• May 17, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

wentz4Mistakes, Sloppy Play Doom Eagles Again

One of the Eagles’ best qualities during their three-game winning streak to start the season was that they appeared to be well-coached and well-prepared.

During the last two weeks, they’ve been neither of those things.

The Eagles for the second straight week committed over 110 yards worth of penalties. Bad penalties, on both sides of the ball. Penalties that extended drives for the Redskins, and killed drives for the offense.

The worst may have been in the second half, an illegal block in the back penalty on Wendell Smallwood wiped out a 30+ yard catch and run by Dorial Green-Beckham, which forced the team into a punting situation instead of giving them an opportunity to score in Redskins territory.

The Eagles haven’t just underperformed on the field, the coaching staff has done a poor job getting these guys ready to go.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai Or Winston Justice 2.0?

During the week, head coach Doug Pederson declared with confidence that fifth-round rookie Halapoulivaati Vaitai was “ready” for NFL action.

Reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vaitai was abused left and right by the Redskins early and often. He allowed three sacks in the first half alone, including a couple of critical, drive-killing plays.

Pederson throughout the game refused to give Vaitai any help. The pass protection suffered throughout the game, culminating with two sacks on the Birds’ final possession.

Pederson needs to seriously rethink his strategy to replace Lane Johnson. With the ferocious defense of the Minnesota Vikings coming to town next week, the challenge is going to become much greater for Big V.

It would seem that the logical move would be to play the veterans, Alan Barbre at right tackle, and Stefan Wisnieski at left guard.

Defense/Special Teams Touchdowns Kept Eagles In Game, At A Price

It was as though the clock had turned back to 2014.

With a struggling offense, the Eagles had to rely on big plays from their defense and special teams units to stay in the game during the first half.

Following the Redskins’ second touchdown, a kickoff return touchdown from Wendell Smallwood put the Birds on the board. On the ensuing Washington drive, Kirk Cousins threw an interception to Malcolm Jenkins (he hung on to one!) who took the ball back to the house to tie the game at 14.

Unfortunately, these scores came with a cost of their own.

The defense was forced to stay on the field for almost the entire second quarter. As a result of the heavy workload, the unit was completely gassed by the time the Redskins went on their third scoring drive.

The Eagles’ offense ran just 17 plays in the first half, as opposed to 40 for Washington.

Quick Thoughts


  • Jordan Matthews’ drops frustrate me more than any other player I can remember. What is it with him and the general lack of concentration.
  • It was nice to see Wendell Smallwood invovled early in the gameplan after not receiving a single carry a week ago.
  • It’s worth noting that Smallwood seems to have completely surpassed Kenjon Barner in the running back rotation at this point.
  • Another week, Jason Kelce continues to commit multiple penalties.
  • Ryan Mathews recovered from his killer fumble a week ago to rush for 60 yards on nine carries.
  • The Eagles completed passes to seven different receivers, but only Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor caught more than one ball.
  • Terrible drop in the red zone by Zach Ertz, who was in position to walk in for a touchdown.


  • The Eagles showed all kinds of poor tackling throughout the game. Perhaps none worse than Mychal Kendricks, who slid off of Rob Kelley during his big run in the second quarter.
  • Kendricks made a nice play later in the second quarter, dropping Jamison Crowder for a 10-yard lose, but even then the play shouldn’t have been blown dead.
  • Credit Marcus Smith for postively impacting a game! Smith pressured Cousins into his pick-six to Malcolm Jenkins in the second quarter.
  • Rodney McLeod led the team with 13 tackles.
  • I thought Jalen Mills had some nice moments. He’s benefited from the continued absence of Leodis McKelvin.
  • With the Redskins running the ball so well, and the Eagles struggling to control gaps, why wasn’t veteran Stephen Tulloch given more snaps? This was a spot where Tulloch’s skillset and experience were perfect for.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis made both of his field goal attempts.
  • Chris Maragos made a great open-field tackle in the second half.

Final Thoughts

Three great wins followed by two really bad losses.

The biggest positive from this game, once again, was the play of Carson Wentz. Wentz stood in the face of a brutal pass rush throughout the day and was still able to deliver some big throws.

However, the coaching of both Pederson and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz left a great deal to be desired.

I hated the way that Pederson coached this game. From the lack of help for Vaitai, to the decision to burn a timeout, and then punt the football away with less than two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the rookie head coach made a lot of mistakes today.

For Schwartz, it was inexcusable for this defense to perform as poor as they did coming off of a bad showing the week before against Detroit.

The Eagles now enter an absolutely brutal stretch of the schedule, and if things don’t change soon, a promising beginning to the season could very quickly go south.

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Denny Basens

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  • No mention of 27 penalties, in 2 weeks? Killed a few dives, and gave both Lions and 4Skins the win. Bad disciplined team, right now.

  • 893penalties, an Oline that cannot clock, Wrs that cannot catch.

    The team is moving forward….but…as many people said earlier this year…this is no playoff team and all we’re looking for is improvement. The 3-0 start was a mirage, Back to reality!!

  • You dont get to criticize the wr’s vin. You just dont. I would actually say they are catching WAY better this year. That said.. we still need a burner to stretch the field.

    Bottom line- on O they are a penalty machine. It must stop.

    On D- 3rd down crossing routes killed our lbs in zone. They need to disguise the D more. And.. stop the run on occasion.

    I also dont under understand some of the bunch and heavy formations. If it was because of the RT, they should have instead used a quick release to shit down the lass rush. Poor coaching today IMO and im not a hater at all.

    • STFU

      If you can’t recognize the difference between the way Bratfraud played last year with the WRs dropping everything and the way Wentz is playing this year with the Wrs dropping everything, that’s your problem.

      Wrs dropped everything last year, but Sleeves still played like shit.

      Wrs are dropping everything this year, but Wentz is playing great.

      IF the Wrs were catching catch-able balls this year, the eagles would be 4-1

      IF the Wrs were catching catch-able balls last year, the Eagles still would have missed the playoffs.

      Get lost putz.

      • No. This has nothing to do with qbs. Im glad Sam is gone. I have no issue with that. I couldnt be happier that we have Wentz. Im just not going to listen to you throw our your usual flip flop b.s. Try and remember simpy that you shouldnt even be here.

        If if if.. yes… forget that Kelce sucks
        Forget that we couldnt stop the run. Forget about the penalties. If if if the wrs would’nt ever drop a pass our shotty team would be 4-1. You sir are patheticly simple minded.

        Its all vick.. its all Sleeves.. its all wr’s. Lol

        This team is a work in progress. I expected an up and down season, but all these.penalties hurt.

        • No its not just those things….but its all you seem to read. You are the one with the selective perception.

          You are the one that ignores emotion I continually talk about. You ignore the impact of the schedule which I always talk about. You ignore the impact of losing Lane which I talked about.

          I also talked about the shitty Wrs and you lose your shit.

          Laughable really.

          • No simmpy, what is laughable is your non stop addiction of taking the wrong place. For example…

            December 6th 2015- “Bradford is complete shit.
            Anyone who gets excited over this is delusional.
            Hopefully he’ll follow suit next week and bench the pathetic pussy 3 yrd passing Bradford.”

            well- through nearly half the season he is 4th in % and 5th in QBR and is crushing it on an undefeated team. I highlight this not because I care about Bradford, I dont. I highlight this because you over and again used him as your target for what was wrong with the eagles while ignoring others who ALSO had issue with Oline and Wr’s.

            October 4th 2015- “Sickening watching Foles beat Sea and Ariz on the road.
            Eagles would be 3-1 (min) with him here. And we lost a 2nd for the privilege of watching the puss.
            None of this makes any sense.”

            Where is he Vin? Where is Foles? Bradford is 5-0. I cant find Foles on the charts.

            And the real reason i mention this is because of the drops. Over and again the football guys on here talk about how the birds led the league in drops. Your response…?

            Sept 25th- Any you want to know why the WRs are dropping the ball. Because they’re peeking. Why? Because wevery single time they catch one, 2 or 3 250lb linebackers are pummeling them into the turf. They’re not being brought down by the Safeties and CBs they’re used to….they are getting pulverized after every 5 ard hook. Swarmed by a legion of men 50lbs larger than they are.
            Matthews has been buried by multiple LBs on several occasions….so he’s peekin’ before the ball gets there.

            So… it was Bradfords fault that they couldnt catch it. Not because the passes were bad… but because the passes were too short. Oh and btw… he is in the Top 10 in Yards per pass this year. Just an FYI.

            This goes back years. I remember the game where sure handed Avant fumbled the ball 2 times and were both called INT’s. No grace for Vick from you. All his fault.

            And then…. now….. after we have lost our mind over the years about the WRs and Oline you say “893penalties, an Oline that cannot clock, Wrs that cannot catch.” Its just too much, you know? And as I always point out. This silly pride is the thing that got you booted off this site. You just couldnt let reality enter into that thick head of yours and it cost you the right to speak here. Good thing for us though…. youre not only a bad QB evaluator, you arent a man of your word either.

            My bad… I wasted an hour just to show that you are wrong. again. But we all knew that.

            That said.. the WRs are playing well this year. Not great or even good. But better for sure.

            • Ouch!!! lmao Those pesky facts again

              • Fish in a barrel.

  • We’ve all seen with our own eyes the regression of Kelce and now ,not only isn’t the middle being withheld ,the right tackle is playing on skates rolling not the QB ,one wrong bent knee ,away from crushing holiday 11 jersey sales..yet ,the coach insists (reidish)stubbornly ,that he’s able to hold his own..that’s not only poor coaching ,it’s reckless ..the singling on the other side of the ball with disregard for Desean was also folly..it felt very similar to clueless chip and Billy boy ? The coaches responsibility is to protect 11.. And shear z can forget the job applications he was sending around,after week 3.. Start with being a coordinator ,before worrying where head coaching jobs may open up..I also didn’t like the 4th down punt ? It sent the wrong message ,from Hope (I know it was 4th and forever) to no hope …I watched in glee as lesean ,Paid chip back ..in spades..the observations are obvious of what this team needs ..high caliber O line in the draft and free agency (whatever it takes to protect 11) a wideout who can go up and get the ball in traffic and one who can actually beat people down the field..I saw Desean gestating on the sidelines early ,wanting the ball ,and then dropping one for a 6 …he sounds like our kind of receiver …and please ,tell me,these are the growing pains of an NFL season ,and we can improve ,week to week ..because that’s not what we witnessed …we took a few stumbles backwards ,with a dominant defense and a motivated Sam I am ,to have some redemption..lets watch th waiver wire for a tackle and a prayer

  • Eagles need to draft two offensive tackles next year. I’m sorry, I just saw nothing out of Vaiti to give me any belief that he can remotely play tackle in this league. This was a Winston Justice debut and Kerrigan is no JPP.

    • Kelce had another bad game, he has to be replaced too. If things go the way I’m afraid they will over the next 7 games I make the switch to Seumalo by game 10. 3/5ths of the O line needs to be upgraded.

    • This is just a consequence of not drafting OL for pretty much 3 years. Its coming home to roost like most of us figured it would.

      Team is a work in progress and I hope next draft I see

      #1 OL
      #2 OL
      #3 OL

      • This is the result of bad drafting. From Marcus Smith to Eric Rowe and the beat goes on.The Eagle finally Hit a home run with Wentz and Lane Johnson. Dallas has hit a home run every year from there entire Oline to Dez to there no name WR then they fucking dropped a nuclear bomb with Elliot and Dak. All draft picks no FA.Thats the difference.

        • We draft Aglhor Dallas drafts a all pro guard. Aglohor wouldn’t even make Dallas roster.Our 3rd round pick guard doesn’t even dress for games just like Big V didn’t. Dallas drafted 2 stud pass rushers all beit they have been suspended but Gregory is back. They have drafted great since Jerry isn’t drafting

          • Sorry to say you are 100% right dag. The moves that Kelly made with this roster, both in the draft and with sending players away have made the Birds weaker for years to come. That doesn’t mean that the coaches and players didn’t make mistakes on Sunday. The wide nine’s weakness shown brightly yesterday, and if you don’t have linebackers that can play in it, you will get gashed for big yards just like we saw yesterday. Schwartz should know this, no doubt he does, but getting his players to make plays may be the issue.

            More troubling was that Pederson HS known for months that Lane Johnson would be gone…why was there not a better plan for getting the position filled and some experience for Big V before getting thrown into the fire. Also, I have an issue with Stoutland for all of the penalties that we are seeing on the OLine. Total lack of discipline from that unit.

            It doesn’t get any easier going forward. We have a rookie QB that we can build around, but let’s hope that he doesn’t get killed from this OLine play.

      • vinnie, I believe a team should draft an OL EVERY YEAR and they went three years only drafting one– Johnson- so yes next year heavy on the OL–
        Agholar who I thought would have a breakout year is terrible– I heard something this weekend that he has been in the NFL for 21 games and he is yet to have a game of 65 yards… and there are like 20 WR drafted after him or UDFA’s that have more yards then him…

        • I agree. There was no excuse for the complete abandonment of the oline under Kelly that’s going to take a couple years to fiz.

          I understand that last year the Eagles were handcuffed trading for Wentz. Had to be done. QB more important, and it looks like they hit on that, so now comes the rebuilding the Line. Has to be the ultimate priority.

          A team NEEDS 4 things to compete for championships.

          1 – a $$ QB
          2 A $$ Oline
          2 A $$ D line
          4 – A decent secondary.

          Everything else is just replacable parts. And here were the Birds wasting 1st and 2nds on Agholors, and matthews and Ertzs….I mean 2 of those guys are decent players….but you can find decent Wrs and Tes in the 4th and 5th.

          Rounds 1, 2 and 3 should only ever be used on the 4 positions I mentioned.

          Who the hell were Seattle’s Wrs? Who the hell were NEs Wrs?

          Just a damn traqvesty that the Eagles Oline cupboard is bare…and its going to take 2 seasons to fiz (at least) New Centre. New replacement for Peters and depth so that if they lose a guy like Johnson, the replacement doesn’t look like he’s standing on an oiled piece of plastic as the D-lineman pushes him backward with absolutely no resistance.

          I mean its hard for me to remember a lineman playing as terribly as Vitai. I remember that game when (was it Dunlap…who was it) gave up 8 sacks or whatever it was…..

          But this….it wasn’t just the sacks, it was just the way he was so easily pushed into the backfield every play….like he was on a cart with wheels. The only think that made it somewhat watchable was that he was so bad I actually found it funny.

          Kept making wagers…how far into the backfield can he be pushed this time? 5 yards? 7??

          • Good line About a cart on wheels for big V ..Winston Justice and crew had 12 sacks against the oline one game against the Gmen, that is unheard of ,


  • LMFAO at paulmans comments yesterday here. The whole site talking about Eagles and he comes on here talking about Eric Rowe and Arrelious Benn. WHAT A FUCKING LOSER.




    “i dont watch football because I go on picnics and hikes and yada yada yade” THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN BIRDS LOOK LIKE SHIT AND HE CHIRPING ABOUT NON EAGLES TEAMS AND SHITTING ON WENTZ


  • awful game start to finish by all players. everyone had a role in that shit fest. thought wentz actually played like shit too, by far his worst game, had accuracy issues all day… the good news is that may be the worst he can play, which ill take if thats true.

    looking ahead I aint scared of minny at all. their O line blows and their offense isnt very good. with a good game plan this is an easily winnable game

    • So you still sticking with the claim that Eagles aren’t going 2-2 through the @Wsh, Min, @ Dall, @ NYG that I said was the probably outcome.

      Even now I think 2-2 will be very difficult. Do I think the Eagles can go 2-1 over the next three games? Minny followed by 2 road divisional games? That’s a very tough order.

      They better do it though because after that the sched gets tough.

      • all 3 are winnable imo. Zeke scares me against our run D though.

        i like what elliot shorr parks is askign for today. he wants howie to make a play for joe thomas of the browns. gets u immediate help this year, and allows u to either move on from lane next year or keep lane and go lane and joe t next year and let peters walk. not sure of the price but its worth the call

        • obviously i wanna win and make the playoffs but to me winning and playoffs are bonuses for me.. our D isnt that good and neither is our offense minus qb, i just wanna see wentz compete. i gave him 4 great games and i thought yesterday he played bad. wanna see him bounce back this week.

          i think its the time to start thinking about benching kelce in favor of wiz

  • I much rather strut…for 3 weeks I was a peacock in the desert.My birds were.on all the lips of prognosticators..Shwartz was the anti_Davis..Chip was reviled.and replaced with lombardi..and then the bye..and now warm piles of a 2 game losing streak and a qb .coming home to pick at our wide 9 ,carcasses.this is the nfl..truly..not for long…I rewatched the game and effort and smarts were the comments,I kept thinking..this is on the coach..the players and the city,to take a vikings team,that believes they can rape and pillage..I want to see bambi,pull that off …until that time,let’s all comprehend,this is a home game ,and minny is mot my old purple people eaters..and sam I am,aint fran tarkenton

    • Desrt, you know that you and I have been on the same page about needing a real DC and we finally have 1. Living in MN the people here are beyond cocky right now and I believe the Birds can win this game. What they will need to do is this..

      jam the wr’s and make Sam sit back there a second. The vikes are feasting on quick passes right now. Last week our LB’s (especially the dumbass) was getting owned on crossing routes and the mesh. They will have to get the WR’s off their routes to give time to get pressure on Sam who has been playing amazingly.

      Oddly enough… im fine with the Vikes running all over us… the birds need to stop the wr’s first.

      On D… its going to be tough. They are loaded all over the place. The birds need to control the clock and need to work the screens.

      • Stevo, what’s this I hear about the Vikings defensive coordinator being arrested for a DUI?

      • Stevo..im down with that,but pass rush and protection of 11 is vital..as far as shwartz ,hes morphed into billy davis of lare..I really need see him abandon the wide 9 and be more disciplined on lanes..the vikings will be a huge test,no doubt..but im confident..we can ,reaffirm our place ampngst the nfc. Every loss by minny reaffirms our draft as we own there one..

      • Are you kidding me focus on stopping the Vikings pass game while letting the Vikes gash the Eagles on the ground. What type of fucked up game plan is that?

        • You misunderstood me. What im saying is that teams are going to have success running on us. We NEED to FIRST stop the quick passes.

          • When you just gave up 230 yards on the ground how do you think teams are going to attack you? The inability to stop the run knocks your entire defense off balance then you become vulnerable to a teams passing attack. You say teams are going to have success running on us like fuck it just let them run on us we’ll focus on the quick passes.

        • Lmfao Vikings ain’t gashing anyone on the ground. Their online and McKinnon and assiata all are terrible. Vikings have a shot to win with defense special teams and maybe passing offense. Not that dreadful running game.

          Vikings bout to get that ass whooped

  • Eagles Need to trade for Joe Haden but I think Howie is afraid to pull the trigger… but I would send them Kendricks and Barwin with a 5th for him…

    • I thought Kendricks should have been traded instead of Rowe.

    • “Howie is afraid to pull the trigger”….um have you been paying attention for the last few months? Howie is anything BUT afraid to pull the triggger.

    • also on the wierd (as usual trade proposal)– trading 3 highly priced veterans and in the eagles case a pick for older players, Haden in his 6th year, I just don’t see that for either team. Neither is in SB mode, obviously and all those players will probably be gone or in serious decline by the time either team can compete.

  • The good news for Eagles fans is The chippers team looks worse and worse weekly.The press seems to like him though, he has changed his demeanor and is not getting any meaner! It is a very gentle, and respectful Kelly at the podium these days in San Fran,At least he has shown some humility in Frisco . Probably a scam , but he does not have many fans amongs”t the Frisco fandom !! And things will only get worse for him.

    • Chip will be back in college very soon with yet another huge contract… SF misery means nothing….

      • hac your right on about chip. It means nothing, I still hate to see a guy walk away with, I guess at the end f it all, bout 20 million or so, more than he had when he got to the pros.IM probably jealous of all those millions,REally gets me is he put a franchise back years with his personnell moves, cutting very very good players.taking over the draft etc,But ill be goood with life, in january us Elders get a 2$ a month raise , hard to beat that,

        • i don’t care too much about another mans money… i think it will be interesting that since pro DC’s have figured his crap out if college DC’s will be able to do the same now that there is a blue print

  • Obviously the excitement at the eagles 3-0 start was great but we all knew that they were middle of the pack. Most thought they could compete for the division because its a weak nfc east, that turns out to be false– NFC east has competed up and down the league. Most teams in football are 7-9 wins capaple with some great wins and some clunkers…thats what we are seeing with the birds.

  • Matt Barkley sighting….didn’t even know that he was on the Bears.

  • Did someone move the GCobb website and didn’t tell me?? Where is everybody?

    Friday afternoon….big game with Sammy Sleeves coming back to town?? Where is everybody??

    Anyway..I have been hearing may talk about the Birds upsetting the Vikings this weekend. I am not sure if I can go that far, but I am really looking forward to seeing how this team bounces back. The coaches need to show that they can make the adjustments needed to make up for lost or underperforming players.

    The defense has had 2 terrible weeks, at least the 1st half of the Lions game and pretty much all of the Redskins game. Schwartz needs to get the right players on the field, doing their disciplined jobs. Losing Logan will really hurt, but the Vikings without AP should be less of a problem in the run game, but even no-name guys have a tendency to hurt us from past games.

    I don’t agree with sticking with Big V right now, but Pederson needs to do a better job at game-planning to stop a big pass rush.

    Lastly…..PENALTIES……ugh……this team cannot continue the trend, otherwise our season will be over in 3 weeks. I hope that Pederson laid down the law this past week, but I have my doubts. We will see in a couple days.

    GO BIRDS!!!

    • This week will be a contrast in where this Eagles team is at the moment.Its absolute,that teams take on the personalities of there head coach,and team coaches.Shwartz ,knowing that he needs pressure sam I am is a must..his box will be shortened by the nature of sams propensity to get the ball out..running looks and camoflouging them will be what ill be watching.Max protection schemes utilizing a tight end will be what ill be watching on the other side of the ball.Chipping guys with sproles is not getting it done. Id also hope if maitai is drunk on skates ,hell have a plan B.This game intricately links these two trade partnered teams.Playing for more than a W.The stakes are high,the familiarity is certain,and now the best of this team,needs be exhibited to its hpme fans.Redemptive game,a draft possible game looms ,one crunching sack of sam I am..Hicks revisited?

      • Sammy probably is due for an injury…lol…joking…don’t want to see anyone get injured, but it is worth pointing to the guys history. I would love to see us get some strong pressure on him, but he is also know to go quick and short to mitigate the pass rush. Schwartz is talking about playing Barwin less, and lets hope that he extends that to Kendricks also.

        The Vikings defense is playing as good as any in the league, so we are going to need a full team effort from our defense and special teams to get this done.

  • Sleeves going down with an injury would be sad. I’d rather give him the beating of a lifetime for 60minutes and it be a 17-20 type game.

    Would not shock me if Philly finds a way to pull one off somehow someway with the whole world expecting us to get killed coming off two bad losses.

    We’re at home with Minnisota coming off a bye. Do they come out flat? Does the D continue to over pursuit and miss tackles? I seriously doubt we get 13 penalties again. Right? I mean that would have to be a nfl record through 3 games for a team with accepted penalties in nfl history? Maybe I’m bias.

    That bogus holding on Brooks call on that 20 yard Ryan Mammy run is the reason we lost the game. This team is not, and that’s all that matters but we very well could be 4-1.

    I expect Sams world to come crashing down somewhere around 1:05pm Sunday afternoon. Stefan Diggs is not 100 percent, they cannot run the ball and they have a very shakey oline

    • Death and taxes and sam I am crumpled in a heap,are lifes certainties..with a huge first round bullseye ,why not have minny play like the mouse.the wheels come off the purple eaters and sam is a paper champion.The minny O is ranked 30th with zero turnovers..mmmm

      • Does not matter. He is playing mistake free football and is launching that bitch. He sets up the short pass for the big play. Sam is playing with confidence.

        It’s simple. Beat his ass and hit him every play. Press coverage and jam at the line and let the front 4 do what they do. If we get the 12th man going at home, Sammy will fold like a cheap tent

  • The Eagles need to come out and play with desperation and a sense of urgency. Playing a very talented defensive team that is fundamentally sound on the offense is a tough task, but the Eagles are at home. The whole team has to step up and play their A game to get this win. Gut check time. How bad do the Eagles want it? Hopefully they leave it all put on the field today. It’s time to snap the losing streak.

    Go Eagles !!!

  • Wentz is so smart recognized the blitz coming from the right switched the run play to the left picked up some decent yards.

  • Brandon Graham just blew that play up smacking Bradford causing the first interception of Sam Bradford this year.

  • Barwin and graham huge defensive plays fake gm

    • LOL!!…UH OH, Get your Pro Bowl, and Playoff tickets ready!! The overvalued twins made a play or two …WHOOPEEEEE!!

      Never mind Barwin was just demoted to lesser snaps because he is inept as a Defensive End – and Graham is what he is…..average.

      spare me your rosecolored glasses view of Barwin, and Graham – find some insight into real talent.

      • Yes or no– very simple question… only two possible answers…yes or no
        did those players impact the outcome of the game in the eagles favor?
        very simple with only two possible answers and no further explanation… simple– Y or N fake gm????

  • Defense is balling, Wentz is not playing well fundamentally. He’s got play within himself.

  • Damn sloppy game

  • Wentz now has two interceptions today and is credited w/ the Sproles fumble. This game is like Madden.
    Wentz is trying to do to much. He has to play within himself. Bad pass into triple coverage though.

    • But still in it.., defense has come to play… Sleeves is being sleeves thank god

    • This is one first quarter that will not bring distinction to either team..the minny O line ,is not holding up ,and wentz has made bradfordian gaffes try to outshit him

  • Right now Wentz is losing this game. He’s got to stop turning the ball over. Pederson has to call plays that are going to be easy completions that allows the receiver to make plays after the catch.

  • Wow Again… This is the first game that I decide to watch this year and it’s a real stinker with sloppy play all around on both sides.. Both O/Lines are banged up and simply are not NFL worthy as both QB’s are playing poorly.. Wentz looks like aRookie again this Week and has made some really poor throws, Bradford also has played poorly.. and the NFL Wonders why their Ratings are down.. The overall Quality of Play is simply down, the lack of quality depth among the NFL Rosters is coming to the forefront as injuries for most Teams begin to add up…

    • Wentz looks like a rookie again, well he is a rookie and at times he’s going to have rookie moments that results in picks, fumbles and bad decisions…veteran QB’s make the same mistakes. But Wentz is a rookie so there is no need to say he looks like a rookie again.

  • Wentz does know how to use hard count though.

  • Eagles need to attack Vikings Safety #27 who came in for them
    to replace the guy that got carted off last Series

  • A nice Pass on that 3rd Down to Agholor for aFirst Down.. maybe Wentz is getting his feet, nerves back under him and getting into a Nice Rhythm
    Points will be hard to come by for either Team so 16-17 Points probably Wins this Game

  • A missed opportunity on Celek who just ran past Vikings Safety #27 who looks lost out there and needs to be taken advantage of!!

  • Another bad Pass by Wentz to Agholor, not enough air under that one.. a High lob even if it’s picked off is like a Punt but you have to give your Receiver a better chance than that to make a Play.. Eagles Receivers are doing their Jobs so far and are getting open down the field.. Wentz has to hit some of these!!

    • Actually Agholor slowed down on the route.

      • Also on that play Aholor’s face mask was held which maybe why he slowed down…not called by refs.

  • Vikings are going to attempt to Run the Ball

  • Watkins fault. Make the damn tackle on Bradford and they punt.

  • JOSH HUFF with the TD!!!!

  • That’s why Huff is on team and not Turner

    • Lot’s of people wanted Huff cut this off season. I still think he has a role on this team as he just demonstrated. I think he needs snaps from the backfield.

  • Wentz runs in for two point conversion. That’s using your legs. Hopefully that gets Wentz going.

  • It aint pretty. But it’s like last call..ill take it!

  • Defensively im hoping for a two score game and getting ready to roll dem bones ,lets see sam win a game on his own..aint happening.

  • Another missed pass by Went to an open TE there on 2nd Down..Now 3rd & Long and end of Drive… Wentz has to play better for Eagles to have a chance

    • Fraud you were sooooo quiet when he was setting rookie records now you can’t shut up..negative nitwit

      • I didn’t see any Eagles Games the first month of the Season as I’ve mentioned numerous times, I call them as I see them and Wentz was bad in the first half plain & simple, so far this 2nd half it appears he has his legs, vision so far

  • Pressure busts pipes..and Sam Bradford!

  • D.C. Schwartz really Blitzing heavier today against a beat up Vikings OL and a immobile QB in Bradford which should occur all game ..Nice Play by Eagles DL

  • Another bad Pass by Wentz to an open TE Burton
    The last 2 Drives Wentz has failed to sustain Drivers.. the OL is actually playing pretty well here after a shaky start, the Receivers are getting Open.. Wentz needs to step up here

  • Wentz’s Best Pass of the day to Beckham-Green, Where’s the Flag on CB Roades who knocked Green down !!!!

    • pman I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the Eagles are not getting those calls this year.

      • I know they have been letting them play but that was ridiculous

  • Wentz is just off target today, his ball placement is poor. It’s not the O line or receivers so far today. It’s on him.

  • A TD would be Huge here!!

    • Chimp. Wentzilla was a bundle of nerves that half. Uncharectaristically expressing his frustration…he heard boone zoo closed and you were watching

  • Wentz has to gather himself during half time and come back out in the third and play much better..like 180 degree turn around better.

    • I agree eagle.give wentzilla some safe throws and allow some rythym and build his confidence..I know it worked but 4th and 2 is not the right call at the end of the half..play the game as its playing …itself out..

  • All in all, going into the Half up 11-3 is pretty good conside left a lot of plays of the field… The Eagles OL has outplayed the Vikings OL since early on and this will be the difference in the 2nd half as Wentz will make a big play or 2 if given time.. the Vikings Pass Defense is vulnerable down th even middle of the field & between the numbers which they need to keep attacking.. Special Teams will be huge also..

  • Get the ball in huffs hands. Somehow ..let him get into space ..

    • desert you’re right. They need to get Huff the ball in space. He has the speed to outmatch the Vikings defensive speed.

  • TD Wentz to DGB..Now Wentz is playing!!!

    • That’s the Carson Wentz I want to see..calm and making plays out of nothing..delivering the ball accurately.

  • Now it’s on Sammy ..pick 6 coming

  • Way to finish up the Drive with a TD !!! 18-3 puts the Vikings into a more passing mode.. keep Blitzing against Bradford and take advantage of their shaky LT & RT Play.. 1 more Score by the Eagles and this Game is Over as the Vikings are not built well to play from behind…

  • Playing for a draft pick ,a clear bullseye on Sammy ,a two score deficit …life is good

    • Not so sure about the Draft Pick battle DE, Assuming the Vikes make the Playoffs regardless of today’s outcome puts the somewhere Pick #20 to #32 and will be contingent where the Vikings Finnish in the Playoffs and not based on the outcome of this game at all.. Teams Starting the Season 5-0 are around 90% on making the Playoffs and then the Playoff Teams are re-set based on how deep they go in relation to their Draft Pick..

      But on a more urgent point, the Eagles are getting Run on more, Huge Stops on 3rd & 4th & 1.. some questionable Play Calling by the Vikings

      • Chimp…you’re assuming Sam stays upright …all season. I’m betting he doesn’t ,and things spiral

        • They can split their remaining Games and still limp into the Playoffs with 10 Wins in that North Division.. they were a little overhyped to begin with and as I stated earlier, they will struggle when playing from behind .. being 5-1 still means you make the Playoffs 90% of the time..with their Injuries along their OL, they will struggle versus decent Defenses..

  • Bradford will lean on TE Rudolph, someone needs to man-up on him, maybe Malcolm Jenkins can take him 1 on 1

  • Now that’s defense…That’s what I want to see..That’s defense!!! Hell Yesss!!!

  • Eagles now Playing with Tobin at LT with Peters out.. play smart and protect the Ball and eat clock and get out with a W.. A FG ends the Game here..

  • Josh Huff playing good..must get him involved in the games!

  • Nice Play by Sproles/Huff, This Game is Over
    Back to doing some Yard Work…

  • Damn Redskins with 2 4th Quarter TD’s to take over vs Detroit 17-13 with little time left and the Lions needing a TD..

  • Check down Sammy is in full effect…nice dump offs…I remember them so well.

  • Skins just loss. Stafford brings Lions back with a TD to seal the skins loss.

  • Brandon Graham is beasting…he is playing some damn good ball this year.

    • Graham balled as did huff ….city responded to Sam I am …city of ..smotherly love …with multiple scores down Minny ran ran ran ..they know who Sam is

  • Check down Sammie… Come on CT… Check down!

  • Lions come back and Score to go up 20-17 over the Redskins which is huge for Eagles

  • I now remember why I and we as a fa base were sooooo uninspired by sleeves

  • Sleeves being sleeves. I don’t want to see or hear anymore about Sam Bradford and the Eagles making a mistake trading him. Thankfully he’s not our franchise QB. Good guy, but not the guy I want leading my team as the franchise guy simply because he’s a game manager who checks down. he makes some nice passes, but not enough to make a difference or make the players around him better.

    And for the record I predicted the Eagles would win today.

  • No more talk about Brandon Graham being a bust…Graham just hurt Bradford.

  • Sam wanted out and his coach told him ..NO

  • What leadership qualities ..check down Charlie wanted to check out Charlie

  • The only thing missing today was kool idiot ..and his beat down

    • I hope kool is okay for real. However he has not been on here much since the trade up to two. His posts slowed down after the trade, then he completely disappeared right before Bradford was traded. Maybe he just could not handle it and checked out or maybe he is on Viking boards.

      • I heard hes at the taj boyd fantasy camp..hoping hes ok as well…

      • Dallas sunday night …giants at there house and atlanta …November will be interesting

  • Yeah BIRDS!!!!!

    Ugly game, but the defense came up big ( but Cox pretty much disappeared, what’s with that?). Special teams got a score. Going for 2 points really made things interesting .

    Wentz was due for a down performance, but to get a win says a lot. Truth be told, the Eagles would be 5-1 if it wasn’t for Matthews fumbling at the end of the Detroit game. Run defense is still an issue, and we have issues at many positions, but I’ll take a win over an undefeated team any day!!!

    GO BIRDS!!!!

    • greenfan, I think the Vikings defense had Wentz confused in the first half. Their defense is for real. However during the second half I think Wentz settled down and started to recognize certain things which allowed him to play better. Wentz has to not try and do to much, just let the game come to him and not try to take it over, especially against a defense like the Vikes.

  • Schwartz finally wakes up. Schwartz finally adds a blitz package after 2 weeks of non-sense. To not blitz in this league and make your front four have to work so hard down after down just killed the Eagles. He blitzed alot today and presto turnovers and sacks out the ass. Just rushing 4 the 1st few games was fine but he needed to adjust and he did.

  • The Center to QB Fumbled Snaps have to Stop.. there was 3-4 Today which is inexcusable… today’s Game Ball Awards go to Josh Huff, RT Vaitai on Offense/Special Teams and Barwin,Graham,Hicks, Bradham & McLeod on Defense…
    Beau Allen had an Active Game too, Fletcher Cox & Vinny Curry were both kind of quiet today..

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