• August 17, 2022

Linebacker to return in 2021?

Jeremiah Trotter, he was Philadelphia football; sacrificing everything to make a play.  The #54 jersey was worn proudly; it spoke of an identity with how the ax man conducted his business on and off the field.  A 1998 third round selection, his contribution was the first of significant value from the linebacker position drafted in the first three rounds since the Eagles took Jerry Dewayne Robinson 21st overall in 1979.  Aside from the 2012 second round selection of Mychal Kendricks and 2015 third round selection of Jordan Hicks, over four decades have transcended with mediocre return on investment for a crucial positional group.

Former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz may not have prioritized the linebacker position, but the neglect for compiling a NFL depth chart in 2020 was not his executive decision to make.  Going into week 1 of the season with Nathan Gerry, T.J. Edwards and Duke Riley as starters; fans had flashbacks to the 2007 formidable choice of naming  Greg Lewis punt returner without prior experience.  TJ Edwards was solid against the run, but was clearly limited by his athleticism and ability to drop back into coverage.  Nathan Gerry loved himself some Nathan Gerry; so much so, that he blew coverage assignments and repeatedly missed tackles before getting injured.  Duke Riley because he was a NFL veteran was handed a starting job, yet he was known more for his outdated bleached hair look.  Howie did his part to scout talent, but 2020 third round project Davion Taylor looked scared of contact and local Temple alum Shaun Bradley was simply over-matched.

Alex Singleton from Montana State was the lone bright spot for a 2020 junior varsity Eagles linebacker group.  The argument could be made that Singleton earned the right to start in 2021, and should get the opportunity to man the middle.  If the Eagles commit to resurrecting the linebacker depth chart, Singleton will likely serve as a core special teams captain and the next man up if a starter were to lose time due to injury.

Heading into free agency, the Eagles will likely target players in two categories; familiarity with the new coaching staff and mid-level veterans looking to get paid with their rookie contract in the rear view mirror.  Manning the middle should be top priority; Anthony Walker Jr is the obvious target, coming from the Colts this would make too much sense not to happen.  With the surplus of money invested in the defensive line and questions in the secondary, having an extension of rookie defensive head coach Jonathan Gannon by adding Walker Jr is the right call.  Jayon Brown would be my second option, he played in Tennessee and coming off of injury would be a cheaper option.  My gut says Brown would benefit from a situation where he can play freely and not assume play calling duties.

Prediction: Eagles sign Anthony Walker Jr, 4 Years/30 Million (18 Million Guaranteed)  Howie keeps the 2021 cap figure low with 2022 & 2023 taking on the majority of the contract.  With 3 million remaining of his signing bonus in 2024, Walker Jr will be cut prior to his 30th birthday.

The outside linebacker options offer a more diverse menu; but I expect the top options like Matt Milano and Haason Redick to get overpaid.  Unfortunately this impacts the demand for my top target, Eric Wilson who really developed into a play-maker last year in Minnesota.  I expect Roseman to go the route of versatility, focusing on landing a veteran player with starting experience at both the SAM and WILL spots.

Prediction: Eagles sign Vince Biegel, 2 Years/6.5 Million (3 Million Guaranteed)  Howie glows ear to ear highlighting the pedigree Biegel brings with his stops in Green Bay, New Orleans and Miami.  Biegel immediately becomes a fan favorite, starts double digits games in 2021 before taking on a reserve role in 2022.

Jeff’s Guy (Player with a physical football pedigree but one that Howie would never consider)

Tyus Bowser– A 2017 second round pick for the Ravens, Bowser has shown the flashes with his blend of size and speed that opposing coaches have to account for.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Has anyone written about the schematic changes the new DC will employ? Organizationally we know they emphasize DL play. Schwartz like pressure from 4 and drop 7. His LBs never were asked to be difference makers or play makers? Is this going to change? I gave Schwartz more respect than most but am glad for a change. I don’t think he kept up with the league trend of running QBs and the across the formation jet sweep plays. This may in fact be due to his not needing playmaker LBs? I’m not sure

  • Defensive Coordinator J Gannon is from the Mike Zimmer School of Defensive Scheming which relies heavily on good LB Play as did his time Coaching under Matt Eberflus at Indy the last couple of Seasons so he will value the LB Position more than Jim Schwartz did
    Gannon has worked with some very good LB’s the last few seasons in Darius Leonard, Anthony Walker of the Colts, and
    Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr
    Gannon is a Secondary Coach at heart (similar to Sean McDermott’s early coaching days)
    but when you look at Zimmer/Eberflus Defenses over the last few Seasons, they move their LB’s around, blitz’s them more often than what Schwartz has done,
    Zimmer likes to play a lot of Press-man Coverages but likes to mix the coverages up often to give different looks
    He will blitz strategically (LB’s and DB’s)
    and has primarily run a 4-3 Scheme and more recently a 4-2-5 Scheme in recent seasons with the Vikings
    Euberflus has run more of a Cover – 2 , soft Zone scheme with his Secondary behind his Front 7 but changed to more Man to Man Coverages since Gannon joined the Colts 2 Years ago. Euberflus Defense did not Blitz as often as Zimmer’s Scheme
    I believe Gannon will follow the Zimmer Scheme Principles more often than Euberflus’s
    Mike Zimmer has Coached the Vikings for a while and was DC with the Bengals and Cowboys before that , and usually has a fundamentally solid, attacking Defenses which are highly ranked and has always loved his DB’s as Zimmer had his start as a Secondary Coach too ..

  • More NFL Cuts to Create more Cap Space for Teams and a Way for Teams to get out of Bad Contracts with Older Players who they feel are not productive as their current Contract’s pay them

    Vikings Cut Starting LT Reilly Rieff saving them $11.5 Million of Cap Space
    NY Giants Cut Starting Guard Kevin Zeitler saving $10 Million of Cap Space
    Titans Cut Starting Safety Kenny Vacarro saving them $7 Million of Cap Space
    NO Saints Cut Starting CB Janoris Jenkins saving them $7 Million of Cap Space

    NE Patriots are Shopping Former 1st Round Pick WR N’Keal Harry who has done very little in his first 2 Seasons with the Team… (Belicheck/Pats have been horrible Drafting at the WR Position as has the Ravens,Eagles,Jets have been too over the Years)

    3 Cowboys OL all Restructured their Deals to free up $17 Million in Cap Space for 2021
    Zach Martin, Tyrone Smith and L’ael Collins
    Cowboys received 4 Compensatory Draft Picks from the NFL which is more than any other Team
    which seems kind of high to me, They lost Byron Jones to Free-Agency but who else of note ?

  • Eagles Restructure DT J Hargraves Deal saving $9 Million off the current 2021 Cap Space now Putting the Eagles
    down to about $17-$18 Million over the Cap

    They have Barnett, Ertz and Brooks to re-work, Trade or Cut which would get them down below the Cap
    by about $8-$10 Million if they move on from all 3 Players…
    You can probably add Safety Rodney McLeod and WR M Goodwin also for squeezing out another $5-$8 Million
    off the Cap
    Fletcher Cox;s Contract may get Re-Structured again but he has restructured a couple of times before so I am not sure how much more $$ they can push out again that they haven’t already done… but who knows…

  • KC Chiefs Released for Top Draft Pick and Starting LT Eric Fisher and RT Mitchell Schwartz who both were injured and did not play in this Years Super Bowl and saves the Chiefs approx $18 Million in Cap Space

    Could the Eagles Call Up AR and Offer them LT Andre Dillard for their 2nd Round Draft Pick this Year (#63rd Overall) , I would do this in a heartbeat for Andre Dillard will never make it in Philly in my opinion

    • Tear your ACL whole working your ass off to win AFC championship game and get CUT…. no such thing as overpriced player… owners are using the cap, Covid to fuck players

      • Payback time for the Owners and they know it and are squeezing the Players just like in MLB… The biggest losers are the Players themselves and the Fans
        No loyalty or commitment from anyone in the Sports/Entertainment or any Industry anymore … It Is what it is!!

  • Do Note than any Player that is Cut/Released can be re-signed by that same Team as the later time
    It obviously would be different Terms and Salary, but its not out of the question for a few Players to return with
    the Teams that cut them for Salary Cap Relief reasons this week

  • 3 Quality NFL Teams who are in need of a Starting LT for the 2021 Season

    1) Vikings
    2) Colts
    4) Chiefs

    Howie Pick-up the Phone and Offer LT Andre Dillard to the one of the Teams and take the Best Deal
    Andre Dillard would fit in very well with the KC Chiefs Offense led by AR and would be a pretty easy transition for him scheme and terminology wise, Dillard is still on his Rookie for 2 more Years and is not making a big Salary at all and has upside to Offer in the proper scheme ..

  • Eagles 2021 Mock Draft – (Version #37 with Trades)

    Trade in 1st Round – Eagles Trade from #6 Overall back down with 49ers who move up for a QB and the Eagles get the 49ers 12th Overall Pick and their 2nd Round Pick in 2021 (#45th Overall ) and their 2nd Round Pick in 2022 Draft

    In another Trade – Eagles send TE Z Ertz and a 5th Round Pick to the NY Jets for their 3rd Round Pick (87th Overall)

    Eagles Picks in the First 3 Rounds

    1st Rd – 12th Overall – CB Patrick Surtain II – Alabama (6-2 202lbs)
    2nd Rd- 37th Overall – DE Carlos Basham – Wake Forest (6-5 280lbs)
    2nd Rd – 45th Overall – WR Terrance Marshall – LSU (6-3 200lbs)
    3rd Rd – 70th Overall – LB Baron Browning – Ohio State (6-3 240lbs)
    3rd Rd – 84th Overall – TE Hunter Long – Boston College (6-5 255lbs)
    3rd Rd – 87th from the Jets in Ertz Trade- CB Thomas Graham – Oregon (5-11 195lbs)

    2nd Half of Draft in the 4th/5th/6th & 7th Rounds the Eagles will address Safety,OL,RB and a Developmental QB for depth

  • New Trade Alert
    Eagles Trade 6th Overall Pick and OT Andre Dillard the 49ers for their 12th Overall pick,
    2021 2nd round Pick (45th Overall) and their
    2022 1st Round Pick giving the Eagles potentially 3 First Round Picks in 2022
    (Their Own, 49ers and Colts) which could end up being 3 Selections in the Top 25 Next Year
    Do It Howie and Rebuild this Team !!

    • I predict t the Eagles to have the 12th, 21st and 26th Picks in the 2022 Draft !!!
      There are good DL,OL,Qb’s,WR & Secondary prospects next year again !!

      • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nfl revenue dropped $4 BILLION this year! If my math is correct that would be $125M per owner assuming the loss is split evenly. The 32 owners have never lost a single DIME on their NFL franchise investment. The unspoken collusion is…. this is an excuse to cut your guys and let other people pick ’em up cheap or get them out of the league all together and bring in 21 year olds making $15 an hour….The NFL blogs are just filled w/salary cuts, even teams not too bad with the cap. 2021 is a market correction for the most part. My guess is Tampa will not participate in the collusion considering they have a 43 year old GOAT QB who is not in the top 10 of QB salary— They will try to retain their guys …. this is amazing.

    • Buffalo Re-Signed LB Matt Milano to a 4 Year
      $44 Million Deal with $26 Million in Guaranteed $$
      The Texans just Signed RB Mark Ingram who was released by the Ravens after this Season
      As they have a young RB Duo in Dobbins and Wright who are younger,cheaper and more explosive than Ingram is at this stage of HOF Career
      Smart Teams with Cap Space will Sign Good Playersc Unfortunately thr Eagles won’t be one of them for they have no Cap Space to improve their Roster in 2021
      Outside of re-structuring existing , bad Contracts and will end up keeping most of their core players from a 4-11-1 Team
      Go Figure!!!

      • Tampa Bay Bucs are fine this Season Cap Space wise and will have no problems until
        2022/2023, but they are in great shape for 2021 not only to retain most Players they want to, but to add a couple more as well..
        and will be the consensus SB Favorite for next Season..

      • They aren’t bad contracts…. they are the cost of doing business….. the “smart teams” as you call them are typically bad teams who have bad players and no hope of winning in the past few years.
        Teams with “bad contracts” in cap hell had good players and were in win mode.
        You can’t help yourself

        • Every Team has Bad Contracts where Players production falls off due to age,injuries, scheme fits, etc,etc
          The Smart Teams move away from these Players and utilize the $$
          saved for a better Player and if they can get Draft Capital back, even better
          In the Eagles Case, they have too many bad contracts on their Roster
          This is on the GM ..

          • Good teams that compete pay their players.
            You have lauded JAX and Jets “rebuild”… lol they have had 1 winning season in a decade

            • I’m not lauded them for how they have bungled and mismanaged their Organizations in the past, but I am saying in terms of 2021/2022, they are further along their Rebuild situations with new GM’s,Coaching Staffs and young Talent with tons of Draft Capital and Cap Space to make a bigger jump than the Eagles who are basically going to rely on same,aging Core of Players to become competitive again because they are broke with so few good young Players

              • its not a rebuild if you weren’t BUILT IN THE FIRST PLACE

  • Great article by Geoff McClane today. Details the inner workings of the eagles front office. He did a follow up interview with Cataldi on WIP and the summary:
    1. Howie is a jerk and plays favorites… his side note “that’s common in any organization “
    2. He tries to be “one of the guys” and comes off dickie…. I heard this before season and even commented on it… he’s an ass
    3. Believes that the eagles have some strange quirks but are far from dysfunctional….
    4. Says that some of the moves Howie made are absolutely remarkable snd a huge factor in the SB…. at the same time when you are swinging for the fences you will get egg on face.
    5. Lurie is involved in tone setting, direction of team. Meets with individual coaches often to go over scenarios…. again this is normal
    6. Angelo who is a toxic SOB even said this comes out because Philly has such good reporters )McCane is excellent) .. says any expose on any sports team would uncover similar things
    7. Doom and gloom is all for naught

  • Patriots Re-Sign QB Cam Newton to a 1 Year Deal worth $14 Million for 2021 as they re-tool their Team

    • aint nobody care!

      • This Signing tells you that Bill Belichek is not all that Excited about the 2nd Tier QB’s in this Draft
        (J Fields, T Lance, Mac Jones, etc,etc) and is going to use his Draft Capital for Position Players
        and worry about a Developmental QB in the later Rounds

  • Seems that unless T. Brady plays for your team you have a one and done chance to win a championship! partly because he’s the goat and partly because he usually is not in the top 5 of QB salaries which blows my mind.

    • He doesn’t need the $$$, He still plays for Lomardi Trophy’s and making History ..
      He Knows that if He’s Paid in the $20 Million Range that he’s allowing his Team to have more $$$
      to add that extra WR, TE or RB that can put them over the Top
      Brady is all about Winning a the Highest Level ..

      • and his wife makes $50 Million

  • Chiefs Restructure Mahomes 2021 Contract and free Up $17 Million in Cap Space while do so

    TB Bucs T Brady signs an Extension clearing up almost $19 Million in Cap Space for the 2021 as the Bucs will load up once again as the SB Favorite

    Bills Sign their on Free-Agent RT Daryl Williams to a 3 Year $24 Million Deal with $14 Million in Guaranteed $$$

    Texans sign 2 more Players , LB C Kirksey to a 1 Year Deal at $4.5 Million and CB V Hargreaves III to a 1 Year Deal with terms not disclosed yet, Texans have added 4-5 Quality Players over the last Week

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Carson Wentz was still an Eagle and where they could have re-structured his Deal and saved some $20-$25 Million in Cap Space for 2021 !! No, of course not, not this Year for the Eagles where nothing has gone right On and Off the Field … Instead its a complete mess for them just to get to even on the Cap let alone the $12 Million that will be needed for their Draft Class and the $8-$10 Million all Teams a like to have in Reserve for in case of Injuries come late Summer/Early Season where you have to go out and get a Player or Two so the Eagles are still approx $40 Million worth of Cuts,Trades,Restructures before addressing anyone in Free-Agency including their own Free-Agents Player(Greg Ward, Back-up QB’s, Jalen Mills, etc,etc

    The Eagles better hope Darius Slay or Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce , Lane Johnson or J Hargraves do not have injuries this Year or they are really Fucked come next Year Cap Space Wise …
    With all these Restructures the Eagles had to do this year has thrown a ton of $$$ into the Dead Cap Category for 2022 and if these Players are Injured, unproductuve, untradeable, they are out a Ton of $$$$

    Kelce has $15 million in Dead $$ for 2022, Slay has $15.5 Million, Hargrave has $16.5 Million
    Lane JOhnson $21 Million, Brandon Graham $12 Million, Fletcher Cox $13 Million , Brandon Brooks $9 Million
    70% of Eagles 2022 Cap Space is with their Top 10 Highest Paid PLayers…. the remaining Roster of 45 Players can spread out the remaining 30% among them….

    Just Overall Poor Contract & Roster Management by Howie Roseman and the Eagles which I’ve been saying for quite some time now ..

    • Of course you did… it wouldn’t matter you will find negative in a championship… hit the lottery and complain about the taxes… it’s what you do.
      And good job a couple years ago for seeing the pandemic

      • Stop using the Pandemic, reduced new Cap for the current Eagles Cap Situation
        They were already close to $50 million over the Cap for 2021 well over a year ago before Covid Hit..
        This just made it worse and closer to $70 Million when this Off-Season started..
        Eagles Contracts are terrible .. Paying a Ton of $$$ still to a Core of Players who are passed their primes by 2-3 Years
        SB Win made them Stupid,Stupid, Stupid when putting a competitive Roster together
        Hopefully 2020 Season was the bottom but looking at 2021 and 2022, I don’t believe they’ve hit Rock Bottom yet,
        Never has their been a SB Winner fall so fast from a competitive aspect as quick as the Eagles have (22-25-1) their last 3 Seasons
        and only has 3-4 Players under the Age of 26
        who are ascending NFL Players
        Even the Panthers,Falcons have been more competitive than the Eagles since their SB Seasons even though they lost
        The Seahawks,Rams,Patriots,Chiefs and now TB Bucs are in much better position than the Eagles right now
        This all falls on Lurie/Roseman/Pedersen who couldn’t handle or manage Success
        Properly …

        • Add the Saints/Ravens/49ers as more successful than the Eagles after their SB Appearances as well
          Eagles Fans got a 1-Hit Wonderful Season and back to mediocrity and below ever since

          • San Fran 6-10 after the SB dummy, ravens won SB and went 8-8 the next year then 10-6 then 5-11, saints haven’t been to the SB for 11 years… you are a psycho

          • Your beloved ravens win a SB and won 23 games the next 3 years and had ONE playoff appearance… the eagles had 22 wins ,a tie and 2 playoff appearances… are you sure one hit wonder? Retard
            San Fran average a cunt hair over 4 wins per season, went to the SB and LOST then went 6-10 and you would objectively not call that a one hit wonder.. fuck …
            you are a troll mother fucker

    • Funny you didn’t mention that of that 70% there are a few cuts to be made with voided contracts that will end up being much less than 70%.
      And funny you didn’t analyze that it’s a normal thing in the nfl for this to be the case…
      saints top 10= 67%
      Rams top 10= 73%
      Dallas top 10= 79.6%
      KC top 6= 60%
      So I know you want to be fair… and are smart enough to see that this is just a normal thing… it’s a strange business with billions thrown around. You certainly can see that otherwise you’d be retarded

  • Ending any stupid trade rumors started by stupid negative dummies the eagles have restructured Brooks. According to Espns Jeremy Fowler, “ simple cap move the case with many big ticket players around the league”…. but when it happens in Philly according to the toxic one…” ad contract”

    • The Biggest Problem with the Eagles is that they have too many aging Big-Ticket Players who don’t consistently Produce or even available to Play…
      Brooks,LJ,Oeters before they have played a lot of snaps and are simply not the Players they were in their mid 20’s and when you have
      5 of your Starters on the OL and DL old and beat up, their bodies just can’t hold up
      Cox,Graham,LJ, Brooks,Kelce. And god forbid if Peters/Curry are brought back but that’s half your damn OL/DL playing on Fumes !!!
      Recipe for disaster for a rebuilding era of Eagles Football, Shed the old, get Young and grow a new core of Players along that OL/DL
      That can play together the next 3-4-5 Seasons

  • Last call… how in the world can u say the saints, ravens and Niners were NOT one hit wonders with the SB appearance? They all struggled… your negativity and trolling are exactly like the old guard Vick supporters… you remember them… you are them…

    • Easy, the Saints,Ravens and 49ers are all better Organizations from Top to Bottom than the Eagles, That’s How….
      Better Ownerships,Front Offices ,Coaching Staffs and Yes, Better Rosters and have Identities which the Eagles have been sorely lacking since their 1 Hit Wonder Run of their SB ‘17 Season..

      • So the ravens winning 23 games the 3 years after the SB with one playoff appearance proves they are a better organization tgat the 22 win eagles team with 2 playoff appearances? BTW that ravens team only went to playoffs once in FIVE years post SB! Great organization! One hit wonder!
        Saints had a stretch with missing playoffs 4 out of 5 years! That’s excellent…. shows greatness! Troll

        • What’s the Ravens Record once they got a QB the last3 Seasons,
          The Saints have been a Top 5 Team the last 5-6 Seasons..
          Do you even Follow the NFL HAC?

          • I’m saying after the SB the teams struggled as the eagles did this year… do you follow the NFL?
            A major push to compete in the last game of the year… the one in February…. takes its toll. All teams even your favs really struggle. You need to keep it together to try again but lightening rarely strikes twice .
            All the teams you said weren’t one hit wonders were in fact one hit wonders. They may eventually get it back…. saints haven’t been to SB in like 12 years, ravens like 10??? That’s not a class organization? That’s one hit

  • The post SB , 6 win team the Niners just resigned a 30 year old fullback to big money breaking Paul’s rules that it is stupid to sign a 30 year old! I think it’s only stupid when the eagles do it! It also appears they will resign 33 year old Trent Williams and he won’t be cheap

    • And I say a bad move to re-sign LT Trent Williams, who is a shell of himself and won’t be worth the Contract he receives whether it’s the 49ers or any other Team in Free-Agency
      Their FB K Juzscyk is the one of the true best FB’s in the NFL and helps them in their power running game,pass protection and out of the backfield, plays special Teams and provides locker room leadership which obviously they Value and will likely cost them less than $4 Million for 2021 so a bargain for them as FB’s do not command big $$$

      • Trent Williams is still a good player. Why don’t you like good players? Seems strange. You play to win the game

        • Genard Avery made Trent Williams look like a rookie and abused him all game when lined up against Trent Williams sho sat out all of 2019 in a medical dispute with the Washington FT,
          He washed up and not in tip top Football Shape that is required to play LT
          49ers should let him walk ..

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