• August 19, 2022

The Eagles Need To Make Changes On Defense

It was hard to sit there and watch Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl with former Eagles cornerback, Eric Rowe, who supposedly wasn’t good enough to play on the Eagles defense. Add to that safety Patrick Chung, who was run out of Philadelphia, but now he has two Super Bowl rings. So, there you have it.  Two of the five defensive backs on the field for New England against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, couldn’t play for the Eagles.  That is an indictment of the Birds defensive coaches.  The Patriots defense was able to hold that explosive Falcons offense to only 21 points with Rowe and Chung on the field for nearly all of the defensive snaps.

How did they do it?

First of all, you never know what New England is going to do defensively.  They don’t sit there in the same defense like our past two defensive coordinators, previously Billy Davis under Chip Kelly and now Jim Schwartz under Doug Pederson.

Belichick always believes in taking away what the offense does best, but there’s no telling how he’s going to do it. He keeps the opposing offensive coordinator and quarterback guessing.  In this year’s Super Bowl, the game started out with the Pats being unable to even slow down the Falcons, but when the game was on the line, the New England defense made all the plays. Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia made the correct adjustments during the game and that made the difference. They started blitzing Matt Ryan.  That’s something which Schwartz seems very reluctant to do.

Ryan, a seasoned quarterback made some big mistakes by hanging onto the football and getting sacked.  It contributed to Atlanta’s demise.  Ryan got hit by Dont’a Hightower and fumbled, which proved to be the momentum swinger that changed the game.  Belichick and Patricia were playing to win, not sitting in the same defense like Davis and Schwartz have done the last few years.  Now the Pats have another Super Bowl title.

As for the Eagles cornerback situation, I’m very concerned about the Eagles corners because they don’t have the personnel to sit their cornerbacks out there on an island. Veteran Leodis McKelvin has already been shown the door, so that leaves Nolan Carroll, Jalen Mills, Ron Brooks Aaron Grymes and C.J. Smith.

Carroll and Brooks have some experience, but are they capable of succeeding in the Schwartz scheme if the front four isn’t forcing the quarterback to get the ball out of his hands quickly.  There are playmaking pass catchers on every team in the NFC East, except the Eagles.  The Birds cornerbacks will do well in training camp, but once the season starts they’ll get torched.

The Eagles are sure to draft a cornerback or two and they could sign a free agent corner, but I still want to see the Eagles mix things up more with their coverages and blitzes, especially on third down. They don’t have the cornerbacks to be able to play straight man-to-man 80% or 90% of the time. They’ve got to start changing things up more often. The Patriots didn’t’ ask Rowe to cover wide receivers man-to-man all day long.

The Eagles must make some tough decisions on their defensive line with defensive tackle Benny Logan and defensive end Conner Barwin . Logan is likely to get a substantial offer or two on the open market. Add to that information, the fact that the Birds have already given Cox a deal worth north of $100 million dollars, along with substantial deals to Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry.

The Eagles can’t afford to add another big contract to their defensive line. Birds defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will need to find a way to get the job done with Beau Allen and Destiny Veaeo playing bigger roles.

As for Barwin, he’s already let it be known that he will take a pay cut to stay with the Eagles. I would like to see Schwartz utilize Barwin’s versatility and show offenses some different looks on third down.   I know he believes in turning the front four loose on third down, but you must have adjustments if they’re not getting there.

At the linebacker position, don’t be surprised if Mychal Kendricks doesn’t return to play for the Birds. He was signed a couple of years ago to a substantial contract, but he didn’t even play 30% of the Eagles defensive snaps. Jordan Hicks and Nigel Bradham were the linebackers the Birds had on the field the majority of the time.  I’ll get into some depth of the Kendricks situation on a later article.



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  • CB Nolan Carroll is actually a Free-Agent as the Eagles had only signed him to a 1 Year Deal last year… He is very unlikely to return in 2017
    So the Eagles are thinner at CB then you indicated above…


    no way will i read past the first paragraph here:

    “It was hard to sit there and watch Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl with former Eagles cornerback, Eric Rowe, who supposedly wasn’t good enough to play on the Eagles defense. Add to that safety Patrick Chung, who was run out of Philadelphia, but now he has two Super Bowl rings. So, there you have it. Two of the five defensive backs on the field for New England against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, couldn’t play for the Eagles. That is an indictment of the Birds defensive coaches. The Patriots defense was able to hold that explosive Falcons offense to only 21 points with Rowe and Chung on the field for nearly all of the defensive snaps.”





    • No Mhenski.

      Patriots are cheaters. That’s why they win Super Bowls.

      Sarcasm by the way.

  • Mhenski. not much of a news flash about the Einstein of pro foootball .Mr B. of the pats.But you are so right on bout Belicheck , Scary to watch, when the pats were down 23 points or so, I saw Mr B scan the field and his computer like mind , was somewhere far ,far away,almost like he knew he had figured how to win at that moment in time,In truth, there is not much logic in waiting and wishing and hoping for the Birds to win a super bowl,until Mr. B, decides to retire,He can take our bums and turn them into stars, and if we take any their stars they quickly turn into bums.What an amazing football mind! His brain will day be in a jar at that Mutter museum.

    • nobody in new england calling chung or rowe stars. matter of fact rowe played like shit in the playoffs.

      this narrative from lazy philly reporters / bloggers put out there about him dominating or even playing well in new england is hilarious

      • And to further the lazy, hysterical “journalism”– if you go back to when they were dumped it was heralded as a good move by the same “journalist”

        • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA but now poof theyre studs (not even close) and its an indictment on eagles coaching… lmfao


          • That is my point..A top notch coaching staff/ is invaluable, the staff in some states, are more valuable than a city like philly could ever understand, Mr Kraft knows this, Jerry Jones knows this most of of the Cobbers do not know this, Oh sure they have dreams, hopes, Most them are broken, by teams such as the Pats, Boys, etc. Why do you think the Birds have never won a S. B.? Bad luck you say?Snow bowl you say?Randall not knowing the playbook you say?And blaming it on Sid Gillman you say?Perhaps big Red was too fat you say?No my friend, life all starts with how we we have been mentored.So do not blame Mr. Lurie nor blame Mr. Howie , it starts with the begining not the ending!!

            • Jerry jones! You are one weird dude.

              • Yes , When J.J. took that monster running back, in the first round he was mocked soundly by gents as yourself, However this road grader of a back will be haunting the Eagles and fans as myself, for nigh on to a decade,His Q.b will be winning more super bowls as did Mr, B.I am waiting for the Trophy to come to phillly.Weird??you have been saying that for quite a while ,However many of my weird posts come to be fact. Weird!! take my factual posts into cosideration.////Signed … A bigger Eagle fan than than HAC,,,

              • What is Mr. B?
                Also if your a cowboys fan so be it… Jones is a bafoon… Take your man crush elsewhere. Elliott won’t be a thorn in our side for 10 years, he’s a RB for Christs sake

  • That being said I really hope we draft corners first 2 rounds. Sidney jones or Quincy Wilson first round. With Desmond king in the second.

    Sure up that secondary and give that front 7 just another second to get there. That’s what separates everything in the NFL. Only a extra half second to a full one will make the diffence.

    Sign Nolan Carroll to more depth.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in FA. If Eagles take cb in FA they probably take wr first round.

    If they sign a wr in FA we probably go defense first round

    • not me.

      fuck a corner.

      eagles were in ballgames all damn year and losing by 1td or less. meanwhile are offense was embarrassing. HELL NO. get wentz corey davis. there inst a rookie corner helping us win this close games this upcoming year. NO WAY

      get the man a real WR or 2

      • in 8 games vs. stud receivers (jeffrey, a brown, bryant 2, beckham 2, jones, nelson) the eagles gave up 3 td’s to those guys. they for the most part got yards but i’m with henski, i want our guy to have a young go to guy

        • I just think theyre both going to be taken. Mike Williams top 10 for sure and I already know the Titans are taking one of them without a doubt.

          Titans will draft Corey. They want to give that silently damn good qb in Mariota some weapons as wel.

          Eagles most likely draft OJ howard and sign Alshon.

          • Titans have a pretty good WR Corp (Rishard Matthews, Tajae Sharpe, Harry Douglas, Tre McBride all Under Contract and Kendall Wright who is a Free-Agent and will likely move on)
            .. They need an Impact Cover CB and a Safety real bad on that back end of their Defense … I see them at #5 Pick going after CB Lattimore or Tabor or Safety J Adams or M Hooker and then maybe going at WR/TE with their 2nd 1st Round Pick which is at #18 where they could go TE Howard or speedster WR John Ross

            • Eagles will have 10th hardest schedule in NFL next year. Tied for Dallas.

              Most teams who finish last in Divison have perks, but not us. We just get to play last place teams like bears and panthers.

              Out of the 10 teams last season (2016) with the easiest schedule by winning % 7 made the playoffs.

              • Eagles need to Focus on beating Teams in their own Division.. You can’t go 2-4 within your own Division every year and expect to make the Post-Season
                How do they build a Roster & Adjust their Schemes to Beat the Cowboys, Giants & Redskins ? That should be their Focus to become a consistent Playoff Team with a chance

  • Falcons lost the Superbowl because their center’s leg was shot and after the pain killers wore off the Oline became leaky in the second half and they could not run the ball.

    Birds need to Cut Jason Peters and Ryan MAtthews and replace with Alshon Jedffery. That transaction alone makes this team better

  • Cooper Kupp!

    He’s everywhere!

  • I really hope the Eagles pass on RB Joe Mixon. I finally mustered up the energy to watch that video of Mixon punching that girl in her face like he was socking a dude. Honestly, I think this is something that happens all too often in today’s society. I’m sure this kid is sorry for his actions, but I’m not buying it. The only reason, and I mean the only reason why he apologized is because he has to. But just because he apologized does not mean that we as fans, coaches, owners etc have to accept his apology. To punch a girl in her face shows his true character. I understand teams, owners want to win in the worst way, but truly at what cost? Please make a point and make this piece of shit work for a living and DO NOT hand him an opportunity to play one of Americas greatest sports. Teach these young assholes that just because you “apologize” doesn’t mean it will be accepted..

  • Any shot in hell Desean and McCoy both make a come back? Haha

    I hope not. I don’t think roseman is that stupid. But damn it’s funny to think about

    • I hope CT lol, this article is trash, no research at all, just click bait

  • HAC. You sir .are a well versed Eagle fan , we cobbers know that, and I Admire that trait in you. MR B??? who is he ?,well my friend , you know who MR.B.is, so a question is not a question, if you already know the answer is it???Mr B has won 6 super bowls , so please sir do not be coy with a weird dude like me. !No cowboy fan here sir!! Only an Eagle fan ,but unlike yourself, I nave learned to look at life with all of the beauty and pain it brings us.And being an Eagle fan and a cub fan has taught me to be very, very. wary of hopes and dreams,Jones is the richest owner in the N.F.L.and he does know how to build a team,An adversary??? of course, but try to learn to respect /admire your adversary. Your weird dude Gcobber blogger ///Patrick!

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