• August 17, 2022

Rookie Jalen Reagor Is Very Impressive

At Eagles practice earlier today, I was impressed with what I saw in Eagles number one draft pick, wide receiver/kick returner Jalen Reagor.   The first thing you see is the fact that he’s not very tall.  But once he comes off the ball, starts running routes and catching the football, you see a mature route runner with strong sure hands.   He’s very strong in both his upper body and lower body, plus he refuses to let the defender push him around.   Reagor is short, but he’s able to push cornerbacks and safeties around.

The youngster runs good precise routes and he has a command of the route, meaning he puts the defender on his hip and sets up.   I like the way he catches the football with his hands.  He’s got soft sure hands.

He’s got toughness from both a physical and mental standpoint.  Reagor does a great job of setting guys up on his routes.  He’s where he needs to be, when he needs to be there.   You can see that the youngster has mentally mastered the system.

You can see the speed and the quickness in the manner that Reagor plays the game.   I’m especially impressed because Reagor’s only a rookie.  He just seems to have that poise, which you need during the route to get the defender to bite off of the fake.

I could also see one very important factor which should help him greatly in his first season and that’s the fact that Carson Wentz has no problem looking form.    When Wentz drops back he’s got a confidence in this young man, which you can clearly see.  The Birds franchise quarterback believes the rookie is going to be where he supposed to be.

The Eagles number one draft pick looks and plays like a number one draft pick, but at the same time it’s still very early so let’s give him a chance to show us what he’s got early in the season.


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  • Jalen Reagor has been very impressive with his maturity, work-ethic,coachability and obvious skill set
    What kind of sets him apart is his strength and power, he’s not a big guy as in tall, but he is very solid and explosive and will run thru many arm-tackles I imagine him in the Nelson Agholor “role” to start out but with much more production and success.. Plus his Punt Return Skills are off the charts , the Sky is the Limit with him..
    I wasn’t crazy about the Eagles Selecting him before some other WR’s (Jefferson) but give the Eagles Credit for they did their homework and really checked Reagor and his background, desire, and mental make-up which is half the battle with these Top Draft Picks.. Add john Hightower and Quez Watkins and a ascending JJAW and now the Eagles have a Core of Young WR’s that should only get better and better and really become a strength of this Eagles Offense for Years to come
    Now the Eagles can focus their next Draft or Two of OL,DE and CB

  • Agree, Paulman. This kid seems legit. I like that he can get the ball in so many ways-short throws, deep routes, end arounds, punt returns. Get the ball to your playmakers. The Eagles had zero playmakers at WR in 2019 and frankly while their TE’s are strong, they are certainly not explosive. We need this kid to ball out and it looks like he will. Glad to hear that DJax is looking great. He’s being undersold this preseason, which is a good thing. Pman, any thoughts about what to do with the OL?

    Please keep the articles coming, G!

    • Hey Hendry,
      The OL has a lot of Issues right now with the Injuries and is going to have to move some Players around

      This is what I would like to see occur along the OL
      Finally move Lane Johnson to LT as he was originally Drafted for and for what his Salary calls for
      I would tell him its time for him to step up and take the Premier OL Position in Football which is LT,
      Then I have Seumalo at LG, Kelce at Center with Jason Peters at RG and Matt Pryor at RT
      I would use Nate Herbig/Jack Driscoll as the back-up Guards/Center and Jordan Malatai as back-up OT
      and look to bring one in from Free-Agency/Roster Cut-Downs for Depth at OT
      If Lane Johnson misses any time, then I slide Peters to LT
      Bottom Line, I believe you need your Best and Most Athletic OL at LT and right now, this is Lane Johnson

  • What in the fuck are you actually talking about? Where have you watched the kid play Paul. How in gods name have you assessed what he’s been doing?

    • I was thinking the same damn thing! I’ve been bitching at these internet GMs for years… impossible to evaluate from afar and even harder with Covid restrictions. Paul gave a very detailed scouting report as if he was on the sidelines charting all the measurable, in meetings with the kid charting all the intangibles

  • Look at Reagor’s Taoe while in College
    With a below average QB and has had to make all kinds of adjustments in just catching the ball half the time with the QB play he had at TCU, Read all the Reports from many Camp Observers,Reporters and Eagles Coaches over the last month and when talking about his strength and power as a runner, look at sone of his Punt Returns over the last 2 Seasons in College,
    Explosive, change of direction and strength running thru many would be Tacklers
    Obviously he’ll be facing bigger stronger and better fundamentally sound Defenders in the NFL as he did while at TCU and playing in the Big 12, but still , he’ll get better Coaching and Strength and Conditioning too at the NFL Level with the Eagles
    He runs with the balk like a RB does and not timid like many WR’s do
    Get this kid the ball in space and he can make big plays from a 3-5 Yard Route, Screens, Jet-Sweeps, etc,etc man other big Plus is the big upgrade at WR’s Coach (Moorehead and Summer Intern Jason Avant) which will not only benefit Reagors learning curve and maturity but other Young WR’s like Hightower,Watkins and JJAW
    This Eagles WR Group has been the biggest pleasant surprise of Eagles Summer Camp
    in terms of a Position Groupwith maybe they DT/DL thus far

    • But you speak as if u have first hand knowledge of these things. You are repeating things we’ve all read, putting a little spin on it and trying to sound as if these are your observations and evaluation

  • Posting an Opinion based on reading up, research, watching highlights, Listening to reports and observations by quality reporters
    What’s wrong with formulating and stating an opinion? Is this still an Eagles Blog for Fans and Russian Bots?

    2-3 Other Opinions on Eagles Players
    1) CB Sidney Jones is a Bust and will be released if they cant trade him for a 7th Rd Pick from some Team..
    2) DE G Avery has no role in Jim Schwartz‘S Defense and was a poor acquisition last year and will be Released after a medical settlement is reached
    3) WR M Grissom who opted out for 2020 Season due to Covid-19 and will be under contract for 2021 will never suit up for the Eagles and will be released after this Season is officially over

    Breakout Players for 2020
    Offense – WR JJAW, OL I Seumalo
    Defense – DE J Sweat, DT M Jackson, CB A Maddox

    • It’s not an YOUR opinion! That’s the point… “according to observers and coaches….” is what u. Ed to say.

  • It is indeed my opinion which is why I posted it.. just because you can’t give an opinion is not my problem HAC..

    • You have nothing to base ur opinion on?… ur just repeating what you’ve read. Which of course is how I do mock drafts…it’s ridiculous

  • Damn injuries are starting to pile up…
    Loss of Brooks, Dillard for the Season is huge and now WR J Reagor our a few weeks to begin his Career
    RB Sanders, TE D Goedart, OL L Johnson, DT J Hargrove, DE D Barnett are all still nursing injuries too…
    This Offense will likely struggle out of the gate

  • Here’s another personal opinion
    Eagles lose their Opener to the Washington Football Club 17-13.. No Consistent Offense from either Team
    Ugly Football

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