• January 20, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Cowboys

Poor Showing For Foles In Limited Action

Nick Foles only played one quarter of football, and he didn’t do anything to give the Eagle faithful much confidence going into the playoffs.

Foles completed just four of 11 passes for 39 yards with an interception in his final tune-up for the playoffs.

The Eagles’ starters did move the ball on several drives, but stalled without points. Foles’ worst moment came on a terrible pass to Alshon Jeffery that was intercepted. The pass had no chance to get to Jeffery, and was an easy turnover for Dallas.

Quick Thoughts


  • Howie Roseman has gotten so many things right in the last two years, but Isaac Seumalo isn’t one of them. Seumalo got a lot of work at center today, and showered Nate Sudfeld with a handful of high snaps that nearly went over his head. Seumalo was a questionable selection in the third round last year when the pick was made, and since then, all he’s done is lose both the starting role (and a backup role to Chance Warmack) and he’s looked unimpressive in every chance he’s gotten to play.
  • Will Beatty made his debut on the offensive line, and gave up a sack almost immediately. The Eagles are in some real trouble if they have to turn either Seumalo or Beatty in the playoffs.
  • Wendell Smallwood got an opportunity to play after being inactive since the bye week, and gained just 6 yards on four carries on the ground, and three grabs for 24 yards.
  • Nate Sudfeld was about what you would expect from a third-string quarterback. He completed 18 of 22 passes for 128 yards, and didn’t turn the ball over. He showed a bit mobility, picking up a 22-yard gain on a rush in the second half. Really hard to judge him considering he was playing against the Dallas starters with a bunch of backups, but he looked OK.
  • Torrey Smith treated the fans to another big drop in his limited action, which helped kill a drive. Smith just doesn’t like physical contact. We won’t miss Smith next year when the Eagles don’t pick up his option.


  • Give credit to the Eagle reserves on the defensive side of the ball. They held the Dallas starters to just six points on the day.
  • Sidney Jones made his NFL debut, and looked pretty raw. Jones struggled to catch up to Ezekial Elliot on a run early in the game, but seemed to hold up well in coverage.
  • Steven Means is a guy that always seems to produce whenever he’s allowed on the field. Means picked up a sack, playing his only significant action of the season. The Eagles are extremely deep at defensive end between Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Chris Long, and Derek Barnett, but Means looks like a guy who deserves an opportunity to carve out a role for himself at some point in the future.
  • Linebacker Nate Gerry flashed in his extended action. Gerry’s best moment came when he blew up Lael Collins, forcing his way through to stop Elliot short of a first down. Gerry, a fifth-round pick who spent most of the season on the practice squad, could be a guy to watch next summer.

Special Teams

  • Kenjon Barner has been sloppy the last two games. After nearly muffing a kick away against the Raiders, Barner nearly did the same this week, with Dallas narrowly missing a chance for a short field in the second half.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Eagles enter the playoffs on the low of getting shutout by the Cowboys in a game that had less meaning than a preseason finale.

There’s going to be a lot of concern about the quarterback position over the next two weeks, with Nick Foles’ back-to-back poor showings planting a lot of doubt in the minds of many.

Let’s look at Foles’ whole body of work for the season.

We have a limited sampling against the Cowboys in a glorified scrimmage. We have a concerning effort against a weak Oakland Raider defense, where Foles never got into a rhythm, and turned the ball over.

But we also have a solid relief effort against a tough Rams defense, where Foles came into the game ice-cold after having sat on the bench for the entire season. Foles came in and guided the team on two scoring drives to get a key come-from-behind win that helped the Eagles secure homefield.

We also have a four-touchdown effort against the New York Giants, where Foles ran the offense efficiently for the majority of the game.

I’m not telling you there’s no reason for concern, but its far from the hopeless situation that some will make it out to be.

Fortunately, the Eagles have a bye week in front of them that they can use to really clean a lot of things up without having to focus on putting in a specific gameplan for the upcoming weekend.

For the last three years, the Week 17 articles have essentially served as obituaries for lost seasons. But we aren’t done yet.

The Eagles are headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2013. They have a first-round bye for the first time in nearly 13 years. There’s still a lot to be excited about here folks.

Denny Basens

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  • So Eagles are going to get one of New Orleans, Carolina, or Atlanta.

    Only worried about 1 of those teams.

  • It’s cold out here today, burr.
    no one got injured and that was all that mattered today.
    Offense hasn’t looked very good the last couple of weeks. Oh well birds earned this take it easy pull the starters and coast through week 17.

  • We will all bear the fruit perhaps ,as negadelphians ,and witness the transformative Philadelphia Eagles ,with a dominating defense ,a special teams that reflects its first name,and a three headed run game ,in the midst of winter.Say it ,and believe it ,we are fine .Nick Foles will be effective by not getting in the way of this teams mission.He is relegated to being a role player ,a dilferesque character .Coach will be emboldened to not allowing Nick Foles to beat this run a way train by putting him in front of its onslaught.Foles won’t become the reason this teams ambitions will be achieved ,but,rather a bit player ,in defending their Lincfield advantage.If yesterday was an indication ,the NFC south ,will be its prey.Who ,scares you ? Atlanta ..a dome team ,who along with Scam newton are pedestrian,at best.New Orleans ,demands ,respect ,but in a blistery wind and the Birds neutralizing drew brees ,it will come down to who’s run defense ,holds up best.The aints,leaves the Rams standing,in the path to the Super Bowl.As the high flying Rams are neutralized by a young ,not ready for prime time squad,the birds will be ,where they need to be ..Posidelphians.

  • Eagles d beat up Dallas who was playing their starters. Offense vanilla for sure was a preseason game plan where there was no need to put out any significant tape.
    Get healthy, work up a game plan and get to the championship game!

  • NYGiants, Colts, Raiders, Lions & Bears looking for coaches.
    John Fox had no chance to succeed with that franchise. (Jay Cutler then Trubisky) No body could have won under those circumstances.
    I never liked Del Rio or Caldwell as Head Coaches, they both have served up assistants to survive in their careers as if they aren’t the problem. McAdoo hired a bunch of mercenaries with bad attitudes and they imploded. ( Brandon Marshall, Janoris Jenkins combined with big ego selfish draft picks Odell and Apple) Pagano lost his franchise QB. Pagano and Fox seem like decent coaches caught up in QB hell.

  • Atlanta ,Jacksonville and KC. ( who I want to win wildcard weekend)
    I don’t like either the Panthers or the Saints franchises.
    I don’t like the Saints from that bounty on players head scandal ( Loomis, Payton or Brees) 3 pieces of crap who I don’t respect. I also don’t like Newton or Panther’s owner.

  • really hoping we can avoid the saints round 1. really really really hoping we get the panthers round 1

  • Question for my sixers friends…. they are at 500 or so…they will be getting an overall number ONE pick back sometime before the stretch run…what is his role? Who’s minutes does he take? How much better will they be?

    My thoughts and I only watch periodically…. I think they are a team that could be a scary first round match up

    • Its a great question. I am not sure who is playing what position anymore, but they do need more dynamic guard play which is what you hope Fultz can provide. Fultz needs to have the ball in his hands to create, but so does Simmons as well. I am not sure how this is going to work.

      It could be McConnells minutes and also others when they want to go small, because they are rolling a big starting lineup that is challenged defensively. Every night the other team’s best player goes off on the Sixers. I can understand if it is a guard, but I thought that Covington was going to lock down the wing. He has not done that at all. If Fultz can play some defense, it would be great. And Redick is a terrible defensive player too.

      I will say that I am looking forward to it and I agree with you. They could get hot and be a pain in the playoffs.

    • Don’t know if he’s taking anyone’s minutes. Think he’s gonna have to earn them; he should be coming off the bench as 7th man. Mix it up a bit and see if he earns it.

      Problem with him is fit. Can he shoot now? If no I’m not sure how he fits with ben and Joel but will be fun to watch. Think we end up with closer to 5th or 6th seed pending health. Our schedule was brutal early and we played a lot of good teams close

  • Sixers 2nd unit is horrible. If Fultz can’t force Jayrad Bayless to the bench then he can’t play in the NBA. Sixers starting lineup is fine but their reserves are way below average. Fultz doesn’t deserve to steal any minutes from Redick or Covington because they are better distance shooters. It is easy to play point guard with Joel Embiid so if Fultz has better chemistry with Embiid than Simmons goes to the bench in the starting lineup as a point guard. Ultimately Markelle Fultz should get Bayless minutes initially and compete to steal Simmons minutes. McConnell is a better basketball player overall than Bayless so I would run McConnel and Fultz on 2nd unit not Bayless and Fultz. The initial draft plan was for Fultz to steal Redicks job in 2018-19 but I would resign Redick for another year. Redicks 3 point spacing he creates is too important for Embiid.

  • all Pro list came today with 2 Eagles making 1st team All Pro. Very impressive.

    Jason Kelce made 1st team All Pro at center.
    Lane Johnson first team 1st team All Pro at tackle.
    Congrats, that is a big prestigious honor.
    2 Eagles made 2nd team All Pro also.
    Carson Wentz behind first teamerTom Brady.
    Fletcher Cox 2nd team All Pro behind first teamers Aaron Donald and Cam Heyward.

    • That is an impressive list especially considering that the Gcobb faithful almost to a man wanted Kelce gone… many draft gurus on here thought Johnson was over drafted… starters were 13-2
      I would think Doug gets some mentions for COY ultimately losing out to McVey

      • I admit kelce and agholor ,both,fooled me.Kudos goes out to them b9th and the coaches

  • also RE: sixers chew on this. they have 7 losses by a combined 18 points. turn them into wins and we are tied with cavs for 3 seed.

    we young. but we good and only getting better

  • Speaking facts Mhenskie

    The sixers have lost 5 games on last second shots.

    Kings, lakers, Houston all beat us on buzzer beaters.

    Wizards and Okc came down to the very last few possessions and a 3rd OT.

    Sixers are 18-19 but very well could be 24-13 or something around there.

    When Fultz hits the floor, he is going to give us another closer with Embiid and Dario. Dario has been a slept in MONSTER recently

  • Love Embid. Is it me or is he on the floor 10 times a game? At 7’2 hes on the floor more than Iverson was. lol

  • Andy Reid gotta Andy Reid in the playoffs. 21-3 lead at halftime. League’s leading rusher has 10 carries in the game. Last throw to back up player.

  • Falcons vs eagles

    How do you guys feel about our chances?

    I like them very much at home. Gonna be a night and day experience playing in philly for Atlanta

  • I like the Eagles chances as well.

    If the defense plays well and the offense utilizes the running game, we should be able to beat anybody at the Linc. Especially in this weather….

  • I remember vividly the dawkins hit on crumpler,which set the tone vs atlanta and vick &co.Ghosts of yesteryear, needs resurface as jenkins and the defense will prevail.Atlantas special teams capitalized on short fields,otherwise, the rams move on,in all likelihood. Running gurley ,was pretty good, and now the eagles vs falc9ns in their home nest ..fly Eagles fly

  • Watching this Jags vs Bills game. Watching Blake Bortles made me remember TS Johnson’s post that Carson Wentz was comparable to Bortles. Wentz has been elected to the 2018 pro bowl and selected as 2018 AP 2nd all pro team. Meh…lol…what a baseless, stupid comparison.

  • Man Reid does it again. Up big at home and kelce out and what’s he do? Pass pass. What a jackass. No game plan alterations or adjustments. Idiot ! Up double digits all game and 2-1 pass run ratio. Haaaa

    • 6th straight home playoff loss for Big Red. Last years collapse was epic, this year was brutal. He can’t get it done in the post season. He just signed a 5 year extension so he’s going no where.

  • Such a Philadelphia story. We would be the only team in NFL history to lose the MVP qb position with 1 week remaining LMAO!! Especially with the 1 seed locked up

    Pls don’t give me the raiders last season.

    It’s hilarious. Cause it’s also an Atlanta story. They would play the eagles without wentz. They are so soft with bandwagon fans it’s pathetic

    I live in Atlanta so I know this shit

  • Vegas squats on birds/nick foles,making the eagles the first and only #1 seed underdog ,Atl-3..if thats not inspiration. .

  • Donovan McNabb terminated by ESPN for previous inappropriate texts to a female wardrobe/makeup employee at NFL Channel. (Tiny virtue signalling stance). A Real step is to stop inviting Mike Tyson, Jim Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Justice Winslow on their panel and game highlight clips and stop profiting off producing hype on Johnny Manziel and LaVar Ball who have all treated women badly.

    • oops Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston not Justice Winslow

    • Dont know what this woman looks like but she must be hot as shit because 5 or 6 former NFL players are accused of touching her or sending pics to her. Which tells me this woman was flirting with them and sending signals to all of them and probably enjoying the attention. Then found out she could profit off of there acttions. IMO

      • Or she got harassed and shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.

  • I know Doug Pederson will have the offensive game plan to annihilate Atlanta’s defense, whether Nick Foles is capable of implementing it is another story.
    Defensively a minor concern is the backup linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Najee Goode vs the Falcons Running game but they won’t be in the game much if Foles can get a lead.

  • Eagle fans should thank the media now for the win over Atlanta. The Eagles are the joke of the playoffs and Nick Foles is the punch line. The media has made a rallying call for the Eagles vs Atlanta that the overrated shitty ass Atlanta team wont overcome. If you don’t think this Eagle team doesn’t know that not one person outside of Philly doesn’t even think the Eagles should even show up vs this avg at best Atlanta team is in for a us vs the world home playoff game vs the birds. A first time ever home dog for the #1 seed is going to motivate and galvanize this Eagles team and have them so ready to play it might not be close. I don’t think it will carry over in 2 weeks vs NO or Minn but for this weekend its a done deal. Thanks national media.

  • The Atlanta team is looking at that tape of the Eagles offense and laughing as we speak wondering if they are going to NO or Minnesota for the title game. That’s good because they have no idea that Wiz is back at guard and the Eagles will be shoving Agai down there small ass throat. Somehow they have forgotten that they are going against the best run defense on the road outside. Matty ice throws for 200 yards a game with 3 tds all year to Julio and all of the sudden hes been great lol ok. He sucks on the road outside to begin with. They are lucky McVay stopped running Gurley or he would of put 250 up on them. Atlanta my ass lol.

  • 33% of NFL fans watched less games this season, ouch. Of those 33% people watching less, fairly equal split between those who stopped to show solidarity to players kneeling and those boycotting players kneeling. bwahahahahaha
    The dingbat media shot themselves in their own foot.

    • That stat isnt accurate because the Eagles are the only team i watch on Sundays. If they arent on i watch the red zone. Which doesn’t account for viewership

      • A lot of the viewership being down is because there is a lot of mediocrity in the league. And also injuries

        Andrew luck
        Aaron Rodgers
        Giants being trash was all huge rating squandering issues

        When the kneeling and soft protesting bullshit stops, and the league gets healthy, 2018-2019 season will be special

        • It was just a small sample poll of people who identified as NFL viewers. ( Dan Roberts Yahoo Finance wrote an article on the poll) I think the NFL and TV Networks are more concerned with smart phone usage more than kneeling boycotts in 2018 -2019. Consumers are unplugging traditional media platforms for hand held devices especially younger demographics. They noted Nascar ratings are down too.

          • 1 – Shitty Thursday games that not only offer inferior product, but mess up betting and fantasy football leagues.

            2 – Political activism

            3 – Bumbling officiating/replay that insults viewers. We told the opposite of what we see with our own eyes. (often creates perceived bias – I already think the NFL fixes games – when a certain team benefits from ridiculous calls)

            4 – “Wussification” of the sport. We all think that cheap head shots should be eliminated, but everyone groans whenever a QB gets pushed to the ground and there’s a 15 yrd penalty flag thrown.

            5 – The elimination of kickoffs. Who the hell doesn’t love a good kick return?? Yet the NFL doing everything in its power to eliminate an exciting part of the game. Now something like 60% of kicks are boring as fuck touchbacks, (If the Patriots didn’t’ actually coach their kickers to drop every kick at the 5, that % would be higher!) and just about every good return gets called back on a phantom hold (this, I believe done on purpose to encourage teams to stop returning the ball)

            6 – Punt. TV timeout. Incomplete pass. 2 minute review. Run. Incomplete pass. Punt. Tv Timeout. Run. 2 min warning timeout. Pass. Another 2 minute review. TD. TV timeout. Kickoff for touchback. TV timeout.

            7 – Blake Bortles, Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Sham Newton, McCown, Dalton, Any Browns QB, Palmer,….etc…over 1/2 the league knows before the season starts they have no chance at a Super Bowl.

            • Cam Newton was amazing yesterday.

              Can’t even lie. I’m not the biggest fan either.

              But he did all he could to win that game. Intentional grounding call murdered them

  • Damn I’ll miss schwartz if he leaves. Watching the mans press conference, he just fits this city.
    Perfect personality, background, and style

    Haven’t had anything like him since jimmy J RIP

    He should just try and stay D.C. And ride this situation out in Philly. He’s in a great one after being fired twice, and had to basically take a year off. He is the head coach of the defense why doesn’t he try and be a Dick Lebeau? Or jimmy Johnson? Wade Phillips?

    I’ll never know why the fired him in buffalo for Rex Ryan’s . I didn’t get it then, and I still don’t

    He went 10-6 and finished with the #4 ranked defense in 1 year. Maybe he wants to make amends for that and prove he can be a HC

    Hire the right Offensive coordinator and he should be straight.

    • I mean he’s in Philadelphia. Blue collar big time football city that loves defense and fits his personality

      Pray this guy stays

      • Are you stoned? What… blue collar city? Pray he stays? He should just stay a DC even if a HC opportunity is there? WTF are you talking bout

        • It’s not rocket science dude… do u really need it broken down for u??


          Idk can’t put it any more Blount for you then that

          • “He should just try to stay DC. He is the head coach of the defense”…. dude for a man to rise to the top ranks of the nfl coaching ranks they have to have an ego, they have to always be striving to be the man….for you to suggest that he ride it out as a DC because Philadelphia is a blue collar city is DUMB

            • Is it? If he wins a super bowl in Philadelphia and rides this shit out he could end up getting a even better offer somewhere down the line.

              In the meantime, he is surrounded by a great defense with GREAT PLAYERS. And he’s in charge of it all. Not a lot of defensive coordinators can say that.

              Where is he gonna go? The Giants? And play us twice a year? He will fail
              There. Mark my

              He needs to stay. Make millions. And be apart of something special. The HEAD coach job will
              Come 110 % without a doubt

              But I’m just a bias Philly fan.

              • Will he do enough to make people forget how ineffective he was as a head coach.

              • Are you saying hold out for a better opportunity? Silly…. head coach of 1of 32 teams is something you jump at. The most sought after coach just went to the freaking shitty raiders. If you are saying being coach of the New York football giants is a shitty opportunity then you are mistaken.
                On another note Matt Nagy from UD is now the bears coach! Go hens! My nephew was his team mate at UD and socializes with him still. Two UD guys him and Brett Veach have ridden big roads coat tails, veach is GM of KC.

            • Nobody hiring jim for hc. NOBODY

  • What’s up guys, it’s been hard since the wentz injury to feel encouraged. I’ll root for my team till I die but I’ve never been more about one player ever and im questioning that now. I believe will smack the shit out of the falturds…..The disrespect is enough to put a dubb on these assholes…..prediction 30 16

  • game time temperature for Saturday’s playoff game should be in the mid 40s. Lucked out! That is decent weather compared to the past weekend where the temperatures were in the teens. If this playoff game was to played the next day on a Sunday this weekend instead of Saturday, the temps are predicted to be in the high 20s not mid 40s.

  • The Birds have duped the entire Nfc.In a meaningful game foles was,seamless ,taking over for a fallen wentz vs the Rams.In another meaningful game he threw 4 tds vs the giants.In an afc (yawn) opponent vs oakland he sucked ass..in the cold ..if not for a smith 1st down drop he could have been,just, fine in an exhibition game vs dallas..now the bandages on the national debate guys knees ,from jumping off the bandwagon. .pride and discovering foles and coach have duped the league ,will be something to behold.Atlantas redemption tour crashes and burns Saturday. .ARs playbook is tailored to foles,pederson will dust it off and quick tempo playaction will be tailored to attack this opponent. .the defense will be fun to watch as they react to the disrespect. .prediction…matt doesnt finish the game ..3 dome teams and a disrespected 1 seed..formulas for success

  • Every time i think eagles gonna get smoked i think of the curse of Paulman and how it’s been lifted !

    Now idk if that means glory, we finally get a great qb or what!?

    Ps 2017 was great on gcobb as we eliminated many jackasses (ie songs, koolbreeze , paul , cliff , ts )!!!!

  • Espn website says Eagles will have a regular season game in London next year. City of Philadelphia has a contract with the team that require them to play 8 regular season games at the Philly stadium they helped fund so the London game will be an away game.

  • Big disappointment by the Sixer blowing a 22 point lead in London, England to lose by 11 points with the last five minutes to be played by the scrub bench players. Brett Brown is a loser. He is the Sam Bradford of the coaching world. Sixers will never win with guy, if they start to win a catastrophe will interrupt the success just like Bradford. Brett Brown is a loser.

    • You have not followed or watched this team
      At all.

      Because if you did, that idiotic statement would never have been made

      What do u want? This Sixers team to win 55 games in there FIRST year together?? They are 19-20. And have had a rough schedule up to this point.

      10 wins
      This team is coming.

      Wait for Fultz

      • Sixers are an undisciplined disastrous which is why they lead the NBA in turnovers … coaching. I see every game Brett Brown puts the basketball in the hands of Ben Simmons or TJ McConnell every time at the end of quarters and neither can deliver a last second shot. Brett Brown is a loser.

        • Lmfao blame the coach not the players hahaaaaaa. Blame the coach for taking the worst team in nba last year and making them the a .500 team this year. Tooooo fuckin funny

          Someone should be to blame for Simmons not being able to shoot tho, whether it’s him and his work ethic or his coaches (plural). Guy was fully capable and had nothing to do for over a year but work on his shot last year and nothing.

          E03 u don’t cry about going worst to borderline playoff team in a few months … now if we don’t continue to improve next year and year after fine but not now

          Ps. Boston the best team in nba and they beat us. We ain’t ready for that. They’re better now. No shame in losing to them

          • I hope we play Boston round 1 in the playoffs. We probably end up going 0-4 agaisnt then in the regular season, but I just feel like it would be a different animal agaisnt them in the playoffs

            We would have experience agaisnt them after going 0-4 and getting the bad games out of the way.

            Embiid missed one game and played in 2 of them. He is averaging 13 points a game agaisnt Boston.

            Markelle hasn’t played in any of them obviously. Maybe 1 for 15 minutes in game 2?

            We are improving and knowing how to be and play in close games nearly every time we play a game. Get Fultz and this teams
            Chemistry down the next 41 games and head into the playoffs as a 7th -8th seed

            We could be dangerous when we get it together


  • must win for Nick Foles. I don’t think I want him back if he goes down in defeat again at home in Philadelphia. What would be the point to keep him around? I wouldn’t want the franchise to trust him for a potential 3rd try.
    Atlanta took Todd Gurley out of the game and dared LA Ram QB Goff to beat them and he couldn’t. (although those fumbles didn’t help him out ) I would imagine Atlanta again forces the QB to beat them and stacks the box. Would be nice if Torrey Smith makes one of his playoff time big plays.

    • Don’t want him back if he loses… fair weather fan as usual…who is your back up…give a name

      • Win or lose I hope nick Foles is the back up for another season in this system and personnell


  • Bill Vinovich is the officiating crew tonight for the Eagles. He was the official for the previous Home playoff game loss by Nick Foles in the Chippers first season in 2013. He doesn’t throw a lot of yellow flags. He officiated one Eagle game this year in Dallas where the Eagles won 37-9. He officiated one Falcon game this year week 17 an Atlanta win vs Panthers 22-10. They took different officials from different crews and meshed them together for the playoffs. Ed Hochili’s son is a back judge today and if his son is anything like his father then expect annoying game ruining yellow flags from the youngster.
    For the TV audience Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth in the booth.

  • I’m Not ready for it to be over yet fellas!! This has been the best season in eagles history in my opinion. Even better then the super bowl

    I got all my home boys around me today. I live in Atlanta so they are all ready to talk shit.

    Pray for your boy. Got a lot of money on this one

    • I wish Joe buck was calling the game

      Fuck Al michaels and Cris

  • Foles is starting off where he left off against dallas. He’s playing scared. I just don’t think his heart is in it. He looks awful!

  • Two freaking first half turnovers…. that and that alone is the first half story.

    All else is as expected…. cox killing, birds running, Ryan is good….. stop turning it over

    • Fols not being able to hit the broad side of a barn hasn’t helped either. He’s had Mack and Trey wiiide open for big gains and missed them both. Horrible accuracy.

  • 2 TO and down by 1….

  • This is why Ryan makes the cash he makes… shit…and why foles makes the cash he makes… that’s it

  • Like I said…Foles needs to get a raise!,,,,!

  • Eagles ZERO… how did Dougie P do

    • Eagles keep answering the bell and keep knocking out their opponents.
      Dougie P, Howie, Schwartz, Douglas they put together a complete team. Even without Wentz, Peters, Hicks, Sproles, Sturgis, they keep winning.

  • Aww man, that last drive was killing me slowly. I killed Nick in the first half, he was brutal but he heated up and played well in the second half. Good thing he started to find Alshon. Defense..DILLY DILLY
    fly eagles fly

  • Defense was number one for a reason. Talk about bend but don’t break final drive. Epic. Coaches kudos and Nick did plenty to put the train back on the tracks. In all likelihood the purple people eaters will come to a fridged Linc . So happy for Brandon Graham who was balling.

  • Solid resilience.

    Survived 2 RB fumbles, disastrous muffed punt, missed extra point, kick out of bounds…there was more.\\Survived. Held on. Persevered.

    Very strong. Character.

  • The wind played a big part in the first half of the game. I guess it was hard to see on the TV, but the wind pushed the ball around quite a bit in the first half. Both QBs threw passes that fell 10 yards short. It seemed like any time the ball went over a certain height it knocked it down.

    Then I saw a commentator on the NFL network last night saying “Foles is okay with the dink and dunk but he is way off target down field” Haha… No shit!

    Anyway, the Eagles can beat anybody if the defense continues to play stout. If the Vikes come in here the score could be 0-0… Haha

    Go Birds!!!

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