• May 21, 2022

Show Me The Money!


Will the next veteran please step up?  As free agency nears, players are aligning the Nova Care Complex for a restructuring date with Howie Roseman.   Whether standing or seated in a fresh sanitized chair, these men are 6 feet across and masked from interpretation. The business side of football uncomfortably segways into the pandemic as a new normalcy ritual.  Outside the trenches dictates the conversation, a mutual discussion focusing on long term security.  Players who won a Super Bowl in 2017 shared this moment with Roseman; surrounded by their wives and children.  Memories are key, Roseman and players help each other to remember and discuss returning to normalcy with the upcoming season.  Veteran players are willing to negotiate as family focussed men who also play professional football.

Restructuring is a win now for the Eagles and a win tomorrow for the family and future generations of the player.  The NFL abides by a different payment structure, the guaranteed portion can be manipulated throughout the ‘life’ of the contract.  Minus a calculator in hand, 2021  provides immediate salary relief to the Eagles but increases player cap cost for future years.   Howie is proposing to players that by accepting a different payout process, they increase the ‘guaranteed’ portion over the years in the contract.  Analytical in approach, his intentions are to manipulate the contract to decrease total cap hit.  As salary caps increase, burden of direct cap cost depreciates.

Howie Roseman, financially impressive on the business side but has a disappointing track history of talent evaluation deducts.  Howie needs to return to his formula from a few seasons back, and return respect warranted for this football team.


Jeff Kolsky

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  • I’m amazed on how many Eagles Fans or Local Media believe that Howie Roseman is a financial wiz when it comes to Salary Cap & Roster Management …
    He’s put this Franchise in terrible Salary Cap situation not o LT this year but next Seadon as well, Anyone can simply Re-Structure the Highest 10 Paid Players on a Team
    To create Cap Space, but have many of you looked at these deals and the amount of Future $$$ and Dead $$$ in future years for most aging, often injured Players from a 4 Win Team that has gone 22-25-1 the last 3 Seasons? Most Owners would have whacked the GM for putting aFranchise so underwater but I believe Owner Lurie is giving Roseman this year to fix the mess he’s made but to be honest, all Howie has done has put the Team in further in the hole with their future
    Team has to stop rewarding and paying Players above market values for average Production and it’s as simple as this

    The Eagles over a year ago were already Approx $50 million over the Cap for 2021 Season and this was before Covidseadon which has further exasperated their Current situation but now by re-structuring and extended Deals to aging, often injured Players 30 + Years really has the Team behind the 8-ball in terms of adding any quality depth in Free-Agency so if your going to keep the Same Core of Players and be no more that a .500 Team, why not start cleaning up the Cap for good so that you can build and acquire a new Core of Players who will be playing the next 3-4-5 Years they the Draft and targeted Free-Agents
    Does anyone actually believe that good Players of the past like Kelce,Brooks,LJ,Graham,Cox McLeod,Slay,Ertz, Goodwin are going to be Playing anywhere near a high level enough or be healthy to make a post-season Run in 2021 & 2022 with an entire New & Young Coaching Staff and Schemes who will be finding their way for the first year or two..
    Really ? For What ? A 5-6-7 Win Season and huge Cap Hits for 2022 again ?
    Makes little sense to be, Blow it up and start anew, give Hurts a chance for 2021 with Young and Hungry Players but not at the future financial stability of the Team
    Eagles Fans are smart enough and can deal with a rebuild, but do it right..
    These older Pkayer who have all restructured their Cobtracts will basically be untradeable and the Eagles are going to eat millions of Dead $$$ in 2021,2022 and possibly into 2023 further preventing them to acquire new and younger Talent outside of who they Draft but Drafting gets you 3-4 Good Players at best when looking at the % of the Draft in terms or working out at the NFL Level…

    As of Today, the Eagles are about $8 Million from being Cap Compliant and maybe Fletcher Cox & R McLeod is left to restructure but remember the Eagles have $12 Million to reserve for their current 10 Draft picks, plus$$$ for any Free-Agents that they would like to re-sign internally (Scott,Rodgers,Singleton or Mills) let alone go acquire any outside Free-Agents

    As of Today the Eagles have Approx only $9 million of Cap Space for the 2022 Season where they will have their Young home-grown Players coming up for Contracts like Goedart, Mailata and Sanders to extend
    The Short-term cap situation is a mess and it all falls on GM/Executive Vp of Football Operations Howie Roseman as this didn’t occur overnight nor will it be properly fixed overnight ….
    So keep applauded that Howie’s a genuis with the Cap and I say, who is responsible for putting them in this mess in the first Place
    The SB Window from 2017 has been shut for 2 Years now so get back to rebuilding this Team

  • More NFL Cuts to free up Salary

    Saints Release DT Malcom Brown saving $5 Million of there 2021 Cap and who was a former 1st Round Pick of the Patriots and never lived up to expectations but will be picked on a cheap 1 year Deal with someone who needs a run stuffer DT

    Chargers Release both Starting RG and former Pro-Bowler Trai Turner, who they acquired in a Trade last Year from the Panthers and
    Starting CB Casey Hayward who is 31 Years Old and past his prime and saved Approx $20 million in their 2021 Cap Space with these 2 moves

    3 Chicago Bears Players Restructure their Contracts saving $23 Million in 2021 Cap Space

  • The Athletic did an in depth study of highly paid free agent signings they ranked Howie as tied for 2 of the 32 owners. They don’t have an agenda. They just stick to facts. They don’t need to be negative to puff out their pigeon chest.

    • GMs

    • For what time period Black Diamond ?
      What’s the Criteria for “Highly Oaid” Free-Agents?

      • The term is actually “big name or trade”…he is second best. The article rate s these moves as top moves near the top:
        1. Hargraves , 2. M Jackson 3. Jeffries , 4 brooks….others
        Foles, MC cloud, bradham.
        So I assume that’s the last 5 years. They equally criticized some of his drafts but say he is excellent with trades, free agents and manipulation of the cap. A highly rated GM overall. I guess that hurts.

        • I say that Hargraves was a disappointment last Season but Playing in a new system/scheme and Covid and yes an early Injury, put him behind…

          Malik Jackson has also disappointed in his 2 Years with the Eagles and also had injuries

          Jeffrey was great on his original 1 Year prove it deal in 2017, then it was downhill from there once he was signed to an Extension that he never lived up to
          Production wise and again injuries and made him un-tradeable

          Brooks original signing was an excellent one, but the extension he was rer-signed too 2 years ahead of time was a head scratcher that has put the Team in a box

          Bradham and McLeod were both good signings and their 2nd extensions were reasonable money wise for the positions the play.. both very productive

          Of course bringing back Foles was a great move as he knew the City,Fans,Organization and the offense was very well suited for his skill set
          and has become a legend for his heroic play in the 2017/2018 Post-seasons

          There were other good 1-2 Year Pickups like CB Patrick Robinson, RB Blount,
          S Wisnewski that worked out well
          But there were others that haven’t
          like Trading a 4th Round Pick for
          Gerard Avery who’s had 1 good game in 2 Seasons and Schwartz didn’t know how to use him
          Resigning D-Jax, R Darby, Robert-ColemanA Sendajo, W Parks

          The Big Signings you list of Jeffrey,M Jackson and D-Jax have all 3 Players being released before their Contracts were even up so I don’t understand how anyone would think that these were great signings
          We could very well see the same with Hargraves and Slays extension where their Contracts outlive their performance on the field…

          A big part of a GM is Drafting quality players in the Draft,
          We’ve seen recent high Draft picks like Sanders,Goedart, Seumalo, Sweat perform well but we’ve seen disappointments too in Wentz, Barnett,S Jones, JJAW, R Douglas, S Miller, with some of these Players not even on the Team to see the end of their Rookie Deals

          Last Years Draft Class looks pretty good after 1 Season
          WR’s Reagor,Watkins and Hightower all appear to be able to play and have roles for the Eagles.. Reagor is the key..
          2nd Pick J Hurts is now the Starter so Howie may have hit a home run with him if he continues to develop which I expect him to but LB D Taylor, Safety K Wallace have a lot of work to and may be just Special Teamers/Backups at best and would not be surprised if either don’t reach the end of their Rookie Deals
          OL Driscoll was a great find in the 4th/5th Round and I believe will be the eventual replacement at RG for Brooks and a good one too…

          For the last 5 Seasons, I grade Howie’s performance as a GM as Average,
          a C Grade at best, just too many misses in the Top Rounds of the Draft and just way too much $$$ tied up in aging,injured Players for my liking ..

          With revisionist History, there’s no way anyone objectively can Say Wentz was the right pick after all they gave up to Draft him, plus the huge extension thry gave home, a year ahead of time when he still didn’t prove anything was a huge Blunder…They went all in with a QB who wasn’t anything special which is reflected in his Eagles Career Record Record of 35-32-1 over his 5 Seasons…
          and this is while Playing mostly behind a very good OL for 4 of his Seasons and a stable Coaching Staff for the most part and Playing in a very weak NFC East for the last few years
          Once Defilippo/Reich left, and his Torn ACL/MCL injury, he lost his explosion and inescapability and mechanics and never quite learned to play at a high level from the Pocket to be consistent enough
          He physically can’t do the things he did in 2016/2017 and has to realize this and adjust his game accordingly if he wants future success.. Indy is a great fit for him, so he has it all in front of him, but he has to go out to do it..

          • The athletic disagrees with you … of course you know a lot more than them.
            You should root for the Saints…. but if you did and you dissected their every move and were passionate about them then you’d be just as negative

  • Carson contributing to a SB season and the moves to get him were considered brilliant by every NFL organization

    • 5 Draft Picks, 2 Starting Defensive Players,
      126 Million Extension leaving a $34 Million
      Dead Cap figure for 2021 and a 35-32-1 Career Record with Zero Playoff Games completed or Won
      I would say this a pretty bad deal and results
      for what coulda been and will look worse and worse as time goes on…
      8 Weeks of Magical Play by a newbie QB who led the Team to a 11-2 Record in 2017 where Nick Foles played the last 7 Games to bring a SB Trophy to Philly,
      Wentz never recaptured that magic consistently or even occasionally once the knee Injury,back injury, concussion and the good NFL DC’s caught up to him a
      No Thanks !!!

  • I assume then you stubbornly. Like a troll disagree with the overwhelming majority of football people…. ok.
    Teams sell their soul to win a SB

  • And it was a discarded back-up QB in Nick Foles who brought the Lombardi Trophy to Philly , Not the over-hyped, coddled and golden boy Carson Wentz!!
    It’s kinda of funny that Nick Foles never had success anywhere else but in Philly
    If No Nick Foles in 2017/2018, then the Eagles do not win the SB or even make their 2018 Run and this is the reality of their Championship
    Window.. and it’s been closed ever since

    • Foles is one reason that howie scores major points he signs him as a FA! Job well done! Draft a guy that gets u a bye and home field, sign a discarded FA who gets you the prize…. SUCCESS for sure.

  • NFL is in a major state of turmoil … just heard Trabisky is definitely out in Chicago, big play for Wilson. There are at least a dozen former 1
    Round picks either unemployed or hanging in balance. Salary cap $30 M less than projected… the billionaires lost money for the first time ever.
    21 is a reset year… a new normal. I say get a solid playmaker QB and put a bunch of talent around him …. hurts will be in MVP race this year.

  • As i stated packers are resigning Aaron Jones. Paulman erroneously stated they wouldn’t and wrote an essay void of any facts analyzing them “letting him go” and how that will make “Mr. Rogers” sad. Time for a new hobby Paul.

    • Wait now Paul will magically claim it’s ok “for another team” to sign a RB who will be 30 at the end of the contract! Eagles do it it’s. a “ ad deal” “holding on too long”… he’s a troll… he’s TS Johnson

    • Bad Move for the Packers, thry have more needs along their OL,LB & Secondary and have 2 Quality RB’s already on the Roster (Williams and Dillon) , a real head-scratcher but that’s the Packers issue moving forward

      Don’t have the details other than a 4 Year -$48 Million with $13 Million Signing Bonus up front with no other guaranteed$$$ after 2021
      Great Job by his Agent Drew Rosenhous of getting the $$$ up front

  • Wait!! So the saints are a model organization? They have t won or even been to a SB in 12 years! They had a stretch of 5 years where they were- 39-41.. that’s FIVE YEARS of mediocrity in a typically shitty division .. fraudman your definition of a great organization seems to be a bit of a moving target… the eagles would need about 4 more missed playoff years to be as mediocre as your beloved saints…
    Oh and the saints are in cap hell… too fucking trolling funny.

  • The Bills who certainly had some success and a good nucleus has secured most of their offensive line with signings and restructuring into their 30s…. why would any team do thi? They want to win… even tho a couple of these guys missed significant time with injury. Gotta pay good players..
    If they continue to be a good cohesive unit look for extension into mid and late 30s… it’s what teams do

    • Mid-Late 30’s productive NFL Positional Players that are not QB’s of Kickers/Punters/LS GTFOH . Your blinded by Tom Brady’s Success

      • I’m not blinded 32 NFL GMs see it differently than u

  • Tampa had 19 players 29 and older on the roster…eagles had 12, saints had 17,
    Packers had 11, Ravens had 19, chiefs 16, patriots 16….49ers TWENTY!,,,
    So your argument is what the eagles have a couple guys in their 30s and that is bad… your man crush teams have more guys that are old but that’s good?

  • Early free agent observations:
    1. First time ever New England is winning the March SB. They typically sit out big names and then win in February..this is new plus they don’t really have a QB
    2. Big emphasis on interior OL. Thuney and Lindsley making big bucks into their mid to late 30s… makes Brooks and Kelce look like a major steal!
    3. Tom Brady has averaged 16th in QB salary during the course of his career. He creates a culture where others take even less… TB keeping all of their biggest FA… amazing. By far SB favorite
    4. Green Bay losing Lindsley is huge… I always question if they are ever really all in.
    5. Eagles will maybe get one FA but in reality they can look at getting back Brooks, Johnson maybe even Dillard has big additions.

  • Patriots going crazy with Big $$$ to To TE,DE/LB,Safety and WR plus they’ll have 3-4 Starters back on their Defense who opted out last Season (Hightower,Chung, Etc)

    Packers are going to regret letting Center Lindsley go for RB A Jones, a head-scratcher to me

    Eagles aren’t Players thisFree-Agency due to theirCap Situation, thry don’t have much $$ to overpay for Play, have a new Coaching Staff that is unproven and the constant drama of Front Office dysfunction so not many younger rising Players are going to be attracted to the Current Eagles situation, just too many unknowns for 2021
    Maybe cheapo 1 Year Deal for a Safety,CB,LB or RB is about all they can do for this off-Season and that’s not even discussing a veteran Backup QB who still cost $$!

    • Jeff McClane did extensive research on the front office and declares unequivocally that the birds front office is NOT DYSFUNCTIONAL

  • Chargers are a good “young team”…lol they have 11 guys over 30 and just committed a boatload to a center who will be 35 when his contract is over… why? Because they don’t live in a zoo and want to win and they really want to win with a QBs on a rookie deal!
    Eagles have to have their OL and DL play like they get paid to play… it’s a risk but it’s the nfl… a guy proves he can play and he gets paid. Only a true “March GM” would think otherwise.
    Teams are making very slow moves this year. Teams have no cap space and players I think will look to one year prove it deals in anticipation of the cap next year

  • Stop reading into the length of Contracts to when they end HAC these Contracts last as long as the guaranteed $$ last which Im 90% of Contracts is the first 2, maybe 3 Years
    I’ve the Guaranteed $$$ is gone, the balance of their contracts are meaningless figures for thry would be traded,Cur or restructured if injured

    Corey Lindsley (Age 30) signed a 5 Year Contract which would pay him $62 million total including a $17 Million Signing Bonus which is paid in Full this year.
    His deal has $26 Million in Guaranteed $$ total..

    In reality, he has a 3 Year Deal where he’ll earn Approx $9 Million per Season for Approx $27 Million plus his $17 million signing bonus so he’s earn about $44 Miilion his first 3 Years
    After this his guaranteed $$$ is gone at age 33
    If he’s not playing well of starts getting injuries then he’ll be cut, traded or re-structured
    As there are not many options for a 33 Year Old Player who’s guaranteed $$ will be gone at this time after his 3rd Year

    Jalen Mills Deal with Patriots 4 Years for $24 Million (with $9 Million in guaranteed $$$)
    His Average Salary will be $6 Million per Season (He earned $5 Million last Season with the Eagles)
    I’m not sure if any of of his $9 million is in the form of a sign-on bonus as it wasn’t stipulated or I’d part of his Salary Pay but either way, it really a 2 Year Deal and once his $9 Million guarantee portion of the contract is paid (2 Years time) then he could be moved on from with no Cap Consequence for the Pats

    • There ya go… now you are flipping and flopping… “never sign a 30 year old to that next contract”…. now all of a sudden it’s ok… troll

      • Only when it’s back loaded with Guaranteed/Dead $$$
        like the Eagles do with their Re-Structures

        The Eagles original Contracts/Signings are finebut It’s when they re-structure their Deals and push more guaranteed $$ into late le years or even add dummy years to a dealt compound the issue which
        is what’s bad and the Eagles do this too often for too many Players which is part of the reason why they are currently in the shape they are in 2021 and 2022…

        • flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop
          troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll

      • I wouldn’t sign a 30+ Player with Guaranteed $$$ left into his 30’s and I sure as hell aren’t Re-Structuring Aging Players alrady in their 30’s and push their Deals out even further out , Bad Economic

        Look at Bill Belichek smiling this Off-Season– He saw and Planned for the Decreased Cap Space last Off-Season and stripped his Team Down in what many thought would be a lost Season for the NFL
        so he took his Lumps last Season and still finished a Competitive 7-9 and now has some $70 million to work with in Cap Space and is signing very Good Players in their Primes at or below Market Value and will reload for 2021/2022 Season
        Offense – Healthty Cam Newton , WR’s Bourne, Agholor, TE’s J Smith and H Henry with a re-tooled OL
        Defense – Gets starters back who opted out with Covid Last Season like LB Hightower, Safety Chung
        and adds Pieces like LB M Joudon, DB J Mills to an already Good Defense

  • People love to hate on Nelly… but what a great talent he was. He got into his own head in years 1 & 2..but ended up turning it around.

    He is not a number 1 WR…but he is a damn good slot WR to build around.

    Most underrated Super Bowl performance by a WR ever….10 CATCHES.

    The Eagles should bring in Malik Hooker and Marlon Mack, continue taking talent from the Colts… If they can even bring in ONE of those two… FA will be a success. Would have been even better if we brought back Jalen Mills who is has had one hell of a football career…Not bad for a 7th round pick. Maybe bring back CreVon or NRC on a cheap 1 year deal?

    We need secondary depth…I know we have the draft but would be nice to have at least 1-2 more vets.. Go offense with the top pick Pitts, Sewell, or Chase… and then go defense the rest of the draft.

    I think Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni will surprise alot of people.. Bring in a veteran QB to back him up.. Jacoby, RG3, or Tyrod Taylor… Fitzmagic, Mariota would all be nice additions but def more expensive..

  • The eagles “free agent period” is actually the signing, restructures of their own guys- while some teams brought in experienced OL and paid them the eagles essentially did that with their own guys. I say stay away from just about all free agents at this point- you have 10 draft picks, a couple UDFA, maybe some guys from last years practice squad lets see what our young guys can do- need to find a couple of gems that are PLAYMAKERS!
    Nail the draft!!!!

    • What Unrestricted Free -Agent signings by the Eagles have they had of their own Players ?
      Just Re-Structures on Players that are already under Contract like Hargrave,Slay,Kelce,Brooks, Kicker Elliot and
      Probably LJ and Cox to follow
      They still have to make Decisions on
      Barnett and Ertz who are currently under Contract for 2021
      Singleton and couple others are Restricted Free-Agents meaning only the Eagles can re-sign them if they meet a other Teams offer…
      Maybe they signed some of their own that will be publicized Wednesday afternoon at 4pm
      As I haven’t followed anything today

      • no i’m saying they didn’t bring in outsiders- they simply kept guys who some say should have been cut or whatever-
        this march madness is just more of the folly that the nfl creates to make people talk about it… its a big yawn fest and yes there are players that help- there are busts- its the business- Lots of times the best FA signings are the lower end guys-
        The eagles are not in the FA sweepstakes this year and as evidence by the slow ‘silly season’ a lot of teams are not in the running- most of those teams are teams that have had recent success and simply can’t participate- have no desire to participate- Covid has created a seismic shift in the business of the nfl —
        The eagles have decided to rely on veterans up front and young at skill positions– they better get the skill positions right in the draft etc….

  • Only 3 teams actively signing a bunch of other teams players so far…. so silly season is a bust
    Patriots going out of character- Belicheat wondering if he can win a SB w/o Brady- Also for the first time in 20 years there is legit competition in the division and its not a guaranteed 6 wins a year
    Jax– haven’t been competitive (sustained) in forever — same with Chargers- They are both trying to catch lightning in a bottle with cheap QBs-

    • Jags went to AFC Championship Game and actually were leading the Patriots early in the 4th Quarter ? 2017 or 2018 ?
      Three had some good young Talent that former President of Football Tom Coughlin ran off …

      • Wait… in the 12 years surrounding that season they averaged 4 wins a seasons over a 12 year span! I thought you didn’t like one and dones? I thought you didn’t like that? You flip flop so much you can’t even keep track of the venom you spew at the eagles… you defend the the one year in a 13 year span for JAX but then criticize the eagles for making the playoffs 2 years in a row after WINNING a SB… you are a fucking joke

  • The Teams that have $$$ and there m’s about 5-6 of them will sign most of the Tier 1 Free-Agents as Expected
    Jags,Jets,Patriots,tPanthers,Washington, Chargers, Dolphins, Bengals all have 30 Million +
    Even Playoff Teams like the Browns and Chiefs
    have $25 Million plus and will make some big
    Once these Teams flush out the Tier 1 Free-Agents then the rest of the Teams will pursue the 2nd& 3rd Tier Free -Agents on short term

    Teams like the Eagles,Saints, Falcons, Rams, Giants, Packers, Steelers simply don’t have the Cap Space to be Players in this Free-Agency this Off- Season and will focus on re-structures and sone of their own Free-Agents hoping for sone hone-town discounts from sone of their Players…

    This has been expected and playing out all leading into this FA Period

    Teams with Cap Space will improve their Rosters, Teams that don’t will have to make do with who they have and add in the Draft and Hope to hit with targeted cheap 1 Year Deals with Veterans on prove it deals
    Eagles currently rank with the 3rd least amount of Salary Cap Space for 2022 also …

  • Paulman you are wrong about a lot above though..

    Since the 2000 season Philly is tied for 6th in wins with no other than the New Orleans Saints at 195-141-2 overall.

    Not too bad for the meddling owner Jeffry Lurie. Give me Lurie over Jerry Jones any day.

    The teams above Philly…NE, Indy, GB, Pitt all had more consistent QB play as well.. Philly had multiple guys come in. McNabb also got hurt several times back in the day.

    Even when Philly did not have a Super Bowl, you would not look at us like: Detroit, Cincy, Carolina, ATL, Chargers, Titans, Houston, Jags, CLE, or even Minnesota.. All ringless organizations.

    Philly is looked at like an elite organization across the league. The passionate fans, huge market, history and tradition is top notch. Even teams who had a ring like the Bears, Bucs (1 at the time), Seahawks, Dolphins, Jets…you would trade Philly and there history for those teams? The Bucs who have the worst winning % in sports? The bears and Jets who both have 1 and have sucked for the rest of there existence…

    The Dolphins have been irrelevant since the 70s and Marino who never won a ring.

    Philly is a top notch organization, and very easily could have more then 1 ring.. Randall Broke his leg in the opener, the fog bowl, McNabb choking how many times?

    If Alshon does not drop that ball against the Saints, we probably get 2 also

  • The Top Back-Up QB’s are going Quickly

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to WFT $12 Million
    Andrew Dalton to the Bears $12 Million
    Tyrod Taylor to the Texans for $12 Million
    Jacoby Brisset to the Dolphins for $7.5 Million
    J Winston Re-Signed with Saints $12.5Million
    Cam Newton Re-Signed with Patriots $14 Million

    Not many QB’s with actual Experience out there left
    Alex Smith, Chase Daniel, Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley Matt Trubinsky …

    Eagles don’t currently have the Cap Space to Sign a Quality Back-Up

    The indecision on Ertz and Barnett has cost the Eagles Approx $20 Million of Cap Space

    What’s the Plan at QB, Eagles may have to Draft one and are-Sign Nate Sudfeld to fill the QB Room .. What happens if Hurts were to get injured? Then what ?

    • Joe Flacco would be a great addition for the backup role

      If we want to go back down memory lane, bring back the Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

    • They will have a back up… it’s a non issue. It’s March! Silly season …. there are a dozen dominoes to fall.
      Good job of CT pointing out the toxic cunts take on the eagles. This is a man that lauds Jacksonville… perennial 1-5 win team. Loves to hate

  • In an effort to win a championship SF signed Williams, who will start the season at 33 years old to a 6 year contract with $55m guaranteed… this would ensure that his dead cap hit in the 4th year (37 years old) at at roughly $29M. Proven players make money…why? That’s the structure of the league. That’s how teams win.SF went to the SB a couple years ago and think they have a nucleus to get back there so what do u do…pay good players.

    • Terrible move and decision by the 49ers
      TvWilliams hasn’t played a full Season in some 4 Years, I likened this Deal to Albert Haynesworth deal with the Redskins 10 Years ago , a malcontent, out of shape, over-paid Player, 49ers will regret this Decision for Years
      to come… Stupid,Stupid, Stupid in my Opinion

  • Early Winning Teams this Off-Season

    TB Bucs
    Texans (despite the D Watson fiasco) they’ve added some quality Players
    Washington FT

    Teams in Decline so far this Off-Season

    Too Early to Tell
    Ravens,Cardinals, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos

  • “Early winning teams”… not one game has been played! No one has won a thing… this is next to nothing…
    It’s not a bad deal for Williams they want to win in the season … you’ve already declared that you prefer winning in March than in season….

  • 2021 NFL unprecedented cap went down means more players available and less teams bidding. Wouldn’t be surprised if some good players find themselves without a team long into the off season. WR market is flooded with good players without a home. These guys will be signing for way less than original projections. As usual we see OL and DL as the premium positions.

    • With the rise of Rookie WR’s making a quick impact in the NFL and recent WR’s Draft Classes Deep and Talented
      the Free-Agent Market for Veteran WR’s is just not what is used to be and this Trend has bewen going on for the last year or 2 … Why Pay a Ju-Ju Shuster or Kevin Golladay $14-16 Million a Season when there are so many Young WR’s coming from the Draft every Year.. Many Teams don’t even rely on a True #1 WR anymore and the best Offenses are built around having 4-5 WR’s who all bring different Skills Sets and can make plays where the Ball is spread out more with more Weapons.. It’s harder to Defend an NF Offense with -3-4 Good WR’s than having 1 Stud at the Position and little else..
      Howie should Trade Down from #6 to Acquire more Draft Capital and can still Select a Good WR Prospect (Waddle or Bateman) later in the 1st Round Round

  • SF has signed Alex Mack to be their center- he will turn 36 mid season and its a 2 year contract- NFL teams know an OL can be productive and dominate into their mid-late 30’s- its the one position where quick twitch isn’t that important… knowledge, skill, technique are key.
    Interesting how CENTER has been the most coveted FA position this off season = NFL teams (unlike idiotic toxic trolls on Gcobb) understand that Center is a major cog in the offense and key to success– always remember the dummies on here who wanted to trade Kelce for a 5-6 — off season warriors do not care about on field success!

  • Eagles Trade Alert

    Eagles Trade QB J Hurts, TE Z Ertz, DE Derek Barnett, #6th Overall Pick and their later 3rd Round Pick (#84)
    and a 1st Round Pick in 2022 to the Houston Texans for QB DeShaun Watson

    You Heard it hear First

    • that is not far fetched. AT ALL
      I think the eagles have been in play for him or Wilson from the beginning. I can’t stand Howie but that dude is a mover and a shaker– not all moves shake out perfectly but the dude swings for the fences

    • actually heard it on SI, twitter, and every sporting news outlet on gods green earth first

      • Given our cap situation I dont see watson coming but Howie could find a way I am sure. Watson is 25 and a gamer it definitely makes sense for us to try

        • Right it was headline on BGN this morning…lol

  • bears offered 3 firsts, a third and 2 starters for Wilson– SILLY SEASON
    For you paulman it is finally time for you to acknowledge that there is no such thing as ‘mortgaging your future’– teams would cut off limbs to win a SB- Think of it this way in the last 6 SUPER BOWLS the eagles are the only one that didn’t include Brady (Goat), Mahones (best player in the league) or Manning(HOF).
    These teams don’t play conservative whiny afraid of their own shadow they go ALL IN– they do anything to have a chance at the SB and a chance begins with the playoffs– not in march, not in the salary cap=– teams push salaries down the road so that they can sign pieces to help give them a chance– they could care less about the cap 3-5 years down the road– its all in

  • Trade Rumors

    Eagles Send TE Z Ertz to the LA Chargers for a 4th Round Pick in 2021 Draft

    • Correction – The Eagles are Sending Ertz and a 2021 7th Round Pick that they just received from the 49ers for the reverting of the Marquis Goodwin Deal to the Chargers for their 4th Round Pick in 2021
      Should be announced by the Weekend

  • Eagles Sign DE Derek Barnett to a 4 Year $49.5 Million Contract Extension with $28 Million in Guaranteed $$$

    Barnett is only 24 Years Old and Pass Rushers have been getting $12-$16 Million per Season Average
    on the Open Market and the Eagles Value the DE Position very much and still believe that Barnett
    will be a very good productive DE in the NFL — Look at Brandon Graham as an Example who struggled a bit
    in his first few Years and then blossomed into a very good Player for the Eagles
    (Do Note that the DE/Pass Rushers in this Years Draft Class are Rated as below average for a Draft Class so not
    much help most likely coming from the Draft for an Edge Rusher this Year)

    Reports have Fletcher Cox re-structuring his Deal (for the 3rd time) to free up some Cap Space in 2021 and then the Trading of Ertz will further reduce the Cap Figure to help get the Barnett Deal done

  • Phillies News

    Phillies to Send Scott Kingery down to the Minors as he has 2 Options Left before losing a Spot on the 40 Man Roster to work on his Hitting Stroke and Confidence

    Herrera appears to have won a Spot on the Phillies Opening Day Roster as one of the 5 OF’s on the Team
    (Harper, McCutcheon, Herrera, Moniak and either Quinn or Halsey as that Final Player )
    Quinn, I believe is out of Options, so he may be a goner completely from the Phillies Organization

    Pitcher V Velasquez to be Traded here by the end of the Week to the Tampa Bay Rays for a Future Draft Pick

    • MLB East Predictions for 2021 Season

      1) Braves 93-69
      2) Mets 86-76
      3) Nationals 83-79
      4) PHILLIES 81-81
      5) Marlins 78-84

      • thats the toxic fraud!

        • There are only a few Games out of 2nd Place– Its going to be very Tight between 2nd and 4th place Starting Rotation is looking pretty good so far – Nola, Wheeler, Efflin, Moore and C Anderson. Bullpen looks improved and will be the Key to the Season

    • I don’t think baseball allows trading of picks- in MLB that is “a player to be named later”-
      Kingery is caught up in the new MLB era of strikeout or HR– its horrible to watch baseball these days- kingery should have bat control, hit 15 HRs a year and 280 with 50 strikeouts— instead he wants to hit 240 with 25 HRs and 150 strikeouts- awful
      Barnett is an excellent signing- very young, that is a position that guys develop into– only real freaks excel early in career. Guys who aren’t freaks can still contribute for a long time into their 30’s as they constantly rotate and improve technique– things looking real good! if they get a 4 for Ertz it will be a great day!

  • NBA News

    Celtics Brad Stevens resigns as HC and accepts the HC Position at Indiana University to replace the recently fired Archie Miller
    Stevens is a Born and Raised Hoosier and the IU Job was always his Dream Job

    The Celtics will name Asst Coach Scott Morrison as their InterimCoach for the remainder of the 2020-2021 Season

  • Washington FT Signs the versatile WR Curtis Samuel from the Panthers for 3 Years $36.5 Million Deal
    Washington now has WR’sMcLaurin,Samuel,Golden along with TE Logan Ryan and RB’s A Gibson and J McKissick
    Igor a pretty good set of Offensive weapons
    If they get any kind of decent QB Play from Heineken,Allen or Fitzpatrick , they will be the the Team to Beat in the NFC East, hands down

    • GET ON MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panthers Sign 3 Quality Defensive Players today
    DE/Edge Rusher/OLB Haason Reddick (Age 26) with 12.5 Sacks last Season and who played for HC Matt Rhule and DC Phil Snow back at Temple for a 1 Year Cheapo $8 Million Deal

    MLB Denzel Perryman (Age 28) from the Chargers on a 2 Year Deal who’s a real thumper and very strong in the Run Game which they needed badly (5-11, 240lbs)

    Rotational DE Morgan Fox (Age 26) from the Rams who had 6 Sacks as a Rotational Pass Rusher last Year on a 2 Year $8 Million Deal

    Nice targeted Pickups for the Panthers with Players reaching their Primes as Football Players , now thry need a CB,DT and Safety along with OT & TE

  • Silly season is only for off season champs… never ever anybody won in March.., only fools give a shit

    • The TB Bucs Won last Spring when they signed Tom Brady ? Then added Gronk,Fournettecchave and AB ..
      They Won last Off-season and then they went on to Win the Super Bowl

      • well getting the goat is a win for sure– and they got him again so they win the spring– all else is just ridiculous–
        every year its the same thing… this team picks up this hot FA and they may improve/may not and then brady’s team wins…. same with the hot coach I’ve been on this site a long time like you and its always the same…. a hot name gets thrown around, he gets hired by another team and eagles fans whine that ‘he got away” — adam gase comes to mind– then its we couldn’t afford this FA why did we let him sign there— hell the SB winning team got a bunch of second tier FA to plug in (which is absolutely the best way to go into FA)–

        • A List of 2nd Tier Free Agents that could Help the Eagles on Cheapo 1-2 Deals

          At CB
          Brian Poole of the Jets
          Kevin Johnson of the Browns
          Kevin king of the Packers
          Artie Burns of the Bears
          EJ Gaines of the Bills
          Fabian Moreau of the Washington FC
          Desmond King of the Titans
          Codrea Tankersly

          At Safety (Not a Strong or Deep Group under the ago of 30)
          Sean Davis of the Steelers
          Jaquiski Tartt of the 49ers
          Tre Boston of the Panthers
          Damarius Randall of the Seahawks
          Ricardo Allen of the Falcons

          At WR (not many to get excited about)

          DeMarcus Robinson of the Chiefs
          Adam Humphries of the Titans
          Keenan Cole of the Jaguars
          David Moore of the Seahawks
          Sammy Watkins of the Chiefs
          Breshard Perriman of the Jets and makes this List every year it seems

          RB (rather add a Young RB in the Draft to work behind Sanders)
          Brian Hill of the Falcons
          James Connor of the Steelers (If Healthy)
          Wayne Gallman of the Giants

          QB (Not many Back-ups out there left)
          CJ Beathard of the 49ers
          Matt Barkley of the Bills
          Mitch Trubisky of the Bears

  • Who’s got the Phillies 26 Man Opening Day Roster

    Who makes the Starting Rotation and Bullpen and who makes the Starting IF and OF
    and who makes up the Bench

  • Eagles Mock Draft with New Trades (Version #356)

    Rd 1 – Trade Back from #6 to #12 with the 49ers who select QB Trey Lance and get the 49ers 2nd Round Pick in 2021 for doing so (#45th Overall) and a 4th Round Pick in 2022 Draft
    2022 Draft

    #12th – OL Rashawn Slater – Northwestern (6-5 305lbs)
    #37th – DE Joseph Ossai – Texas (6-4 255lbs)
    #45th – CB Greg Newsome II – Northwestern (6-1 190lbs)
    #70th – Safety Andre Cisco – Syracuse ( 6-0 210lbs)
    #84th – LB Chazz Zurratt – UNC (6-2 228lbs)

    Use the 2nd Half of the Draft to Address WR,RB,TE and Depth along the OL/DL and Secondary
    and a development QB in the late Rounds

    • All the talk about the birds using a very high pick on a WR I now believe is WRONG — They would only use a high pick on a OL, DL or QB– they just don’t value WR like that. High drafted WR just aren’t that valuable- Mike Evans was drafted #7 in 2014 and his teams averaged 5.5 wins per year for the 6 years before they got Brady. J. Jones has been w/atlanta since 11– and yes they have had some success BUT 6 out of his 10 seasons atlanta has had a losing record. Not blaming him for the losing but I just don’t think high pick WR totally change the direction of a team… So — get the best OL

      • I actually Agree with you HAC.. I would stay with an OL/DL or QB at #6 as this is always their priority
        There are so many Skills Players in the Draft every Year (WR,RB,DB’s) that I would not use a #6 Pick
        on them as you can get quality Talent/Players at these Positions throughout the the First 4 Rounds

        I wouldn’t mind at all if Eagles Traded Down a few spots, pick-up an additional Draft PIck for doing so and grabbing their Highest Rated OL on the Board — Rashawn Slater ,Christian Darrisaw, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Teven Jenkins will all be there in that #10 to #25 Range

        This is not a Deep Draft at DL where the Eagles could use to add some Youth and learn behind the Experienced Group they have now, but there will be many developmental Edge Rushers and DT’s available down thru the 3rd/4th Rounds this Year

        Since the Eagles are not 1-2 Players away for competing for a SB Run in 2021, would it be best for them to maximize the amount of Draft Picks for the Best Value or simply stay Put and get the BPA at that Selection regardless of Position and simply add Talent to the Roster..

        Howie loves his Draft Picks and there Salary Cap implications here as well which usually don’t impact a Team on how they Draft but with this Years reduced Cap Situations for many teams just may change their philosophy a bit

        The Eagles Current 10 Draft Picks will cost about $12 Million for the 2021 Season if they stay in the Positions that they currently have and all 10 actually make the 53 Man Roster…
        The #6th Pick will cost approx $4.5 Million with a $16 Million Signing Bonus to the Player Selected ,
        A Pick at #12 will cost approx $3 Million with a $9 Million Signing Bonus
        A Pick at #18 will cost approx $2.5 with a $7 Million Signing Bonus and so on down the line…
        This shouldn’t deter the Eagles but you never know in these uncertain times

  • LA Chargers Sign Veteran TE Jared Cook from the Saints on a 1 Year $6 Million Deal pretty much ending their
    pursuit of Eagles TE Zach Ertz who may just end up playing for the Eagles Next Season.
    Teams still interested in Ertz are the Bills, Panthers, Texans but are they willing to give up Draft Capital to do so on a Player in his last Year of an almost $9 Million Salary at Age 31 coming off a poor Season where they likely can get him for cheaper on a 1 Year Deal for 2021 and without having to give up any Draft Picks to acquire him if he ends up being released by the Eagles …
    Stay Tuned

    • Patriots Trade TE Ryan Izzo to the Houston Texans taking the Texans out of the Zach Ertz Trade market

  • Eagles Re-Sign DT Hassan Ridgeway, (Age 26) who has been Productive when Healthy and had Played in 14 Games the last 2 Seasons with 5 Starts for the Eagles.

    Eagles also Signed Free-Agent, Safety, Andrew Adams from the TB Bucs as their first official Signing of a player from outside the Organization this Free_Agency period.
    Adams is 28 Years Old with 5 Years NFL Experience, mostly as a Special Teamer and a Back-Up Safety
    He’s 5-11 202lbs and was an Undrafted Player coming out of U Conn in by the NY Giants and has played in
    73 Games with 166 Tackles and 6 Career Int’s and has Started 32 Games over his Career and of course was a member of the Super Bowl TB Bucs last Season

    2 Good Moves for the Eagles as they add some Players to their Roster with Experience to positions of need

  • Watched both the C Wentz’s and Howie/Nick Press Conference’s Yesterday and thought all Parties said the right things which is what I expected ..
    Some in the Philly Media and some Fans just need the let the Wentz “wanting to moving on” Topic a thing of the Past . The Why is not really relevant to the Public or Fans for what’s done is done and its way past time for both the Eagles along with their Fans and Media as well as Wentz and his New Colts Team/Fans/Media to move forward and create new memories and possibilities as they being their 2021 Seasons ..

    With Roseman/Sirianna’s Pressor, Roseman did suggest that the Eagles will be looking at all options for the Draft and will do whats in the best interest’s of the Team, which is Owner Jeff Lurie’s Opinion is building around Jalen Hurts but I didn’t really hear Roseman echo that same thought, then again, it is March and 1 month before the Draft so no GM is going to be very upfront and open about anything
    Now SIrianna is just happy as hell to be a NFL Coach and we’ll find out what he’s all about once Players report to OTA’s and Summer Camp and see Him and the New Staff actually working with Players

  • yeah people on the radio etc are trying to dissect every word– speculating why he didn’t officially hand the keys to Hurts– he didn’t do that because he’s not an IDIOT!! My god they hold the 6 pick in a draft that has 4 top 10 QBs– that pick may become incredibly valuable if one of the guys is still there! Or they may like a guy more than hurts either way you never show your cards– I don’t even think Jax has officially declared lawrence the guy yet–
    They are also killing Siriani for his ‘high school’ type of delivery — he is just a football geek and not a polished speaker– they question whether he can own the locker room– if he schemes up a great game plan, teaches great technique and helps players get better they will love him…. if he somehow turns JJAW into a player, Dillard into a starting LT– they will love him as anyone that makes them better will help get them paid!

  • DeShaun Watson now has 7 Civil Suits Pending and they are all being representing by 1 Law Firm who happens
    to be Neighbors and belong to the same Golf Country Club as Texans Owner McNair…
    Why all this Hub Bub Now from these Women now… I’m not condoning or support any type Sexual/Physical/Harassment of Attacks on any women what so ever, but C’mon , something stinks in this case and trying to ruin the guy by frequenting local Houston Massage Parlors

    My Thoughts are that Owner McNair knows that Watson will never Play for him again and he wants to simply
    ruin Watson’s Life and Reputation as he goes out the Door
    I also believe that McNair is paying these Women’s Legal Fee’s to his own buddy that’s representing them .. and I also believe that Owners will force Commissioner Goodell to probably place Watson on the Inactive List
    until these legal matters sort themselves out further hindering Watson’s ability to move elsewhere and now other Teams are scared off from the entire incident, this way if Watson is on NFL’s “Inactive List” then McNair won’t have to pay him .. Remember that Goodell works for the Owners … Goof Grief the Drama
    This appears like the old case of angry white,old and rich White NFL Owner is not letting a Black Man dictate what terms he’s going to leave his Franchise …

    • Even more irony is that rich white owner Robert Kraft got away with soliciting prostitutes at a rub and tug parlor!
      I think its stupid if the houston owner is trashing him as he is losing his ability to totally rebuild his sinking ship by trading him for 3 ones, a couple later picks and a couple starting players….

      • Yes the entire story and timing is bizarre but this McNair is part of that old Big-Oil,Blue Bloods and he ain’t having no Black Man tell him how to run his Franchise or what to do with his Property as McNair views him
        McNair will gladly absorb any Monetary loss for $$$ is no object to him , it’s all about his own foolish pride at this point
        I think the NFL needs to step in somehow which will reverberate across the whole League and Sports in General
        This fiasco in Houston makes the Wentz/Eagles spat and drama look pale in comparison for the Eagles took the high road for three most part and moved Wentz to a good situation that he wanted

        • Key differences are that the eagles are a class organization run by a very classy, socially conscious owner and frankly Wentz is a spoiled white guy in liberal Philly and Watson is a spoiled African American guy in as you stated oil rich white guy establishment Houston.
          If this is some sort of set up then the players and union will just rip the nfl apart. After the last few years with a racist asshole in he White House, the Floyd stuff, the kneeling … the players are gonna use their power at some point t

      • But weren’t they Asian Massuese’s ?
        Another Can of Worms!! Good Grief !!

  • Bengals trade Back-Up QB Ryan Finley to the Texans who will backup Tyrod Taylor in 2021
    DeShaun Watson won’t Play for anyone in 2021

    The Panthers are crushed as they had hopes of acquiring Watson, dong see it happening at all
    Right now

  • who in gods name are you talking to ?

    when you say “Some in the Philly Media and some Fans just need the let the Wentz “wanting to moving on” Topic a thing of the Past .” DOES THIS MEAN YOU????????? because in this blog alone i count you said wentz name 5 times and lord knows how many times you said it in other articles

    Get medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Article

    1. “Linebacker to return in 2021?” 1 mention of Wentz FROM YOU
    2. “Eagles Jeffrey Lurie Has Been Hands On For A While” 4 mentions of Wentz FROM YOU
    3. “Lurie Wants The Team Built Around Jalen Hurts & I Agree” 3 mentions of Wentz FROM YOU
    4. “Howie Roseman, Unbreakable Trust” 1 mention of Wentz FROM YOU
    5 “Taking an early look at what the teams picking ahead of the Eagles could do in the draft.” 1 mention of Wentz from you

    thats 15 wentz comments from you in less than 2 weeks yet you say “some Fans just need the let the Wentz “wanting to moving on””


    • That’s all ? I’m surprised at 15 Wentz comments in 5-6 weeks
      How many new articles has there been since December ? 4 or 5 ?

      I was never on the Wentz Bandwagon like most of the Philly Media and Fans…
      He was given too much , too soon without earning it and I stated this many times over his very average 5 Year Tenure
      1 Great Season, 1 Good Season, 2 Average Seasons and 1 really Bad Season
      He was what he was, but I do wish him well in Indy as I lived in Indianapolis from 1987 to 1994 and have fond memories of the Circle City and the Colts Team

  • A couple of notable Cuts today (Pro-Bowl Players) around the NFl

    CB Kendall Fuller of the Bears
    DT Geno Atkins of the Bengals

    I’m not sure if the Eagles would talk to CB Fuller who is still Young and in his Prime at a position of need and a position that they Value

    DT Atkins is older and has had sone injuries in recent Seasons

  • Damn, getting killed in my NCAA Brackets already

    Ohio State,Tennessee, Georgia Tech and North Carolina Down by 16 at Half to Wisconsin

    I predict Villanova to lose tonight to a very good Winthrop Team, Winthrop is located in Rock Hill,SC which is just South of Charlotte
    Across the NC/SC boarder and always a well/ coached Basketball Program

  • Eagles Sign Safety Anthony Harris from the Vikings on a 1 Year $5 Million Deal
    DC Jonathon Gannon coached Harris back when he was on the Vikings Staff
    Harris is 6-1, 205Lbs and 29 Years old and has had very Solid Seasons the last 3 Years with the Vikings and should be a very good addition
    to the back end of the Defense along with McLeod,Epps,Wallace and the newly signed Adams from Yesterday forms a good Safety Group.. Good Job Howie & Company !!

    Now the Eagles need to add an experienced outside CB and Draft a Top outside CB Prospect early in the Draft and their Secondary will have a real chance for improvement…

    • Funny I remember you posting doom and gloom about the cap and the inability to sign players…. seems like they are able to add a quality player or two…
      the eagles will compete for the division

      • There are lots of quality Players out there for cheapo 1 Year Deals this Free-Agency due to the Cap Constraints that most Teams are facing, if they can hit on 2-3-4 Players
        And nail it this Draft and their OL remain healthy and the WR’s mature and Develop
        as a group, and the Coaches install Schemes that suit the talent skills of the Roster, yes can compete in the NFC
        East which is improving as well as both the
        Giants/Washington Teams have added some Talented Players and the Cowboys has finally resolved the Prescott Contract fiasco that has hung over their Team for 2 Years… The Division will be improved and it will get down to Coaching, Level of Players by the QB’s and catching some breaks as it usually does

        Winning is attainable for all/most Football Teams

        1) Win the Turnover Battle
        2) Minimize Negative Plays and Penalties
        3) Score TD’s at a high % when in the Red-Zone instead of settling for FG’s as an Offense
        4) Hold Teams to FG’s instead of allowing TD’s in the Redzone from your Defense at a decent %
        5) Steady, consistent Play from your QB
        Doesn’t have to be All-Pro level but can’t be bad either, just solid QB Play which I believe Hurts can do with a solid cast around him

        Do these 5 Things and Stay relatively Healthy with your Key Starters and you’ll likely be a Playoff Team

  • Paulman proposes a straight up Trade between the Eagles and Bears
    Ertz for Files who both will earn about $9 Million for 2021 and both are in their final years of their respective Contracts
    No Draft Picks involved and Foles is brought back as the Backup and Mentor to help Jalen Hurts and fortify the QB Room
    Most of the Back-Up, experienced QB’s have already signed Deals elsewhere in that $10-$12 range so getting Fols for 2021 at $8 Million who knows the Culture and City is a No Brainer
    Make the Call/Offer Howie

  • Colts Re-Signed CB Xavier Rhoades on a 1 Year Deal, didn’t read how much $$$

    Broncos signed CB Kendall Fuller, who was cut by the Bears, on a 1 Year $9.5 Million Deal which is too pricey for the Eagles
    Fuller will reunite with Coach Fangio who was the DC for the Bears before going to Denver as their HC . Fuller had some very good seasons under Fangio

    Giants Sign WR K Goladay on a 4 Year -$72 Million Deal with $40 Million in Guaranteed $$
    which is biggest WR Deal so far this Free-Agency I believe … Big $$$ and Goladay has been a very good player on a bad Lions Teams
    A little pricey in my opinion but gives the Giants a much needed outside weapons for their Offense and QB Jones

    • Paul you are a cheapskate! It is the cost of doing business! The NFC east is really shaping up– the eagles better be able to keep pace– if hurts is the real deal we can compete.

      • Its not my money but bad contracts and overpaying for “Big Name” Free Agents rarely has worked in the NFL
        We see it year after year.
        It’s not the Cost of doing business, if your doing your homework , Giants added a Talented Player no doubt, but a big Cost
        so we’ll have to see how he shakes out in a year or 2… but $40 Million in Guaranteed $$$ with a $18.5 Million Avg per Season for a total package worth up $72 Million for 4 Years is just excessive in my opinion

        Compare this Signing what the Washington FT paid for Signing WR Curtis Samuel for
        3 Years – $34.5 million ($11.5 Million per Season Avg)
        I would take Samuel any day over Goladay
        Samuel – 24 Years Old, Runs 4.3 40 Time
        Goladay – 27 Years Old, Runs 4.5 40 Time

        Samuel is very Versatile and had 40 Rushes for 225 Yards last Season, with jet sweeps,reverse’s and even out of the backfield. He’s Built like a RB with lower body strength and can also help in the Return Game if needed
        I had him as the Top Playmaker at the WR Position this Free-Agency as he does many things well and a real weapon/playmaker

        A Great Job by Washington FT and a reach for the Giants are my thoughts and many other people around who follow the NFL

        • I agree it rarely works out then why are you critical that the eagles have missed out in this years crop of free agents? You went so far as to call the pats “winners” of the FA crop….

          • I’m Critical of the Eagles for they have far too much $$$ on older,aging,often injured Players and Howie has done a poor job of Salary Cap Management since the Super Bowl Year .. They were going to be Approx $50 Million over the Cap for 2021 before the Covid even hit and just too top heavy with Huge Contract to the Top 7-8 Players ..
            They have a Too much $$$ Invested on their OL and DL which leaves little $$ for the Skills Postions (WR and Secondary)

            I call the Pats Winners this Free-Agency for their Roster was devoid of Talent on the Offensive side of the Ball big time where they simply were not going to compete in the AFC let along their own Division with the Bills and improving Dolphins
            They added 4 quality Weapons that are better than anyone they have currently on their Roster in TE’s Hunter, Smith and WR’s Bourne & Agholor .. . Now whether QB Cam Newton can improve Year 2 with the Patriots remains to be seen, but they will have Playmakers on Offense that the Patriots haven’t had in Years

            • Everyone knew that the Eagles were not going to be Players this Free-Agency Market this Year, Hell I knew this back last Year when looking at their Cap Situation..

              • Eagles have $52 Million on Dead $$$ for 2021

                Yes Wentz accounts for $34 Million but the Eagles had to eat almost $20 Million in additional $$ to get out of the bad deals to Jeffrey,M Jackson and D Jackson that they are paying for in 2021 Cap Space any yet don’t have the Players on their Roster anymore
                That’s just Poor Roster and Contract Management from Howie 2 and 3 Years ago, over paying for aging, Players who are past their Primes but still paying them as All-Pros, Heck these 3 Players hardly contributed anything in the 2019/2020 Seasons

                C Wentz – $34 Million
                A Jeffrey – $7.5 Million
                M Jackson – $5.6 Million
                D Jackson – $4.8 Million

  • Best view i have ever seen !

  • It will be ok… no harm

  • Some Great Games in the NCAA Tourney
    This LSU/Michigan is a Great Game
    One of the Best Tournaments in a while with many close games and upsets

  • Wow, The Deal the Giants gave CB Adore Jackson yesterday, They have opened up the checkbooks this off-season
    Giants now have CB’s Bradbury and Jackson on the inside along with Jabril Peppers at Safety which is a pretty good group and all still relatively Young
    The Giants/Washington FR have definitely upgraded their Rosters this off-season and the NFC East has improved

  • NY Giants Now the Team to Beat in the NFC East

    Added WR’s K Gollady and Speedster John Ross for QB Jones
    Added TE Kyle Rudolph as a Dependable 3rd Down and Red-Zone Target for Jones
    Added RB Davontae Booker to provide a versatile, solid Back-up to Barkley
    Returns OT Nate Solder who opted out of the 2020 Season for Covid Concerns

    Re-Sgined DL Leonard Williams who is very disruptive and can play up and down the DL in various roles
    Added DE I Odenijbo as an Edge Pass-Rusher
    Added ILB R Ragland as a Run Stuffing LB to solidfy their middle of their Defense
    Added CB A Jackson to a young and improving Secondary led by CB James Bradbury and Safeties Jabrill Peppers, Xavier McKinney from last years Draft Class who was injured and a versatile Player
    along with Veteran DB Logan Ryan to form probably the most talented and best Secondary in the NFC East by far

    Current LB’s for the Giants are Blake Martinez, Reggie Ragland, T Crowder and the Giants
    will likely Draft LB Micah Parsons with their #11 Overall Selection of the First Round adding more Talent to the Defensive side of the Ball .. Big Blue is Back and going to make a Run here for a few Seasons with HC Joe Judge, OC Jason Garrett, DC Patrick Graham who will get some looks next Off-Season as a NFL HC Jobs open up and long tiem GM David Gettleman who beat Cancer over the last 18 Months and is going all in to get the Giants another Super Bowl Trophy before his tenure is up
    One thing about the make up of the Giants Team now is with a Solid Defense and Special Teams with a decent and improving OL, Very Good RB’s and Plenty of Weapons at the WR/TE Groups, they don’t need QB Daniel Jones to play at a superstar level like other Teams need their QB’s to play at, He simply just has to be “good” and “Protect” the Ball better and if he does these things- the Giants are a very tough Matchup for the next couple of Seasons

  • Paulman’s Projected NFC East Records for 2021

    1) NY Giants – 10-6
    2) Washington FT – 9-7
    3) Dallas Cowboys – 7-9
    4) EAGLES – 5-11 (Involved in many Close Games that could have went either way so they’ll be competitive even though their Record doesn’t really reflect this)

    QB Hurts has a Decent Season in where he will improve as the Season goes along with some of his Stats and Performance of some of the Younger Receivers

    Hurts 16 Games Stats for 2021
    Passes for 3,650 Yds (228 Yards Passing per Game)
    Rushes for another 415 Yards (26 Yard Average per Game )
    Tosses 26 TD’s and throws 15 Int’s and Rushes for another 6 TD’s
    Has a Completion % of just under 60% coming in 59.6% .
    Sacked 48 Times (3 Sacks a Game Average)

  • A Good, Low Risk, Cheap Pickup in Veteran QB Joe Flacco for the Eagles to Back Up and help Mentor Starter Jalen Hurts
    Obviously Flacco made his living as a Pocket QB with quick decision making in a timing offense under Coach Bullock in his Super Bowl Days but he still had a big Arm to push the ball down the field and can run an NFL Offense
    and play for shirts if he gets injured during 2021
    This Off-Season and Draft will be about surrounding Hurts with a couple more weapons and rebuilding the Defense with Youth and Energy and with the Eagles Cap Situation getting an experienced, SB Winning QB in Flacco for $4 Million on a year deal is about as good as they can do
    Hopefully Flacco embraces the Role of being a Mentor which he didn’t really do with Lamar Jackson and Drew Lock out in Denver but he’s older now and realized his Starting Days are behind him except in case of Injury
    If Flacco embraces his new Role he could extend his Career a little bit ..

  • Eagles Release WR Deontay Burnett saving them $850,000 in 2021 Cap Space

  • With the Signing of Joe Flacco, I can pretty much say with certainty that they are not going to Draft a QB at #6
    If they were, then you would have the Rookie QB they Selected at #6 and Jalen Hurts battle it out for the Starter with the loser of the battle becoming the Back-up QB so why would you add a Veteran at $3.5 Million Guaranteed, if you were planning to Draft one of Top QB Prospects with the 6th Pick ..

    Most of us assume that multiple Teams will be clamoring and trying to move up for these Top 4 QB Prospects in Lawrence,Fields,Wilson and Lance which means that some of the Top Positional Players will likely get pushed down the Draft Board where the Eagles at #6 could have their Choice of Top Offensive Weapons like Chase,Pitts,Smith or even OT Sewell could be in Play

    1st Option – If Chase,Pitts,Smith,Waddle are all on the Board at #6 – They Select WR Chase
    2nd Option – If Pitts,Smith,Waddle are still on the Board at #6 – They Select TE Pitts
    3rd option – If OT Sewell, Smith, Waddle are all on the Board at #6 – They Select OT Sewell

    4th option – If Chase, Sewell and Pitts are all Off the Board at #6 (a remote possibility but still possible)
    then the Eagles will Trade Back a few Selections and then Select WR Waddle or OL R Slater or maybe even one of the CB’s (Surtain, Farley or Horn) a few Draft Selections later

  • Multiple Scenarios for the Top #6 Selections

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) Jets – QB Wilson
    3) Dolphins – OT Sewell
    4) Falcons – QB Fields
    5) Bengals – WR Chase or TE Pitts
    6) EAGLES – Whoever the Bengals didn’t choose (Chase or Pitts)

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) Jets – QB Fields
    3) Dolphins – WR Chase
    4) Falcons – TE Pitts
    5) Bengals – OT Sewell
    6) Eagles Trade back with Panthers who Select QB Zach Wilson
    7) Lions – WR D Smith
    8) EAGLES – CB Patrick Surtain Jr

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) Jets – QB Wilson
    3) Dolphins – TE Pitts
    4) Falcons – QB Fields
    5) Bengals – WR Chase
    6) EAGLES – OT Sewell

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) Panthers trade up to the NY Jets for QB Z Wilson
    3) Dolphins – OT Sewell
    4) Falcons – QB Fields
    5) Bengals – TE Pitts
    6) EAGLES – WR Chase

    1) Jags — QB Lawrence
    2) Jets – QB Z Wilson
    3) Panthers – Trade Up with the Dolphins for QB J Fields before the Falcons do
    4) Falcons – TE Pitts
    5) Bengals – OT Sewell
    6) EAGLES – WR Chase

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) NY Jets – TE Pitts
    3) Dolphins – WR Chase
    4) Falcons – QB J FIelds
    5) Bengals – OT Sewell
    6) Eagles trade back to Broncos at #9 who select QB Z Miller
    7) Lions – WR D Smith
    8) Panthers – QB Trey Lance
    9) EAGLES – WR J Waddle or CB Surtain

    1) Jags – QB Lawrence
    2) Jets – OT Sewell
    3) Panthers in Trade with the Dolphins – QB Z Wilson
    4) Falcons – QB J Fields
    5) Bengals – TE Pitts
    6) Eagles – WR Chase

  • Eagles Mock for 2021 (Entire 7 Round Selection)

    #6 – WR Ja’Marr Chase – LSU (6-0 210lbs)
    #37 – CB Aaron Robinson – UCF (6-1 195lbs)
    #70 – DE Patrick Jones II – PItt (6-5 260lbs)
    #84 – LB Chazz Surratt – UNC (6-2 225lbs)
    #150 – Safety Caden Sterns – Safety (6-1 208lbs)
    #156 – RB Chuba Hubbard – Oklahoma St (6-0 210lbs)
    #188 – QB Shane Buechele – SMU (6-1 210lbs)
    #223 – LB Tony Fields – WVU (6-1 220lbs)
    #224 – TE Nick Eubanks – Michigan (6-5 255lbs)
    #233 – CB Keith Taylor – Washington (6-3 195lbs)
    #239 – DT Khyris Tonga – BYU (6-4 322lbs)

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  • Sources release Owner Jeffrey Lurie’s Mock Draft for the Eagles and Roseman to Follow

    Rd 1 – #6th – WR Devonte Smith (Alabama 6-0 175lbs)
    Rd 2 – #37th – RB Najee Harris (Alabama 6-2 230lbs)
    Rd 3 – #70th – WR Amari Rodgers (CLemson 5-10 210lbs)
    Rd 3 – #84th – TE Tommy Tremble (Notre Dame 6-4 250lbs)

    Then Lurie tells Roseman/Weidl to address the Defense with their 5th/6th & 7th Round Selections

  • I love how a lot of Eagles fans are hating on the Joe Flacco signing…we will find ways to be miserable LMAO!!

    This is BY FAR the best team Flacco has been on in years.

    People forget, after that Baltimore Super Bowl, the Ravens went down hill for a while. Go back and research how many players they lost to FA, or retirement…

    They have just recently started to look good again, and yet have struggled to even win 1 playoff game. And trust me, I am a Lamar Jackson fanboy. I love that dudes game and his swagger.

    But that team, and the personnel was going away from Flacco..

    He is in the perfect situation. I hope we go into the season with a competition at QB. It will push the young QB Hurts who is used to competitions.

    By the way, Flacco has already stated that he will help the QB room and help the team. He is at a different point in his career, compared to 2-3 years ago.


    • They Signed a Experienced, Back-up QB with Playoff Wins and Won a SB Trophy for a Base Guarantee Salary of $3.5 Million with some incentives that can go up as high as $7-$7.5 Million which most of these incentives won’t occur if Hurts stays healthy…. Its a Bargin as most of the other Back-Up QB/Spot Starters have already signed
      and most of the them Signed in that $8-$12 Million Range (Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jacoby Brisset,
      Jameis Winston, Cam Newton all signed in this Range depending on how they structured bonuses, incentives,etc,etc )- Marcus Mariotta took a Pay Cut to remain with the Raiders where he was due close to $11 Million for 2021 and they reduced it down to $8.5 Million Range

      Giants signed back-up QB Mike Glennon for a $1.5 Million 1 Year Deal for 2021 but Glennon doesn’t have anywhere near the experience and success that Flacco’s had over his Career

      Some Eagles Fans are just flat out ignorant and stupid about what else goes on around the rest of the NFL, it just really cracks me up , Experienced Quality Back-ups for the 2021 Season are all going in that $8-$12 Million for that’s the Market this Year and then they Bitch about Signing Flacco for $3.5 Million — This is why more and more of today’s Younger Players don’t want to Play for Philly anymore , The Fans, Local Media, Social Media is just too much for some Younger Players who don’t want to deal with this onslaught of attention every day

      Just Like Eagles Fans had Hopes up for WR Juju Shuster or CB Adore Jackson … Keep Dreaming as the Eagles never had the $$$ available to sign or attract these Players or any of the big name Free-Agents this Off-Season.
      The Eagles did get a good Deal for Safety Anthony Harris from the Vikings for $5 Million which was mostly tied to the fact new Eagles DC Jonathon Gannon was his Secondary Coach back in Minnesota a couple of Years ago and they have a good relationship with each other and now Harris has a fresh start with a New Team with a familiar Coach playing in a System that he knows very well so a Win-Win for everyone …
      If Harris Plays Well in 2021, He’ll probably get a 2-3 Year Extension and basically replace McLeod for the 2022 Season as they both really play the same type of position (Free-Safety) and neither are “in the box” or up at the line of scrimmage type of Strong Safeties.. but Harris will be very improetant to the 2021 Eagles Defense
      for I believe that McLeod may actually have to begin the Season on IR as he had knee Injury late in the 2020 Season and may not even be cleared for Football Activities/Practice until mid August putting his Start to the 2021 Season in Jeopardy.. I expect he’ll be on PUP List to start the Season

      • “players don’t want to play in philly”— of a long history of saying stupid crap— this is at the top of the list… wait only near the top of the list.
        That is so untrue and unprovable– no one has ever said such a thing…

        • Howie is getting a Bad Reputation around the League with Players and more importatntly, with Players Agents and other GM’s around the NFL, He’s not as well-liked or even respected around the NFL as the Eagles/Media put out there to Fans…
          The 24/7 Talk Radio/Blogoshpere/Social Media that surrounds Philly just turns off a lot of Players who also want to enjoy a life off the Football Field which is increasingly getting harder and harder to do… Some Players Love it all, but more and more of Today’s Players and especially ones that are from different parts of the Country just want to Focus on their Jobs and Families and not have to deal with all the garbage that is out there everyday about anything and everything ..

          You can Ask Players like Nelson Agholor and Carson Wentz their thoughts the next time you see them … or even current Players like Derek Barnett or Andre Dillard and even Jalen Reagor
          The unrealistic expectations sometimes for Young Players just ruins their Spirit and Joy of Playing Football eventually and this is what we see in our Society now, but certain markerts are worse then others and Philly happens to be on the top of the list of going overboard about everything and nothing at all … Amazing Really ..

    • Yea I’d rather have my local high school qb then Flacco. He can’t play period.

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  • Andy Weidl’s Mock Draft for the Eagles (3 Rounds Only)

    1st Rd – Trade Back from #6 to #12 with the 49ers – Select DE Kwtiy Paye of Michigan (6-4 – 275 lbs)
    2nd Rd (#37) – DT Davion Nixon – Iowa (6-3 305lbs)
    2nd Rd (#45 from 49ers Trade) CB Ifeatu Melifonwu – Syracuse (6-3 210lbs)
    3rd Rd (#70) – CB Greg Newsome II – Northwestern (6-1 195lbs)
    3rd Rd (#84) – WR Sage Surratt – Wake FOrest (6-3 215lbs)

  • This Eagles Off-Season is all
    about the Draft as I said since last Fall
    No Money in Cap Space means little Movement in acquiring any experienced NFL Talent , it was what it was
    Eagles current Roster is the least talented in the NFC East bur they’ll rebound to field a competitive Team in 2021
    2022/2023 is where they will make their moves

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