• August 12, 2022

Despite Positive Test, Pederson Not Overly Concerned

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson talked today to the media for the first time since he had the positive test for covid-19.   He was very calm and under control.   The Eagles head coach didn’t seem to be frustrated, despite the fact that he wasn’t going to be able to coach his football team face-to-face for at least 10 days.  He will need to get back-to-back negative tests for covid-19.

The Birds leader says that he can run the team virtually, despite not being there physically.  “I’ve been able to talk with my staff about contingencies, not only with players but also with staff members,” the head coach said. “I’m not going to speculate on a timetable for me, I treat it like players. I’m not going to speculate on that. When I’m back, I’m back.”

Pederson says he feels very safe around the Novacare Center and he wouldn’t divulge where he thinks he contracted the virus.

Eagles Assistant head coach Duce Staley will step in as the team’s leading coach.   Pederson has great confidence in Staley, who is a key contributor to game planning the Eagles running game from week-to-week.

Pederson emphasized that this season is not going to be about one guy, when it comes to the players and the coaches.  I agree with him.  There’s going to be an emphasis on team this season.  Key players are going to miss games.  In fact many key players are going to miss games.  Different situations are going to develop overnight.  Teams are going to look up and find out that three or four key players won’t be playing in the upcoming game.  We’re going to see positive tests having a tremendous impact on some of the games.

The former Eagles quarterback and current Birds head coach stressed the fact he hopes Eagles players will make wise decisions away the Novacare Complex.  Again and again Pederson said, the guys are going to have to be smart.

I think he hit it on the head.  Players are going to have to be smart about what they do when they’re not being supervised by coaches.

He did let us know that he is quarantining away from his family at home.

I think the season is going to be decided by which team is the most disciplined and it might not be the team that’s the most disciplined on the field that wins the Lombardi Trophy, but it might be the team that’s the most discipline off the field that wins it all.

It’s going to be a memorable season no doubt about that.  The team that has enough players, who will discipline themselves off the field will probably have the fewest guys miss games and that’s going to give them an advantage.  We’ll see how it plays out, but it’s getting interesting very quickly, too quickly.  As I was writing this article, I found out that the St. Louis Cardinals have 13 guys who tested positive for covid-19.  This is definitely going to be memorable and interesting NFL season.


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  • I don’t even think there will be a Season G-Man
    Wait until Players and Coaches start actually practicing and the amount of Players, Coa he’s and Stafc will get the Virus and have yo sit out for 10 Days – 2 Weeks… there’s no way this Season even starts on time or completes its 16 Game Schedule… Just Shut it Down and prepare for the 2021 Season..

  • G. Man or anyone that still supports trump after his lack of response to Covid and Floyd just needs to watch the axioms interview! Wow if u support him u are admitting that u believe a mentally challenged (retard) narcissist can run the country… trump will make Paul man sec of state if he gets another term

  • I will decline any Offer of any Position to work for DJT.. I can’t stand the Man since the 80’s which I have stated
    many,many times on here over the Years… He’s a Coward, A Mafia-Wanna-Be and nothing but a 6 Time Loser Shyster.. And can’t wait to see his Crying Fat ass Leave the White House ..

    Paulman’s Mock 2020 Presidential Election Results (Version #1 which is a very conservative analysis)

    Joe Biden/Karen Bass – 318 Electoral Votes (Biden Wins back Pa,Mi, Wi and takes Arizona)
    Donald Trump/Mike Pence – 221 Electoral Votes (Trump Wins close Races in NC,Ga,Fl & Texas) but still comes up short and this could turn into a major blowout if FL,NC and possibly even Tx and Ga Vote for Biden which is very well could happen making the Electoral Vote difference very large indeed

    I guesstimate about 140 Million People will Vote in 2020 with Biden/Bass winning approx 54% of the Total Vote giving them approx 75 million Voters who supported the Biden/Barr Ticket and I believe Trump/Pence will get approx 41 % of the Vote giving them approx 58 Million Voters who supported them with the remaining 5% going to 3rd Party Candidates (Libertarian Party)

    • Gcobbs dirty rat bastard republicans (ugh I’m a repulsed Republican myself) are getting Kanye on ballots thinking he will take black voters from Biden.

      • I’ve read some articles on this.. I really Enjoy the RVAT (Republicans Voting Against Trump) Group and Videos if you have seen any of these, Testimonials from average People who are or were Republicans but will not Vote for Trump in 2020 and most are supporting Biden to ensure that Trump gets Voted Out
        I’ve been a registered Independent for about 25 Years but typically Vote for Who I feel is the Best Candidate for the Country over Party

        • Also look at the Lincoln project

          • Yes, a very smart and influential group of Conservative Republicans behind this Group (Steven Schmidt, John Weaver, Rick Wilson, George Conway,Reed Galen & Jennifer Horn among many others)

  • ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports the NFL considers “the use of virtual fans in stadiums a viable option for game days.”
    Anyone who has watched an NBA or MLS game inside the bubble knows what this will look like. Per Fowler, “enhanced virtual advertising also is an option to fill vacant seats.” Both of these solutions are just Band-Aids on top of the disaster of fanless stadiums. Although some teams are still preparing as if they will be allowed to operate at limited capacity, the smart money is on no fans anywhere in Week 1.


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  • Excellent web site you have got here.. Itís difficult to find high-quality writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  • The Power 5 Conferences in College are seriously considering Cancelling the Fall Sports Season including Football
    I expect a formal and joint announcement by Tuesday by the Commissioners of the Big 10, Southeast,ACC,Big 12 & the Pac-10 Conferences as they continue to deliberate about having Football in the Spring but playing Football this Fall appears to be
    a forgone conclusion for obvious reasons

    The NFL will give Playing a real chance but it won’t make it past September before things fall apart..
    Use this Practice Time to get these Young Players as many reps as possible and move away from acquiring Veteran Players for it serves little purpose,
    Pass on adding a WR,RB,LB and I didn’t see the sense in signing back V Curry when you have
    Past Draft Pick Players in Josh Sweat,Shariff Miller, Gennard Avery, who they traded a 4th Round for last season and Joel Osternan and this years 7th Round Draft Pick Casey Toohill
    How else are you going to find out about these Players ?
    I could say the same thing at LB,RB and WR Positions, Why bring in Veterans for a lost 2020 Season and give practice time and reps to Players, who do not fit the Future for 2021 and beyond

  • Eagles LB Jatavius Brown Retires from Football at the Age of 27
    Keep and Play the Young Players, 1 Year Band-Aids is not the way to go for the 2020 Season which probably is not
    going to have a complete Season if any

  • Just figured I’d swing by for a visit..man do I miss the days of the Nick Foles/Mike Vick and Sam Bradford debates on GCOBB as well as the game day threads and day after the game thread. Hopefully there will be a season.

    • Now we got lunatic writing from Gary, commenters posting dumb shit about cleaning, russian bots and oh did i mention Gary Conn said governor wolf Exploited a global mother fucking pandemic that’s left 160k Americans dead all to harm kkkonald ? What a fuckin idiot.

      Hey Gary did you know kkkonald tweeted a video of a freak klansman chanting white power? And yet somehow u support that freak? Spineless weirdo

    • Yup me 2.

      I loved Sam Bradford. Injuries destroyed that mans career. 3 ACL injuries?

      This site got destroyed by Mhenskie & HAC being extreme radical leftist who would attack everyone’s comment.

      Paulman leaving also was a bad thing.

      “Paulman returns” is an imposter.

      • HAC is a Republican BTW… Reagan November of 80… member of young republicans! Trumps no Republican

        • Well republicans are basically democrats. In bed with them for a long time now.

          Saying you’re a republican is basically a lie.

          Especially if you want Biden & Harris over Trump & Pence.

  • Gary can you please write a new article explaining how the big 10 is cancelling football because they hate kkkonald trump?

  • “If you don’t vote for me over Donald Trump, then you ain’t black.” -Joe Biden 2020

    The Democratic Party continues to make a joke out of itself. HOW predictable racist Biden chose a “black” women. Didn’t she identify as a Indian women for Congress? LOL!!

    60-70 years blacks vote democrat. & look what it has gotten them. Racist Marxist have hijacked the Democratic Party.

    Kamala Harris decision just got Donald Trump elected.

    • So Biden makes a gaffe and u Point it out? I assume ur next post will include trump tweeting white power, AMERICAN cities burning and of course 165k dead from the trump virus while he PRAISED XI, bounties, his own people hide Russia Intelligence reports… and the number of gaffes he’s made would make ur head spin… so shut the fuck up racists asshole

  • Senator Kamala Harris was the Safest VP Choice for Biden as he already committed that he would Select
    a Woman of Color as his VP Running Mate.. She’s been vetted on the National Stage as she ran for President Herself and is a tough cookie who can dish it out and take a punch, She’s also a strong debater and very strong on the Campaign Trail so a strong Pick by Biden to help solidify the Woman VOte, the African American Vote, and help with the Younger Crowd and even the middle of the road Folks who or independants, or described themselves as Moderate as she is not a part of the far left wing Politician of the Warren/Sanders part of the Democratic Party..
    I see Biden/Harris Winning the States of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Arizona & Nevada giving g them a 310-315 Electoral Votes and Victory over Trump .. You can probably even toss in States like Florida and NC Voting Democratic in the Fall in which the Election would then become a Landslide for Biden/Harris

    I kind of liked the no-nonsense, tough cookie of Karen Bass or even Suzanne Rice as Vp Candidates but both have more controversial issues and moments and political baggage than Kamala Harris and theres no sense in Biden bringing in any unnecessary drama

    I sense Susan Rice as the Next Secretary of State and Elizabeth Warren as Next Secretary of Education (Keep the Treasury Job far,far,far away for her as the Stock Market would tank with here at the helm of the Treasury

    Ill be adding more Political Thoughts and Predictions as we get closer for whatever its worth

    • I forgot to mention that Kamala Harris also has Asian Heritage in her Family so another first for the millions of Asian-Americans that may get enthused about Voting.. All in All a Very Solid Pick and would give Biden
      an 8.5 out of a 10 Point Paulman Scale for Roster Management ..

      For CT – “Paulman Returns” is actually the real Paulman from Boone as I still reside here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northwestern NC .. A transplant from South Jersey (Voorhees/Cherry Hills area) and Rutgers Camden University Graduate (Class of 1986)

  • It’s racist to choose a women JUST BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK.

    Praying off the lefts emotion. They will vote for her not cause of her background, but JUST BECAUSE she is black. How predictable.

    Keep in mind this is the same women who locked up black men & increased their sentences. This goes for non violent criminals & marijuana possessions.

    She even called Biden a racist ! LOL

    So now a women who identified as an INDIAN now will use the “I am a black women”

    Shaun king even said he wouldn’t vote for Kamala Harris. Hes a radical leftist

  • Joe Biden made the Comittment after Winning the Democratic Primary in South Carolina with the huge support of the African-American Community due to the Endorsement and Support of Jim Clyburn for if Biden didn’t Win SC as convincingly as he did, who knows how the ensuing Democratic Primaries would have went for shortly thereafter moderate Candiates like Amy Klobacher, Pete Buggigieg , Kamala Harris and even Mike Bloomberg all rallied around the Moderate Candidate Left in Joe Biden… believe me, Progressive Candidates like Sanders or Warren still scare way too many people in this Country to ever win a General Election which would have guaranteed another 4 Years of Trump.. The Democratic Party stuck together in supported the best overall candidate to Defeat Trump which is the main prize..

  • Let’s blame Donald Trump for all the problems that been escalating in this country for DECADES when he’s only been in office 3 years so far. Makes sense !

    Let’s blame him for a virus that originated in China after he was called a racist for putting a travel ban on them. Whoops!!

    Lets blame him for the way he handled it after Fauci told him in January & Feb that the virus wouldn’t effects the USA. Whoops!!

    Blame him for the spread when thousand & thousands are rioting, burning & protesting in the streets all over the nation! It’s his fault though!

    “Trump would need a magic wand to bring back jobs & get a 3% economic growth” WHOOPS!!

    Meanwhile it’s at 3.5% & black unemployment was at an all time low! Hahahahaha!!!

    Obama was exposed for the fake fraud he is.

    • I agree let’s blame kkkonald for the trump virus. Why? Oh i don’t know maybe because he’s done jack shit to slow or stop the spread.

      Florida has had more coronavirus deaths in the last 12 days than Japan and South Korea have had *combined since the beginning of the pandemic*

      HOW THE FUCK IS THAt POSSIBLE????? Oh i know how because trumps a moron that’s done zero except dump money into the market and give bailout money to cruise lines that don’t even pay USA taxes

      God bless YO SEMITES national park and God bless the United SHATES

    • Hey weirdo boy. Can you give a source or citation where fauci told him in January & Feb that the virus wouldn’t effects the USA? No u can’t cuz ur a brainwashed jackass

  • Everything they blame Trump for is what Biden is…

    Biden – 94 crime bill that he bragged about locked up THOUSANDS of men with petty charges.

    Scandals with women? LOL Biden is a known creep.

    Kisses children ? LOL

    Dude is a straight up racist. Doesn’t even know where the hell he is.

    The true president nominee is Harris & the left predictably will announce Biden is unfit for office due to old age & try to promote Kamala.

    Pathetic joke of a party

    • Speaking of racists

      Kkkonald trump today

      Q: What do you mean by an “invasion” in the suburbs if VP Joe Biden is elected?

      President Trump: “They’re going to destroy suburbia. And 30 percent of the people in suburbia are minorities. They say 35 percent, but I like to cut it lower

      Speaking of sexual abuse please google trump+Tiffany Johnson and read the court records you idiot

  • Obama Improved the Unemployment Stats and added more Jobs to the Economy than Trump Has
    When Obama took over in 2009 from GW Bush, Unemployment stood at almost 11% after the Banking/Mortgage/Stock Market Crisis and when he left 8 Years Later, he handed to Trump about a 5% Unemployment figure, which Trump then lowered to approx 3.5% before the COVID-19.. SO Obama decreases Unemployment by 6% Points and Trump lowers it by 1.5% and that’s better ?

    I don’t believe any reasonable person blames Trump for the Virus but most do blame Trump for the very poor response to the Pandemic which should have been nationalized with a national plan from the get go and has zero response to the Social/Racial unrest happening around the Country.

    Trumps blames Obama for everything and he left 3.5 Years ago… Trump never takes criticism or responsibility for anything which is why so many People dislike him.. He’s a Coward, Liar, Thief, Narcissist, Shyster and a Draft Dodging Pussy if you really want to know the Truth.. He’s a Mafia Wanna-Be without the Balls/Courage to see anything through, is exactly how I see Trump

    • Didn’t Obama say how is Trump going to bring jobs back from China? How was he going to bring jobs back to Minnesota?

      He said trump didn’t have a plan?

      But yet he did it?

      Obama did more for gay people then he did black people.

      Obama was a complete failure, & he knew it. That’s why racism got WORSE under Obama. We were progressing & using bigotry & racism as a joke. All in the FamilY Archie Bunker was a stark racist.

      Racism & bigotry was looked as foolish & a joke.

      It got soo good that we elected a black man. Then BOOM! Got worse cause Obama failed to meet expectatins.

      Giving the enemy millions/billions of dollars. Basically funding isis & making the Middle East a super power.

      Had no foreign policy. Racism got worse under him. Did nothing for black people.

      But yet he is glorified LOL!!

      Cmon now. Don’t say “Trump can’t do it.” Then when he does it… “NO OBAMA DID IT.”

  • Trump was told multiple times by the controlled puppet Fauci that the USA didn’t have much to worry about regarding Covid.

    Go research it.

    Handle it how?

    January & Feb people were more concerned with the tragic death of Kobe & the super bowl between KC & San Fran.

    But yet he was supposed to shut down the whole country? The hypocrisy is pathetic

    Originally a 2 week lockdown turned into months.

    I believe the virus is real. Overblown but real.

    They are using it as a political weapon.

    Obama used John Lewis funeral as a political platform also. Scum bag

    • 165 k Americans are dead in 5 months and you think it’s overblown? Wow you’re an imbecile. Clearly you’re not a family man definitely no kids and I’m inclined to say no wife or college education either

      Ps fauci never said that you dumb twat idiot

  • Kkkonald trump today

    Q: What do you mean by an “invasion” in the suburbs if VP Joe Biden is elected?

    President Trump: “They’re going to destroy suburbia. And 30 percent of the people in suburbia are minorities. They say 35 percent, but I like to cut it lower

  • Yo Semites!

    When do we start talking about the fact that trump set up a scam University that stole from children?

    When do we start talking how he’s been caught multiple times laundering money out of the taj?

    How about we talk about his snake oil drug? Or injecting yourself with bleach or sticking flashlights in our asses?

    Should we talk about his charity stealing cancer money?

    Also why is there more pictures of him and epstein than him and his son baron?

    Also why did epstein have over 15 numbers to trump and his mail order wife? And how is it possible that ghislaine maxwell Introduced kkkonald to his mail order whore wife ?

    Also why does he allow Russia to put bounties on our troops ? Also why did ivanka get so many trademarks in China?

    Also why can’t he drink water normally? And why he always sniffling ?


  • h.t.t.p.s.://w.w.w.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/4787209002

  • You’ve been exposed for the libtard that you are

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    165,000 deaths with the average death rate age being 82 years old. That’s the life expectancy of a human!!

    People are dying from old age, gun shot wounds but then they test them for Covid & they come back positive… so they mark it up as a Covid death. They just did it with Hermain Cain who had cancer at age 74.

    You thank your woke mob who are rioting in the street & burning down businesses & statues over a myth & a lie.

    That America is a racist evil country. That police walk around & slaughter black people.

    The giant lie continues for the libtards who worship L3-6ron.

    Called a racist by issuing a travel ban on China. Then Fauci says MULITPLE times the virus isn’t anything THAT serious. But yeah Trump was supposed to shut it all down


  • Median age isn’t 82 retard

    • Just like that link on Fauci

      Google that & actually do research

      U have to be an alcoholic/drug addict.

      No way sober people think this way unless you have mental disorder (liberalism)

      • Yea the stats are on the cdc website yaidiot and its not 82.

  • Ct can you name the top 5 things kkkonald has done?

    Can you also address the fact that he’s committed crimes while potus? At least 5 instances of obstruction. He’s a named unindicted co-conspirator in the Mike Cohen /stormy Daniels case and the only reason he didn’t go to jail with Cohen is only because he’s potus and an indictment waits for him the day he’s no longer potus.

    Can you address him giving Syria to Russia?

    Can you address him blackmailing our nato partner in Ukraine?

    Can you address him telling Americans to drink bleach, shove flashlights in their ass and take snake oil hydroxy?

    Can you address him fucking over 99% of Americans with his tax scam? Why did he give permanent cuts to billionaires at the expense of middle class?

    Can you address his white power tweet ?

  • Last please explain why he went on fox 1 hour ago and admitted he is defunding the post office so people can’t vote by mail. Are you ok with this and if yes why?

  • Can you Address the Tariff Wars with China decimating US Farmers an then have to bailout the Farmers with US Taxpayer $$$ all the while Stating that “China will pay for it” ..

    Can you Address making the Largest Weapons Deal with Saudi Arabia with a Leader who killed and tortured that US Journalist for reporting the abuses going on in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Trump was crickets..
    Also do note that most of the Attackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia

    Can you Address the fact that many Intelligence Agencies concur that Russian Gov’t (Putin) have put Bounties on our US Servicemen and Women in Afghanistan and the fact that Trump has spoken to Putin 6-7 Times since March and has never talked to him about this … Are you F’n Kidding Me ….The Worst Commander in Chief ..

    Can you Address pulling out 15,000 US Stationed Troops from Germany and displacing them to Spain,Greece, Italy, Portugal because Germany is not paying their fair share to NATO while the Countries that we are displacing these Troops and Equipment pay even a less % of their fair-share .. Commander & Chump

  • You are going to bring up Ukraine? & not bring up Joe Biden & his son?


    You are asking to see a billionaire who became a public servants tax return, & not a public servant who became a billionaire like Pelosi & all these Democrat politicians?


    Stormy Daniels?! LOL IRRELEVANT quit worrying about the mans sex life. I know the left is obsessed with sex & LQBTQ but cmon

    Crimes? The dude has a magnifying glass over him. If he REALLY committed crimes he would be in prison or out of office. There isn’t shit.

    Criminal justice reform. First step act. Flourishing economy. All time black unemployment. I can go on & on. I know you want to blame him for the Chinese Virus so go ahead LMAO!!

    Kamala Harris (isn’t even black) & Biden can lock up more black men then Trump could in 5 lifetimes & YET he’s the racist.

    Stay woke with that mental illness

    Check that link also homie on that Fraud Fauci

    • What’s debunked weirdo? He blackmailed Ukraine and it’s fact and there was a bipartisan impeachment conviction.

      Also why would i bring up Biden and Ukraine? The only allegations About Biden and Ukraine were by a russian asset in Ukraine who was fired from his job for being a russian asset. Oh there was also allegations about Biden and his son from gmcliff oops i mean Rudy guliani. What facts do we have that Biden did anything illegal or improper in Ukraine ? Were you brainwashed by foxnews, trump , guliani and/or qanon to think something happened? Also Biden isn’t potus kkkonald is why do you weirdo trumpers always spin ? Even if Biden did something illegal in Ukraine what’s that got to do with kkkonald blackmailing our friends ?

      Regarding your tax return point are you some kind of idiot ? Trump isn’t a billionaire (even though you’ve been brainwashed to believe he is). Biden released his returns why not trump? Oh i know why beCause there is crimes in them (ie insurance fraud, tax fraud , prob laundering and definitely business dealings with epstein )

      Regarding stormy why can’t you address it? Cohen went to jail for the exact same thing trump factually did and trump will as soon as he’s out of office. I don’t care if this scumbag wants to bag gross porn stars at all but i care he broke the law. If you don’t care that potus is a criminal just say it don’t be a weirdo freak and act Like i or anyone cares about his sex life. He is named in the indictment as unindicted co conspirator aka he broke the law and he broke the law by blackmailing Ukraine but our attorney general and muehler said he can’t be charged because he’s potus and gop has control of Congress so if he “shot someone in the middle of fifth avenue” who or how would he be removed from office ?

      Oh also i checked the link and fauci never “told him in January & Feb that the virus wouldn’t effects the USA“. Never happened retard but you’ve clearly been brainwashed to believe it did. SAD YOU ARe a mental cripple

  • Whatever happened to the Marching South Americans that were to invade our Southern Boarder some 2 Years Ago? Where did they all go.. All those Organized Terrorists, Muderer’s, Rapists, Drug Dealers and Weapons Dealers.. Funny once the Mid-Term Elections were over in 2018 ,where the Republicans got their clocks-cleaned,
    ou never heard about these Band of Terrorists again… Another shameful Fear Campaign that failed miserbly by Trump and Republican Party —
    Ooh they are going to take your Guns, Your 2nd Amendment Rights, Defund the Police !!!
    What a Sham and a terrible Political Strategy by Trump which is part of the reason why he’s trailing as bad as he is, Heck, lets hang Trump from up on Mt Rushmore…..

    • “I keep my hot sauce with me everywhere I go.” Crooked Hillary

      “If you vote for Donald Trump over new, the you ain’t really black.”- Pedo Joe


      If a republican said this, he would be in an electric chair.

      This is why the left always loses. Hypocrisy.

  • Wow now kamala Harris isn’t black. Yikes i am arguing with someone with Down syndrome

  • All good points paylman! I’d also love to know what his moronic uneducated supporters think about North Korea now. Remember they were all saying he should get the Noble peace prize for stopping North Korea from getting nukes? Oops

  • She isn’t black LOL

    She identified as a Indian/Asian when she was in Congress.

    Mother was Indian Asian. Father was raised in the Caribbean & has Jamaican in him.

    To say she is “black” is an insult to black people. Another Berkeley radical leftist who came from an extreme privileged background. Her family even owned slaves.

    Another Democrat with slavery ties ? Wow!!

    Like up 100 KKK members. 99 of them were democrat. But yet you keep calling Donald Trump “KKKonald” when he has helped the black community more then Barrack Hussein did. Pardoning & releasing criminals who are overly sentenced.

    Democratic Party created the KKK. Fought to keep slavery. & never apologized for it. Instead they try to say “NO THE REPUBLICANS SWITCHED SIDES THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE!”

    So now the republicans are responsible for all this nations past sins instead of the actual people who did it.

    Extreme government control is exactly a modern day version of slavery. Keep the population on welfare & the government chooses what to do with your fruit.

    All your major cites are democratic ran. La, San Fran. Chicago, baltimore, St. Louis, New York all giant liberal shit holes where black people are murdered everyday, but they don’t talk about that.

    Why not?

    Failed policy.

    Trump will never bat a 1000. No president ever has.

    But he’s the lesser of two evils.

    Now the LGBTQ, “more then one gender”, America is evil, America is racist, America was built off of genocide crowd are the good guy?

    We should follow Hollywood, the media’s, the extreme left universities.

    The own it all. & they mad cause Trump drained that swamp

  • “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the form of liberalism, & they will claim to be anti fascist.”

    – Ronald Regan

    Even Malcolm X said the most dangerous thing to the black man, is the white liberals. Because of how sly, & deceitful they are. They will try to “pose as the negros friend & benefactor.”

    Keep voting for those slave masters

    Welfare drug addict losers

  • Ur a weird dude it’s 2021 yet you’re living in 1980. What a fuckin nutcase

  • CT is a lost soul who is living in 1980 and is scared to critique Donald Trump. He lives in an alternate universe that does not allow him to critique the POTUS but instead has this strange defense mechanism that anytime anyone critiques Trump he resorts to whataboutism and deflects and says but but but Obama or but but but in 1980 Reagan said or but but but 150 years ago democrats were pro slavery. Anything to protect and deflect against dear leaders shortfalls! It’s the MAGA/uneducated way! Live in the past rather than present and future! Fuck progress when we can argue about the price of milk in 1904!!!!

  • Facism is here right now in America in the form of President Trump style and record of Governing
    He’s an Authoritarian using Ultra-Nationalistic tactics while trying to Suppress the Truth, Media and Silence anyone who disagrees with him… The Country began rejecting Trump and Trumpism ever since the Charlottesville debacle some 2-3 Years ago and had grown and grown thru his poor handling of the Covid Pandemic, Deaf Ears and Slience on the George Lloyd’s Murder at the hands of law enforcement
    and now this rejection will be reflected in a record numbers Turnover come the General Election ..


    The left controls the media, Hollywood, academia, & now they took over sports.

    Now that’s AUTHORITARIAN Control

    You aren’t “criticizing” Trump. Calling him a KKK member is a joke & debunked

    The dude is 74. He wasn’t a “bigot” “a racist” he didn’t hate women, immigrants for 70 of them .

    The news tells the truth it wants to tell. It’s all about the most clicks. What gets clicks ? Hatred, division, sex, drama.

    Living in 1980? REGAN WAS RIGHT DUMBASS

    The nazis took there policies & ideology from the left.

    All started with Lyndon B Johnson in the 60s. That’s when the decline of society went down. The hippy movement. The drug movement.

    The people today are a product of it like you two.

    Keep voting for your masters

    • Ct you’re a lunatic and incapable of free Thought and cannot answer questions posed to you. You’re a freak

  • Don’t even get me started on what a loser George Floyd was

    & how they used that mans death to push there political agenda

    Crack head & high on meth. Violent criminal been to prison & jail multiple times.

    Should that have loser cop have put his knee on his neck? Fuck no. But here’s the thing…. EVERYONE AGREED ON THAT

    But yet they still used him as a martyr to preach white guilt & hate. Riots & burning & destroying of businesses. Which didn’t spread the virus even more huh?

    BLM = a Marxist anti Semitic group

    • CT=QANON =Alex Jones…. Obama used a lab to create dogmen to push his globalist agenda, Clinton has a prostitution ring in a pizza parlor, sandy hook was actors…

      • Hahahhahaaa i love how he accused Biden of crimes in Ukraine but can’t speak to any evidence whatsoever supporting that assertion. What a lunatic.

      • Hillary’s Pizza Place made some Great Pizza, “The Supreme” was one of the Best Pizza’s anywhere that I’ve ever had.. 5 Stars out of 5 …

  • Kkkonald today

    Trump: “I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements. And, by the way, the lawyer that wrote that piece is a very qualified, very talented lawyer.”

    • The Michael Cohen book is another in a long litany describing his criminal activities… there Was a time when no one would defend a blatant criminal. Now the dummies not only support it but make up crimes against enemies of said person. Funny the trump DOJ has tried for 3 years to get a SINGLE criminal charge against any of the Obama Biden admin! Yet they seem to find multiple things against Trumpanzees… this man and his ilk need to go
      Garry Cobbs support is idiotic BTW

  • Back to Football News

    Two of the Top TE’s in the NFL (49ers George Kittles and Chiefs Travis Kelce) signed nice Contract Extensions this week paying them close to $15 Million a Season with approx $30 Million in Guaranteed $$$
    Now we’ll see how Eagles Top TE Zach Ertz Contract Negotiations look like but im sure he’ll be looking for
    a similar type deal
    Other Top Young TE’s benefiting would be the Chargers Hunter Henry and RAvens Mark Andrews
    and even a Dallas Goedart down the Road…
    Does Ertz, who’s been a Stud and Consistent Player during his entire Career, deserve a long-term (4-5) Year where he can retire as an Eagle ? or do you let him go via a Trade (high Draft Picks in Return) or let him walk in Free-Agency (getting a 3rd Round Compensatory Pick in Return) and turn the Position over to Dallas Goedart, who is cheaper and younger ? With the Eagles adding 2-3 Young WR’s this past Draft, does the Eagles scheme begin to move away from the TE’s a little where having 2 Top TE’s like Ertz/Goedart become a luxury ?
    It will be interesting to see how things shake out but I have to believe the Eagles Organization from Owner Lurie, Front Office to the Coaches just love Zach Ertz and are probably willing to over-pay a little to keep him an Eagle for his Career.. and Why Not, He Deserves It !!

    • Well the Ertz situation comes down to what the eagles value. It’s obvious that it’s great to have the best player at all 22. BUT as Ruben Amaro once said you can’t have $15 million players at all of them. They have young controlled players at TE, WR,RB but their best player Ertz is gonna need big cash. They value TE. Paid! More interesting is the OL which they truly value. While OL can play into mid thirties they only have one young blue chip and we don’t know if he can play. Howie will make the cash work for Ertz

      • I think they Re-Sign him to a 5 Year Deal worth about $75 Million Range with basically the first 3 Seasons having some Guaranteed about $40 Million of the Total Contract

        The Eagles will have some $$$ coming off the Books after 2021 with the likely departures of Jeffry,D-Jax, M Goodwin, J Peters, M Jackson, R Mcleod and possibly D Barnett and J Mills depending what kind of Season they both have and there will be a couple Players who they will ask to Re-structure (B Brooks & C Wentz & F Cox) to help free up some Cap $$$ as well as a looking at a possible Retirement of Center Jason Kelce after 2020

        Some Young Key Players coming up for New Contracts after 2020 besides Z Ertz, D Barnett ,S Jones,and others like D Goedart, I Seumalo, and even M Sanders that you have to start thinking about extensions
        A Big Off-Season looming with the Eagles which will be made more difficult if there’s not a complete Season in 2020 to evaluate some of these Young Players better in terms of offering Long-Term but mos Teams and many Players will be in the same boat if no Season in 2020 so there will likely be very many Short-Term 1 Year Deals signed for 2021 until things get back to somewhat normal

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  • Heard that G-Man will be speaking Next Week from the White House as Part of the Republican Party Convention to Re-Elect Donald Trump as President for the 2020 US General Election
    He will be Speaking and sharing the Stage with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Actor Scott Baio and Former Porn Star Traci Lords.. Should be an Interesting Evening

    • You forgot to mention he speaks right before Trumps man crush Putin

      • Ha, that’s right HAC.. The Worst President in American History, Donald J Trump .. What a buffoon and spineless coward he really is and only God knows how 40 % of the Country just simply goes along with him is even more shameful and disturbing… Good Grief !!

        • Paul they go along with primarily out of racism. MAGA is code for MAW(hite)A. The level of racism goes from subtle (people who hold 5eir nose to support him) to aggressive true white supremacy. No one can defend him without saying what about Obama. 35% of Americans simply weren’t ready for a black pres. At least a Dem black pres. GCOBB should be one of the brave republicans with a public platform to declare that he is a traitor and bad for America

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  • Not to change the Subject but where do the 76ers go from here as an Organization ?
    They do not seem like they are getting any better and actually are slipping in the East as a slightly “better team than average” but are not in the Top Tier of the Eastern Conference for the short-term..

    • Elton Brand has sabotaged this team in 1 short year that has effectively shut down the sixers championship aspirations permanently so he needs to be fired. He gave Tobias a max deal and I am sorry he’s not even an all star caliber player let alone a max. He gave away a stud in jimmy butler for a role player (and thats being kind) in josh richardson. He let JJ reddick walk away and gave his money and then some to an absolute bum/fossil that cant play in al horford. Why would you give 100 mill to Al Horford who plays the same spot as Joe? Not sure whats so hard to understand but Joe and Ben MUST be surrounded by shooters in order for them to be able to dominate and it was absolute negligence for them to let JJ walk and replace him with a big that cannot space the floor

      Elton Brand had 0 qualifications for this job and shouldve never got it but because of idiotic ownership we are stuck with a novice GM who has destroyed the team. There is literally nowhere to go because even if we find a sucker for Al we are still over the cap… bottom line is at this point we have to keep ben and joel and just hope some sucker takes on Horford and/or Toby

      • Good Points My 2 Cents, I wonder who the Next Coach will be for I have to think that Coach Brett Brown will get Fired after this Season.. Do they attempt to Lure Away Jay Wright from Villanova which is the usual rumor or promote a Coach from Current Staff.. I also wonder how much longer Joel Embiid’s Body will hold up in order to Play for Championship .. I hated the Tobias Harris Max Deal and they had to Trade Jimmy Butler for he didn’t want to stay in Philly and wanted to Play/Live South Beach and be the Man and not be the 3rd wheel of a Team like he was with the 76ers

        • I have not seen any report stating what you have on butler so I’m not buying what you’re selling with him.

          But jimmy did say this which shows the chaos and amateur hour in the sixers front office.
          “It was difficult. It was so different,” Butler said when asked about his 76ers experience during a recent appearance on “The JJ Redick Podcast With Tommy Alter” podcast. “On any given day, me as a person and as a player, I didn’t who the [expletive] was in charge. I think that was my biggest thing. I didn’t know what the [expletive] to expect whenever I would go into the gym, whenever I go into the plane, whenever I got into the game.”
          “Somebody told me a main reason that I didn’t go back was because somebody asked, ‘Can you control him? Can you control Jimmy? If you can control Jimmy, we would think about having him back,’” Butler recalled on the podcast. “I was like, ‘You don’t got to worry about it. Can’t nobody [expletive] control me.’ For one, I ain’t just out there doing no [expletive]. But the fact that you’re trying to control a grown man — nah, I’m cool.”

          “To this day, I don’t think that was fair to switch over like that,” Butler said on the podcast. “Even though I think we played great basketball like that, I don’t think it was fair because the entire year, Ben had the ball. The entire year, Ben had the ball. So you mean to tell me that in one playoff series, you just switch it up like that? I would be like he was, I would feel a type of way.”

          All of this says jimmy thought sixers front office was trash and he was pissed that Brett Brown took the ball out of bens hands in the playoffs last year. Which shows he didn’t care if he was #1 option.

          Joel is fine. Needs to be a leader and develop those skills but otherwise he’s fantastic. Maybe some cardio would help too.

          Regarding jay Wright. I cant divulge much more information than this – i am factually aware that jay has no desire to go pro and will not entertain offers or take a courtesy interview. He has previously declined similar offers from both the sixers and nets. I can also say that his coaching style and what he does behind the scenes that most don’t know about would never fly with professional athletes making 30 mill a year.

          Ps fuck Elton brand as a gm. He pissed me off as a player and fans hated him and it just shows how out of touch the ownership is to give us someone with no experience that the city already hated and he proceeded to fuck yo everything worse than the colangelo idiots.

  • So now trumps campaign advisor is indicted for fraud and money laundering. Was everyone on his campaign team a criminal? Was there any good guys that care about America on his campaign team? Is trump running a mob ring out of the oval ?

    Also the bipartisan senate Intelligence committee report demonstrates trumps team colluded with Russia and has been working with Putin since 2012 and informed Russians he was running before Americans. It is cleAr to me that trump absolutely hates America

    • Trump is a mobster there is no doubt. As SOS points out he runs a crime syndicate. Never in history has an administration been so corrupt. He makes the Nixon admin look like choir boys. Every single person that gets close says he’s a danger to America. Even Sean hannity has been quoted off record saying he’s batshit crazy. The only republicans supporting him politically are the ones that need his 30% voting block of racists and toothless GED supporters.

      • Dems had a very strong Convention this week and couldn’t have made things more clear to the American Public.. The Divide is very clear … Do we want a Gov’t that Functions somewhat normally for All the Citizens or do we want to continue to have chaos,distractions,scandal, corruption and a total breakdown of our Gov’t and all its institutions which benefits the very few.. Your Call America !!
        Do whats right for your Family,Community and the Country and Vote Joe Biden/Kamala Harris for the President and lets close out this disastrous Trump Experiment/Trumpism out for good ..
        To My Republican Friends, You have plenty of time to re-build your Party for 2024 and the Future, but you must cleanse yourselves of this Trump Trash with all its Paranoia,Corruption, Conspiracy and Hate .. There are plenty of good viable Republican Candidates for the Future (John Kasich,Nikki Haley, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Bill Dewine, Jeff Flake, Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Flake,etc,etc)

  • Well said Paul man… I’m a Republican this has been horrible to identify with this party. I’ve been voting since 80 and I was a Reagan Democrat. I live in DE and never voted for Biden. Trump is an embarrassing blight on our country . It has to end now

    • I’ve been a registered Independent for about the last 20 Years or so, and have voted both Parties, slightly more Democrat than Republican, My first Presidential Election Vote was for Regan in 1984, In 2016, I voted for 3rd Party Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party more as a Protest Vote of Hillary Clinton and though I did believe that Trump would make it a close Election against HR Clinton, she simply did not resonate or do well with the Voters up in the Mid-West where Sanders cleaned her clock during that Primary season. I never seriously thought that Trump would actually Win.. What a Disaster He’s been and We are all now paying the Price for his lack of intelligence, leadership and discipline and overall lack of Character and any Moral Compass..

      • Ur in N.C….. sudden,y a swing vote! Don’t throw ur vote away this year

        • I will not be throwing myVote away in 2020, I will gladly Vote and Support Joe Biden/Kamala Garris Ticket 100% and even will volunteer some time with the local effort Here in Watauga County working the Phones making Calks to encourage others to do the same

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  • Former All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas, Released by the Baltimore Ravens for conduct detrimental to the Team after getting into a fistfight with his Fellow Safety partner C Clark
    At Friday’s Practice in which Coach Harbaugh cancelled Practice afterwards as he was so upset at Thomas
    Earl Thomas is31 and just lost about $10 million in 2020 Salary for his lack of emotional and physical control
    Who will attempt to pick him up?
    He’s from Dallas and lives there in off-season and has always wanted to play for the Cowboys, I believe the Atlanta Falcons who have a need at Safety will be in play for him as well as the Las Vegas Raiders..

  • Kelly Anne Conway quits amongst pressure from her 15 year old daughter who obviously has more sense than any republican voter not changing parties in 2020. Gop has no plan, ethics or principles. All of trumps 2016 campaign Team indicted or quit.

    Yet somehow people still believe in this freak show potus and freak show party. Even if Dems win it’s sos USA because we are effectively a 1 party democracy now.

    • Rumor has it that Garry Gobb will be replacing KA Conway as an Advisor and Spokesperson for the Trump Administration..

  • Now Trump is buddying up to the QAnon Group of Radical,Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists as he’s looking for any Groups to attract to his Sinking Ship.. “It’s all Rigged and a Conspiracy” has become the Trumps Message and Campaign Mantra

  • NO Saints Release LB Nigel Bradham and he fell down their Depth Chart and was running with the 2nd Team
    so the Saints decided to go with Younger Players.. Eagles Please do not think about bringing Bradham back
    who just bad-mouthed the Team a few weeks back.. Screw Him ..

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  • # 1 trump supporter Jerry Falwell resigns from Liberty University because he let other boys barely out of high school fuck his wife while he watched. GROSS. Trump supporters are always either dumb as rocks, perverted, or felons. Gross

    • That’s what trump was blackmailing him with… its why the evangelicals supported scumbag trump. House of cards crumbling. Maybe that’s g cobbs next article

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