• January 17, 2022

The Eagles Will Be Trusting In Romance With The 32nd Pick

The Eagles will be trusting that romance or bromance will help them as the 32nd pick in the draft approaches on Thursday night in Dallas, Texas, which is where the 2018 NFL Draft will take place.  The Birds need a team to fall in love with a player on the board at that time, so they can trade down from that 32nd pick and get two picks, hopefully one in the second round and one in the third.

It usually happens with somebody falling in love with a quarterback, but the Eagles don’t care who the team falls in love with, just so it happens before they make the pick.

There’s a lot of talk about the Eagles being enamored with LSU running back Derrick Guise, but trust me, if they get the right offer, they’re going to trade down.  Birds GM Howie Roseman is one of the best in the business at making trades to get what he wants.  Right now they need more picks.

Once they get additional picks, they can address some of the needs they have.  The truth of the matter is that the Eagles could go to battle right now with any help from this draft, but I could see them adding an offensive tackle, defensive end, running back, punter, tight end, safety or wide receiver.  I didn’t even mention the quarterback position, but Doug Pederson remembers how much success Andy Reid has had developing quarterbacks.  You can never have too many good young quarterbacks because other teams are more enamored with young talented quarterbacks than any other position.

If the Birds do make a selection in the first round, I could see them grabbing big offensive tackles like UCLA’s Kolton Miller, Connor Williams of Texas or Chuckwuma Okorafor of Western Michigan.  The Birds need to be developing a young offensive tackle as preparation for next year when Jason Peters will be 37, and they may not be able to depend upon Halapoulavaati Vaitai.  The young tackle struggled at times during the Super Bowl season, so Roseman, Joe Campbell and company aren’t  sure he’s a keeper.

I could also see the Birds grabbing another pass rushing defensive end in the first round.  Michael Bennett and Chris Long are very close to the end of the road.  Brandon Graham has joined the 30 and over club, so who knows how much longer he’s going to play.   LSU’s Arden Key, Harold Landry of Boston College or maybe hardworking Sam Hubbard of Ohio State could come in and learn how to be a PRO from all these veterans.

The Eagles have a great atmosphere for young players to develop.  Any youngsters who want to be great, can come in and learn to work and develop their skills.  This is the “NEW NORM” for the Eagles.  They have a great atmosphere developing young players regardless of the position they play.


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  • If the Eagles stay put at 32, the Eagles should draft OT Connor Williams or CB Jaire Alexander if he’s available. If not, I’d take a serious look at the following players:
    RB Ronald Jones USC
    WR Equanimeous St. Brown Notre Dame
    TE Mark Andrews Oklahoma
    TE Dallas Goedert South Dakota State

    It’s a shame. Just two years ago this board was filled with posters discussing potential draft targets and talent.
    Definitely was talking about the Eagles QB position and the trade with the Browns to move up to 2 to draft CarsonWentz..wussup Kool?!?!..LOL


  • What a headline. This is why people don’t come ehl

  • Very disappointed in the Eagles trade out of the first round. There were a lot of steals on the board and I think they moved down too far. The good bargains are going to dry up about five or six picks before the Eagles pick. Not to mention they dropped James Daniels and Hernandez right in the Giants lap to help them rebuild that O line for Barkley and Eli. Get ready for Pinkston, Nate Allen, Reggie Brown, Winston Justice because five years from now we all be rolling our eyes when you bring up tonight’s 52nd pick in the draft.
    Is anyone else concerned about the fact that we had a golden opportunity to bring in Kelce’s eventual replacement or an upgrade/future replacement for Wiz at LG and we passed?? Howie made a mistake here. Our depth on the interior line is currently garbage. Warmack is a big fat bust and Seumalo can’t play. If one of those three guys up front gets hurt we are in deep crap right now!! Nothing like a turnstyle in front of your franchise QB and his bum leg letting pressure right up the middle.

  • there was certainly more to get in the first round. We really needed more Linebacker talent and depth.

  • Oh snaaap!!! Cliff, wussup man??? Hope all’s well bruh.
    First you gotta give it up for the Eagles first Super Bowl win.

    Second, I missed talking draft and prospect players with you.

    By the time they picked in the first, the impact LB’s worthy of a first rounder were gone. Secondly, i loved the trade down and pick up of an extra second in 2019.

    Thirdly, I love the Dallas Goedert pick, he and Ertz will provide a nice 1-2 punch on offense and will be hell to match up against in the red zone. As far as LB is concerned, Bradham (Hicks) when healthy and Kendricks is fine, then they have Corey Nelson. You can’t address everything even when you have a full clip of draft pick selections, Eagles only had 5. Next year we have 10..we’ll be alright.

  • Absolutley…..

    Eagle my wife was diagnosed with 3 forms of cancer, so with 2 school aged children at home, Ive been focusing on what’s more important.

    Eagle, I love the pick of Goedert, but i was hoping they would make some trades not involving the 32nd pick; like trading Brandon Graham, Ronald Darby, and or Jay Ajayi to get Trumaines Edmunds, and Marcus Davenport, then trade down from 32.

  • Sorry to hear that Cliff, I hope she is comforted and will get better. I just had a friend who passed from cancer. It’s a godawful disease.

    I loved the trade, next year we are loaded with picks. a 1, two 2’s a 3, two 4’s, a 5th, 6th and a 7th. We can get linebackers, OL and DL next year with no problem.
    No way were we getting Marcus Davenport, look at what the Saints gave up to move from 27 to get him, a first round pick next year and some other pick, naw, I don’t want to give up any more future picks. It was hard watching this draft due to the lack of picks from the Carson trade, Ajayi and Bennett trade. Next year will be exciting and a lot of new talent will be brought in.

  • appreciate that Eagle

    i agree on Davenport, but the saints may have just gave up too much.

    the linebacker crop next year isn’t as strong as it was this year.

    dont forget that Foles could still be traded if there is an injury for another #1, and #3 too….

  • No problem brother.
    The Saints definitely gave up to much, but I guess they felt he was worth it. I haven’t really been looking at next years draft eligible talent pool. I do like the LSU LB Devin White, he’s a solid ILB drawing comparisons to Ray Lewis. Can play the run and pass.
    As far as Foles is concerned, a 1 and a 3 would be nice, I don’t see that happening though. I could see a two and a four or five. However if Howie was able to fleece a team for a 1, get it, he’s done some pretty remarkable things since Chip Kelly was shown the door.

  • Love Devin White!!….He MUST be the Eagles focus on next year’s draft….I also like. Joe Jackson DE of Miami…We could also use more Offensive line depth, especially at Guard…..

  • Hey Cliff do you think any of the offensive linemen the Eagles picked up in the draft and undrafted will pan out.

  • I think they will focus in on D line and O line next tear. We have a lot of guys who they are developing at guard..I am thinking more offensive tackle.

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