• June 27, 2022

Eagles travel across country to San Francisco looking for their 1st win

Week 4: @ San Francisco 49ers 8:30pm (NBC)

49ers: 2-1 (Beat NYG 39-6 last week)

Key Injuries:

Jalen Reagor (Thumb)

DeSean Jackson (Hamstring)

Alshon Jeffery (Foot)

Avonte Maddox (Ankle)

Miles Sanders (Glute)

JJ Arcega Whiteside (Calf)

Jason Brown (illness) 

John Hightower (illness)

Jason Peters (illness)

Lane Johnson (Ankle)

Fletcher Cox (Abdomen)


The first three weeks of the Philadelphia Eagles season has been anything but what we expected. The first three games were supposed to be three of the easiest game on the schedule, and most expected at minimum a 2-1 start. Here we are entering week four and the Eagles are 0-2-1, after tying the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday.

It’s been a common theme the past couple seasons that Carson Wentz needs outside help. His receiving core will be down to Greg Ward and John Hightower as Reagor, Jackson, Jeffery, and Arcega-Whiteside are all missing from action. The Eagles will also be without Jason Peters as he was the most recent player to be placed on the IR. Luckily for the Eagles, the 49ers are missing pass rushers Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas 

The Eagles aren’t the only team missing players this weekend. In addition to Bosa and Thomas, the Niners are missing QB Jimmy Garoppolo and RB Raheem Mostert, but get TE George Kittle and WE Deebo Samuel back this week. The Eagles defense certainly will have their work cut out for them. 

Players to watch:

WR Greg Ward

RB Miles Sanders


Matchup of the Game:

Schwartz vs Shanahan 



For some strange reason, I think it’s the confidence I have in Carson Wentz, I feel like the Eagles will come through and get their first win of the season. The Eagles rallied a year ago on the road against Green Bay. This year is slightly different, as they have been ravaged with injuries, but we’ve seen this team come together when their backs are against the wall. 


Eagles 21 49ers 17


Gregory Still

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  • Eagles win turnover battle 3-0… that stat is the winning stat. Wentz makes Greg Ward look like a first rounder, dick Rodgers will look like dirk digler,,, Wentz 21-31, 2TD and no INT. Sanders 75 on 14 carries, 3 catches 38 yds. Cox has a sack and is disruptive, Graham (who has played well) with a sack and forced fumble

    • Eagles will need 4 Turnovers now HAC Since they are -1 so far !!

  • I think the a Eagles Play their best Game of the Season with energy, passion and urgency…
    But in the end, I believe the 49ers Coaching Staff our-coaches the Eagles Staff and the 49ers squeak out a 26-24 Win as the Eagles will have chances for the Win thry desperately need
    I’m concerned about the Matchup on 49ers TE skittles and WR B Aiyuk and FB K Juszcyk and RB J McKinnon coming out of the backfield for Passes versus these Eagles LB’s …
    I would put CB Slay on Kittles as often as possible if I’m Jim Schwartz when he’s split out wide which he is quite often

    • Out coaches? You don’t know what that means… if the players make plays then the coaches are genius, if they drop passes, miss passes, miss tackles etc they are out coached.it comes down to that.
      Remember in the other thread you talked about QBs making players better? I assume you forgot about Wentz leading the team to the playoffs and that 2 of those WR aren’t in the league anymore?

    • Hey Paul….this is GMCliff.

      Paul, I’d like to see you do your own podcast on YouTube, and profit from your effort, and talent.

      It beats conversing with someone who is only interested in criticizing the opinion of others….

      Think about it. How long did I say Howie’s Achilles Heel was talent evaluation, now time has passed and now all those that don’t wear rose-colored glasses can see that clearly.

      Dan Quinn, should be our next Defensive Coordinator, and two Linebackers on the first round should happen…….long overdue

      • Hey GMCliff, Hope all are well with You/Family..
        I’m Working on the 2021 Draft !!

  • Offensively, the Eagles should have success thru the Air versus the 49ers Secondary which is depleted with I juriesbit I don’t think the Eagles have enough outside talent playing tonight to exploit them .
    Ertz and Sanders will have productive games but is this enough to Win ? Eagles desperately need 2-3 other Offensive skill Players to make Plays, Greg Ward will do his thing and contribute but who else can you count on to make Plays and especially a big play or two ?

    • No one

  • Practice squad OL and WR and DBs … holy mackerel,,, this isn’t about “depth” this is a disaster. Shit wake me up spring training 2021….gonna hibernate for the rest of 20. If nfl plays a 12 game season they will be lucky.

  • Johnson out… I believe they are down to 3rd and fourth stringers at WR and OL

  • Eagles have a receiver on the field most of the time 13, Fulham or something g like that. This has to be a joke.

    • Has been cut or waived 6 times since 9/26/19… 6 times by 3 different teams. Players union should be bitching… injuries are insane this year

      • Travis Fulgham was a good Basketball and went to Old Dominion, has sone hops but hadn’t played a lot of Football
        Played with the Lions and Packers and can bring energy and athleticism to the outside for the Eagles.. Can he Catch and Run Routes remain to be seen and maybe like how Greg Ward was last year and surprise some Defenses

        • Paul Ur the same guy who tried to say this is the kind of guy that Wilson is playing with? Ur insane. Wentz has had 10 different WR run 50 routes since last year. 13 may reach that this or next week… u can’t win with that type of WR turnover

  • CB Darius Slay with what appears to be a hyper-extended knee as he took that block from 49ers Lineman Helmet right on his knee cap , i imagine he’s out for the rest of the night and hopefully nothing serious

    As far as the Eagles current OL
    This is what it may look like in future Seasons as Peters is done and Brooks/ LJ bodies are breaking down. Place Issac Seumalo at Center and there’s your 2021 OL for the Birds

  • Niners playing smash mouth on the perimeter… getting big guys in space to beat up the smaller DBs and LBs… it is masterful and they have the personnel to do it… before the knee Slay did an Ole on that big back …

  • Eagles are hanging in there and playing hard
    D/Line having a sting game , Barnett, Avery and M Jackson have been all over the place
    TJ Edwards has sone nice Plays & Tackles and evening Nate Gerry made a play or two
    I’m surprised the 49ers haven’t really attacked the outside CB’s much and have gone with a lot of short, quick passes but I e or two they’ll open it up in the 2nd half

    Wentz has played pretty well so far while the 49ers backup QB Mullens hasn’t looked too good the longer the game has gone on..

    It’s Anyone’s Game.. Turnovers are even 1-1 at the Half… What Teams makes the a Big Play or two or What Team makes the bad Error/Mistake will likely determine tonight’s Winner.,
    I like the Eagles chances as Wentz is playing better than the 49ers QB Mullens.

    • I see the 49ers wearing down the secondary… I see their DL beat up our OL and I see wentz trying to throw to “an athletic hoops player “ from a mid major mediocre program…?i cannot see how in the world they hold on

  • The old Explorer the Eagles LB Drive right there
    Gerry missed tackles, Duke riles not getting his head around to see the ball, just a lack of fundamentals with this position group week in and week out …
    LB Coach Ken Flajole has been with the Eagles for a couple years now, (since 2016) Why ?

    • *exploit ..

      Wentz is taking some hits, But hanging tough and making Plays with his legs keeping them in this Game as of now .. bad pass to an open Sanders who looked like he had done open field to run

    • It had nothing to do with coaching… it’s talent… u can’t teach talent … u just need to be negative… the LBs are exposed. They are small and slow … can’t coach size and speed

      • You can Coach Scheme. Positioning, Better Tackling and using better Angles
        What Young LB’s have actually improved under this Coach the last 4 Years ?

        • They are small and slow. You don’t have a clue what their scheme is. You also are implying that Jim Schwartz doesn’t know how to teach angles etc… which even you would concede is ridiculous.

  • Ertz is an excellent TE… Kittle is generational. He’s by far the best player on the field

  • Big Play by DB Leblanc on the Strip Sack …
    Causing a Turnover and recovered by Malik Jackson.. Offense Needs a TD here !!

  • There my Basketball Guy from Old Dominion!!

  • Congrats to the Eagles for their 1st Win of the Season and get some Confidence back as a Team and Staff.
    Now, get some Players back healthy and take it on the road to Pittsburgh and maybe catch the Steelers a little rusty having this week off due to the Titans Covid situation ..

  • LESBIANS!!!!!!!!

  • so fraudman– mr negative- mr. give no credit — lets document:
    Wentz made an incredible throw to a practice squad player helping elevate his game- a practice squad linebacker made a game clinching INT- Wentz had a gutty performance with a swiss cheese OL and no Wr’s — Schwartz had his D primed, aggressive and tough as nails-
    for the doomsday people- this team as awful as they look– and they do look horrible at times. they score ZERO STYLE POINTS- they play tough- this is a goofy 2020 season-
    Between Wentz, Watson and Prescott they are 2 -9-1– injuries happening all over the place- games getting delayed for covid– I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody like the Jets somehow get a streak, make the playoffs and then a run — almost like its not a legit season.

  • Wentz played well, and it was a gutsy performance with an undermanned Offense versus an undermanned Defense …
    Many young Eagle Players stepped up and had big Plays
    Fulgham,Hightower, Mailata, LeBlanc,Singleton, Genard Avery, Josh Sweat,
    Etc.. which is great to see

    Stay with the Young Receivers
    I would waive,release JJAW once some of veteran WR’s come back from Injury

    The Eagles DL dominated the 49ers OL

    • So what you didn’t say is the coaches must know a thing or 2 about coaching to get there unheralded players to play like that

      • I like the New WR Coach (Morehead) & Secondary Coach (Manuel) and believe they are high quality Coaches .. It’s all hands on deck right now for everyone on this Team and Coaching Staff and they played with the sense of urgency and purposes last evening that they will to have each and every week if they want to Win Games.. It’s Not Rocket Science, some Teams like the Eagles, 49ers, Broncos, Titans, Cowboys have been hit extremely hard with Injuries and Illnesses while other Teams have not, but you Play with whom you have and do the best job you can in preparing other Players to Contribute and be ready to go when called upon
        I think Jim Schwartz called his Best Game in a long time, I also think the 49ers QB Mullens played a pretty poor game and thought Shanahan didn’t really attack the Eagles Weaknesses on the back end enough, then again, the Eagles DL was getting stronger and stronger as the game went on and their QB Play by Mullens was getting worse as the Game went on but kudos to Schwartz and Staff to having the back end of the Eagles Defense prepared and ready to go..
        On Offense- I thought Coach Pedersen stayed aggressive the whole game by going for 2points after their 1st Touchdown to set the tone, The 4th Down Call and Pass to Hightower was a thing of beauty
        Isolate one side, a quick slant after a good route by Hightower and a slight pick by WR Fulgham on the 49ers DB and just a perfect pass from Wentz, low, accurate and all in rhythm

        A Couple of Calls for RB A Killians lost yardage, the Eagles never really got their Screen Game untracked nd the few plays called for Jalen Hurts didn’t seem to work too well
        but I did like the 3-4 WR Sets, some pre-snap motion to help spread out the 49ers Defense and give Wentz a better look for the field and defense coverages

        A total Work in Progress but that’s what this Season is going to be about

        All in All, I liked what I saw from OT Jordan Mailata who I would keep in and Starting for as long as he’s playing well for I’m not counting on Jason Peters at all,
        I like how both Jack Driscoll and Nate Herbig Battle, they are tough guys in there
        We’ll see how this OL Performs against much healthier and attacking Front 7 of the Steelers next Week

        If the Eagles Defense Plays with the Energy and Physicality that they played with last evening and create some Turnovers, they will be in every game that they Play

        • The eagles coaching staff- as much as many fans like to yell real loud about how bad they are — they are pretty damn good-Schwartz is an excellent DC and its frustrating to watch his D play but they are built for this fast track nfl (as much as a D can be given the rules)- I will never understand the huge de-valuation of the LB position but somehow it works for them- teams are routinely giving up 30-40 points but he knows how to limit damage.
          I think last night signals the beginning of a youth movement- not a rebuild but it is clear Wentz is better with unheralded receivers, i don’t know why- offense will move on sooner rather than later from Peters, Jeffrey, DJAX and ertz– probbably Kelce too– I think the Ertz divorce is happening before our eyes- he wants dynamic TE money- he’s excellent but not dynamic- if they can get a 2 for him take it– probably more like a 3 and conditional 5 or something-

  • I agree about Ertz, with his Age,
    I think you take a 3rd and a late round and run with it
    There are so many dynamic TE’s coming into the NFL on a yearly basis, he’s been a warrior and stud during his Career, but the Eagles cannot afford his Salary Demands moving forward , thry just can’t..
    elevate Goedart to the Stsrter and Draft another TE next Draft and maybe keep Rodgers around if he’s healthy
    The Game is so specialized these days that having to count on 1-2 Highly paid WR’s is not the way to go.. Give me a drop WR corps of 4-5 WR’s at reasonable Salaries that brings g different skill sets to the offense and develop those Players to be productive
    3-4-5 WR’s with 35-45 Receptions each instead of 1 or 2 Highly paid Receivers is the way to go

    • yes i’ve always maintained that “number 1” WR was a waste — I don’t think ‘just anyone’ can do it but you need to keep a stable of young and hungry horses- Reagor better be good! – the eagles have failed in that regard big time- JJAW I would say is at risk of being an all time bust- if the lightbulb doesn’t go on VERY SOON.
      I hope Mailata continues to develop- I think its time for peters to be an ex eagle all time great- the damage he’s done to his legacy is pretty huge- but legacy doesn’t pay bills.-

  • Same at RB Position
    3 Solid good backs who bring different skill sets instead of 1 bell cow Back is also the way to go.. it’s the way the NFL is today and for the
    Near future

  • Bottom 5 in the NFL after Week 4

    1) Jets (0-4) – Lame Duck Coach in Adam Gase will be Fired soon
    2) Texans (0-4) – Brutal opening Schedule but Team Tuned our HC/GM B O’Brien who has made many terrible Trades during his Tenure as GM
    3) NY Giants (0-4) – One of Least Talented Rosters with a New HC still finding his way
    4) Atlanta Falcons (0-4) – Lame Duck Coach Dan Quinn who also will be Fired soon
    5) Washington Football Club (1-3) – Offensively Challenged and Struggle to score points, HC Rivera is currently going thru Cancer Treatments so a very tough first Season for him to change their losing culture

  • Top 5 Teams

    1) KC Chiefs (4-0) Have an Explosive Offense led by the Best QB in the NFL in Mahomes to go along with a Solid Defense. Can Run, Be Physical or Spread you out with 3-4 Dynamic Receivers..

    2) Buffalo Bills (4-0) Another well-balanced, physical and smart Football Team who reflect their HC Sean McDermott and GM Billy Beane very well.. A Good Rebuilt OL , Nice Receivers and RB Corps with an improving QB in Josh Allen who has gotten better and better over his Career . An excellent Defense with Playmakers at every level.. This Team is Loaded with Players in their Primes right now wIll be very good for a while

    3) Green Bay Packers (4-0) a rejuvenated Aaron Rodgers playing QB with Confidence and a Swagger now that’s been in HC LaFluer’s System for his 2nd Years.. Who are these Receivers on this Roster ? Doesn’t matter for Rodgers as he will sling it to them anyways.. Excellent Running Game and have become more Physical the last couple of Years along both OL & DL

    4) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) A well balanced and focused Team with Experience and Youth. They’ll go as far as Big Ben takes them but are capable of beating anyone in any given week, OL Play is their Key as they have been running the Ball a lot more effectively in 2020 with healthy RB’s and OL . Defense is Fast, Physical and all over the Field and very opportunistic ..

    5) Seattle Seahawks (4-0) Russell Wilson is playing at a whole other level and is this Years MVP so far with 16 Passing TD’s in 4 Games.. They have begun the run the Ball better and still have a Physical Defense though they are lacking in the Pass Rush Department and in Pass Coverages on the outside with their CB’s Injured
    Do not belive they are a Championship Team right now , but You can’t them out of any game because of Russell Wilson

    6) Baltimore Ravens (3-1) Fast Physical, Experienced and Well-Coached.. Can QB Lamar Jackson improve with his Passing Game when playing from behind or in a shoot-out type of Game… That’s about all that needs to be answered for the ydo everything else very well and generally don’t hurt themselves

    7) Tampa Bay Buccaners (3-1) Great Skills Player led by GOAT QB tom Brady with a Chip on his Shoulder.. Will their OL and Running Game hold up over the Season to help balance out Brady’s Passing , The Key top this Team is their Underrated Defense which are very tough to run against and will force opposing QB’s into making mistakes.. a Top 7-8 Defense that will allow QB Brady ease into his transition with Coach Bruce Arians system

    Honorable Mention
    Indy Colts (3-1), LA Rams (3-1), Tennessee Titans (3-1) and Yes, the Cleveland Browns (3-1)

    Then there are all these Teams in the Middle
    NE Patriots, Chicago Bears, NO Saints, LV Raiders, Carolina Panthers, SF 49ers, Arizona Cardinals

    The other half of the NFL Teams are playing some Bad Football so far in 2020

  • Eagles Staring OL in 2021

    LT J Mailata, LG Nate Herbig, Center Issac Seumalo, RG Brandon Brooks, RT Lane Johnson
    (Reserves – Tackle Andre Dillard, Guard/Tackle Jack Driscoll, Center Luje Juriga and Guard Matt Pryor
    and or Draft Pick)

    Eagles WR Corps in 2021
    Jalen Reagor, John Hightower, Greg Ward, Travis Fulgham, Quez Watkins and a Draft Pick

    Eagles TE Corps in 2021
    Dallas Goedart, Richard Rogers and Hakeem Butler or Draft Pick

    Eagles RB Corps in 2021
    Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, A Killins and Draft Pick

    Eagles QB Corps in 2021
    Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts and a Journeyman QB

    • Dillard is starting.
      But you are mostly correct. The youth movement is starting right now.

  • I love to hear coaches talk. They try to be diplomatic but I love it when they say, “well the fans have no idea what they are talking about”- Schwartz today says about Gerry, “i guess there are people outside the building (meaning dumbfucks who dont know the assignment) (I include myself) who think he’s not making the right play cuz he happens to be in the neighborhood on a bad play”– meaning he grades out pretty well and those of us that bitch and complain about the LB know nothing- as i’ve said for years on this site those fake GM’s and big time critics have zero idea what they are talking about — one of my favorites was about 6-8 years back the ‘dump Kelce for a big, fat guy so they could run qb sneak”– a superbowl, several pro bowls later the eagles are the best qb sneak team in the league- Kelce is an all time eagle great, the catalyst and leader of a perennial top 5 OL in the league yet the dummies on here wanted him GONE!– they whined when doug got hired, still want him fired, want schwartz fired– its kinda funny

  • Interesting move Yesterday that the Eagles Released RB A Killins who was in for a couple Plays in Sunday Nights Game.. The Fact that RB Miles Sanders wasn’t out on the field for the final Series vs the 49ers leads me to believe that they will Pick-Up a more experienced RB this week to add depth to the RB Room..
    Either Sanders was hurting a little or maybe the Eagles are watching his Snaps but a little concerning that your best RB is not on the Field on a Game that you are attempting to close out.. I wish they would activate Holyfield from the Practice Squad and play him a little bit to give him a chance for Corey Clement just lacks any explosion and has not been effective at all this 2020 Season ..

  • Paulman Prediction based on Rumor, Innuendo and a Gut Feel

    Eagles are going to Release WR D-Jax, who has not played much again in 2020 as he continues to have recurring Hamstring Injuries, but behind the scenes, there are some rumblings that Owner Jeffry Lurie is very disappointed that D-JAx has not completed some of his “Sensitivity Training” that he agreed to do back in July/August when he Posted that disparaging Social Media Post and it also doesn’t look good that D-Jax has enough time to work on the release of his new Album while shunning some his responsibilities that he committed to do to Ownership and now Lurie wants him gone yesterday is the rumor !!
    Some have stated that Lurie gave Roseman 2 Weeks to Trade him which is why he’s not been active and they don’t want to risk an injury and Howie’s 2 Weeks are about up .. Expect a Move after the Steelers Game

  • On a Side Note
    The Carolina Panthers Released former Eagles and 2019 4th Round Draft Pick Shareeff Miller, for those keeping score on Ex-Eagles around the NFL… The Panthers Picked him up after the Eagles Released him in late August but apparently hasn’t shown the Panthers too much either who were hoping he could be a Rotational Pass Rusher for them … Miller was a Bad Pick for GM Roseman who was taking a flyer on a kid for a position of need for the Eagles going into 2019

    Some Recent 4th Round Draft Pick Flops by Howie Roseman the last couple of Drafts
    WR Mack Hollins, RB Donnel Pumphrey who they traded up to get and Now Shareef Miller !!

    A couple of 4th Rounders who were nice Selections by Roseman and are producing and playing are
    DB Avonte Maddox and DE Josh Sweat

    The 2020 Draft 4th Rounders Selections – OL Jack Driscoll I believe will be a solid,versatile Starter/Key Back-up OL in the NFL for 10 Years, while Safety/DB K’Von Wallace is more likely to become a core Special Teamer and backup Safety and back-end DB

  • Other NFC Least News

    Washington FC has moved on from QB Dwayne Haskins and replacing him with Back-UP Kyle Allen as the Future Starter with Alex Smith backing him up so its very likely that Haskins will be on the In-Active list for this weeks upcoming Game and quite possibly the rest of the Season and HC Rivera had Put Haskins on Notice last week and hasn’t seen the improvement or maturity to trust him as the Teams Starter which was the bugaboo and red-flags about Dwayne Haskins coming out of College… His overall lack of Maturity, Work Ethic and Leadership
    The NY Jets and Washington Redskins are going all in for the QB Trevor Lawrence battle for the Top Pick of the 2021 Draft.. Jets announced that they are going to sit QB Sam Darnold while his injured Shoulder Sprain heals and will play Joe Flacco for the next little bit …

    Who are some of the Coaching Candidates to take over the Houston Texans ? Or should Ownership go hire a real General Manager first and then let the new GM Hire the Coaching Start next Off-Season..

    Lots of Drama in Atlanta, NY Jets ,Nashville, Houston and the LA Chargers where HC Anthony Lynn says he stands behind injured QB Tyrod Taylor to return as the Starter when healthy over the emerging, top Draft Pick QB Justin Herbert who has played as well as any Rookie QB has started to a Career in NFL History..
    He’s the Future and brings Excitement to a boring franchise that has very little new Fan Base since moving up to LA from San Diego.. Herbert is the only QB in NFL History to Pass for over 900 Yards while having a Passer Completion % Rate of 70 % + (Herbert has 931 Yards with 72% Completion % for 5 TD’s and 3 Int’s)
    For a Team that’s 1-3 and trying to find an identity, why would any Coach go back to Tyrod Taylor ? What Confidence or Excitement does this give to the Team and its small Fan Base …I understand that Taylor was injured by the Team Doctor on a missed injection of a cortisone shot instead of to the Ribs went to Taylor Lung and punctured it which is a whole other story into itself, but Coach Lynne, You Draft QB Justin Herbert for a Reason and you may as well play him and speed up his maturation process that much quicker

    • Ain’t nobody reading that shit. Shuddafuckup

  • Prediction of Eagles Vs Steelers

    Steelers are rested,healthy and pissed off about having last week’s game cancelled vs the Titans due to the Covid-19 ad will come out ready to ball in front of 5,500 Home Fan and stomp all over the Eagles and Win going away 34-19..
    Expect big games by QB Big Ben , RB’s James Connor/Benny Snell/A McFarland combination and their WR Corps of JJ Shuster, James Washington, Diontae Johsnon and Rookie Chase Claypool versus the Eagles banged up Secondary in a much more effective way than the 49ers, who just don’t have this type of Talent and Speed,Size and Scheme at the WR Position, The Steelers also have 2 Talented TE’s in E Ebron and V McDonald so the Eagles LB’s will get picked on once again …

    Defensively, The Steelers have 15 Sacks and have created 5 Turnovers in 3 Games
    They will send in 4-5 Pass Rushers on every Play from different positions and from different Players
    so the Eagles Young OL will really have to communicate and shift and help each other out quite often
    Steelers have always been tough to run the ball against and have very active LB’s so the Screen Game does not work particularly well against them… This may be a game where you line up 3-4 WR’s and spread their Secondary out and attack them down the field and in the Middle of the Field and play a Hurry up tempo and keep slinging it with the hopes that you poop out their front 7 and then maybe can lean on the running game a little but Sanders and Eagles Rushing attack is in for a Tough Day and will need to Win this game thru the Air and off the arm of Wentz to the hands of Eagles Receivers which will be good practice for the following weeks Games when they play the Ravens and will have to get into a shootout-pass-happy game to have any chance of Winning that one too… We’ll find out a lot about the Eagles Young OL and Young WR’s and how some of these Young Players handle some adversity and just the physicality of playing these type of Teams which will hope them prepare for the 2nd half of the Season ..

    • So a typical post that leaves Paul flip flop room… set up the negative. So, you point out that Pitt is talented, had a week off to heal plus make any early season adjustments. They should be primed and ready to go for sure… now with all that said, the expectation is low so if they get trounced there is absolutely zero reason to be critical… you outlined before the start of the game they are out gunned… so anything better than 34-19 is a victory I. Your book…. so Sunday will be a positive day

  • Worst Rumor of the Week

    Owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman are rumored to be bringing in the recently Fired Texans Coach/GM BIll O’Brien to see if he can help out the Eagles Offense and QB Carson Wentz … Good Grief ..

  • I know most of the Gcobb dummies think it only happens with Wentz but watching tonight I’ve see the goat miss open receivers and I’ve seen Foles miss open ones too. Believe it or not it happens elsewhere

    • 4th and 4 with a minute to go, Brady tries to thread the needle on a well covered Receiver/TE some 12-15 yards down the field when he had a Back out of the Backfield, wide ass open cutting across the middle of the field that would have gained at least 7-8 Yards and the First Down easily and maybe even more yardage ..
      Then Brady puts if 4 Fingers to denote that its 4th Down, when in actuality, that missed pass was their 4th Down so the GOAT lost track of the Downs… Inexcusable for a 19 Year old Veteran but goes to show that even the best screw up

  • Eagles Draft needs for 2021

    Defense – CB,Safety,LB & DE
    Offense – RB, OL, TE (Trade Z Ertz) & WR (move away from A Jeffrey, D-Jax, JJAW & M Grissom)

    The RB Corps Collectively is one of Weakest and least Productive n the NFL , Outside of Sanders, what RB on this Roster has to make Defenses scared or game-plan for .. Most Teams have 2-3 Good Runners who can hurt you, Boston Scott has been very disappointing this far and and Corey Clement has no explosion left and can’t hit a hole anymore.. Eagles lack that Big Back who can get those Tough 3rd & Shorts or down in the Red-Zone and now has to relay on Wentz running the ball more in these situations which is not a smart way to go if you wnat to protect the long term health of your $100 Million QB
    The CB Corps Collectively is Weak and lacks Depth and Experience
    The LB Corps is the Worst or very close to it in the NFL
    Safety Postion is in transition – Aging McLeod, Out of water Jalen Mills and then unproven Players in Epps,Wallace .. Hopefully Parks when healthy can get on the field and show what he can do
    The WR Corps is one of the least Productive in the NFL – Keep adding Youth and Talent and hopefully Young WR’s like Hightower, Fulgham and Quez Watkins can continue to mature and get meaningful snaps in 2020 to form a nice nucleus along with Greg Ward for 2021 and beyond..
    For any Skills Players that are over 30 Years Old… Dump, Trade,Release, and do not Extend Contracts to Players who will be over 30 or pursue in FreeAAgency.. It’s a Young Man’s Game and always has been, so move on from these aging, often injured, overpaid under-performing Veterans and stop being sentimental with Players because they were good 2-3-4-5 Years ago which means zippo today and in the future ..

    Eagles need to take away the Player Personnel, Roster Management & Drafting away from Howie Roseman and let him focus on Salary Cap Management and Players Contracts which the last few years has really shown a slippage on his part with some poor contracts with Players like A Jeffrey, D-Jax,J Mills, B Brooks, L Johnson, F Cox, J Peters, etc,etc and even Paid QB Wentz a Year earlier than they had to

  • Alshon Jeffery (illness) is out for Week 5 against the Steelers.

    Jeffery has a “non-COVID illness” that has kept him away from the team in recent days. DeSean Jackson (hamstring) remains up in the air for Week 5. Greg Ward, John Hightower, Zach Ertz, and Miles Sanders will again be tasked with carrying the offense against Pittsburgh. Jeffery’s 2020 debut will have to wait until Week 6 at the earliest.

    Oct 9, 2020, 11:05 AM ET



    • I seriously wonder if we will see Alshon Jeffrey, Desean Jackson and Jason Peters ever put on an Eagles Uniform again, It seems like some strange backstage stuff and explanations are going on about these 3 Players..
      I think they are all goners which I am totally fine with as they have been “stealing $$” for with over-market Salaries for a couple of Years now ..

  • Other NFC East NEws

    Dallas Cowboys announce that perennial Pro-Bowler/All-PRo LT Tyree Smith will have surgery on his neck and be out for the Season and could jeopardize his future ability to PLay Football
    This brings 4 Cowboys OL that are Out for the Season – L Collins, Cameron Irving, Tyree Smith and remember that Center Travis Frederick retired surprisingly back in the Spring.. Frederick’s Replacement – Joe Looney has a MCL in his Knee and will miss the next 3 Weeks or so…
    The Cowboys have 2 Healthy OL that have played with them last year – RG Zach Martin and LG Connor Williams who is in his 3rd Season

    Here is the likely Starting OL for the Cowboys this Week

    LT – Brandon Knight (Undrafted Free Agent in his 2nd NFL Season)

    LG – Connor Williams (3rd Season and former 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2018)

    Center – Tyler Biadaz (Rookie 4th Round Draft Pick starting his first NFL Game – The Eagles actually swapped 4th Round Picks last Draft and picked up the Cowboys 2021 5th Round Picks for doing so as the Cowboys moved up to Draft Board to Select Biadaz out of Wisconsin as an eventual replacement for the retired Travis Frederick)

    RG – Zach Martin – 1st Round Selection in 2014 Draft and All Pro/Pro Bowler in his 7th Season out of Notre Dame and still one of the Best OL in the NFL

    RT – Terrence Steele – Undrafted Rookie out of Texas Tech

    Here are the Cowboys 2 Backup OL on their Active Roster as of Today
    Guard – Connor McGovern – 2nd Year 3rd Draft Pick out of Penn State
    Tackle – Greg Senat – 2018 6th Round Draft Pick by the Ravens from Wagner College

    No Sympathy for the Cowboys, but they are in very bad shape as the Season continues to move forward.
    The one positive about the Eagles Injuries is that they happened so early that replacements have had some time to learn and have practice reps to at least know the Playbook, so Players like Herbig,Mailata,Driscoll & Pryor have preparing since the Summer … These Cowboys are in serious Trouble and will need to add 2-3 OL off the Practice Squad/Streets just to field a Game Day Roster …

    • The positive for the eagles is that given his faults Howie fills the bottom of the roster very well- it has served the eagles well.
      I heard someone on the radio today talking— anyone looking for normalcy or doing ‘power rankings’ this year is insane- teams playing on Tuesdays, not knowing if games are coming- players milking injuries… its a mess- games are for entertainment purposes- the fact that the vice presidents debate behind double plexiglass and football players breath, slobber and bleed on each other is probably the most ridiculous notion EVER ! but of course money talks and bullshit walks

      • Yes Howie and Player Personnel have brought in some good end of roster Players who have worked hard and taken advantage of the their opportunities, the real Key is the Coaching and Player Development these bottom-end or practice squad Players receive and how quickly they can get up to speed and learn the “Eagles System” so that they can be effective when called upon.. You can bring in dozens of Players every year, but it’s what the Coaches do with them that really counts and the Eagles have done a good job over the Years in this area.,.. Player Development .. maybe the other Philly Sport Franchises can learn a thing or two from the Eagles in this area for it does play a critical role …

        • A few days after firing the coach and his staff fraudman praises them for the excellent job they do

          • Not the LB Coach, He needs to go ..
            I like the new WR & Secondary Coach and also the Player Development Coach Joe Pannunzio was a Good hire (in 2019) and one who does spend a lot of time with the Scout Team which is where most of the back end Roster and Practice Squad Players practice under
            Pannunzio came from U of Alabama as Special Teams,Tight Ends,RB’s Coach and previously worked for the Eagles Player Personnel Dept In 2015-2016

            • A practice squad LB scored a TD…. but I’m sure you will somehow minimize that contribution

  • Singleton should be Starting, at 6-2”, 240lbs with Speed and natural LB Instincts that Nate Gerry will never have.. Duke Riley is too small as is 3rd Pick Davion Taylor who won’t last in the NFL thru his Rookie 4 Year Contract

    • Assessment made from a cage in the Boone zoo….. guys that are working 100 hours per week since they finished college. Everyday work with and evaluate players and u throw shit

  • Can we fire Elton yet?

    • Ain’t happening… you can blame him all you want. This problem goes way above brand. The sixers are not set up to win. Years of losing and making buckets of cash has been satisfying to Harris… there is no hard edge. Butler and the heat show u everything u need to know about soft as cotton sixers

      • Who is this mysterious person not named Elton brand who gave the eastern conference champs jimmy? Miami couldn’t afford jimmy so Elton helped them and took a bag of dicks for him. Does pat riley pay brand? Who gave a back up center 100 mill? Who let jj walk ? Who gave Toby a max ? Tell me who these mysterious people are that made these decisions ?

        You sound like an imbecile. It was all Elton

        • Nope… sorry … he is certainly part of it. The Sixers have a shitty convoluted management structure. Brand is a puppet.

  • EB gets at least 2 More Years with new Coach Doc Rivers, who signed a 5 Year Deal to Coach the Team, there won’t be many changes to the Roster for 2020-2021 Season for thry will give Doc Rivers at least 1 Seadon with this current group to see what he can do with them…
    I don’t believe many Teams out there will take on the current Contract of Al Horford
    Tobias Harris has his best Season statistics wise 3 Years ago playing for Doc Rivers while with the Clippers so he’s not going anywhere
    Maybe a minor Trade involving Josh Richardson and a Draft Pick to move up in the Draft and that’s probably about it…
    76ers have 2-3 2nd Round Picks and may attempt to package 1 or 2 of them along with Richardson for a late 1st Rounder and a Bench Player if they really like a Player on the Board in that 25th -30th Range

  • eagles receivers can’t get open- its malfeasance to have this receiving corps….
    D is actually doing ok- D line coming to play

  • Hightower should have caught that ball? WTF is going on?

  • Wentz suckkss put in hurts

    • No one to throw to… look at the difference in bens WR to ours… this is on howie .
      Talent difference is off the charts. Wentz is by himself.

      • It’s on howie reagor djax and Alshon are hurt ? Makes sense if you got rocks in ur cranium

  • Funny… great QBs make bad players better… ladies and gentlemen let me introduce…Travis Fulgham

  • Damn… that was close
    Eagles showed up…. they just don’t have many weapons. Ertz is gone ghost… I assume he’s being double teamed every snap. JJAW refuses to step up. Elliot misses by less than a foot

  • What a Joke, Leaving #47 (N Geary) 1 on 1 versus the Steelers Hottest Receiver In Claypool

  • Can’t Comment on the Eagles Game as I only saw the final 4 Minutes (After thr missed 57 Yard FG Attempt by Elliot) as Fox Sports switched to the Eagles/Steelers Game after the Panthers/Falcons Game which the Panthers won 23-16 and now move to 3-2 for the Season with their Best Player, RB McCaffrey still out and injured but Coach of Year Matt Rhule has this Team playing hard, for each other and with urgency even though they are awful Young and relatively inexperienced on the Defensive side of the ball where they Start 3-4 Rookies

    Back to Eagles, I’m Not sure why you don’t go for the 4th Down and 4/5 Yards Play with 4 + minutes left in the game instead of a Stadium Record 57 Yard FG Attempt
    The longest FG ever made at the Steelers Stadium is 54 Yards and it’s always been known around the NFL as a soft loose turf and just not a great surface to kick off of with the plant leg having a tendency to slide out from under you, with the loose soil/turf there

    Are the Chances greater for a 57 YRd Stadium Record FG or a 4th and 5 Play..
    To be 10” % Honest, Down 2 Points the best % call would be to Punt the Ball with the hopes of flipping the field position and pinning the Steelers down as the Eagles Defense appeared to be playing better in the 4th Quarter and would result in a overall better chance of getting the Ball back with a chance to Win with just a FG
    But that’s why Coach Pedersen makes the Big Bucks , I just don’t like the FG call there in this situation given the field position, time left etc,etc

    • Yes chances are better to make FG…that is t a second gues for Christ’s sake. Make it…then make them drive from the 25 to beat you… second guessing that shows stupidity. Guy had planets of leg…

      • Not at the Steelers Stadium
        Record is only a 54 Yarder made there..

        • Dummy he had the distance. Don’t be a second guesser. That’s just silly… it’s kind of a pussy thing to do… like a whiny little bitch. Forth and 5 or 57 yard FG to go in the lead. Big balls Doug. You have to live with that. Anything else is just a drunken arm chair sissy..,

          • Even if he makes it with 3+ Minutes plus Steelers Timeouts, your only up by 1 Point 32-31 in which the Steelers would have had plenty of time to get into FG Position to Win the Game..
            If Doug has Balls as you say, he should have went for it to Get the first down, then continue the Drive and eat The clock and be the last Team to attempt to Score for the Win
            Poor decision On the Road versus a very good Team that they battled to even get back in the Game only to blow it in the end whether he makes it or not.., Eagles needed to get a TD on that Drive or milk the clock as much as possible to kick a game winning FG not to take a 1 Point lead versus
            Big Ben…

            On a Side Note, Dolphins and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick are torching the 49ers with mostly the same 2nd Strings The Eagles faced last week with 350+ Passing and 3 TD with 20 minutes still left in the Game…

            • Get the points whiny faggot.. that’s the worst Paul. Second guessing this once again proves You are nothing but a negative nitwit…. he hits it, eagles hold on for the win you come on here about how gutsy it was. What a pussy. Hindsight is always 100% correct…
              so your dolphins comment I guess that’s you minimizing the eagles win..l. You passive aggressive little faggot

  • I do give Credit for Eagles bouncing back after a rough start to the 2nd Half and falling behind by 17 Points (31-14)
    Truly Bad Teams would have folded the tent and gotten blown out 44-20..
    They Battles on both sides of the Ball and the Old Dominion u Basketball Player, T Fulgham has earned a starting spot moving forward
    in my opinion
    If the Eagles were ever to get a healthy Jeffrey,D-Jax and Reagor back , I would still play Fulgham Most of the time as the X-Receiver and Put Reagor in at the Slot and move him around but to be honest, I’m using this 2020 Season to get these 3-4 Young WR’s as many Reps along with the Young OL as much Fame experience to be. Enter prepared for 2021 ..
    I attempt to Trade Jeffrey,D-Jax which is very unlikely due to their Recent Injury history our and Big Salaries…and then either move Jason Peters back at RG or flat out Release Him
    If he ever returns and get rid of these “Big Elephants in the Room” once and for all
    I’m also releasing RB C Clement and looking to Trade TE Z Ertz while he still has some Value,
    Maybe the Bears would be interested with Foles playing

  • Big injury to Dak… what a year… 6 wins to win the east

    • Andy dalton better than dak

      • No that is funny!

  • Take away Sanders Great 72 Yard Run, With nice blocking downfield by JJAW,
    the Eagles rushed 15 Times for 24 Yards .. (1.5 Yard a Carry) .. Yikes !!

    • Good arithmetic

      • And since ALL rushing attempts count by my arithmetic that’s 96 yards in 16 carries for a 6 yard average…

        • And probably a good reason why the Steelers ha; almost 10 minutes more in “Time of Possession“ than the Eagles which is no recipe of Winning on the Road against a Quality Team as an underdog, but I regress..

    • Take away gcobb and paulman has no life !

  • 16 Total Rushes for 94 Yards (5.9 Avg)
    1 long Run for 72 Yards
    15 Remaining Rushed for 22 Yards
    (Less than 1.5 Yards a Rush)
    Just Terrible and can’t win in the NFL with this type of Average and especially against a good Defense ..
    Why in the hell are the Eagles calling Play-Action Pass Plays when thry cant run the ball for all it does is delay QB Wentz in looking down the field, wasting a good second or more on a fake handoff in which the Steeler D/L is not respecting or slowing up for which just creates less time that Wentz has to react to the rush and survey the field for options ..
    Shitty and dumb play-calling when you can’t run the Ball effectively enough to keep the Front 7 honest

    • Paul I keep saying you should coach you are undefeated in post game coaching critiques…
      If u watch football teams have games like that. The averaged 6 yds per carry and that’s a fact. That said they could not get run going… it’s the nfl… happens all the time. They gave a nice effort but finally the defense just isn’t good enough… they seemed to not know assignments etc… I’m not just talking about the game clinching play… there were others,,.
      The wide receiver misdirection on run plays has been an Achilles, I’m not sure what the other teams see or why the eagles can’t defend it. To me it seems their d ends crash really hard and there is zero contain… again that’s from the amateur eye but WR are killing them

      • Offense wasn’t their problem… a stop here and there and it’s a win… Hightower’s miss was costly but tough to point to one play.. offense coming around

        • Scissors!!

        • The Back 7 of this Defense is horrible which is why they will not Win many Games against the Good Offenses around the NFL with experienced QB’s, Play Callers
          They’ve played 2 Experienced QB’s in 5 Games and were shredded by Rams J Goff and Steelers Big Ben, hell, even Rookie QB Joe Burrow had a strong game versus this Defense
          What happens when they Play versus experienced QB’s like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers & Drew Brees and against balanced Offenses with dangerous QB’s like L Jackson, K Murray and heck, even the Browns Offense is Playing well.

          Outside the NFC Least Division Games (5 Games Left where the Eagles should Win 3-4 of these) Who else are they Beating or Stopping with this Defense ?

          4-11-1 or 5-10-1 is this Teams Record in 2020 and Its time to get a new Defensive Coordinator with a new Philosophy with the Franchise

  • Howie took artegA whiteside over dk metcalf. Fire his ass

  • For 2021 – The Draft and next Off-Season is all about Defense and the Rebuilding begins following the 2020 Season

    Add 1 to 2 Safeties – R McLeod is past his Prime, J Mills is not a NFL Safety so move on from them after this Season Marcus Epps has been the Eagles Best Safety by far this Year so Re-Sign him and see how William Parks plays once healthy, and is only on a 1 Year Deal and If he bounces back and plays well in the 2nd Half of the Season then Re-Sign him, But a Natural Safety needs to be Drafted in 2021 to develop
    2021 4th Round Pick , K’von Wallace is more of a Back-Up, 3rd/4th Safety and a Special Teamer Type of Player

    Add 2 Outside CB’s (Move Maddox,LeBLanc into the Slot) and move away from Robey-Coleman has been very disappointing and will see the door after this Season as he was just on a 1 Year Deal.. I could even see having Maddox shift over to Safety on occasions

    2 LB’s — Cut Nathan Geary and Duke Riley after the 2021 Season – Nathan Geary could really be released today as it wouldn’t impact their Team at all this Season . I would start Playing Shaun Bradley and Alex Singleton immediately and even get 2020 3rd Round Pick Davian Taylor on the Field in the 2nd Half of the Season after the Bye Week to gain some experience

    DE Positions – Draft a DE in the 2021 Draft
    Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham need to go after the 2020 Season and Eagles will have a difficult decision with a contract extension with Derek Barnett who has shown flashes but has missed many games and is coming to the end of his Rookie Deal

    DT Position – I look to Trade Fletcher Cox while he still has Value but I know his Contract nearly makes that impossible and most Eagle Fans probably would be up in arms wouldn’t like it but I just don’t see his Production justifying the amount of his Contract. The Eagles still have M Jackson and J Hargrove under Contract for the next 2 Years so I would Extend Hassan Ridgeway and then Draft a Big Young DT in 2021 Draft

    Top 4-5 Draft Picks for 2021 Draft — Defense DE,CB,Safety,LB, & DT – on Offense – Add TE,WR & RB
    If Eagles would be able/willing to Trade TE Z Ertz and DT Fletcher Cox, they should be able to net at least a 2nd Round Pick for Cox and a 3rd Round for Ertz, with maybe a mid/late Round Picks involved too, so the Eagles need to add to their Current 2021 Draft Selections which stands at 7 Picks right now (1,2,3,5,5,6 & 7th Round Selections)

    • Who da fuck u think reading that shit ?

      • Owner Arthur Blank of the Falcons!!
        I need a new challenge!

  • Wentz leading the league in picks

    30th in completion %

    Tied 20th in tds (5 way tie)

    Dead last in qbr

    Guys fucking trash

  • Paulman’s 2021 Eagles Never too early Mock Draft – Focusing on Defense

    Round #1 (15th Overall) – A) DE Patrick Jones II Pittsburgh (6-5 260lbs) Always hard to pass up a potential Elite Pass Rushing DE – PJII has a great first step and natural pass-rushing skills with a lot of potential and upside with Good Coaching B) Carlos Basham Wake Forest (6-5 275lbs) very versatile, can rush from the edge or slide on the inside, has the potential and frame to put some LBs/Strength and grow to play the Inside similar to Malik Jackson .. Either Pick is a solid one and could depend who the Next DC may be if there’s a change from Jim Schwartz

    Round # 2
    (#57th Overall) – CB Marco Wilson – Florida (6-1 191lbs) Great Range, Length and Reach…

    Round #3
    (#65th Overall acquired in the Trade of TE Z Ertz to the NY Jets ) – CB Paulson Abedo Stanford 6-1 195lbs
    Another long,athletic Outside Cover Back with good ball skills

    Round #3
    (79th Overall) Safety Trevon Moehrig – TCU (6-2 208lbs) Great Size and Ball Skills and not afraid to Play Physical and has the size,strength to back it up Or LB Jabril Cox – North Dakota State (6-3 240lbs) who offers athleticism,coverage ability and length at the LB Position

    Then Focus Rounds 4 thru 7 with TE,OL,WR and RB

    • Yea u should probably update the draft section to top 8. This team sucks and the best case scenario is 6 wins

      • I have the Eagles with about 5-6 Wins which puts them about 12-15th in the Draft
        There’s a lot of bad Teams/Coaches I’m lame duck scenarios or with new/Interim Coaches for Teams who won’t reach 5-6 Wins
        Look at Jets,Giants,Washington,Cincinnati, Atlanta,Jacksonville,Houston,Denver, Minnesota, Detroit, LAChargers, Eagles and even the 49ers who will all struggle to reach 6 Wins With the way they are Playing and the amount of I juries they have to some Key to Players or who just have bad Rosters and Coaches To begin with..

        • The NFL is trash this season– there is absolutely no other way around it. there obviously are going to be the standout teams but it is just awful =- eagles will reset, rebuild whatever you want to call it. hopefully figure out what a new OL will look like, maybe discover a gift receiver, shed some contracts=
          I guess I will finally get on the dump schwartz bandwagon- I think in the nfl with the focus on offense I’m not 100% sure what a DC can do differently- every team seems to give up a ton of points.

          • There’s not many well known DC’s out there…old timers Rod Marinekli, Wade Phillips probably have a harder time relaying to today’s younger Players..
            Dan Quinn will be out there , but the Falcons Defense has sucked for years,
            Matt Burke, current DL Coach is really a LB Coach and has DC Experience but is a younger aggressive type of Coach who could be in the mix if they let Jim Schwartz..
            Leslie Frazier is an excellent Coach currently with Buffalo as DC. was with the Vikings in various capacities as well with the Eagles as Secondary Coach years ago but is likely looking for a HC Spot ..

  • Jets Repease RB L Bell, Could the Eagles use a 2nd RB to help Miles Sanders ?

    • Every team could use another back… the question is what the F is Bells problem? Guys the ultimate ME player. Eagles tend to do better with not ME players. Humility seems to work best with them. Jets statement, “no one player is bigger than the team”… translation,,,,, “he’s an asshole”.

      • There’s no doubt that RB L Bell is not very well liked by many around the NFL but desperate times call for desperate measures,
        Maybe bring him in and see where his head is, if he doesn’t pass the “team player” or want to contribute in a lmore limited role then show him the door with no offer,
        No harm in doing this…
        But if he does appear sincere and wants to play and contribute why not bring him in and split some of the workload with Sanders, the Eagles could even Emily Sanders split out as a Receiver more often while having Bell in the Backfield to give Defenses a different look
        When Sanders is not on the field, opposing Defenses don’t honor/respect anyone in the Eagles Backfield and can pin their ears on Wentz, maybe another threat in the backfield could help..
        Also when Playing these high powered offenses coming up like the Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers & Saints, maybe having a more run oriented offensive game plan with 2 RB’s can shorten the game, control the LOS and play more smash-mouth Football which I know isn’t Pedersen’s style but like I said, what they are doing is not working and relying on a stronger balanced Running game may help and help keep the Defense off the field more so as not to be exposed as often as they have been …

        • all that is true- I’m saying the eagles tend to not go that way- If you look at the backs they’ve brought in Blount (weird but a good dude apparently))- Ajayi- had a reputation but turned out to be a good guy- maybe the same could be said for Bell although he’s already very rich–
          Maybe you can also chalk this up to the Jets being the jets and Gase being Gase- I think he was Ajayi head coach and he couldn’t deal with him either-

          • Jets HC Adam Gase has no business being a NFL HC, he’s the worst Coach I’ve seen in a long time going back to his days as the Dolphins HC
            Players hate him, other Coaches hate him, media and fans hate his smug,arrogant attitude towards everything
            He had 1 Great Season as OC for the Broncos when Peyton Manning had that phenomenal comeback season
            and has ridden that gravy train for long enough
            The NY Jets will clean house soon or at the end of the Season for sure

        • Wow Paul shuddafuckup. The team blows and miles our rb period and there’s zero reason to bring in a cancer that isn’t even good to take snaps from our young rb who is doing everything asked of him and then some.

          How fucking stupid can you be ? Yea bring in a cancer who got cut cuz he wanted the ball more and went on Twitter about whining like a tween instead of being a man and going to the coach. And we gonna reward a piece of shit like that and have him steal carries from sanders?


          If Eagles wanted a back or needed one they would’ve signed freeman.


  • This Off-Season will be even more unpredictable than usual which will see many Teams looking to shed Payroll
    with High Salaried Players.. Currently the 2020 Salary Cap is almost $200 Million per Team ($198 Million)
    and most believe the 2021 Salary Cap will decrease will decrease approx $20 Million to account for the loss revenue for NFL Teams with the lost Revenue with little to no Fan Attendance which in turns deflates the merchandise sales, etc,etc

    Looking around the listed and known Free-Agents for 2021 at this Time, I don’t see a whole lot of help at LB, and Secondary Players who are in their Primes for many are aging,often injured or have simply under-performed over their NFL Careers..

    CB’s like Patrick Petersen, Josh Norman, Jimmie Smith, Logan Ryan, Richard Sherman are all in the twilight and towards the end of their Careers and woould be best suited for a Legitimate Team on a Super Bowl Run not to a Team trying to rebuild with Youth like the Eagles will be doing after 2020
    Young Veterans in their Physical Primes who were former high Draft Picks and who have under-performed like Vernon Hargraves, Quincy Wilson, Eli Apple, Mackensie Alexander, Gareon Conley, William Jackson, Ronald Darby, Kevin Johnson just need a new Scenery and different Coaching but most of these Players have already been on 2-3 Teams in their careers which is not always a good sign so probably other issues with these guys

    Safety Position is even more limited with pending Free-Agents so the Key is to Draft Well and Coach/Develop these Young Players to become a core of your Defense.. The Eagles have had too many misses at
    CB,Safety and LB in recent Years that now they need to start over and focus on accumulating and developing Talent on the back end of their Defense thru the Draft which will require great Scouting and Talent Evaluation

    The Key for the Eagles for this Off-Season is who is going to be the DC and on the Staff and what is the “Defensive Philosophy” going to be moving forward if Jim Schwartz is fired ? Eagles need to be thinking and working on this for it will be critical on what new Players you would look to bring in based on what Scheme the 2021 Defense will look to have.. Is it more tweaking, better Athletes on the back end ? or a entirely new different philosophy and scheme 3-4 Base, a 4-2-5 Scheme, Man-Press- Zone Coverages, Quarters, Deep 2, Deep 3, etc,etc ..
    Regardless if Schwartz stays or goes, the entire LB and Secondary need to be rebuilt and the Eagles must re-allocate resources for the heavy DL Salary Levels and to spread out this alloted $$$ thru all 3 Levels of the Defense.. so expect both B Graham, V Curry to be gone for sure and build the DE Position around Derek Barnett, Josh Sweat, Gernard Avery, Joe Ostmann and a Draft Pick or two due to big Salaries at DT with F Cox, M Jackson and Hargrove who are all earning big $$$.. and i still say that Malik Jackson can play 15 Snaps a Game at DE effectively to help spread the talent along the DL

  • The Most interesting Situation around the NFL for the 2020 Off-Season is the Position of QB

    The 2021 Draft will have 3-4 Highly Rated QB’w with Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Treyor Lance,
    Kyle Trask and then a 2nd Tier of QB’s like KJ Costello, Brock Purdy, Jaime Newman, Kellen Mound & Sam Ehlinger which all these QB’s all currently rated as 1st-2nd-3rd Round Draft Selections

    Now look at all the Veteran QB’s around the NFL who will be Free-Agents
    Drew Brees – Is this his FInal Year, Jamies WInston waiting in the wings, does HC Payton Trust him ?
    Cam Newton – rejuvenated his Career with the Patriots and may want to test Free-Agench
    Dak Prescott – coming off major Ankle Injury Can he still Play and move around ?
    Phil Rivers – probably should just retire as he’s on his last legs and arm
    Tyrod Taylor – got injured by Chargers Team Doctor and now lost spot to Rookie QB Phenom Justin Herbert
    Jacoby Brissett – had 2 chances to secure a Starters spot but has failed to do so in Indy
    Ryan Fitzpatrick- has had a serviceable career as a bridge builder who will turn the Starters Role over to Tua sometime this Season

    Potential QB’s who are under contract but could be released/traded by their current Teams due to under-performing and Teams with New Coaching Staffs/GM’s that may be looking for another Direction in terms of QB

    Matt Ryan – Falcons
    Jimmy Garropolo – 49ers
    Matt Trubinsky – Bears
    Matt Stafford – Lions
    Dwayne Haskins – Redskins

    Teams that need to figure out their QB situation for 2021 and Beyond
    Indy Colts, Washington Football Club, Jacksonville, San Francisco, for sure
    New Orleans – Brees Retires as expected, does Jameis WInston become the Starter ?
    Cowboys – Major Ankle Injury to Dak Pressott, How about if Dalton plays well and they Win with him?
    Patriots – How about in Cam Newton Plays well and decides to become a Free-Agent and moves on, who do
    they turn to in 2021 ? Stidham/Hoyer?
    Chicago Bears – look to move on from Trubinsky, but can Foles become the true #1 and t face of the Bears Franchise ?
    Tampa Bay – who takes over after Tom Brady Retires ? Draft and start grooming one in 2021 ?
    Then Franchises like Detroit,Atlanta, Jacksonville that may want to Trade their current QB’s and get assets in return and then go another route at QB as chances both Franchises will have new GM’s and HC’s similar to what the Panthers did last off-season with moving away from Cam Newton and signing Tedy Bridgewater to lead the Team which has worked out pretty well for all parties involved ..

    Lots of moving Parts just at the QB Position around the NFL

    • 5 games in and the next year stuff can undeniably be listed as ‘shit meet wall’ nonsense- players will move, be cut, be drafted, be traded…. each roster will turn over 12-20% which means there will be well over 300 changes of some personnel… coaches will be fired etc- any discussion of it is BS- TOTAL BS!
      As for 2020 we all know its completely nuts- schedules are upside down, up is down, down is up, inside is outside and vice versa- each week is almost a season in and of itself- enjoy it for what it is. are the eagles buyers or sellers? if they sell what gets sold- do they ice out jackson, Jeffery and Peters– give them the ‘just stay home and we will send you a check’ treatment-

  • QB’s moves will be widespread next off-Season
    New Coaches &GM’s in Houston,Detroit, & Jacksonville for sure
    A New HC for the NY Jets and probably Denver too
    Many over-paid, aging Players will be Released or attempted to be moved, very little trading likely to be done as Geams will look for the Draft to re-tool Rosters with younger, cheaper Players more than any off-season we have seen due to the economic climate all Sport Teams and Leagues find themselves in
    Ditto for MLB & NBA

    • Who care?

  • 5-7 coaches get fired every year. 2-4 GMs get moved, replaced or fired. Hit shot QBs get drafted. Older FA get signed or they hold out looking for better offers, trades are typically not a huge part of NFL but there will be some here and there… over 200 players will be drafted, vets will be cut for salary purposes, contracts will be renegotiated… not sure what ur point is? You are describing business as usual as if it’s news… is that because you have zero things to say?

  • Depending how Wentz and the Eagles Play over the next 11 Games could determine a path of what they may do
    with Wentz as their Long-Term Answer at QB .. Get some Draft Picks back, save a ton of $$ and go with Hurts
    or another QB…
    What would Frank Reich and the Colts give up for Wentz ? 2 First Round Picks and maybe add a 3rd Round ?
    I’d do it in a heartbeat and especially now for how bad the other NFC East Teams are not only now but for the near Future are all going to struggle

    • Silly. That wall of urs is plastered with shit! Wentz is a bargain in his contract… the eagles are committed to him. It’s popular now to throw him under the bus. Organizationally I think he wields a lot of power. By all accounts (from people in the know) the OL has got a bright future and is all of a sudden young. Looks like they have a cheap replacement for Jeffrey and a number one to take over for Jackson… before our very eyes the eagles will have 6 new (not starters at beginning of this season), young offensive starters next season. This has been a mid season rebuild…
      No trading of Wentz

  • The Front Office will be watching this Ravens Offense very closely Sunday…
    The combination of a Power Running Game with a very athletic QB who can make plays outside the Pocket with either his legs and arm and speed on the outside WR’s may be something the Eagles believe they can do with Jalen Hurts down the road or even next Season if Wentz remains inconsistent
    Ravens replaces Super Bowl Winning statue QB Joe Flacco with the exciting Lamar Jackson at the the end of Jackson’s Rookie Season.
    Could the Eagles Front Office/Ownership be looking to do a similar thing…
    The hiring of Marty Mohrnewig over oversaw this offensive transformation is already in the Eagles house…
    With the Seahawks Offensive success, Kyler Murray who doesn’t have a power rushing OL or RB yet and even Baker Mayfield and the Browns Offense is going this way and other Teams in the NFL are using this Ravens/Chiefs approach of the combination of smash mouth football in the running game and having their QB’s out on the edge often to make Plays
    Watch the Dolphins do a similar thing when Tua gets acclimated
    I do believe the Eagles move on from DC Jim Schwartz after this Season as he will be the
    “Coach” (Scapegoat) that they blame this underwhelming Season on..

  • GM Howie Roseman sleeping at the wheel as the Titans Traded disgruntled former Starting LB K Correa to the Jaguars along with a 7th Round Pick for a 6th Round Draft Pics as the Jaguars are very thin at LB due to injuries
    and Correa requested a Trade Out

    Correa is 6-3” – 241lbs and a former 2nd Round Pick in 2016 by the Ravens and is a good all around LB who would be an upgrade to the Eagles current LB Corps
    Correa is on a 1 Year Deal at 1 Million Salary
    And originally received a $1 Million signing bonus when he signed & $250K Roster Bonus so the Eagles could have gotten him pretty cheap (remainder of his $1 Million Salary)

  • Anyone have any ballpark idea of what we can get for Ertz? He’s dispensable and not elite… time to move on

    • Probably a 3rd Rounder for Zach Ertz with maybe a conditional 6th or 7th thrown in

      Teams in Need of a TE
      NY Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Indy Colts, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, Washington FC could all use Pass-Catching TE’s

      1) Colts would be a Reunion with Coach Frank Reich who would know how to employ Ertx into their System
      Colts have Draft Capital and $$$ to bring in a TE of Ertz’s stature

      2) Bears would be another nice landing spot for a Reunion for Ertz to Play with QB Nick Foles again and would easily fit into the Bears Offensive Scheme under Coach Matt Nagy

      3) NY Jets have GM Joe Douglas and will likely go with QB Travor Lawrence with next yerrs #1 Overall Draft Pick so to have a veteran TE, good pass receiving safety blanket like Ertz who Douglas knows very well would be very beneficial to a Young QB and the Jets Locker Room
      Jets have the $$ to overpay and the Draft Capitol to make a Deal
      Side Note is that Ertz and his Wife would love the big media world of NY as they are involved in promotions, TV, Entertainment, Fashion, etc,etc as they both end their Athletic Careers…

      Both Indy and Bears have GM’s that are not afraid to make Deals/Trades

      • Obviously a Jets Draft Pick would be much higher than the Colts/Bears who are likely Playoff Teams so look to make a Deal with Joe Douglas

        Jets have 11 Picks in the 2021 Draft with their Trades they made earlier (Jamal Adams, Leonard WIlliams)

        They have 2 Selections in 1st and 3rd and 4th Rounds in the 2021 Draft along with 1 Selection in the 2nd,5th,6th & 7th Rounds

      • Let me tell you who could use a pass catching TE…. the freaking PHILADELPHIA EAGLES! – I don’t see a trade of Ertz- No one is going to like what I’m gonna say but the eagles are in the hunt for a playoff spot- people can stick their noses up at the division etc- they don’t care! they are looking to get Goddert back, run 12 personnel, get in sync w/carson and win some games-
        the crap paul is throwing against the wall is in fact crap- Why would the jets who are a mess, getting ready to fire a coach want an aging TE?
        Further calling of bullshit…. “Reich would know how to incorporate him into the system”– jesus christ paul what offensive coordinator from high school on up wouldn’t know how to incorporate a good TE into the offense? pick an nfl coordinator that would not know what to do w/a pass catching TE? — there isn’t one. stupid

        • Eagles will be 1-4-1 After Sunday’s Game with the Ravens and lose big (36-19)
          Then get 2 Wins over the NY Giants/Cowboys to go 3-4-1 at the Bye
          Then split versus the Giants/Browns to be 4-5-1 after 10 Games
          Then 3 Losses in a Row vs the Seahawks, Packers and Saints to Drop to 4-8-1
          Then lose on the Road to Arizona and Dallas to go to 4-10-1
          Then Beat the Washington FC to end the Season at 5-10-1

          Running 12 Personnel with Goedart and Rogers after Ertz is dealt will be just as effective as with Ertz/Goedart

          As I explained up above- the Jets will Draft QB Trevor Lawrence with the 1st Overall Pick and have him out there Day 1 for 2021 as the new face of the Franchise , GM Joe Douglas knows that he needs a few proven leaders/veterans in that Locker Room that can help the Rookie QB out with his Development and Confidence, that’s why the Jets will Overpay for Ertz…

          • you just said that dick rod is as good as Ertz– moonshine in the afternoon?
            and as for your W/L i’m pretty sure that they will show up play the games and the results will be what the results will be-
            the jets don’t want… maybe by your logic they will take dick rod? or if not dick rod then by your logic any TE off the street will be just as good- such a freaking idiot..

            • They will attempt to Coach up the converted TE Hakeem Butler that they picked up 2 Weeks who from the Panthers Practice Squad.
              After the Eagles 3-4 Game losing Streak in November against NFC Conference Foes it will be all about Developing the 2021 Roster and playing Young guys and shedding payroll for 2020 Post-season will be a long shot at that point ..
              as the Dreaded Cowboys will Win the NFC East at 9-7 or 8-8

              • Rodgers is not as good as Ertz, but Eagles will look to develop more 11 Personnel with Fulgham,Reagor,Ward on the field at the same time with Jeffrey/D-Jax mixed it

              • day drinking at the zoo

  • Phillies News .. Sorta…

    Yankees and Catcher JT Reaumulto have come to an agreement in principle which will be
    announced publicly after the Post-Season is Over..
    When Asked by a Local Reporter on why he wanted to leave so quick, JT replied
    “I want to Play for a Real Winner, not this sorry and dumb-ass Micky-Mouse Organization”

  • More Off-Season News, 76ers are in trade talks to send Al Horford and Josh Richardson & first 2nd Round Draft Pick to the Charlotte Hornets for Guard Terry Rozier and Center Cody Zeller

  • Panthers QB Tedy Bridgewater Stats thru 5 Games (signed 3 Year – $63 Million – $21 Million Per Season)
    1500 Yards Passing – 73% Completion % 6 TD’s – 3 Int’s – 8 Sacks – QBR of 86
    Bridgewater is ranked 10th Overall in overall QB Rankings in the NFL leading the surprising Panthers to a 3-2 Record and Playing for a New Team going thru a Rebuilding with a completely new Coaching Staff and Teammates

    Eagles QB Carson Wentz (Signed 4 Year Extension at $128 Million – $32 Million Per Season)
    1,200 Yards Passing – 60% Completion % – 6 TD’s 9 Int’s – 19 Sacks – QBR of 53
    Wentz is ranked 26th in Overall QB Rankings in the NFL leading a disappointing Eagles Team to a 1-3-1 Record
    with a relatively stable Coaching Staff and many Returning Players/Teammates …

    Tedy Bridgewater > Carson Wentz (and 30% Cheaper on the Payroll too)

    • tiny sample size– apples oranges– negative nitwit. so GM fraud would start his team with Bridgewater…. that will keep you day drinking in boone- passive aggressive fraud

      • Bridgewater went 5-0 Last Season filling in for Drew Brees… The Guy just makes smart decisions with the Ball and protects his body and doesn’t turn it over ..

        • you’ve made your decision– Wentz and Bridgewater are both available and you take Bridgewater– ok good luck with that.

  • Fraud as all of your arguments are this is a joke. You will always side on a negative for a Philly sports team. It’s because you are unknowledgeable and kind of like the Angelo Catalina of GCobb… cheer good times, but be a negative asshole until such time as to have fun as a fan.
    Bridge water is legit… he’s had success. As usual you focus in contract because you are jealous of athletes money… it’s stupid for fans to focus on money because your understanding of the market is below kindergarten level. Bridge water had a horrific injury that sidelined his blossoming career. Without that injury he would have signed a franchise QB type of contract. To his credit, he’s worked his way back, repaid his dues, signed a nice contract with panthers. So far it appears he will outplay that contract and bigger money could be headed his way

    • Wentz was overpaid before proving his Durability/Level of consistent Play ..
      $32 Million a Season to be the 26th Ranked QB is a Franchise Killer, and not a Bargin as suggested above ?

      • Mr. Hindsight strikes again! fucking joke– moron.

  • Can Eagles please trade Wentz to colts asap?

    • won’t happen, shouldn’t happen- If you are an eagles fan your fortune lies with Wentz like it or not-

  • Wentz will be an Eagle thru the remainder of the 2020 Season and probably beyond.. Key will be developing
    good chemistry with the Young Receiver Corp over the remainder of this Season and this young new OL jelling together as most will be starters Next Season along the OL as Eagles will go with Youth for 2021

    Starting OL in 2021 – LT J Malaita, LG I Seumalo, Center L Juriga, RG B Brooks and RT L Johnson
    If Center Juriga is not quite Ready, then we could see Seumalo playing Center and Herbig in at LG

    Top 3 Reserves will be Jack Driscoll, Nate Herbig and Andre Dillard
    I believe Brooks will take a Restructured Contract to lower his Salary to remain an Eagle
    I also see the Eagles shutting down Lane Johnson at the Bye Week and placing him on IR to get his
    Ankle 100% for next Season with jack Driscoll taking over RT full time for the rest of this Season
    so the Eagles will have 8 OL with signifcant Playing time and even 9 if your count Matt Pryor, but I believe will likely be a goner after the 2020 Season for he’s in OL Coach’s Stoudland’s Dog House

    • Wentz is the 17th highest paid Qb in football this year. Next year he will be somewhere between 10-13-
      Do a bit of research paul it will save you from looking like a dummy

  • Joe Burrow > Carson Wentz
    Justin Herbert > Carson Wentz

    • Hmmm ok …. rookies off to a good start…. can you recall another young QB who was a sensation? MVP candidate… leading his team to a first round bye, number one seed on the way to the SB?
      You always play the passive aggressive ninny … I wonder why you enjoy being a circus chimp

    • First 5 of Wentz career.., 3-2 record, rating well over 100, beat Big Ben, Stafford, had 7 TD and 1 int… I’m sure you will have another shot and minimize it, make up excuses, use your hindsight… foolish faggot

  • Ravens 34 – Eagles 16
    Game over by the 3rd Quarter
    Could see Jalen Hurts even lead a drive or two in the 4th Quarter

    • Ravens 185 Yards Rushing as a Team
      Lamar Jackson 18-24 for 189 Yards, 2 Passing TD’s with 1 Int and 1 Rushing TD
      Ravens Sack Wentz 5 Times and Hurts 1 Time
      Wentz goes 23-38 for 224 Yard and 1 TD and 2 aunts and 1 Fumble
      Ravens Win Turnover Battle 4-1 and Tine of Possession 34 Minutes to 26 Minutes
      Onto to the NY Giants !!

  • Another week of a loaded injury report… god damn eagles are the unhealthiest team ever.

  • OT Lane Johnson, wR D-Jax,lB D Riley & TJ Edwards , DB A Maddox & W Parks will all be out for Sunday’s Game
    WR A Jeffrey is game time decision but hasn’t played a competitive game in 9/10 Months so you can’t expext any impact with his return and maybe get 10-15 Snaps from him as he eases his way into Football Shape
    Why did the Eagles release DE Casey Toolhill
    And keep 4th RB Jason Hunter?
    Another bonehead move by GM Roseman for the Future
    I guess Howie will determine the Game-Day Active Roster again this Week!! Idiot !!

    • How do u know it’s bonehead? When u were watching him at practice did you see something
      At practice that the coaches missed? I’m sure they read your report thoroughly after you studied practice tape. Is this like when they didn’t listen to you 5-6 years ago when u wanted to dump Kelce for a late round pick?

  • GM Roseman is ruining this Franchise and Owner Jeff Lurie is complicit in this making himself the ultimate one responsible for the current and future state of the Eagles
    Too many poor draft Picks & Free Agent signings for the last couple of Years is biting this Franchise in the ass and yes, things will get worse before they are better
    Terrible Contract Extensions to F Cox, A Jeffrey, C Wentz and being D-Jax back at $10 Million a Year even though he’s been injured and a shell of himself for years now ..
    I’ve never seen a Player like D-Jax over emphasized to the success of the Team in my life.. Whats he done since 2016 ? What has he ever Won ? Just Brutal to see … Roseman fucked up the Off-Season after their Super Bowl Year and it’s been sliding backwards ever since ..

    • I told u Wentz is the 17 highest paid… I assume you want a roster of minimum wage

  • Add Brandon Brooks Contract Extension 2 Years ago as a dumb GM move as he was already signed thru 2022 at big $$$
    Why Extend him? He wasn’t going anywhere..

    • What? You have no idea ..,you are a negative shithead… hindsight faggot. What a bunch of shit… guy gets injured and now it’s bad? Faggot… can’t u just fuck around on panthers websites…

  • Further proof that you are a sick, hindsight idiot… when brooks resigned he helped the eagles by clearing over $7M in cap space for the eagles.his cap hit for this season as an all pro, best guard in the game (one of best) is only 7 M… you refuse to understand the business.
    Dak Prescott is making $32: got hurt… so the boys shouldn’t have tagged him? Andre Dillard got hurt, shouldn’t have drafted him? Dumb fuck

  • No need to extend an aging Player with an injury history and the occasional mental issues where he has to miss a game or two with little to notice which is why Houston let him walk even though he’s a very good Player
    Availability and Trust is most important when extending Contracts for Players Later in their Career .. Good NFL Guards are a dime a dozen ..

    • Because he was 29 u dummy and he locked up the best player at his position and saved 7$ million… your wrong. You are a drunken passive aggressive dick… u don’t know shit! You don’t know business and u bat 1000 in all ur picks, FA signings cuz u play both sides … your s fag. You are what is what is wrong with fans here… bandwagon faggit

  • Of Roseman would stop making Bad Contracts
    Then his need to Re-Structure and kick the Cap down the road would not ad necessary
    It’s like this strategy has ve ones his mantra and therefore has continually put the Financial Burden of fielding a competitive Roster

  • Your a draft nerd…. you think draft 10 starters per year, flip the roster every couple years, never get into the 2nd contract…. you are an idiot… that’s not how it’s done… it’s fun for u cuz u think u know draft. Ur hindsight batting 1000 …. not a peep from u negative when they sign brooks … actually complimentary .. then hindsight . Pussy fag

  • The Original Signing of Brooks was a good one, but extending his big Contract was not..
    And What’s with all your Fag talk.. You got some problems and seem to mention it every chance you can which is kind of strange Talk about a Weirdo!! That Be You ..

    • Dummy.. it was a restructure.. it worked for both team and player. Also you say signing old players is bad but March 1 2019 they signed Graham to $40m new contract you praised it… your an ass.

  • August 1, 2019. “Great roster with a mix of veteran talent and young hungry players”…fraudman… 1 year ago complimenting veterans now with an injury it was dumb… I used to think cliff was the retarded one

    • From Aug, 2019 ? What does this have to do with the 2020 Season’s Roster ?
      Keep bringing back older,aging Players who are stealing $$$ instead of moving forward with a shit Division (NFC East) with 3 other new Coaching Staffs was a great opportunity for the Eagles to go young across the board
      Peters, Jeffrey,D-Jax,V Curry,J Mills, R McLeod,
      C Clement are all past their Primes as Football Players and are not the future Core of Players that you want to build this Roster with

      • Paul it has everything to do with it! You can’t take every transaction in isolation… you were correct in 2019 (only a year ago) .. but to have that balance you have to pay those veterans
        You are a hindsight 2020 know nothing

      • And will be replaced

  • I’m predicting worst most lopsided Eagles loss in Eagles history today

    • IN THE HANDS– this is ridiculous

  • Let the Route begin, Ravens 36 – Eagles 13

    • may as well walk off the field

  • you can all trade wentz- you can say hes’ making too much money (only a true retard would say that but you are out there.)– the guy is on an island without a machete– perfect pass to hightower dropped- OL has been a revolving door to where they have to just go to Tony Lukes’ find a fat guy and put him in there…. ridiculous

  • Carson Wentz is fucking garbage. Nice fumble pig pen looking loooooozah

  • This Eagles OL & Offense is just way too undermanned to compete today ..
    There will be no mercy by Ravens DC W Martindale who was upset last week when the Bengals kicked a FG Late in the 4th Quarter to spoil their shutout in last weeks game (27-3)

    Do the Eagles even have a 1st Down yet ?
    Brutal …
    This will be a throw away game/tape

    By next Thursday Night
    The NY Giants will be 2-5 and be tied for First Place in the NFC East with the Cowboys

  • The nfl is an ugly ugly game.. shitty television… this year should be closed. Penalties, injuries, bad play… up is down right is left.. horrible.
    21… eagles move Dillard to RG, Malata tackle , Seumalo replaces Kelce who retires, brooks and Johnson for 2 more years…
    defense…. ugh… I don’t have a clue where to go… I guess you start by dumping Schwartz

  • I guess hitting guys in the hands isn’t good enough

    • Schwartz should’ve been fired years ago.

      Howie sucks

  • Wentz extending plays… team on his back.. dummies say throw it away, dummies say he’s over paid… I guess that’s what makes them dummies

    • You’re mAking stuff up like a maga freak. Nobody criticizing his money freakboy

  • The injuries … there is no way … you can all bitch and you can all fire whoever the hell u want… 2 LT, 1 LG, 3 RG, 3RT, 3 WR, 1 RB, 3 TE.. they are in 4th and 5th stringer

  • Fraudman the negative nitwit… asshole. Route!
    Wentz overpaid… what a bunch of dummies… he’s by himself

  • I give the Eagles credit once again this week of hanging in there and making a game of it today. Ravens had them down all game with the ball twice early in the 4th Quarter, with short fields, and had to settle for FG’s when it could have became a blowout.
    Another Moral Victory of sorts with just a battered Team Injury wise, but they kep playing which is about all you can ask right now.
    And who would have thought that JJAW would save the day, at the time, with his Fumble recovery in the end zone that even gave them a chance.. Holy Moly !!

    Onto the NY Giants for a battle on Thursday Night for what is a Must-Win to keep the NFC East title in their sights .. What a Crazy Year

    • Passive aggressive punk…. Wentz was worth every penny today.. guy is a warrior and GOOD. Coaching staff has to be doing something right to somehow get this team to compete…

  • You can’t continue to Play 1/4 or 1/2 of Good Football and expect to Win in the NFL
    What’s Wentz’s Career Record?
    It’s 33-28-1 .. Slightly above Average…
    Your Record is what You Are!!
    The Eagles as a Franchise is simply average, since their Super Bowl Run in 2017, amassing a 20-20-1 Overall Record , including Playoff Games since the 2018 season
    They are what they are…

    • And your record is a flip flopping poster who knows nothing.negative passive aggressive punk… did you watch the game or go for a hike? His winning percentage is higher than Brees, Montana, Favre and manning to begin their career… so I agree your record is who you are.. try again, sissy boy

      • There you go again with the name calling
        What’s your Problem HAC?
        You must mention “Fag” “Sissy” Ever other Post… what’s wrong with you …
        Are you Closeted or something ?
        Good Grief you act like a teenager when you have no educated response…

        • I’m tired of u being a negative nitwit, flip flopped passive aggressive know nothing

  • Lovers quarrel

  • TE Z Ertz out 3-4 Weeks with Ankle Sprain and obviously will not be Traded so the Eagles/Ertz will have to come to new Extension or they will have to part ways after the Season is over via a Trade where hes Value has dropped considerably this Season to where a 3rd Round Pick in Return will likely be very difficult to get

    RB Miles Sanders is out with an Injured Knee and there is no timetable on his Return

    • This will somehow be spun as a “mistake” in the delusional world of the Boone zoo…. boys were playing football and got hurt… oops we should have traded him an hour before kickoff

  • Coach Pederson, “More snaps coming for Jalen Hurts” …
    Howie Pulling the Strings behind the Scenes ..

    • Shit meet wall…

  • If any fan who is critical of Wentz wants to get educated so they don’t look so stupid watch the all 22 of the very first play of the last game. Campbell knocks whoever was playing right guard literally 10 yards… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defensive player dominate a blocker like that. It was like that most of the game.
    An analyst when talking about offense said you need at least 1 of these 2 things to function:1. A dominate OL and/or stud skill guys… eagles have neither,,, Wentz is the Lone Ranger…. 3-4 stringers by definition can’t do it…

  • The “ultra talented” cowboys are pointing fingers big time…. that’s what happens when your culture is toxic… bring in question marks culture wise, lose a couple games and bam it’s a toxic locker room …

    • I think Gary “freakboy” Cobb should just give HAC and Paul the keys to the site and leave

      Could even create a new site titled hac and Paul dyke it out

      • Well not a bad idea considering the last article was three games ago… oh well … I guess the days of heated debate by various people are long gone…
        nothing left but lesbos.
        HAC out

        • Wooooo hooo!!!

  • Back to Football and the Eagles

    Now the Season really begins for the Eagles and I like them to Win Big Thursday Night with their Best Overall Performance of the Season Winning 30-13 over the G-Men
    The Biggest Issue’s I see is who is going to pick-up the slack of Running the Ball these next couple of Weeks while Miles Sanders is out ? The Giants have a Decent Run Defense, and the following week versus the Cowboys is where a decent Running Game really comes into play as they rank among the worst Run Defense Unit in the NFL so hopefully the Eagles can take advantage .. It was Reported that the Cowboy lost 2 more OL due to Injuries that will likely miss 1-2 Weeks — All Pro Guard Zach Martin to Concussion and LT Knight to a knee injury who has been a sieve in trying to replace T Smith.. I believe the Eagles can get 6-8-10 Sacks versus Andrew Dalton versus that Cowboy Back-Up OL…. The Eagles have one of the Best OL Coaches in all of Football in Jeff Stoudtland and at least many of the Eagles Injuries occurred in the Summer or early on in the Season where many back-ups,3rd Stringers have gotten some reps in … Hopefully , Suemalo can return and Play LG and they can move Nate Herbig at RG… RT will be wide open with either M Pryor or last week call up Toth as it appears both LJ and Jack Driscoll will not Play Thursday
    The Eagles Need this Win to get back to 2-4-1 and really cant take control in the NFC East right in front of them as they will have a 10 Day Break before Playing the Cowboys and should get more players back and then a BYE Week and then the NY GIants again followed by a Road Game to Cleveland to face the Browns..
    After the Bye Week I would expect Jason Peters back and would Play him at RG and let you have an OL
    of LT Mailata, LG Suemalo, C Kelce, RG J Peters and RT L Johnson for the Stretch Run which could be one of the better OL’s if they are healthy and can actually play a few games together
    Then the Eagles would have Quality Back-ups in N Herbig ,J Driscoll and M Pryor with some real experience behind them for the Future… Meanwhile the Eagles need to Release Guard Jamal Brown, who was downright terrible last week at RG and will get Wentz killed back there if he’s playing .. J Brown has no reason to be on a NFL Field
    Eagles should get D-Jax back in a limited Role for Thursday, then J Reagor and A Jeffrey in a limited role, by the Cowboys Game are after the Bye Week at the latest , then the Eagles will have 7-8 WR’s for 5-6 Spots and will need to release a couple of WR’s unless they can work out a Trade which i don;t see happening with either D_Jax or Jeffrey due to Injury history and salary level and I don’t believe any Teams are going to show a interest in JJAW but maybe someone offers a Conditionial 6th/7th for him but JJAW made a huge impact last week recovering hat Fumble in the end zone after nice downfield blocking on Sanders big run just like he did before vs the Steelers and then catching a 2 Pt conversion pass ..

  • Eagles 2021 Draft

    DE, Outside CB, LB & Safey, RB & TE…
    They have enough OL in the mix now to work for the Future
    They need to add a bigger,strong Back to Replace Clement who just doesn’t have it and wished
    they would play Holyfield to see what he’s got
    But B Scott, J Hunter and A Killins are all similar type of smallish backs who have quickness and supposedly pass-catching skills but do you need 3 of them on a Roster ? A Big Back needs to be more than 205lbs , Give
    me a 225-230lbs Back who has some wiggle and can get he tough yards in the Red-Zone/Short-Yardage situations or to help eat clock in the 4th Quarter to ice a game ..
    Maybe the Eagles will use Jalen Hurts in this role moving forward for I’m not sure its in the best interest’s of the Team or Carson Wentz to run the ball on set,designed Plays and take more hits that he’s already taken when avoiding the pass Rush and escaping the Pocket to extend Plays ..

  • No Trades, Keep the Team together and get healthy and make a Push for the Last 10 Weeks of the Season
    unless a Team offers you good value for Ertz or D-Jax/Jeffrey which is very unlikely
    Keep Starting Alex Singleton at LB and mix in Rookie LB’s for Bradley/D Taylor as game situations warrant and to reduce Nate Gerry’s exposure in passing Downs, and to help them Rookies get them Experience

    Keep Playing William Parks all over the formations as Safety, LB ,TE Cover Back and the Young CB’s

  • It appears that RT Lane Johnson will Play or at least Start tonight with Brett Toth waiting in the wings in case LJ goes down
    Eagles wisely released Guard J Brown who is not a capable NFL Guard any longer and the Eagles are better served Playing Sua Opeta and other Young Players (Driscoll,Pryor) to gain more experience then keeping the goofy J Brown around as he’s not in any future Plans for the Eagles anyways
    I expect to see J Hurts play a lot more in this Game due to Miles Sanders absence and help out with the running game whether it’s in 2 Back Sets, Jet Sweeps, Reverses, Wildcat Formations, etc, etc

  • Anyone see Post Writer Gregory Still around lately ?
    Word on the streets is that G Cobb took him to a QAnon Fund Raiser for Trump 2020 about
    2 Weeks ago, out in Potter County,Pa and has not been heard of ever since.. I’m getting concerned
    Maybe Gov Wolfe can look into this ?

  • C’Mon Carson Wentz, You can’t make that pass right there..and throw a balm
    Up for grabs in the end-zone ..
    What the hell was that …
    ThE Play before wax reckless also !!
    Good Grief !

  • Wentz can’t Throw a 5 Yard Pass on time and accurately .. missing open Receivers all over the field tonight.. yes there’s pressure but he has to get the Ball our sooner and be more decisive

  • Wentz has been way off tonight,
    The Eagles lose this Game and their Post-Season chances are really dim..

  • Make shift OL is playing commendable but Wentz still running for his life…
    Opera is as bad as that other guy

  • Horrible Play Calling in the Red-Zone..
    Coach Pedersen has lot any semblance of confidence of Play calling in the red-zone this year

  • The NY Giants are the Better Coached Team
    Whether it’s on Offense,Defense and Sowcial Teams and they deserve to Win…
    Eagles are looking tired and worn down now as the 4th Quarter starts to wind down.

    • Except this entire post is 100% false..

      Ugly but PERFECT win

  • Game and Seadon is over .. such disappointment as the Giants are taking the Will to Win right away from the Eagles

    • Really? Hmmmm guess u passed out… Thursday night bourbon…. drunken nonsensical rants filled with untruths…

  • Poor Coverage Csll in the End-Zobe by Eagles Secobdary, Slay has no chance to Defense that being 2-3-4 Yards off his Receiver on a switch
    I’m not sure why it’s not straight up man to man there.. I guess they switch in case of Picks set by the off received but that was way too easy ., Giants up 21-10 and Game/Season is officially over in my book as now both the Cowboys/Giants are ahead of the Eagles

    • Ladies and gentlemen your FIRST place Philadelphia Eagles

  • These 2-Point Play Calls sure leave a lot to be desired.. If your Going to run it, why not have Hurts run thr ball, Wentz is not quick or explosive enough to carry in on a sweep play and is too slow developing being this close to the end zone

    Re on Eagles Defense
    You can run on this Eagles Defense if you stay with it long enough
    160 Yards by the Giants yo Igor which is the difference in the Game
    Eagles can’t Run the Ball and now they can stop the Run …
    Cowboys will do the same next week
    2020 Season is Over

  • D-Jax Concussed and will be out next week at least as he knee buckled underneath him by tge2nd Giants Tackler ..
    It’s time for D-Jax to Retire..,

  • Wentz brought them back again and this time they sealed the Deal, What a great comeback the last 5 Minutes with some help by the Giants and some great plays by Wentz, R Rogers,J Hightower,T Fulgham,B Scott and
    A Singleton & Brandon Graham..
    And I’m sure Jason Kelce is much relieved for he would have caught a ton of hell after that 15 Yard Personal Foul Penalty Setting them back from the 3 Yard line to the 18 Yard line

    • Guy takes a beating. Has at least 6 guys on the field who were on the street a month ago… dudes a stud

  • A Win, is a Win is a Win no matter how ugly it was and is, Onto the mini-bye and the Cowboys
    Hopefully a Couple of OL Return ..
    2 Areas that need to be addressed if the Eagles want to compete the better Teams on their Schedule
    Need a Better Running Game, Play Calling has to Improve and especially in the Red-Zone and these 2 Point Conversion players which look like Pee-Wee Football Plays/Execution..
    Also Kicker Jake Elliot needs to get out of his funk and become more consistent, I believe Elliot’s inconsistency
    and trust factor will make Coach Pedersen go for it even more often on 4th Downs and more 2 Point Conversions

    • To the posters who just won’t come out and say it… Wentz continues to be great. He is getting killed but just makes play after play. Pinpoint accuracy for much of last night.
      To fraudman who posted about giants superior coaching …a person who has knowledge would argue vehemently against that insane argument as they remained in a zone which is silly when the other team has zero WR and less than zero TE… it was stupid. They allowed dick rod to look like tiny gomzolez … man up! Take him away, double Fulham and you can put even more pressure on the OL… assume you overlooked that in your drunken negative rant last night,
      The two point, goal line play sheet is very thin with no TE for sure… need new wrinkles .. course it’s tough with guys off the street.

  • No Running Game or Power Back on e in theRed-Zone or for Short-Yardage situations and the Eagles are relying too much on Wentz to run the ball exposing him to needless Hits and Punishment, Stupid,Stupid,Stupid..
    If you going to be so in creative as an Offense in the Red-Zone and Short-Yardage then why don’t you at least utilize the quicker and more explosive runner in Jalen Hurts who only succeeded in these areas for the last 3 Seasons while in College and is probably his best attribute as a QB ? Stupid,Stupid,Stupid !!
    Since the Eagles are short at TE, bring in another damn OL in to help Block in a Jumbo Package !! It’s not Rocket Science we’re talking about here formation or personnel wise !!

    • Oh damn I coulda had a V8… none of that is thought of…they work 100:hours a week and hmmm hey let’s use Hurts, hey let’s try a jumbo package (oh shit we are out of lineman)… you are the stupid one…they’ve done all of that and the RO is in their game plan,,, the “O” is the QBs keeps …
      Second guess whiny Heiny …. Wentz getting hit… oh my he’s playing football ,,,
      You just sit there drink alcohol in excess and whine at every call that doesn’t work… how bout this if the eagles run 80 offensive plays and 75 of them are designed to get big chunks or a TD (subtracted QB sneak) so out of 75 they get 50 positive plays by your logic 25 of the plays were bad calls,,,

  • Eagles Play-Calling has been horrible in the Red-Zone, Short-Yardage and on 2 Point Plays, 4th Down Plays all Season . Everyone should be able to Agree on this and they won’t beat the better Teams with these Glaring Weakness just like they can’t run the Ball against Decent Defense..

    • definition of poor play call = it didn’t work that time-
      4th and yard play call has been wentz sneak which typically is a home run– not so much now with no lineman.
      you simply go to the negative– you are a philly fan its in your blood- negative win/lose or draw…. you are what is wrong with philly fandom– no zero about the sport but criticize– the loudest critics sit in the cheapest seats! thats you.

      • Definition of Poor Play Calling is using the same few plays and formations in these critical situations and always coming up short!?
        Roll out Wentz to the right and give him option to Pass or Run would be a nice change up in the situations as an example!!

        • You talents are wasted on your armchair and the bottom of the bourbon bottle

          • The Eagles Offense and Success are wasted by the “Poor Play Calling” we see Week after Week… It is what It is ..
            Where’s the Creativity, The movement with the Formations and Players and putting Players in Positions to Succeed and not be so damn Predictable and easy to Game Plan against …

            • 14 Offensive Coaches, Consultants and Advisors and this is the Best they can bring up ? and I don’t want to hear about Injuries, Every Team is fighting Injuries and a loss of a normal Off-Season… Stinko !!

              • sounds like adding you as the 15th is just what is needed.
                you are a dummy– the OL is down to 5th string guys– people who know something are saying that with these OL injuries there is no way to run an entire playbook- saying Wentz regardless of numbers is playing at a very high level-
                but from the zoo it looks bad thats cuz your a dummy

  • 3 OL have practiced and Played for 6-8 Weeks now, so they had the time to improve and work with each other and be coached up which has been a blessing about the Eagles injuries this Season, most of these injuries occurred in the Summer or very early on the Season so they should be in much better shape with depth for the last half of the Season at most positions..
    I would contemplate resting Lane Johnson this week and then the Byr Week follows to have him healthier for the final half of the Season
    Seumalo and Peters should be back soon..
    I would have Seumalo Back at LG and have Peters/Herbig battle or even rotate at RG
    Leave Mailata alone at LT And have him play every game as he’s probably the LT of the Future for them and deserves the chance to prove himself as a good Starting LT in the NFL

  • I hope Eagles Sit Tight and don’t look to Trade fopr anyone giving up Future Assets/Draft Capitol
    No to WR AJ Green, DE C Dunlap and DT G Atkins who are all on the Block from the Bengals
    Stay far away from any Cowboy Players on the Block like DT D Poe, DB D Worley, etc,etc
    Panthers Just Cut CB Eli Apple who’s played on 4 Teams in 6 Years for a reason

    I would not mind the Eagles Adding a Decent Big RB or simply activate Practice squad RB Holyfield
    The easiest way to beat the lowly Cowboys Twice this Year is with a Strong Running Game which the Eagles do not have… and will need for Colder Weather Games later in the Season, Miles Sanders has proven to not be durable enough and I don’t feel he’s a True #1 Bell-Cow RB and is good for about 12-15 Touches at most in Games which includes some receptions… Eagles don’t run the ball enough as it is which is a flaw in Coach Pedersen’s Philosophy and the Eagles overall Philosophy for 20 Years now

    • Except depending on the publication, metric or knowledgeable writer the eagles rank between the 7-10th most successful franchise in the league over that period. Take out the chip era and it would probably go up a point or 2.
      Sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative at the bottom of the bourbon bottle.

    • Except for in those 20 years the eagles been in playoffs 12 times… the teams you always point to as model franchises: saints 8, ravens 12, Steelers 12, packers 14…. so your negative narrative is just bull shit

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  • MHenski loves Jared Kushner and the Hot-Dog Eating Contest !!
    And Playing Tennis at the West Chester Country Club with his 3 Friends

  • How about a Trade to the NY Jets for RB Frank Gore for a 7th Round Pick
    Gore is a Professional and good locker room guy, mentor who deserves to go out with a Team with a chance to Play in the Postseason.
    He could he;p the Eagles even in a limited Role and would be a Nice Player to Add for the 2nd Half Season push where the Eagles need to improve their Rushing Attack, Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Offense and get those tough Yards instead of allowing Wentz to keep getting uneccesary hits every Week
    Gore would be very effective when Cold Weather comes and when the Eagles need to eat some clock and time of Possession versus Teams like the Seahawks, Packers,Saints and Cardinals during the 2nd Half of the Season where ball control and solid Running Game would come in very handy instead of trying to get into Shoot-outs with these Teams and Opposing QB’s
    Eagles need to Fix their Lack of Rushing Attack and Miles Sanders alone is not the Answer as he’s not durable enough to be counted on as 3 Down Back, He just isn’t
    Have Gore Replace Corey Clement on the Active Roster

    • Hmm 37 YO. 3rd most rushes EVER…and 4 paragraphs of shit

      • And still would be more productive running the Ball than Scott/Clement would be and get the tough Yards, First Downs and TD’s than Carson Wentz is taking a pounding doing ..

  • Do you guys think frank gores farts smell like sexy time ?

  • Alshon Jeffery (foot) remained sidelined at Thursday’s practice.
    30-year-old Jeffery hasn’t practiced this week after getting in some limited sessions ahead of Week 7. We will let you know if it seems like Jeffery might ever play on a Sunday again.


  • LT Ronny Stanley of the Ravens signed a 5 year $120M contract Thursday and was just carted off the field with what appears to be a devastating injury. A terrible signing according to fraudman

    • A Shame for R Stanley who is a very good Player and was Drafted #6th Overall out of Notre Dame, in the 2016 Draft and His loss will be a real blow to the Ravens Offense
      Ravens Offense & QB Jackson just can’t Pass well enough to Beat Good Teams …
      1 and Done once again in the Post-Season, I believe for the Ravens
      There’s always a Risk when Signing any Player to a Long-Term Deal …
      Stanley is only 26 Years Old and has a good 4-5-6 Years of Football ahead of him Playing at a
      Premium Position of LT so his New Contract is ($19 Million Average) Is about Market Value for Elite LT’s in Todays NFL
      Texans are paying LT Laramy Tunsil $22 Million a Year Averahd on a bad deal made by then GM Bill O’Brien last year after trading for him ..

      • When an eagle signs and gets hurt it’s a dumb decision… the nitwit strikes again. It’s part of tge business good players make good money and when they get hurt it’s not a dumb sign… they are pkaying football for Christ sake

  • 4-5 Upsets this Weekend so far…

    Vikings over the Packers (Packers can’t stop a strong Running Game, Vikings had 173 Yards Rushing)
    Bengals over the Titans (QB Burrow with a strong game once again and will Win Rookie of the Year easily)
    Dolphins over the Rams (Dolphins Defense caused 4 Ram Turnovers)
    Visiting Raiders over Browns (Raiders out-rushed the Browns 208 to 101 Yards)

    All we hear and read about is what a Passing League the NFL is and especially this Season with Limited Summer Camp/Pre-Season Games, the Tackling in the NFL is poor across most Teams so it’s no surprise that string Running Teams are doing well and is the biggest concern I have about the Eagles moving forward..

    2 Games versus the Cowboys (worst Rushing Defense in the NFL), A game versus the Packers Who are bottom 5 in the NFL in stopping the Run and even the Browns Defense has given up big games on the Ground but can the Eagles take advantage of this when they Play these Teams ?

    Tonight’s Game should be one-sided with an easy Win for the Eagles but it won’t be for they can’t or are unwilling to stay with the Running Game even when Sanders is Playing …
    (I still don’t even see Sanders as a true 3 Down Back as he’s physically isn’t strong enough to last an entire season, in my opinion, He’s a good RB but the Eagles need a thumper to get those tough yards on short-yardage,Red-Zone and when the eat the clock with a lead)

    Eagles Win Tonight 24-16 in a Game that’s not pretty or a complete one by the Offense after having a few opportunities to put them away by the 3rd Quarter, but somehow let the Cowboys hang around.
    I expect Cowboys Rookie QB DiNucci make a few Plays on a few broken Plays with his legs getting outside the Pocket

    • Never to let facts get in the way…
      This year an under manned eagles team … a team with more OL troubles than can be counted and their number one back out a couple of games AND playing from behind in numerous games ranks 15th in rushing yards per game.
      Further evidence that knowledge is absent in the Boone zoo the eagles were 11th in rushing yards per game last year…
      facts matter…

      • And take 3 Big Runs ( Two by Sanders and 1 by Wentz on a broken Play and You can take 200 + Yards from the the Eagles rushing Totals on 3 Plays which makes them in bottom 10 in Rushing as a Team)
        You don’t break a Team/Defense’s Will by a big run here or there, Or control the tempo of a Game .. where‘s the consistency ?

        • Oh no other teams have had big runs?
          They are playing football. Big runs, short runs all count… there are no exceptions…. I’ve seen a couple of big runs today.
          Your arguments are so dumb… it’s like you can’t give it up… you are kind like ur idol trump… just say dumb shit and truth doesn’t matter

  • Stupid-Ass Play by Wentz!!
    He continues to be his own worst enemy
    The Cowboys OL is taking it to the Eagles
    D/Line so far at the the start of this Game…

  • Keep Running the. Ball until the Cowboys show that they can stop it and then mix In some Play-Action and take a shot here and there like the last Drive…
    Keep Wentz Limited and from losing this Game

    • Wentz from losing this game?? Hilarious stuff there… I can only assume this is the first game you’ve ever watched

      • Wentz with 43 Yards in Net Passing
        3 Sacks losing 30 YRds and 2 Fumbles
        What Game are you watching you Idiot !!

  • Poor Play Call on 3rd Down which sets up an epic Failure on 4th Down..Should have Punted the Ball and pin the Young QB down deep..
    Poor Call by Coach Pedersen
    Wentz looks shaky tonight to say the least and has 2 Fumbles already and a few poor passes..
    Let Jalen Hurts come in and run a complete Series and have Wentz watch a Drive from the sideline to calm his ass down…

  • Keep Running the Ball until the Cowboys prove they can stop it
    Limit the chances of Wentz fucking up this Game… Can I be more specific !!!
    Eagles are averaging 6.5 Yards a Carry ..
    Keep Pounding and take the ball out of Wentz hands for now !!

    • The bourbon is flowing…can always tell… the posts get dumber, shorter, more vitriol… your failures as a man come out more closer to the end of the bottle

  • No Bourbon did me thank You
    Just a shitty Offense, QB and Play-Caller to Follow
    Eagles get a break on Roughing the Passer Call
    thr Wentz fucks up the very next Play when he had a Receiver open before scrambling and tossing a shitty pass
    Wentz with 3 Turnovers versus the worst Defense in the NFL and who only created 3 Turnovers all Season and Wentz gift wraps them 3 in 30 minutes of play
    What Game are you watching HAC ?
    Such a homer and slurper you are and have always been with nothing but excuses for Wentz and Coach Pedersen

    • It’s not going well… why would you whine about it… watch the game and if you root for the eagles you hope they fix the funk… sitting around in a comfy armchair and nitpicking is dumb…

  • Wentz is late with every damn throw
    Stupid ass call/strategy by Pedersen by letting
    20 seconds of clock run off before the 4th Down Play and then a poor play call on 4th Down
    Coach Pedersen is Coaching down to Wentz level which is bringing the entire Team
    The NFL should ban any NFC East Team playing in the Post-Season in 2020
    Terrible Football by both Teams

  • Eagles Deserve to Lose this Game
    Total Garbage Performance and Offensive Coaching, Play-Calling and QB Play by Wentz

  • 2nd Half!! Let’s go Eagles!!
    Whoops, there goes Wentz losing this Game again… 2 Int’s and 2 Fumbles versus the worst Defense in the NFL…
    Why even throw that Pass ?
    Wentz Sucks, Put Jalen Hurts for a Series and see what happens, Could it be any worse for this Eagles Offense

  • Seek is warming up, Eagles are in Trouble !!

  • Eagles DL is getting pushed around
    Good Play-Calling by Coach McCarthy of staying with what’s working …
    It’s not Rocket Science ..

  • Finally a Drive, Good Passses, Good Catches and Good Play Calling and Wentz finally being accurate and getting the Ball out timely and accurately !! It’s Year 5 Now for Wentz and we should see this more consistently from him and not just in spurts or once a half …

    Now let’s go Defense !! Raise your Energy Level

  • Eagles very fortunate as Duke Riley was off-Sides on that 3rd Down Play so the sack/fumble play should have never happened … That’s the way the ball bounces…
    Onto the Bye Week after a pretty uninspiring Offensive Performance and hopefully they will get back Lane Johnson, Miles Sanders and Issac Seumalo, Z Ertz soon for the 2nd Half of the Season but make no mistake,
    The Eagles are not beating any good Teams with this Offense

    • Hmmm up 14 division win…still mr negative… of course you are the guy who put asterisk next to the SB win, the WS win, Halliday perfect game and no hitter. Some people are just nitwits and negative.

  • Said it before season…. there are things bigger than play calls, QB play and even injuries. The eagles problems are structural. Howie and Doug are not in sync …
    Doug deserves an awful lot of credit for keeping the team together but he’s somehow lost the prize possession…. wentz gets called to the principals office and Doug maybe fired… or at minimum a true OC comes in with play calling and real input

  • Wentz blowzzzzzz

  • I think hac took a green poop fished it out the toilet and smeared it on his glasses. There’s a disconnect between howie and Doug? Da fuck in gods name you talking about? Did howie and doug somehow cause Wentz brain to malfunction every week this year ? Did their mysterious disconnect that somehow only you know about cause Wentz to turn the ball over 4 times last night against the leagues worst d? You some kind of tard?

    • no dummy– there is strife in the building– there is major dysfunction and it manifests itself in a franchise QB in the worst possible funk EVER– this is like mom and dad are getting a divorce and the rest of the family is all fucked up trying to keep it together!
      I think you are the same fool that said Brand was getting fired and HAC said that he was getting an extension cuz he’s been a good soldier dealing with the sixers dysfunction– well the sixers make some hires, correct some wrongs and Brand gets an extension.
      Something big is brewing in the eagles world- power will be shifted in some form– and it boils down to fixing Wentz- it is that simple. Observations: 1. Even with improved WR the eagles rarely have wide open guys- Wentz usually has to throw them open- thats play design 2. Talent is still lacking JJAW is buried on the bench- thats a direct Howie/doug issue– Lurie is going to step in-
      All teams/coaches go through rough patches etc- MVP Jackson looked foolish yesterday- as did coaches Peyton, Belichek, Harbaugh for in game mishaps– its football and part of the deal- what the eagles have going on is bigger-

  • Eagles Trade Alert

    Eagles send their 2021 1st Round Draft Pick, DE Gernard Avery & WR Aceiga-Whiteside to the New England Patriots for All-Pro CB Stephon Gilmore
    Patriots are in Cap-Space Hell and will be rebuilding for the Future
    Gilmore is 29 Years Old and is signed thru the 2021 Season and would make a Great CB Combo with Darius Slay..

    • Eagles also Trade DB Nickell Robey-Coleman to the Seahawks for a 2021 Conditional Pick which can be a either a 6th Round Pick or 7th Round Selection based on Coleman’s Playing time for the Seahawks the Remainder of the this Season

  • Paulman Trade Alert

    Eagles Trade QB Carson Wentz to the Cleveland Browns for their 1st & 3rd Rd Round Draft Picks in 2021
    and their 2nd Round Pick in 2022 along with TE David Njoku
    Eagles will Play Jalen Hurts and Activate Josh McKown to the Active Roster for the Remainder of 2020

    Eagles also Trade TE Z Ertz and a 2021 6th Round to the Arizona Cardinals for LB Hassan Reddick and a 2021 4th Round Draft Pick

  • Trade Alert!!!!!!
    Eagles trade a 6th round pick, in return they get a LB no one has ever heard of and a 7th round pick. Howie says it improves depth and helps on specials ….

  • Titans trade for CB Kevin King of the LA Chargers for a 6th Round Draft Pick which was is a nice Acquisition for the Titans





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