• August 19, 2022

Jim Schwartz Is To Blame For The Eric Rowe Trade

Howie Roseman had a tremendous offseason in 2016, undoing a lot of the damage that former incompetent head coach/general manager Chip Kelly had done in his horrible season of full control.

However, one move that has come under a fair amount of scrutiny has been the decision to give up on cornerback Eric Rowe, and trade him to the New England Patriots for a fourth round pick that could escalate to a third. Rowe has become a key member of the Super Bowl-bound Patriot defense, while the Eagles remain in dire need of help at the cornerback position.

The common criticism is that Roseman made a mistake by giving up on Rowe too soon. However, Howie isn’t the one that should receive blame in this situation. The one at fault for the way the Rowe situation was handled falls on the shoulders of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz almost instantly buried Rowe on the depth chart. He had no interest in trying to work with the former second-round pick, opting to give first-team opportunities in the preseason to rookie seventh-rounder Jalen Mills instead.

At the end of August, there was talk of Rowe not even making the team. Schwartz had him in the doghouse from Day 1, and wasn’t willing to give him a second look. Had Rowe remained on the roster, he more than likely would have been among the team’s inactives most weeks.

Knowing where Schwartz and his defensive staff stood on Rowe, this put Roseman in a position where it was in the team’s best interest to pursue a trade and try to return some value. And considering the circumstances, I think Howie did indeed get something decent in return. To get a fourth-round pick that could still become a third for a second-round pick that the team was ready to move on from is actually a pretty good haul. By comparison, the Tennessee Titans, who were ready to move on from their former second-rounder Dorial Green-Beckham after just one year, were only able to net a backup offensive lineman in Dennis Kelly in return.

Rowe has gone on to be successful in New England, and many are assigning the blame to Howie. But it was really Schwartz and his unwillingness to work with the young player that wound up costing the team.

Schwartz is doing the team a similar disservice with how he’s handled Mychal Kendricks. Kendricks was once considered to be a player on the rise on this defense, but barely saw the field this year, and Schwartz made it clear as day that he wanted as little to do with Kendricks as possible. It won’t be surprising to me at all if Kendricks is traded for a fifth-round pick in the offseason, and goes on to be a solid contributor for another defense.

Denny Basens

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  • Michael Kendricks is his own worst enemy… He’s one of the those Players who has a history of missing a lot of Practice time with bumps,bruises and likes to save it for the bright lights for Games… Coach Schwartz is one of those old school Coach’s that if you miss a lot of Practice time, you will not Play… Kendricks was coddled under AR/Juan Castillo & Chip Kelly/Butch Davis’s time and has not taken well for being called out by Schwartz.. He’s a Talented Player earning a High Salary, but his Production last Year was terrible .. Per Stats he had 32 Tackles this Past Season which ties him with 11th place on the Eagles Defense and tied with part time players Beau Allen and Jaylen Watkins ??
    In 2015 – Kendricks had 86 Tackles , 2014 – 83 tackles , 2013 – 106 Tackles so he obviously has the Skills to make Plays, the question now becomes does he have the Desire and Want to Play hard every day in Practice to get on the field more often and make Plays or not, and he is the one who has to answer that ….

    Rowe was a young Guy who they probably gave up on too soon ..
    Remember that Secondary/CB Coach Gary Undlin has been working with Eric Rowe since he was Drafted so he may have been more of a non-fan of his Game,Work Ethic and Future ability more so than DC Jim Schwartz.. Rowe has nice Size,Length and Athleticism but I do not like Rowe as an Outside Cover CB as he loses his Receiver too easily on Deep Routes
    I think he could make a decent Free-Safety or even a slot/nickel back covering Receivers on those shorter/intermediate Routes.. Versus the Steelers Sunday, he got burned twice in the End-Zone of Deep Balls, 1 was dropped by the Steelers Receiver and the other one went for a TD Catch late in the Game.. time will tell but at least they got a Draft Pick in Return for a Player who seemed to fall out of favor relatively fast with the Eagles…

  • What is this faux outrage with the Eric Rowe trade now…where was it when it happened? Where were the Rowe defenders when Megatron torched him? Where was this outrage when he was repeatedly getting beaten in 2015 due to bad technique, stiff hips and slow recovery speed.
    Rowe is an average (at best) cb who was beaten twice by Sammy Coates this past Sunday. Rowe was the beneficiary of an under thrown Big Ben pass..and now all of a sudden we have the gnashing of teeth about how good Eric Rowe is..stop it already. Hindsight is 20/20 and Rowe still is not that good. Belichick benched him once this year. What the #$%@# is this..why is it even a conversation.
    Sometimes people bitch to just bitch…it’s what makes them happy. This is one of those times.

    • its the paulman way. criticize criticize criticize criticize criticize criticize criticize criticize criticize never congratulate make 20 predictions for every team and 1 of 20 hits say i was right. rinse then repeat

      fuck rowe

      guys been trashing kendricks for years now (as if he ever watched him play) saying he is gonna be traded or cut for at least 2-3 years. when his day finally comes it will be ‘as i predicted’. lmfao

      him and make believe family, degree, job, draftkings, lawsuit, terminal illness, boy gmcliff dont root for philly teams. they just pretend they know the personnel and everyone in the draft and pretend theyre better than our gm’s. weirdos

  • re: the article its a click bate headline sorry denny but true. its the popular thing to do nowadays… eric rowe is immaterial to this football team then and now. he aint doing anything in NE to say wow what a mistake that was…

    • This article is trash not one of us thinks Rowe was any good, I’m glad they got what they got in the trade but he was garbage the whole time here, how bout writing about sixers more or even a Phillie’s report, I’m tired of Kendrick’s he made zero big plays last yr and still always hurt, I am on board trading him

      • Don’t think Denny is allowed to cover these other teams. Budgets got cut.

  • Here is what Denny had to say about Rowe in August….Now I guess he’s the new paul man!!!!
    Rowe didn’t have the natural instincts to be a cornerback. While some would argue that the team should have given him a shot at safety, the reality is that there still wouldn’t have been much of a role for him with Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod anchoring the backend of the defense, and Jaylen Watkins looking impressive throughout the preseason.
    With a fourth-rounder that could potentially become a third, the Birds were able to obtain some decent value

  • Kendricks is as soft as he looks. Pretty boy who gets bullDozed every play. He looks rusty. You miss as much practice as he does it’s going to happen.

    We got a 4th off of Rowe right? So what. Get over it and move on and replace him in the draft/fa.

    People are surprised he went to New England and flourished? Bill B is the greatest defensive mind of all time. Especially when it comes to evaluating corner backs. He plays with the greatest qb of all time Thomas Brady.

    So please. Let’s not act like we missed out on something special. Could he be a good player? Sure. But that’s only because he is in NE surrounded by damn good safeties and other corners and the best coaching in the history of the game.

    A lot of mocks have us taking Quincy Wilson? I heard he didn’t have a lot of starter time this year and played with TEez tabor. Would anyone be upset with this pick at 14?

    • I really question the word ‘flourished’– he got a gift interception and was beat a couple of times.

  • Big win with nerlins leading the way ! Atta boy. Dude was 100% dialed in for the first time in a while.

    Bring box the gumby these baby braids are dumb as fuck

    • Lol those holmes braids are terrible, anyway great team win in a game where we got lit up in the first half by threes, then down 19 in 3rd just to come out and just take it to the clips and win by 11. My heroes of game goes Holmes, Noel, and saric. We got 4 pretty good centers just one doesn’t fit our team scheme, sorry oak. Bye bye, by the way the Celtics sick

      • Suck”

    • Down 19 HAC turns to HBO and watches something with the wife– LOSER

      • Man I finished up my school work at the perfect time – 4 minutes left in the 3rd. as soon as I turned it on it was non stop flawless hoops. God damn tj looking solid. He inspires his teammates no doubt

        • Is he a long term contributor?

          • i didnt think so but who knows

  • this is a real good headline / blip for us. posted on rotoworld

    Noel thrives in start, scores 19 w/ 3 blocks

    Nerlens Noel thrived in a start at center on Tuesday vs. the Clippers, scoring a season-high 19 points (8-of-10 FGs, 3-of-3 FTs) with eight rebounds, five assists, three blocks and two steals in 29 minutes.
    He was impressive all night and made the most of his opportunity with both Joel Embiid (knee, rest) and Jahlil Okafor (knee) out. “This was obviously a different type of opportunity, starting a game and being able to play 30 minutes,” Noel said. “I just wanted to go out there and show my abilities and help this team win.” Embiid won’t play on Wednesday vs. the Bucks and Okafor’s status is up in the air, so Noel will get another chance to showcase himself. With the 76ers expected to move a big before the trade deadline, Noel’s rest-of-season outlook is very promising.
    Source: Bucks County Courier Times
    Jan 24 – 11:21 PM

    WITH noel looking good whether starting or paired with Embiid I am not sure I want him gone, but him showing his worth whether for our future or as part of a trade is good for us either way. Shame that bum NAHlil Joakafor has a knee booboo and wont play

  • 76ers’ head coach Brett Brown said that Ben Simmons (foot) is still “a ways away” from being cleared for 5-on-5 work.
    Additionally, the “final scan” that Simmons had on Monday reportedly wasn’t a final scan at all, but a planned follow-up with operating physician Dr. Martin O’Malley. The have been reports speculating that Simmons could get back to the court shortly after the All-Star break, but the 76ers have yet to put an official timetable on his return. Even if Simmons is able to debut during Philly’s first game after the break on Feb. 24 (a best-case scenario), he’ll likely need about a month before he’s earning meaningful minutes, so he may not even be contributing until Week-2 of the fantasy playoffs.
    Source: Bucks County Courier Times
    Jan 25 – 9:23 AM


    • as the slowes guy to actually TRUST the process I can understand caution with him but I for sure would like to see some develop of chemistry with Embid … oh well.

      • mhenski, HAC I understand the frustration as I want to see Simmons too. However, what’s 1-3 more months compared to the next several years. When looking at it in perspective…we have plenty of time to watch this gift. Just revel in the fact that great basketball times are ahead for all Sixers fans. Funny thing, every game I went to last year, I could easily move around in the seats from row to row and level to level. That’s no longer the case. It’s a great atmosphere. The Process has worked and is still working as things will only continue to improve from a talent level and excitement level.

        • agree ehl, no biggie to me. im itching to see him but frankly dont expect much from him this year regardless. to me its all about the process (how about this gem hinkie found in holmes?!) So awesome to see 18,000 in that bldg last night! last game i went to last year i paid under $2/ticket for some center court nosebleeds and sat center court lower level… the stubhub service fee was like 7 times the ticket price, lol

          • I don’t watch as closely as you guys… and of course simmons hasn’t touched the court BUT as great as embid has been …. I think what little of seen of simmons and maybe how i envision him i think he might be as or even MORE special- I can only base it from his interviews, some meaningless highlights but I guess its a feeling.

            • I see Ben coming back and probably avg like 15 mins a game then slowly in mid March be up to 30 mins and probably end the season averaging 10 points 7 rebs and 6 assist with like 2 steals and 1 block a game, he will have some bad games but most importantly he will take our transition game to a new level, we are 29th now I believe he will add at least 10 pts extra in transition, not sure where that would put us

              • So we are actually 20th now so by seasons end with Simmons we should be in top 10 at least

  • Brett brown learned a thing or two in San Antonio…. Spacing, passing, getting the ball to a guy at his spot. I don’t think the auxiliary players are quite at that kind of level but.., within the system guys are finding their roles etc. fun to watch…

  • Sixers win again. There’s just something special about this team. Gotta love it !!!!

  • Boooooooom

  • My favorite part was when all the ignorant fans wanted Brett brown fired!! Hahahahahahhahaha

    • lmfao. too funny and spot on CT. the jackasses got Hinkie ran out and they started going out brown

    • I don’t think there was much of that on here. I remember Angelo in the morning saying it but thats just for him to be a contrarian.
      I felt sorry for him having to pretend that he was coaching an NBA team with guys who would struggle in the D league–
      The NBA got Dinkie run out– any owner or GM or coach that listens to the radio or a blog should be run out… That includes you guys who supported Dinkie or those who didn’t–

  • i dont want to read 1 rumor about melo to philly not 1!!!!!!!

    • quite possibly my least favorite player EVER. I have zero respect for his game and bringing him in would put an end to my fragile (but recovering) fandom.

      • embiid is too likeable to quit no matter who they bring in but i agree. i just dont know how jerry is and what he is about but i would hate melo for a 2nd round pick

        • No to melo doesn’t fit our time line

          • plus he blows

        • CANCER can make even the nicest guy a bit irritable

          • I hate shaq so much the guy hates everything Philly even embiid, big dummy

            • I know Stephen a Smith can be nauseating at times but man I love his hate for cowboys, he went off on Dec Bryant, Philly style

  • Cooper Kupp? Don’t the Eagles have to draft him just for his name?

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