• August 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants


Doug Pederson Horrendous (Again) With Playcalling

I hate the designed runs that Doug Pederson has been calling for Carson Wentz. They’re not very effective, and only expose Wentz to more contact. Pederson called the run for Wentz down in the redzone in the first quarter, resulting in a loss of yards to put the team in a third-and-long situation.

I hate even more that Pederson decided to call one of the designed runs on a fourth-and-two in the second quarter. With the Eagles trailing 14-3, a field goal would have made it a one-score game. Considering how poor and erratic the offense had been, the thing to do in that scenario was take the points, and keep things close. Pederson instead called a play that had absolutely no chance of succeeding, and it cost the team valuable points.

It was even more baffling when you consider on the previous play, third-and-five, Pederson showed no confidence in his quarterback or wide receivers by calling a run up the middle for Darren Sproles.

Towards the end of the second half, Pederson elected to go for it once again on a fourth-and-one, calling a run for Darren Sproles. It was another long-developing play that was rather predictable, and New York was able to snuff it out.

Pederson capped his dreadful showing by wasting a challenge and a timeout in the second half on an incomplete pass that had little chance of being overturned.

Wentz Buries Eagles Early

Carson Wentz got off to easily the worst start of his career on Sunday, throwing two terrible interceptions to start the game. Wentz threw the first on the Eagles’ opening drive that led to an early touchdown for Odell Beckham. Wentz threw off of his back foot, and the ball sailed away from him, over the head of an open Nelson Agholor, and into the arms of Landon Collins. Three plays later, the Giants went up 7-0.

On the team’s second drive, Wentz overthrew Dorial Green-Beckham, again sailing the ball over his head, leading to another turnover and short field for the Giants.

Wentz was off throughout the game. His normally pinpoint accuracy was completely gone in this one, he missed open receivers, underthrew some, and overthrew others.

Wentz did well to hang in there and lead some nice drives in the second half, but ultimately couldn’t do enough to get the Birds out the hole that he put them in early.

Quick Thoughts


  • Bryce Treggs finally got his opportunity with the active roster. Treggs caught an 11-yard pass to help set up the team’s first field goal. On the team’s fifth drive, Treggs set up a Ryan Mathews touchdown run with a 58-yard reception. The pass was a little underthrown, Treggs would have been gone if hit in stride.
  • The Eagles made more of an effort to get the tight ends invovled early in the game. Zach Ertz was targeted on the game’s first pass. Trey Burton came up with two receptions for 43 yards on the team’s third drive to help put them in field goal range.
  • Ertz finished with eight grabs for 97 yards, and was lined up as wide receiver several times.
  • Nelson Agholor is just a horrible wide receiver. Agholor dropped a pass that could have extended the drive in the fourth quarter, and nearly turned the ball over with a fumble on another play.
  • Ryan Mathews scored another touchdown, but he’s been almost completely phased out of the offense.
  • Why not give Wendell Smallwood and Kenjon Barner more touches? Both guys have had good success when given opportunities, and it isn’t realistic to keep giving Sproles the amount of touches that he’s seen so far.
  • Bizzare to me that the Eagles went into this game with only 52 players on the active roster. Seriously, what in the world does Paul Turner have to do to get an opportunity?


  • Multiple miscommunications in the secondary during the first quarter, leading to both New York touchdowns. Rodney McLeod missed a coverage on Beckham on the first score, and Jaylen Watkins was guilty on the second touchdown.
  • Nolan Carroll came up with a tremendous interception in the fourth quarter, but the Eagles were unable to do anything with it.
  • Jordan Hicks may have some of the best natural, playmaking instincts I’ve ever seen. His awareness to come down with a late fourth-quarter interception gave the team one last opportunity to win things.
  • Brandon Graham has been playing at a Pro Bowl level for most of the season.
  • Destiny Vaeao came up with a sack of Eli Manning in the first quarter in end a drive.
  • The defense struggled at times in the first half, but were able to come up with a handful of stops to give the team an opportunity to get themselves back in it.

Special Teams

  • Bad no-call on a potential roughing the kicker against Landon Collins that could have resulted in a first down deep in Giants territory. Instead, the Eagles settled for a field goal, previously down 14-0.
  • We see it every week. Dave Fipps’ unit always comes up with big plays to keep this team in games. There was some tremendous blocking for Darren Sproles on a 66-yard punt return in the second quarter that set up the offense for a scoring opportunity. Unfortunately, Pederson and the offense squandered the opportunity.
  • Nolan Carroll downed a punt at the four-yard line late in the fourth.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried to be patient with Doug Pederson.

As a first-year head coach, that probably wasn’t quite ready for such a role, I expected some bumps and bruises along the way.

But today’s performance was just inexcusable and undefendable. Pederson was outcoached for the fourth time in five games, and repeatedly shot the team in the foot with terrible play calls and plays that were doomed to fail before they were run.

This was the first time all season where I felt that Pederson looked a guy who wasn’t just making rookie head coach mistakes; instead looking like a guy who just wasn’t cut out for the role.

That’s not to say Pederson can’t bounce back from all of this, but what I’ve seen over the last month is beginning to look troubling.

The last two weeks, it seems as though the gameplan on the offensive side of the ball has been as simple as “Put the ball in Darren Sproles’ hands, put the team on his back, and see how far he takes us.”

If Pederson simply attempted field goals early in the game, the Eagles would either be lining up for a winning kick at the end of the game, or padding their lead.

The Eagles have now fallen to .500 at 4-4, lost four of the last five, and have sunk to 0-3 in the division, last place in the NFC East. The playoffs are fading by the week, with more difficult matchups on the horizon.

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  • This Moron coach is worst than Rich Kotite

  • Ok. Ok.

    I watched the game on PVR. My boy has hockey almost every Sunday at noon or 1.


    The last play.

    The last play.

    I watched that 10x.

    How is that not a td??????????????

    I cannot accept that last play. Wr has free outside. There is no defender outside. The defender is inside. The throw is outside.


    The Wr turns right that is the freeest, easiest TD in the universe.

    The WR thuned INSIDE INTO the defender, while the throw was outside.

    That should have been the EASIEST throw and catch ever.

    I have watched it over and over and over.

    Worst WR play….in…..should I say ever??

  • TSN (Canadian ESPN) analysts on the game.

    Going BEZERK on Matthews last play turning left FOR NO REASON when the throw was outside.

    EXACTLY as I said.

    I am LOSING IT on that last play,

    FREE win if the wr TURNS RIGHT as HE SHOULD when there is a defender to his LEFT.

    FREE TD…….


  • I agree!!! Im like why the hell are you facing inward…had he been facing outward he would have had a better chance…This draft.. i dont care!!1 We need to get a WR!!! Treggs looked the best out there..and it was his first game. Take Aghlor out…put Treggs in!!!! Dam!!!!

  • And dont even let me start on Leodis McKelvin!!!!!!! First 2 picks WR/CB!!!!

  • Looking at CSNPhilly…Both Ray Didinger and Seth Joyner both said that Matthews should have been able to read the d back and turn outside to catch the ball over his shoulder.
    Joyner went further saying that the Eagles receivers do not know how to run routes.
    Three very good route runners in draft with speed: DeDe Westbrook, Corey Davis and John Ross III. The Eagles have to get one of those receivers.

    Treggs is a keeper…he’s the best receiver on the team now.

    • That was a free TD. A free TD. They CANNOT get easier than that and Matthews fucked it up.

      There is no excuse for that final play which should have, with any competency, been a walk-off TD.

  • Top 3 Rookies for the 2016 Season to Date

    QB Dak Prescott – Cowboys
    WR Mike Thomas – Saints
    RB Zeke Elliot – Cowboys

  • Presser has coach speaking of borderline crazy,not exactly sure if that’s an attractive attribute.The rationale was ,things might have been different if we werent two scores down?Throwing 11 under the bus,now thats borderline crazy..I said last week I was assuming this coach might very well be on a short leash..his recent theatrics and discipline issues are making me border line crazy..this game with all the imaled strategies was still inconcevably winnable,if matthews runs his route..that puts lipstick on a pig..however,his and others attention to details are bery condemning..im ok with rookie mistakes,but when its obvious that they are not learning curves but rather,represent repeated misgivings..that erodes a lockerrooms confidences..you lose the team ,your job..follows..and when if ever did AR call out a player…never..so throwing 11-under the bus ,shows me you havent learned a damn thing..

    • I didn’t Hear Coach Pederson toss Wentz under the Bus nor any Crazy Speak
      Not sure where you are getting that from DE ?

  • Should’ve never been 4th down. YOU CANNOT HIT THE QB IN THE HEAD. Wentz took both hands to the head no call. Oh cool Wednesday the NFL will send a letter saying sorry we fucked up. Straight up bull crap.

    • Roughing the kicker was missed too. Pretty blatant penalties missed by the refs…both would have led to key first downs.
      Oh well…next up Falcons. More fun.

  • Doug is a rookie coach with a rookie QB. I hope they are learning. I think the Eagles change personel a little bit to often. Greg’s brings no benefit if he is only in to run deep and not on other plays. Celek and Ertz tip running plays etc….

    Last the things that are killing me my be due to WR that do not go get the ball. DGB (I wanted him to be a player) looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

    If I see the bubble screen for no gain followed immediately by a run on 2nd down everyone knows is coming for no gain setting up 3rd and impossible for receivers that can’t catch or run past sticks.. ahhhhhhh.

    • Treggs not gregs

  • Until the Eagles fix their 3rd Down Conversion Rate and Red Zone Efficiency, they will continue to lose these type close games… Giants got 14 Pts off Eagle Turnovers while Eagles only got 3 pts.. Eagles had 6 Trips to the Red-zone!!

  • I said from the beginning I will try to refrain this year from criticizing this team. and I won’t despite the lack of discipline overall, lack of discipline on the receivers running routes, repetitive poor play calling, bad coaching decisions, the secondary for 2 games in a row looking like the Keystone Cops. Let’s all remember these day’s because I see good things on the horizon.(I Hope)

  • vinnie I agree what an epic fail by jordan on that last play. almost just as bad imo was sproles stepping out of bounds on that punt return, he has to have better footwork there! there was no reason to step out of bounds. matter of fact, with only 1 man to beat if he cut inside he couldve moonwalked to the punt return td. this play has me angry this morning.

    it would be real nice if ryan matthews never took a snap again – barner, smallwood and sproles are all better. ryan is just not a playmaker at all. Same goes to Nelson Assholor, the guys straight garbage. He makes a play that follows it up with a gaff, its awful.

    Also awful was Wentz / Doug Pederson going away from Ertz, the only guy that was making plays , late in the game and instead going with awful matthews runs, and throwing to assholor and dgb (who is awful)

    With playoff chances almost at 0% nows the time to move away from Assholor and DGB and go with Treggs, Turner, JMatt and Ertz. Even if Assholor and DGB were catching balls they dont have speed and dont make plays. Treggs showed he could make plays as did Turner in the preseason. Let those 2 go and let JMatt and Ertz be your stability. Or let your stabilitiy be Ertz, Burton, JMatt and just mix in Treggs & Turner

  • I don’t want Pederson to stop being aggressive as many have said….I want Pederson to stop being STUPID with his play calls when he is aggressive!!

    On the other side, our secondary seriously sucks. I don’t see it as a scheme thing…these players just suck…..below average. Unless we have a great pass rush, the most pedestrian QB could pick us apart….Tebow throwing to Freddie Mitchell could torch this secondary. At this point in the season I don’t see much else that we can do to help it improve, but if you like to bet I would look at the OVER for next weeks game….Matt Ryan and Julio Jones against this secondary doesn’t look like a fair fight to me.

  • You make a good point greenfan. If the rush doesn’t get there we are in trouble. Look at the teams we beat they all had suspect offensive lines. You maybe can make a case for Pittsburgh being the exception. I think they were hurting at the time though..

    • The Weakness of the Giants Offense was their O/Line in Pass-Protection and their Inability to Run the Ball, which both should have played into the Eagles Strength’s on Defense, but the Eagles failed to capitalize…
      The Giants most consistent Starting OL Justin Pugh left the Game with an Knee Injury in the First Half too..
      Are Vinnie Curry & Michael Kendricks even Playing ?? They sure are not contributing much this 2016 Season…

      • Kendricks only played 3 snaps. Writing is on the wall for him.
        Vinny Curry played well against the run but was invisible against the pass which is a major problem.

        The Eagles have a dubious distinction of always seeming to make the oppositions weakness appear to be a strength. The Eagles d line should have had their way with the giants o-line but of course that was not the case.
        Still frustrated at that loss. They have to learn how to win tight games in the last minute. Especially when they are driving to take the lead for the win in the waning minutes of the game.
        Very disappointed.

        • I wonder if Kendricks was one of the 3 Players who came to Meetings Late on Thursday as reported by Jeff McLean… My guess is that he was if he only got in on 3 Snaps … Kendricks is probably is upset that he did not get Traded as he wants out of Philly per those close to him..

          • “he wants out of philly according to those close to him”? source? or names of those close to him?

  • Josh Huff signed to the TB Bucs Practice Squad Today as they are about to Place WR/KR Louis Murphy on the IR List

  • Very fortunate year for the Eagles. The NFC is filled with mediocrity and slightly above average teams this year. Not only in the NFC but the league as a whole TBH.

    Everybody has 3-5 wins fighting for those playoff spots.

    Seattle losing tonight, and a W against ATL in home would be a great start to the second half of the season. Especially with Minnisota crumbling.

    Philly will have to go 6-2 or 5-3 mininum to make it to the playoffs. Which is very doable.

    I don’t think we will go 0-6 in the division with all three last games coming to philly.

    Packers, Seattle, cincy are not what we thought they were and are very beatable.

    Baltimore is also very winnable.

    It’s not a stretch, bias, or outlandish remark to think philly can make the playoffs giving the circumstances in the league Right now.

    Making the playoffs this year and Even a first round exit would be a damn good season for us. If that happens, and maybe even a playoff win imagine what that will do for wentz and Peterson in company.

    Would be a great first year in terms of learning and gaining that exp. and already knowing what it’s like to be in the playoffs in ur rookie year

    • CT, I’m an optimist but they are 1-4 in their last 5 games. They need to right the ship before this turns disasterous.

      • Here is the good news, 5 out of the final 8 are at home. We will likely be favored in every home game.

        If we protect home field (which we have done so far) and steal one of the Balt, Cincy, Sea. stretch then at 10-6 we should make the playoffs.

        Division doesn’t matter anymore as we likely won’t have a chance to catch Dallas. Our eyes should be on NY, WAS, GB, DET and maybe Saints for the WC spots and we play three of those teams (at home) down the stretch.

        This game was to keep pace in the Division, but otherwise doesn’t kill us in the Playoff picture.

        As expected, some growing pains for Wentz and Peterson but still a lot to look forward to.

  • I’m already sick and tired of Pederson, Reich and Schwartz.
    I hate that they are using Sproles as their main running back.
    I hate the designed running plays for Wentz.
    I hate that we are always in 3rd and long.
    I hate that the other team is too often in 3rd and short.
    I hate any play called by any Eagles head coach ever that calls for the QB to throw the ball down the line of scrimmage instead of forward.
    I hate that Eli can have a mediocre day and still beat us.
    I hate that the Cowboys are the best team in the conference and may have an easy path to the SB.

    • I LOVE that they are using sproles as their main back. Most of the Eagles nation been screaming that since last year…Sproles is way better and a better playmaker than matthews. Now I think Barnes and Smallwood should be getting wayyyyyyy more run than they are but if its Sproles or Ryan gimme sproles all day

      Further with the mistakes at RB the past few weeks and Ryan largely 1 dimensional and not a playmaker and all of the WR being ass, they need a playmaker and someone they can count on and thats sproles imo.

      designed run plays for wentz, i dont like em either but theyve been running read option all year at some point the qb has to keep it… i dont think theyre designed for carson to go everytime but the option is there… its either run the RO or dont and if youre gonna the QB gotta run… Im fine with it although the use and timing of the play yesterday was confusing

      3rd and long ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! its reid… pass on 1st down, incomplete or drop, then run on 2nd to try and pray we can make it 3rd and long or less but its backwards. run on 1st and 2nd and then throw on 3rd. or run on 1st pass on 2nd and see what the situation is on 3rd. but if ur gonna pass on 1st, you gotta pass again on 2nd with our team if the 1st down is dropped or incomplete. our weapons need 3 tries to catch, lol…

      • Don’t get me wrong, I love Sproles, but I was really hoping for a power running game, not a finesse running game. I don’t think Sproles should be getting the bulk of the up-the-gut carries. He’s going to wear down. They need to to work Barner and Smallwood into the scheme more. I’d like to see Sproles targeted more in the passing game. I saw him split out wide a few times on Sunday/

      • In defense of my comments I have to be honest I infer that in addressing the bus comments,I listened again to the presser of pederson and he spoke of being aggressive and capiitulated that had we not been down two scores early…I admit im pissed after again watching a win evaporated,vs a hated rival,and I may be guilty of being biased against the coach..I like when the coach is aggressive but I also like a coach to be wired to the game situationaly..points on the road vs. Going for high risk low reward..getting a first down is a leap that youll get 7.I am on board with the possibility that someone else begins,calling the plays..I recall with AR we wanted the same,as he had too much on his plate..no pun intended..ive reconciled that we’re without weapons and perhaps thats pressure on the coach as well.. Im mystified ny how we cant create pressure vs giants O line ,but did in Dallas..if both coaches shared there risk vs reward scenario wed blitz more on dee..in a game it would be intriguing to see both sides of the ball coached similarly,especially with a weak O line and on offense rolling the dice ,as well..

        • Vinny Curry=Big disappointment

  • Watching Bills/Sahawks. Tight end Jimmy Graham caught two one handed touchdowns and I thought Eagles receivers couldn’t catch touchdowns with three hands. We have the most pathetic receiving group ever. the coach calls pathetic plays with Wence running the ball. TyrodTaylor and Seatle’s QB can run the ball. Head coach calls ridiculous plays. The defensive line stunk. It looks like 6-10 if they are lucky. I watched the Sixers/Utah Jazz. the sixers stink. Can’t play defense, turn the ball over tooo much and have no offensive plays that work. They look like disorganized fools.

  • Doug Peterson is Andy Reid 2.00

    • Gotta give Doug and Schwartz three years mininum. Give Howie three drafts and see if his past failures and getting fired taught him a thing or two.

      This offseason was amazing. The signings and 2016 draft looks promising so far. We took care a lot of our own, who are very young.

      We have, and still are exceeding expectations. If philly gets to the playoffs we could be a very dangerous dark horse.

      Every single one of our losses this year has came down to the very last second. It’s sad how we have beat ourselves more then the opposition to be honest. I know it’s the “NFL” and “these things happen” BUT ITS HAPPENED 4 TIMES! The dropped touchdowns and fumble in the Detroit game… how we shut stafford down in the second after dropping 21. Don’t forget the 15 penalties which about 4-5 of them were sad. Especially the hold on the Brooks at the end of hat game that put us deep in the redzone.

      The dropped touchdowns and even 13 more penalties against Washington. Not gonna lie but washingTon is really the only loss we really deseRved cause of the pressure they got.

      But Dallas, NY, and that lions game are just laughable losses. To put ourselves in a hole that deep to staRt the ny game right off the bat and STILL almost win?

      This team isn’t elite or a finished pRoduct yet. But there is Talent everywhere. WHich is why we very easily could be 6-2 or 7-1 rn.

      There wasn’t a single person on this site predicting we would be good or damn formidable besides me.

      We’re coming. Just like The Process and Ben Simmons

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