• August 8, 2022


BREAKING NEWS: The Philadelphia Eagles have traded their 6th overall pick to the Miami Dolphins for their 12th pick (via a trade with the 49ers), and a 2022 first round pick according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Tim McManus. 


The Eagles could potentially have 3 first round picks next season if the Colts pick conveys to a 1.

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  • Good Job Howie …

    Trade down from the 6th Selection along with their 2021 5th Round Pick (#156th Picks)
    to the Dolphins for their 2021 #12th Selection, 4th Round Selection (#123) and the Dolphins 2022 1st Round Selection…

    Eagles will now have the #12,#37, 70th ,84th and 123rd Selections in the first 4 Rounds
    and should end up with 3 First Round Selections in 2022 (their Own, the Dolphins and most Likely the Colts)

    Good Job, now Nail the Picks Howie & Company
    I feel that this will be a Defensive Draft with New DC Jonathon Gannon with a lot of input and will focus on the Back 7 (Secondary and LB’s) which is in desperate need of young Talent

    #12 – CB either Surtain, Farley or Jaycee Horn and a small chance that they could Select LB M Parsons or the kid from Notre Dame
    #37 – WR Elijah Moore or WR Rondale Moore or WR Marshall from LSU
    #70 – Safety or LB
    #84 – DL or DB
    #123 – TE or RB or QB

  • #12 gonna be WADDLE… we get the guy that turns out to be the best WR in this class!
    They give Hurts 100% chance in 21 and if he succeeds great if not you have the ammunition to get who ever…. OR
    You have hurts a bunch of picks and you get Watson or Wilson this year….
    This is the Howie/Jeffrey …”we will have a franchise QB” mentality

  • Not to mention lets say Jalen Hurts does NOT work out in 2021…the Eagles will have alot of flexibility with 3 first round picks next season.

    They can move up and take another QB next season.

    I think Jalen is going to be a stud though.

    I agree with you Paulman we should go very defensive heavy. But take Waddle if he is there at 12, if not then go CB or Parsons.

    Christian Barmon is also the best DL in the draft. Do not sleep on Philly adding more to the trenches.

    Great trade. Now let’s pray to God we nail them. We have only signed 1 first round pick to a future contract in the last 8 seasons… Carson Wentz.

    • It’s Hirts Team in 2021 and with all the young talented WR’s added last year (Reagor,FulghamcWatkins,Hightower and Ward) I think the Eagles Coaches (Sirianna and Steichen who were previously WR’s themselves and WR Coaches in there Careers)
      can Coach these kids up to form an effective WR Corp
      I also believe that DC Gannon will have a big impact on who to add I. Rebuilding this Eagles Defense in his likeness from the Back to the Front
      There will be plenty of a good Prospects on the Board at 12
      CB’s Surtain,Farley and Horn
      LB’s Parsons and Kid from Notre Dame
      Safeties like Moehrig or Richie Grant

      Waddle will likely be there at 12 bur there has never been a doubt in my mind that they were going after any of the top 4 QB Prospects this Draft

      Next Year will hopefully have a full College Football Season where film and scouting will be up to date
      Think of this Years top half of the Draft
      and have have Players like Chase,Sewell, Farley,Parsons,Rosseau, Slater who haven’t played a competitive snap of Football in sone 18Months … that’s a long time to take a chance on with a 6th Pick
      The rumors today of the Eagles attempting to move up with the Dolphins or Jets to Draft QB Z Wilson was a smokescreen and bogus and helped this subsequent move happen
      Also do note that Paying a 12th Selection instead of the 6th Selection saves about $2.5 million for the 2031 Cap which is important to the Eagles this Year
      Now they have 3 Picks in the 1st Round next year with $$$ coming off the books and are prepared for the 2022 Season
      I also think that this move increases the chances that TE Ertz remains with the Eagles for 2021 as they are not going to give him away
      Maybe he rebounds with a solid Season for 2021 along with Goedart to form a nice tandem
      This Deal also takes some pressure off of Howie Roseman for not taking taking a QB Prospect as they will all be gone by 12

      • So the doom and gloom dysfunction stuff was a bit over the top? Glad you admitted it… old poster HAC kept telling you that the ship would right itself.
        If Hurts turns out to be a special player the rebuild was essentially completed in a couple of months… too funny

        • Who many Sign-Ons do you have now HAC ?
          Led Zepplin only has x amount of Albums and Songs in their Career and your running out

        • Dysfunction has led the Eagles to 3 Under achieving Seasons with Pedersens and Wentz departure
          It’s a new era for the Eagles
          Howie fucked up thr 2018 thru the 2020 Seasons enough
          Goid fortune should be coming the Eagles way after the debacle of the last 3 Years.. it can only get better right ?

  • This off season has demonstrated a seismic shit in nfl… “franchise QB” has taken on an entirely different meaning… 3 QBs in their prime who have led their teams to SB have changed teams or saw their team move in the draft to draft a new QB (Garrapolo) in one case was (Goff) was traded for a guy who has t won a playoff game in like 12 years AND they had to include 2 ones! … looks like jets are moving on from a guy they picked #3…. eagles basically told Hurts “go out and play like Wilson and we won’t have to use our 3 first rounders on your replacement “… oh and the packers have basically made Rodgers contract have little or no impact… bye bye….the days of the “franchise guy” “face of the franchise” have evolved…. the order of the day…”find me Mahones or Watson”….
    I would not be surprised to see the eagles go after Watson

    • It may be Russell Wilson
      “The Big Fish that got away”
      No way with DeShaun Watson with all the news/issues surrounding him unless Lurie has been involved with Masseuse Abuse like his buddy Owner Robert Kraft has
      Luries new Wife is Oriental isn’t she ?

  • I meant to say there was no doubt that the Eagles were not going QB at #6 or even looking at one of the Top QB Prospects in this 2021 Draft to add to the Team
    I believe Sirianna feels he can work with the current roster on Offense and their current weapons it’s the Defense that needs a makeover

  • Another Reason on why do this deal today a month before the Draft is that since the Eagles are in the QB Prospect Game this Draft and let’s say that the Too 3-4 all fo in the Top 5
    then the Eagles leverage would be lessened
    come Draft Day
    With an eye for 2022/2023 Seasons with a young Roster and Cheap QB with experience
    and Cap Space the Eagles are positioning for the future smartly in my opinion

    • * since Eagles are Not in the QB Draft Class chase this year

  • I cannot believe Howie is getting shit in some sites for this move…
    1. Possible QB 1 on a cheap deal… he has a hi upside. The QB evaluation process in the nfl is flawed and hurts has as good a chance to put together a couple great years as anyone
    2. A roster lacking overall talent has 11 picks including 4 in the top 100 and 3 ones next year
    3. They have enough picks to add talent ready to play and fortify their OL/DL which are strengths BUT older.
    4. Not bad for a completely dysfunctional organization…
    5. Healthy contributors from Reagor and Dillard plus 12 would amount to an infusion of 3 first rounders that diidnt or barely did t last year…

    • This is the Best a move the Eagles have made in Years, I applaud for Howie of looking being realistic and making moves for the Future.

      So many Eagles Fans in recent years get so damn enamored by the glitzy, over-hyped Big Name WR’s every year that it’s become sickening to read about every year ..
      Eagles Fans are not as smart as they claim themselves to be, in fact many are quite ignorant when it comes to understanding of how to build a Team and how to understand Draft Value..
      Year after year Fans whine and give more attention and focus to players the Eagles didn’t Draft..
      Examples like Justin Jefferson, DK Metkalf from the last 2 Drafts but many Fans will never support the Players they actually do Draft and who they want to run out of town after 1 sub-par Season as a Rookie
      B Graham,N Agholor,JJAW, D Barnett and now
      J Reagor all are recent examples

      It’s not like 30 other NFL Teams passed over these Players too ?

      • That’s just dumb. First the moves to get Carson were epic and awe inspiring. There were several incredible moves made by this GM after chip that were bold and effective. Too many to name.
        As for WR… I remember HAC (RIP) stating many times prima Donna WR aren’t necessary. As for Metcalf he was off of many teams boards …. that’s not a miss… it’s a ballsy move by Seattle and kudos to them.
        As for fans running great players out I remember fraud wanting to run Kielce out because he was not a big fat whale… wanted a sixth round pick for a possible HOF player… HAC (RIP) had correctly called bullshit on fraud for that one.
        I don’t like howie as a general rule. However the eagles are being run in more of a “global sports model”…. similar to Premier league soccer, formula one teams … where ownership/management are more assertive… the moves from Pederson andcWentz are prime examples… bring in a innovative young guy who has great schemes and leave the rest to management…

  • I saw that Relief Pitcher H Nerlins blew a game 4 Run load in the 8th Todays vs the Blue Jays,
    Good Grief
    Who is making the Phillies 2021 Team ?
    Kingery even had a Hit and RBI today,
    What the grill happened to him at the Plate?

  • With 4 QBs going at the very top of the draft there will still be top guys at 12…and many mocks now have Jones going top 10…hell waddle, Sewell, Surtain, Parsons, fairly and D Smith some combination of those players have to be on the board…. just don’t reach! Get the BPA… then your next 10 picks get the BPA…it’s the NFL every position is a NEED… don’t overthink… BPA.

  • Tampa won the SB with: 5 O starters and 5 D starters that were in years rookie to 3 and with 7 starters with 7 plus years experience-
    eagles in22 will have a similar composition GIVEN HURTS CONVINCES THE BOSS HES THE GUY– can’t overstate enough how freaking important that is! 22 Eagles:
    O: 6 young starters 5 vets
    D: 8 young starters 3 vets

  • The 2017 eagles only had 9 starters that were on their roster in 2015…. Howie is a weasel …and we can all complain about him BUT he knows how to turn a roster over QUICKLY
    The complaints of the dummies the last couple of years was that he continued to try to keep the window open… that’s what an aggressive GM does… if you are in a window you push all in… if you are out of the window you acquire picks… in 18, 19 and 20 you would spend picks on proven players… Tate, slay etc… just because the pointy ball didn’t bounce correctly doesn’t mean they were dumb moves as the toxic one says… when in a window you go all in… look at Tampa! (Actually look at every successful team)…. then when it INEVITABLY comes to an end… you do exactly what Roseman did… eagles next SB window… 22-26… try to win a couple this time.

    • Make that 2023-2024 at the Earliest for Eagles next legitimate Window, they will have to beat the Improved Teams ahead of them in the NFC and the Washington FT and Giants started their Rebuilds last Year and have a jump on the Eagles with more younger Talent, Established Coaching Staffs and more financial flexibility than the Eagles currently have
      This 2021 Season is about Hurts and the Coaching Staff to get settled and form an identity which will take a little time to come together

  • yspmijrUKb

  • I absolutely love the trade also. Very smart business decision Howie & company made yesterday.

    If you are not taking a QB or OT/Pass rusher in the top 5, move back and stock pile on assets.

    Most people do not understand that J Waddle is the better WR compared to D Smith. All of the scouts, and Bama staff believed it also.. the injury created a set back but if you take Waddle at 12 or M Parsons, AND you get a first rounder next year ?

    That’s how you get back into the swing of contention quickly.

    Obviously we gotta nail those picks. Let’s hope Joe Douglas wasn’t the brain behind the Eagles success. I really like what he’s doing in NY

    • What do you mean, the brains behind the success? That’s silly as hell! 17 they drafted Barnett (good pro but not special), Jones (bust) , Douglass (nothing), Hollins, pumphrey , Gibson… YUCK…18, Goeddert, Maddox and Sweat, Prior, Malaita…ok…19… Dillard (is he a Canadian firefighter), Sanders, JJAW, Miller and Thorson ….
      Come on dude…
      my god that’s a terrible take on Douglas and seems like you were trying to sound smart… he wasn’t around for the wheeling and dealing to get Wentz, wasn’t around for this latest deal… but he was in the room for Dillard, JJAW, Jones etc..

      • Most of these Selections were all Howie/Luries Selections
        with input from Douglas
        Lurie was the final decider on JJAW and Hurts these last couple of Drafts

        • So then what exactly does Douglas get credit for? And who told you that Lurie was the one that pulled the trigger? Unsourced reports… which are as reliable as this blog.
          Howie and Jeffrey get the blame for JJAW and Douglass gets the credit for a SB? Weird

  • Since 2010 11 WR have been chosen top 10… they had zero impact on improving the teams record… many times it went down. There is no way in hell the eagles were going to WASTE a top pick on a position the clearly don’t value and they are correct to not value it. It is a waste. Beckham Jr (who was a 12) has 4 playoff catches in 7 years (pointing out diva receivers are a waste), AJ green was a 4 pick and hasn’t been part of a playoff win and part of some awful teams, John Ross’ bengals have Averaged 4.5 wins , Tampa averaged 5 wins a year in Evan’s first 6 seasons… clearly he wasn’t the guy to turn it around.
    Great job eagles

    • I agree with staying away from a WR in the Top Half of any Draft
      Look at last Years Draft Class at WR
      Lambe,Jefferson,Reagor & Aiyuk all went after #17 Selection all on supposedly good Teams who failed to make the Post-Season in 2020
      (Cowboys,Vikings,Eagles & 49ers who all had a variety of Issues, Poor QB Play, Poor Defenses,Injuries, etc)
      Look at some of the 2nd Round WR’s who went in the 40’s last Season like Claypool,Pittman, Van Jefferson of Rams and Gabriel Davis of Bills, by the way, all 4 of these Teams made the Post-Season (Steelers,Colts,Rams & Bills)

      WR Devonte Smith will likely be on the Board at #12 as many NFL Teams view him as a 25 Snap a Game Receiver due to his small frame and don’t view him as an every down Receiver
      and I hope the Eagles pass on him

      Go Defense,Defense, Defense with 4 of their first 6 Selections based on the Value of the Positions and BPA for the Eagles have many holes to fill in their Back 7 of their Defense

      Players I hope the Eagles are Targeting at 12

      OL – R Slater or J Vera-Tucker
      CB’s J Horn, PSurtain
      LB’s JOK from Notre Dame or Z Collins
      (Parsons has some real character,maturity anger-management issues that I believe the Eagles will stay away from and his background reminds me of another V Burfict who was a problem everywhere he played though he was a very good Player)
      Safety – T Moehrig
      Edge/DE – Q Paye, G Rosseau
      DT – C Barrimore

      Then look at the 2nd or 3rd Round for a WR
      Maybe even jump back into the late 1st Round for a Receiver like R Bateman, E Moore or R Moore…

      I also believe that Eagles DC will have a big impact and voice on this Draft and more so than HC Sirianna who will focus on developing the young WR’s that they already have

      • One last important Fact to remember
        Drafting a NFL Prospect is a projection of what that Player can be at the NFL Level, by NFL Scouts and Evaluators and not what they accomplished at the College Level
        How many Heisman Trophy Players have excelled in the NFL ? Not that many as they were rewarded for having a great season and usually were part of a great college Program who are superior in many areas over their College opponents (Bama,Clemson,Ohio State,LSU and Oklahoma as recent years examples)

        I’m not saying that any Great College Player can’t be successful at the NFL Level but these Players tend to get over-hyped by the Media and Fans for so many have followed them or are aware of them already with all their media coverage by the time they hit the Draft
        It’s just a different Game at the College Level and Teams look for Scheme Fits,Work Ethic, Physicality,Coachability, High Football IQ and the Love and passion of Playing Football and being great Teammates with other like minded Athletes

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