• May 26, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Raiders

Foles’ Ineffectiveness Cause For Concern?

If you watched Nick Foles quarterback the Philadelphia Eagles tonight, you’d never believe that this was a guy that once threw for seven touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders.

Foles looked lost tonight. He connected on just 19 of 38 pass attempts for 163 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Foles was never in any kind of rhythm. I do believe that the weather conditions had an impact on the game. Both the Eagles and Raiders struggled to get their passing games going, but Foles wasn’t at all sharp, and made things worse by making mistakes.

Foles got away with a ball that should have been a pick-six to Oakland safety Reggie Nelson in the first half. It was a pass intended for Zach Ertz that just never had a chance, with Foles missing his mark considerably.

In the second half, Foles couldn’t get any kind of offensive momentum going. He seemed to get worse as the game went on. Six of the Eagles’ eight second half drives resulted in three-and-outs. Foles took a terrible sack late in the game that pinned Donnie Jones back deep in his own territory with just over a minute to go in the game.

Defense Rises To Occasion

Fortunately for Foles and the offense, the defensive unit bounced back in a big way after getting humiliated by the New York Giants last weekend.

Jim Schwartz’s group held Oakland to just 10 points, and also forced five turnovers, several of which coming at crucial points in the game.

Patrick Robinson picked off Derek Carr in the third quarter, setting up the offense in Oakland territory. Jay Ajayi would fumble the ball away on the next play, but Vinny Curry responded by forcing a fumble on Marshawn Lynch, setting up the Eagles with a short field, enabling them to tie the game with a field goal.

In the fourth quarter, the Raiders were building momentum, having moved the ball deep into Eagle territory, but Malcolm Jenkins ripped the ball away from Jalen Richard, saving the team at least three points.

With just over a minute to go, cornerback Ronald Darby made the biggest play of the game, intercepting Carr close to midfield, setting up the offense for the go-ahead field goal.

It was an effort that this defense badly needed after struggling so heavily over the last month.

Quick Thoughts


  • Stefen Wisniewski missed a second straight game with an ankle injury, giving the Eagles another full game of Chance Warmack. Warmack got off to a decent start, throwing a key block on Jay Ajayi’s touchdown, but committed a holding penalty later in the game that helped kill a drive, and also was responsible for forcing Ajayi’s fumble in the second half by launching himself into Ajayi in an effort to push him over the first-down marker.
  • Lane Johnson shutout Khalil Mack, but also was flagged for three big penalties.
  • Jay Ajayi led the team in rushing with 52 yards, but most of that came in the first half. The Raiders were really able to clamp down on the running game in the second half once it became apparent that Nick Foles wasn’t going to do much throwing the ball.
  • Just 12 yards on five carries for LeGarrette Blount. Blount has been such a non-factor on offense ever since Ajayi came into the picture, and its fair to wonder if he’s reaching the end of the line.
  • Alshon Jeffery was taken out of the game, with no receptions on two targets. Jeffery had a chance to catch a ball down by the redzone, but let it slip off of his hands.
  • Zach Ertz led the team with eight grabs for 81 yards. He was Foles’ safety valve, making most of his production off of checkdowns.
  • Nelson Agholor was the only receiver that Foles had any luck connecting with, catching four passes for 31 yards. Torrey Smith was the only other wideout to register a catch.


  • Chris Long was very active, registering a sack and generating consistent pressure on Carr. Long was given an uptick in snaps once Brandon Graham went down with an ankle injury.
  • Linebacker Dannelle Ellerbe was given a heavy workload in this game, playing most of the snaps at middle linebacker. Ellerbe was in on four tackles, and led the way on one play that stopped Marshawn Lynch for a loss.
  • Ronald Darby played a strong game in this one. In addition to his big interception, Darby kept Oakland’s top wideout Michael Crabtree off of the stat sheet.
  • Tough night for Jalen Mills, who was burned by Amari Cooper for a 63-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot missed a chip shot field goal before the end of the first half, but more than made up for it by drilling his two second half kicks.
  • I know the weather was an issue for the kickers tonight, but I think Donnie Jones has lost something. He just hasn’t been as effective as he’s been throughout his Eagles’ career.

Final Thoughts

One of the things that really made Carson Wentz great was his ability convert on third down. Under Wentz the Eagles had the top third-down offense in the league.

Under Nick Foles, the Eagles converted just one of 14 attempts last night.

I’m not trying to bury Foles after one bad game, but there’s reason to be concerned here.

The NFC is loaded with quality playoff teams. Each playoff hopeful team has a potent offense, and a quality, if not serviceable, defense. If this were a playoff game, the Eagles would have been run off of their homefield.

Foles hasn’t had a lot of game action over the last two years, and this was just his second start, but the Eagles don’t have the luxury of giving him half a season to get in sync with his teammates.

However, the Eagles were still able to find their way to an ugly win, and bought themselves the luxury of homefield advantage, and essentially two bye weeks.

Doug Pederson and the coaching staff have to make the most of that time to get Foles and the offense up to a much higher level than what we saw on Christmas night.

Denny Basens

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  • Nick Foles and Case Keenum, the St Louis Ram rejects leading the NFC along with current Ram QB Jared Goff. Seriously how bad is Jeff Fisher that all his QBs are in the playoffs succeeding and he couldn’t even win 8 games with any of these guys.

  • Sidney Jones.. LETS GOOO

    • big time talent but devastating injury. Jason Peters was able to return for an achilles and regain form but Ryan Howard wasn’t. A little tease in a worthless game to see if Howie Roseman outsmarted the league by selecting CB Jones with the gamble. I wonder it we will see some of the bench WR who might have a chance to steal Torrey Smith’s playing time next year. ( Shelton Gibson & Mack Hollins)

  • Read on ESPN that Jim Schwartz might get NY Giant head coaching job, I’m sure at least one NFL team will try to hire Eagle QB coach John DeFilippo as offensive coordinator again ( maybe Schwartz).

  • It would SUCK to be a cowboys fan and know that your future is with Prescott… dude blows

  • Yeah Dak looks no better then Foles. And that’s pathetic

    Sidney Jones will be fine. He was 20 when the injury occurred. Jason peters, Steve smith and Ryan Howard were all much older.

    Most guys come back. Ur chances are even higher the younger u are.

    Idk why we set Foles that fast. Let him play first half atleast

    • Eagles reportedly will hire Spaqs from the Giants if They hire Schwartz.

      Steve Spags is upset apparently
      Giants didn’t name him permanently HC.

      Would be a great hire for philly. Spags runs a 4-3

  • Nick Foles has been bad. Yes! Awful interception

    However eagles faced:
    2nd and 21
    2nd and 12
    2nd and 14
    3rd and 21
    3rd and 12
    3rd and 7
    3rd and 7
    2nd and 7

    Really hurting this mans chance to succeed. Even in the raiders game. DROPS. PENALTIES. Playing behind the chains is killing us.

    Foles has been Bad, but so has the whole offense

    Defense is balling

  • Defense played well today but Dallas stinks.
    Nick Foles reportedly was thinking about retiring before the Eagles came calling. He should have as I believe his head nor heart is in the game as he is simply awful. No zip on the ball, he looks confused and his accuracy is brutal. He just looks disinterested. It’s a shame, this team is literally a Carson Wentz away from being a SB contender.

  • Just as newsworthy ,are the negadelphia clowns who are mad at Wentz for hunting. killing geese etc, He only grew up in Montana , where most all hunt ,In philly they shoot peoples brains out for a a bag of crack or a pair of sneakers ,But we love our pond river pollluting geese , And a big welcome to the real philly Carson/ They do love their geese here so watch your back Bro.In pjhilly its crack, stolen goods and geese, and then the Iggles and then the sixers,Gotta love philly/

    • Dude you are one strange one… that wasn’t only a reaction around here…it’s not Negadelphia…. as a waterfowl hunter I know exactly what was going on in those pics and I know some people have a negative reaction to it.. it’s mostly out of ignorance. Carson knows it too and explained it very well… hunting and religion are ingrained in his culture and he knows some people don’t feel the same way he does…. I for one roll my eyes whenever an athlete thanks god but that’s not because I’m a negadelphian

  • Well actually, my thinking and reaction to the folks who had an overtly negative reaction to the wentz hunting issue is the same as yours,the ones reacting in horror are the negadelphians, You and I are refering to , I have spent quite a bit of time in our Western states, so I too ,am part of the love and joy of enjoying, hunting , fishing and even some tracking in our breathtaking western Mountains, I have even taken a tracking and surviving course here in the Jersey pinelands,ran by a man name of Tom Brown , google Tom Brown and you might enjoy and be shocked that a guy like Brown even lives in the East. So I am not so a strange dude after all,have a few things in common with you ,Don’t be so harsh on a person till you know what is in his or her heart and soul.I am not so strange after all, but I think the mirror you look into may need some polishing to get rid of the tarnish. Do you think Mr.B and Tom Brady are going to run out of fingers to wear 6 or is it 5 super bowl rings?I sure hope not, I would love to see one on this Eagle team,,before I move on! Because some days and nights, its’ a struggle to get the f — out of bed! So Go Eagles Hac

    • The moniker Mr. B doesn’t register

  • Hac/ also, Carson did explain it well , he seems to have the innate , gift, ability, to explain , diffuse just about any situation , He is a wise man for a youngster,Eagles have more than their share of wise, mature youngsters.A fine job by our G.M. and coaching staff/

    • Point is people speaking out about hunting are not doing it because they live in Philadelphia….. one has nothing to do with the other

  • ‘The moniker Mr B does not register”HAC Dare I say without being offensive to you ?,that you speak with a very crooked tongue when you talk about Mr B,

    • a simple google search of “Mr. B” returns over 91 million results, non of which are germaine to our discussion. Conversely, a search of coach Belicheat, Bill Belicheat return over 400,00 each–
      I get it, you are a patriots fan a big BILL BELICHEAT fan– fine.

  • I have been an P

  • Wrong HAC A born and bred Philly fan for more years than you have been alive. My old man used to take me to connie mack , back in the day when you used have to pay the kids from the neighborhood a couple dollars to/ Watch your car mister? After the old man was gone used to take the 61 bus to ridge and leigh avenue, and then another bus to connie mack. Grew up in Germantown , best looking white boy on the block.I only envy the Patriots , after B and Brady are gone the pats will be just another losing team. Just hope that Mr. B doesn’t quit and go to the giants,

    • Oh so your an old guy? That it explains the weird comments… it’s like my posting “like” on Facebook to a friends obituary…. she doesn’t really understand this new fangled technology… again mr b is not a football coach.

  • So your an old guy, good one! factual as well . One more point about the super bowl ring gathering team of Belichik and Brady. Belicheck is a cheater yes , however surely you are not so innocent to believe Belchik is the only pro football coach to be a cheater!A better term would belichik is a cheater who got caught/The real winner and quasi- head coach is Tom Brady/ as a lover of football you should love the fact Brady is surgeon like in his precision like play calling changes,his field vision is the best ever in pro football. So in short if you allow your opinion and dislike of Belichik to stop you from watching the Pats, you are doing yourself a terrible injustice , and how ironic would that be? Kinda of like the great football guru HAC cheating himself/Now who would be the cheater? Btw our choir boy lookalike Dick Vermeil did some cheating himself.nothing on the scale of Belichik but he was a master at what used to be called stashing.And he got caught as well. a weak analogy I know but cheating it was ,Vermeil used to hide /stash them in a hotel room .Minor league compared Belichik and George Allen I admit .

  • The last 3himes games the eagles gave up a total of 26points

  • Wow they’re booooing the ever loving shit out of the Steelers wtf ? But but but they said only Philly fans did this ?

    Wow ben delivers a last minute td to cut it to 2 scores and i think they get the ball out of halftime. Wow. Must be a lot of eagles fans there.

    • That whole “negadelphia” thing is waaaaay over blown…

  • “Negadelphia”…what? Man those”losers” chants were deafening in Pittsburgh. What a bunch of turds. Never heard that at an Eagles game!

  • I do believe our own Garry Wilbert Cobb was the first sports/ radio celeb, to use that negadelphia phrase and make it stick , because of his celeb. status,What say you Garry, guilty as charged or not?

  • Will Foles play 4 quarters, or will he do the old…suck ass and sleep walk until the 2nd half like he use to?

    We’ll soon see.

    • loser songs wakes from the dead to throw some poop on an improbable run to the nfc championship game– priceless. LOOOOOOSER

    • So if he sleep walks or wins ugly that does not count as a win?You gotta live in or near negadelphia.

    • What’s up Songs. You on this bandwagon?
      Nick Foles is facing the guy who stole his starting job in St Louis ( Case Keenum) and the guy the Chipper traded him away for Sam Bradford ( Vikings backup QB)

    • Lmao..Eagles have been kick’n ass all season long and crickets from you. Now Foles is forced into duty and here ya ass come out of the shithole to talk shit ahead of the NFCCG. Fuck outta here… you’re not an Eagles fan.

    • Suck it looooooozer!!!!

  • Congrats to Joel Embiid for being named an All Star Starter!

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