• August 15, 2022

Thoughts On The Eagles’ Free Agency Moves

Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears (17) stiff arms Tramon Williams of the Green Bay Packers in the first half at Lambeau Field Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, in Green Bay, Wisc. (John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune) B583307973Z.1 ….OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS, NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION…

The Philadelphia Eagles were among the NFL’s most active teams on Day One of free agency, with Howie Roseman’s immediate priority to upgrade the supporting cast for quarterback Carson Wentz.

Despite the Birds entering with one of the lowest amount of available salary cap space to work with, Roseman brought in two starting wide receivers, including the most coveted name on the open market, Alshon Jeffrey. He also bolstered the offensive line by signing former Titans guard Chance Warmack.

To help pay for Jeffrey, Warmack, and Torrey Smith, the team did release defensive end Connor Barwin, creating over $7 million in cap room.

What do these moves mean for the Birds? Let’s break it down.

Instant Upgrades At Wide Receiver

The 2016 Eagles’ receivers was one of the most sorry bunch of losers you’ll ever see. The Jordan Matthews/Nelson Agholor/Dorial Green-Beckham trio actually made some fans long for the days of not only James Thrash and Todd Pinkston, but Charles Johnson and Torrance Small.

The team’s biggest need coming into this offseason was without a doubt the wide receiver position. They just couldn’t let Carson Wentz go into his second year without some kind of viable threat. And Howie addressed the issue in a big way at his first chance.

Now, while the Jeffrey and Smith signings are tremendous upgrades over the incumbents, they aren’t without issue. Jeffrey at times has looked like a dominant receiver, but has also struggled to play through certain injuries and his numbers have been on the decline for several years. The counter to that point is that the Chicago Bears have been a barren wasteland of an organization that have done little right, and Jeffrey is still young and talented enough that he could be poised to thrive and breakout with a change of scenery.

Of all the wide receivers that the Eagles were linked to, my preference was for them to pursue a trade for Brandin Cooks. But given that Roseman was actually able to land Jeffrey on a pretty team-friendly deal despite his lack of cap space, I really don’t have a problem with the move.

On a contract of three years for $15 million, its hard to not to like the Torrey Smith signing either. Smith gives the Birds the best deep threat they’ve had since DeSean Jackson left, and as a second starting wideout he should compliment Jeffrey very well.

What Do These Moves Mean For The Rest Of The Offseason?

I don’t think its out of the question that the Eagles could still go for a wide receiver in the first round of the draft. Given that Jeffrey is only on a one-year deal, if the team likes Corey Davis or Mike Williams enough, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them add even more talent to the position.

I would still say that corner is probably the priority going into April, with running back a close second.

Sticking with the wide receivers, I also now wonder if the team would consider trying to trade away Jordan Matthews. Given what the team has already done in free agency, I can’t see Matthews fitting into the club’s long-term plans anymore. It doesn’t make sense for them to pay significant money to a guy that wouldn’t be anything more than a glorified third receiver. Sure, you could argue that the team is better off keeping him around for a year as the slot receiver, but given his issues with drops, is Matthews really even all that good in his role? The slot receiver is a guy who you want to have the best hands on the team, and if not for the complete and constant failures of Nelson Agholor, Matthews would receive a great deal more criticism for his play.

The Chance Warmack signing could spell the end of the Jason Kelce era. Warmack could take over as the team’s starting left guard, allowing Isaac Seumalo to move to center.

Where Do The Eagles Stand In The NFC East?

Following the free agent signings, I would confidently put the Eagles above the Washington Redskins, who are in a state of complete dysfunction. Washington has already lost veteran receivers Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, and potentially could lose starting quarterback Kirk Cousins as well. The Redskins just seem destined for a complete freefall back to the basement of the division after enjoying two competitive seasons.

Brandon Marshall makes the Giants a much more exciting team on paper, giving Eli Manning the closest thing he’ll ever get to replicating Plaxico Burress. If New York ever thinks about fixing their offensive line, they’d be able to do some serious damage in the NFC.

The Cowboys were rumored to be one of the teams in on DeSean Jackson, and I’m relieved we won’t see a combo of Jackson and Dez Bryant on the field at the same time with Ezekial Elliot in the backfield.

A great deal of the offseason still remains, but the Eagles have already improved themselves considerably from what they were a year ago.

Denny Basens

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  • let’s kick ass!!!!!! Wooooooooo

  • What a great day.
    Howie is a wizard. This is a low-risk High reward FA day.

    Now we can get Corners and BPA in the draft.

    • Holy shit songs is back

  • Fuck a CB at 14 its a deep CB draft. You trade back a little in round 1 and pick OJ Howard the all world TE out of Alabama or you take Davis, Ross or Williams at WR. Or you trade back or stay put and take the best RB. Your offense is loaded then. Go CB the next 2 picks. You load up the offense for Wentz.I even would trade back into 20s for an extra 2nd and take McCaffery who will be Sproles, Welker and Edleman all rolled into 1.

    • Dunno if anyone would pull the trigger on Howard in the eagles front office bc we got 3 under contract and ertz is on a big deal and not going anywhere. Seems like tb corner, dline and maybe an lb or 2 will be pressing needs.

      I’d love him or Miami te just don’t see it unless someone will trade for ertz.

      I’d love Corey but don’t see it either unless jmatt being traded which I don’t see bc of chemistry with wentz.

      Draft is a bit more interesting now.

      I really wanted Corey Davis but can’t see it happening anymore. Prob d line or corner round 1. And yes this draft is loaded with corners. Ray diddy said maybe the best ever but there are 3 or 4 that are the cream of the crop. U can get 2nd round talent corner in maybe the 4th this year but the 1st round talent at corner r all going round 1

  • So far the moves look good. Will they trade aghalor and dgb? Should move aghalor for anything possible. I think matthews should stay too. I wouldn’t have a problem with a wr in the first round as it sounds like there are many rbs who are capable of playing right away and reports indicate there are 12 plus cb’s who are said to be starters.

  • In other news Dario saric prob overtook embiid for roy. Kids an animal. Awesome draft pick well worth the wait.

    • Yeah he is pretty fun to watch. IF the planets align and you actually get him Embiid and Simmons on the court at the same time, it should be pretty great. Add in a stud from this year’s draft and could be a pretty fun year next year.

  • In more other news. I really need koolbreeze to come back to tel us all about. HOWIE THE ACCOUNTANT.

  • Denny: Don’t be shocked if Howie drafts a DE in the 1st round and goes heavy for CB in the subsequent rounds. The DEs available at 14 will be significantly superior to DEs in Rd 2, but the Corner Backs they can draft at 14 will probably not be that different than those available at 43 and maybe 75. Remember Swartz’s defense begins with the pass rush.

    • Interesting idea.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a RB in round 1 if Fournette or Cooks are there at 14.

      • I pray no Cooks from FSU, that combine performance scares the hell out of me. he is not very athletic at all. give me the kid from Tennessee or McCaffrey

  • You move back in 1st round draft Howard at te and pair him with ertz in 2 te set with Jeffries and Smith on outside and draft joe nixon in 4th round at rb. Then your 2 second round picks you go CB. Release Celeck and make Burton hybrid.

    • Realistically the Eagles will trade back to recoup the 2nd rounder next year.

  • nice torrey smith only gets 500k guaranteed

  • Which of the two wideouts are signing one year “show me” deals with Sam I am? crickets …now the entire Pederson playbook can be implemented and the addition of wide receivers who can actually run disciplined routes and catch the ball ,will test our back end in practices ..don’t discount the domino effect

    • Smith can burn man he’s fast

    • Yup. We are getting better.

  • Well, at least folk won’t be blaming the wideouts this year.

  • Will the birds look to compile more picks in a deep corner draft or will they find a plum of a defensive end ? Will they go after a running back in rounds one or two? What if any improvements will be the additions of the two FA receivers have on DGB or Agholor .The holes have certainally shrunk down ,but still there is work to be done ..Its obviously a Divison with a plethora of wideout weaponry in Dallas and NY ..we’ve addressed offensively the match up,now I’d assume the other side of the ball ,will become the full focus ..

  • There are only so many reps in practice and I’d be surprised if a wide out is taken in earlier rounds ..in a show me deal in both FAs I’m supportive of a running back to compliment this group ,or a bushel of corners ..

    • It’s RB and DEFENSE. Although if OJ Howard is there he may be one of the best players in this draft and taking him helps us and keeps him off of the enemy team.

    • The WR depth chart is fuzzy– you need your 4th and 5th WR to play special teams– a bunch of special teams– so to the best of my knowledge agholar and DGB don’t….

      • In flipp we trust on that hac..its important to see if we cut bait with dgb or assholor..i guess you can tell im not high on half nelson..the other part of the equation on special teams is that neither bring kick or punt return to the table..i agree with you ..but if jmatt is in the slot and two tight end sets are employed. .what value either has,will be used as lerage if were to re-sign jeffreys ..

      • dgb gone hac, thats as close to fact as it gets. i doubt assholor too but maybe. think eagles could potentially still draft davis and follow that up by cutting dgb and smith. or i could see us drafting davis, trading jmatt, cutting only dgb. davis is real versatile can go outside or slot. in a perfect world our 2 wr sets are alshon and davis and 3 wide go torrey, davis and alshon… my dream at least

    • yea and if eagles draft a wr 1st. they wont have any reservations in taking reps away from torrey (only guaranteed 500k & a 1 trick pony), assholor or DGB (who will be cut regardless)

      • Torrey is a ring man..dont discount that..it allows the ertz of the world to work in open space. Id also think jmatt is affoded that same prospect. .hes vital to the r u n game as they wont be leaving a safety in the box. Hes actually a pretty good piece

        • big fan of jmatt. could see him being moved if we can get davis b/c then his services wont really be needed.. i guess it just depends on if the front office thinks he is worth 10ish mill a year to resign…

          its good we have some options now with some talent and not locked into anything is all im saying

          • 1 thing is for sure HOWIE THE ACCOUNTANT is savage. ppl rated him as worst gm last year i think and then he follows up that rating with absolutely preying on the vikings and clobbering them with that trade for that bum. gives up virtually nothing for our franchise qb. gets the best FA wr to agree to a 1 year deal.

            this guys awesome

  • Eagles re-signed G/C Stefen Wisniewski to a three-year contract.
    The six-year veteran has spent most of his career at center but worked exclusively at guard last season, making six starts for the Eagles. Perhaps Philadelphia will move on from Jason Kelce and shift Wis back to center.
    Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter
    Mar 10 – 10:41

    man that writing been on the fall with kelce but they replacing the writing with a blinking sign now

    • going on zilents trade of jmatt to the seahawks. seahawks have 3 3rd round picks this year. we have 2 4ths.

      jmatt and kelce and a 4th (seahawks have no 4ths) for 2 3rds?

      run that by ur source zilents!

    • Howie pretty much has 3 trades lined up Kendrick’s, daniel, and Kelce clearing space for cheaper options, I am hearing from my source both Kelce and Kendrick’s to Vikings for picks, not sure what picks

      • He’s not sure on jmatt anymore, eagles really like him

        • Jmatt trade depends if we get cupp in second rd, they have 3 suitors for Daniel’s

        • im really hoping this source is true. think gary should be hoping this too…

          • Fa was easier for my guy to get info, he says trades change so much it’s hard to get a grasp on which trade the eagles will do

    • I think the Eagles are going to give Seumalo every chance to take that Center position. Wisnewski will be a depth swing man. I knew Kelce was history last year as soon as they drafted Seumalo. The Eagles want a more stout and powerful line…Kelce is the weak link.

      • Ever since that stomach injury Kelce has been so weak, like even more so now

        • Can we now all agree the only sources we all give 2 shits about are tomato sauces. Gravy

          • i care about incarcerated bob!

            • LMAO that Bob guy was dead on

  • OK..so LAdarius Webb has been released…kick tires?? Also i wouldnt mind inquiring about Levy from Detroit. Just a thought. Also in the 1st i think we should go BPA no matter what position. I only say Sidney Jones would be my pick if he is there if not BPA. 2nd rd CB …3rd Wr.

    • Sorry 3rd RB

      • Hell no to Webb yes to levy,Webb was moved to safety still sucked, I like levy, played for swartz, has injury history but good on field. Give him 1 yr contract with 2nd yr offer, good stopgap

        • We need another lb maybe we give gruger hill a chance at wlb, either way we need to draft one at least in 4to rd

  • cant wait to see what alshon really is. production was nice when he played and had marshall next to him. production dipped and injuries rose when there was no marshall

  • I have had “hail to the redskins” playing non stop this morning– news from DC gets better and better….

    • Dude it’s like Christmas here for me just licking their tears

      • Just when u think Howie is done he gives us another prize alshon deal is only 9 against cap everything else is incentives, damn he the man

    • Really haveacigar did that pump you up or something did that give them old bones a jolt of energy. I bet that wore off real quick when you realized no matter how dysfunctional the Redskins are it hasn’t prevented them from kicking the Eagles ass.

      • The eagles haven’t been good for a few years mac..that much is true– the failed kelly experiment is a lesson in dysfunction- however our ship seems to have been righted and the redskins who yes have kicked our ass recently is spinning in a downward spiral so yes that does get these old bones fired up– next question

  • Nolan Carroll is signing with the Cowboys


    • Good. Wentz will target whatever receiver he is defending! Big day for that receiver.

  • 3-year, $10 million deal with $4M in the first year

  • Cooks to the Patriots


    • Good, no more trade for Cooks talk!

  • Bennie Logan mulling over a 1 yr deal from the Redskins among other 1 yr offers

  • Bennie can go!!!!

    Draft his replacement

    • DT Carlos Watkins 6’4″ 310 Clemson 2/3 round.

      • Boom! That’s beautiful

  • Patriots make me sick. How the hell do they do it?!?

    • SMFH

    • The Pats do the same to me ! Many reasons why they are so successful., one is top quality front office that goes all the way down to the Gatorade boy. .,Scouts, and a hof q,b, and a coach who is a total football genius , The pats also seem to even be in control of negative press as well ! I notice few if any ex- players have even semi-negative comments, It sure is uncanny, the way Kraft and Mr B have built a machine so well oiled! It make many fans ask how?

  • With the Eagles being cap strapped I wonder if they entertain trading Peter’s alot of needy tackle teams

    Just to name a few these teams maybe desperate and give up a 3rd for him or 4th especially in Denver if they get Romo they have superbowl hopes

  • I’m still a Lil torn on these moves,only cause they are 1yr deals now if they go out and kill I think they are gonna out price themselves and eagkes,are gonna be in the same spot next yr, that’s why I wanted cooks younger cheaper controlled his contract essentially for 3 yrs and even after those 3yrs he would’ve only been 26 for this reason I think wr and te are in serious play in the 1st rd … if Jeffery is hurt or gets suspended again then the Eagles won’t resign him if he kills the eagkes won’t be able to resign him so don’t be shocked if Davis or howard are the 1st rd pick

    • Gloom we control both Jeffrey and Smith, we can franchise Jeffrey if need be then just pick up Smith’s 5 mill offer, no need to worry my man

  • Question would any of you trade Brandon graham for Malcom Butler then draft Derek barnett

    • No Graham works for us, I don’t trust any player who patriots get rid of

  • The Eagles are in position to go defense heavy in the draft.

    Here’s my dream defensive draft.

    Rd 1 DE Taco Charlton 6’5″ 270 (Michigan)
    Rd 2 CB Tre’Davious White 6’0″ 192 (LSU)
    Rd 3 DE Tanoh Kpassagnon 6’7″ 280 (Villanova)
    Rd 4 CB Kevin King 6’3 192 (Washington)
    Rd 4 RB Joe Mixon 6’1″ 228 (Oklahoma) Not defense..but to much value to pass on
    Rd 5 LB ILB Kendell Beckwith 6’2″ 252 (LSU)

    Concerning Tanoh Kpassagnon the Eagles met with him at the SR Bowl and the Combine. I think here is legitimate interest there.
    Overall I think this defensive mock draft is realistic and would be a game altering injection of talent as far as pressuring the QB and forcing turnovers.

    • Rd 6 WR Josh Reynolds 6’3 195 ( Texas A&M)
      Rd 7 TE Adam Shaheen 6’5″ 275 (Ashland)

    • No dt

      • I can et by with Beau Allen for a year as he can stuff the run. I need pas rush and corners to allow the DE’s to get home.

        I like Carlos Watkins from Clemson, but the DE’s nd corners offer more impact.

        • I see what u mean

          • What’s wrong with Derek barnett

          • DT Varejo probably has more quickness as a Pass-Rusher from the DT
            But I expect the Eagles to line up V Curry as a Pass Rusher from the DT Position in obvious Passing Downs ..
            Has anyone heard or read about the DE McAllister from last year’s Draft who was injured and placed on IR for 2016? He went about 250lbs but was quick off the edge before his Injury?

            • Mccallister was a 7th round pick out of florida,who admittedly should have gone higher due to disciplinary issues..hes a handful if healthy ,and adds to the depth..getting pressure was the obvious deficiency. It also was supposed to be the vaunted front 7 ,so as well as corners and the lack of pressure will be draft day disciplines. .paul what player at 14 do you forecast? Id be surprised if its an offensive player myself

              • With the Signings of WR’s Jeffrey & Smith plus the Signings ooL Warmack & Wisnewski you have to think the Eagles are going to go Defense at #14
                with a CB, OLB or Pass Rusher
                I think the CB Position is so Deep that good ones can be Drafted in the 2nd/3rd Roun
                At DE Barnett of Tennessee, Solomon of Stanford, Charlton of Michigan
                At LB Tim Williams, Reuben Foster both of Alabama and both are dropping down the Draft Board and could very well be there ..
                OLB Takarist McKinley is injured so he’s falling
                Zac Cunningham of Vanderbilt can Play Inside/Outside and has length and athleticism that Schwartz likes in his LB’s
                CB’s there are lots …
                Sidney Jones of Washington was injured on his final drill earlier today at Their College Workout Day, it’s a lower leg injury and he was reportedly taken off the field In a Cart with his left leg elevated,which doesn’t sound good..
                Florida’s Teez Tabor ran a 4.66 40 Time at the Combine so he’s dropped to a likely 2nd Round Selection

                TE there OJ Howard and the kid from Miami
                RB there will be Fournette, Cook & McCaffery

                With a Deep Defensive Draft Could the Eagles Trade Back from #14 let’s say to the 20th Range and still get a quality CB/LB or DL and pickup an extra Draft Pic by doing so?
                There has to be Teams liking these WR’s (Mike Williams Corey Davis & John Ross) that could be willing to move up to get ..
                Would the Eagles be smart to Select one of them even though they will likely sit behind Jeffrey, Smith for their Rookie Seasons to learn?

    • This would be a nice Draft and infusion of Young Talent on the Defensive Side of the Ball.. There are a lot of good CB’s in this Class and Eagles need to Draft 2 of them

  • I’ve read the birds have interest in DT Johnathan Hankins from NYG. He is young, huge and a monster against the run. To my knowledge he’s still available and looking at the numbers, he provides more pass rush push up the middle than Logan did.

    • Hes in denvers sights ..

  • Definitely going to tc this yr, and I love watching the project type guys like mccalister, I’m hoping he turns into jevon kearse, read a article he was up to 254 20 pds heavier then college, hope he’s ready to explode this yr

  • Dammit the corner Jones got hurt I wanted him at 14 shid

    • Definitely take de 1st now with Jones torn acl, then draft corner in 2no and 4to rd

      • Shit even worse torn Achilles

  • Now they are saying the Eagles offered Malcom jenkins + 3rd and 4th Rd picks for cooks but the saints wanted a 2nd Rd pick and jenkins…

    If true I don’t know if I would’ve done the deal but I would’ve seriously thought about it…

  • Better get our corner backs this year, because next year’s crop suck. Only 2 CBs projected to go in the top 50. This year will have 8-10 in the top 50! Next year will be a good year for QBs, RBs, OTs, and ok for WRs. Just saying……

    • Hell no to that deal seems like fake news

  • Man this OJ Howard kid is a beast. Just watched a few highlight videos of him. I can see him becoming one of the best TEs in the NFL. Not only can he catch the ball well, but he has some damn good speed for a guy his size. I’m absolutely ok with the Eagles selecting him with that #14 overall pick. I can only see him now lined up alongside Jeffery, Smith, and Matthews. And in a 2 TE set formation with Ertz would give LBs fits. I love Sidney Jones from Washington, but after that nasty achillies tear I would stay clear of that in the first round..

  • I was looking at bgn they had a post about trading for Kyle fuller would definitely do that for low rd pick and assalor

  • Foles signed? what is going on? Daniels fliping for a pick?

    • Howie has been had a deal lined up for chase, Vinnie your boy is back, kool we need you back man, we also restructured ertz

  • If we get anything for Daniels it will have been an incredible march…. wow- Foles at a cheap price to be a back up, a bonus in getting a pick for daniels plus saving the cap space– i feel like foles will be a better back up then daniels anyway. get me two corners, a lb, a WR in the draft please.

  • weird move. i love foles as a backup. but man eagles must finally realize how trash daniels is to cut him and sign foles which means our qb cap hit actually goes up with this move

    and its extra strange we cutting him now. if we waiting until june 1 we wouldve saved 2 mill instead of 1. weird stuff but ill take it

    • Daniels is an indictment of the coach,who obviously lobbied for daniels ,to integrate the AR program..

      • I think they got exactly what they wanted out of daniels– a voice in Wentz’ ear when the coaches were not allowed to coach him….

        • Daniel’s was about to get traded to Cleveland. But he will restructure his contract if eagles release him, and save us extra money on cap, Howie in savage mode

  • Michael Kendricks for Jeremy hill

  • Happy to hear about Foles Return as the Back-up, who can at least get the ball down the Field in case if Wentz ever gets injured… Daniels was a comfort Signing for HC Doug Pederson and that’s about it.. He served his 1 Year Purpose and now they are going to move on from him, which is fine.. Good Move by Howie and the Eagles.. If they can buy some time with Daniels, I think they can Trade him to a Team who is need of a veteran Back-up as there are quite a few Teams around the NFL that have no clear-cut Back-Ups (Bears,Jets,Chiefs,Browns,49ers,Cowboys,TB Bucs,Redskins,Etc) and maybe they can get a 6th/7th Round Conditional Pick and get rid of his Contract.. I wouldn’t just release him just yet because his feelings are Hurt

    • Another comfort move for Doug pederson is nick foles. They have connections and history together.

      He also knows the system very well. Playing with Reid in both philly and KC.

      Will be another nice guy for Wentz to learn off of and get a better grip of the offense from a veteran

  • Eagles 2017 Mock Draft (Version #10)
    No Trade Ups or Back, Taking the Best Player Available

    Rd 1 – #14 – LB Rueben Foster (Alabama 6-0 230lbs) Day 1 Starter at MLB and Jordan Hicks to move to WILL giving the Eagles their LB Corps in Years (Bradham,Foster & Hicks)

    Rd 2 – #43 – CB Chidobie Awuzie (Colorado 6-0 202lbs) Day 1 Starter
    The Best Overall Cover CB in this Draft, No Weakness’s and very Physical

    Rd 3 – #75 – DE Tarell Bashell (Ohio 6-4 269lbs) Will add Depth at DE behind B Graham and V Curry where they have little experience and production

    Rd 4 – #119 – CB Jalen Myrick (Minnesota 5-10 200lbs) Fast,Fast,Fast … Ran a 4.28 40 Time at the Combine, becomes the projected Slot CB and a Special Teams Demon and Kick/Punt Returner to groom to replace Sproles in 2018

    Rd 4 – #139 – WR Kenny Golladay (Northern Illinois 6-4 218lbs) Big Target, Runs Routes well and uses his Size and Leaping ability… Could be one the real Sleepers in the Draft and Replaces DBG as a Reliable 3rd Outside WR and Alshon Jeffrey if he leaves in Free-Agency next Off-Season

    Rd 5 – #155 – RB James Connor (Pittsburgh 6-1 233lbs) A Big In-Between the Tackles Runner which the Eagles Need desperately for Short Yardage/red-Zone and who can also catch out of the Backfield.. He has very Soft Hands and Nimble Feet for a Big Guy..

    Rd 6 – # 194 – DT Charles Walker (Oklahoma 6-2 310lbs) D/L Depth and Compete for a Back-Up Rotational Player

    Rd 7 – # 230 – CB Nate Hairston (Temple 6-0 196lbs) Secondary/Special Teams Depth

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