• May 24, 2022

Eagles remain winless after tie with Bengals

When the Eagles schedule came out, no one foresaw an 0-2-1 start against Washington, the Rams, and the Bengals. Well three weeks into the season and that is exactly where the Eagles stand. 

Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals came into Philly and handed the Eagles their first tie since 2008. Burrow and his quartet of weapons carved up the Eagles defense. Tee Higgins caught two touchdowns, Tyler Boyd hauled in 10 receptions for 125 yards, Joe Mixon had 65 all purpose yards, and AJ Green caught 5 of his 6 targets for 36 yards. 

The Eagles have some major issues and they all stem from one man, Howie Roseman. 


Offense: D-

Seemingly nothing went right today for the Eagles offense. Carson Wentz hasn’t played well to start the season, but it is almost as if he’s been set up to fail. Dallas Goedert left early in the game, as did DeSean Jackson, and the other Eagles weapons just never had any space to work with. Wentz missed some easy throws and was also picked off twice, albeit one on a deflection. 

The Bengals struggle mightily at stopping the run. Miles Sanders and Greg Ward were the only positive players on offense today as Sanders totaled 95 yards on 18 carries, and Ward caught 8 passes for 72 yards and 1 TD. 

Defense: C

The Eagles defense early on in the season had its fair share of struggles. This week the defense stepped up when needed to help the Eagles stay in this game until the end. The defense ended up with 8 sacks and delivered many more hits on Joe Burrow. 

The Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor worked under Rams coach Sean McVay in Los Angeles. The same things the Rams did against the birds a week ago, you saw the Bengals doing this week. Tyler Boyd and rookie Tee Higgins seemed to always be running free amongst our secondary. 


Player of the Game:

I couldn’t pick between Miles Sanders and Greg Ward, so I am going to pick them both as co-players of the game. Miles Sanders did an excellent job at staying vertical in the run game this afternoon, and when asked, he ran excellent routes out of the backfield, but was overthrown quite a bit. When Goedert went down, the Eagles needed a WR to step up big and Greg Ward was that player. He had a big TD in the second quarter along the sideline, after putting a great move on the cornerback. 

Next Game: Sunday Night @ San Francisco 49ers (8pm)

Opponent Outlook: The 49ers are as beat up as the Eagles. San Francisco has lost pass rushers Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas to torn ACL injuries, TE George Kittle to a knee injury, RB Raheem Mostert to a knee injury, and QB Jimmy Garopolo to an ankle injury. There is an expectation that Kittle will play and will most certainly give the Eagles defense fits as he is one of the best TE’s in the league. 

Gregory Still

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  • Bottom 8 Teams in the NFL

    1) NY Jets (- 57 Points Differential)
    2) NY Giants ( – 41 Points Differential)
    3) Houston Texans ( – 38 Points Differential)
    4) Eagles ( – 28 Points Differential)
    5) Minnesota Vikings (- 27 Points Differential)
    6) Denver Broncos (-25 Points Differential)
    7) Atlanta Falcons ( -18 Points Differential)
    8) Cincinnati Bengals ( – 8 Points Differential)

  • So in the world of the NFL over reaction Covid edition. In the year of no training camp when conventional wisdom was “teams with established coaching staffs and QBs would have an advantage”.Houston 0-3, NO 1-2, Minn 0-3, Atlanta 0-3… of course here on Gcobb the posters think Pederson has forgotten how to coach, Wentz how to throw, Schwartz how to coordinate. Many of these posters wanted Adam Gase over Pederson, he of course is getting fired for a second time since the Kelly firing.
    Relax… even if the season is total shit .

  • In the last 5 games of last season and the first 3 of this season the eagles have had a depleted recieving core.JJAW has 4 catches in those 8 games. Several games he has zero targets. So he is behind a bunch of UDFA’s and rookies- between Douglass, Jones and JJAW that is a lot of draft capital that gives nothing- Dillard and Reagor are injured and cannot be counted positively or negatively. Hurts was an interesting pick, I am not in the ‘complain about it’ side of the pick- it would be easier to swallow if the players mentioned earlier gave at least some contribution.

  • No over-reaction by me, this Team just isn’t very good and has some Major Issues not only short-term (Injuries) but long-term with the bad vibes everyone has seen all off-Season
    Since Doug was madd to be the fool by having to explain M Groh’s Firing after Coach stood by him in season ending , Owner Lurie wanted Groh and WR Coach Fired because Carson Wentz didn’t like or respect either one of them
    So Coach Pedersen lost some of the Super Equity up by losing authority over choosing his Staff, it happens all across the NFL unless you’re Bill Belichek
    Now Pedersen and Eagles hires 2-3 Offensive Coaches in various roles which perhaps is too many cooks in the kitchen and Carson Wentz
    having to listen to too many voices instead of streamlining the message, voice and game plans
    Then you have GM Roseman with another questionable Draft by selecting players in the Top 100 who may not play for a couple years down the road.,
    Then you have Owner Lurie telling Howie to tell Coach Pedersen to have Jalen Hurts Active on Game Days and get him on the Field a little Whether he’s ready or not…
    Owner Lurie wanted Jason Peters back which looks like a big mistake by the Team and to be honest, by Peters himself who can’t play the outside in Today’s NFL
    GM Roseman wanted D-Jax, who hasn’t played a full season for years and years and yet everyone goes ga-ga for D-Jax
    He’s nothing more than a 12-15 Play a game Rotational Deep threat and Decoy and yet Howie gives him a 3 Year -$30 Million Deal when he wasn’t even in demand around the NFL anymore due to his advancing age/Injury issues
    You don’t sign aging Players with Recent injury History at skills positions and if you are forced too, you surely do t pay above Market $$ to do so… you want to take a Flyer on D-Jax for a 1 Year price you can play $6 Million Deal, sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, but a $3 Year – $30 Million deal because you were very good 6-7-8 Years is a dumb Roster/Financial commitment and is how tranches gets run into the ground
    Another example of over-paying when not neccessary was Jalen Mills..
    What demand was there going to be in Free-Agency for Jalen Mills as a CB? Little to none,
    So he switched to Safety to replace the departed Malcolm Jenkins because you didn’t want to pay him more $$$ which I agreed with, but you pay Mills a $5 Million Salary for 2020 in a new Position ? Dumb,Dumb, Dumb

  • You are over reacting and really don’t know shit

    • The Seeds of this crappy season were put in place and in motion last January with many more issues and poor decisions thru Free Agency/Draft than any lack of OTA’s, Pre-Season Games, etc,etc ..
      You have an Owner in Jeff Lurie who is becoming more and more active with Football Decisions and Player Personnel, Coaching Staffs and Drafting Calls which is not a good thing moving forward
      With Lap Dog Howie adding his own Ego into things, so I don’t expect many Experienced and Successful Coaches wanting to work in this Front Office Environment

      • Well the good news is we don’t need a new coach! You correctly point out there are some issues spilling over. It happens all the time- There will be a meeting of the minds with how to right the ship inside novacare= its happened in P.burgh, NO, Greenbay, Seattle- good organizations don’t throw the baby out with the bath water- They adjust their structure- a tweak here and there- I predict it will be something along the lines of: Doug has way more input into the draft and 52 and he gives up coordinator role–
        This year will be 8-8 or so- miss the playoffs – a tweak in the culture and back to prominence in the coming years-
        You always like to point to the ‘class organizations’ and compare the eagles to them- they all have these weird years- its the eagles turn- The giants were ready to get rid of Coughlin and Manning and won another SB- since the saints (one of your favs) won the SB they’ve had 4 7-9 seasons and never been back to SB- the packers have had 3 500 or below seasons since they won, – The ravens have had 3 of those seasons including a 5-11– Good teams with good coaches stick to the program- they don’t follow frauds advice of panic!

        • It will be a miracle if Eagles go 1-4-1 to open the season. And it will be a miracle for them to win more than 5 games on the year. Shit they’ve already lost to 2 of the worst teams in NFL. It’s over my eyes work this team sucks

  • I tell you a Free-Agent WR acquisition who has looked good is Robby Anderson who left the NY Jets for the Carolina Panthers and Reunited with Coach Matt Rhule who he played for in College at Temple
    I believe Anderson signed a 3 Year – $ 30 Million Deal , but hes only 27 and just reaching his prime
    He has 20 Receptions on 24 Targets for 278 Yards with 129 YAC and 1 TD so far catching passes from QB Tedy Bridgewater ..

  • And a whole other Issue that’s not discussed very much and really is at the core of the Couch Pedersen disconnect from the Eagles Front Office and Owner is the Salary of Doug Pedersen
    Coach Pedesen signed a 4 Year Deal in 2016 and his Salary is ranked among the lower half of all NFL Coaches in terms of Base Salary and if anyone doesn’t believe that he’s upset that he’s not been taken care of by now, then you don’t know much of what is really happening behind the Scenes …

  • Eagles Next HC Candidates – All Candidates are Offensive-Minded Coaches which is what Owner Jeff Lurie Believes in

    1) Brian Daboll – OC with the Buffalo Bills for a few years now and who has done an excellent Job with Bills QB Josh Allen who has many similar traits as Carson Wentz, if your Goal is to Hire a New Coach while keeping QB Wentz

    2) Kevin O’Connell – OC with the Rams and for the Washington FC before that, still a little green,but a bright future ahead of him

    3) Eric Bienemy – OC/Asst HC of the Chiefs – has Worked under Andy Reid in various capacities for a while now.. well-respected and a Coach who needs an opportunity and should already be a NFL HC

    4) Nick Sirianni – OC for the Indy Colts under Frank Reich, another up and comer from the Indy Colts Staff

    5) Greg Roman – OC for Ravens, Bills and 49ers ovrehis Career, Look how creative he’s become with Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, Just like he was with Colin Kaepernick when with the 49ers.. If the Eagles move away from Went and believe Jalen Hurts could be that Future #1 QB, then Hiring Greg Roman would make a lot of sense who knows how to scheme athletic QB with running ability and incorporate these skills into an actual “Game Plan

    • 10 years of idiotic posts and I believe we have a winner- the wall is not completely covered in shit and with one post put on an entire second coat- this shit is in fact the stinkiest shit you’ve ever thrown against the wall- Just when I think you can’t get any dumber…BAM your fingers hit the keyboard an there ya go

      • I’m Moving on to the Off-Season already !!

        I’m Working on Mock Drafts, Trades, Free-Agency,Roster Gutting, Coaching Hires which is more interesting than watching this Team attempt to Play NFL Football
        Searching the Canadian Football Rosters and Waiver Wires

  • And the Eagles will need a New Coach
    The Trust, Mutual Respect , Authority is now lost between DP and the Front Office and Ownership, Doug will leave on his own after this Season …
    There’s plenty of Coaching Jobs out there and Teams looking for a New Voice
    (Falcons, Texans,Jaguars who would give Doug a lot of Input, NY Jets would be an interesting match for Pedersen)

    • I see it differently… Howie gets promoted to sr vp in charge and Pederson brings in a G.m…. think how Andy and the cheater do it. Doug needs his Brett Veach. All the class teams give the coach more say in personnel. The eagles model worked post chip but they need to evolve…

  • Talking about Coaches
    LA Clippers just Fired Coach Doc Rivers
    The 76ers should on the Phone reaching out to him or his representatives immediately…
    He would be a great Fit and Coach for 76ers, Fans and City..

    • Anybody but D’antoni
      But Rivers is an upgrade certainly

  • Hac. The Boone zoo is open and the chimp is cantankerous as he’s throwing shit all over the place. The Super Bowl Coach , the 100 million dollar qb , the gm , the owner ,the scouting department, the parking attendant and the vendors; nobodys being spared. I’m not surprised , it’s a season unlike anything else and I don’t disagree that the acquisition of the FA and recent signed birds ,excluding Ertz are head scratchers. Pman is not off base on Djax , and nobody in the office wanted to see our left tackle struggle vs Father Time. I do think it’s premature to throw the baby out with the bath water, Howe’s accountability has to be in focus , as the fiscal and football moves are playing out on the field. His drafts of wide outs is abysmal as are his not having a back up to peters. Yesterday’s tie was on the Makeshift O line as they have proven themselves to be just “guys” . They are a mediocre team as they’re now constructed and if the coach is frustrated by the process , it harkens back to Parcells wanting to pick the groceries. Not uncommon. Jim’s defense was shoveled slot of assets this offseason and so far his performance has to scrutinized , as the cluster receivers , still are causing concerns. That falls on the replacement for Jenkins and his signal calling. A large void and a payment like Ertz that are more than the obvious intrinsic value. If healthy players don’t wear the laundry soon this year will be another year of regression. It’s too soon to throw the chimp waste around but it’s certainly on the progression of more questions than answers. Btw Dougs super bowl enriched the owner big time and that should be Jeffrey’s focus. Pay the bills and hold howie on a tighter performance driven leash.

    • Yes… the chimp doesn’t understand he bottom line part of sports ownership. Whining about salary is kind of dumb from a fans stand point as the owner takes in dump truck loads. You don’t scrap a SB winning coach. Just look at past winners. Kubiak is the only short term winning coach. And in reality Manning was the coach. Even coaches who lose get a long leash. The only way Doug goes is if Wentz points the finger. I think it’s just as I stated. There will be a regroup, there will be some yelling etc but they have to: who made the call on JJAW, , the corners, Peters etc… now that same person probably can take credit for sanders and Goeddert but the misses are just too big/non factors.
      As for paying leaders… I would contend that if jones and Douglas hit then there would be money for Jenkins. The peters and the OL thing really horrible luck. No line could sustain 3/5 of the line with big injuries. We don’t know about Dillard but gotta give benefit of doubt.
      This is going to be a set back year. As I’ve shown they happen to the beacons of franchises, the ones the chimp always compares us to. Then again, he wasn’t drinking for awhile but I believe since Covid he has taken up the bottle again…. that tends to be when the messier shit gets flung

  • Eagles will not win a game until at minimum week 7. Carson sucks. Schwartz is a loooozah. This is go go off the tracks real fast. It’s inevitable Wentz will get benched for hurts. This is a dumpster fire like we haven’t seen in years.

    • Can’t see it. It may be a small grease fire in the stove, even a trash can that someone threw in a lit cig. But dumpster fire of whole sale changes you must be fraudman alter ego for he is the only panic stricken dummy left on the site. It obviously will not be a good year. And there will be changes but Lurie is a lot smarter than you guys…. to recap… Pederson is 4-2 in the playoffs, they’ve won 2/3 of the last division championship the team has been wrecked by injuries, we are in a global pandemic of fucked up proportions and the eagles continue to be the main topic, the main jersey sales etc… Doug is given more power… a coach with his record deserves it… they all get it. When he was hired he wasn’t on anyone’s short list, the eagles have been rewarded for taking the chance now it’s dougs turn

      • Ok all fair as long as we on the same page that this team at best wins 5 games and you know what ? I don’t hate it. We need talent. We need a stud tackle. We need linebackers, corners, safeties, d lineman

        I’ve been a huge howie fan over the years but it’s just too many flops in the draft time after time.

        Maybe he gets a pass if hurts can play idk

  • I’m not much on past achievements from 2-3-4 -5 Years ago as the NFL changes every year and no, not every Team and Organization is going to be good every Season for s myriad of reasons, Coaching changes, Injuries Poor Drafts, Roster Management, etc..
    But to any true Football Fan who follows the League and other Teams around the NFL
    Does anyone really see this Current Eagles Team competing with Teams like the Chiefs,Ravens,Seahawks,Packers,Saints,Rams,Bills, Steelers, 49ers, TB Bucs, Patriots, Colts, Titans and even the dreaded Cowboys which is about 1/2 Of all the NFL ? I don’t…

    • Dummy you are a big fan of the past… you always point to the same teams as your beacons of success… Ravens, saints, packers etc. I’m saying they do it, have a down cycle, adjust and are right back.. I kinda agree with u there. Now all of a sudden you don’t point to those teams. Is it because you didn’t realize they had down years? Is it that you are hitting the sauce on a Monday night?
      It’s a down year. It’s not the end of the world all the teams u mentioned have had down years, stuck with the program and risen again. Are u just stupid.? Being obstinate? Such a dummy

    • Not this year.. doesn’t mean u scrap it

  • Is Winning the Weak ass NFC East at 8-8/9-7 with a first Round Loss a meaningful Season?
    It’s not to me …

    Coach Doug Pederson rode the Foles Wave in that magical post-season and Super Bowl Win,
    But that’s long time ago with a different QB, and a lost Experienced Coaching Staff and many other quality Players ago and for the record , the march to the Super Bowl was at Home versus less than traditional powers and Historical chokers in the NFL versus the Falcons and Vikings, who have never be known to be Champions.. but I digress from there..
    This Team and has been overrated by Home-Town Fans and the Local Media for years and years ..

    • Dummy two years ago that won a game. They aren’t good enough now. They aren’t winning the East this year. But only a chimp would panic and fire everybody. It’s stupid. It’s the nfl when u have a proven coach you don’t fire him… when Howie took over for chip they changed their entire structure, time to do it again… you just have zero clue as to how sports work. You seem to want to understand but your narcissism gets in the way… kinda trumpian

    • Can’t give a Philly team credit.. what a fucking joke you are.. you devalued the phils win, the Halliday no hitter and perfect game and now the eagles. What a piece of faggot shit you are . What a fucking Pussy. Little fucking 8th grade girl. You were last pick on th playground and told to play deep right field. What a ferry sissy little girl boy

      • Typical Philly Homer Fan you are HAC
        Always overrating the Philly Teams, Coaches and Organizations and make lame-ass excuses for when they fail and fall short of expectations
        Coddling Teams and Athletes has become common in Philly for some reason anymore and is Total BS …

        • Winning the SB isn’t coddling or over rating idiot

          • Once in 50 Years and now you think the Eagles Organization is Elite ?
            Probably won’t see another one in another 20-30-40 Years
            What’s Wentz career Record?
            His Playoff Accomplishments?
            1-3 for 4 Yards…

  • And you BS about you don’t get rid of a Winning Coach in the NFL,
    What’s Doug’s Record since Frank Reich and Joe DeFillipo left ?

    • 2 playoffs without them. Division title

  • Will you two lesbians shut the fuck up?

    • Paul is t my type… I’m the kind of lesbo that likes petite, feminine chicks to scissor with… Paul is that butch ugly lesbo type,.. doesn’t neatly trim the areas that need maintenance of u know what I mean! Plus she’s insane… I’m not gonna scissor a ugly hairy bull dyke that is also insane

  • In the shit NFC East the last 2 Season with
    9-7 Records ..Woopty Doo…
    Is that all Fans care about is Winning the shit NFC Division and getting bounced

    • When they raise a division champ banner or get playoff share $$ they don’t ask those questions. So by your nitwit logic since the division was bad there was no amount of wins acceptable! Since you’ve somehow in ur faggot brain diminished a SB win it really doesn’t matter what they do, who they play or whatever. You have such little understanding of sports no win, title, accomplishment is acceptable. You are in record as diminishing the phils WS, the eagles SB, the eagles div titles, no hitters by a HOF pitcher… must be a cruel world in Boone…. I have a feeling that “when you get home at night your fat a psychopathic wife beats you within inches of your life”.. you are pathetic

  • the supposed franchise qb carson wentz is 7-15 in last 3 seasons when not playing giants or redskins. PATHETIC

    • Bring back Foles! Look I was the biggest Foles guy in the world… but he can’t even win a training camp battle. He loses it, comes in does great then loses it.. can’t have that. Gotta ride with Wentz

      • Yup no choice hac but point is he sucks. Is a bottom 10 qb and hurts time is coming Soon

        • You dummies should do some research… during a couple down years in the vaunted saints and Steelers and Green Bay ..Breeze, Ben and Rogers had similar winning records against teams other than a pathetic browns, bengals, Tampa, lions etc… you dummies just have tunnel vision… sign of your stupidity

  • Wentz is playing awful make no mistake. But a man doesn’t fall that far off a cliff alone. I don’t know if it’s personnel (Howie), play design (Doug) or a combination of both but watching every other team their qb can play pitch and catch multiple times per game… guys running free everywhere. Eagles guys are “open” in a tight window , the miss to sanders is the exception. Other teams have 10 lay ups a game. I don’t understand how the eagles evaluate receivers… I feel like it’s early big red and we have thrash and pinkston (actually an improvement). Hind site being 2020 the slide back to Djax was a fan fav and seemed to mend fences from the chip era but he is a shell of himself. But misses at WR and DB have forced them to spend money in desperation …. as I’ve stated they are going to overhaul talent evaluation. They have to…. just think if they hit on 3 or 4 of the monumental busts (Pumphry, Jones, Douglas, Jj etc

  • We’ll see what happens but I’m not a big Fan of Coach Pedersen or Wentz as a Franchise
    The flat out misses by GM/VP Howie are well documented, You can’t get younger and better with so many misses in the Top 3 Rounds, you just can’t as an Organization like the Eagles have done for a while now, by keeping older, injured Players passed their primes and then overpaying often injured Veteran Free-Agents on 1 Year Deals just to fill out a Roster
    The Players Development at WR and Secondary has been terrible for years now and is inexcusable for what the Eagles to claim as a Championship level Organization …

    • You are never a fan of anybody… you lead with negativity which works for you. Law of averages say only one team each season so anything short is a failure. In your case when a team wins you diminish the championship with your bulls it so even winning isn’t satisfactory. You are a sick fucker. A cancerous, fake ass sissy fan. Nothing more.
      You complain how it’s been “for years” again that has to be a joke. You criticize wins, championships etc all of which have been going on “for years”…. wins! Super bowl, playoff wins, divisions … all you put your faggot sissy pussy asterisks next too. None of them are legit in your world… “for years”… you are retarded

  • On a serious and positive note… tonight Trump officially lost the election. He’s unstable and unfit for office. To you white supremacists who continue to support him u got your marching orders to standby

    • I feel so bad for our country. What a god damn disgrace. I also feel bad for all those viewers that watched on pacific time last night that had kids watching or within ear shot who had to see such a vile human running our nation into the ground. HE WILL NOT LEAVE IF HE LOSES.

      • “If he loses”… the results are in he lost last night

  • A National Disgrace is Donald Trump,
    The Debate last night was a debacle from the 1st minute on, the real sad, troubling part is that about 40% of Voters loved and support how he acted and behaved last night..
    It’s the times that we live in ..
    Get Out and Vote Early!!

    • His supporters are scared white dudes who are afraid that they are becoming a minority. They are reacting to an African American having the gall to be elected pres. Trumps dog whistle attacks. His “wink, wink” agreements with his racists supporters is disgusting.
      Gcobb is a Republican, I’m a Republican he should denounce his party as its adopted trumpism. It has put trump before America. Please Garry we are in times like never before. You are a borderline celebrity in a swing state… your country needs you. Support Biden/Harris, do it now, do it loudly … America needs all hands on deck

      • Stop it. Nobody knows who is Gary is and nobody knows about his dumbassed blog but me and my 2500284866 aliases , Paul and hac

  • I’m a Registered Independent and Voted
    For the Libertarian Party Candidates Johnson/Weld in 2016 which was a wasted Vote
    This Year I am fully supporting the Biden/Harris Ticket along with the Democratic Senator Candidate, Cal Cunningham, in North Carolina versus incumbent Trump lapper Tom Tillis to Vote Trumpism out of Washington DC

  • Oh shit our #1 wr making 13,000,000 this year practiced today!!!!

  • Did the 76ers and Doc Rivers come to any agreement yet? He would be a great fit and a Coach who would be more demanding with a sense of urgency and Team Commitment with Embiid/Simmons & Company which I think they desperately need..

    • He is 100% the best choice … make him highest paid coach. Do it

      • Well not necessarily. If the rockets are through with the harden experiment and know they can’t win against warriors nuggets lakers etc then they may want to retool and trade harden and if harden loves dantoni I’d sign him and trade Simmons plus a little more for harden. If harden isn’t available then yea doc is our guy i guess (maybe he can facilitate Ben for Lou Williams and Paul George )

        • Oh damn… the Harden D’antoni thing… yuck! I was kind of hoping we were going for a championship run. That combo is kinda the 3 seed lose conference finals in 6 type of thing. That doesn’t interest me as much as doc trying to build a real roster and compete for a championship but to each his own

  • Great News for the 76ers & Philly Fans as it’s been reported that Doc Rivers has been Hired as their next Coach , Best move this Franchise has made in a few Years !! Go Doc!!

  • Well we got Rivers. That was unexpected. I don’t necessarily think the sizers is an attractive job but maybe with the right guy… who knows. Surely beats the D’Antoni mess. Legitimizes them… another good mind to maybe have input on that disaster of a roster

  • I believe he can the most out of this Current Roster as it will take a few moves to get the combination of Players.. But at least this Team will be play better Team Defense & Ball and the will have a more Physical mentality to their Game for that’s what Coach Rivers values and stresses from his Players

    • Although in typical nba fashion George and Leonard were consulted before his firing… wonder if the sisters version of the entitled brats will balk….

  • Corona a mother fucker. Please wear a mask

    • Wearing a mask is patriotic… too bad we don’t have a patriot in the White House

  • Whose been called to suit up Sunday for the Eagles, I just got a tweet from GM Roseman for thry May need me to suit up at CB vs the 49ers
    No Maddox, Trevor Williams
    Jason Peters and D-Jax are out as well as Reagor,JJAW and who knows about Jeffrey

    HAC, can you still play Receiver and we’ll get Mhenski to Play OL ..

    The longer this Season goes, the more like Pre-Season of old it will get as Players are dropping like flies with Injuries and Illnesses and I’m sure sone are even protecting their Future Health & Careers by sitting/staying out longer in what has become a screwed up Season for many Teams

    • Pete rose!!

  • OR JOEY BOFA!!!!

  • QB Tedy Bridgewater is looking pretty good for the Panthers who are up 14-0 vs the Arizona Cardinals… Who would have Thunk this
    HC Matt Rhule has done a nice job with this Team where they Play hard and fast
    They won’t Win many games this year but he’s got them pointed in the right direction
    Their Defense Starts like 3-4 Rookies who are learning on the Fly
    Top Pick DT Derrrick Brown is the real deal
    And Safety Jeremy Chinn is a dynamic defender on that back side of their Defense ,
    2nd Round DE Yetur Gross-Matos has shown flashes and former Eagle CB Rasoul Douglas has actually played very well for them in a starring role and who has some actual NFL Game experience for them

  • Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is fun to watch and reminds me of a mini Russell Wilson, He can make all kind of plays on his own and has a stronger arm than you first realize and is very accurate .
    He’s going to be a handful For NFL Defenses once the Cardinals get a good OL in front of him…

    I keep watching Panther WR Robby Anderson make Plays every week and was probably one of the top Free-Agency acquisitions in the NFL this year.. 3 Years for $30 Million and he’s playing up to his Contract ..
    I wished the Eagles too a long look at him instead of relying on the aging and often injured D-Jax, which is looking more and more like a terrible signing from the Eagles 2 Years ago..

  • Eagles win today and they are in first by half a game. Obviously that is meaningless… the league is in a shambles, the East sucks and the eagles will not (better not) get excited to win the division… they need organizational restructuring

  • To fraudman and the othe Wentz haters on here. Dan Orlovsky who is a good analyst and a Wentz fan listed his receivers the last 20 games. Djax has missed like 17/20, Jeffrey like 15/20, ward (practice squad) has been his number 1.. like 4 guys are out of the league… Agular has been the guy with the best career … it’s a joke… an absolute joke. This is McNabb with thrash on steroids… thrash would be pro bowl with Wentz.

  • Keep Roseman as VP and oversee the Football Ops with his Focus on Contracts,Salary Cap Mgt and Hire a GM (Louis Riddick Jr)
    To oversee the Player Personnel, Draft, Free Agency and overall Roster Management
    Hire an OC (elevate a current Coaching Staff member Scalengaro or Duece) and take the Play Calling away from HC Pedersen so he can focus on the Big Picture of Coaching the Entire Team…
    On Defense, Focus on upgrading the Talent Level at LB and the Secondary

    • I said that exact thing (minus Reddick) 10 days ago … you were whining about firing everybody… dude that’s horrible.
      Also to the Schwartz haters… if boys had eagles D they’d probably be 4-0

  • For the Record, I’m not a Wentz Hater and just believe that’s he simply an above average but not an Elite or True Franchise
    He had a great 2 Months in Oct/Nov of 20-7 but many QB’s have had nice stretches during a season. I never saw him as a Championship consistent Level qB and he was rewarded with a Franchise Type of Contract too soon before establishing himself as a Franchise Type of QB
    I said it then and stand by this now,
    He didn’t earn it yet in my opinion
    Look at the WR’s that elite QB’s like a Rodgers, R Wilson,T Brady, D Brees, Have had over the Years.. these QB’s made their Receivers much better and ran their Offenses at a high level year after year ..

    • Dummy… you really just speak without thinking. Wilson and Rodgers and Brees have had excellent receivers… not all of them but Tate, Hardin, Adams, driver, jennings , Michael Thomas and many more. Name one receiver in the last 2 years who can even be mentioned with those names.The eagles have had literal practice squad guys and guys who aren’t in te league more than a week. You just have to say dumb stuff,,, as for his contract. Um it’s a bargain of a contract. You never did understand the business of sports but that’s ok.

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