• May 21, 2022

A Number of Plots Are Developing In, “As The Quarterback Turns”

One of the big questions swirling around the NFL right now regards Carson Wentz and whether the Eagles will trade him this offseason.  There’s talk about what teams would be interested and how much they would be willing to give up to acquire him.   What would Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman demand for him?  It’s unanimously agreed that the Birds would definitely be willing to listen to offers.  Yes the Eagles are sitting in the middle of a quarterback soap opera.

This is quite a time in “As The Quarterback Turns” because you have so many interesting plots developing.  One of the plots of course involves the report or reasoning that Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia.   ESPN’s Adam Schefter says all the stories about Wentz being “arrogant and uncoachable at times” are true.  He says the reason we haven’t heard anything from Wentz is because he’s not on the same page with the team.  The highly regarding reporter tells us that he strongly believes that Wentz wants out of Philly.   I think that reasoning is feasible because there’s no way in the world that he likes the way his reputation has been damaged by the reports.  Like Schefter the key to trading Wentz is what do you get for compensation.  If the Eagles can get a couple of first round picks because somebody believes Carson is their answer, then they need to say goodbye to him and let him go.

Wentz has to know that it could be a tough year for him in Philadelphia.  If he plays great football that can turn everything around, but he can’t play anywhere near the way he played last year.  If he plays poorly he won’t last long in Philadelphia, if the crowds are back in the stadium.   If Wentz plays poorly, he will be begging the Governor to continue the lockdown.  I could understand him not being enthusiastic about returning to the environment that has been created, but on the other hand a confident quarterback believes he can turn it around.

I’m sure Wentz didn’t want to hear new head coach Nick Sirianni saying that there would competition at every position including the quarterback position.  I don’t think Wentz wants to come in here and battle Jalen Hurts for the starting job after he has been regarded for years as a franchise quarterback.  “Franchise Quarterbacks” don’t have to compete for their jobs in training camp.   That is beneath a “Franchise Quarterback”.  From a team and coaching perspective, I think the Eagles quarterback job should be up for grabs because of the way Wentz played a year ago.  From Carson’s perspective, the fact that they would not give him the starting job says they aren’t sure  about him.   If you believe you have a “Franchise Quarterback”, you name him the starter.   If you’re not sure, you put the job up for grabs.

We have also heard from Donovan McNabb as to how he feels about what the Birds should do with their quarterback situation.  He says that he believes it is in the Eagles best interest to trade Carson.  With that we bought also heard from McNabb he says that he believes it’s in the Eagles best interest to trade Wentz and probably Carson’s best interest to be traded.

“Carson has no confidence in anybody in the organization to make the right decision for him because he feels everybody has turned their back on him”, McNabb said during an interview. “Well, that’s what usually happens when you don’t play well or people in the organization start talking.”

Malcolm Jenkins said that the Eagles were too easy on Carson during the time when both of them were with the Birds.  He said “they gave him too much leeway”.   The former Eagles safety says they tried to protect his ego.  I concur that during his best year  he had a foot in his behind and that’s probably the way he plays best, so they need to be tougher on him.

Even Peyton Manning could have a hand in what happens with Carson because according to a report, he was approached by Colts head coach Frank Reich and asked what does he think Indy should do about their quarterback situation.  Of course if Manning is high on Wentz, he could influence Reich to make a move to acquire number 11.  You know that Wentz has got to be high on Frank’s list because during his time playing under the Indy head coach he had the best year of his career.   I do think that Indianapolis would be a good landing spot for Carson.  I think the city of Indianapolis fits Carson better than Philly.  I don’t think Carson is comfortable playing under the constant swirling of heated conversations going on in Philadelphia.   I don’t think he likes the bright lights that shine on you when you’re the quarterback of the Eagles.

Another factor in “As The Quarterback Turns” is the interesting plot that’s developing with Jalen Hurts and the new quarterback coach, Brian Johnson.  The new quarterback coach has known Hurts since he was four years old. Johnson played for Hurts’ father, who has been a coach all his life and of course he coached his son.  As usual, Hurts always says all the right things.  He did the Super Bowl circuit on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The young quarterback says he has been building relationships with his guys meaning the receivers, tight ends and running backs whom he will be playing with next year.

This isn’t a surprise to me because you see that Hurts did a better job than Carson last year of bonding with the guys who he will be playing with during the games.  They just seemed to have a better chemistry with Hurts the moment he went into the game.  Carson is going to have to work on having good chemistry with his receivers. and in fact all of his teammates.  That’s part of your job as a quarterback.  You’ve got to work together.  Even if you are running the show, you still have to hear your teammate’s perspectives.  You still must work with your guys meaning you can’t be the kind of person that just dictates everything.  You must be willing to take input from your receivers and everybody else that you’re playing with during the games.

I think Hurts can deal with the pressure of playing in Philadelphia.  He’s very guarded about listening to the media.  The youngster has quoted his former coach at Alabama, Nick Saban, who tells the guys to not eat the “Rat Poison”, which means whatever the media is talking about.  If they’re saying something good it still doesn’t help you.  It they’re saying something bad, it you don’t listen to it, it doesn’t hurt you.  Hurts talked about not listening to the media whether they were saying good things about you or bad things about you.  I think a quarterback has to be tough-minded and disciplined enough to not focus on what is being said the Philadelphia media if it bothers them.   I saw Randall Cunningham get discouraged by it, as well as Donovan McNabb and now Wentz.  I don’t think Hurts will let “Negadelphia” bother him.

We will keep you posted on “As The Quarterback Turns”.


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  • Eagles need to Trade him by late March and well before the Draft as other Teams in Need are already making moves with their QB Situation… Wentz’s Value will only go down form here

    Trade Alert
    Eagles Send QB Wentz and DE D Barnett and their 3nd Round Pick (#70th Overall) to the NY Jets
    for QB Sam Darnold, their 2nd Round Pick (#34rd Overall) and their 2nd Round Pick in the 2022 Draft

    Both Teams keep their own 1st Round Picks and Jets need a Pass-Rusher as Jets GM Joe Douglas is very familiar with Barnett, The Eagles have to toss in their 3rd Round Pick and also agree to pay Went’s $10 Million Roster Bonus Due in March to get him out of Town

    • With the above Trade the Eagles have Jalen Hurts and Sam Darnold to Compete for the Starting QB Spot for the 2021 Season, Heck we may even see both QB’s Play and Alternate throughout a Game with some creative Game Plans/Play Calling by this Young Coaching Staff.

      Eagles then Draft the Following in 2021 Draft in the first 2 Rounds

      Rd 1 (#9th Overall) after a Trade back with Carolina who move up to Draft a QB and the Eagles Receive the Panthers 2nd Round Pick (#42nd Overall for doing so) and Select TE Kyle Pitts (Florida 6-6 245lbs)

      Rd 2 (#34th Overall from Jets Trade) – LB/Edge Zaven Collins (Tulsa 6-4 260lbs)
      Rd 2 (#38th Overall) – CB Jaycee Horn – (South Carolina 6-1 205lbs)
      Rd 2 (#42nd Overall – Safety Trevon Moehrig (TCU 6-2 205lbs)

  • Reports are that Andrew Luck is Meeting Colts Owner Jim Irsay Friday to discuss his possible Return to the Team and his Decision to come out of “retirement” – Sources also state that he’s in great shape physically and mentally and wants to Return to the NFL

    49ers are Pursing Kirk Cousins making Jimmy Garappolo available
    Panthers are Pursuing DeShaun Watson making Tedy Bridgewater available
    Jets are Pursuing DeShaun Watson making Sam Darnold available

    Dolphins may be pursuing DeShaun Watson making Tua available

    Broncos are looking for a QB – John Elway is reportedly fond of Carson Wentz’s game – This is the Best Fit for Wentz besides the Colts in my opinion due to their many young Weapons on Offense but HC V Fangio is an old school Coach and won’t put up with Turnovers and poor practice habits,etc,etc

    Bears are looking for a QB – Coach Nagy is reportedly fond of Carson Wentz’s game, but Ownership is very tight with the Purse and would have to Dump Nice Foles and his Contract in Return

    Patriots are looking for a QB and probably will look to sign a cheaper alternative like Andrew Dalton/R Fitzpatrick until they Draft and Groom a Young QB

    Cowboys & Dak Prescott have to agree on a long-term Deal as a 5 Year $175 Million Deal is supposedly on the table for Dak and His Agent to digest

    Saints will need to replace D Brees and are likely to re-sign Jamies Winston to a short-term Deal (2-3 Year Deal)

    Texans will need a QB in Return if they Trade De Shaun Watson, the Jets,Dolphins, Panthers, Eagles all have Starters to return if a Trade were to happen, in the Eagles case, the Texans want Jalen Hurts in return instead of Carson Wentz, Hurts is from Houston and he would be a nice QB and Leader to come back home to Houston to help rebuild that Organization and get support from their Fan Base who are pissed about this entire Deshaun Watson fiasco so Ownership would love to land a hometown hero like Jalen Hurts but will want a kings ransom in return in terms of Draft Capital but the Eagles could Offer Hurts and a combination of Players like Lane Johnson, Z Ertz or Derrick Barnett along with 2 First Round Picks

    Jags,Falcons, Lions will all be Draft QB’s with their First Round Picks and Jets are probably 50/50 if they go QB in the Draft

    Polling around NFL Circles, there is just not a lot of interest in Carson Wentz due to his Contract, Locker room and Coachability issues and baggage and his History of Injuries, one GM said, Yes Carson is only 28, but his Body is that of a 33 Year old and don’t trust his body will hold up for the course of his 4 Year Contract

    Eagles need to cut bait and take their lumps, This New Coaching Staff doesn’t want or deserve to have to deal with Wentz situation they start building a new Era of Eagle Football with Players who want to be Eagles

  • Why does the Eagles Organization and many Philly Fans continue to Overrate Carson Wentz ?

    Here’s a list of NFL average to better than average QB’s who have performed better than Wentz has the last
    2 + Seasons

    Jarred Goff
    Matt Stafford
    Derek Carr
    Matt Ryan
    Tedy Bridgewater
    Kurt Cousins
    Baker Mayfield
    Dak Prescott
    Andrew Dalton
    Jimmy Garappolo
    Phil Rivers

    And I’m not even talking about the Top QB’s where there is no comparison at all, QB’s like
    Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady,Josh Allen, Big Ben, Drew Brees,
    Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson and even Kyler Murray

    Fans, Media and the Organization need to get over that Carson is biggest piece of fixing for the Future of the Eagles as this Ship has Sailed and its time to move on … The Sooner, the Better too for this Fan …

  • It’s because he led us to the playoffs twice and was a huge part of that Super Bowl. There was a point where alot of people would have take Wentz over Watson.

    Watson, Goff, Kyler have all had way more talent placed around them. They have also been way more healthy compared to what Carson had to deal with.

    Injuries have been unreal.. That point cannot be denied. Take away Travis Kelce, Tyreek, 3-4 OL, Mecole Hardman, and I really wonder what Mahomes would look like.

    With that being said… I do agree. It is time to move on. Its not even a debate. He needs a fresh start.

    When Wentz left the game, Doug Pederson coached better. It happened how many times? Its not a coincidence. Jalen out played Wentz by a mile and more then likely gets us to the playoffs.

    If Carson goes to the Colts.. With that ELite OL, Frank Reich…make no mistake… They could be dominate.

    • Look simply put Wentz has been plagued by very tough injuries. They’ve impacted him negatively. A strong athletic QB that has a replaced knee and a broken back is not going to be the same. He is going to have to adjust his game. He hasn’t done it. Who knows if he can. I just looked at big Ben’s injury history and nothing so traumatic but he had some down years mid career.
      Some idiots who have never played sports or in their own mind were “real ballers” in their suburban neighborhood or middle school might say, “tough it out”…. of course your family doc would not have let you take a snap in a backyard touch football game let alone play nfl games….

      • Wentz is just what I said he was 3 Years ago
        in that he was Overrated, a Prima-Donna, Spoiled Great White Hope who has been coddled by the Eagles Organization and Media since Day 1 and now in his 5th Season we are learning almost daily, what an arrogant, stubborn Player he has been …
        I called this garbage and caught crap for the last 3 Years bring Critical with Him and more importantly, being critical on how Lurie/Roseman and media kissed his ass continually without ever holding him accountable which at the root, began the fracture and dysfunction between Doug Pedersen and the Front Office which grew and grew
        Now many in the media and fans are all over a Wentz Le’s Ass about everything and anything but a little too late in my book
        Good Riddance

        Re Colts
        Andrew Luck coming out of Retirement so scratch the Colts from any list of
        wanting Carson Wentz as their QB
        Why Should they ?

        • “I was critical 3 years ago”…. um of course you were! You were critical of the team after a SB win, critical of a WS win and critical of a HOF pitcher after throwing a perfect game.
          You are a really insecure, unfulfilled psycho….
          Oh BTW you also sang Wentz praises 3 years ago…

          • I stayed when Drafted 5 Years ago that he could become like a Big Ben type of QB if he ever learned how to Read Defenses, be decisive, have Pocket Presence and fix his damn mechanics, but he hasn’t and that’s the reality of his Play which I’ve been staying for the last 3 Seasons

            • Got a ring!

  • Paul name me another QB that could ball out with 14 different OL combinations..

    I think the back injury was over played. It was an injury a lot of players play through, and really comes down to pain tolerance . I heard a doctor talk about it after it happened.

    The Eagles shut down Wentz in 2018 bc they were 5-6 and Foles was still on the roster They wanted to see if the could capture that magic with the season almost dead, while reducing the pounding on Carson… They would then go on to pay Wentz the contract.

    The ACL was over 3 years ago. If you recall Wentz first game back, the Colts game week 3 he was very mobile.

    Wentz just has to lose weight, with with a QB guru in the offseason and work his ass off. Come back with a healthier, more exp OL, a new coach…. improved weapons with Jamar Chase at WR..

    I would not be mad at all if Wentz stays tbh… One more yeaar to see if he is the guy. If not, Hurts is still there for year 3.

    The talent is there Paulman…the arm angles, and arm strength.. The swagger he has on the football field, the toughness s…. when you lose…stories like this get overblown by the poisonous media.

    • Wentz and Eagles Front Office screwed up big time after the Super Bowl Season when Wentz was rushed back in the beginning of the 2018 Season coming off his ACL Injury/Surgery for one reason only .. Ownership/Howie and Wentz were afraid that Nick Foles would take over the Team (which he did anyways)
      Wentz had no business being on the field in Week 3 of the 2018 Season and should have been placed on Short-term IR or PUp list for the start of that season and waited to at least
      Late October to return, He was not ready physically or mentally to play Football and lead the Team, I stated this all Summer long leading up to that 2018 Season which I believe contributed to his Back and Neck issues
      Wentz wanted to be back on the field so badly as did Roseman/Lurie but he was not ready
      and didn’t play that well as the Team was
      5-6 when they shut him down
      It was Foles who led the Team to the Playoffs in 2018 and it was Foles who led them with a Playoff win versus the favors Bears in Chicago and almost led them to a victory as a road dog again in New Orleans vs the Saints where Alshon Jeffrey dropped a very makable catch
      deep in Saints territory as Foles was marching the offense to a possible game winning drive to get to the NFC Championship
      Fast Forward to 2019 and Foles is gone and Wentz is healthy to play the entire Season and again the Eagles play average at best to start 5-7 and then finish strong with 4 Wins to capture the NFC East versus all crappy NFC East Teams
      (Giants twice, Redskins and Cowboys) where Giants & Redskins both had lame duck coaches with nothing to play for and Eagles had to come from behind in 2 of these games just to get inas Wentz with Boston Scott, Perkins, Burnett & Ward were his main weapons.. then Seattle in wild-card Game and Wentz gets concussed on a cheap shot by Clowney and the Season was over

      Yes Wentz has Talent as all NFL Players do
      but when Playing in Philly with the local media and many Fans being as critical as we are, Wentz is just not mentally fit enough when he never takes accountability and then here in 2020 Covid season he single handily loss the Opener vs the WFT in Week 1 after a 17-0 Lead and it was downhill ever since
      Practice Habits, Changing Plays, Stubborn, No Accountability, Aloofness, Arrogance all came out in spades this past season
      Now he doesn’t want to Play for the Eagles and wants out even after a Coaching Staff change, Screw him and Trade his coddled ass since Day 1 out of Town ..
      He’s never manned up for his shortcomings and the Philly Fans/Media won’t put up with this,It’s over for him in Philly and best for him and the Team to move forward, it’s a simple as this even with the large Contract that he has
      but the Eagles would be doubling down on their mistake by having him return unless he has a public cone to Jesus moment which I don’t think he has in him due to his ego & self pride and arrogance…
      He put himself in this position with the aid of Roseman/Wentz and now has to dig himself out.. Can he still do this while staying in Philly?
      I don’t believe do, Is it worth even trying ?
      I don’t believe so with a newbie Coaching Staff in a re-build Season starting a new era,
      Cut the Chord and Thank him for his 5 Seasons and Hope to get sone value back and move on..

      • Mr. Hindsight 20/20– ‘should have shut him down’– you are pathetic!

  • Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb….all great QBs, alot of the with rings….all of them had bad seasons.

    Carson Wentz dealing with injuries out the ass is immune to that?

    I do not like the way Carson is pouting like a little bitch. And I do question his work ethic. The reports about being a bad leader are starting to look more real.

    His silence is a joke, and as the leader of the franchise he is supposed to say something.

    But to say he could not bounce back, and deny his talent….I do not think thats fair or a valid take

    • Paul will always put the most negative spin on everything. He’s a toxic and very unhappy being. He’s put negative spins on championships and great athletic feats. It’s who he is.
      He will never acknowledge that other QBs have struggled. He won’t acknowledge extensive injuries have impacted. Please remember this is the guy who wants to trade all time eagle greats BEFORE their prime for fifth round picks. He doesn’t know the game, plays armchair QB, coach and GM and will literally piss on a parade.
      As for Wentz moping?? I dunno about that? QBs have a different perspective and certainly more insight into behind the scenes stuff. Seems they all are pissed at the organization after the season and when they open their mouths not much good comes of it

      • I just post as it is… it’s called being realistic about all the dynamics involved with Wentz
        They bring him back and half the locker room is fractured… With a New Coaching Staff, this is the best time to cut the chord and start fresh with a new group of Players as this roster turnovers to younger Players
        It’s been mandated from three Top so see the process all the way thru which includes the departure of Carson Wentz
        This is the Organization will put their best forward, not looking back
        2017 is over and done , that Window has closed , so start a new era of Eagles Football thru have done do with the Coaching Staff so now complete the process with the Roster Tunover, and develop a new Core of Players to lead the Franchise for the next 3-4 Years

  • And for the record, Thatbinthoughtbit would have been a good idea for Coach Pedersen to have started Wentz those final 2 Games vs the Cowboys/WFT to finish the Season out to see what he was made of and to see how Wentz and Team would respond after his benching but Dougie P was Coaching for his job at this point and had already turned the page on Wentz
    This would have been an organizational decision that could have benefitted everyone in an attempt to salvage the Season and QB Wentz and even Coach Doug, but a complete failure from the Owner/GM and Organization as Coach Doug and Front Office were already at odds to think of the Future and were only focused on the now

  • New Reports from Devil’s Lake North Dakota had Carson Wentz and 3 other Hunting/Fishing buddies involved in a Fight at a Local Diner
    After having Breakfast Wentz and Friends had a $78 Tab for their meals and Wentz only left a $2 Tip for the Waitress causing the Kitchen Manager to having words with Wentz & Friends as they were leaving and things deteriorated from there to an all out brawl pit in Parking Lot
    Crazy but this Guy needs to Go!!

    More Details from Jeff McLane and John McMullem later today

  • love how dummies spout ‘certainties’ and how they can assess whats going on in the facility from afar.

    Les Bowen says a trade is imminent. Eagles will get at least a first. Colts most logical, Bears, NE and Saints also in on the mix. I find those teams interesting…. Colts, the Reich connection is obvious but apparently Taylor is Wentz best friend (former coach) who Pederson wanted to promote but the FO didn’t want Taylor so Doug quit- Bears, Nagy was on staff w/Doug, is an Andy guy and Payton and Doug are best friends…. Sooooo maybe just maybe this wasn’t a Doug vs Carson thing after all????? maybe it was a Doug + Carson V Howie???? Seems like a bunch of “Doug guys” are in the mix for wentz– If Doug and Carson were at odds then this would make zero sense. Add in NE, this is a stretch but McDaniel was a candidate for the job everyone thought “fix Carson” but he doesn’t get it and now NE in the mix???
    This is as I said in September a certain revolt against Howie– I think Doug/Carson didn’t like that Howie set game day roster and was loyal to certain guys (Jeffrey, JP especially)

    • More preorts have a Few Teams who not Interested in Carson Wentz and Big Contract

      The Panthers, Washington FC, Denver and San Francisco have all said No Thanks

      Saints are $100 Million over the Cap and simply cannot afford to take on Wentz’s Contract and will look to
      sign Jamies WInston to a cheapo 2 Year Deal

      NE Pats are reportedly interested in Playing Stidham and Drafting a QB (Mac Jones or Trey Lance)
      Mac Jones is rising up the Boards to the Top Half of the First Round after a very strong Showing and Interviewing down in Mobile last Week
      A Sleeper QB Prospect is Kellen Mond of Texas A & M, who will likely be an early 2nd Round Pick and a Good Find for some team who can let the kid develop for a year or two, Many Scouts liken him to Dak Prescott when coming out of College

      For Wentz it’ the Colts and the Bears Ownership are historically tight with their $$$ and Coach Nagy/GM Pace are already on the hot seat for 2021 so very unlikely they will commit for Wentz’s Contract

      I do see a situation where if the Texans actually Trade DeShaun Watson where they would have an interest from Ownership/Front Office

      Lots will happen here the next 3-4 Weeks as Teams really need to figure out their QB Scenarios before the Start of the New NFL Calendar in March and Before the Free-Agency, Roster Signings Due and the Draft
      I believe the only Teams that truly would be interested in Wentz are Teams that are legitimate Playoff Teams or a QB away from Contending now in the short-term, not Teams that are Rebuilding as it doesn’t make sense to Pay a QB $30 Million if you are rebuilding your Team and especially with New Coaches and Schemes in what could be another Covid Shorten OTA’s/Player Workouts/Summer Camp Time Restrictions

      Only the Colts makes Sense as Wentz/Reich & Press Taylor would have a similar System and Wentz knows and trusts these Coaches.. Anywhere else would be a big crap shoot and roll of a dice
      There are many shorter term, less expensive and Safer QB’s out on the Market for Teams looking to make a 2021 Playoff push now and Wentz is simply not worth the risk financially

      • NFL GMs are disagreeing with you big time. There is a bidding war of sorts– hes getting a first PLUS.
        So lets examine the ‘mess’ the eagles are in…. 2016 they dump Alonso and Maxwell to move up, they use their First round pick plus a 1st round the next year and a couple of others from 16 (get back the #2 pick and a 2nd rounder), then trade Bradford for a 1 and 4– struggle with a rookie QB– WIN A SB IN 17, win the division 17 and 19, WC in 18 and win a playoff game- lose a couple nail biter PO games-
        We sound as dysfunctional as the Lions and Bengals!! yikes– what losers! only a real toxic loner would feel otherwise.

  • Zach Berman Reports that a Church located outside Grand Fork ,ND (Hope Church) is about to File Charges on Carson Wentz and Family as they Borrowed their Church Organ just after the Holiday Season and have not Returned the Organ back to them as promised by 1/31/2021..
    A Custodian of the Hope Church said that “Carson Wentz and some Friends/Family Members were kinda of rough with the handling of the Organ and didn’t wrap it up properly when moving it as instructed” and simply replied, “Hey man, I got this..” when offered assistance

    More Detail on Zach’s Podcast later today/tonight on where this Story goes …

  • Wentz threw more TD passes in 17 then Brady did in 17, he also threw more TD passes in 17 then Brady did in 18, the year he won the SB.
    To say he did t contribute to the championship is perhaps the dumbest thing you’ve ever said here… however the competition is very strong

    • That means absolutely nothing and is the stupidest come I have read today…

      All Tom Brady does is play every Game and Wins Championships, even when he had 2nd Tier and less talent at the Skills Position than Wentz has had for most of his career
      What has Carson Wentz ever Won when it comes to meaningful Games over his Career?

      • Did he contribute to a championship season? Does he have a ring? Did he help them win a championship? Are you a complete idiot? Yes, yes, yes, YES

  • How did Wentz Contribute to the Super Bowl Run and Win in 2017 when he wasn’t even on the Field for the last 7 Games of that Season? How is this even possible in a one and done situation during the Playoffs ?
    What did he do on the sidelines to help the Eagles win those Games and Championship?

    • It’s a championship SEASON you stupid negative passive aggressive freak.
      In a team sport your entire roster contributes… wow you really don’t understand or in fact you are stupid and so toxic you can’t help yourself

      • You don’t help or impact the Team if your are not Playing, Where have you been ..

        Did D-Jax contribute to the Eagles in 2020
        Or Barrett Brooks ? No they didn’t , they weren’t available to Play

        Did Wentz contribute to the Eagles their final 3 Games in 2020 where they lost all 3 Games? No he didn’t, He didn’t Play …

        • Yes d Jax did contribute… wow you really never played? I always suspected you were the guy picked last… confirmed

  • Sources State that the Eagles have an Offer from the Chicago Bears for QB Wentz
    Bears send their 1st Round Pick (#20th Overall)
    and QB Nick Foles for Wentz

    Foles is due a $4 Million Roster Bonus in March
    And then has a $4 Million Salary for 2021
    Wentz is Due a $10 Million Roster Bonus in March and then has a $25 Million Salary in 2022

    The Eagles agree to Pay the $10 Million March Roster Bonus to Wentz to get the Deal done
    Which is a good trade for everyone all around
    Foles comes in as the Back-Up to new Starter Jalen Hurts who Coach Sirianna and Staff are excited to have
    Bears go with Wentz as Starter and have Trubinsky as their back up for his final year on his Rookie Deal

    • Eagles now have to add in TE Ertz for Bears to agree… saving Ertz $8.8 Million Salary for 2021
      basically pays for Wentz $10 Million Roster Bonus thry have to Eat

      So it’s Wentz, Ertz to the Bears for their
      1st Rpund Pick in 2022 (20th Overall) and Foles

      Colts have a chance to better this Deal with their 1st Round Pick in 2021 (21st Overall) and a 2nd Round Pick in 2022 for both Wentz and Ertz and Eagles paying the $10 Million March Signing Bonus

      Get it Done Howie!!!

      • Yo dork. U said a first was impossible for Wentz. Now the internet tells you we are indeed getting at minimum a first and now you flip flop and agree. Jesus get a mind of your own brainwash boy

  • I guarantee with 100% accuracy that every single person on the eagles, on the staff etc would absolutely consider Wentz a huge part of the championship. Only a really stupid person would think otherwise… someone on the outside living an unfulfilled life

  • Oh look the nutcase maga freak is back. Hahahahaha fucking psycho

    In other news Wentz is straight garbage and is a soft ass pussy incapable of leading men. As i stated the minute hurts went in Wentz will be traded for at bare minimum a first. And he will be

  • And I guarantee with 100% Accuracy that if Wentz never got injured, that the Eagles would have lost in the Playoffs and never Won a Super Bowl..
    What Foles did versus the Vikings and Patriots was purely magical and a once in a lifetime thing will never be
    duplicated again and especially by a QB who has never even completed or Won a Playoff Game or proven he can handle the Pressure
    Get back to us when Wentz actually Wins something..

    • U can’t guarantee tgat

      • yea actually you can guarantee it. foles run was magical and historic and no way wentz coulve done that

        • No you can’t… impossible. You can’t prove a negative.

          • Factually speaking ur right. Logically speaking ur wrong. I got eyes ears and brain that’s flush with Ritalin therefor i have a far superior brain then common folk like yourself

            • “Just the facts ma’am”.
              Facts is all that matters the rest is emotion …. taking performance enhancing drugs gets your mind all clogged up with delusions of grandeur etc. .
              Fact of the matter is Wentz was integral to the SB victory. He was a good draft pick and is now part of the NBA oops I mean NFL quarterback fraternity of this generation… meaning spoiled, petulant and looking for a new situation.
              It is amazing how many teams are looking to catch lightning in a bottle at the QB position. Obviously every team wants an elite QB BUT make no mistake journeyman Foles, average Flacco have as many titles as Rodgers and Brees and Wilson. Many average QBs have gotten teams there…. I think some teams may be looking a bit differently at the position….

  • The way the defense played, and being at home Eagles were getting to the SB that season no matter what. The question is, would Wentz have won it?

    Reports are Eagles are getting a first round pick, and bringing back Nick Foles like I stated multiple times recently.

    Bring back nick Foles for the 3rd time and this time do not let his ass go. Made that mistake too many times.

    Bears receive: Carson Wentz, Ertz
    Eagles receive: Bears First Round Pick

    Howie does this, and nails this draft…Just like that we are back

    • That’s light… 2 firsts and a player.
      No to Foles. Move forward… I was a huge Foles supporter in the Foles v Vick days but no back to the future. If you are turning the reigns over to Hurts no need to have the guy who has a statue …. Foles we will see you on the ten year reunion

      • Bears and Wentz will not agree to the offer without moving Foles..
        Wentz cannot have Foles as his Backup if he goes to the Bears
        He’ll be perfect as Hurts Backup with the Eagles for the 2021 Season
        If Eagles get the Bears 1st Round Pick#(20)
        Then they will Select QB Kyle Trask with this Pick as their 3rd QB and possibly their Future Starter in 2022 as he’s worked with new QB Coach Chris Johnson and would hit the ground running in Philly this summer but still needs time to develop
        He’s Big (6-4” – 230 Lbs) Good Arm and Smarts and a Natural Leader like Hurts
        and would give the Eagles 2 Young QB’s to develop moving forward

        • Foles can’t come here. He’s a journeyman, best back up in football but in an nfl city, especially a passionate one the back up QB is the most popular guy in the city. If the eagles believe in hurts (or some rookie) then having a living legend as number 2 is a real real cultural mistake.
          When you look at all of the QB chatter this off season it is ALL about franchises belief or perceived non-belief in the starter. Rodgers letting the team know constantly he didn’t like drafting a QB, Wentz problems started with hurts, Watson not having input and it goes on and on. If as many believe the eagles are in for growing pains then you DO NOT need a great back up….
          eagles get two ones and a defensive player for Wentz…. bring in a mid level backup and if there is one down the draft take him…. 2 first round picks number 6 and 20, take the BPA at both… start building the talent. Next year 2 ones as well … by 2022 the roster turnover will be pretty much complete…. so that would mean #1 pick Dillard from 19, Reagor 20, 2 ones 21, 2 ones 22… hit big on 4 of those and get 2 high level contributors and bam you are back in

  • Trade coming down early in the week… nfl doesn’t want that news during the SB weekend ALTHOUGH maybe it would help push the Brit Reid story further down the news scroll.
    I guess all has been said about the possible destination… obviously a couple more teams are on the periphery … I’ve heard Las Vegas would be intrigued but all speculation… we all read the same reports.
    Really think that the QB has always been prima Donna but it’s radically shifting. Here’s to hurts being the next Russell Wilson

  • Once there’s a Trade, the Eagles will need to add 2 QB as Hurts is the only QB under Contract for 2021 so if they don’t get one in Return with whoever they Trade with, then
    I do believe that they will add a veteran Backup QB thru Free-Agency like a Jacoby Brissett or a Tyrod Taylor as both are Free-Agents and have NFL Experience and both have worked with the Eagles New Coaching Staffs and would be good team guys in the QB Room
    They will also have to add a QB in the Draft for the #3 QB to develop for down the Road
    and depending what Draft Compensation they receive for Wentz, they could Select a QB Prospect QB early, middle or late in this Draft
    I guess it depends what type of Veteran QB they bring in first ..

    Is the Organization/Team and Coaching Staff 100% Sold that Jalen Hurts is the “Guy”
    moving forward ? I believe they will give him every opportunity to be so, but there also has to be a Plan B in case in case Hurts isn’t ready to be that “Guy”

    Exciting Times all Off-Season for the Eagles

    • Obviously there are a million QBs on he market
      As HAC predicted Sept. 15 on this site…there is something rotten in the nova care dynamics. Anonymous source, ex player saying “it wasn’t Carson or Doug” it was someone else…. um we know who that is. That person would have some gravitas … Jenkins or Torrey Smith… but on the flip side this is the new NFL… flipping coaches and coordinators and QBs…. front office not in sync with coaches… Green Bay, 2 straight conference championship games and a young college DC turned them down!!
      Maybe we are seeing a shift to a more front office driven league. In Howie year of exile he “studied world class “ sports teams… soccer, racing etc and came up with a management profile of successful teams … I think that’s what’s going in

      • NFL is going the way of MLB and NBA
        Strong GM’s and Superstar Players run the Leauge, Most Coaches are dispensable in
        2-3 Years Time anymore unless your Belicheck,Big Red, Pete Carroll, Sean McVay,Mike Tomlin, heck even Jim Harbaugh was on the Hot Seat pre Lamar Jackson’s arrival

  • Colts is the better landing Team for sure for Wentz, but the Bears GM/Coach are both on the hot seat and would be more likely to overpay for Wentz giving the Eagles more in Trade Compensation for both GM Pace and HC Nagy have missed terribly on their QB Position since they both arrived in Chicago
    First they Signed QB Mike Glennon to a big deal and cut him a year later
    Then they Traded up from #3 to #2 to Draft Mitchell Trubinsky who only started 10 Games in College and was a real reach and never had to trade up to secure so just dumb all around and then last Year they went out and Traded for Nick Foles who thry ended up benching for the benched Trubinsky so this is a all or nothing Deal for them given their situation
    The Colts GM Ballard is one of the best in the NFL and will not get into a bidding war or overpay for Wentz, so unless another Team steps in like the Broncos,Panthers or Raiders
    I would say the Bears will be the Team for they will offer the Eagles the most Trade compensation for Wentz for thry have to take a calculated risk to probably save their own jobs

    There are new GM’s in Denver and Carolina and Howie could make a deal if either one of these new GM’s want to make a splash with their Teams, Fan bases etc…
    John Elway in Denver is now President of the Franchise and no longer will oversee the day to day managements and operations of the Team like he’s done the last 10 Years
    The New GM for Broncos is George Parton who worked with the Vikings Front Office and has helped them Draft, Acquire thru Trade & Free-Agency 22 Pro Bowlers over his Tenure there which is quite an achievement so he’s got an eye for Talent

    Carolina’s New GM is Scott Fitterer who was a long time Asst GM in Seattle to GM John Schneider , who has a very good relationship with Howie Roseman and has been involved in deals together over the years

    • Dark horse raiders

      • Mike Mayok know is a big Fan of Wentz
        would the Eagles be interested in receiving QB Derek Carr in Return?
        I believe Howie wants Draft Capital and not a Starting QB in Return to see how Jalen Hurts develops
        It would be difficult for the Raiders to Obtain Wentz first u less they can make a Deal with Carr to another Team simultaneously as it would undermine any trade value in return for Carr if everyone knows they traded for Wentz which would be very difficult to do, but not impossible

    • Both the Broncos and Panthers were in the Stafford Trade Talks so they are looking for upgrades at QB
      The Washington FC was also in talks with Detroit but I could never see the Eagles sending Wentz to a Division Rival,
      In fact I believe Howie/Lurie would want to trade Wentz to an AFC Team if they had their choice for not ever having to Face Wentz in a possible Playoff Matchup down thr road
      In the End, I think Lurie wanted to keep Wentz but Wentz wants nothing to do with playing for Howie Roseman any longer,
      so that’s what it is on the Wentz situation.

      Howie will be on the Hot Seat these next 1-2 Seasons for sure by Lurie and you can see the distance starting to develop between them in the example of Allowing New Head Coach Sirianna complete autonomy in Hiring his own Staff which the Lurie/Roseman tandem have never really allowed in the past with other Coaching Hires
      Roseman is on Notice for 2021 !!

  • Bears first round, Tarik Cohen and Foles… happening soon

    • Foles would have to be part of any Deal with the Bears if there is one, as Carson Wentz won’t go to a Team with Foles as his back-up..
      No Way, No How

      To get an additional Draft Pick From the Bears whether it’s a 2nd or 3rd , or a future 2022 Pick, the Eagles will have to agree to take Foles off the Bears hands as the Wentz Camp will demand it

  • New Trade Partner emerges

    Eagles Send Carson Wentz and TE Zac Ertz to
    The NY Jets for their 1st Round Pick (#23rd Overall) and 3rd Round Pick (66th Overall) in the 2021 Draft and their 2nd Round Pick in 2022 Draft

    Eagles also announce that they are Trading their 6th Overall Pick of the 2021 Draft to the NE Pats for their #15th and #48th Pick in the 2021 Draft and their 3rd Round Pick in 2022

    Eagles now go into the 2021 Draft with the Following 6 Selections in the first 3 Rounds
    Where they can address CB,Safety,LB,QB,OL
    & WR with some Good Prospects

    1st – 15th Overall
    1st – 23rd Overall
    2nd – 38th Overall
    2nd – 48th Overall
    3rd. – 66th Overall
    3rd – 70th Overall

    Eagles will also go into the 2022 Draft with the following Selections with just these 2 Moves

    1st Round – One Selection
    2nd Round – Two Selections
    3rd Round – Two Selections

    Owner Lurie says the Eagles are going thru a Transition Year in 2021 which is the same thing as a Re-build, as they attempt to Reshape their Roster with Young Talent and on Rookie Deals where the new core of Players can grow together with the New Coaching Staff and to get their Salary Cap situation back into good shape so there will be many Veteran Players moving on this off-season and next

    Do note that the QB Draft Class of 2022 is very promising with top QB Prospects from Oregon, Oklahoma,Miami,UNC, USC & Auburn

    I liked Sam Howell from UNC as a promising NFL QB

  • I’m not a draft nerd but I move back a couple spaces (I want a top of draft talent) to say 10 and take Pitts. This gets you what an extra 2 or three?
    This is all about a roster turnover… something that is always necessary….
    Gone in 21: Wentz, DJAX, Jeffrey, Ertz, Peters, j. Howard, c. Clemons from the offense

  • Reports from Carolina have the Panthers offering QB Teddy Bridgewater, their 2021 2nd Round Pick (#41st Overall) and their 2022 1st Round Pick for Carson Wentz

    • Eagles to decide whether the Panthers 1st Round Pick will be more Valuable than the Bears 20th Pick this Year …
      Will Panthers Struggle in 2021 with Wentz and maybe end up as a Top 10-12 Pick ?
      Bridgewater a ContrCt is $23 Million for 2021 but no guarantee $$ left after 2031 so you take this on as a 1 Year rental Back
      Up or better with Foles and his $8 Million Salary for 2021 for his Back-up role
      Or do the Eagles get no QB in Return when Trading Wentz and sign a Jacoby Brisset of the Colts who obviously knows Sirianna and would be a cheap experienced Back-Up QB for Hurts if they go this Route
      Lots of Options at Back-Up QB

  • Rumors from Foxboro

    Bill Belichek is Offering his 1st Round Pick (#15th Overall) and 3rd Round Pick
    (#79th Overall) along with the Patriots 2022 2nd Round Pick for both QB Carson Wentz and TE Zach Ertz as a Package Deal and only if Eagles agree to pay Wentz’s $10 Million Roster Bonus the 3rd Day of the NFL Calendar this March
    Belichek reviewed OC Josh McDaniels notes and plans on how to fix Wentz and has signed off on the Plan
    Belichek may be the only worse Draft Selector than Howie Roseman in the NFL when it comes to early Round Draft Selections so this is really a good deal for the Pats as Belichek does not want to go thru afull rebuild if he wants the Patsto compete with the Bills and Dolphins the next few seasons as he’s approaching the end of hisCoaching Day’s
    Wentz will only cost them $23 Million in 2021 and $25 Million in 2022 in Salary

    You heard it here first

    • “Belichik may be the only worse draft selector “ shows you how UNIMPORTANT the draft is…yikes. That must have been difficult for a draft nerd to type

      • Only with his Selections in the Top Rounds
        (1st & 2nd Rounders) but he’s excellent with his Draft evaluations and selections for the rest of Draft but has a ton of misses in the first 2 Rounds the last 5-6 Years

        Since 2014 (1st Round Selections)

        DT Dominique Easley
        DT Malcolm Brown
        OL Isiah Wynn
        RB Sony Michel
        WR N’Keal Harry

        All were picked Higher than Ranked/Rated and most have had uninspiring Careers
        Malcom Brown had a couple of good years but is/was strictly a run stuffing DT which you can Select in the middle rounds every Draft

        • Meh… there are different ways to build a team. He’s obviously figured a couple things out… I guess it starts with drafting a goat in the 6th…
          draft, combine, mocks etc were all just a brilliant media bomb for the nfl to get dummies to talk about their sports, make them pretend to be involved, give fans something to criticize… as I’ve made clear in here many times it’s hilarious watching the wannabes .
          My hope as an eagles fan is: they really are the smartest guys in the room and have figured out the next wave of team building. Hurts is better than Wilson. They get 4 studs and 6 legit players in the next 2 drafts. Howie gets the last laugh… I’m not confident that will happen but the alternative is be the lions for awhile. My fandom will not last if we go on a multi year spin (something we’ve NEVER really had under Lurie)

          • An issue facing the Eagles is they Owner Jeff Lurie is much more involved with the day to day operations of the Team
            He’s involved in the Draft (JJAW) was his Guy as he loved his Stanford background and Family
            He’s involved in the 53 Man Roster
            (jason Peter’s coming back for example, and worsen caving in after JP had to move to LT and demanded and got $3 million more for doing so
            Roseman has made plenty of mistakes in the Draft which have been documented, discussed ad nauseam
            But now the Eagles are in an era where Lurie is directly involved and many Football Decidions which is a big departure of how he acted when AR and Joe Banner were running the Team in Terms of Football Operations

            As I stated in a previous comment, Lurie is assuming more involvement in football decisions as his confidence in Howie Roseman is finally being challenged and questioned …
            Where this will go and for how long, Who Knows, but my belief is that until the Major Football Decisions are made by a Real Football Person or People, the Eagles are going to continue to be treading water as a Franchise which smells of mediocrity or worse
            Howie needs to Go and I believe Lurie is simply giving him the 2021 Year to clean up the mess he’s put this Franchise in both Roster Wide and Financially wise as there are numerous very bad contracts hanging over this Team and simply re-structuring deals only kicking the $$$ down the road which in turns means you end up with too much dead $$$ on your Roster when the Player isn’t on your Team anymore due to age,Injuries or lack of Production
            Every Team re-structures a few deals here in there, but the Eagles have most of their Veteran High Paid Players under 1 or 2 Restructures which is a result of poor Contracts to begin with as we are seeing now with Jeffrey, M Jackson, D-Ajax, B Brooks and even Fletcher Cox & Lane Johnson and there’s a strong possibility that Howie will ask J Hargrove and S Slay to restructure their Contracts which where signed just last Year….
            Clean it up as much as possible for 2021, take your lumps and more forward in 2022 with more financial
            Flexibility for the future and go Young, Young & Cheap
            2021 is a Transition Year as Owner Lurie has said numerous times publicly and this will be part of it and I strongly believe that once Howie’s cleans most of this up, then he’s gone from Overseeing the Football Operations’ for tge Organization
            He’ll have a job, but not VP of Football Operations/GM Duties as he currently holds

            • That is some of the chatter…how involved is he day to day now? The JJAW thing is rumored, not confirmed. We know JP considers him a friend but how involved was he bringing him back? (That rumor I believe). As for “real football guy”… Howie has pressed plenty of correct buttons especially since chip (plenty of evidence). As for the contracts… those are decisions made when you are trying to win. Threading the needle between winning and the future is something fans can criticize when it doesn’t work out but every franchise that has success does it and they usually pay for it with a shit show at some point … the key is to correct the shit show quickly which is something a lot of teams haven’t done (panthers, falcons, now the patriots)(although they did it with TB countless times)… Seahawks have done it well…we will see how KC can do it (Mahones is only 5 against the cap this year, E. fisher has been restructured, is 30 and FA after next year). Tampa, Middletown DE’s own Godwin FA, Gronk FA, Fournette FA! L. David FA, JPP is 32. Every guy with a laptop and the internet is an expert at threading that needle.

              • Eagles should call Chiefs about sending Andre Dillard for a High Pickn in return
                Even the Colts are in need of a LT as their long time LT Constanzo announced his retirement after their Season

              • Panthers already started their rebuild last year and will be on the Rise but they need at least 2 OL & QB & TE on Offense
                so they are still another Draft or 2 away from being a legitimate Playoff Team
                Falcons will be starting their Re-build this Off-Season and have a couple years to go
                Vikings also have Age and Cap issues and started their re-tooling last year
                Giants/Washington FC started their’s last Off-Season and Detroit is doing theirs now as I believe the Eagles are doing as well

  • Re Super Bowl

    With the sad story of Coach AR Son, Brett Reid, who is an Asst OLB Coach, of being involved in an accident while impaired hitting another vehicle on an exit ramp while 2 vehicles were pulled over due to the first vehicle being disableddue to mechanical issues, then 2nd Vehicle pulled over to assist and Brett Reid reportedly ran into them not seeing them causing damaged and serious injuries to 2 Children
    An on-going investigation is occurring in KC and Brett Reid is not going to make the Trip for the Super Bowl for obvious reasons
    I don’t believe the National Media will make any fuss about this as it’s a bad look for AR who is very well liked and revered by most in the NFL and by those who cover it but you have to believe Coach AR and the Chiefs will be distracted in some way negatively by this incident that occurred last Wednesday or Thursday

    TB Bucs 27 – KC Chiefs 23

    MVP is LB Lavonte David and WR Chris Godwin of the TB Bucs

    • Ha. L David and My neighbor C. Godwin …I just mentioned them as FA next year and the challenges that teams face.
      As for Britt I know he had alcohol but there have been no reports of impairment YET… probably was but …
      I told my son, AR will retire after SB… he owes it to Tammy … those guys work over 100 hours per week, never see their family. I want AR to win and retire… give it to Bienemy walk away…

      • That would be a Nice Ending for AR and his Family for sure … it would be tough to walk away from Mahomes who is what 25 Years old with a relatively young Core of Players,
        but I could see Andy doing this and replacing himself with Bienemy to continue their path of success

  • On the proposed Bears Deal

    The Eagles are Sending Wentz and their 2nd Round Pick (38th) Pick to the Bears for their 1st Round Pick (20th) , RB Cohen and QB Foles

    This deal Doesn’t sound that great now

  • Never trade an OL for a pick… why would you trade a guy you picked but got hurt before you could play him… you are trade happy. Anytime you propose a trade like that say to yourself “I’m the guy that wanted to trade a possible HOF center for a fifth or sixth just as he was entering his prime” before you hit submit.

  • But Paul, the falcons and panthers were in the SB not long ago and tried to thread the needle,,, it’s what teams do. The eagles actually are pressing the reset MUCH quicker than most.
    Dtetroit, Washington and giants I’m not sure why you mention them in a rebuild discussion… Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game in decades… they aren’t in this discussion of trying to hold on to a winning team.

  • “Panthers already started their rebuild last year”… wow they were in SB last like 6-7 years ago… see teams try to keep a run and keep players etc… took panthers 4 years AFTER their last playoff and 6-7 AFTER their last SB! It took eagles 1 after last playoff and 3 after last Sb to start the rebuild yet you are hyper critical…

    • Panthers hung their Hopes 2-3 Years too long on Cam Newton which has led them to where they are now…
      An MVP and Super Bowl Season in 2015 and has been riddled with Injuries from 2017-2019 who now is washed up 31-32 Years old as his Body brok down…
      It took new Ownership and HC to turn the page on the Cam Newton Era
      There’s a Whole new Group in Carolina Now and they are doing good things but will take a while just as it will for both the Falcons, Lions…
      if you need an example on how to turn around a losing situation, look at whatCleveland has done .and what the Bills have done…
      Buffalo is a great model to use ..
      GM & HC under new ownership who allows them
      To do their jobs and continues to add good people and talented Players to their organization…
      I’ve always liked Sean McDermott and he’s grown into a very good NFL HC and their GM Billy Beane both came from that Panthers Super Bowl Teamof 2015 where thry went15-1 that Season

      • It’s only too long if it doesn’t work…. competitors compete! Idiots second guess and judge negatively. Panthers went 6-10 the season after the SB…. maybe they should have started then…. oops but they went 11-5 the next year…. break up then ? Easy from the zoo

        • Then 2 Years of injuries in 2018 & 2019
          with Cam Newton and that was all she wrote for the Panthers and for Cam Newton and began their rebuild a Year late, but are back on the right track now ..

          • Now they were trying to compete you negative asshole

  • Eric Church went to App State here in Boone and seen him a few times back when he was cutting his teeth as a performer, a nice fella

  • I love what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  • 4 Major Blunders by the Chiefs in the last 3 Minutes of the 1st Half

    1) Tyreke Hill running out of bounds on a short pass with 2:45 left

    2) Chiefs calling a Time-out on 3rd and 2 saving the Bucs a time out and stopping the Clock . Just get out of the half down 14-6

    3) Poor coverage by Breeland and Densive call/coverage on the Deep route to Evans…
    did Spags see what Brady did just before the half last week vs the Packer with a mob to Scotty Miller with 10 Seconds left..
    You cannot get beat deep there like that

    4) Pass Interference in the End-Zone by Matthieu where pass was overthrown and probably not catchable to begin with but he did not have his head around to ever see the flight of the ball and a questionable call by the refs in my opinion but Matthieu did interfere with the Receiver

  • Turn Out the Lights, this Game is Over,
    What a Disappointment
    Poor Clock Management in the first half along with Undisciplined Defense with way too many Penalties have reared their ugly head to Coach AR
    Maybe AR will Retire after this one and turn it over to Eric Bienemy where the Bucs HC Bruce Arians is expected to Retire if he Wins and turn the HC Job to with DC Todd Bowles or OC Byron Leftwich

    Meanwhile Brady Wins MVP and his 7th Super Bowl Championship … The GOAT who will Play another Year or Two or Three

    • Dummy are you even watching? Your toxic nature doesn’t even allow you to watch a game and see what is going on.
      The offensive line of KC is being exploited. Funny being behind with a bad OL makes a great QB look awful. So predictable…
      I wish people understood the game better

  • Eagles fans who whine, cry, want people traded or fired, who criticize without any knowledge please watch KCs incredible offense look silly… why… turmoil up front

    • Then adjust your Game plan when your OL is in turmoil?
      Run the Ball More, more shorter quick routes which were there early on when
      It was still a game
      The Bucs have a great Front 7 and simply man-handled the Chiefs OL but the Chiefs Game plan of next man up and we’ll keep doing what we do that AR loves to say and do obviously wasn’t working …
      Last 3 Minutes of the first half set the wheels in motion format a blowout ..
      instead of managing the clock and timeouts better, maybe it’s 14-10 at best or 14-6 at worst with getting thr 2nd Half Kick-off,
      Instead, poor execution and poor Defense, critical
      Penalties and its 21-6 at Halftine which emotionally for this Chiefs Team tonight was too much to overcome..
      I noticed 4-5 Chief Players losing their footing on the turf, throughout the Game ,
      perhaps not wearing long enough cleats to dig into the field..
      as a Tream thry lacked energy and urgency early on and never quite found that rhythm
      Defensively they were manhandled up from and their DB’s were giving pretty lame attempts at tackling Fournette/Jones as thry ran right at them and over them many times
      Another AR Team buoy on Speed and Finesse knocked in the teeth by the more Physical and fundamentally-sound and Disciplined Team…
      We as Eagles Fans have seen this many times during AR’s Tenure in Philly
      Chief Defensive Leaders in Chris Jones, Frank Clark and Tyranne Mathieu were invisible tonight ..
      Onto the 2021 Season

      Early AFC Frontrunners for Playoffs – Chiefs, Bills, Colts, Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Titans, with Chargers, Raiders & Dolphins knocking on the door

      NFC Frontrunners for Playoffs
      TB Bucs, Packers, Rams, Seahawks with lots of questions about the Saints, 49ers, Cowboys, Arizona, Washington FC, Bears, Giants,,Vikings and everyone else in a rebuilding Conference

      • Damn adjust your game plan… brilliant idea! I wonder why they didn’t think… so fir the last 2 weeks Reid and Bienemy worked all those hours snd never thought to adjust their game plan. You obviously aren’t serous

  • Andy’s blind spot strikes again. He gives his undeserving scum bag son a coaching job based on no merit but family ties. This kid sold heroin on the streets of southwest Philly for fun (his words ). Gives him a job knowing the risks of this derelict and this time the arrest impacting every single member on the team unlike his arrest in Philly as that was only a big red household prob.

    Other blind spot? Refusing to run. No matter ur talent it is always gonna bite ya. They have a stud rb in Clyde and a bruiser in bell and week after week after week never give them the ball. Of course is so damn good he masked it but they ran into a buzz saw and Reid didn’t and couldn’t adjust (as always).

    God a dislike big red

    • your dislike clearly clouds your judgement! So you honestly think a guy with 221 regular season wins and 32 playoff wins didn’t adjust? Didn’t try to counter what the other team was doing? AS for the running game, I can only assume you didn’t watch the game??? They got down 14=6 early to a team (playing at home) that is very explosive. The game dictated it.
      As for the son. I too am critical of Andy doing that but it had zero impact on the game.
      Your comment is so ridiculous you may be a nom de plume for Paul

      • correction 17 playoff wins

      • nah im not clouded. yea i have eyes and ears and a brain he definitely did not adjust just like he never did in philly. meaningful halftime adjustments weren’t made.

        as for the running game 14-6 doesn’t dictate stopping running especially when you get the ball to open the 2nd half. lets talk about running though.

        drive 1 – 0 run plays called
        drive 2 – 4 out of 8 plays runs~!
        drive 3 – 0 run plays
        drive 4 – 1 run play
        drive 5 – 0 run plays

        its what reid does and always has. there was no reason to not run first half. mahomes is as good as they come (less the goat) but ya gotta run

        oh wait i missed andy’s 3rd blind spot – TIME OUTS!!!!!!!! the moron called time outs for tampa like a god damn idiot on the last drive of the half. That greedy pig idiot thought he was gonna stop the goat in a 2 minute drill with 1 minute on the clock and 1 timeout for Brady and this imbecile is calling timeouts for BRADY wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I have seen Brady do this 10 trillion times as has everyone else and Reid calls timeouts for him thus enabling them to up 2 scores rather than 1 td. you could see tampa was fully content with going into half up 8 but reid wasn’t ok with being down 1 td and the ball coming to him. Its idiotic to make that call.

        last of course reids son had an impact on the game you stupid? he directly coached 6 players on defense and they lost their position coach 3 days before the game. i am certain he built relationships with other coaches and non-linebacker players who this impacted in some ways too. it impacted the D completely as a coach was missing during critical planning stages. I would guess big red was impacted huge too i mean his kid is looking at possibly 10 years if this kid dies but i am not certain on this. bottom line it impacted every single coach, player, exec and staff in someway shape or form

        • Actually dummy he is the OLB assistant coach… they really only have ONE guy in that position group..Damien Wilson who had 10 tackles with one behind the LOS! There is another guy named Hitchens that plays some OLB.. so Reid essentially coaches one guy and he had a great game so just stop

          • All that said AND Britt Reid is an asshole. Spoiled brat asshole! I hope he goes to prison for a long time! His role on the chiefs is so insignificant…. OLB coach during game day (and in retrospect he did miss final walthroughs) does so little and there are sooo many defensive coaches… and the OLB played well anyway…
            I’m not defending Reid’s asshole behavior I’m saying his absence didn’t impact the game.
            I think the chiefs internal investigation is going to be harsh and could impact AR directly

  • I had made a comment earlier about wondering what Patrick Mahomes would look like if he lost all his weapons or 14 out of 16 offensive lineman.

    The man lost both his tackles and look what happens. And that’s with all his weapons still around him.

    People just don’t understand what Carson had to deal with. People don’t care either. Hard to believe a short three years ago we had our Super Bowl head coach and now he’s gone over injuries

    If Carson can go to a team and they can protect him he’s going to be an elite quarterback again

    • Wentz will re-group and play well again in the NFL, It’s just wouldn’t happen in Philly as he’s too scrutinized and brought too much Drama to himself over the last couple of years and would be looking over his shoulder every Int or bad game if he stayed in Philly , there’s nothing with having to move on to better yourself …

  • True dat
    people are dumb– some people on here think AR and Bienemy (the hot name) made NO ADJUSTMENTS– what drunken idiots they are! Sometimes when you don’t have the horses you can’t make it up the hill.

    • After about midway thru the 3rd Quarter, Mahomes was rolling out immediately play after play and many times before he even had to and had little success with the Roll-Out most of the Game as your cut the field in half and Tampa’s Defense and Coverages just flooded and smothered the Receivers when only having to cover a half-field — When Mahomes stayed in Pocket and had options, they moved the ball thru the middle of the field with the TE Kelce, who had a huge drop early on a 3rd Down Play which stopped a Drive, or some delayed Crossing Routes… Did not see Sammy Watkins out there until very late in the Game, Did not see D Robinson out there at all… Saws lots of Pringle and Hardeman at WR

      Tampa Bay just Out-Coached and Out-Played them and it wasn’t a very competitive game
      Tampa had Successful First Downs all game long which prevented the Chiefs to really ever get them to 2nd and or 3rd and Long Situations where they can Blitz which is when the Chiefs Defense is at their best
      Sitting back in their Base Defense , they were no match for the physicality on the Bucs OL and RB’s
      #21 (Breeland) must have gotten run over 6-8 times last night where the Bucs ran it right at him..
      #32 Honeybadger had a Terrible Game on the Back End
      #95 DT Chris Jones was Invisible most of the Game as was DE Frank Clark – These are their Leaders and Best Players on Defense and none of them showed up to play…. Why ? How Knows, but I know what my eyes tell me and the Bucs negated these Players and took advantage of Honeybadger over aggresiveness all game long

    • Then you create another Path !! Chiefs failed to do so and kept trying to do the same thing over and over
      and was a complete disaster…

  • Too Early 2021 NFC Rankings as of Rosters Today and current Cap Situation

    1) TB Bucs
    2) GB Packers
    3) LA Rams
    4) Seattle
    5) NO Saints
    6) Arizona
    7) Cowboys
    8) 49ers
    9) Washington FC
    10) Vikings
    11) NY Giants
    12) Carolina Panthers
    13) Chicago Bears
    14) EAGLES
    15) Atlanta
    16) Detroit

  • To the “he got outcoached” and “they made no adjustments” crowd– you really missed your calling! position coaches make about $400K a year– although you guys should be OC and make $1 Mill–
    get off your coach– It would be exciting to coach at a high level and you guys obviously know a lot more than AR and Bienemy

    • The Chiefs could not Stop the Tampa Bay Bucs Offense all Game and had no answers for them
      Offensively, the Chiefs couldn’t do much either versus the TB Bucs Defense..
      Completely Out-Classed and Out-Focused & Coached all Game long on both sides of the Ball
      The Chiefs left their Brains and Legs in Kansas City for they were Flat all game.. It happens when one Team is playing at its Highest Level and Executing their Game Plan perfectly while the other Team is struggling to find a rhythm or anything positive out there.. The Chiefs looked like the Eagles , Poor Tackling, Penalties, Sacks, Poor OL Protection, QB Holding onto the Ball, Running backwards a few times losing even more yardage, little separation from Defenders and then questionabll Play Calls and Execution on the most important Downs on 3rd Down and in the Red-Zone…

  • Paulman’s Early Predictions on 2021 Records

    Cowboys 10-6
    Washington FC 9-7
    NY Giants 7-9
    EAGLES 5-11

    NFC North
    Packers 12-4
    Vikings 9-7
    Bears 7-9
    Lions 5-11

    NFC South
    Tompa Bay 12-4
    NO Saints 10-6
    Carolina 7-9
    Falcons 4-12

    NFC West
    LA Rams 11-5
    Seahawks 10-6
    Arizona 8-7-1
    49ers 7-8-1

  • its looking more and more like the Eagles will be going QB with the 6th Pick and Sources have the Eagles Coaches very High on QB Justin Fields of Ohio State, Fields is 6-3″ & 228lbs and a Bigger, Stronger Version of Jalen Hurts
    Both will battle it out during the Summer , Exciting Times ahead

    At 20th with the Pick from the Bears in the Wentz Deal – The Eagles Select WR Kadarius Toney of Florida who at 6-0′ 195 becomes the Future Outside Target for the Eagles as Jalen Reagor gets moved inside to the Slot where he actually belongs and the WR Corp will be Toney and Fulgham on the Outside with Reagor inside as the the Slot WR with Receivers Quez Watkins and John Hightower as Back-Ups
    Hightower will basically be the Back-up out on the Outside, while Quez Watkins will learn all Positions and primarily be Reagors Back-up at the Slot Position but also see some action on the Outside too
    Room for 1 More Younger Big WR — JJAW I guess as he’s not expensive and will be on the 3rd Year of his Original Deal with the hopes of making an impact under new Coaching and Schemes

    Greg Ward, A Jeffrey, D-Jax and M Goodwin will all be Gone, Gone, Gone

  • EaglesDraft Scenarios if Wentz’s Deal goes thru

    #6 – WR J Chase (LSU 6-2 203Lbs)
    #20 – LB Z Collins (Tulsa 6-4 255lbs)

    # 6 – TE K Pitts (Florida 6-6 250lbs)
    #20 – CB Jaycee Horn (South Carolina 6-1 205lbs)

  • Continued (if they want to rebuild the Trenches)
    #6 – OL P Sewell (Oregon 6-5 305lbs)
    #20 – DT C Basham (Wake Forest 6-5 275lbs)

    If they wanted to upgrade Skills Position
    #6 – CB P Surtain Jr (Alabama 6-1 205lbs)
    #20 – WR K Toney (Florida 6-0 195lbs)

    If They wanted to Surprise Us Fans
    #6 – LB M Parsons (Penn State 6-3 245lbs)
    #20 – RB N Harris (Alabama 6-2 – 230lbs)

  • It’s not a very Deep Draft for Top-End Talent at the DT or Safety or even Pass-Rusher Position this Year but
    it a very Strong Draft Class at WR,OL,CB,RB with a Good Amount of QB Prospects between a few Starting Types and a decent group of solid Back-Up/Developmental QB’s – Draft from the Strength of the Draft Class and add Young Talent with every Selection

  • New Reports are that Owner Jeff Lurie now does not want to Trade Carson Wentz and wants to ride out the 2021/2022 Seasons with Wentz at the Helm to see if this New Coaching Staff can get Wentz back to a high level of Play and that he was only kidding when telling the Fans and Media that 2021 was going to be a Transition Year and he now says it’s all hands on Deck to try to Compete for and Win the Super Bowl in 20221-20222 …

    Meanwhile Agents for Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders along with New QB Coach Chris Johnson. have all asked the Team for Trades and Outs of their Contracts to Pursue other Organizations … This is turning too weird…

  • Final SB thoughts- Anyone who has played sports at a reasonably high level will have been involved in a game where nothing worked. You just got beat. The other team came to play, maybe caught a break, caught fire or whatever and you got smoked. No excuses, no real fault of your own you just got beat– trashed. It may have been against a team that if you played 10 times you could win 5 or even more but today you got trounced. Everything you tried didn’t work, everything they tried worked- if you have ANY IDEA ABOUT SPORTS (most of you don’t) it happens- tip your hat and move on- The game earlier in the year KC had 550 yards of offense and cruised to a win even tho TB got a couple of 4th quarter meaningless scores- just happens- tip your hat.
    Its not ‘out coached’ or “they wanted it more”– it comes down to a steamroll of the moon and stars aligning-
    I still think some of you guys should go coach….

    • I will make it simpler HAC. Tom Brady is the GOAT and I don’t mean the NFL GOAT I mean he is the GOAT of all sports.

  • In the never ending as the QB turns a very interesting thing was reported (I didn’t catch who) BUT this person said Carson is talking to people in Nova care except Howie… Sirianni and Lurie but it’s Howie… poster HAC reported awhile back that he felt it wasn’t Carson v Doug… it was Carson + Doug V Howie! HAC also said interesting how the teams that want Carson are all Doug guys… if Carson and Doug were at war why would Doug guys want Carson … damn HAC

    • Fuck Carson Wentz. Guys a bitch. He don’t wanna be here. Fuck eeeeem. He stinks. He’s soft. He’s injury prone. He’s not a leader. Take his meth sore face and gtfoh. We should’ve traded him and kept foles long ago.

      • Well he’s been healthy the last 2 years save a cheap shot concussion. How do you know he doesn’t want to be here? You obviously don’t speak to him personally as you hate him. He hasn’t said it in the press. Soft? Dude played with a broken back… my guess is you are a doughboy yourself.
        Oh you are a Foles guy? The guy whose been traded, lost his job to about 10 different guys… right… keep Foles… what a dummy

        • Foles was the biggest reason the Eagles ever even Won the Super Bowl
          If he wasn’t in Philly in 2017, they never would have Won the Lombardi Trophy,
          And If he wasn’t in Philly in 2018 they wouldn’t have made the Post-Season as he took over for Wentz once again and beat the Bears and took the Saints down to the Wire in the Divisional Round
          In 5 Straight Playoff Games in 2017/2018 Foles led the Underdog Eagles victorious in 4 of the 5 Games including the Super Bowl
          Carson Wentz would have not accomplished this nor would the Eagles Eagles Won a Super Bowl without Nick Foles and this is the reality when looking back, Foles is no longer a Starter in NFL but could be a great mentor and soundboard for Jalen Hurts as his Backup for 2021..

          • I love Foles…. BUT …. time to move on…. 17 is long gone… new era. Too many idiot fans mistake Foles for a top QB… he is far from it. As stated in a previous post sometimes the moon and stars align… invite him back for the 10 year anniversary

            • “Carson Wentz would not have accomplished this”. There is no way of knowing this… can’t prove hypotheticals… that’s the way a 9 year old debates…

              • Has Carson ever won a meaningful Game ? He’s never even completed or Won a Playoff Game so what gives You or any other Fan the confidence that he goes on and Wins 3 Straight Playoff Games and all as Underdogs in 2017 as Nick Foles , No F’n Way..
                If Wentz is so clutch, then why has he Won so little during the 2019 & 2020 Seasons where he led the Team to a 12-16-1 Record over his 29 until he played himself to the Bench? A Champion, Franchise QB, True Leader doesn’t have to go thru this for 2 Seasons does he ? If you want to call the 2019 9-7 Record and a NFC EAST Title and Wildcard Spot a great accomplishment in 2019,
                then go ahead and do so in what was a garbage Division in 2019 & 2020.. Wow a 4 Game December Win Streak with 2 come from behind Wins versus the Giants/Washington FC with lame Duck Coaches and Organizations going thru re-build mode…
                And you think this Guy deserves Franchise Level Top $$$ ..

              • paul ur dealing with fugazis married to the names on the jerseys instead of the symbol on the front. wentz blows and everyone with a brain, eyes and ears knows this.

  • At the time Eagles should’ve kept foles and moved foles when his value was through the roof. And the drop off of Wentz to foles was minimal if not non existent. I’ll gladly take foles back now as a back up.

    Also hac have you been living under a rock? Wentz don’t wanna be here as noted in the 500,000 articles and tweets from every nfl reporter on gods green earth. So unless every nfl reporter on gods green earth is a stone cold liar he don’t wanna be here

    • he may not want to be here BUT he hasn’t said it— its not that they are liars but its all anonymous and could be click bait.
      I’m not sure when you think foles had value– you indicate “should’ve kept foles and moved foles when his value was through the roof”— his value was never through the roof

      • It ain’t click bait yaIdiot. He requested a god damn trade he don’t wanna be here. Entitled soft ass bitch

        • You’ve seen that with quotes? Publish it.

          • yea the whole entire world is just lying that he demanded a trade. lmfao

      • Typo meant Wentz value through roof

        • So…. You are saying they should have traded Wentz in 18? Signed foles to a franchise QB contract? good idea genius…good idea. So you were on the keep foles trade wentz bandwagon…. brilliant- get out of here.
          As for demanding a trade…. lot of that going around. The new NFL- it sucks– QBs whining everywhere.

          • can you read? Who said anything about a franchise qb contract? He was under team control all we had to do was exercise the option and then trade wentz for like 3 firsts. and yea i was certainly on keep foles bag wentz because i have eyes, ears, and a brain. he is and was the better qb. he delivered a title. he earned the job. but the org chose upside over game play. was a hard call at the time but yea i called and wanted foles here and pig pen gone mostly cuz i knew wentz was trash and he wasnt a leader of men

            • You Mr. Strawberry are in the WRONG BUSINESS– you should be definitely be running a company worth over a billion dollars!

      • His Silence says everything, Wentz doesn’t want to play for the Eagles Organization period ..
        Not every Athlete is going to like the Organization, the People in it, or the Crazy Local Media and Fans
        or the City,Weather, etc,etc . Some don’t want to deal with all the Drama that is Philadelphia Sports and especially the Eagles where it’s 24/7 – 12 Months a Year … It happens and that is fine, but if he doesn’t want to Compete to Earn his Job Back and Teammates Trust, then Send his Ass Packing …

        • ‘send his ass packing”…. seems like thats what they’ll do. So why the anger and vitriol?

  • anger and toxicity is your middle name–
    its a shame it really is. you look at every single thing and nitpick the negative– remember the perfect games? the championships that you talked crap about? now its division titles– pathetic.

  • Breaking News on Teams Current Interest, Offers

    Chicago Bears have decided to move in another Direction and are no longer interested in acquiring Carson Wentz per sources, they are likely to purse Derek Carr or work thru addressing QB in the Draft/Free-Agency

    The Colts Offer of a 2nd Round Pick in both the 2021 and 2022 Draft’s still stands as of today but will not be on the table for too long as the Colts need to figure out their QB Situation soon and GM Ballard is not going to Pay more, In fact he may take the second 2nd Round Pick in the 2022 Draft off his Offer soon

    NE Pats are the Mystery Team
    NE Patriots are now Offering a 2nd Round in 2021 and RB Sony Michell and 2022 4th Round Pick

    Carolina Panthers are only interested in a Trade if the Eagles take Tedy Bridgewater and his $23 Million Salary in 2021 in Return which the Eagles will not do so they are out

    Washington FC is Interested and even willing to Trade their First Round PIck for Wentz, But Howie/Lurie do not want to Trade Wentz to a NFC Divisional Opponent regardless of how the Return may be

    Raiders Offering Two 2nd Round Picks (2021 and 2022) and a Player

    49ers HC Shanahan is not enthralled with Wentz for his System and wants a more athletic, smarter QB to give up any Draft Capital for

    Broncos like Wentz but are not clear what they are willing to Give Up and are more likely to Draft a QB Prospect to battle with Drew Lock as their Roster has many holes to fill

    I was told,texted that the Eagles are actually getting more request and better Offers for Jalen Hurts than Carson Wentz…

  • To the Carson haters:
    Brady left a place cuz he didn’t like the team
    Watson– whine much?
    Rodgers- whined at seasons end
    Wilson- whining now!
    Stafford- wanted to be traded
    Goff- traded
    Prescott- YIKES
    Oakland, SF, Pitt, NO, Chi, Colts, WFT, Giants, Jets, NE, CARolina, JAX, Denver– ALL IN A STATE OF FLUX.

    • And only in Philly is this QB issue spoke about ad nausuem , every single day and night during the Off-Season
      Other Teams Fans will worry about their Football Teams when Free-Agency/Draft comes around
      but Sports Talk and Sports Opinion Shows, Blogs, Radio Shows are a Cottage Industry in the Philly area
      and non-stop 24 Hes/7 Days so the Drama will always come across worse than it is …

      Wentzs Wants Out- What the Reason’s are we’ll never probably know and nor does it really matter
      The Team is trying to get the Best Value back in return, It is what it is, but the longer this Drags out and the
      more stories about Wentz keep dribbling out with him disregarding Authority and Coaching and just the overall lack of accountability is a worse look for Wentz then him just having a crappy 2020 Season and his Value is dropping every day or two with his arrogance and overall aloofness to everything going on..

  • #1 Overall Drsft Pick Trevor Lawrence is complaining about the Jaguars Uniforms and says he’s not wearing Teal anything out in Public… Ownership is studying new Uniform Designs and Colors which need NFL Approval

    • QBs have been paying attention to the Diva WR and NBA players.

      • It will only get worse and a reflection of Society in General
        Everyone wants Everything immediately and without have to Work for it and just have to learn that Great Achievements/Success in whatever we do takes time and experience with maturity..
        In today’s time, as soon as things,conditions, circumstances get difficult and tough, too many people want to bale out.. Its sad to see but the NFL is no different than most of the attitudes,behaviors that are prevalant in Society in General..

  • No– try the Fan in NY dummy! check out 98.5 in boston…. the dumbest thing you’ve uttered in a long line of dumb things. watch ESPN for an hour and you will hear: Wilson not happy, Rodgers fired a shot across the bow of the packers, Wentz wants out, Watson, Watson, WATSON—

    The ‘philly fan’ stuff — 50 years old– christ there was a guy in Chicago that had to go into exile for touching a foul ball– I saw a huge fight in the stands in san antonio at a 1/4 full hooops game. Philly fans claim to be knowledgeable — they are no more so than any other- as a matter of fact as evidence by the opinions here and WIP they are quite stupid. — athletes -NONE OF THEM- give a shit what fans say.

    • Apparently Carson Wentz cares what Fans & the Local Media Says ..

      • based on??? He told you that? cuz I’ve not seen one thing about that-
        I’d say he cares what howie has said/done- like drafting hurts, putting Jeffrey on game day roster….

        • Wentz doesn’t like how quickly the Fans have turned on him and doesn’t feel safe living in the area with his Young Wife and Baby.. It is what it is , Wentz doesn’t want to put his Family thru the Philly Gutter and have any issues … He just wants to Play Ball but that’s not what the Fans/Local Media care about sometimes and want more,more,more of an Athlete and Wentz
          is like F-This, Get me out of Town…

          • What a dummy!
            Fans were brutal to Jaws and he’s belived… and there is a long list!

            • That was 40 + Years before Blogs, You Tube Opinionists, 24/7 Coverage, Hello are You there!!
              It’s only been recent that Randall and AR are now beloved by most Philly Fans and even many are coming around on D McNabb… Time Heals for most long tenured Athletes by their Fans

              • ridiculous- Embiid, Harper, Jimmy, Ryan, Chase– have all been booed as has every player in every town–
                Athletes are beloved, they don’t read Gcobb or listen to WIP — you continue to prove your retardation.

              • yea nobody booed embiid ever. but I dont expect you to acknowledge because you dont talk to people you talk at them. everyone is always wrong but hac. honestly why are you here? why do you engage people if you are never open to others opinions or facts?

  • Top 10 List on why Carson Wentz Wants Out

    1) Carson Wentz does not Like or Trust Howie Roseman
    2) Carson Wentz did not like the Draft Selection of Jalen Reagor or Jalen Hurts in last Years Draft
    3) Carson Wetnz did not like the Keeping Alshon Jeffrey on the Roster by Howie Roseman in 2020
    4) Carson Wentz did not like the Local Media continuing to pick on him and say he has poor practice habits, isn’t Coachable, or Kill Plays when he feels like it
    5) Carson Wentz did not like Coach Pedersen’ Game-Planning and Play Calling which basically lacked Creativity or any of real movement
    6) Carson Wentz hates the Eagles White Pants and White Jersey Uniforms making him look a “husky size”
    7) Carson Wentz hates the Rounded numerals on their Game Jerseys stating that they are to feminine looking
    8) Carson Wentz hates “Cheeze Wiz” added to any of his Sandwiches or Fries and prefers melted 100% Real Wisconsin Cheese
    9) Carson Wentz hates the Traffic on 676 on both the Jersey and PA side and thinks he’s wasting too much of his life stuck in traffic when he could be doing something else
    10) Carson Wentz believes the local media are out to get him and make fun of his religious lifestyle and make him to be a kook ball , Tim Tebow Type …

    Wentz is a Mid-Westerner and wants to be left alone and just assimilate to his Community, Church and Team and he simply doesn’t feel he can do this in Philadelphia which he’s probably correct with this at this point
    Indianapolis, where I lived from 1987-1993 would be perfect Sports Town for Wentz as would Kansas City, ,Minnesota, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Denver… Chicago is a demanding Sports Town but fair and is not as rough and unforgiven as Philly, NY & Boston are which are the most difficult Cities ad Franchises to Play For ..
    Some relish it and thrive in these Big Cities while many others suffer and struggle because of it …

  • New Reports have the Eagles talking to the Seahawks about a big trade involving Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson, Right now the Eagles are Offering their #6 Overall Pick, QB Wentz, OL I Suemalo and a 5th Round Pick
    in 2021 for QB Russell Wilson and their 3rd Round Pick in the 2022 Draft

    • Seahawks Say No to the Eagles Trade Proposal

      • Seahawks say suck my balls

  • actually you are correct about the booing of Embiid– He has however been roundly criticized in the press and the radio for being oft injured, soft and a bit of a hotdog. He is routinely called out for load management etc.
    So there you go he isn’t booed —
    As for the other stuff I just call out whiny fans who look at things from a very narrow perspective. Who say things out of emotion and who don’t understand or know the game. simple

    • And by the way paulman is in fact always wrong! When you put out several sides of the same story by definition you are wrong A LOT.

    • and when you say he has been criticized by the press and radio you me YOU; you criticized him and roasted him over and over and over again. YOU YOU YOU

      Fact is Joel Embiid is the greatest sixer that I have ever watched and he is just now hitting his prime. this team is nice.

      • You has criticized him. You thinks he’s been as soft as cotton. You doesn’t understand why he misses games for a sore pinky. Sports radio, sports writers and many sports fans agree with you.
        You thinks the process built a soft and losing culture. You loves the sixers but doesn’t think they are anywhere close to WINNING a title. You KNOWS that there are going to struggle to get out of the East

  • Sky is falling in Seattle– Wilson pissing off management, calling out team mates etc!
    Sky is falling in Dallas where Prescott was not on the teams promotional video meaning management is sending some sort of message about his future!
    Chicago coach/Gm on the hot seat and moving on from a first round QB
    Jets????? Spent the third pick in the draft on Darnold and now have the second pick and will probably blow it on a QB
    Colts have a good team and no QB
    SF no confidence in Jimmy G who had them in SB a couple years ago.
    NO No QB????
    Dark horse trade rumor– Wentz to Vegas for a 1 and Mariotta

  • New Eagles Rumor

    Both Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz are Traded to the NY Jets for their #27th Pick in the First Round and their #91st Overall Pick in the 3rd Round with a Conditional 3rd/4th Round Selection in 2022
    The Eagles do not receive QB Sam Darnold in Return as the Jets are Trading him in a separate Deal to the 49ers or Raiders for Draft Capital ..

    Eagles Now Have the Following 5 Draft Selections in the first 3 Rounds of the 2021 Draft

    1st – #6th – TE Kyle Pitts (Florida 6-6 255lbs)
    1st – #27th – ILB Nick Bolton (Missouri 6-0 235lbs)
    2nd -#38th – CB Jaycee Horn (South Carolina 6-1 205lbs)
    3rd – #70th – RB Kenneth Gainewell (Memphis 5-11 195lbs)
    3rd – #91st – Safety Andre Cisco (Syracuse 6-0 210lbs)

    The Rest of the Draft the Eagles look for Depth at DL/OL/WR Positions

    • Add one starting caliber player to that trade and its a lock- as for the picks that sounds very good– 9-7 and a wild card birth. I’m in

      • Checking the NY Jets Starting and Current Roster and not sure there are really any Good Starters that they will agree willing to give up?
        Their Best Players re Young Home Grown Talent like OL Bechton, WR Mims, Safety Marcus Maye
        The Jets would probably want to Dump vetran LB CJ Mosley with his Declining Play and Big Contract but I can’t see the Eagles being interested in him

        Maybe the Jets can send RB Josh Adams back the Eagles …

        • Then add a round 4

          • Eagles already Received a Conditional Pick in 2022 Draft (Rd 3 or 4) which is enough in Return for Wentz/Ertz in order to get this Trade Done ..

            Current Reports have the Bears out and focusing on other QB’s

            The Colts are standing pat and Offering a 2nd Round Pick in 2021
            and a Future 2nd or 3rd Round Pick in 2022 so Howie is losing Leverage the longer this drags out and as more Teams look at other options

            Only the Broncos have shown mild interest but have a lot of Free-Agents to decide on and may be in a full re-build mode again with a New GM in charge of the Roster now

            Panthers and Washington FC have no Interest at all in Wentz

            • The losin leverage thing is a false narrative … several in the know people said no leverage lost until mid March… anyone saying that or reporting that is coming from the bears, colts or anyone still involved. As for what has or hasn’t been offered NOT ONE PERSON in the media or on a blog has a CLUE as to what’s been offered … no definitive offers have been published ….

              • This we do know, there has not been a 1st Round Pick Offered to the Eagles from either the Bears or the Colts as part as any Compensation Package so the likelihood that the Roseman Demand of Two 1st Rounders in Return is just not very likely to happen .. In fact, if there any is a 1st Round Pick in Compensation, to the Eagles, then its from a Team in the bottom half of the First Round and not a Top 12-15 Draft Pick, My Guess is leaning towards the Jets who had 5 Picks in the first 3 Rounds but are in a rebuild mode so its kind of stupid them pursuing QB Wentz at this time with an eye of seeing how Darnold performs with good Coaching or going with a Young QB with their #2 Overall Pick like Miller/Fields

                Patriots make the Most Sense as they are sitting there at #15 which means they are not likely to get one of the Top 3-4 QB Prospects, unless they move up into the Top 6-10 Position which would likely cost them more Draft Capital than if they made a trade to the Eagles for Wentz.. Moving up in Draft for a Top QB Prospects is multiple 1st & 2nd Round Draft Picks more times than not
                OC Josh McDaniel has Studied and Prepared a detailed Plan on how to fix Wentz which he produced during his 10-12 Hour
                Interview with Lurie about the Eagles HC Position

                Colts also make Sense but Howie is going to have to be satisfied with Receiving a 2nd Round Pick in 2021 and a 2nd or 3rd in 2022
                for that’s all GM Ballard is going to give up , unless the Eagles toss in TE Zach Ertz and or one of their Own Draft Picks (#3rd Rounder) , then maybe they can get the Colts 1st Round in 2021 (21st Overall) as the Colts/Frank Reich would love to have Ertz as their Pass-Receiving Target for Wentz
                Remember the Colts traded their First Round Pick last Draft (25th Overall) to the 49ers for DE Deforest Buckner which worked out for both as the 49ers couldn’t afford to keep him Salary wise and the Colts needed a Stud DT in the middle of their Defense,
                so the Colts are not opposed to trading away a First Round Pick if they are confident that they are getting a Pro-Bowl Player in Return
                I don’t believe Carson Wentz is anywhere close to a Pro-Bowl QB
                so therefore the 2nd Round Value for him is what most Teams & GM are thinking the Eagles deserve in return

                Once the Start of the 2021 NFL Calendar Season Begins March 16th
                then the build-up for Free-Agency and the Draft will begin which occuers in late April so Team will ramp up their Draft Evaluations, attend College Work Days if there are any and really complete their due diligence on all available PLayers in Free-Agency and the Players available in the upcoming Draft, but make no mistake the Good Teams are wanting to get their QB situation settled and their own respective Startegies and PLans sooner rather then later
                Take a look at both the Rams/Lions who now know their QB situation for the 2021 Season and possibly beyond so now they can focud their Energies over the nexy 60-90 Days to how to build around their Starting QB which ius huge as there are so many NFL Tetams that have no idea who their Starting QB will be in 2021 and thats a real danger zone to be in in terms of who best fits around this QB whether its Free-Agency, or Players in the Draft ..
                Is he a Mobile QB or a Pocket QB, How much RPO do we implement if any, Do we need Speed Receivers or the Bigger stronger Type of Possession Receivers, Will we employ more 12-Man Formations or go with 4 Wide Receivers a with upbeat-tempo
                Most of things are determined who your Coaches area along with the Talents and Skill Set of your QB which is why we will see Teams move quicker than ever before to get their QB’s Situation settled and then there is the cloud of Covid limiting the off-season workouts so the more familiarity with Coaches and Schemes will make a difference for some Teams and Players

  • Breaking News from Kansas City

    OLB Coach Britt Reid, is no longer employed by the KC Chiefs
    Britt Reid was involved in a Motor Accident last Thursday before the Super Bowl in where a Young Girl was seriously Injured and currently facing life and death situation and challenges
    Britt Reid admitted to having “2-3 Drinks” before Driving Home and will very likely face some Criminal and or Civil Charges from this Incident down the Road

    A very strong possibility at Big Red hangs it up as his Family and Poor Wife have been thru a lot of turmoil and tragedy over the Years.. I believe we’ll see Eric Bienemy as HC with Mike Kafka as the OV and possibly a New DC come in to replace Steve Spagnolo as the Chiefs shake up their Staff a little

  • MId-March will be too late for the Eagles to make a move, they need to nail down a Deal in the next 7-10 Days which wont become “Official” to Mid March but too many other QB’s will be out there for the Teams to make moves for … Time is Leverage and the Time is now, if not, i could see Wentz returning to Philly but not sure who this would work with the New Coaching Staff and many Players in the Locker Room and would only further decrease the Value if not moved by Free-Agency, Pre-Draft Run up

    • Not according to ex GM Mike Tannenbaum, ray didinger, Louis Riddick…. but I guess you know better…they say there is little advantage to doing it … all say if they get their price today take it, if it’s March take it….
      They all say everything you hear now is misinformation from one camp or another…. but like I said you are really plugged into the trucking industry

  • “Here’s what we do know…” stop reading there because you don’t know anything… neither do I … no one in the media has any idea what REALLY has been offered….

    • Me and My Sources Do Know, We’ve been down this road before …

      • Aaah they’ve been doing the negotiations in the trucking dispatch office…

        • No Trucks here where I work, I’m strictly a “Freight-Broker” which is a “middle-man”,
          a logistics service provider between Customers (Shippers/Consignees)and the Trucking Companies that actually Haul the Shipments which I arrange and coordinate for a Fee..
          I can work out of a Phone Booth in Salt Lake City If needed to, All I need is Computer,Printer,Scanner, Phone and my Customer and Carrier Call Books and I’m good to go as we handle carious Customers in different segments of Transportation whether is full Truckloads, LTL, Air-Freight and even International Shipments via Vessel’s from Food Products, to Dry Goods, Medical Supplies, Manufacturing and Raw Materials to Building Materials, Packaging, Containers whether its Refrigerated Vans, Dry vans, Flatbeds, Ste-Decks, Trains, Planes or Boats… Never Ending Forms and Ways of Transportation, I believe
          something like 1 in 6 People in the Country work in some form or fashion when it comes to Transportation .. Whats the Cheapest way to get Goods and Services around the Country ?
          Its still is by using a Truck, Transportation is definitely not a high glamour Occupation, but its a very important part of our National and Regional Economies and tied into so much whether its Farming, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Building Materials, Grocery Stores and Food Restaurant Supply Distribution, Retail, Medical and Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines…. Never Ending .. Rate Negotiations, Market Knowledge, Industry knowledge, Supply and Demand Swings, Fuel Costs, Cost Of Labor and Equipment, Time Involved all go into it ….
          Its like putting a puzzle together on Hourly and Daily basis.. Keeps me Young at Heart …

  • QB’s that have gotten or still getting more Calls and better Compensation Packages than Carson Wentz

    1) Matt Stafford
    2) DeShaun Watson
    3) Russell Wilson
    4) Derek Carr
    5) Sam Darnold
    6) Marcus Mariotta
    7) Kirk Cousins
    8) Jimmy Garappolo
    9) Jalen Hurts – Yes Jalen Hurts
    10) Matt Ryan

    Carson Wentz is quickly falling into the Cam Newton, Mitch Trubinsky, Blake Bortles, Mike Glennon,
    Tedy Bridgewater Tier of QB’s around the NFL

  • Owner Lurie Invites both Carson Wentz and Howie Roseman to fly down to his Place in Florida and get their relationship straightened out and to decide on a Plan moving forward …

    Neither has gotten back to Lurie as of 4pm Eastern… Lurie is getting pissed !!

  • Agents for Free-Agent QB’s around the NFL are stating their Clients are getting many Calls of Interest
    Dak Prescott, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andrew Dalton, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Jacoby Brissett, Tyrod Taylor, Mitchell Trubinsky, CJ Beathard are all out there on top of the disgruntled QB’s who are under Contract

    • Most of those guys are NOT UNDER CONTRACT

      • Yes I said “Free-Agents QB’s” in the first Sentence ?
        All of the Above QB are Free-Agents and not under contract to any Team ?
        C’Mon Man !!!

        • The last sentence contradicts the first.

          • The other “disgruntled QB’’s under Contract” or Teams that are unhappy with their current QB situation are the ones everyone already knows about ? Wentz,Watson, Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson, Garrapolo, Darnold, Carr and Bridgewater and I didn’t think I needed to list them as they’ve all been in the news plenty the last couple of Weeks

  • Latest Counter Offer from the Colts

    Colts send their 1st Rd Pick (21st Overall) and a Conditional 3rd Rounder in 2022 Draft for both QB Wentz and TE Ertz and the Eagles 2nd Round pick in 2021 (#38th Overall)

    It’s in Howies Hands now and a real steal for the Colts, Value wise, but Howie can claim that he got a 1st Rounder in Return to save a little face ..

  • Bears are Out and the Narket is Drying up for Wentz, The Eagles may be better off to Trade Wentz and Ertz in separate deals and won’t get a 1st Round in Return but maybe they can receive 2-3 Picks in the 2nd thru 4th Rounds for more Overall Selections for 2021 as they transition to a new era
    The Eagles 2nd and3rd Round Picks are the 6th Selection in each Round and could turn out as very food players for the Future instead of Howie being hung up on getting a 1st in Return for Wentz or a package deal

  • New Report from Indy
    GM Ballard of the Colts wants LT A Dillard as part of any Wentz Deal instead of Zach Ertz, their long time LT A Constanzo retired after this season and they have no quality LT on their current Roster, The Colts are targeting a future LT with that #21 Selection of the 1st Round which is why they are reluctant to move it. reportedly Howie is offering them Jordan Mailata instead of Dillard !!

    You heard it hear first !!

  • More Eagles Draft and Roster News
    Eagles are Targeting QB Justin Fields with their Top Pick and may Trade up to do so which is why its so important to obtain as much Draft Capital in the Wentz Deal as possible and for other Players who I’m hearing on the trade Block besides the obvious Zach Ertz.. Other Players that can be Traded – Derek Barnett, Barrett Brooks, Darius Slay and yes even Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson .. This will be complete Re-Build for the Future which is the smart way to go for the Eagles if they want they to consistently compete for Playoffs the next 3-5-7 Years
    With a new Young Coaching Staff in Palce, they have to get their Players ion here and not rely on the 30 Year Old + often Injured, Expensive Veterans that are currently here and on that are the downside of their NFL Careers. Defense will be a no name Group at first like the Colts were a few Seasons ago and they will re-build from there , The Offense has some young Playmakers on their side (Sanders,Goedart, Regaor, Watkins, Hurts) , but they need to develop and to become more consistent but the Eagles will be adding another young QB Prospect in this Draft to compete with Jalen Hurts and have at least 2 athletic, mobile QB’s on their Roster…
    It will be Hurts Team in 2021 starting out and he plays well then Hurts is the man while Fields can be Trade Bait for down the road, If Hurts struggles and shows little progress, than the Fields ERA will take over in 2022 and Hurts becomes the back-up or Trade Bait for 2022
    The Eagles are hoping not have this high of a Draft Pick anytime soon (#6th overall) and whenever you this close to the Top of the Draft, you simply have to select one of the Top QB Prospects unless you just don’t like any of them .. but the reality is that the Eagles don’t have a Settled QB situation and they can count on Jalen Hurts being that Guy so they will add another one into the Mix
    I see the Eagles Trading up from #6 to #3 (with the Dolphins) and using whatever pick they obtain in the Wentz Deal to secure QB Justin Fields if he’s still on the Board
    I believe Jets at #2 are going to select QB Z Wilson of BYU as he’s a more polished passer than Fields at this point of their development

    • ** Eagles Can’t count on Hurts being the Guy, not this soon anyway ..

  • NFL Teams starting to Release Highly Paid aging Players who’s Best Playing Days are behind them

    Texans Release DL JJ Watt
    Broncos Release CB AJ Bouie
    Raiders are Releasing WT Tyrell Williams
    Ravens moved on from RB Mark Ingram
    Eagles will be Releasing Alshon Jeffrey and Malik Jackson as a Post June 1st Designation so that they can spread out their Dead Cap $$ over 2 Seasons (2021 and 2022)
    Saints to move on from LT Armstead and Guard Nick Easton
    Saints to move on from LB Kwon ALexander
    Panthers to move on from Kawann Short
    Vikings to Move on from TE Kyle Rudolph
    Browns to Move on from WR OBJ
    Cowboys to Move on from LT Tyree Smith
    Giants to Move on from WR Golden Tate
    Chargers to Move on from Guard Trai Turner
    Texans to Move on from RB David Johnson
    Benglas to Move on from DT Geno Atkins
    Bears to Move on from TE Jimmy Graham
    Titans to Move on from WR Adam Humphries
    Vikings to Move on from LT Reily Reiff
    Broncos to Move on from DT Jurrell Casey
    Browns to Move on from TE D Njoku
    Bills to Move on from DE M Addison

    and many more Players will be added to this list including a couple more Eagles as the Trade Market will be very slow this Season and Teams will just move forward and cut/release as many Players sooner, rather than later

    • Its all about improving a Teams Salary Cap Situation

      One thing that always cracks me up on Eagles Blogs is that Howie Roseman is such a Genius in Figuring out how to manipulate the Cap which is total bullshit.. Howie’s Original Contracts and Restructures with Players is the biggest Reason they are in Salary Cap Hell to begin win.. and the Fact they they have missed in Recent Years
      Drafting Players at 2 Premium Positions (WR and CB) which has caused the Eagles to have to over-pay in Free-Agency for these Positions … Look at the Dumb-Ass Deals they gave A Jeffrey, D-Jax and Darius Slay
      If they hit on their Draft Pcks at these Skills Position, then they wouldn’t have to go out and Trade away Draft capital or Signe Free-Agents to over-Market Deals and everyone thinks Roseman is so good with Trades and Contracts, Give me a Break, He’s been Bad at this and the Draft for Years..

      • Except:
        Paulman Returns says:
        March 19, 2020 at 3:26 pm
        Nice Pick-up for CB D Slay

        • Not his Contract Extension Contract though…

          • You can’t trade for the guy who had an expiring contract and not extend him… see you enjoy the drafting but don’t like to anti up to stay at the table. Teams are in the market. There are prices to pay… it costs to stay in the game! You never want to pay anybody…. EVER…
            Bucs have about 8 FA all big time contributors… they gonna be in salary cap hell in 2 years just like the eagles, patriots, falcons, New Orleans, rams, Pittsburgh…. what do all those teams have in common? Lots of success! I think you want to GM a bad team and just keep them bad… teams that win get in trouble with the cap

          • Which the Eagles Extending his Contract with a 3 Year $50 Million Deal with $30 Million in Guaranteed $$$.. A Stinko Deal for a 30 Year Old CB who was ranked as an Average CB by the fine folks at at PFF and has lost half a step and will continue to do so
            He has a Dead Cap Hit of $21.50 Million in 2021, and $6.5 Million in 2022 … Dumb !!

            Another Dumb Contract was Kicker Jake Elliot who signed a 5 Year $22 Million Extension thru the year 2024 back in November of 2019.. $11 Million is the Guaranteed $$and Elliot has $5.3 million in Dead $$ in 2021 and $2.3 Million in Dead $$$ in 2022 and this is for a Kicker who are rarely reliable and consistent thru the Years of their Career to ever give a Guaranteed Contract too.. For Every Justin Tucker (Kicker for the Ravens) out there in the NFL, there are 30 Average to inconsistent Kickers… Just stupid to give a Kicker a long-term deal in such a fickle position ..

            • You missed your calling… you should be an OC and GM… every play call u make is a Homerun and every pick u make is a HOF player and u trade them before contract time…you will win SB after SB with the lowest payroll in the league… your still young enough… you really should

            • If you got to spotrac and look at contracts then go to PFF and look at grades slay is pretty much right there. White from Buffalo, Brad berry from giants is way higher…
              you be dumb

              • Jake Elliott ranked as a top 10-12 kicker. Paid in top 10-12… cap hit big this year… then dwindles. It’s how it’s done.much better deal for the team than Brandon McManus or Chris Boswell….
                I guess it gives you something to whine about

  • Twin Brothers (Pouncey Brothers ) in the NFL Retire
    Both Maurkice of the Steelers and Maurice of the LA Chargers have announced their Retirements from the NFL after 10/11 Years of Playing …
    This may spell the end for Big Ben at Pittsburgh as well opening up another QB Spot around the NFL
    Stay Tuned ..

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