• June 25, 2022

Report: Eagles Interested In 49ers’ Torrey Smith

Aug 29, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) catches a pass during the first half against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Aug 29, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) catches a pass during the first half against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from ProFootballTalk late Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles have expressed interest in veteran wide receiver Torrey Smith, currently a member of Chip Kelly’s struggling 49ers. No deal is imminent, the trade deadline falls on November 1st.

A deal for Smith would make sense for both teams, provided that the asking price is within reason.

Smith hasn’t been a fit in San Francisco from the moment he arrived, and has been almost completely invisible in Kelly’s predictable offense. However, in Philadelphia, Smith would provide the team with a veteran presence, and a deep threat that their offense has badly lacked throughout the season.

Smith, given his lack of production and large contract, shouldn’t draw a price tag any higher than a late-round draft pick. But another possibility is that the Eagles could send disappointing first-round pick Nelson Agholor to reunite with the incompetent head coach that saw fit to draft him.

The 49ers need to get younger, and Agholor could probably do with a change of scenery given his abysmal production over the first year and a half of his career. Howie Roseman has been all too willing to jettison any memories of Chip Kelly’s year of full control, and Kelly may still believe he can get something out of Agholor, so this player-for-player swap may not be out the realm of possibility.


Denny Basens

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  • Can’t do that deal straight up. If we trade Agholor to the 49ers for Torrey Smith, then the Eagles must get a draft pick in return. I understand Agholor is struggling, but he was a 1st rd pick. He is still young and can turn things around. No way would I do a player for player swap..

  • I would dman. You automatically upgrade in my opinion. Maybe Torrey and a 5th for Nelly straight up?

    Carson wentz and Torrey smith very well could establish a connection that no other qb has before. Wentz and the Eagles every well could be the best team smith would play with in 2-3 years.

    Not to mention gives philly a deep threat to stretch the field respectfully since Djax left.

    Reports are also saying we are interested in Alshon Jeffery

  • For some reason I thought Torrey Smith was older than he is. He is only 27 years old. Still I would want something in return. Alshon Jeffery intrigues me. I would undoubtedly trade Agholor for Jeffery straight up. Looks like the Bears might be having a fire sale here soon..

  • Pass on Torrey Smith he’s just not a significant enough of an upgrade that I would go after him.Smith hasn’t been nowhere close to the 2013 Smith especially this year he’s playing no better than Nelson Agholor and I fucken hate Nelson Agholor. I would take almost anything over Agholor , but Smith just isn’t that guy. Alshon Jeffery is the guy i’m going after problem is I don’t know how that’s going to work since he’s on the franchise tag.

  • Offer WR Agholor & LB M Kendricks and then a 5th Rd Pick if need be

    • You would offer all of that up..a former 1sr rounder, former 2nd rounder and a fifth for Torey Smith? Glad you’re not the GM.
      If we were talking about a premier # 1 receiver, sure that would be a fleecing…but not for Torey Smith.
      If Mychael Kendricks can continue to play the way he did against the Vikings he’ll be fine, he was used effectively Sunday.
      I’m not willing to give up anything significant for Smith though, a straight up trade player for player..yes, but not multiple players.

      • Yes Kendricks played well and Smith has an $8M cap hit. Also, I’m not sure the eagles have the depth at LB to trade anyone.

      • Eaglehaslanded…I read with interest , your comments on the multiple masters ongoing saga. I think it is somewhat atypical of you to comment on things other than sports, Very interesting and nicely explained thoughts on the ongoing multiple masters degrees topic.We even had a reference to Sir Walter Scott , he of the lovely poem Marmion,contributed by H,A.C. I suspect that you feel there has been, dare I use the word skulduggery afoot?And we have read some brilliant humor by MHENSKI.And I am guessing here but suspect many , many, mirthless smiles on the subject, Some would unkindly call the whole subject pure rattlepate.! But I essentially want to thank you for shedding light on the length of time it takes to aquire all of this schooling,I see you have aquired a wonderful education , Congrats , to you ehl.My self alas, I was a student of a school in Phila. no one has heard of ,called Daniel Boone, which I,m sure is now closed ,and a very bad mistake on my part to even go down the Daniel Boone road,But all is well , that ends well. as the proverbial cliche says.! Also I would be remiss not to thank H.A.C, and MHENSKI for their fine, fine ,gumshoe work on the multiple masters mini saga..Enjoy the cowboys loss E.H.L.

        • patrik411, thanks for the congrats. Normally I don’t comment outside of sports but I had to make an exception in this particular case.
          I know about Boone, that was the school no one wanted to go to. Wow, I’m glad you were able to turn things around…congrats to you.
          Boone no longer exists, it’s been closed for a long time now.

    • Are you serious paulman?

  • If the eagles think moving Jenkins into the slot this weekend is a good idea they are wrong. Cole Beasley is to quick for him he will make Jenkins look silly. They better come up with a better plan.

    • Yeah, that already happened last year. Don’t want to see that again.

  • The problem with Smaith (and don’t get me wrong, I really could care less about an Agholor for Smith trade)..

    Anyway, the problem with Smith is that he just doesn’t come down with the ball very much.

    Over his career, he’s only caught 49% of his “targets”. He has 259 catches out of 528 targets.

    Compare that to Matthews. He has caught 177 of his 272 targets (65%). Now you might argue that Smith is a “deep ball” guy so his % will naturally be lower…..

    So lets compare him to other “deep” threats…

    Desean 469 catches out of 842 attempts (56%)
    Diggs 79 out of 122 atts (64%)
    Hilton 328 out of 570 (58%)

    I think that’s the problem with Smith….he just doesn’t catch the ball enough.

    I dunno…..maybe I’m wroing, but I feel pretty “ho-hum” abopuit a guy with one good season under his belt 3 years ago.

  • torrey smith would be an upgrade and open up the field a bit for us. hes a big play guy and would fit with wentz’s skill set. i wouldnt give up anything of value for him but i would take him. agholor sucks i would give him str8 up for him

    ive read the alshon report also and i dont think he is a fit for us. alshon’s a beast but he has some puss in him, he’s always hurt and not practicing (which wouldnt bode well for learning a new system mid season) and hes a free agent at the end of the year which makes it problematic for a trade. bears would want a minimum of a 2nd rounder for him and i dont know you can part with a 2nd or a 1st with no guarantees he signs here.

    im sure we will stand pat although a win against dallas could put some pressure on howie to go for it. who knows

  • It’s called positioning and posturing ..they’re in a huge game Sunday night,that’s a given..The F.O. Is sending a clear message to the lockeroom.We win Sunday ,we’re going all in to go for it Nov 1.. If they lose a second divisional road game ,not so much..they also weed out the other potential trade partners ,by shaking the 49ers trees.In a truer sense they let th guys currently on the roster to step it up..

    • I don’t agree with that deserteagle a guy either has it in him to play up to his ability or not. All that FO trying to send a message to get useless underperforming players to step up really don’t work. They will get shaken up play a few decent games then go right back to playing like shit again because that’s what they were from the beginning.

      • Mac. Psychology does matter with coddled athletes..being wanted by an orginization,matters..all that said,in context,hes chips guy,and that somehow with howie ,matters most

        • I agree with everything your saying I just didn’t agree that the FO is trying to send a message to the players and if they are it’s useless. I really and truly believe that the FO is trying to make upgrades and not for the sake of sending a message to the underperforming. I think at this point Doug and his coaching staff knows who has a future here and who does not. Trade rumors get leaked all the time unfortunately and you and I know desert the players that get affected by those rumors the most are the underperforming and coddled players who aren’t giving 100 percent any damn way. So I guess we can say that it’s going to affect those players whether the FO wanted to send a message or not now that I gave the matter some thought.

          • Mac. Your eloquence is spot on..the facts are,we ss eagle fans had lowered the bar coming into the season ,and then…poof..we immediately after seeing wentz ,recalibrated..this is a transformative season..in all likelihood doug will weed through with howie “his guys” its filly to think everyone on the roster is an eagle..its a reclamation program and will take care of itself ,as we go through the season..agholor specifically has ,been thrust in a role that chip,created when he let desean walk without compensation,and maclin was treated dismissively. l am grateful we are on a trajectory,but not unlike others I want it NOW

      • Mac. If according to you,they step up and play a few good games? Doesnt that ,defend my statement? They have the innate talent .and just need the push …

  • In other news the QB paulman wanted Kevin Hogan got his moment last week (4th string Browns QB) and looked like an absolute turd. This week he looks like he will start the game

    • Mhenski. Chimps on a problematic roll of late..literally ..go take a hike and get some fresh air…I do assume if chip were gm we could fleece him,but chimps npt taking that into account…

      • I’m with you henski Torrey has had terrible qb play from kneel down and some dude that for some reason is still a NFL qb, not saying Torrey will light the world on fire but he will cheaper to get and open the field up for Matthews and dgb. Another note ertz gotta get the ball more he was open a lot last week. Wentz gotta find him


    • You bet Rev. Preach it !!

      DALLAS WEEK ….big test.

      This division has quickly jumped from big joke to NO JOKE…tough teams again that are all going to beat up on each other. This is a big test this week that will be a measuring stick for where we stand. If we cannot beat the teams in our division, well, you will need to make more adjustments until you do.

      I am sure that they will attack us much the way the Redskins did, on the ground until we prove we can stop it. We need to stop the run but also get pressure on Prescott.

      Can’t wait…PRIME TIME SUNDAY NIGHT….hate those Cowgirls.

      GO BIRDS!!!

      • I don’t feel good about this week– dallas smartly invested in the OL for a few years while we ignored ours. they are home off a bye….. eagles beat up a bit.

        • You know ciggy, I feel the same but also felt the same before the Steelers and Vikings games…and the Vikings were also coming off a bye.

          Division games are always tough because the teams know each other so well…except that this is a new Eagles coaching staff so they are probably not as knowledgeable as the others.

          Regardless of how concerned about the flaws on this team, it is Dallas Week and I cannot wait to see how we match up.

          GO BIRDS !!

          • is logan playing? also, I think its time to get smallwood and barner more carries. the fumbles from matthews are inexcusable.

            • Logan…that is a big question. Such a big part of the performance of the Dline. The groin injury will also cause issues even if he is cleared to play, and will likely affect his play the rest of the season.

              I think that Smallwood had 5 plays and Barner had 3 plays…either way I agree with you that if Matthews is going to continue to fumble we cannot depend on him.

  • I just have a feeling we’re gonna give the rookie something he’s never seen before. We always manhAndle Dallas OLINE. Especially in Jerry world and with a injured Tyron smith.

    No way fletcher, Connor, curry, or. Defensive mvp Brandon graham do not get 1

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