• January 23, 2022

Video: LeGarrette Blount & Jay Ajayi Talk About The Trade & Playing Together

All day at the Nova Care Complex, it’s been question after question about two of the Eagles running backs LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi.  Blount had been the main ball carrier for the Birds thus far this season, but with the acquisition of Ajayi, there’s a chance the former Miami Dolphin could become the number one ball carrier for the Eagles.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen because Ajayi will need to learn the offense and nobody knows how long that will take. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson made it very clear that he’s not going to just throw Ajayi in there.  They wouldn’t commit to a decision about the upcoming game as to whether he will play or not.


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  • Watched cam newton at his press con. he is as good as bill belichik at giving reporters the belichik stare down. And he treats the reporters questions as they were posed by a 3 rd grade student , I knew there was something special a bout newton that i liked , You be the man cam!

    • Since he is universally criticized for acting like a jack ass at press conferences multiple times I can on,y assume you are either kidding or mentally challenged..

    • You are applauding Cam for acting like an ahole and a petulant child? That is not something to be celebrated. If you wanna be a leader, you stand in the good time and in the bad times.

  • smdh…team 7-1; just acquired on of the best young backs in the game for a hoagie and a pack of Newports, but Cam Newton is somehow more important?

    • He is the new fraud man

  • If healthy there is no team in the east and I mean NO team that wants the sixers in the playoffs… Simmons and embid facilitate incredible ball movement. Wow

    • My man HAC

      Finally. After years of not believing is finally seeing the full picture.

      Can’t say much. Took my a while on the Sammy Sleeves situation.

      But yes!! The scary the part about this whole situation is that wait until Fultz takes over for Bayless in crunch time. The kid is going to be a special 2 way player.

      Sixers with better record then Cleveland 8 games in with Indiana up next.

      5-4 ?

      • I will never ENDORSE losing on purpose when you charge full price for tickets…. when you charge NBA prices for D league play…. as we see assets Okafor and Noel are not assets, rather liabilities…

        That said they are a love for the billy c playing days… I had a BC poster in my room during their historic losing season,,,

        • You are going to forget about that losing really really fast.

          As for losing on Purpose, I watched the sixers when they won 19,18,10 and 28 games. They battled every single game and never gave up. It’s hard to win when u don’t start your first round picks (Nerlens Noel, Joel for 3 years, Ben Simmons, Dario, fultz) okafor won’t be sixer soon
          Michael Carter williams won ROY but only stat stuffed on a horrible team.

          I could be wrong, and I hope I am. But I’m not impressed with Dario. He pisses me off every time he touches he ball. Is clumsy, and average defender, and not a great shooter. Always is getting manhandled and turning it over.

          If u do not want to support something, think of what Doug Collins did to this organization, and how much it set us back.

          SAM HINKIE THE GOAT knew it would take time, and he sure as hell took it.

          Only mess up is not getting Kristaps, but who knows? Are we in our situation right now if we take Kristaps over okafor?

          Imagine if we get lakers pick.

  • Hinkie is a nobody… he’d be in the league otherwise

    Watching the WS… somebody correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Charlie Morton a washed up pitcher the phils paid at some point?

    • He’s the man who
      Turned the sixers around.

      And the way he did it cost him his job.

      Also made the rockets contenders.

      Back 2 back success stories, and he’s fired.

      U can’t make it up man. Trust the process

      • He would have a job if all you say is true- BTW he wasn’t the GM in Houston.

  • Carson Wentz named NFC Offensive Player of the Month “MEH”

    Maybe they made a mistake and meant to give it to Blake Bortles, Ryan Tannehil or some other middle of the road QB..Perhaps Dak Prescott or Cam Newton should have received that honor …right TS?

    • This from kool breeze on April 16, 2016

      Wentz has not been close to the speed of the NFL game, he needs time to develop, time to grow…and then we need to see more than the sales job…can he stare down the barrel of a nasty, mean NFL player coming at him with bad intentions…
      He hasn’t seen anything close to that in his college career

      • oops April 12 not 16th

      • Bwahahahaha…good ol’ koolbreeze. The dope of dopes.

  • I guess HC Pederson isn’t going to abandon the run with Howie getting him another running back ( Ajayi) . We should expect a 50/50 split between running and passing plays in the immediate future. I can’t imagine HC Pederson dresses 5 running backs against the Broncos. I figure Kenjon Barner dresses because he is the punt returner; leaving 3 spots open between Blount, Smallwood, Clement, & Ajayi.

  • Brock Osweiler getting his first start of the year for the Broncos. (Bronco QB turmoil ) Is that a good thing or would you rather have Trevor Siemian? Not sure how I feel about that. I think I would rather have the slower Osweiler with a scaled down offense.

  • Well old head HAC has been forced into the 21st century…his beloved sixers and phillies are all in with this analytic stuff. Apparently the eagles are as well. Oh well hope it works

  • Deshaun Watson suffers a non contact ACL tear. Out for the season. Reportedly happened practicing a read option. Terrible news for a very good talent. Hope he gets well and comes back stronger.

    • open field ahead now for Kareem Hunt ( rookie of the year )

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