• June 25, 2022

Eagles Podcast: Reactions To The Jay Ajayi Trade, Eagles-Broncos Projections

The Philadelphia Eagles made a splash before the NFL trade deadline, acquiring former Pro-Bowl running back Jay Ajayi from the Miami Dolphins.

On this week’s podcast, Denny Basens is joined by Tucker Bagley and Jesse Larch to break down the move for the Birds, as well as preview the upcoming game against the Denver Broncos.

Denny Basens

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Video: LeGarrette Blount & Jay Ajayi Talk About The Trade & Playing Together

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Thoughts From Eagles-Broncos


  • I would be surprised if Torry Smith gets $5 million again from the Eagles but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles and Smith agree to a reduced salary and he comes back next year.

    • Unless Torrey Smith suddenly lights it up he’s not coming back. Mack Hollins’ offensive snaps have been increasing and he’s producing. Hollins will take Smith’s place, maybe before the year ends. They will activate Shelton Gibson next year. The only question is will Alshon Jeffery return. Smith is out of here though…book it!

      • Mack Hollins appears to me to be the best run blocking wr on the eagle roster. I can’t tell what happens on the road because TV viewing prevents that but when watching in the Linc Mack Hollins run blocking is impressive.

  • Next year means nothing. 7–1, top seed hopefully… WTF does next year have to do with anything? NFL rosters flip … it’s the business. I loved b west number 36, now I hope to love hay … it’s the colors and helmet I route for not necessarily the ever changing cast.
    Torrey, catch a winning TD in the super bowl and you will never buy a beer around here

    • It’s okay to talk about next year, and the year after if we want. Us talking about next year or years from now is not going to effect or impact the Eagles team at all…so relax! We can talk about next year and still be focused on this year…yes it’s possible to do so! We know the team is 7-1, we know the team is playing well, however, if we want to discuss things down the road..it’s okay…trust me..it’s okaaaaay, it in no way, shape or form diminishes our fandom or ability to focus on what is happening now.

      • MEH

        • of course you can talk about anything you’d like– I understand fans attention span is flea like and that the evil empire has turned into a 24/7/365 opportunity to sell tv time and commericals

          • I was offering 2 cents to some of the content provided in the Denny’s podcast. Denny posed a question /topic to Jesse Larch about Torrey Smith. Jesse Larch speculated that the Eagles might opt out of Torrey Smith’s contract for multiple reasons. I agreed with one of Jesse Larch’s reason’s, financial; but speculated that Torrey might still be valuable to the Eagles at a reduced salary.

            • Sorry I didn’t listen to the ‘content’ as DB has proven to be more fan than journalists… but ok talk 2018 cap all you want. I sit back and let Howie the accountant take care of it

  • Trap game against the broncos– their D is excellent.

    • Eagles weakness for the foreseeable future is with their linebackers. KC beat the eagles with Hunt and Kelce. I don’t even know who the Broncos Tight end is ? I don’t see a nobody TE coming into the Linc and destroying the birds.

      • Gotta keep in mind Eagles lost Hicks and Rodney in that chiefs games. Eagles were destroying Hunt.

        It wasn’t until they got hurt that Hunt broke one off on Safety Corey Graham.

        Kelce is the first tight end who had a good game on us in a while. And his only touchdown came on a shovel pass which was excellent design by coach Reid

        • It’s not that the broncos are good, they’ve lost 3 in a row, fighting for their season and we are due a stinker

  • One of the few times , I can recall g cobb saying something, that sounded like it came directly from a fan ” it bothers me, that Ertz may not play against the opponent this week cause of a hamstring”As cobb knows better than me, a hamstring can be a lingering injury , for the rest of the season, and into the playoffs. No need to play Ertz unless the medical team says he is 100% Cobb does not need click bait , he is already accomplished, as a player, a writer, etc, a foolish, foolish , statement by The Cobb,It is akin to mehenski saying he only reads playboy for the stories, If a man looks at playboy he is a sexist, Come on G get real!You know better!

  • Ertz is playing. The hammy only got a little tight.

    Unfortunately I think you’re right HAC. This game could be the one where the 20-25+ points a game streak ends.

    I could see Wentz being under pressure a lot this Game. Maybe fumbling or throwing a couple picks.

    I could also see Denver getting a defensive td or setting up the Denver offense for a easy one.

    We gotta run the ball a shit ton this game and get the hell out of dodge. Pound Blount Smallwood and Clement, and rest Jay for the bye week along with Darby for the dallas game.

    This is a non conference game. It’s important, but not like next week.

    Philly could be more focused on the bye week, and meanwhile Denver is healthy, hungry and desperate. They match up well against us also.

    16-20 Denver wins this one.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    But Denver is playing their season

    • Denver is healthy? Are you sure? I thought their OL was banged up

      • Leary has returned

        And so has sanders

  • Just read that Kelce was named best center in football by some publication that studies that stuff… used the word ‘elite’ in the article…. most on here should say “my bad, I’m a dummy”

  • Fuck ertz is out time for Burton aggy and Mack 10 to step up

  • This will be a transformative game.Ertz out will allow for Burton and celek to step up increasing their workloads …Wentz without a safety blanket and integration of Ajaiy will be fascinating to watch ..Denvers just hasn’t scored offensively ,so I’d assume we’d see even more touches in the slot from Agholor and little dump offs to Ajaiy ..This game will match the two better defenses ,and I’d expect the Birds unit to step it up a notch ,in a field position game ..Special teams will be a determining factor and as always turnovers ..protect the rock ..

  • No Ertz. So burton celek step up ..This team has exhibited a resiliency and consistency and depth of character guys that’s so envied around the league ,and in competitive pro sports .we finally give coach his props. 13straight 20+ point games ..

  • MEH!

  • Meh is the best QB in the league .. the dummies have disappeared

  • Love




    • But TS said the Eagles are a middle of the road team and Carson is Meh.
      Koolbreeze said Wentz was a bust and garbage.
      8-1 fools…lmao

  • And the fool asses have fallen back.

    Wayyyyyy back

    What a bunch of idiots

    Ps curse of paul man has been lifted

  • I wish we didn’t mortgage the future… we are FUCKED
    Fucking 50… 50 youdummies

  • Funny… the dummies go silent

    • The eagles are too good!!!! Lmao

      • Meh..lol

  • Anybody wish we still had sleeves? CRICKETS …where are the songs and kool and TS and Pman ..we’ve seen 11 not only lead us towards lofty goals he’s also drained the swamp ..I got to give a shout out to the Eagles scouting dept..Ajayai is a solid acquisition and likely could be as dynamic a pick up in Eagles history ..The two headed monster would be punishing defenses,taking their will and out physical teams in the trenches on both sides of the ball ..Game ball to big V .. He was. Inconspicuous ,which means he was effectively good.Theres a dynamic on this team which illustrates how each guy wants to pick up the slack of a missing piece ,Wentz ,un flustered ,by Ertz missing just found his tight end wearing a different numeral..almost seamless..This was a really good defense they beat ..and humbled ..They will be on a collision course with the Cowgirls ,and no thanks to big red ,they’ll be playing their division opponents at almost full strength off a bye ..I loved Jeffrey today ..he stepped up ..big time ,and will pose a huge threat in the home stretch ..who you going to cover ajayi with out of the backfield? Weapons are spread like an Eagles wings ..something in my decades of Eagles football ,I can’t recall a team ,posing as many offensive threats ..they can beat you vertically and also pound the rock ..the QB seemingly always finds the correct reads ,rarely ,not putting the ball ,just where it needs be..Gone are 5s worm balls ..gone is Sammy sleeves dinking and dunking ..gone is a coach who wants to be the focus ..Gone is a coach who has to do a better job ..gone is a coach pleading he has to put his guys in position to make plays …so a lot has been purged …the swamp is drained and wentzilla has emerged ..in year two..magical ..

  • Just thinking we lost sproles ..we lost hicks ,we lost Darby ,we lost Ertz,we lost our hall of fame left tackle in peters,only thing we haven’t lost are games 8-1 baby …the sked sets up with that west coast bonding trip ,where the Eagles will play @seattle. And La (I’ll be at the coliseum) a bucket list ..and train that week at Anaheim in between ..the convo will begin after that stretch and the home field throughout specter ..I’m so much enjoying this .

  • Ps

    Crab legs Winston blows

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