• September 30, 2022

The Door Is Wide Open For The Eagles, But…..

The Washington Redskins had a chance yesterday to get the division title in a bear hug.  They could have moved closer to it but they failed, in fact they failed miserably.   They are not a quality passing team, which is pathetic with so many prolific passing offenses in this 2018 season.  They are a dreadful offense when it comes to passing the ball.   How can they score only 14 points in a game in which they wanted in the worst way.  This is why the door is open for the Eagles.

Washington was playing at home. They were playing against a team that came into the game with a three and four record.  The Atlanta Falcons had no trouble at all running over the Redskins.  The Redskins do have a good offensive line, but they must have suffered four injuries amongst their offensive linemen in the game yesterday.  Their skill people especially on the offensive side of the ball are dependent upon the quarterback and he can’t get it done.

Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is not the kind of quarterback who can excel in the National Football League right now.  He doesn’t throw the ball downfield enough to be a winner.  If you look up “Check Down Charlie” in the dictionary Alex Smith’s picture is there in the definition.   He just will not throw the ball downfield and he’s got a history of doing it.   The Redskins have a good defense and they have a good running game but they do not have a big-time passing game.

The Redskins with their 1968 passing game is just not the type of team that should be making the playoffs, but of course that brings us to the Eagles.  Doug Pederson and his gang have got to step it up.  They’ve got eight games remaining in the regular season and two of them will be very tough.  Of course, I’m talking about their battles with the Saints and the Rams.  Those are going to be tough games and they may lose them.   If they do, they should still win six games in the second half of the schedule.  Of course that means winning all the games in the division.

There’s no reason they shouldn’t sweep all their division games because they are a better football team than any other team in the NFC East.  I mean the Cowboys do not have a passing offense much better than the Redskins and we know how bad the Giants are. There’s no way they should not win this division, but they’ve got to step up now.

They do not have a lot of room for error because the Redskins can beat the bad teams because they will not beat themselves. “Check down Charlie” will not turn the ball over, so the Redskins will be able to beat the bad teams.  Unfortunately, the Skins are not playing too many good teams the rest of the way, so the Eagles have got to get it going now.  Still I emphasize, the door is open to the playoffs and the Eagles they have got to get on a run.

They’ve got to stop making mistakes with dumb penalties.  They’ve got to put the ball in the end zone when they get in the red zone.  The defense especially in the secondary has to stop giving up big plays.  The corners can’t be biting on double moves and the pass rush has got to get there.  Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz needs to continue to mix in some blitzing.

The offense must eliminate false starts, lining up incorrectly, turnovers and sacks. Carson Wentz must be patient and take what the defense is giving him.  He can’t be too aggressive, hold the ball too long and turn the ball over.  If they stay away from turnovers and play like they’re capable of playing, they will win at least six of the remaining eight games and make the playoffs.

It is the time for it all to come together and it’s got to start this week against Dallas.


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