a night easily

      • Another thing if yawl didn’t see it he seemed to be talking smack to jaylen and getting in his gril, I luv that and think he does have competitive fire , and when emblid gets in there he will be our leader due to his nature

        • who was talking shit? simmons?

          • Reshaun Holmes Big Mhenski. My son tried to dunk in on him a few times, and he stumped him, and they got into a bit of a stare down, and started yapping at each other….

      • Brings a lot more to the table than Brandon Ingram does IMO…

        • Simmons does….

          • Not just Holmes Cliff it was Simmons also when he was defending brown

            • Simmons is a beast he has the potential to be great. I hope he lives up to his ability

            • Hey Z, the NBA, is a mans game…….so my son has to learn to deal with it as a man, and a professional.

          • You know what Holmes got some heart, I think he can be the Sixers enforcer/clean up man. He seem like he can do the dirty work on the squad. Every team need at least one of them type of dudes.

            • He’s our goon

  • Simmons got a nice stroke he can actually develop into a solid jump shooter.

    • Yes he does. I’m not worried about his ability to shoot outside. His game is nice. Can’t wait to see him go to work on Brandon Ingram.

  • I would trade Jahlil Okafor and Lakers pick next year for Jimmy Butler. Let’s go now that’s a hell of a young squad right there.

    • No, Noel, the Lakers pick, and another future #1 in 2019….

      I’m not trading Okafor…

      • I don’t want to trade Oak either, but I don’t know if they make the deal with Noel. They might turn around and say give us the Sacramento flip pick then. I dam sure don’t want to do that.

        • They aren’t getting butler cuz he ain’t be trading and it sounds like they gonna get wade to pair with butler


          Can win you some games

          • Like I said … Nieve move by the Bulls but they were never moving butler Westbrook will be available at the deadline And we gotta pay up if he’ll agree to sign here other than that there’s no move to make.

            • Good call on that one henski, well my lineup looks like this then.
              They just gonna have to make that front court work somehow. Okafor and Embiid are both too talented to keep either one off the floor. Seeing how we are not going to win anyway why not.


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