• November 27, 2021

Thoughts From Eagles-Jets

jetsEagles Have A Lot Of Tough Decisions To Make

The final cuts that will take place over the weekend are going to be very interesting.

Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of tough decisions to make over the next day, with a number of young players turning in strong performances in the preseason finale against the New York Jets.

Guys like Paul Turner, Byron Marshall, Steven Means, Quintin Guase, C.J. Smith, Ed Reynolds, Marcus Smith,  and Cayleb Jones all flashed throughout tonight’s game, and have given the coaching staff a great deal to consider.

These aren’t going to be easy cuts to make, and a couple of deserving guys are going to be let go.

Turner has been tremendous throughout the preseason. He hasn’t looked overmatched at any point in time, and he’s caught every ball thrown in his direction. He’s shown a willingness to make tough catches over the middle, and on a team that’s desperate for wide receiver help, he’s done all he can to make a convincing case for the final spot.

Steven Means and Marcus Smith have both played exceptionally well in the later stages of the preseason, and both defensive ends capped their exhibition seasons with solid performances tonight. They may force the Eagles to find a way to keep both of them.

A guy like Quintin Guase might have won himself the sixth linebacker position with a couple of standout plays on defense and special teams.

Guys like Ed Reynolds and Cayleb Jones made some impressive plays, but are going to be caught in a numbers game at their positions.

Quick Thoughts


  • Dorial Green-Beckham made two receptions, picking up two first downs. He continues to look like a strong addition to this offense, and I think Doug Pederson is going to want to get him involved early and often during the regular season.
  • Chase Daniel had an up-and-down performance, making some nice throws at times, but also tossing two pretty bad interceptions.
  • Byron Marshall is an ideal practice squad candidate. He’s had nice moments throughout August, but there’s just no room for him at running back.
  • Ditto for Cayleb Jones, who had a couple of really impressive catches.
  • I think the Eagles really wanted Chris Pantale to make the team as a fourth tight end, but he had three really bad drops tonight. It’s going to be tough to keep him if he’s only going to be able to serve as the fullback. But at the same time, he seems to be their only real option as a fullback, which they’ve used plenty throughout the preseason. There was talk of Trey Burton playing that role, but to this point we haven’t seen that at all.
  • Really tough night for Cedric O’Neal, who fumbled the ball three times.


  • Eric Rowe is a really frustrating guy to watch. His coverage techniques are bizzare and awkward, and the Eagles are really in no-man’s land with him right now. He’s been disappointing, but doesn’t quite seem like a lost cause yet. Perhaps a year working with a guy like Jim Schwartz instead of a clown like Billy Davis can help him in his development, but right now he’s a very inconsistent player that has been outplayed by an undrafted rookie in C.J. Smith.
  • Ed Reynolds played a superb game tonight, making some physical plays, coming down with a pick-six, and nearly intercepting a second pass later in the night. However, I just don’t see how the Eagles can find room for him. Jaylen Watkins has been ahead of him all preseason, and Chris Maragos is going to make it for special teams purposes.
  • Bryan Braman quietly played very well out of the defensive end spot, generating a pressure that led to Reynolds’ interception.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis didn’t play, leaving Cody Parkey to showcase himself for the rest of the league.
  • Paul Turner got a long look as a return man tonight, providing mixed, but promising results. Turner ran back a punt for a 71-yard touchdown, but made some mistakes in judgement, trying to figure out when to catch a punt and when to let it go. These are things that can be easily improved through coaching.

Final Thoughts

The fact that the Eagles are going to have so many difficult decisions to make is a very encouraging thing on a lot of levels.

This shows that the team’s talent evaluation has been much better than its been in recent years. Its been some time since we’ve seen a preseason with this much competition throughout the roster.

It’s going to be exciting to see how the final roster shakes out, but it will be even more exciting to see what this team can do in about a week and a half when the regular season gets underway.

Denny Basens

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  • Why is Chase Daniels ahead of Carson wentz? He is just here to help speed up the process for the kid to Learn. But that doesn’t mean he should be number 2

  • My thoughts after watching the game is something has to drastically change with the Eagles draft board. When UFA, walk ons and low draft picks are challenging 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders its totally unacceptable. When your choosing between a Paul Turner(UDFA) vs a Aglohar(1st) and Huff(3rd), when your choosing between a Marcus Smith(1st) and a Means(walk on), when your choosing between a CJ Smith(walk on) and a Rowe(2nd). When Najee Goode is better and more reliable than Kendricks there is a serious problem with your draft board.

    • Good news is that most of those Early-round busts were Chip Kelly picks…and with Chip mercifully removed from the picture, that’ll go a long way towards the Eagles avoiding taking any more Agholors, Huff’s, or Rowe’s.

      The bad news is that those blown picks have set the team back several years.

    • don’t worry about that Daggolden : Jeff Lurie hired himself a strategic thinker as the head coach this off season . Combine that with Jeff Lurie’s collaboration of personnel decision makers …
      Super Bowl here were come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not only does paul turner need to make the team he needs to start over agholor. all the dude does is make plays and catch everything

    • The sad part is Turner isnt going to make the team. You can hear it in Petersons voice. There is no spot for him. He is a slot receiver and Huff and Matthews play the slot. They will try to sneak him on the practice squad. Same thing about Smith. Peterson went out of his way to justify him on ST. Means is no sure bet but im leaning towards him making it.

      • When the head coach says we have to evaluate, when the head coach/offensive play caller just says hes done everything we asked him to do translation is its a numbers game and he doesnt fit the numbers.

        • He isnt returning punts he isnt playing in the slot over Matthews or Huff. He is to small and slow to play outside, he isnt a kick coverage guy he is to small. Unfortunately he would be a wssted roster spot.

          • looked pretty good returning that punt last night

            4.48 40 is plenty of speed and he looks quick to boot

            • They say he only plays in slot

              • Sproles and Barner return punts

              • He makes the team catches 29 passes of which 14 are either TD’s or first downs- is in the punt return rotation and returns one to the house. Guy is a football player.

  • I say get rid of Chase Daniels ASAP…this guy is a never was or will be….He’s a bum. I would rather let Wentz learn than to watch this mess at QB for any amount of time. B-U-M BUM BUM BUM

    • Like it or not Daniel’s contract and the cap hits associated with cutting him guarantees he’ll be on the roster this season and next.

      It doesn’t matter. He was hired as a coach. New stupid CBA rules severely limit the time coaches and players can spend together. But there’s no limit to players with players.

      All Daniels is is a “coach” who can sit in the film room with Wentz for hours on end….or accompany him to the practice field and go over nuances of the offences when the “real” coaches cannot.

      Looked at in this light – its a pretty smart move (though I do think the $$ is too high)

      He is not here to play. He’ll be the 2 for Bradford and then Wentz. The only action he’ll get is for the remainder of the one game that Bradford gets hurt in. The following week we’ll see Wentz and Daniels will remain at #2.

      That’s what I think anyway.

      • I don’t think Wentz takes the Field until the 2018 Season
        Wentz will have next Summer Camp & Pre-Season to really play and learn the System since he missed 3/4 of the meaningful Practices/PRe-Season Games… He’s basically lost his Rookie Year due to that Rib Fracture
        Smallwood basically lost his Rookie Season too…

        • Paulman is it correct that Wentz has possibly played around seven games in the last 5 Years then? Only his senior season got hurt then sit this whole year? lol my god.

      • Vinnnie I think you are correct … This preseason the one man on the team that probably WASN’T being evaluated was Daniels.
        As for Wentz losing his rookie year (we haven’t played one game)– wall meet shit YET AGAIN!

  • Rams HC Jeff Fisher states Top Pick Jared Goff is nowhere near ready and will likely start the Season on the Inactive List as the Rams #3 QB behind
    Starter Case Keenum and Sean Mannion.

    What a lousy Draft for QB’s the 2016 Draft was… The Eagles will likely regret giving up what they did going all in for Carson Wentz who also will likely be Inactive for most of the 2016 Season barring Injury to Bradford/Daniel…

    Anyone watch Christian Hackenburg of the Jets Play or Cardale Jones of the Bills Play or Connor Cook of the Raiders, they have looked pretty bad..

    3-4 QB’s from the 2016 Draft have looked good this Summer
    1) Dak Prescott – 4th Rounder for the Cowboys
    2) Jacoby Brissett – 3rd Rounder for the Patriots
    3) Jeff Driskel – 6th Rounder for the 49ers
    4) Nate Sudfeld – 6th Rounder of the Redskins

  • Why would ” The Eagles will likely regret giving up what they did going all in for Carson Wentz ” ?

    and how did we go all in? the trade only effected us in 1 round this past draft and the next 2 drafts. we paid peanuts to get a franchise qb

    nobody is regretting shit doofus, we got bradturd as a qb and no franchise qbs in the draft pipeline besides watson. no it was a smart move, whether it pans out remains to be seen but all indications are dudes gonna be a beast, outplayed turd and chase all camp pre injury

    • Truth be spoken

      We didn’t give up a damn thing to potientially get a franchise qb. Not like what the Rams gave up get Goff or the skins to get Robert griffin

    • Eagles gave up a one and two threes …I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how that’s mortgaging the future.

      • at this point i only think shit slinging chimps with no friends or life would say that dumb shit

  • All ill will against Eagles, will be forgiven as the boos will turn to a cheering frenzy/When the 1st round draft choice of the 2017 draft is announced,by Goodell , as the draft choice runs up the art museum steps aka Rocky.A pretty hokey move, Its going to look a clip from Mayberry rfd and Barney Fife. Who came up with that skit?I hope none of the draft choice trips and tears an acl.

    • they really gonna have all the picks run up them steps? I dont see that happening. its gonna be outdoors like that?

      • If that many picks run the steps I see at least one torn ACL

      • It will happen, not run up the steps, they walk.Jimmy kenney is mayor,Art museum . Franklin pky. Rocky, Hokey as mayberry , but only natural to bring, phila. jimmy kenney, art museum, rocky , the staute of rocky, soft pretzels. tastykakes, and I reckon jimmy still likes his whiskey, So maybe jimmy came up with this plan.But it is cut in stone/

  • Carson Wentz is not a Franchise QB and won’t be for a few Years if he ever becomes one..
    The Eagles gave up the 8th, 77th & 100th Picks in 2016 Draft which ended up being OT Jack Conklin, CB Daryl Worley and QB Connor Cook.
    Then they gave up a 1st Round Pick in 2017 Draft (which probably ends up being a Pick in the Top 12) and then gave up a 3rd Round Pick in 2018 (Probably in the 80th Range)

    If Wenz becomes a True Franchise QB, then its a Great Deal for the Eagles
    If he simply develops into an Average QB in 2-3 Years time , then the Eagles take a hit with these lost Future Picks and if Wentz is bad, then it’s a disaster for the Eagles for the next 5 Years ….
    Wents hardly playing at all this Summer is already a lost year
    He will go into Camp next Summer still an Unknown, Once the Season starts rolling next Week, a 3rd String QB just simply does not get the Reps during a usual 3 Day Practice Week that the NFL runs .. There is just not much time that he will have during the Season developing a real rapport with his Receivers, OL, RB,s etc which he will have to wait until Next Off-Season to really accomplish.. Now if there is an injury to Bradford/Daniles, then Wentz Reps will increase during the Practices during the Season, but as a 3rd String He will be the Scout QB during the Week and Dressed in Sweats during the Games watching …

    • It’s why you are locked in the Boone zoo second guessing everything…. If, if,if…. Real world GMs make bold moves. Negative nitwit

      • So GM Roseman makes Bold Moves to Acquire Wentz while the NEw HC Pederson states from the Get Go that Bradford is #1, Daniels is #2 and Wentz is basically holding a Clip Board in 2016 .. Typical Eagles Fashion where the GM, Front Office and HC are not even on the same page…
        What’s the Bold Move– Giving Up High Picks while your Top QB sits for 1-2 Years… or Paying a Combine $35 Million + at the QB position for 3 QB’s where 2 of them are proven stiffs, when there can only be 1 Starter.. Yeah that’s some real Genius Bold Move by GM Roseman…

        • You flip flop in the same post. Paragraph one you state rose man makes a bold move then you say what bold move…

          • You called it a bold move.. I call it a stupid move and to show you that you calling Roseman’s move Bold was stupid.. Play him now or you don’t make the move ..,
            Signing either Bradford or Daniels I understand as a short term bridge, but why sign both of the and then Draft your Franchise QB… Complete Foolishness..

            • Simple dumbass they had to sign them cuz they didn’t know they could get wentz. You dumb as fuck

              • Fraudman is an all star JV player who always thought he was better than the varsity… It is why he criticizes everything… It’s a character flaw

              • Hey Douche.. Whether they were able to get Wentz doesn’t matter, they could have Drafted anyone of the other Top 6-8 QB’s within the First 3 Rounds if their Planwas to sit which young QB they Drafted1-2 Years behind the 2 Turds they Signed signed to multi-year deals..they could have Drafted Paxton Lynch, Dak Brissett, Dak Prescott and be in thas me situation with their Draft Pick QB waiting for 2 a Years holding a Clipboard In sweats on the sidelines
                They needed to move up and trade Draft Picks to accomplish the same result!! I don’t think so schmuck…Wentz is 2-3 Years away just like Goff and most of these other QB’s are from this Class.. Why overpay when it’s not necessary !!
                Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and just another example of how inept the Eagles are

              • Fraud with the benefit of hind site… Your favorite thing, would you have drafted sixth round pick Brady number one overall? Any answer other then yes is ridiculous… So even if he was projected sixth round if with the benefit of hindsight you saw him as a multiple Super Bowl winner you would obviously draft him number one, correct? I mean you do want to win SB? Right?
                So why would you draft ‘anyone of the other’? That makes zero sense

  • Eagles could have just stayed at #8 and Drafted QB Paxton Lynch and let him sit the Bench in 2016 & 2017 like the Eagles are doing with Wentz.. Heck, Lynch will probably see the Field sooner with the Broncos then Wentz does for the Eagles .. Meanwhile the Broncos will be Playoff Bound every Season while the Eagles Win 6-8 Games in the Weak NFC East the next few Seasons.. Good Times..
    (Nelson Agholor, Eric Rowe, Marcus Smith & Jordan Matthews were the Top 2 Round Selections since 2014)
    Will any of these Players ever even make the Pro-Bowl as an Alternate?
    2016 Draft – Wentz and No Pick in 2nd Round
    2015 Draft – Agholor & Rowe
    2014 Draft – MSII & Jordan Matthews

    • why are you here?

  • G



  • Wade Phillips tweeted ‘Bradford to vikings?’ Then deleted it

  • Shelter on board…. A number 1 plus a big haul

  • First rounder…. Plus




  • Teddy Bridgewater injury was bad, but it must be really bad. Career threatening bad.

  • Bang!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eat a big fat dick Paulman!!!!

    • LMAO

  • So what we give up for wentz now?????

    Like one 3rd one second and Murray and Kiko? This is awesome

    • That’s it, that first rounder is now a wash.

  • Maxwell and Kiko

  • This was just a master stroke by Howie Roseman. He was patient and waited…despite the clamors to get rid of Bradford for a 4th or a bag of rocks.
    GM of the Year!!!
    Draft in Philly, got back a first round pick..YES!!!

    Obviously the Eagles are more impressed with Wentz than some thought. ..and are ready for him to start.

    Go Eagles

  • Howie you are the fucking man!!!! God damn I feel like dancing

  • Just went on Vikings site..they are getting crushed by their fan base for this trade.

  • Jesus Christ Howie is fucking awesome

  • Deserteagle’s whole plan has been validated. He’s been saying he was an asset to trade this year.

    I was thinking next year.

  • Eagles just confirmed Braford trade on their twitter.

    2017 first round pick.
    2018 4th round pick.

    Thanks Sam, Deuces!!!

  • So can fraud man explain that mortgage the future argument again? Wentz costs us what exactly? Somebody tally it up

    • a second, a third, Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell. What a future.

      • I think one of those 3rds aren’t even ours? We had 2 3rds?

  • So I guess the money they gave him was more than worth it

    • Basically paid 10+ mill for a first. I can’t believe someone paid that. God damn I’d never play poker with Howie

  • “Eagles should’ve just stayed at 8 at drafted Paxton lynch” shut ur dumb ass up you clown

  • The Eagles wanted no parts of Paxton Lynch, they did not like him at all.
    They believe Wentz has the greater upside than Dak Prescott, Lynch and Goff (who I still think will be a very good player after he gets acclimated to the NFL…definitely needs more seasoning though). That’s why they went with Wentz. Take the best QB, why settle.

  • Being reported that the 2018 4th round pick can turn into a 2nd or 3rd round pick if Sam plays well and Vikings have a successful season. That means that the Eagles could get back their 2018 second pick if Bradford wins.
    Go Bradford.

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