• August 12, 2022

2016 NFL Projections: The NFC East


CarsonWentz11Washington Redskins

As dysfunctional as the Redskins have typically been, it was surprising to see them emerge as the last year’s division champion. Even more shocking was seeing Jay Gruden pull the plug on Robert Griffin completely, committing to Kirk Cousins as the starting quarterback.

Cousins responded to the opportunity, throwing for over 4,000 yards with 29 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions. He’s got a strong core of receivers to work with, and the club made that group even deeper through the addition of of Josh Doctson in the first round.

The team hopes to get a better effort from DeSean Jackson, who enters a contract year. Jordan Reed broke out at the tight end position last year, posting over 900 yards and 11 touchdowns, becoming Cousins’ go-to guy in the redzone. Pierre Garcon remains a reliable target, and Jamison Crowder is effective out of the slot.

The Redskins had All-Pro corner Josh Norman fall into their laps after the Carolina Panthers chose to rescind the franchise tag. He adds a shutdown corner to a secondary that previously didn’t have such a presence.

Ryan Kerrigan was the team’s leading pass rusher with 9.5 sacks. Last year’s second-round pick Preston Smith had eight, finishing the season strong. He’ll be counted on to take a big step forward in his second season.

I know that few people out there want to take the Redskins seriously.

And I get it. This is a franchise that has traditionally been run so poorly by meddling owner Daniel Synder.

But the club has finally started to develop a little continuity and direction under Jay Gruden. In a weak NFC East, the Redskins should absolutely be a factor again.

Projected Finish: 10-6, 1st Place

New York Giants

After 12 seasons, New York has finally turned the page on the Tom Coughlin era.

Ben McAdoo is now in command, and hopes to clean up a lot of the sloppiness that has plagued the Giants.

The passing attack won’t be an issue. Eli Manning has shown no signs of slowing down after 13 years, and Odell Beckham has become one of the most dynamic playmakers in the entire league. The Giants tried to make their aerial attack even more dynamic by selecting Sterling Sheppard in the second round, who should be an immediate upgrade over Rueben Randle.

The offensive line remains a problem, but the club hopes last year’s first-rounder Ereck Flowers will be much more stable and consistent in his second year.

The team’s most significant improvements have come on defense, where the team was ranked dead last a year ago. The team signed Damon Harrison and Olivier Vernon to the upgrade the run defense and pass rush on the defensive line. They also signed playmaking corner Janoris Jenkins away from the Rams, and drafted Eli Apple in the first round.

The Giants may be the biggest wild card in this division. The defense has the potential to make a dramatic leap from what its been the last few years, and the offensive scheme should be more sound under McAdoo. But problems on the offensive line and the running game could hold New York back from making a run at the division for at least one more year.

Projected Finish: 8-8, 2nd Place

Dallas Cowboys

The 2015 campaign was a lost season for Dallas.

Early injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant crippled an offense that had already failed to replace their top running back DeMarco Murray, resulting in a team that just couldn’t compete with many other teams in the league.

With a clean bill of health for Romo and Bryant, and the addition of top running back prospect Ezekial Elliot, the Cowboys hope to pick right up where they left off two years ago; a team that was one questionable call away from going to the NFC Championship game.

Romo’s health is the most serious concern. He appeared in just four games last season, and at age 36, it will be more and more difficult for him to stay healthy. Sure enough, Romo has already gone down with a back injury. The team may be better-prepared to handle a Romo injury this season now that the team has invested a fourth-round pick in Dak Prescott. Prescott has looked strong in the team’s preseason games, giving the team some hope for life after Romo.

The Dallas offensive line remains the best in the league, and helped veteran Darren McFadden rush for over 1,000 yards despite starting only 10 games. Elliot has the potential to be a lethal force behind this line.

The Cowboys’ defense is still a mess. DeMarcus Lawerence and Sean Lee are the only bright spots, with Lee playing at a Pro-Bowl level, and Lawerence picked up eight sacks.

Beyond that, there are all kinds of problems. Randy Gregory and Roland McClain are dealing with off-field problems and suspensions. Starting corner Brandon Carr hasn’t had an interception since 2013. Only one Cowboy had more than one interception a year ago.

The Dallas offense has the potential to be a top-10 unit, easily. But the defense could just as soon be in bottom five.

Projected Finish: 7-9, 3rd Place

Philadelphia Eagles

In the wake of devastation following Chip Kelly and his philosophies getting completely exposed during the 2015 season, the Eagles are returning to more conventional approaches as they start over and rebuild under Doug Pederson.

The Eagles are building things from the ground up, and they decided to make their first priority to obtain a top quarterback talent to develop and build around. While Kelly preferred to attempt to revive the careers of failed first-round picks from other cities (Michael Vick, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford), Doug Pederson has chosen to invest a high draft pick in a quarterback with the selection of Carson Wentz.

With all that the Birds have invested in Wentz, they’re going to bring him along slowly. He’s going to sit most of the first season, while Bradford serves as a placeholder that the team hopes will perform well enough to evolve into a trade chip that can help bring back some lost draft picks next year.

Bradford’s ceiling is low. Bradford has played a full 16 games only once since the 2011 season. He’s never thrown for 4,000 yards. He’s only topped the 20 touchdown mark once. He’s not a horrendous starter, but he’s mediocre, plain and simple.

The team also has some questions at the skill positions. Nelson Agholor appears to be a bust, Jordan Matthews is a good complimentary receiver on a good team, and newly acquired Dorial Green-Beckham has talent but is very raw.

I loved a lot of the things that the Eagles did over the offseason. I truly believe the franchise is heading in the right direction for the first time since the end of the McNabb era.

Getting rid of Chip Kelly was a tremendous step in the right direction on its own. Hiring Jim Schwartz gives the team easily its most qualified defensive coordinator since Jim Johnson. Having sound defensive schemes is going to help this enormously.

Most of all, identifying a franchise quarterback to commit to and build around in Carson Wentz gives the organization the most direction its had since the early days of the Reid-McNabb era.

I think the Eagles are going to be better than they were a year ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will result in more wins.

The team has a lot of work to do to climb out of the hole that Chip Kelly dug them into, and they are likely looking at at least one more difficult season.

Projected Finish: 6-10, 4th Place

Denny Basens

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  • Somebody doesn’t want to be accused of being a homer? Seriously what is this? 6-10? We have the best defense in the division and the Cowboys are 8-8. Wow Denny I really gonna love rubbing this article in your face after the season. Yes the redskins are the team to beat. They are the defending champs. But wry thing else in this article was a long winded way of shitting on the Eagles.

    • when you have just about the worst starting qb in the nfl leading your team youre gonna lose, its simple. army prince can you go through the eagles schedule and find me the teams they gonna beat?

    • Yeah I wasn’t high on the Eagles last year either, but I’m sure an objective, clear-minded fan like yourself wasn’t at the front of the line of the “in chip we trust” lemmings either, right?

      Let’s see here armyprince, here’s a link to my projections article last year, written after the green bay game where I was one of the only people that didn’t get sucked in to Chip Kelly’s preseason nonsense. Here’s the exact quote you commented back then.

      You trying to hard to not be a homer or come from some far away reasoning of why the eagles will only win 9 damn games. you are better than this. i dont even want to type anymore. just horrible”

      Hmm, yeah I guess I was just trying not to be a homer last year, and you were spot on right? Cheers.

      The Eagles as an organization have been a bad, poorly run franchise since 2008.

      But I guess I must have missed all of the deep playoff runs that they’ve gone on, especially last year.

      Look, plain and simple this organization hasn’t gotten much right over the last six years. That said, I do think they’re finally trending in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean its going to translate into more wins this year.

      I like some of the things I’ve seen from Doug Pederson in the preseason. I like even more what Jim Schwartz’s presence means for the defense. But you have to understand that Chip Kelly stripped this team down and ran it into the ground on the offensive side of the ball.

      It’s going to take time to undo that damage, and this is an offense that is probably going to struggle to put up 20 points a game. Sam Bradford has never had a winning season. Ryan Mathews and Bradford both have trouble staying on the field. Wide receiver is iffy at best. There’s a lot of issues that this team has to sort through.

      I’m not saying that there’s not anything to like about this team. I think they’re going to be far and away a much more respectable product, and a tough out for a lot of teams. But they just aren’t ready to win this year.


        MY GOD




      • Damn Denny…that is called a drop the mic moment….GCOBB style!

      • Denny you slaughtered that poor kid lmao

      • Congrats. You found an old article. Did you have that in the holster? I stated that for a reason. I know what I said to you last year. You bitch and shit on the Eagles every year. That’s easy. Try to do an article why they can win? I guess that would require being different. But hey negativity sells clicks right? And to the rest of your sheep beneath you. Enjoy being miserable bastards..oops I’m sorry. “Realistic” about the Eagles.

  • They win against the Browns, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Ravens and split with the rest of the division for an 8-8 record. Would have had the Vikings as a loss but flipped after Bridgewater.

  • WZup Denny and the rest of the GCobb Crew. — Just unpacked from summering and will spend the next hour reading the last few posted articles and accompanying comment sections. –
    I only read the Eagle record prediction section in this article so far but will read the other 3 NFC east predictions after this post – ( hiring Sam for 23 million and Chase for 13 million while spending draft pick loot on Carson Wertz — is not building from the ground up – it is a discombobulated roster mess )

    • LOL!!!….You were just on here as rootdown a few weeks ago

      whatever……you’re not fooling anybody……

  • NFC East
    As Desert stated above, this Eagle Offense is just not explosive enough to make big plays and will struggle to put up a lot of points… The Eagles do have a relatively favorable schedule this Year as they play other Teams who are Currently Offensively Challenged as well like the Bears,Lions,Vikings,Browns & Ravens and maybe the Cowboys, but at the end of the day with a questionable Rushing Attack will only put more pressure on QB Sam Bradford to have to play at a Very High Level for them to have a chance to win a lot of games and with this Current group of unproven Young WR’s, I just don’t see it happening

    1) Redskins 10-6 (Most Balanced Team starting out Seasson)
    2) Cowboys 9-7 (Best OL & Rushing Team & Good Receivers & Kicker)
    3) NY Giants 7-9 (New Head Coach – Lots of new Players on Defense, Special Teams are still a Weakness)
    4) EAGLES 7-9 (Improved Defense, Good Special Teams, Can they Score TD’s once in the Red-Zone and convert on 3rd Down will be the biggest factors on whether they can Win more Games and contend for the NFC East Crown

    The thing that really stinks about this Summer is due to injuries, the Eagles and us fans did not see how many of their Young Players can handle playing against NFL Talent … Wentz, Smallwood, Seumalo, Countess, Mills, McAllister, Walker all missed significant Time and Valuable Pre-Season Game Reps to help with their development, timing and confidence.. It’s as most if this Summer has been wasted for them and that they will go into next Years Summer Camp in 2017 as Rookies again other then knowing what to expect.. But Playing is the only way they will get better and a couple will contribute in 2016, but not as much as you like to see when you’re rebuilding like the Eagles are..

    There were other Young Eagle Players did not step up to take advantage of their increased Opportunities … Players like Nelson Agholor, Eric Rowe , MSII , Jacory Shepard who all needed that Step-Up Summer in Year #2/#3
    failed to do so which now puts their Eagle’s Future in jeopardy

    There were some Young Players who have stepped up —
    TE Trey Burton, RB Kenjon Barner, WR Paul Turner, DE Steve Means, LB Gause, DT Beau Allen, CB CJ Smith

    The Only Chance the Eagles have is their Core to remain Healthy and to play very well as the Young Players catch up … Is it possible, sure it is, is it likely, probably not .. A good start to a pretty easy opening Schedule is paramount for any Success in 2016 (Facing the Browns, Bears, Steelers, Lions, Redskins & Vikings in the first 6 Games should really be about 4 Wins if the Eagles Play Well and then who knows once you establish some continuity and confidence, but a bad start will mean a trying and long Season)

  • Cowboys 10-6 Dallas steam rolls on offense putting up 30 a game weekly.
    Redskins 10-6 Have to beat Dallas twice to win division
    Eagles 5-11 Defense breaks down again in second half of season.
    NYGiants 4-12 Eli is done.

  • Keep Sleeping!!

    Last year none of us really knew what to expect because of all the changes made at key positions. I know the hype was unreal, but still alot in the media jumped the gun just a bit.

    You all might be surprised what can happen when the same team is together in back to back season. With improved coaching on offense and especially on defense look for this team to be in nearly every single one of there games. I can easily see us being in 12-13 out of 16.

    It will all come down to those 3 division games at home. I believe if we start out strong, have a iffy to bad middle of the season, and end strong we will have 8-9 wins and possibily a playoff birth. 10 wins max.

    It will all depend if we can close better then what we have been doing the past couple seasons.

    Sam will be with the same team with actual talent for the first time in his career. Chip kelly handcuffed him last year basically not allowing him to make any changes, and trying to use Demarco like Lesean which NONE OF US expected did not help Sam out at all. A running game is a quarterbacks best friend. And when you dont have that, AND you have WRs dropping crucial passes in nearly every single game at every single crucial moment (both Skins games, and the panthers game to name a few) it just spells a recipe for disaster with a qb who missed two years of football.

    I mean shit, even Brady did not even look like BRADY when he missed ONE year. And he was on the patriots that went 11-5 with Cassell!

    Jeff Fisher, and Chip Kelly being Sam Bradfords headcoaches is nothing to brag about.

    Doug Pederson looks to be doing what we thought Chip would do! Utilize those tight ends and have a balanced approach. Sam looks healthy.

    Do not forget when we were “Dominating” and were the “preseason champs” last year Bradford only threw 15 passes TOTAL in preseason..This year? he has thrown 40.

    The offense will be improved just because of the fact they are together for another year and the young group of guys we have like Huff, Burton, Ertz, Nelson, DGB, and others etc will be more improved in their craft.

    No reason to think this bunch cannot get 3-4 touchdowns a game along with tthat special teams and defense helping them out we will be in more positions to win games then u think!

    7 wins as our floor, 10 as our cieling.

    We will win the division this year.

    Rookie qb and rb will only take dallas so far.
    Redksins will be exposed.
    Giants have worse oline and defense in the div. No running game either which will cause eli to do what he does best. Throw interceptions

    Oddell drops to 0-6 versus philly.
    split with dallas and skins.

  • This team will only be even better as the season progresses. i Believe the defense will be playing better in week 12 then week 4.

    And we will be even more established as a unit as the players will be more familiar with what they are supposed to do as the 2017 opens up.

    Wentz will be taking over a better team then what Sam is taken over this year.

    Future is bright!!

  • I got them at 8-8
    -Split all the division games
    -Wins against Browns, Bears, Lions and Vikings and Ravens
    -Losses against Steelers, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers and Bengals

    Could easily be a 5 game losing streak starting on the road against the Giants in Week 9.

    • And I would definitely trade Bradford to the Vikes although I don’t think that they would be interested. Roll the dice with Daniel and then the kid plays starting in the middle to end of the season. Maybe when the Lane Johnson suspension is over.

  • I think there is only one place in the world where the Bradford to the Vikings thing gets any traction…. On here and philly radio. It makes zero sense for either side. The Vikings have a back up that can manage a game, give Peterson the ball and play defense. I believe they are up against the cap and can’t afford him. A high draft pick for a rental is stupid on their part. On the eagles side they think turd can make a run.

  • H.A C. Between you and Paulman/ your friend/ nemisis/ or maybe both, Both of you know the game of football very, well., I know I learned more from you two than most any of the childlike, commentary, I used to listen to before my Woman bought me sat. radio.I don,t know how you two figure all the complex formations out on t.v. but seems like you two can . Happy trails/ .

  • Fraudman doesn’t know Patrick. He just watches and makes stuff up, actually he doesn’t watch and makes stuff up. If you think you learned anything from his side of the argument please forget it now because he was so far off. I’ve been out of it for a couple of years but I’ve spent thousands go hours watching film, granted it was HS and one year of college. The athletes I watched weren’t as good, schemes not as complex but our whiteboard still had 11 X’s and 11 O’s. There are some basic tenets and rules. Fraud does not know them.
    1. As a WR if a CB crosses your face (like the video) look at safety if he takes a step wide or deep you run slant, if he takes a step in then GO.
    2. A safety has one rule; “get beat deep, take a SEAT”

    • And again, not on a Corner Blitz where the Short side Safety is the only Defender left to cover the vacated Receiver.. The Safety in this case, covers that receiver or he ends up being left free to walk down the sideline..
      Because they were lined up in a Cover 2 in pre-snap does not mean that the Coverage called for a Cover 2 once the ball was snap ..
      Actually the better read DGB was to run a go route down the left sideline for a TD instead of running a Slant and right into the teeth of the Colts Defense and coverage.. If DGB runs outside the numbers Go Route, then Bradford simply throws a 20 yard lob for a big gainer if not a TD? There was not a Colt Defender outside of the late moving Safety..

      • Watch again fraud as I’ve said time and time the safety’s first steps were to the deep sideline. DGB read it and took the slant ..I have also said the go would have been there in a mismatch… Said it many times so I guess another flip flop…
        Fraud you can argue some nonsense but stick to goofy hypothetical personnel stuff… You don’t know X and O

      • Except you said this you idiot:paulman
        August 30, 2016 – 7:12 am
        Profile photo of paulman
        The opposite Safety to hisRight would have the Deep Responsibility
        This Safety to the left covers the vacated area by the blitzing CB on his side of the field..

        • The Far Safety (#29) has Deep Coverage
          The Near Safety (#22) Has DGB Since the Blitz the CB on the Near Side
          End of Story

          • He had deep coverage his side, 22 deep on dgb side .. He fraud the sky is blue no matter how many times you say it’s not and no matter how many times you flip flop

  • I argued 22 had the deep half and you argued he had the slant then you said:
    If Safety #22 Drops Deep like a Cover 2 calls for, and you have a CB Blitz on, who the hell is going to cover DGB who can turn around around after 2 Steps and catch the ball and then run down the left sideline for 20-30-40-50 Yards..

    so i guess thats your way of admitting you were wrong and that you don’t understand x o because you have flipped to my argument

  • so more evidence…. was he to cover the deep ball WHICH I HAVE SAID SINCE THE BEGINNING….

    August 30, 2016 – 12:08 pm
    Profile photo of paulman
    Since the Colts had a Corner Blitz on, the Near Safety’s main responsibility was DGB, not the Deep Middle which was the Other Safeties Responsibility so this was not a COver-2 Scheme … The Near Safety has to move to cove DGB whether its a Slant, OR WAS HE TO COVER THE SLANT–earlier in this thread you flipped to say cover the deep ball but on the other thread:

  • my copy and paste messed up– frauds quote ends at ‘slant’

  • Bullshit talk by wannabe football gurus on gcobb. People don’t think the Eagles offense is explosive enough to win games? How damn explosive was Minnesota offense last year? Bridgwater threw for 150 yards a game last year? They won the division and should of beat the mighty Seattles offense in the layoffs. How explosive was KC offense last year? They should of beat NE.in the playoffs.Denvers offense was putrid last year with the worst starting QB to win a Superbowl in NFL history 9tds 17 ints. So lets not act like all these div winners and SB champs had “explosive” offense because that simply isn’t the case. A good run game, a good defense, a good ST and a little luck can get you wins.

    • Agreed

  • Stop worrying about the offense. Its the defenses that are winning games and SB. Carolina, Denver and Seattle were successful with stud defenses. KC, Minnesota and the Texans are going to the playoffs because of there defense. Brady and Bellichek are the exception to the rule. If you have the GOAT all bets are off. Sure I want a Rodgers as my QB but how many SB has he won with that defense? Brees won because his defense played well that one year. Minn offense stinks. Build the defense.

  • When the Giants won them SB Eli made a few clutch plays but that defense brought that wood to Brady that’s why they won. Besides Eli and Buress you cant name me 3 players on the Giants offense that won them SB.. But you can name me 7 on that defense. When Peyton won his SB for the Colts that Colts defense won that game wasn’t nothing Peyton did. You can win without a great offense but you damn sure cant win without a good defense.

    • Hey moron giants had tons of offensive talent that year. Jeremy Shockey? Brandon Jacobs? Plex was an elite guy at the time, not even close to the garbage the Eagles currently have.

      Your Minnesota comparison sucks too. Minnesota has Adrian fucking Peterson. We have Ryan fucking Matthews.

      You’re a fucking moron

      • Jeremy Shockey? lmao he hasnt played for the Giants in 10 years you fucking idiot. lol. Look up the roster dumb ass before you call someone a moron you moron. lol

        • Shockey was on the team when they won the super bowl you fucking twit. Go play in traffic

          • He wasn’t with them in 11….

  • The Bottom Line is the Eagles have Neither…
    Their Defense will be Improved from 29th in the NFL, but its not going to be a
    Top #8 in the League.. Their Offense will be a Bottom 1/3rd in the League..
    Eagles simply have “Average to Below Average” Talent at the Skills Positions to Win about 6-8 Games in 2016.. It is what it Is…

    • The bottom line is you don’t know anything….

      • Cripes HAC, you really have a boner for Paul. You have to comment on every post that he puts out even the ones that you know are in jest.

        • guy gets on my nerves pretending to like philly teams, contradicting himself and being a negative nitwit

          • HAC is a Coward, Bugs… That’s why, It’s pretty obvious that he’s been a Puss his entire life…

            • cuz i don’t let you get away with your bullshit? that makes me a coward?
              interesting. funny how on that one thread you started out arguing against my point and in the end used my argument as your own …. you are one psychotic little monkey

  • Are you ready for some football ?
    Its the sport of Kings better than diamond rings…
    FOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Going to the game tonight – extremely disappointed that Wentz and even Smallwood aren’t playing. Eagles appear to be following the Sixers game plan( draft picks don’t ever suit up)
    NY Jets will roll with Christian Hackenberg, Penn State, at QB tonight at some point (last week Hackenberg went 6-16 for 100 yards 1 TD, 1 int — not very good) Jets drafted two OLBs in the 1st and 3rd rounds of ’16 NFL draft ( Darron Lee Ohio State & Jordon Jenkins Georgia ) Something to watch at the game.
    Will probably wind up booing Chase Daniel tonight.

    • Wentz, Smallwood, McAllister, Countess, VaiTai and Mills & Walker are basically being Red-Shirted their Rookie Years…
      OL Issac Suemalo will likely see the most snaps/action on the Field in 2016
      from this Draft Class.. The Rest remain a huge ? for next Summer Camp (2017) which is the biggest disappointment for this 2016 Summer Camp
      Wentz will be Inactive probably every game in 2016 unless there is an Injury to Bradford/Daniels.. Same with Smallwood as he will be the 4th RB but Inactive behind Ryan Matthews, Sproles and Kenjon Barner who has had a nice Summer Camp.. Since Ryan Matthews is very unlikely to play an entire Season, Smallwood should get some chances to play in some games once Ryan Matthews comes up hurt..

  • Eagles will win the East and look better doing it than people think– offense will not be a juggernaut but efficient. Defense will be better than average. Matthews, sproles and barner will be a decent threesome- matthews 85 catches, DGB 12 TDS, Ertz 9 TDs

  • Hey Denny got to disagree with you my man. The defense itself when you six games. I expect the Eagles to be 9/7 possibly 10/6.

  • Krappernick wearing socks with pigs wearing police hats on them. Yea total equal rights white night. What a jackass

    • after the age of 18 almost every Americans only form of education is viewing TV or some other viewing screen of entertainment as is such in 2016. Media can influence kids to get a mohawk because Mr T has one. Media can influence housewives to stick their hands in Palmolive dish soup because Madge from a Tv commercial does it. TV can influence people combining Pepsi with Milk because a character from Laverne & Shirley does it. Media caught Kaepernick hook line and sinker with their propaganda.

      • Krapernick is a fraud and hypocrite and an uneducated piece of shit. His pigs socks are a generalization and stereotype and he is promoting discrimination and hate with them. He is an embarrassment to the NFL. Guys so much of a pussy he is only acting like this to impress a girl. All his social and public media was me me me me me Colin Colin Colin look at me look at me. Then he gets a girlfriend heavily involved in “activism” and poof now he has all theSe stances. What a pussy whipped fraud.

        Again his stance is fuck the over 1 million police officers because they killed 600 minorities of which a dozen or so may have not been justified. What a jackass. If he cared so much he’d be in neighborhoods trying to prevent murders, gangs, drug trade… He’d be donating his money to real causes. Fuck this guy.

        Break a leg ya scrub

        • Wow! The pig socks …well I was 100% on board with him making a quiet protest and excercising his freedom of expression with the national anthem thing. It was his right, when asked about it he articulated his feelings. To me it was low key and did in fact start a national discussion.
          Pig socks makes him the POS Krap I thought he was.

          • But but but now he trying to say it was about the bad cops… What bad cops? The dozen you hear about and the other what 200 you don’t? Out of over a million… Unbelievable

            He’s doing exactly what he says he against. What a fool. I wish one of these news stations would speak facts about the police force and put it in perspective rather than facilitate the hate. That Texas chief of police or sheriff or whatever he is needs a national position

            • I’ll be putting on that 49er game tonight praying he gets punched, spit on, shit thrown at him, and or injured.

  • If I was on that field tonight I’d front like I was gonna join him with sitting and as soon as that anthem started I’d smash his nose inside his skull

    • It’s called me a blind, soft minded liberal piece of shit mhenski. LOL. Kaepernick is a joke. And no you don’t have to be “black” to understand.

      • Huh? U drunk ?

        • The Eagles back up receivers catch the ball better than the starters.

  • The Best Game of the Night is on ESPN/SENC where my Appalachian State Mountaineers of Boone, NC are leading the 21 Point Favored University of Tennessee Being played in Knoxville,Tn in front of 105,000 Fans 13-3 with 4 minutes left in the First Half
    Go Apps!!!

    • Jesus Christ so go to an app state blog u weirdo

      • 13-6 App State over the Vols late in the 3rd Quarter…

  • 13-13 Tie with 8 Minutes left.. App State stops Tennesee on a 3rd & Long to force a Punt.. App State Returnman rambles 45 yards down the sideline
    and inFG Range already

  • Tie Game 13-13 at the end of Regulation… A great College Game to start the Season Tennessee came in Ranked 9th in Country while App State came in as a 21 Point Underdog…
    App State Wins Coin Toss and has elected to play Defense Stsrting the OT Session

  • Vols Score a TD on a 3rd & Goal Scramble by QB Josh Dobbs who fumbled into the end zone where a Volunteer pounced on it for a TD
    20-13 Tennessee

    App State has it and it’s 4th & 5 from the 20 Yard Line

  • App State fails to convert on 4th Down… Tennessee Wins 20-13 in OT
    An exciting and meaningful Game for both Schools/Programs to Start the College which has become more exciting to follow than the NFL anymore..

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