• May 21, 2022

Howie Roseman Back in 2022

Howie Roseman should be fired this off-season if Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase dominates the competition in a similar fashion to 2020 rookie of the year honoree Justin Jefferson.  Roseman lacks the credentials with his recent talent evaluation deficiencies to part with the 6th overall pick.  Hoping the Eagles select the correct ‘remaining’ player at pick twelve will be determined by the decision making of six other teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

The headline of the deal is the future asset from The Miami Dolphins, a team trending up after a 10-6 record in 2020.  The Dolphins are coached well, they added William Fuller to their receiving core this off-season, and have multiple selections in the first and second round of the upcoming draft.  While the jury is still out on sophomore quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, all signs would be pointing on a wildcard seed, translating to a 2022 first round pick in the late teens to early twenties.

Andre Dillard and Jalen Reagor are perfect examples of Howie proving he is unfit to determine NFL talent in the back third of the first round.  Despite the updated mock drafts landing the Eagles a talented prospect at pick twelve, the biggest fear that should be circulating is how Roseman has positioned himself to return in 2022.  Would botching the pick at twelve and failing for the third consecutive season be enough for Howie to be fired?  The answer is ‘no,’ what Roseman did with this trade is exactly what excites Lurie the most.

The acquisition of a business opportunity to add more talent by decreasing odds of surety is the philosophy that trumped this trade.   The Eagles are clearly building for the future, needing to fill so many spots because of Roseman whiffing on multiple drafts.  The same man who continues to hold the franchise back is the man with the power to control the future; simply too many cooks in the Eagles kitchen.


Jeff Kolsky

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  • The only reason why you don’t take a perceived transformative player in chase is that you’re too arrogant and dismissive of the consequences. Howie has shown “no fear or concerns “ with the consequences of his actions. There is zero credibility to believe that this move will help a young qb. It is revisionist history to ignore the obvious, only too reach for what you perceive to be a better alternative. I’m disgusted with the fact that we now tanked a late season game to get positioned ahead of the cowboys and Gmen , and in Howies magic we now sit behind both.

  • I disagree Jeff with the premise that Howie Roseman’s future employment as GM hinges
    on how other Players do with other Teams
    when Draftrd by other Teams
    He will and should be evaluated by who he does select ….
    Too many Fans/Local Media get enamored by other Players not Selected by the Eagles
    This makes little sense to me…
    let’s see who Howie and Eagles Draft this Draft and Next Draft to fully evaluate his decisions
    And then you still need a couple of Seasons to see how these Selections progress and actually look
    Why are Fans/Local Media always going ga-ga with the Top WR Prospects in every Draft where thr reality is that half don’t really make it big in the NFL ?
    This Off-Seadon was about cleaning up the Salary Capp Issues, clearing the Deck for Hurts to Start and lead the Eagles for 2021 to truly evaluate if he’s the Franchise type QB for the Future and if he is, then the Eagles will be in great position for the Future and if Hurts shows that he’s not the Franchise QB moving forward then the Eagles will have the Draft Capital next Off-season/Draft to move up and get a Top QB in 2022 or the ability to Trade Draft Picks for a Russell Wilson/D Watson or whatever QB is out there next Off-Season
    The Eagles currently have 4 Selections this and next Draft in the Top 32 Selections and can add quality, good Talent at many Positions to rebuild this Roster
    Let’s see how this Plays out asOwner Lurie and Roseman have both stated publicly that 2021 is a transition year with eyes to 2022/2023 when they have Cap Space and High Draft Selection

  • Who cares what the Cowboys/G-Men are Selecting as neither need a WR/TE

    Cowboys will go Defense (DB or DL) which is No Surprise
    Giants will go OL or LB Parsons which again is No surprise

    • WR J Chase hasn’t played a competitive down of Football in almost 18 Months when the May/June OTA’s Start
      Who says with any certainty that any Player who opted out in 2020 isn’t going to need some time to get their Football mind and body in form
      You can say the same thing about other Opt-Out Players like Sewell,Slater,Farley,Parsons, Rosseau, and others and I guarantee that is all these Players actually played in 2020 that a few of them
      Wouldn’t be as highly rated for the Scouts and Draft guru’s would have found deficiency’s in their games and performance
      Playing College Ball in 2019 was a longtime ago and what have all these guys been doing besides combine/workout Drills to hit all their measurables
      What Coaching, Techniques,Film Watching,improving their craft and under who’s direction has any of these opt-out Players received the last 12+ Months ?
      Teams better do their Homework on all these Players and no one, with any certainty, can say that these guys will be studs at the NFL Level?

  • The problem is “transformative” WRs DONT EXIST!
    I get so tired of this lazy narrative of drafting the best WR… you know who does that? THE BENGALS!
    Don’t waste a top pick on a freaking transformative WR! Cuz there is no such thing. In another thread I went thru and showed that in the last 10 drafts there have been 11 top ten WR. A complete waste… John Ross, Amari Cooper, A.j green…. the list goes on… even mike Evan’s averaged 5 wins a year until this last season.
    Fans are wrong on this and Howie is right. It is stupid… I say pitts makes a pro bowl or five….great stats on a 5-8 win team…

  • Desert my old friend HAC (RIP) used to think you were one of the few knowledgeable fans on here… I remember you even saying a hotshot WR wasn’t worth it?? Tanking late got them the 12 an extra 1 and a swap of a five to 4…. that’s a huge value

    • Hac passed?im saddened to hear that. I’m going to state again , helping the new qb with weapons is what I was addressing. If the O line is solid , then hurts best opportunities, are to
      Have special athletes , and in my estimation that was chase. I felt that jefferson was a better receiver than Reagor. Paul man. It does matter how other guys howie whiffs upon , it may not be completely revelatory as to how they’d do In green laundry. Thats agreed.

  • One a side note
    Who wants To Bet $5 that if Justin Jefferson was Drafted by the Eagles instead of Jalen Reagor, that he would not have had the same impact or production as he had with the Vikings …
    Eagles were a total mess on Offense last from Coach Dougie P, to the Staff to Play calling and Schemes to poor QB play by Wentz which no one saw coming and a decimated OL which is without impossible to run a efficient Offense
    Football is a Team Sport where each position group on both sides of the ball has to help each other group to work as a 1 Unit,
    The Eagles had none of this on 2020 so would a Justin Jefferson been a real difference maker for the Team last season, I doubt it very much
    It’s not about 1 or 2 Players, it starts with the Coaching Staff and the entire Roster robe a good Team

    • Paul I believe for the first time you acknowledged what your old friend HAC (RIP) has been arguing with you about for months… last year was a cluster top to bottom…a serious of keystone cop type of events… blame everyone. Reagor has scored an incomplete as has Dillard. Fans (including you) have given up on a first round tackle after playing one game out of position.
      This years team will hopefully have three first round picks contributing for the first time…12, Reagor and Dillard. Then whatever they do with next years three ones (doubt seriously that will amount to 3 players)

    • Oh and scheme is impacted greatly when the other things you acknowledge were horrible (OL injuries, bad QB play) … the best play design will be foiled by those factors

      • I’m liking what the Eagles are doing this Off-Season, I just Hope Howie/Lurie fall to the whims of public pressure by the Fans/Local Media and take a WR in any Top Half of any 1st Round, Howie is not a dummy and knows knows this but there will be huge pressure on him to do just this as Owners message of surrounding Hurts with weapons was heard loud and clear by the Fan Base
        I’m looking forward to the Draft and the New Coaching Staff who I like and also believe will have an active part to play in this and upcoming Drafts
        I believe both Lurie/Howie have learned some lessons with their mis-handling and meddling with the previous Coaching Staff. and especially Dougie P the last couple ofSeasons of not allowing a stronger voice in the Draft Room
        I think that 3 of the first 5 Selections will be DC Gannon’s Picks
        No more doom and gloom for me at least until 2023 … I’m good with the direction
        of the Eagle franchise is going

        • They won’t fall to the whims of public pressure… there is NO PUBLIC pressure! They moved back because it gives them options… at 6 the BPA was a WR… at 12 (with an additional 1) they can truly pick BPA.. if it’s a WR ok…but depending on their board there may be an OL, DB, WR or even LB (doubt that) … gives them more options..
          But to be clear there is no such thing as public pressure… they don’t answer to the public

          • I disagree with you on this HAC
            The Eagles are one of the few NFLFranchises that are very cognizant of their Fans/Media Chatter and to a fault sometimes

            This Trade down is more about having at least 2 or possibly 3 First Round Selections for 2022 in case Hurts isn’t the answer, and have to change gears again about the QB Position for the Future and not necessarily about having more options in the 2021 Draft
            This I’m certain of

            • I think Howie has finally accepted and embraced the “longer view”
              And is making decisions now which are best for organization for 2-3-4 Years down the road which he hasn’t always done in recent off-seasons due to many reasons
              The Window, Outside Noise/Distractions of thr Fans/Media so good for him and the Team I believe

              • Fraud… “long view”? Didn’t you listen to Laurie,,,, their management of the team has 3 phases all in for now, medium and long… drafting Dillard when they planned on redshirting was a long view…

            • Nope they don’t care! They have a plan whether we agree with it or not… they won’t make a pick to satisfy fans… if they cared they would have stayed at 6…. picked chase or pitts and crowed about it cuz as you can seee by this dumb article and if u listen to WIP … the fans are ready to come carrying pitchforks and torches… if they wanted to bow to fan whims…

              • Lurie approved the Trade Sown which now takes pressure off of Roseman to view and make better decisions onthe”big picture” of rebuilding the Team the right way, that’s what I’m sensing..
                The idea of building for immediate now and the long term view is not feasible in today’s economic climate…
                I believe that Lurie and Roseman have finally come to this realization and this move bares this out ..

    • I concur, I don’t think they would have been able to develop Jefferson or Metcalf as well as their current teams. This team is a mess, they need help everywhere, the best player available has to be the philosophy when you think about it. Not for need well I guess since you need help everywhere then it could be fit need. Howie needs to hit on some of these not make JJ AW picks, or “raw” Davion Taylor picks or just speed that can’t run routes we don’t have such luxury. If it turns out that Jeff Lurie has made these bad picks than my apologies in advance to Howie.

  • Agree, same with Metcalf. The Eagles are not making their players better with the supportive coaching. The only area that I consistently see the impact of the coaching staff improving player talent is Jeff Stoutland and the offensive line. Great point on your end!

    • And running back. And TBH with the absolute injuries in the secondary they coached up some practice squad guys to play ok…. oh and remember when they had 4 WR off the streets and made them productive… wasn’t Figham offensive player of the week or something… coaching…
      How quickly we forget

      • Fulgham was Offensive Player of the Month
        for October

        I believe the Eagles have 3-4 Quality WR’s on their Roster right now in Fulgham,Reagor,Watkins and Ward
        with JJAW and Hightower as wildcards biggest don’t discount that they can effective and productive with the New offensive Coaches
        I just don’t see a huge need at WR for now as a lot of other Fans do.. These guys are all young with no real off-season last year and should all improve ..
        I don’t think any are Pro-Bowlers either but many Good Teams can win with 3-4 good WR’s instead of 1 Stud WR

        • Well from a guy cut multiple times to offense player of month,… somebody must have been coaching? These guys just pick the negative…
          We had running backs in the SB who were UFA that were almost mvp.
          More injuries than imagined and guys competed…
          Bunch of Philly loser fans …WIP today was obscene . These people don’t like the trade cuz Howie is making the pick…they don’t want Howie to have MORE picks.,, collective IQ of this fan base …short bus riders

  • Paul you are over analyzing…Lurie was clear when he fired chip. They have short, medium and long term team building goals. On any given year they are 33.3% focused on each…. if they think they are in a window they are focused primarily short term..we just ended that. At that point they shift medium and long… it’s really simple and they’ve been very up front. They are extremely adaptable and again he stated this when firing Doug… the wheels fell off 3 years after a SB and they have 11 picks this year and 3 ones next. They figured out how to turn a roster over… and to do it effectively.

    • ARE NOT focused equally on all 3. If they are in a window it’s all in… they are now out of the window

    • I disagree, it’s either all in now or a rebuild (3 Years) there’s no short,medium,long term plans in the Sports world anymore like there used to be

      Most Players Contracts in today’s NFL, rarely last over 3 Years, as Teams have a way out after the guaranteed $$ is gone
      Coaching Staffs rarely last 3 Years without success.. QB’s are gone after 3 years of mediocrity or worse
      There is no 5-7 Years Plans any longer
      So 3 Year Plans at most are considered the long term plans these days in the NFL and most sports

      • Oh you disagree with Lurie… ok. Good luck with that.
        Dummy… all in now is short term plans.
        Rebuild is a medium and long term plan..
        You just contradicted yourself in that post either that or you don’t understand basic vocabulary… you just literally contradicted yourself…
        I’ve been saying for the last couple years they were all in and you’ve been whining about it… they were all in…short term! Now they are medium and long… they’ve got 11 picks and 4 first rounders over 2 years.
        Your desire to troll makes you actually lie to yourself…
        As Strawberry says ,,,”you need meds”

        • The Eagles went short term in 2019 and 2020 as if they still had a window open when in reality there was no window open which I’ve been bitching about for 2 Years now and subsequently has now put them in the bottom 6 of the NFL and 1 -2 years behind their NFC Competitors
          The farce was that they caught lightning in a bottle with a great run of the ages with a Back-Up QB and thought they were actually a legitimate Top Tier Team where it came out of nowhere and then left just as fast as it came

          Eagles Record since 2015

          2015 – 7-9
          2016 – 7-9
          2017 – 13-3
          2018 – 9-7
          2019 – 9-7
          2020 – 4-11-1

          49 Wins 47 Losses and 1 Tie so it’s not like the Eagles were building for a Super Bowl with consistently good competitive Teams . it’s just kinda of happened out of nowhere

          2017 was magical, but the Eagles were boring but average 2 years before and the 2 years following their SB Victory and then crashed and burned in 2020 with a very stale Coaching Staff

          Wentz was unable to fill Nick Foles Cleats as that prime time Player in the Post-Season since their Super Bowl for a variety of reasons now it’s time to move forward which the Eagles are finally doing even though they still have some aging Players along their OL/DL which is where most Games are Won and Lost and hoping to get 2 Years of high level
          Play from these 6 Veteran Players
          (Graham,Cox,Slay,Kelce,Brooks and LJ) as they turnover the roster for the next group to replace them

        • The Eagles went short term in 2019 and 2020 as if they still had a window open when in reality there was no window open which I’ve been bitching about for 2 Years now and subsequently has now put them in the bottom 6 of the NFL and 1 -2 years behind their NFC Competitors
          The farce was that they caught lightning in a bottle with a great run of the ages with a Back-Up QB and thought they were actually a legitimate Top Tier Team where it came out of nowhere and then left just as fast as it came

          Eagles Record since 2015

          2015 – 7-9
          2016 – 7-9
          2017 – 13-3
          2018 – 9-7
          2019 – 9-7
          2020 – 4-11-1

          49 Wins 47 Losses and 1 Tie so it’s not like the Eagles were building for a Super Bowl with consistently good competitive Teams . it’s just kinda of happened out of nowhere

          2017 was magical, but the Eagles were boring but average 2 years before and the 2 years following their SB Victory and then crashed and burned in 2020 with a very stale Coaching Staff

          Wentz was unable to fill Nick Foles Cleats as that prime time Player in the Post-Season since their Super Bowl for a variety of reasons now it’s time to move forward with a new Coaching Staff and Qan

          • They made the playoffs in 19 that’s a window
            The wheels fell off in 20… you acknowledged that now flip flop

            • Simply Making the Post-Season is not a Legitimate “Window” to me
              maybe it is to you but finishing 9-7 in 2019 in a very weak Division was like
              the Washington FT winning it last Year at 7-9, – Some Team has to Win the NFC East but doesn’t mean they are a Good Team or a Legitimate Contender
              Are you Saying the Washington FT last Season was a Legitimate SB Contender and that Their Window started last Season just because they made the Playoffs ? Are the Chicago Bear a Super Bowl Contender with an Open WIndow ?

              • Giants won a SB at 9-7 and 10-6… road playoff wins as the dog.
                Tampa was 10-6 3 road playoff games …. gotta get in…
                funny you were anti process because teams shouldn’t play to lose, nor should they build a line up to lose… except when you troll about the eagles… interesting

  • Tampa since 2015
    1 playoff season, 1 SB
    Eagles 3 playoffs 1 SB
    What’s your point
    You just hate the eagles and you are a negative troll

    • Tampa went out and got the GOAT last Off-Season as a Free-Agent and have QB Brady and all his boys back to shoot for another SB Trophy as they will be the heavy Favorites coming out of the NFC for sure
      So a very poor example HAC

      All potential free-Agents for the Bucs are returning Gronk,Fournette, Suh,Barrett , Godwin… Bucs will be tough to beat and not complacent with Tom Brady leading the charge for he won’t allow it…

      • Spot-on Paulman. Love the positive vibes you’re sending out. What is your opinion/outlook for Hurts next year and long term?

        • I like Hurts Game and think he will improve and play well in 2021,
          The New Schemes and Formations that Sirianni and Steckhem employ are yet to be seen
          but from their comments about the Offense, they want to use quick, timing, rhythm passes and get the ball out quickly into their Receivers hands and with the Speed they have on the outside
          and athletic TE’s and Backs out of the Backfield should be a good fit for Hurts ..
          Hurts natural leadership, competitiveness and self confidence without being arrogance bodes will for his Future success.
          Is he a Franchise QB ? I can’t answer this until he Plays more and shows what he can , but I do believe with Good Team/Coaching and playing strong complimentary Football between Offense/Defense and Special Team that he has all the tools that can
          Win a lot of Games for the Eagles and lead them to the Playoffs
          The only thing I question is his lack of a Big Arm to push the ball down the field, but if hes accurate and decisive in that mid range passing game (15-25 Yards Routes) then not having a Big Arm is not that critical to me
          If the OL remains healthy and the WR’s and Hurts Progress, the Eagles have a good chance to Score Points and Win some Games in 2021 and build momentum for the Future

  • There is no secret formula.. Never has been nor will there ever be.. Just Select Good Footballs but the Coaching Staff has to develop and teach Players that best uses their Skills and talents to Play at optimum level
    Hoping this new young Coaching Staff provide this and I think they will but it will take a little time so Eagles Fans have to be patient which I know is not many fans vocabulary
    Beliheck has won more Championships with overall less “Talent” than other Great Coaches and Teams . But he had the GOAT at the most important position (QB Brady) so they always had a chance ..and now the TB Bucs do too

  • Back in April 2017 there are posts of the Fraudman wanting to trade L. Johnson for “draft capital”– you cannot make this up! The dude doesn’t care about winning on the field– only about trading players for picks… its insane
    BTW in the same thread fraudman was all in on drafting SIDNEY JONES in round 1 at 14!!!! YIKES.

    • I’ve had every Eagle Player Traded at one time or another HAC.. Who Cares ?
      Its all just Internet Fodder .. In Fact I would Trade Lane Johnson Today if he would have any Interest
      I would Trade Fletcher Cox in a heartbeat too if this would improve the Teams Draft Capital Significantly ..
      Lane Johnson’s and FC Back Loaded Restructured Contracts make it very difficult for the Eagles to Trade him as they would have to eat too much Dead $$$ with any of these Players that they Re-Structured this Off-Season
      so they are riding with who they have

      • Right– you’d rather play trade ’em GM than win on the field- its why you flip flop– you make ‘internet fodder moves’ and don’t recognize on field achievement– your super bowl is in March/April– I get it.
        If you traded Johnson and Kelce when you wanted you would have draft picks and no super bowl…

        • I would trade your Dumb Ass too .. Not Takers though !!
          I’m about Improving the Team, this same Core of Players from the SB have not performed, or played well or been available much since their SB Victory 3 Years ago unless you consider at
          22-25-1 Record since as good Play , for I don’t, Out with the Old, In with the New..
          its the only way you get better, you cannot continue to hang onto hopes that maybe a Sproles, or D-Jax or Jeffrey or Peters can Return to a High Level, you have to move on and replace…
          I’m afraid the Eagles will be going thru the same thing with Lane Johnson, Brooks, Cox and others but you have to replace theses type of Players with Quality Players ..

    • Sydney Jones tore his Achilles in March of 2017 leading up to the Draft during the U of Washington’s Pro Day on the 2nd to last snap
      of his Pro Day , talk about bad luck
      Every Draft Guru had him as a mid/late 1st Round Prospect before his Injury
      He was rated as a Top 3 CB of the 2017 Class
      and fell to the 2nd Round as it was understood that he would not be ready to play to 2018
      The biggest Problem with Jones anc Douglas
      Is the poor Coaching that have hampered the Eagles Secondary ever since Jim Schwartz took over as DC
      Schwartz Defenses over the Years have struggled as it’s just not a strength of his Defenses
      Sydney Jones was a little immature and had a questionable work ethic when arriving which no doubt didn’t help his cause but I’ve seen no
      improvement with any Young DB’s the Eagles have had since Schwartz was Hired
      Eric Rowe, A Maddox, R Douglas, S Jones all have enough Talent be decent NFL Players and none of them worked out in Philly

      Also, who has the time to read thru Posts from 3-4 Years ago besides you?
      Talk about Weird, That’s You HAC !!

      • You picked him in APRIL

        • Nope, I don’t believe you for one minute
          Sydney Jones tore his Achilles on March 11th 2017 at his College Work Day and was
          was reported by March 12th that it was serious tear and would require Surgery therefore
          Jones would miss the Entire 2017 Season as he rehabbed from Injury and would be ready for the 2018 Season
          After his injury which was full 6 Weeks before the 2017 Draft
          He was no longer on anyone’s Draft Board as a 1st Round Selection at this Point…
          Prove your Claim or Post HAC !!
          Looking at my past notes for 2017 Draft
          I had CB Tra’ Davious White and CB Marlon Humphrey (both who are Pro Bowler’s)
          and Pass Rusher/DE Charles Harris (who hasn’t done anything in 5 NFL Seasons) on my Draft Board for the Eagles in that First Round for 2017

          The Eagles had the #14 Selection in 2017 Draft from the Sam Bradford Trade and ended
          up with Derek Barnett, then Selected CB Sydney Jones at #43 in the 2ndf Round knowing that he would not be ready to Play until 2018

          • And DL Jonathon Allen on my 2017 1st Round Selection List of Potential Candidates
            who went #17 to the Washington Redskins and has played pretty well so far in the NFL

  • It is going to be very interesting to see how the players who missed last year progressed..Players like Parsons, Chase, and Trey Lance. They did not play football and instead of training for a football season…..they worked on mechanics mechanics mechanics for 8 hours a day. They worked out and prepared the fundamentals.

    Look at Lance who only played what? 17 games total at NDSU? He had a questionable release and footwork. This whole offseason he worked on his mechanics and released, and came back more polished as a passer.

    I guess the question is, IF Lance turns into a super star player, will it be better to prepare for a controlled environment like a football game? Or work on the mechanics for the whole offseason?

    Most of the time in college, you are not in a close game anyway.

    • I’ve questioned this many times on some of the local Sport Blogs..
      Don’t you find it odd that all the Top Prospects outside of QB’s are Players who actually opted out in 2020
      Is this because they are superior to everyone else or is this due to the faact that since they didnt play in 2020,
      their Game Film won’t show as many weaknesses or faults in their Game ..
      Take J’mar Chase for example, who had an unbelievable Season in 2019, playing on a Record Breaking Offense at LSU with NCAA Record Holder QB Joe Burrow Passing to him, playing along 1st Round Talent like WR Justin Jefferson and RB Halaire , Im not saying that J’Mar Chase isn’t a quality prospect because he is just that, a Prospect.
      For me, taking a Player in the Top 10-12 Pick of the Draft who hasn’t played a competitive snap of FOotball in almost 16-18 Months by Summer Camp is just rolling the dice
      I would want to know who are these Guys Working and Learning form to improve their Techniques and Understanding of the Game at NFL Level and not neccesarily spending tons of time on their “metrics” for Pro-Days, Are any of the Players (Chase, Parson,Farley,Sewell, Slater, Rosseau, Lance) and the others who sat out or missed Playing Football in 2020 actually better Football players ?
      Buyer Beware…
      2 Big Name Players Im staying away from the top of this Draft
      LB Parsons is a Head Case and has some Anger/Authority/Maturity Issues when reading about his off the field shenanigans
      CB Farley had a Neck Injury and now a Surgery on that Neck.. another Player who hasn’t Played since 2019
      Im not rolling the dice on this guy until he proves that he can still play at a high level, too many other Prospects out there with recent Tape, Character Verification and Health

    • For QB’s working Full time with a true QB Coach will definitely help you with your Mechanics, Motion, Arm Angles, Release Points, Foot Work and everything, but you still have to prove you can run an Offense when the bullets fly and you can only do this while playing in a Game with the Competitive environment and adversity and opportunities which you can only really get by Playing the Game

  • Did HAC really pass away? Or is that a joke because he changes his name on this site ?

    • He’s going by Song Titles now …
      It was Led Zepplin, then Pink Floyd and now Van Halen Song Titles here lately…
      His old self gas “died” and trying to be a little more current !! Ha!!

      • Current by picking bands that started in the 60’s? Dunno bout that …
        dude probably is in Hawaii with his young hot wife… surfing and drinking Mai Tais … smoking some Maui Wowie …

        • Stan Getz!! Now HAC is getting into his
          “Jazz Time”…

          • ….NO…. trying to be ‘modern’…please stand up


  • Damn, What’s happened to the Flyers ?
    Thry look like a Junior Team Out there anymore ..Losing to a very bad Buffalo Sabres
    6-1 is terrible …
    Is the Coach or GM on the Hot Seat Yet ?

    • I would never to claim to know fundamentals in hockey the way I know them in the other 3. But there seems to be the most basic failings ever with the flyers… simply picking up the guys in the crease, back checking, fore checking all seem to be non existent. The defensive breakdown is like I’ve never seen as a casual watcher…I’m sure one of the flyer faithful could correct me.
      As for the coach GM firing. Seems like it’s always on the table. When they got this coach they “got a good one” real pro, accomplished, well respected etc. Now they are playing like junior league… it really shows in sports at this level that the difference between being really good and really bad is minute…

      • And No More “Rush” Tunes Please

  • New Eagles Mock Draft thru 5 Rounds

    #12 – CB Jaycee Horn (South Carolina 6-1 205lbs)
    #37 – WR G Marshall Jr (LSU 6-3 205lbs)
    #70 – LB C Surratt (UNC 6-3 230lbs)
    #84 – RB T Sermon (Ohio State 6-0 220lbs)
    #123 – DE J Kaindoh (Florida State 6-7 265lbs)
    #150 – CB R Williams (Oklahoma St 6-0 198lbs)

    Eagles Use the 6th/7th Rounds for OL/DT/LB and a Developmental QB as the #3 QB

  • Nice Win y the Phillies in Today’s Opener
    Great Throw by CF Quinn and a even better Block of the Plate and Tag by Catcher Reaulmato on the Braves Runner trying to Score… Way to put the Ball in Play by Segura!!
    The Bullpen did its Job today !!
    Phillies 1-0 !!

  • Paulman’s Eagles Trade Alert (Rumors)

    1) Eagles Trade Back with the NE Patriots and Get the Patriots #15th Overall Selection and their 3rd Round Pick #96th Overall for doing so

    Eagles also Trade their later 3rd Round Pick #84th Overall Pick along with TE Z Ertz to the Jacksonville Jags for their #65th Overall Pick

    Eagles Now Have the Following Selections in the First 4 Rounds Of the Draft and select the Following Players

    1st (#15) – CB Patrick Surtain Jr – Alabama (6-2 202lbs)
    2nd (#37) – WR Greg Marshall Jr – LSU (6-3 – 205lbs)
    3rd (#65) – CB Eric Stokes – Georgia (6-1 185lbs)
    3rd (#70) – Safety – Richie Grant – UCF (6-0 200lbs)
    3rd (#96) – G/C Quin Meinerz – UW-Whitewater (6-3 320lbs)
    4th (#123) – DE Joshua Kaindoh (Florida State 6-7 265lbs)

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