• July 3, 2022

Where could Wentz land?

The Wentz trade speculation has quickly gone from if to when will he be gone. The former number 2 overall pick in 2016, has gone from prized franchise QB to despised castaway that reportedly is a brat. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of Wentz support, or lack of support, it is time to realize that a trade is highly likely and we as a fan base should be prepared to no longer see Wentz in an Eagles uniform. 

DIfficulties with trading Wentz

The biggest issue that comes with trading Wentz, is not trying to find a franchise QB replacement, but biting the largest cap hit bullet in NFL history. The Eagles just signed Wentz to a 4 year $128 million dollar extension. Moving Wentz, barring any restructure of his contract, would cost the Eagles in the neighborhood of $60 million dollars. Meaning the Eagles would be paying Wentz $60 million dollars to play for another team. The Eagles aren’t in win now mode and are already in cap purgatory for the upcoming season. Going in tank mode for a season and biting the bullet would only make sense if they’re planning to accept that reality. This team is in dire need of talent outside of just a QB, so accumulating extra picks from a Wentz trade to replenish would help drastically. In 2023 the Eagles are projected to have roughly $86 million in cap space. Should they move Wentz and his $20 million in salary, with another QB in here, possibly in his third or fourth year (don’t be surprised if they take a QB this draft at #6), the Eagles could be in a position similar to 2017 where they can sign solid veterans and contributors on 1 year deals. 

What would a Wentz deal look like?

Before we figure out what teams would be interested in the QB, what are the Eagles looking for in return. In every negotiation you ask for more than what the player is worth and hope to find some common ground and meet in the middle. The Eagles were very fortunate that the Lions were able to move Matthew Stafford for 2 future firsts, a 2021 third, and Jared Goff. Stafford is older than Wentz and despite Wentz’ lengthy injury history, Stafford’s is even longer. However Stafford has consistently played at an elite level despite the lack of team success and talent around him in Detroit. 

Reports are the Eagles are looking for multiple first round picks, and possibly a player in return. The Eagles getting a QB in return wouldn’t be a surprise but something I’d say is unlikely due to their cap situation. There are so many QB’s rumored to be on the move this off-season, a Lions-Rams type deal with the Eagles just became increasingly likely. 

If Wentz is moved, a return package of a 2021 first, a future first, and a mid round selection next year is what I expect. 

Wentz is younger and was nearly league MVP in 2017. Is that enough for the Eagles to top the return the Lions got for Stafford? With the large amount of QB that could be on the move I could

Possible suitors for Wentz

Like I said, there are multiple QB’s that could be on the move this off-season. Watson, Wentz, Darnold just to name a few. With Trevor Lawrence almost a lock to go number one overall in the draft to Jacksonville, the rest of the teams hoping to draft a stud might resort to solving their QB issues before the draft. 


Indianapolis Colts

This is the most rumored, and honestly the most logical destination for Wentz. Wentz has an excellent working relationship with Colts Head Coach Frank Reich, stemming from when Reich was the OC here in Philly when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl and Wentz had his MVP season. The Colts QB Phillip Rivers announced his retirement after the season, so the Colts are in need of another signal caller. 

The Colts pick 21st this year which could help the Eagles bolster both their defense and offense twice in the first round. The Colts do have leverage against such a trade. They know Wentz might really prefer to play in Indianapolis and thus would be stingy in their return for him. The Colts have roughly $75 million in cap space and could target other QB’s on the market if the Eagles don’t change their asking price. 

Chicago Bears

Reports surfaced last weekend that the Eagles and Bears had discussions about Carson Wentz. Natalie Egenolf of 97.5 the Fanatic reported that a potential deal of Wentz to the Bears for 1 first round pick, RB Tarik Cohen, and QB Nick Foles was on the table. Yes, Nick Foles. At first this was a head scratcher and didn’t really seem to make sense. However  bringing Foles in as a mentor, could help either Hurts or whoever the QB is going forward. Cohen is a RB coming off an ACL injury and would be a great number two back next to Miles Sanders. In Nick Sirianni’s offense he could be utilized like Jordan Wilkins was for the Colts. 

The Bears pick 20th in the upcoming draft and like the Colts pick, would give the Eagles another player in the first round to help complete the rebuild. The Bears ended the season with Mitch Trubinsky as their QB. Although he played well, the Bears didn’t exercise his 5th year option for Trubinsky will be a RFA. 

Houston Texans

This is one of the least likely destinations or trade partners for Wentz, but the Houston Texans are in a similar boat with their franchise QB Deshaun Watson. One year removed from trading All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans began to spiral out of control. They started 0-5, fired GM/HC Bill O’Brien, told Watson they’d involve him in Head Coaching interviews, then didn’t. All of this had led to Watson demanding a trade from  Houston. 

Money aside, the Eagles would be cleaning up nicely if they were able to flip Watson for Wentz. Both players however have leverage in their respective situations and could refuse a trade to either city. Watson just signed a 4 year $156mil extension, Wentz is entering his second season on his 4 year $128 million dollar extension. Both teams would take large cap hits and PR hits for their treatment of their once franchise QB’s, but neither team is set up to win in 2021 so taking a step back wouldn’t be hurting them in 2021.

What would this trade look like? Texans would get Wentz and some draft picks. The Texans have asked for 2 high profile players, and 3 first round picks. In my opinion that is not going to happen with the amount of QB available around the league and the QB draft class this year. The Eagles, taking the bigger of the cap hits, would most likely be reluctant to give up multiple picks in the draft. 

Also something to keep in mind, the Texans do not have a first or second round pick this year, meaning the Eagles wouldn’t be getting any immediate draft capital for the now. However getting a proven QB like Watson in exchange for Wentz should be considered a win in itself. One potentially big hurdle is Watson’s no trade clause. He can control where he goes and there is no telling if he truly wants to be in Philadelphia. 

*Reports are Watson favors San Francisco and Denver*

New York Jets

The Jets could be the sleeper team in the Wentz sweepstakes. They own both the 2nd and 23rd picks in the draft, have the third most cap space available, and their GM Joe Douglas knows Carson Wentz. The Jets first have to make a decision on their young QB Sam Darnold. Darnold is entering his fourth year on his rookie contract. The only way the Jets pull the trigger is if they feel they can compete sooner for the AFC East. 

With having about $75million in cap space, the Jets wouldn’t have to do any necessary cap movement to acquire Wentz and could still keep some of their valuable draft capital. Should they pursue Wentz, the Eagles most likely would do what they could to keep pick 6 and acquire 2 and/or 23. For Eagles fans this would be an incredible turn of events after drafting Wentz second overall in 2016, trading him 5 seasons later for the second overall pick.

If the Eagles were to send Wentz up 295 to East Rutherford, the big prize or goal would be obtaining the 2nd overall pick and using 2 and 6 to get two dynamic players to help start the rebuild. In a perfect world, the Eagles get the 2nd and 23rd overall picks in the first round. The Jets should, and most likely would, scoff at that request but the potential of having 3 first round picks is what the Eagles should be looking for. 

Carolina Panthers

A year into the Matt Rhule regime and the Carolina Panthers are sitting at a cross roads. They could take the slow rebuild approach and run it back with Teddy Bridgewater as their QB, maybe draft a replacement, but reports show they won’t at least kick the tires on who is available. When the Lions made Matthew Stafford, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Panthers offered their first overall pick (8th overall), a fifth round pick, and Teddy Bridgewater. The Lions declined and eventually took a huge offer from the Rams. The Panthers have two dynamic offensive weapons in Christian McCaffery and DJ Moore, but they just need a QB to consistently get them the ball. 

Now would Carolina offer the same package to Philly as they did Detroit? Stafford is 33 compared to Wentz being only 28. Going into the off-season the Panthers would never have crossed my mind as a potential suitor for Wentz or to participate in the potential QB shuffling going on around the league. Like the Jets, getting another top 10 pick in this draft would be huge, especially with the talent that will be there at pick 8. 

Washington Football Team 

Trading Wentz within our division could theoretically backfire badly if he regains his MVP form. However if you’re the Eagles, by trading him, you’re assuming he won’t return to that form. The Eagles did trade McNabb to Washington years back, but Donovan wasn’t in his prime or three seasons removed from an MVP season. 

Washington picks 19th and also has some solid young talent, especially on the defensive line. Getting a package of the 19th overall pick and maybe a defensive impact player could help ease the Eagles minds in sending Wentz inside their division. 

Dallas Cowboys

Yes the Dallas Cowboys are an option. Dak Prescott isn’t under contract, however he could be franchise tagged again, but the Cowboys seem to be hesitant to pay him top dollar. The Cowboys pick 10th this year and the chances of having one of the top 4 QB fall to them is slim. The same goes for Dallas in regards to the Eagles moving Wentz in the division, it shouldn’t prevent a deal with them. 

Dallas pretty much has talent at every level, they just can’t seem to figure it out. A deal would almost definitely focus around the 10th pick and a player. LB Jaylon Smith has fallen out of favor with Dallas however his talent may keep him around. Should he become available the Eagles should take a look. 

*There is a slim slim chance the Eagles and Cowboys do a Dak for Wentz swap. The Eagles would essentially be on the hook for a $40mil/yr extension with Prescott and they’re already struggling cap wise. A trade would most likely signal Dak playing elsewhere.*

Denver Broncos

Denver will be a dark horse in all this. John Elway has been in search of a Franchise QB for years ever since Peyton Manning retired. The Broncos drafted Drew Lock a year ago but he hasn’t really shown much in terms of carrying a franchise. Going after Wentz could give the Broncos stability at the position for the future.

Denver, like most teams in this article, has a top 10 pick and would be an immediate help to the birds. The Broncos also have some players that could entice the Eagles. WR Courtland Sutton, TE Noah Fant, DE/LB Bradley Chubb are some who could be acquired in a potential deal. 

Where do we stand?

Of course there could be teams not listed here that could make a surprising move to acquire Wentz. I do expect Wentz to be moved in the near future. There is no true deadline for trading Wentz but on the third day of the league year (March 20th), his salary becomes fully guaranteed. The Eagles aren’t the only team that is shopping a QB either. There are upwards to 18 QB’s that could be on the move either FA wise or trade wise. Some high profile names such as Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jameis Winston, and Russell Wilson who has become unhappy with Seattle, all could be in a different city next season. The Eagles are going to hold out for the best, most lucrative offer, but they need to make sure they don’t wait too long as Wentz isn’t the best one available. 

Gregory Still

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  • Dan Sileo reports that a colts source says the feeling in the building is if “we get Wentz we go to the SB”

    • That Colts Source is Press Taylor!! Good Grief!!

  • Greg, Good to hear from You

    The Eagles are not getting a High 1st or any Top Tier Talented Young Players back for Wentz alone ..

    They will be fortunate to get a 2nd Round Pick
    and a 4th or 5th Rounder in 2021 Draft
    and a Conditional 2nd or 3rd Rounder in 2022 based on Games Played and Wins and Stats for his New Team

    When looking at the Panthers trade scenario
    Why would the Eagles take on QB Tedy Bridgewater and his $23 Million Contract in return for 2021?
    It makes no financial sense for them to do so as they already have Wentz’s replacement on Hurts who’s on his cheap Rookie Deal

    Take the Two 2nd Round Picks (1 in 2021 and 1 in 2022) from the Jets, Broncos or Patriots or Texans if it becomes available
    Ideally you would like to send Wentz to a struggling type of Team who will garnish a higher ranked Draft Selection in 2021 and 2022 if possible
    An Early 2nd Round Pick (#33th -#40th) is not much different talent wise from a late Firest Round Pick
    Then Trade Ertz, Lane Johnson, D Barnett in separate Deals to get more Draft Capital and load up on 2nd,3rd Rounds Picks the next two Drafts as the Eagles transition themselves to a new Core of Players coached by their New Young Coaching Staff
    The entire key of this deal is not the huge Cap Hit the Eagles will take in 2021 of $34 Million for this is already a given and the consequence of a premature questionable contract given to Wentz in the first place, but rather the ability to get out his Contract for the next 3-4 Seasons where Wentz was guaranteed a total $107 Million…
    They (Eagles and Wentz) put themselves into this position and now Howie/Lurie have to figure the best way out of this, but the toothpaste is already out of the tube so there’s no coming back with Wentz remaining with the Eagles, so cut your losses and move forward with the Roster
    They have already done this with the Coaching Staff, Now continue to rebuild this Roster and get this crazy Cap-Hell fixed that Howie Roseman got this organization into in three first place

  • Not true with what the dummy says first he doesn’t know shit… second the report yesterday about 2 twos plus a 4… an official from another team says ,”we already beat that”… it’s still in the disinformation stage. Anyone claiming to know anything is full of shit. Paul always goes toxic..it’s his nature….dude hasn’t been laid in 5 years

  • Fraudman… in the slay contract please understand that he signed his new contract the day the trade was consummated…that’s how business is done. I really thought (stupid me) that you had some understanding of the business but you are too close minded. Dumb

    • No shit he signed a new Deal when agreeing to be Traded to the Eagles, it’s what he wanted the entire last year he was with the Lions (A Contract Extension) but I’m not giving an almost 30 Year Old CB a 3 Year $50 Million Deal
      with $30 Million In Guaranteed $$…
      and giving up a 3rd and 5th Round Pick in Return….No Way and No How

      Just like I’m not trading a 4th Round Draft to Browns the year before for Genard Avery who had no position in the Schwartz Defense
      Another bonehead Trade

      • Well then guess what… route the trucks cuz you certainly don’t know football…
        You said it was a good move when they trade for him and signed him… dummy

      • Except:
        Paulman Returns says:
        March 19, 2020 at 3:26 pm
        Nice pickup for CB D Slay
        So as you indicate his trade and extension happened at the same time… you say it’s a nice pickup and now you say it wasn’t a nice pickup because of the contract? Hmmm you seem to be playing both sides fraud!

        • Since your digging up Past Posts from last year, you should be able to find the post where I stated that I was not in favor of his Contract Extension ..

          • Happened simultaneously… trade and contract … you said it was a good move. You have been proven to be a flip flop…. AGAIN

            • A Bad Contract Extension is a Bad Extension period.

              • You said it was a GOOD move PERIOD

  • paulman says:
    April 1, 2017 at 4:36 pm
    I also would move Center Kelce if an Offer was good in Return .

  • For the record the contract extension was mentioned in the article to which you commented “nice pickup”… you didn’t state it was a bad contract.. what a fucking fraud… my god toxic cunt

    • It was a bad extension to an aging Player who is on the back 9 of his Career

      • But u said it was GOOD

  • Just like Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson were and still are…
    To keep things current in the here and now,
    No other Teams appear to be super interested in Carson Wentz as their future QB
    GM Howie is going to have to give him away if a Deal is not struck in the next 72-96 Hours
    A Complete Organizational Failure to the Team and Fans!!

    • You said brooks was a good signing at the time… you don’t like good players

      • The Original Signing of Brooks was good, but there was o reason to give him anothere tension on top of that, He still had 2 Years left on his free agent deal that he signed with the Eagles , dumb, dumb, dumb

        • No Paul… you do that to lower cap hits in subsequent years… it’s a situation where management and player get mutual benefits… things are two sided… do u remember Gloomy who proposed one sided trades? You propose one sided co tract management…. you look at contracts in 1. Retrospect and 2. From a very uninformed idiots standpoint. Sign guys you like, if you still like them in a year or two and they are still good you kick the can down the road… it’s how it’s done with all teams.

          • By restructuring his deal he cleared over 7 million of cap space for 17 and 18…. you may remember they used some of that 17 cap space to add players…those players contributed to something pretty good… I know you are not a fan of championships but I think they are

          • Don’t overpay and sign bad Contract when not neccessary and turn you don’t have to re-structure
            Bumping or Being Over the Gap almost every year puts you in poor Cap situations in the Future which is what they are fighting this and next Year..
            No Team wants significant Dead $$ on their Cap every year for Players who no longer on the Team and this is what the Eagles have gotten themselves in recent years big deals to aging Players (Jeffrey,Jackson, and soon to be Brooks & LJ)

            • Lessons from Paulman… you are an idiot… they restructure. Sign a couple of FA that they HIT ON and got them a championship..I know you prefer to “win” the off season… I like winning on the field

  • WOW watching Paul play monday morning qb regarding slay is embarrassing. What kind of man can’t own what he said 1 year ago. Pathetic!!!

    • Daryl that’s been happening on here for years! Paul typically takes the negative narrative but always reserves the right to criticize in retrospect! Paul has put a negative spin on championship seasons and great individual accomplishments. He wants to trade HOF players in their prime for a fifth instead of pay them… he is one of those fans that are jealous of another mans paycheck… which I guess is a form of psychosis

  • All teams that have SUCCESS end up with cap issues… your beloved saints who you hold as a gold standard are in cap hell with aging players…why? Cuz they were trying to win. The ravens , another great franchise has a few huge dead cap hits for aging vets, they will restructure/extend to allow them to fill roster spots. The SB champs are gonna pay a bunch of people, restructure/extend others… one thing you never understand is that they try to win… they will pay the piper in a couple years. The birds are paying the piper. You fraud think there is a free lunch
    Name a successful team that doesn’t do it?

  • Green Bay (another franchise you think is great) tackle David Bhaktari is 32/33 years old and has an outstanding dead cap hit of $50M
    Steelers Cameron Hayward 32 …16 million dead cap
    Colts have a bunch of middle age/ veterans they will extend or restructure…
    You don’t want to play in the big kid sandbox…. you hang out in the baby pool

  • Paul define this term: “mortgage the future”.
    Also, explain to me why you (and teams) place an emphasis on drafting talent and signing FA talent. Why do teams bother?
    Mortgage tge future…. use current assets that are young, unproven or even un drafted in the hopes of WINNING in the near term. When this is done then by definition there will be difficult times in the future… even a dummy sees that !
    Acquiring talent… obviously to win! Not to trade or let walk.
    The eagles mortgage the future in 16, 17 and 18 and tried to maintain in 19/20… they got a Lombardi . Other teams went all in (saints, Steelers) got nothing, packers all in and clock is ticking. Tampa is screwed in 2-3 years but they got Lombardi and maybe 2

  • By converting salary to bonus, 3 times in the last 5 years lane Johnson has saved the team over $20M in cap space! Obviously since it takes two to tango LJ gets more guaranteed money later in the contract… it’s business. Worked great for both parties but as stated this is the nfl. Successful teams do it. And for the record looking and W-L with and without LJ in the lineup….
    Ertz has done the same ,..saving roughly 15$ M in cap space.
    If you pay attention bucs, chiefs, bills, ravens etc will be doing the same
    The bright spot is that the cowboys, who have won 1 playoff game in the last ten years (no Lombardy )… are full of good players 28-31 years old who have huge contracts with dead hits …going to have to kick that can down the road. Oh and their QB situation is a mess!

    • How has this done any good since 2018 Season? This Team has not been a legitimate contender with 9-7, 9-7 & 4-11-1 Seasons the last 3 Seasons !!!
      Winning the NFC East the last few years does not make them NFC Conference Contenders
      Stop Fooling Yourself… This has been an average team for 3 Seasons and is now below average for 2021

      • They’ve tried … you make an effort. It didn’t work… injuries, poor performance etc.
        you are so stupid and live in the fantasy draft world. In the end, you put together a team and a million things have to go right… you have to take a chance.
        In 18 they were a drop pass from the conference championship game… do you not pay attention?
        What difference do yes it make? You put a toxic spin on championships…. so getting the opportunity you really turn your toxicity up

      • The Saints, Falcons, Packers and Steelers are in as bad a shape cap wise and haven’t won anything– they’ve put together an expensive roster, taken their shots over the last 5 years and have zero to show for it by your pretzel logic. All of them with an older roster than the eagles. The Rams are in bad cap shape- made the SB but didn’t win it. The minute the cowboys tag Prescott they will be way over the cap and a boatload of players will have to restructure- the steelers are in a shitload of trouble with a 40 year old QB- the saints don’t have a Qb and are way over.
        You need to get a dog cuz your a scared ‘fan’ — teams gotta take a shot.
        In 2-3 years Bucs, Ravens, Bills and Titans will be in cap hell-
        I guess you don’t really understand that the reason the NFL has a hard cap is for this exact reason. I always give you more credit for brains than I should- you continually demonstrate a very narrow view of sports. I’ve never met a fan that doesn’t like to win on the field and would prefer to be 50$ million below the cap with 10 draft picks per year– it is sooooo strange

  • The more we get closer to the draft….the more I think the Eagles will take a QB. Zach Wilson or Justin Fields… The Eagles are very rarely this high up in the draft. Do they think Jalen H is the guy? Or is there a better prospect in this years draft?

    I would prefer we stay put at 6, and take Jamar Chase, or Sewell, go into the year with Jalen at QB1. The kid has what you cannot teach. Leadership, toughness, calm and poise, he can make any throw and is very coachable. He gets better every season.

    Get a nice backup like Foles if we deal with the Bears and see what you have. Look at a QB next season if Jalen is not the guy.

    I do not trust Fields…Big 10 QB at Ohio State? When are they any good? Maybe they are due one.

    • Zach Wilson will be the 2nd QB Selected
      Jets or whoever readers up with them
      And maybe falls to #4 to the Falcons at the lowest
      I believe Fields and Lance are projects and don’t have the upside that Hurts has so stay with Hurts, build around him with a solid Position Player (OL Sewell or Slater out of Northwestern) or WR Chase or better yet, trade down to accumulate more Draft Capital
      Eagles need multiple Draft Picks in these first 3 Rounds as possible to add to this Roster
      I kind of like QB Kellen Mond as a developmental QB but only if I trade down and have multiple 2nd/3rd Picks
      Eagles should easily be able to sign a veteran Backup like Jacoby Brisset or Tyrod Taylor who have both worked with new Eagles Offensive Coaches and and be available on 2 Year – Cheapo Deals

  • Sewell will be gone by #6. Eagles will trade down.

  • Their feelings about Hurts are unknown… the QB carousel this year has shaken the nfl…. where it stops no one knows… stick with a young guy in contract 1 and bring in talent around him? Who knows

  • New 2021 Mock Draft for 1st Round

    1) Jaguars – QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)
    2) NY Jets – QB Zach Miller (BYU)
    3) Dolphins – OL Penei Sewell (Oregon)
    4) Falcons – QB Justin Fields (Ohio State)
    5) Bengals – TE Kyle Pitts (Florida)
    6) EAGLES – Trade Back to the Panthers at #8 or Broncos at #9 or as far back as #12 with the 49ers who will all want to move up to Select QB Trey Lance and the Eagles will see what their Best Deal is..
    Trading with the 49ers would probably have to include their 1st Round Pick in 2022 as well

  • Fraudman, as GM of the panthers I have to scold you… even though you were conducting business properly I will scold you because stupid fans don’t understand roster management…but a couple of years ago you converted $11m of Kawann Shorts salary to roster bonus but today you released him and he will have an $11m dead cap number… you also signed RB Mcaffery to his second deal before you had to… that is risky…I understand it’s the cost for playing at the big boy table but some dumb fans don’t understand the business of roster management. I hate stupid fans who think management shouldn’t make these kinds of moves

    • Nawab was a stud before his injuries and has only played 5 Games the last 2 Seasons do the move saved them $8 million of Cap Space but he does carry $10 in Dead $$ for prorated bonus $$ so they are stuck with that
      At 32 Years old he may play 1 more Season for someone on a cheapo deal I if he wants to chase a championship
      I can see the Buffalo Bills offering a 1-2 Year Deal due to his good relationship with HC Sean McDermott

      The Deal for McCaffrey was a terrible one and
      One I would never do as a team and give that kind of Deal to a RB..
      The Panthers wanted to move on from Cam Newton and make McCaffrey the face of the Franchise anc so they paid dearly for this though I do have to admit that when healthy McCaffrey is very productive and does produce a lot of Yards and Points whether it’s Running or Receiving and is a dual threat back there

      These Deals were done by Former GM Narty Hurney and is probably a reason he is no longer there, Hurney has a great eye for Talent and was very strong with his Drafting for the most part but his Contracts and Financials were terrible

      • Every team in the league does these kinds of deals… your weaknesses are: 1. You don’t care about on field winning, you want to win off season, 2. You don’t understand that paying players who are franchise building blocks, stalwarts etc is more important organizationally than getting a cheap young guy 3. You only see the eagles as making these moves even tho it is SOP around the league. 4. Winning teams get themselves in these predicaments simply because it behooves them to try to keep a winning formula/roster, knowing there will come a day when it comes down.
        At minimum the eagles did get a championship…tried for more…other teams who went all in recently are also in bad shape and haven’t won one.

        • Every Team has a couple of Bad Contracts on their Roster, it happens when you have 55-605 Players on your active Roster on any given year
          The problem with the Eagles is that they miss too often on early Round Draft Selections which in time makes them have to keep Draftibg at a position to try to right wrongs on past Drafts
          WR and CB come to mind) which then makes you overpay in Free-Agency to fill these important positional needs.Eagles have struggled Drafting, developing WR and CB’s for quite sone time now and this over time caused issues at other positions which end up getting neglected like the LB Position
          The other Problem with the Eagles is they get too emotionally attached to Players and keep them 1-2 Years too long which again hurts the development of younger Players and also gives false hope of really winning or being competitive..
          Players like Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, Vinny Curry, A Jeffrey, D-Jax, gave all stayed around 1-2 Years longer than their actual on the field production warrants
          Thry are always late of cutting the chord for sentimental reasons
          The Eagles also have a tendency to over-value their own Players more than what their production calls for..

          Howie has this Off-Season and into the Fall (until the Trade Deadline) to fix the current Cap mess and I believe he will do so for he doesn’t have the choice to keep continuing to kick cap space down the road or his job will be in jeopardy
          Team after the 2021 Season will even see further cuts, trades and the removal of long time veterans as they get younger and cheaper

          The nee NFL is to get good young QB’s on their rookie deals and try to win before their contracts are up and then get your next new young and cheap QB
          Days of QB’s playing 10-12-14 Years on 1 Team are long gone as Teams are not going to sign these QB’s to 2-3 Long term extensions over the Careers like they have over the past and for what ?

          We’ll see how it goes but o believe the Eagles will attempt to get one of these 3 Top QB Prospects if they can this Draft
          If not then I believe they will trade down at least twice in the first 2 Rounds to gain additional capital
          I also believe they will Trade Wentz, Ertz and either D Barnett or A Dillard in as many separate deals as possible for more Draft Capital for 2021 & 2022 Draft

          • I agree with draft misses lead to FA necessity signings. Sidney Jones and JJAW are examples. I do think If u were to dig you would see misses in round 1-2 league wide. But what you continue to ignore is that these aren’t “bad signings” when you try to win you have to roll the dice… sometimes you roll 7 and sometimes snake eyes

          • Eagles had 10-12 guys on a SB team that were over 30 and made significant contributions…saying they held onto them too long Is idiocy! They won! The next year another crop of guys may be of that age… guys who have been productive. You try again… you are the only guy that criticizes wins and great seasons…I’ve never ever seen a fan like that…you make WIP people seem positive and even smart

            • 2017 Super Bowl Team was 3 Years Ago HAC? The Eagles are 22-25-1 since then, what are you talking about continuing a Winning Team the last 3 Years with a aging, often injured Roster
              They should have blown up the Team up after the 2018 and definitely after the 2019 Season at the latest
              Stop thinking that Winning the shitty NFC East in ‘18 & ‘19 with late Season Runs versus NFC East foes to finish 9-7 was the mark of a legitimate Contender for another Super Bowl for it wasn’t and still isn’t !!
              You continue to overrate this Team and it’s Roster, like many Eagles Fans and more importantly the Eagles Organization when it’s actually been an average Franchise
              thats now below average and not looking good for 2021/2022

              • They tried,.. you are a revisionist… you exclaimed talented rosters in 18, 19 and 20… ur a fraud… things didn’t work out now your a hindsight 20/20 guy…

              • The saints, packers, falcons, rams, Steelers have made similar moves in an effort to win and haven’t won a title. It’s what teams do. Your narrow dumb viewpoint doesn’t acknowledge this. The teams I mentioned you typically hold up in high regard…they’ve brought in older FA, signed their own veterans in hopes of a championship…it hasn’t worked for them. You are too stupid to see it’s how it’s done.

              • Not hindsight, I was way out in Front and posting back in 2018 that this Roster wasn’t a Super Bowl Caliber Team and I was right

                You list Teams like the Saints, Steelers and Rams, well guess what
                they are still in the Hunt evrey season even if they haven’t made it to the SB in recent Seasons .. (Rams did 2 Years Ago) but you can’t compare the Rosters and Coaching and Quality of Play of these Teams to the Eagles last 3 Seasons

                2018 – Eagles 9-7 (in a Terrible NFC East)
                2019 – Eagles 9-7 (in the Terrible NFC East)
                2020 – Eagles 4-11-1 (in a historically bad NFC East and now they decide to cut bait and get younger.. about 2 Years too late)

                Whats the Saints, Steelers and Rams Records the last 3 Seasons ?

  • Weed is tight. Do green get cha mind right

    • 2018 they were a dropped pass from beating the saints dummy!!!!! god you are an idiot.
      as for ‘the terrible east”– new england is in the afc east which was the worst division in football for 20 years=-=
      how many superbowls have those teams won? Steelers haven’t won a playoff game in the last 4 years dummy!
      Saints have won 1 playoff game in the last 3 years– SAME AS THE EAGLES. WHAT A DUMB FUCK YOU ARE.

      • That Dropped Pass by A Jeffrey didn’t guarantee them a Win, just another set of Downs …
        Coulda, woulda, shoulda and that 2018 Post-Season Run was again led by Nick Foles and not Carson Wentz… No Foles, No Post-Season Success for the Eagles …

        If Julio Jones Catches that Pass in the End-Zone the Falcons beat the Eagles in the Divisional Round of the 2017 Playoffs and there is no Super Bowl Run.. C’Mon Man, Stop Overrating your Eagles in 2018,2019,2020

  • 2018-2019 steelers were 17-14-1
    2018-19 Eagles were 18-14
    You are so fixated and being toxic you can’t even make a coherent argument… its funny actually

    • I said 2018 thru the 2020 Seasons

      Saints are 38-10 (.791 Winning %)
      Steelers are 29-18-1 (.604 Winning %)
      Eagles are 22-25-1 (.458 Winning %)

      • Of course u add the dreadful year of 20… you leave out 17 fraud

        • How many times do I have to tell you
          The Eagles have been a below Average Team since the Super Bowl which was 3 Years Ago..
          This just didn’t start this Regression as a Team last Season you Stunod…

          • They won a playoff game the year after they won the SB? are you insane?

      • saints one playoff win,
        Steelers ZERO PLAYOFF WIN
        Eagles, one playoff win.

        Your point?

    • Steelers Big Ben misses 14 Games in the 2019 Steeler Season, In Fact, they Played 4 different QB’s
      that Season in his Absence and they still finished 8-8, Eagles Finished 4-11-1 last Season with 2 QB’s playing

      Last Losing Season for the Steelers – 2003 (Finished 8-8 4 different Seasons during this Span)
      Last Losing Season for the Saints – 2016 (3 Straight 7-9 Records from 2014 thru 2016)

      Eagles Losing Seasons
      2020 – 4-11-1
      2016 – 7-9
      2015 – 7-9
      2012 – 4-12

      The Eagles Finished 9-7 both 2018 and 2019 and 8-8 in 2013 and have only had 4 Good Seasons in the last 10 Years with 10 or more Wins …

      2017 – 13-3 (Coach Pedersen)
      2014 – 10-6 (Coach Kelly)
      2013 – 10-6 (Coach Kelly)
      2010 – 10-6 (Coach AR)

      • Lombardis ?

      • Ben missing games means ZERO– you’ve made it clear that injury is not an excuse– I agree with you on that so Ben being absent is no excuse– eagles won a SB when their stud, MVP QB who was 11-1 was hurt- next man up.
        you can’t use injury in one post and then say injury doesn’t matter in another you fucking fraud

  • Dolphins just extended their kicker Sanders — 5 years at 22$M– LOL he was already under contract for 21 for $900K– yet they extended him before they had to…. IT IS BUSINESS- fraudman is drunk

    • Dumb move by the Dolphins, No Team has to ever extend a Kicker, they are a dime a dozen and fickle as hell from one year to the next Years.. Maybe Justin Tucker or Adam Vinitiari in his Prime but that’s about it

      Eagles Kick Jake Elliot made 18 FG’s in 2020 Season ranking him 25th out of NFL Kickers in FG’s made
      and they are Paying him as a Top 5 Kicker…. Crazy Dumb Move by Roseman !!

      • well 100% of the Gms would sign a kicker that was consistent….why? well signing a consistent kicker may add a win– how many times has an unproven kicker cost a team ONE GAME–? a bunch… ONE GAME IN THE NFL IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PLAYOFF WIN OR NOT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS

  • 2 more Team Stats that Reflect how Undisciplined this Eagles Team has been the last 3 Season

    1) Among the NFL Leaders in Penalties with 107, 100 and 100 in Each of their last 3 Seasons

    2) Among the Worst in the NFL in the +/- with Turnovers
    -10 in 2020 Season , – 3 in the 2019 Season and -6 in the 2018 Season

    When you are undisciplined and not careful with Ball Security, then you are a Poorly Coached Team who can’t Focus or Execute at the Highest Level of Football which is what it takes to Win in the NFL .

    The Eagles were a + 11 in the Turnover Battle in their 2017 Season … Quite a Difference and a major Reason why they were such a Good Team..

    Since 2018, Did Doug get lax, lacked Authority and Respect of his Coaching Staff , Did the Changeover in Coaches almost yearly at the WR,DB and DL Positions impact the Player’s Focus and Commitment
    Did Everyone in the Eagles Organization just simply get too Comfortable and giddy about the Super Bowl Victory ? Absolutely they did and proves why this Franchise is Immature at its Core, for it couldn’t handle their own Success from the Ownership, Front Office, down to the Players which again is sign of Poor Coaching and an overall lack of Leadership

    Other Franchises have Success and that only Drives them more for future success like the Pats, Steelers,Seahawks, Saints, Ravens and now the Chiefs where they are legitimate Contenders years in and year out .. I’m Sorry but i don’t look at the Eagles Organization in the same way as these other Teams, Yes the Eagles won their Super Bowl in 2017 with an unlikely, magical ride led by back-up Nick Foles and a host of Players who stepped up and had Career Games and Seasons where it all came together which was awesome but time has shown that this “Magic” was unsustainable as Players, Coaches and the Front Office got Fat,Dumb and Happy and too damn sentimental about the old days and older Players instead of moving forward… They Blew their Window and now they have to Rebuild which really should have started last year after 2019 if you aske me .. but that’s all water under the bridge as we enter into a New ERA of Eagles Football and I am excited about the New HC and His Staff and believe that Howie’s Influence and Role will continue to diminish and become less and less , as he cleans up their Current Cap mess that he’s put them into and probably loses most of his Personnel Authority to others in the Organization …

    • Steelers, Seahawks, Pack, Saints and Ravens…. hmmmm last SB win for these successful franchises?
      Steelers == 2008 (13 years)
      Seahawks_- 2013- ( 8 years)
      Packers- 2010- ( 11 years)
      Saints- 2009- (12 years)
      Ravens 2012– 7
      you are a fucking joke!!!!!
      Great successful franchises– eagles are right there with every single one. Baltimore was 5-11 in 2015, Steelers were 8-8 3 times since last SB, Packers 7-9 and 6-9-1 since last SB, seahawks, 9-7 and no playoffs since last SB, saints had 3 season of 7-9 since last SB win– you fail to mentionany of this you moron

      • Eagles 4-11-1 last Season with 3 Wins over Ben DeNucci, 2 Backups for the 49ers, and a last minute lucky win over Daniel Jones because their TE dropped an easy pass that would have iced the Game
        He’ll, thry tied Rookie Joe burrow of the lame Bengals for crying out loud
        We’re any of these good franchises so poor over an entire Seadon like the Eagles were were in 2020!!
        Wake the Fuck Up HAC!! This was a bad Team in 2020 with Poor Coaching and bottom of the NFL Roster with very few Playmakers on either side of the Ball and shitty Special Teams

        • You think because the Eagles won the Super Bowl 3-4 Years Ago and have gone 22-25-1 since then that they are still an elite franchise shows how naive you really are, sad thing is that many Eagles Fan and Media are of the same misguided mindset…
          Thry caught lightning in a bottle, a 1 Hit Wonder and just like the Falcons and Panthers did .. Again all immature and flawed organizations who didn’t know how to build on their Success..

          • Ben missing games means ZERO– you’ve made it clear that injury is not an excuse– I agree with you on that so Ben being absent is no excuse– eagles won a SB when their stud, MVP QB who was 11-1 was hurt- next man up.
            you can’t use injury in one post and then say injury doesn’t matter in another you fucking fraud

          • It happens to all your favorite teams– saints, steelers, packers and ravens– look at football reference dummy

          • your teams haven’t won in a decade dummy

            • And the Eagles won’t Win shit for the next Decade…
              Another 4-11-1 Record may be difficult to reach next Season for the 2021 Eagles

              • Well you of course don’t want them to but you have no way to predict that… you route against them because you are a toxic asshole.

  • New Eagles 2021 Mock Draft after a few Trades

    Rd# 1 (12th Overall after Trade with the 49ers) OL – Rashawn Slater (Northwestern 6-4 315lbs)
    Rd# 2 (38th Overall) Safety – Trevon Moerhwig (TCU 6-2 205lbs)
    Rd# 2 (45th Overall from the 49ers) CB – Thomas Graham (Oregon 5-11 200lbs)
    Rd# 3 (70th Overall) WR – Terrance Marshall, Jr (LSU 6-3 200lbs)
    Rd# 3 (95th Overall in Trade with Jets for TE Zach Ertz) Edge/DE – Victor Dimukeje (Duke 6-3 265lbs)

    See 3 Future Starters and 2 solid Contributors out these 5 Selections

    1) OL Slater can play OT,Guard or Center and is very Good at all 3 Positions and see him as a Starting LG if Suemalo moves to Center
    2) Safety Moehrig is a Starter from Day 1

    3) CB Graham will compete for a Starting Position in 2021 and will see significant action as the Nickle/Dime Corner and Special Teams in his Rookie Season

    4) WR Marshall has great length and leaping ability and a large catching radius and will replace JJAW as that Big Possession, Red-Zone Target but he also has speed for a big fella, and is one of my top dark horse Draft Picks who will have a Nice NFL Career .. His Uncle was former Colt RB Joe Delaney, who tragically drowned when trying to save some kids who were swimming in a pond and were screaming for help

    5) DE/Edge Dimukeje has explosion, twitch and overall athleticism with some real upside.. He will need to add Strength as all young Players do and kind of see him as a solid Rotational Player but I do believe he can be moved around, standing up and add some versatility where the DC can be creative with him

  • Ravens won the SB in 12– the next 5 years they went: 8-8, 10-6, 5-11, 8-8 and 9-7… never a chance to compete
    Saints won Sb and had some great years following and made an effort but never really competed then went 7-9 three straight years
    Packers, went 13-18-1 in 2017 and 18

    These are the teams you hold the eagles up against… they have their down times- they sign players to try to compete, they get injured, lost their edge, get old etc.

    • And the Ravens are still a better organization than the Eagles, They have a identity that’s unique to them, Eagles don’t have the smarts to even be on the same level as them
      Eagles play the Ravens 10 Times and the Ravens Win 7 out of these 10 Games …

      The Eagles Gold Standard left the NovaCare complex years ago

      • Last super bowl? Please answer!

      • Identity unique to them? They don’t win? Isn’t the idea to win? Their last SB was 9 years ago! You bitch that the eagles was 3 years ago! Ravens was 9! Since then they had years of: 8-8,5-11,8-8…. sounds like eagles have a similar identity dummy

  • Saints last SB–2009
    Packers last SB- 2010
    Ravens last SB- 2012
    Steelers last SB- 2008

    Eagles last SB– 2017– shit those other teams are a decade OR MORE AGO– shit it looks better and better! fraudman likes to lose.

    • talk about ancient history

  • In a “what have you done for more lately” league …. HAC has kicked Paul’s ASS… Paul’s teams are ancient history! The goal is to WIN

    • Yea Cliff, 4-11-1 is really kick’n Ass?

      Eagles winning the Super Bowl in 2017 is about as relevant as the Colts,Giants,Cowboys,Broncos or any Tram winning one in the past
      It’s 2021 and there about 4-6 Teams that can Win the Super Bowl next Year (TB Bucs,Chiefs,Packers,Bills and maybe the Ravens and Rams as outside shots)
      and the Eagles ain’t one of them or even close at this point

      • How have your teams…packers, saints ravens, dome in the last 10?

      • Bucs and chiefs right now are the class of the league but the other teams you mention haven’t won a championship in DECADES…so WTF? They’ve been a mess! Salary cap hell! Signing players I’ll advised! Draft picks not working out..you sir are a fraud!

        • We hen talking about franchises that have consistently been in the Playoffs and legitimate SB Contenders in most Years

          Tampa Bay will be a 6 Win Team in 2 Years when Brady is gone ,
          You guys are so fixated on who wins the SB..
          1 Hit Wonders like thePanthers (2015)
          Falcons (2016) , Eagles (2017) will likely not be legitimate Contenders for Years to come while the Top Franchises will be because they are better run with better Coaches and Front Offices and stay true to their Identity ..
          What’s the Eagles Identity?
          Go for every 4th Down Play? Wow!!

          • “fixated on SB”– you play to win championships– I always knew that winning wasn’t your thing- you’d rather lose and have lots of draft picks– “fixated on SB”- um YES GUILTY AS CHARGED- THERE IS NO OTHER REASON TO DRAFT PLAYERS OR SIGN FA- “you play to WIN THE GAME”
            Your Saints and Steelers are in cap hell– Pittsburgh moving on from Ben who they continued to restructure and now at 39 years old, he can’t throw down field and is owed $41M
            Saints– no QB and $85 M in the hole w/the cap- Cameron Jordan in his mid 30’s with huge cap hits for the next few years with diminishing skills, 33 year old Janoris Jenkins restructured and kicked the $$$ can down the road…
            Fraudman doesn’t like to win, doesn’t understand roster building and has been proven an idiot time and time again

  • your beloved Ravens AFTER their last SB win went 23-25 the next 3 seasons
    your hated Eagles AFTER their last SB win went 22-25-1 the next 3 seasons.
    your beloved saints went 11-5 one year and the next 3 went 21-27
    in 17 and 18 your man crush packers went 13-18-1

    Teams have ups and downs- players don’t perform, players get injured, pointy balls take funny bounces- it is why every team, every fan base looks forward to the season with optimism.

  • Wentz gone! I guess the entire league agrees he sucks as we got minimal comp for him.

    • Howie has to go…
      when the story of the 20 season comes out… the distrust of players and coaches comes to the surface he has to go.
      I’ve stated on this site that I heard Howie on the Friday before the first game… he gave me a strange feeling… something was way wrong in that building … SB winning coach and QB gone… Howie had better right the ship quickly

      • fire howie because you got a strange feeling? Sounds retarded

        • I hope he is ahead of the curve on the changing nfl QB situation

  • from ESP who i agree with ‘howie is going to get us a 1st and 3rd for a qb who led the league in sacks picks and fumbles and forced his way out of philly which is a great get’

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    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any tips for inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.
    asmr 0mniartist

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    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

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