• May 26, 2022

If LeBron Came Here To Play, He Could Play Until 2030

I know many of you probably refuse to take the possibility of LeBron James coming here seriously, but I think there’s a good chance he could come to Philadelphia to play with the 76ers.  Ben Simmons is like a little brother to LeBron.  He mentors Simmons and owns the company that represents the young phenom.  Simmons is like family to James.  He sees the greatness in Simmons and Joe Embiid.

“You have an opportunity to be better than me”, James told Simmons early on, according to a Sports Illustrated article. “But you can’t skip steps. You have to do the work.”

There’s an excitement here in Philadelphia with Simmons and Joel Embiid that I don’t see any where else in the NBA.  It’s one of the few places in the league that has championship caliber talent but hasn’t won yet. James would be able to be the beloved savior here.  He could bask in the bright spotlight that will be shining here in Philadelphia for the next decade without having to carry everybody on his back.  Here in Philly he could let the youngsters, Embiid and Simmons carry him on their backs throughout the regular season.  If LeBron came here to play, he could play until 2030.

I can’t guarantee he’s coming here, but I’m sure he’s salivating to be able to play with generational talents like Embiid and Simmons.  He could take it easy during the regular season and exert himself during the playoffs.  Throughout the regular season he could defer to Embiid and Simmons all season long.  James could cut down his minutes and be sitting on the bench throughout most of the fourth quarters with the game already wrapped up.  They would get serious late in the season and in the playoffs, but during the regular season, LeBron would be resting and saving himself.

“Part of his greatness,” Simmons said about LeBron in that Sports Illustrated article, “is that he wants others to be just as great.”

James would be teaching them things he’s learned over the years.  Now only would LeBron be able to tell them how to train, prepare and play, he would be able to demonstrate, which is even better.  James would be able to live and be the example for Simmons and Embiid from day to day.  He would demonstrate the tremendous discipline and commitment to be one of the greatest players to play the game on a day-to-day basis right in front of the two young phenoms.

The more I think about I think the chances of him coming to Philadelphia to play for the Sixers gets better and better.  Veteran players, who have done everything as an athlete want to share their knowledge and skills with young gifted players.  LeBron is one of the few players, who can tell and show Simmons and Embiid, how great they can be.

The more LeBron thinks about how impossible it would be to match up against himself, Embiid and Simmons has to make him salivate.  With Simmons developing his outside shot, they would each be able to kill you from inside or outside.

Their versatility on the defensive side of the floor is where they would go to the next level.  I don’t know if there are two or three players in the league as fast as James and Simmons.  Despite their size, they are both burners.  Their quickness, length and athleticism enables them to play defense on anybody in the league.  They could play some suffocating defense in the playoffs.

If he were come here next year, the 76ers would immediately become one of the championship favorites along with Golden State.  I think they would be a dynasty for as long as they could stay healthy, which could easily be ten years or more.  I just saw a report where Cavs coach Tyron Lieu said LeBron took a physical of some type and the doctors said he has the body of a 19-year old.


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  • He needs to stay away

    I’d rather beat him, then him join us.

    Sign Klay, Leonard, or Paul George instead

  • Maybe work out a deal that sends Markelle to Portland for Damien

  • Lebrons draft class peers (2003) have all run out of gas ( Bosh, Melo, Wade, Kamen, Hinrish, David West), they got old and lost their all star game. Lebron is very close to joining them. Lebron is about to look like Dirk Nowitski or Kobe Bryant last few years. Tim Duncun is the exception. He deferred money and shots in his twilight years while being successful. I don’t see Lebron deferring like that. I see him more like Kobe and Dirk. ( being a salary cap anchor and feature star of his team)

  • I don’t think Simmons is going to be great. His shot is broken and non repairable. He shoots with 3 fingers on his weak left hand not under the basketball with his thumb and index finger massively out of place. He is Rajon Rondo who needs 3 superstars to hide behind. He is currently hiding behind behind Embiid, Saric and Redick. He needs them way more than they need him. Simmons is easier to replace than Embiid, Saric and Redick.

    • Stfu you are so dumb

  • I’d love to catch Robert Covington in an alleyway with a pair of pliers and a blow torch

    Soft ass Pussy IS TRASH!!! Bum just thows everything up and looks clumsy

    He gets that deal, and then sucks. HOW IRONIC

  • Brett Brown torched by Erik Spoelstra again.

  • Spoelstra shot 54% from 3
    Brown shot 40% from 3

  • Watching Temple vs Wichita State tonight on EspnU at 7pm. Both previous Owl/Shocker games were entertaining.
    Villanova vs Butler FS1 at 9pm.

  • Sixers play Indiana Pacers tonight. Good game to watch as they are equal talent wise. Last game Indiana won against Sixers when Pacers bench players Lance Stephenson & Al Jefferson went off in the 2nd half carrying them to victory when Sixers had a horrible 2nd half offensively. Lance Stephenson was making big time important dagger 3 pointers when points were sparse for Sixers. ( they struggled to put points on the board in Indiana in the 2nd half)

  • Turnovers kill them… Embiid is a turnover machine

  • Brett “turnover” Brown out coached again this time at home by Nate McMillan.

  • How many turnovers did Brett have?

    • Its frustrating watching this team.

      We shot better at every level

      Rebounded better, had more assist.

      The turnovers keep losing these games.27 turnovers, only lose by 3..

      Why did JJ rush that last second tying shot? Run a play. He always misses when we need him most. The veteran let us down again. Stupid ass shot.

      Roco and JJ style kills us a lot of the time.

      We need Fultz.
      He’s looking nice shooting 3s

  • I haven’t seen Fultz shoot a 3since October…. what do you mean he is looking nice shooting a 3? Please explain that? Has he been playin in Europe?
    There was nothing positive.. looked shitty

    • HAC

      Go to YouTube and type in – Markelle Fultz

      He has been shooting 3s. Free throws. And mid range jump shots and turn around pull ups in pre game warm ups and practice

      He looks healthy, energetic, and the hitch is gone

      Tell me what u think.. the kid is going to be special. I just feel it

  • Sixers lead the league in turnovers.
    3 wings who can’t dribble a basketball. ( Covington, Redick, Bellinelli ) and 2 first overall draft selections from dingbat GM Bryan Colangelo & Loser HC Brett Brown at PG who can’t shoot a basketball. Currently stiff Ben Simmons plays PG because his whooping 58% FT is better than stiff Markelle Fultz 50% FT.

    • Sixers are smart. It can be frustrating, but they draft these young kids, and then red shirt them for a year so they can develope.

      Props to them. Don’t rush the kid. He comes back next season at age 20. (Birthday in may) so be won’t he 21 till season is over basically.

      we got the best player… they will soon find out. Especially with this core of players, and coach

  • I don’t need to go to you tube…. I watch hoops on CSN philly

  • Real frustrating game last night. Even more brutal being there. Couple thoughts.

    Bellinielli is as brutal as it gets on d. He was abused.

    Couple awful airmail passes by Dario

    Simmons lack of a jumper and being scared of contact is killing this team. DArio is half the athlete Ben is and Dario gets a shot of with contact every time… Ben feels contact and passes rather than fight through it

    Embiid is killing us in crunch time with his 4th qtr turnovers (think he leads the league in 4th)

    Amir Johnson is straight garbage. Holmes needs way more run, he’s a grit and spark player

    Awful inbounds pass by Simmons with the game on the line down 3 with 3 ticks left. Jj was wide open with a clean look at the hoop from 3 and Simmons inexplicably didn’t pass and called embidds number who was bricking from distance all night.

    We close we competing but shit gotta get cleaned up in the off-season.

  • I was there too.

    I agree with you on everything. Bellinelli was and is awful. He should get no playing time at all. He was terrible on both ends of the court last night and especially defensively.

    Simmons had zero FTs last night even though he had a mismatch and a lane to the basket. As soon as someone comes over he passes. Take the ball to the rack and get to the line. It was ridiculous last night.

    As far as the the last play, they still had time left for Embiid to move the ball, but he instead took a 25 footer.

    Myles Turner is a much better player than I thought that he was.

  • with 3 ticks left imo no choice but for joel to shoot it. ben messed up and shouldve passed to JJ. real frustrating

    amir gives you 0, holmes needs all his minutes – at least half

  • I try not to nit pick every play because fact of the matter those things do happen- i’m just frustrated by the turnovers and Simmons lack of shooting- he threw a brick early in the game from the foul line, just a nice easy jumper, wide open and it bricked– I feel like most just recreational players could have at least thrown up a soft shot but for some reason he can’t? I of course blame AAU ball– with his skills there is NO REASON why he can’t be taught an adequate jumper– like maybe last year when he was on the shelf.

  • im starting to go towards e0NEs’s opinion on Ben. He’s young and only his 1st year playing so im not sky is falling but what ive seen of ben at lsu and so far this year is he’s a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pussy and didnt put in the work on his shot last year when that is the ONLY thing he had to do

    he will grow and get better but man this jumper situation – i have never seen an nba player in my life so scared to shoot. shit dwight howard had more 3s in 1 game against than ben has all year (prob more than he attempted as well which i would guess is 2 or less all year).

    id trade him in a millisecond for mccolum or lillard this offseason

  • ben has all the tools but pussies out at contact in the paint unless he has an overwhelming and distinct advantage, does not and will not play through contact like our pitbull dario

  • When Ben inbounded to Embiid, there were 7.6 seconds left. That is plenty of time to get another pass off or a better shot. He did miss Reddick who flashed first, but the pass could have came back. Honestly Simmons had no business being on the court in that situation. They needed a 3 three there. Would have made more sense to have a shooter in bounds to get the pass back and shot.

    While he is developing his shot, he has to penetrate and get to the line. Needs to learn how to score points that way too. Unless he is afraid of FTs too.

  • ur right. dunno where i got 3 from. ur also right on ben shouldnt have been on the floor. said the same thing the second i saw the lineup

  • I thought the same thing too and then I went back to watch the highlights. 3 seconds was the jump ball.

  • Villanova, Sixers and Flyers all start at roughly the same time tonight at 6:50-7:30. (Horrible luck)

  • Sixers gigantic 4th quarter in win yesterday.
    Ben Simmons reached another triple double in the NY Knick win. He hit the magic number of free throw attempts to have a successful game. It is a stat I follow that I think is imperative for the Sixers to succeed since he doesn’t provide floor spacing. ( free throw attempts) Coach Brown has forced Joel Embiid to the 3 point line to open up space for Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons has to get free throw attempts if granted that low post or open penetration lane. Simmons did revert back to his off balance releases yesterday however which is a little worrisome.

  • Embiid is some sort of Novitski/Olajuwon hybrid… a freak!

  • Haveacigar is that a half ass positive comment about a Sixer I thought your old impotent crusty ass hated the Sixers.

  • You haven’t been paying attention… I absolutely hate that in the NBA teams have to tank for multiple years… sixers are my first love… Simmons is awesome contrary to what zero says

  • Simmons has played great the last 4 games.
    But anyone who plays with Embiid will succeed at PG.
    Simmons career shelf life is game to game. His range is so poor ( worst shooting point guard in the NBA) that he doesn’t qualify as a NBA SF or PF. If he can’t beat his defender off the dribble he can’t score and is useless. The second Simmons is nicked he is done. Simmons jump shot will never improve unless his switches shooting hands which the Sixers have wasted 2 seasons allowing him to continue to shoot left handed. Simmons speed is barely an edge against NBA defenders ( which he relies 100% for an advantage, it is his entire game), a millimeter in lost speed his entire career is over. It is that razor thin with his inability to play without the basketball. Many fear an Embiid injury … you should fear a Simmons injury more. Half a healthy Embiid & he is still a decent NBA center. 95% of a healthy Simmons, he is useless.

    • I wonder if we would be better with Inram

  • 39-30 and zero still can’t say a positive word– Simmons ROY, historic rookie numbers and still the whining continues– what little I know about him, he will be an adequate shooter at the start of next year– he’s taking it personally

  • So a couple of things about Simmons. He definitely can be frustrating as the game I went to against the pacers, he wouldn’t just take the ball to the basket and get fouled. Do I wish he would shoot more? BUT…

    He is a rookie in a position that he really hasn’t played before. Last night he had 15 assists and 0 TURNOVERS! 15 AND 0. I don’t think that you watch the games 0 if you can’t see that he is a tremendous passer and quick on the ball.

    There are certainly things that he needs to work on, but I don’t know how you aren’t excited about him.

  • bugs I’m a process hater (more because it reflects on how awful the league is)- however, this kid is special- It pains me that he wasn’t taught to shoot- product of the AAU bull crap but you would think his father would have had him taking 15 footers in the driveway or soemthing.

  • CT you moron the Sixers are not drafting guys to redshirt them just about everyone of their 1st round picks have had a freak season ending injury. It’s a big difference between a guy suffering a season ending injury and redshirting a guy.

  • Haveacigar stop your bitching you old limp dick asshat you like the players but complain like a whiny little sissy about the process. You hate Sam Hinkie but you like Embiid yet you trash the man who drafted him stop being a hypocrite.

  • I didn’t like losing on purpose either HAC, but I like where it has the 6ers now. 2 legit superstars and hoepfully Fultz can figure it out. Plus some nice role players. All that with a ton of cap space and probably two 1st round picks this year. Should be an attractive spot for free agents.

  • Bullshit bugsy the Sixers players did not lose on purpose you didn’t see guys going out there intentionally throwing games. You didn’t see guys going out there with a clear aim to lose games. What Sam Hinkie did was strip the team down to a point where they weren’t all that competitive but, the players themselves didn’t go out on that court and purposely lose games.

  • The Sixers have one superstar & only one superstar, Joel Embiid — with a collection of adequate 3 point shooters which is why they win. Ben Simmons is irrelevant to their success.
    If Ben Simmons was injured with a “wink wink” hurt shoulder and Markelle Fultz was the starting point guard who can’t shoot or make a free throws. There would be no difference in the Sixers record.


  • Hinkie was very lucky that Embiid was hurt…

  • Zero still ignoring historical numbers and performance by a 20year old…negative nitwit

  • I appreciate Ben Simmons’ ability to get into the lane at will. I believe it is the single most important skill set a basketball team needs followed by a rim protector with rebounding skills.
    My rant with Ben Simmons is using his weak hand ( left hand) to shoot jump shots that don’t go in the hoop. The form is horrible & non repairable and will never work. His hand isn’t under the basketball it is on the side leaving only 3 fingers to guide the basketball with his index and thumb massively out of place and not used in the shot. The Sixers with a weakling as head coach have wasted 2 years of development not repairing Ben Simmons jump shot ( shooting with his right hand).
    Sixers have adapted to Ben Simmons lack of range on jump shots by playing the high pick and roll with JJ Redick and Joel Embiid instead. JJ Redick cannot dribble a basketball so every defender is assaulting Joel Embiid with massive collisions to get over the pick at the 3 point line.
    Sixers have the best big man in basketball and cannot execute the easiest and most important play with regards to a 24 second clock ( the high pick and roll ) effectively because no one in the NBA defends Ben Simmons until he reaches the paint.
    The Sixers are wasting Joel Embiid’s development years not running the most important basketball play in the game because of sub par talents. ( Redick lack of dribbling skills and Ben Simmons lack of shooting skills.)

  • Again….you did not acknowledge the historically significant season he is having.
    This has nothing to do with Brett brown.

  • haveacigar – I believe Ben Simmons has played outstanding basketball in the last 4 games since the Indiana Pacers game. I believe Ben Simmons is capable of playing point guard in the NBA. I prefer a different style point guard for Joel Embiid.

  • Way to back track… his SEASON has been outstanding… he has flaws but at 20 he will get even better

  • you and I disagree – I don’t believe Ben Simmons will get better because his left hand finesse distance shot will never improve. That form is flawed beyond repair. He will eventually get surpassed by a future Sixer pg draft pick who can make a foul line jumper in the pick and roll set.

    • How can you Watch this kid play and not evaluate that he is playing way beyond his years In his ROOKIE SEASON!!

      The defense, steals, rebounding, passing, making everyone around him better and involved.

      With his skill set alone, he’s already elite. He doesn’t need to be a 25+ ppg average player on this team.

      Dario, Fultz, Roco, and Embiid can make up for that scoring deficiency Ben Simmons has.

      Simmons will Improve his jumpshot. It’s the one thing u can teach at the next level.

      Lebron, Magic, Jordan, Leonard just to name a few work great shooters in college and they drastically improved. when they got to the league overtime. Ben Simmons will improve cause he has the work ethic.

      Fultz and Embiid combination when Simmons goes to the bench will be a nightmare when the time comes

      • Mac Dolo did you just recently jump on the sixers bandwagon??

        The sixers have been red shirting dudes. Ben Simmons could have played last season but they decided to take there time and let the kid develope because there is ZERO harm in doing so.

        Embiid in year 2 could have played also, but they tanked the season away to get Simmons. The reports have them having to “go back in and clean up Embiids foot” was over exaggerated bullshit, and Embiid even said so after the season that ” it wasn’t what they thought. It’s fine”

        They literally tanked for Simmons, and Fultz.. why play Embiid when we weren’t going to win anything?

        Why play Simmons and rush the process when there was no need to?

        You don’t think Fultz is healthy to play right now? Of course he is!!! It’s smart to red shirt a kid who isn’t even 20 yet!!!

        They aren’t tanking anymore, but that doesn’t mean they still can develope a kid that’s a huge investment. Bryan wants there to be no mistake after the heat he has taken by drafting Fultz

  • Develop a player by sitting him .. ? Not sure bout that … Simmons sat because there is a huge financial incentive to him winning ROY

  • Fultz obviously is suffering from some form of depression & self doubt that JJ Redick felt the need to plead with the media for time to allow him to slowly assimilate into the NBA. If Futlz doesn’t believe in himself nor the Head Coach why would anyone in the city believe in the kid? I’ve already written him off as a massive blunder and don’t want the Colangelos any where near future personnel decisions.

  • Sixers fourth place in the NBA Eastern Conference playoff pecking order with another tanking team playing the Sixers tonight.( Orlando) The Magic are starting Jonathan Issac and giving Mario Hezonja major minutes as they are counting ping pong lottery balls.

  • Sixers drop The Orlando Magic that’s back to back games that the starters didn’t have to play in the fourth quarter

    Joel has only played 40 minutes combined the last two games

    So even though we played back to back games we didn’t get a lot of wear and tear. That’s good

    Sixers go to 16-5 since the Super Bowl…


    5-5 against playoff teams since the SB

    Minnisota up next who we beat earlier in the year

  • tankers, Memphis and Orlando are counting ping pong balls and were easy Sixer wins the last 2 days. Their versions of lineups consisting of the Henry Simms, Jakarr Sampson, Hollis Thompson, Isaiah Canaan, Nick Stauskas.
    If a head coach has Joel Embiid they are a top 5 team in the NBA. The GM and HC are under performing. Joel Embiid is a SUPER STAR. Someone started Bayless ahead of Saric this year? Someone had Bayless in the rotation for half the year? Someone allows their starting pg to shoot with 3 only fingers on their weak hand at dismal percentages? Brett Brown is doing a decent job coaching currently but many a NBA franchise aren’t really trying anymore also against them.

    • We are in our first year together…

      This team is coming and are BABIES. Embiid is only 24 and is basically in his FIRST FULL

      No, they are not a top 5 team with Embiid. He is not lebron,curry, Durant, right now.

      He will be that in 3-4 years and still has a lot of
      Room to grow

      Better shooting 3s, ball handling, passing, footwork can always improve, durability
      And game shape. IQ will all improve has he grows and matures

  • Sixers have there first winning season in 7 seasons..

    Most wins since 2004-2005. That’s 14 years

    Top 4 defensive team and best rebounding team in basketball.

    That’s 6 In a row baby. 17-1 at home since 12-21-17

    Here comes zero to talk bad about the win in 3-2-1…

  • Minnesota’s defense is lost without jimmy butler. Last time Sixers played Timberwolves, they won, but needed Overtime and Jimmy Butler zapped them for 38 points. This time the Sixers just steam rolled them everywhere. I considered Jeff Teaque a top 15 pg because I think he is a great pick and roll player. Sixers defense just smothered him tonight. Made him look real bad. Simmons had another great game, that is 5 in a row.
    Brett Brown had to insert Embiid and Simmons with 2 minutes left because their 2nd team let a 27 point lead slip to single digits in the 4th. Minnesota immediately fouled Simmons intentionally and started to harass him verbally from the sidelines ( Jeff Teague) about his shooting weakness. Simmons yelled back from free thrown line ( double technical fouls) then proceeded to miss the first free throw. LOL, He did make the 2nd however. Minnesota fouled intentionally again next possession and Simmons stepped up making both, silencing the hack-a-ben strategy. He made 5 for 8 free throws for the game (62%) which is awful but great for him. 3 for 4 attempts from free throw line during last 2 minutes during hack-a-ben.

    • We beat them with Jimmy and without him..it was so bad it probably
      Wouldn’t have made a difference in if minnisota won yesterday

      We don’t have Fultz… so it goes both ways


    Worst to the 4 seed !!!


  • Markelle Futz didn’t look out of place, he looked like he belonged . The more time he gets in the NBA will reduce his shot getting blocked. I’m actually happy it didn’t deter him from attacking the rim. I think the next outing he will get some free throws as opposed to getting rejected. I’m sure they will work on that in the film room.

  • Fire Brett brown and Colangelo!
    Sixers very quietly have a pretty deep team with a solid second rotation…. they were bringing in 4 or 5 at a time. Fultz is a 19 year old kid who went one in the draft after a one year college career in obscurity. The shoulder injury was a wired one.

  • Haveacigar you old fake ass phony ass disingenuous pig!!! You trashed the Sixers to no end berated Hinkie like the moronic short sighted fool that you are. Now that you are starting to see exactly what Hinkie has built here not Colangelo your all of a sudden saying the Sixers are my first love and they actually have some decent players.I know it pains you to give credit to the man who actually put this roster together. If anybody has been a negative nitwit on this site it’s been you.

    • I wonder if Sam hinkie would have taken Brandon Ingram over Simmons ??

      Would he have taken Fultz???

      I think he would have…

      Now would he have brought in TLC, Holmes, Marco B, JJ riddick, Amir Johnson?,

      Bryan hasn’t done a terrible job after the HINKIE firing..he has made some very nice moves

      Keeping Brett brown has to be his best though

      I love our head coach !!

      • Makes me think, does BC talk
        To HINKIE on the side low key?

        Does he take advice?

        Somebody needs to hire Sam ASAP

  • Don’t think Sam Hinkie would have selected Fultz. Hinkie was reluctant to trade up in the draft like Colangelo did twice this year for Fultz and Pasecniks. Wiggins and DeAngelo were offered to him and he decided to keep accumulating assets. Hinkie might have traded picks including the 3rd overall last year for a Kyrie, PG-13, Butler, Chris Paul, Griffen or a similar All Star in the future like Kwahi ( that is what his mentor Daryl Morey did to land James Harden)
    Simmons and Fultz don’t appear to be able to play together since neither can catch and shoot. ( Both need the ball in their hands) Competition on to see who is the Sixers PG long term with the other being traded. Let the competition begin. Simmons has the lead but Fultz limited shooting range is already double Simmons at 5ft vs Simmons 2ft. bwhahahahahaha

    • Fultz is the first player ever with 10 points 8 assist in 14 minutes..

      He can play off ball. His ability to pass, play defense, rebound, and cut on a dime with his athletic ability he will have no problem playing the 2 spot with Simmons at the 1..

      Just because Simmons starts at the 1 doesn’t mean Fultz won’t be bringing the ball up with Simmons on the floor.

      Both will switch off, and Simmons will become more of a point forward like Lebron.

      Coach brown has already said Fultz will play the 1. Simmons and him will have to do what’s best for the team

      He is the yin to Ben Simmons Yang. They will co exist and be special together. They Alredy showed signs the first 4 games Fultz played. Backdoor cut passes, pick and roll with Simmons and Fultz will be scary

      Also Fultz will be able to catch and shoot. He is just getting started.

      • Positions were labeled also so a novice could understand the game..

        Simmons can play at the 1 or the 4 with Fultz at the 1 and the 2. Switching off

        It will be our coaches job to see this thru.

        This is why Fultz was drafted … and why we moved ups

        Also Don’t forget HINKIE probably would have drafted Andrew Wiggins over Joel Embiid, and loved Russell…

        So he wasn’t perfect

        We were very fortunate that Embiid got hurt and move down in the draft

  • What hinkie would do this upcoming offseason is if Fultz proves he can run point and shoot. He’d trade Simmons for McCollum or lillard and sign king and have a big 4 of embiid Fultz king and McCollum or lillard and smash the nba

  • Ben Simmons in no way shape or form can play the 4

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  • Mhenski – there is no wiggle room with the word. The language is crystal clear. No ambiguity. “Treason shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    ( The key words are ONLY and WAR)

  • You are using US legal term– Henski is referring to the broader definition that isn’t contingent on location– Websters and the constitution are both correct– he has further stated that he doesn’t know and NEITHER DO YOU!!!! what will happen but if you are ok with Trumps association with the ruskies.. more power to you.

  • Ok i understand now you’re just dumb.

    When i read your posts i see so much stupidity. Oh wait it can’t be stupidity i see because that would mean you would have to be guilty in a court of law of stupidity otherwise it doesn’t count.

  • There is no broader definition – TREASON is the only crime defined in the Constitution. ( murder, rape, fraud, theft are not defined in the Constitution )

  • Hac Eagles is stupid and wrong. Saying there is no wiggle room is false. Saying there is slander is false. I clearly articulated I’m referring to the literal definition and dumb dumb is saying you’re not allowed to use a definition. Guys an idiot troll or just an idiot that doesn’t understand language in the USA

  • Mhenski – Google “.the only crime defined in the USA constitution”

  • Haveacigar- Google “the only crime defined in the USA constitution”

  • Dude get over it. You’re wrong and made a moronic post. It’s ok we all make mistakes. But doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on stupid well that makes you a moron and not a fallible human

    • Now these weasles are saying the Russian collusion is FACT, and no overblown propaganda LOL!!!!

      They really believe Trump only won the election because the Russians rigged it!! THEY REALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT. This is how
      Sick these people are

      If it was FACT, and proven then why is he still in office?? What’s your excuse for that?

      Liberalism truely is a mental disorder

      Bill Clinton commits adultry in the White House, and yet they still
      Find a way to defend it..

      That piece of shift NAFTA deal crippled the US.

      He crippled the black race even more
      During his presidency making them even more dependent on the government

      This is what they do!! they get and stay in power by thriving on the weak and the poor. People who DEPEND on them and want handouts

      And make no mistake, although there is some who are true to the system most of them take advantage of it

  • Mhenski, unfortunately you chose the only word in the US that is rigid and non negotiable. ( treason) I warned you on 2 different occasions weeks apart that you don’t know what you are talking about and you keep typing. The ONLY CRIME DEFINED IN THE US CONSTITUTION is TREASON.

  • I
























  • It is the most rigidly defined word in the USA. There is zero room for interpretation.

  • Yes CT collusion was proved months ago. What planet you live on? Shall i give you a dozen or so examples of the collusion? If you’d like I’ll get them to you later tonight

    Regarding of if that impacted the election or not is unfounded at the moment. Not sure why you resort to lies and implying i or anyone else ever said that Russian collusion gave conald the win. That’s a lie you made up bc you can’t operate in facts so u resort to what you know. Ie brainwAshed material from state sponsored propaganda tv ie foxnews

    Why are you talking about Clinton’s? Why are you lying and saying anyone ever talked about let alone defended bill Clinton. Lying again like a weirdo

    NAFTA crippled USA ? Couple things there. U have no clue what you’re talking, id Bet both my nuts you have zero clue about the economy or what nafta did or didn’t do and the only reason ur mentioning nafta is because well I HAVE ZERO CLUE. But I’ll play. So nafta crippled the USA yet we are the worlds #1 economy , the world relies on our stock markets and our currency yet we were crippled. USA has prospered since 1993 but we were crippled. Ok makes sense. Just kidding – what makes sense is you never took an economics or financial class in your life but u think you’re an expert on international trade now because foxnews brainwashed you to speak on it.

    And crippled the black race YIKES – ok racist whacko

    • Just because it’s “racist”… doesn’t mean it’s wrong

      NAFTA took away nearly 1 million jobs and sent them to Mexico. Mainly in California, Texas and Michigan etc..

      Granted some jobs were gained from NAFTA. But the losses FAR outweighed the Gains.

      Another reason NAFTA hurt our workers was that it’s strengthened employers to give the workers less pay and benefits. As soon as NAFTA became law corporate managers ended up telling their employees that they’d have to accept lower wages because they intended to move to Mexico

      THIRD REASON.. when NAFTA was created it destroyed so much Mexican agriculture that it forced MILLIONS OF MEXICAN families out of there homes and jobs. Now what did this cause? It made millions of illegal, undocumented immigrants want to come to the USA!! They lost there jobs and homes what Better excuse to come to America now??

      It didn’t “expand trade” like the doctrines rhetoric stated. In fact in all 3 counties , Mexico, USA, and Asia all benefits and salaries have dropped significantly

      All NAFTA did was create a neoliberal agenda.

      The privatization of public services, more control of the finance , and the destruction of the indendent trade union

      Bill Clinton is a traitor to his country. He tries to hide behind it by acting like
      He cares

      But all NAFTA did was sell America out like a cheap whore

      • The peso crisis was also caused by NAFTA in 1993-94.

        Asia financial crisis in 1997

        And the global financial melton down in 2008

        It did way more harm then good. But people act like it was great because it started out so effective

  • Ok racist i asked you to tell me how you determined it crippled the USA actually no i didn’t i laughed at you for saying something incredibly moronic. And you replied to tell me about a peso crisis WHO FUCKING CARES and a Asia crisis WHO FUCKING CARES and a GLOBAL MELTDOWN it’s a lie BUT WHO FUCKING CARES.

    And NAFTA who fucking cares.

    I don’t know if ur talking about nafta because you’re a racist and don’t want immigrants here or if u had a manufacturing job and lost it bc of nafta. Or both.

    Dumb topic

    Dumb points

    Lots of lies from You

  • Conald trump and his crime sindicate engages in treason and CTs argument is this :

    But but but Hillary

    But but but bill Clinton

    But but but nafta

    But but but porn stars

    But but but peso crisis

    But but but liberals

    But but but let me throw out some racist talk

    But but but no way dear leader is a bad guy

    That’s literally your argument that conald didn’t conspire with foreign agents, governments and participating in the theft of hundreds of billions of USA citizens dAta, compared said data to hacked voter rolls, then targeted / brainwashed susceptible individuals.

    And let’s not get into how he changed his platform at the last minute to appeAse a poor and irrelevant country that offers USA no benefits in Russia. Or the fact his son, son in law and campaign chair met with Russian agents or snuck the Russian ambassador into trump tower, or multiple family members and campaign members tried (and maybe succeeded) with creating a back channel to Russia. Let’s overlook how he refuses to call them out for unleashing a wmd in uk or refused congressional orders to issue sanctions. Let’s forget about the 90% corroborated dossier states financial deals were set up to enrich the traitors for changing USA policy. Let’s forget that Russia declared cyber war on USA and conald declared please do it more and get Hillary’s emails. Let’s forget it all well because ummmmmm bill Clinton is the real traitor

  • Mhenski – you are a pedophile ( I’m using the alternative definition of the word)
    Mhenski you are a rapist ( I’m using the more colloquial definition of the word)
    Mhenski you are a murderer ( I’m using the slang definition of the word)

  • Zero… he quoted from a fucking dictionary…
    anyway CT he has you there…. when you do wrong and blame the other guy….any other guy..you are a colluding, lying, bullshitting traitor…. remember after Parkland he said, “take the guns first then due process”….smartest thing he’s ever said… then he had lunch with the NRA and they scolded his pussy ass!
    Oh and I’m a member….. hilarious. He’s a punk ass bitch

  • A gcobb commentator knows more about that definition of words than the dictionary. Got it.

  • if Paulman is a Nazi,
    and Donald Trump and his crime syndicate engages in treason,
    Then Mhenski is Pedophile.
    words have no meaning here.
    It is impossible for anyone in the United States to be accused of TREASON since 1945.
    Disgusting pervert Mhenski is collecting little boy’s used underpants.

  • gotta love baiting someone to talk about the CONALD and they make an absolute fool of themselves, making them feel so humiliated that they resort to pedophilia jokes as their last line of defense. haaaaaaaaaa nice one. I’m thinking your dad got into your underwear one time many times while I was skull fucking your mom!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • At the end of the day we’re all
      Eagles fans

      And we’re world champions

      Never forget that



  • “words have no meaning”— remember Marcus Arelius words:
    “Mexico is paying for the wall”, “take guns before due process”, “mcCain isn’t a hero”…. and as Journey once sang….”It goes on and on and on”…..

    • McCain isn’t a hero. Quit glorifying that old pussy

      He gets captured, and everyone considers him a HERO!!! LOL

      Dramatic cry babies

  • Oh … ok I guess that makes the ones that were KIA a…. what? You must be on some hillbilly heroin…. don’t worry your boy won’t fix that problem either

    • Now u compared a KIA to John McCain??

      Jesus man…. u and mhenskie were bullied growing up huh??

      Must of been some social misfits, with daddy issues who never got any Pussy. That’s why u have all this built up hatred towards The president LMAO

      Only beta males hate on another man this hard and worry about who he fucks… LOL

  • Joel Embiid injured verse the NYK at beginning of 2nd quarter not to return.

  • McCain flying a bombing mission was shot down spent over 5 years and never signed over the dreaded confession for release…. Trump had bunyons

  • I didn’t compare them– you said he was a pussy for being captured and tortured and you question my upbringing? you are a sick mother fucker– there were roughly 800 POW’s during the war– all of them pussies i suppose you mother fucking piece of shit! ok blame the media for that — i’m buying their liberal agenda- fuck you — go build the wall for free–

    • Yeah and 800
      Of them arent traitors to there country who signed off on that socialist Obama care piece of shit deal

      Quit crying. It’s Pathetic.

      All emotion and no logic

  • yeah– i’m pathetic you racist piece of shit– no emotion here just dealing with the real news– dealing with actual words and deeds that your boyfriend has said/done– yeah…i know you are a homophobe pussy… buy he is your butt fucking boyfriend.

  • you must be drunk like paulman was when he made he claimed his love for white supremacy

    • There it is… the liberal “race” card.. LOL!!! The only defensive they have when it comes to emotion..

      Typical left wing beta male pussy. switches it from John McCain to “800 POWs”
      It’s amazing how they can change the narrative in the blink of an eye like that.

      He’s your president… quit crying like soft little bitches.

      Did ur dad beat you? Why is your hatred so strong?

      Everyone is “racist” to a degree. Even animals are racist. Anybody who tells u other wise. Is a lying pussy

      Whether or not it’s a 99% extreme racist or a 5% racist. Everyone has some in them

  • Fultz collided with Embiid on a handoff and knocked the big fella out of the game. Have to give it to HC Brett Brown. He managed the lineup and was able to secure the victory even without Embiid and Amir Johnson. Dario Saric had 26 points and 14 rebounds taking over the scoring load in Embiid’s absence. The Sixers say he doesn’t have a concussion just a facial contusion.

  • trump play book blame blame blame— mother fucker its not liberal race card when assholes like you and trump are birthers and ‘he’s a muslim” statements– i don’t hate– not one person do i hate not one– you are working on it– i never knew you were a hate filled asshole– i thought your views on sports sucked for the most part but now you are showing your true ‘colors’–

  • oh shit i said colors…. thats the race card….

    • You hated on the process and laughed at the sixers lmao!!

      You also didn’t have the eagles being as good as I did

      Your sports views are a joke and u have been wrong about every damn thing except maybe Sam Bradford lmao

      Quit crying like a soft little bitch. You and mhenskie are the same guy huh? Share the same accounts and spread your little soft liberal cry baby “Your a racist” bullshit


      You have been exposed for the soft little man that you are.

      Did Donald Trump fuck your wife or some shit?


  • Just soo much hatred!! Anyone who votes for trump Hates blacks, woman and gays!!!

    Blame the Russians and trump for being so miserable!!


  • Joel Embiid at the hospital for further tests after a 2nd quarter collision with Markelle Fultz. Embiid did not return to the NYK game. Sixers say he has a head contusion. They say he passed the concussion test. This current ownership regime’s history with player injury reports is less than accurate. They alway under sell the seriousness of their player’s injuries.

  • I voted for trump asshole!
    You are the one who harps on the down fall of America through its colorization… I don’t think everyone who voted for trump is a racist you dummy… but I know YOU ARE

  • I voted R since 80, was a 23 year member of NRA… read their bullshit paranoid magazine cover to cover…I ain’t no liberal and I ain’t a pussy…but I can tell you this… I’ve seen ur pussy president take pot shots at just about every powerless person in the world…. but he never mentions his gay butt fuck buddy by name…. you know the one… your next king

  • Sixers better off without Embid? Could it be possible that the Sixers are a better team without the big man? Teams with dominant centers dont win in todays NBA. Anthony Davis, Boogie Cousins and the likes never win. Teams without centers like GS, Houston and any team that Lebrons on do win. Seems like the Sixers are scoring more and running and gunning more. Trust me I love Embid was just wondering anyone elses thoughts.

  • Uh what has Houston won?

    And regarding Cavs cmon bron is king been dominating the nba no matter who his teammates are since day 1. And the warriors are insane.

    Take away warriors & Lebron and we got championship winners last 7-8 years in spurs with Duncan , mavs with chandler, lakers with Bynum. The heat won with birdman who had a major impact.

    But i see what ur saying. We are playing so fast and lose without him and just running and dropping 3 bombs everywhere and murdering everyone so i know where you coming from.

    But the fact is Joel Embiid will never hurt u and will always help you win. Look at any games box score his +- is always insane and higher than everyone else’s. Sixers r not better without him period he’s an insane two way player.

    But imo this injury was great for the team. In those 7 games the team changed from the Philadelphia embiids to the Philadelphia 76ers. And that 16 game win streak shows we can beat anyone anywhere anytime.

    Sixers should be in the finals and could win it all.

  • Joel has the 6th best +- in the nBA and hes missed games. ya cant sit that, thats crazy talk.

  • What the hell is going on here. Polictics all ovet this board. The city of Philadelphia is having its best run of sports ever in the history and its full out trump on here. Anyway i left because of I got tired of seeing dumbass hot takes from eos and dagg. This site is pure shit, just shut it down gary

  • LOL

    It’s sad isn’t?

    Greatest sports run in our history, and people try to come on here and throw liberal agendas down peoples throats.

    As if being complete dickheads towards everyone’s postwasn’t enough

  • CT, stop being a hypocrite because you come on here to push your political agenda and propaganda too. Liberal this liberal that..sigh..

    I am with zilents, this nonsense needs to stop on here or just shut the board down. People no longer come on here to talk sports, people really no longer come on here.

    This site used to be awesome, now it’s desolate due to petty personal beefs based on politics and personal attacks and insults. I have gone over to BGN which is not only monitored better, but has waaaay more content and active participation. I like to check in on here every now and then to see and perhaps hope, something has changed, but it hasn’t.

    G, Denny, you guys need to not only market this site to get more active participation, but also restrict the posting comments to sports and update the technology so the new comments can be seen in real time and not just by having to refresh the board over and over again. This product is stale…refresh, rebrand and remarket! It’s a must as there are way better sites out there right now that are clearly better competitors.

    Lifelong GCobb poster..but now disappointed.

  • You’re right Eagles…

    But this never started with me. I bought into the debate like a weak puss..

    But I didn’t bring, or originate the political agenda on this site.


    so claiming I “push” anything is false

    Not like this site was prospering anyway

  • Bros this site is trash that’s why people don’t come. Before yesterday therw had been exactly 0 articles the last month. Nothing about the sixers historical run. Nothing about Phillies. Nothing. About a year ago something happened and the writers here must’ve been told to stop writing and they did. Also the fact when you log on here there’s a big red warning on your iPhone that reads WEBSITE UNSECURE.

    Let’s all not ignore the fact that all these posts and debates we are missing on the debates and lengthy back n fourths were with

    Fraudman – a fake fan that doesn’t live here
    Koolbreeze – a vick and only Vick fan
    Ts – a vick and only vick fan
    Gmcliff – a lying multiple people personality guy

    You’re missing out on a guilty pleasure not substance.


    Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was recording at a private NFL owners meeting saying, “many of us have no interest in supporting President Trump.”

    He then described Trump’s presidency as “disastrous,” adding: “Don’t quote me.”


  • Missy treason, your wrong about what Lurie said about trump ,close; but your still wrong , sorry charlie but then again who gives a fu– what anyone says or feels about pols? you havent’ learned that yet?I have a feeling the only thing y’all know bout sports is it’s hard to play.Well maybe you were good at t- ball.

  • Well ur responding so you care dumb dumb. And not sure if you understand how quotes work or not but that’s exactly what he said and more.

    I have a feeling you’re a moron, have no college education and can’t formulate coherent thoughts.

    You gather i don’t know about sports ? what evidence led you to such a conclusion ? Here I’ll answer for you zero evidence you’re just stupid and failed to take a shot at someone, SAD.

    No go about being a sheep and not care what people are reporting and saying about OUR country you helpless feeble minded fool.

  • OK ok missy treason I concede ,I was wrong, you were a champ at wiffle ball. and a right fielder, and the last one to get picked on a street baseball pick up game. Wow calm down, so you were a shitty ballplayer , Not the worst thing in the world to be right? I mean at least they let you clean the locker room and you can vote right?See life isnt so bad .

  • I’ll play your dumb game. You were a superstar athlete and an all knowing sports expert right? All American in High school and college (OOPS SCRATCH THAT YOUR DIDNT GO TO COLLEGE ). And you’re understanding of sports and supernatural athleticism made you $0 do dollars and got you 0 jobs and enabled you to make a grand total of 0 insiteful posts on this site about sports.

    So while you’re hung up on whose an expert on sports and not like a feeble minded meat head in his thirties thinking about the high school glory days I’ll be living in the now.


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