• July 1, 2022

Linebacker Lair

The Eagles have yet to upgrade their linebacker depth chart, they still need three starters.  A non-intimidation factor with this unit shouldn’t sit well with people.  The second layer in a Philly defense should create fear for the opposition.  Jimmy Johnson would be ashamed of this group.


The Eagles need veteran leaders with Pro Bowl and Super Bowl experience.  A toughness needs to be welcomed back to middle of this defense.  Inking K.J. Wright who has spent his entire ten-year career with the Seattle Seahawks and welcoming back Nigel Bradham would set the Eagles up well heading into the draft.  By signing two free agents and double dipping in round three of the upcoming draft, the linebackers and defensive line would form an aggressive and disrupting front seven.



At pick 70, the Eagles should select Dylan Moses who has really good tape from his time at Alabama.  Moses has the talent to start day one, injuries cost him playing time in 2019, 2020 was hampered by a lingering injury and 2021 has also required medical attention.  The durability concerns are likely why Moses is not a round two selection, this is tremendous value for the Eagles and the youth movement at the linebacker position.

NFL Comparison:  DeMeco Ryans


At pick 84, the Eagles select Monty Rice, a three-year starter for the Georgia Bull Dogs.  Adding athleticism, speed and instinctiveness, Rice could be used in different roles and play a big role in 2021.  Rice is a smart kid who leads vocally and by the effort on the gridiron.

NFL Comparison:  Eric Kendricks



2021 Outlook:

Starters:  Dylan Moses, K.J. Wright, Nigel Bradham

 Reserves:  Monty Rice, Alex Singleton, Davion Taylor

Jeff Kolsky

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  • The “hit” rate of a first round draft pick as defined by signing a second contract with the team that drafts you is the lowest. Center is the highest. I’m so glad the eagles traded out of 6….
    My old friend HAC (RIP) has said for years that it’s a complete waste! He was right… dude was smart.

    • Ooh No, HAC is in his Olivia Newton-John Phase !! Good Grief !!
      What’s Next, Saturday Night Fever ?

    • Xanadu, music: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson- Lyrics Neil Peart
      The eagles moving back was predicated on actually expanding their prospects available. At 6 you were locked into a WR or TE. And that’s Terrible value. At 12 there will be OT, CB and WR …. so u trade back and pick BPA regardless of position… you’ve expanded your options, added a round one and gotten the higher pick later in this draft.

  • There are Good LB Prospects in this Draft thru
    the first 4 Rounds for the Eagles to look at
    and hopefully Select

    #1) M Parsons is not on the Eagles Draft Board due to his “Charater Issues”, they simply won’t even look at him regardless of his athleticism and potential so scratch him off any wish list for Eagles Fans

    Following LB’s projected as Mid/Late 1st or early 2nd Round Prospects

    1) JOK from Notre Dame
    2) N Bolden of Missouri
    3) Z Collins of Tulsa

    The Following LB Prospects are 2nd/3rd/4th Round Selections, where I believe the Eagles will select one of these Players

    1) J Cox – LSU
    2) C Surratt – UNC
    3) D Moses – Bama
    4) B Browning – Ohio State
    5) J Davis – Kentucky
    6) M Rice – Georgia
    7) P Werner – Ohio State
    8) J Smith – UAB
    9) C Snowden – Virginia
    10) D Barnes – Purdue

    And a few others

  • As far as Signing a KJ Wright or N Bradham or any other Free-Agent
    The Eagles Currently (as of Friday) have
    Approx 5 Million of Cap Space for 2021 so it’s very unlikely they are bringing in a Veteran LB or CB or with any quality as they simply can’t afford to do this .. (until Ertz is moved)
    Do note that Teams need to keep $7-8 Million
    for their Draft Class which is one reason the Eagles Traded down from #6 to # 12 to begin with , and which saves them Approx $2.5 million for 2021 as a 6th Pick is slotted at a Higher Salary than a #12 Selection and I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Eagles Trade back down again in the first Round with the
    #15(Patriots) or Raiders (#19) for more savings if they feel that a group of Prospects they like are still there and available ..
    Now once the Eagles Trade TE Z Ertz, most likely during the Draft Weekend, then they will have his Salary come off their Books giving the Eagles about $8.5 Million of additional Cap Space which they can use to add a veteran Player to a couple Positions once the Draft is over.
    A veteran outside CB is needed much more than LB in my opinion for this Current Roster

  • And these Rumors of the Eagles being interested in Trading for 32 Year Old QB Russell Wilson are just ridiculous for so many reasons

    1) Wilson is 32 and Team is not built to Win
    a Championship for 2021/2022 Seasons

    2) Wilson is Due $19 Million in Base Salary
    So Eagles can’t afford him if they wanted unless they Trade $30 Million worth of Salaries from their Current Roster

    3) Seattle would have a huge Cap Hit of Dead $$ left behind if they Traded him which compares to what the Eagles had to eat with Wentz

    4) Eagles would have to Trade premium Draft Picks in order to obtain him which goes against their Plan of getting Younger,cheaper with a new Core of Eagles with a newbie Coaching Staff … Makes Zero sence!!!

    I know Fans get enamored with all the Big Name Players, Draft Prospects who shine in their controlled Pro Days, but this is not how you build a Team for long term success as both Lurie/Roseman have outlined many times since the end of last Season
    When all else fails with getting hooked on rumors, always follow the $$$ for this is what the Eagles can realistically do for 2021
    Next Off-Season will see a few more Veterans go and the Eagles will have much more Cap Space and premium Draft Picks for 2022 Draft
    Let their Plan Play out as it will take 2 Years to rebuild this Roster correctly and to make their next Championship Run…
    I believe they are approaching this correctly and will pay off nicely but they have to hit on these Draft Picks the next 2 Drafts
    They don’t need to nab big name Player or two, They need to add 6-8-10 really Good Football Players over the next 2 Drafts

    • Seattle hasn’t been to NFC championship game since 2014! (Lost SB). In the next 6 years they went to playoffs 5 times but lost a couple times in WC round a couple more in division round. This shows teams are more than a QB …. a great QB helps but so much has to go right. If the eagles go all in for 33 (turns it in Nov) year old Wilson I’m not sure I can get behind them… that will be very tough to take

      • I would hate this move although I like Russell Wilson’s Game but hopefully Hurts will improve and be similar with experience, Hurts doesn’t have the Deep Ball like Wilson does and few QB’s do,
        But Hurts can Win Ballgames and Lead a Team so I hope Eagles support him and give him the Team and Schemes to surround their Offense where he can shine…
        It’s very possible and with good Teaching and Coaching and a healthy OL, they should Score some Points next Season and be competitive, the Defense will be a work in progress under a new Coach and Schemes and a rebuilt Back 7 is where they need to focus this Draft with Young Talent

        • I think the Wilson move comes down to…. what is the best chance to win SB. I know the SB isn’t your goal Paul … you much prefer draft picks, salary cap maneuvering etc… the eagles care about SB only …. you prefer off season wins. If they think selling their soul for Wilson gives them a SB chance they will do it .
          How much is ONE SB worth? … every fucking thing

          • They are not Acquiring QB’s Wilson or Watson as they can’t even afford either Player
            and their Team is not strong enough elsewhere to compete
            The Eagles are not competing, building a Roster a SB run in 2021 or 2022,
            so your premise is wrong as usual

  • Great Performance by Phillies Pitcher Z Wheeler today, 1 Hit given up over 7 Innings and 2 RBI’s from the Plate… Wow
    Bullpen Clean 2 Games in a Row !!

    2-0 and a Great Start, Go for the Sweep Sunday

  • Wow, What a College Basketball Game last night between Gonzaga vs UCLA,
    the best Game I’ve seen from start to finish in a long, long time….Congrats to Both Teams, Coaches and Staff
    I like Baylor to Beat Gonzaga Monday Night for the Championship due to their tenacious Defense and i sense that Gonzaga may be a little physically and emotionally down after such a Game vs UCLA last night

    Baylor 76 – Gonzaga 71

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  • New Draft Day Trade Alerts

    Eagles Trade Back from #12 to #17 with the Las Vegas Raiders and get their 2nd Round Pick (48th Overall)
    while the Eagles also send the Raiders their 4th Round Pick #123rd Overall to make the Value Chart even out
    So its the Eagles Trading #12 and #123rd Selections to the Raiders for the #17th and 48th Selections

    Eagles also Trade TE Z Ertz and this #48th Pick to the Jaguars for their #33rd Pick Overall (1st Pick in the 2nd Round) which is one of the most coveted Selections to have after all the shake out of the First Round Draft Night and where a Team can see the Draft Board re-shape itself for Round 2 and have an evening to sleep on it too..

    Eagles now have the Following Selections in the First 4 Rounds

    Rd 1 #17 LB Jerimiah Owusu-Koramoah – Notre Dame (6-2 220lbs)
    Rd 2 #33 CB Tyson Campbell – Georgia (6-1 185lbs)
    Rd 2 #37 CB Aaron Robinson – UCF (6-1 195lbs)
    Rd 3 #70 DE Rashod Weaver – Pitt (6-5 270lbs)
    Rd 4 #84 TE/WR Brevin Jordan – Miami (6-3 245lbs)

    Eagles landed 3-4 Talented Players to help re-shape this Defense in New DC’sa Gannon’s Likeness
    LB JOK will play all over the place similar to what Malcolm Jenkins did for DC Scwarts, but JOK is explosive plays more physical that MJ ever was and is excellent in Pass-Coverages, can cover TE’s and Backs out of the Backfield which has been sorely lacking for the Eagles for quite some time and can get to the Backfield in Blitz and Stunts Formations…. A Natural Leader and High Character, Smart Football Player

    Both CB’s will compete for CB2 Starters Job opposite of Slay and will Contribute and whoever gets beat out will be involved heavily in the Nickel/Dime Packages

    DE Weaver out of Pitt is long,strong and has solid Pass-Rushing Moves and Also very strong in Playing the Run
    He can slide inside and pass rush from the DT Position as he gets more experienced

    TE Brevin Jordan is listed as a TE and at 6-3 245lbs, he’s really a big-bodied Receiver but very dynamic after the Catch, he would be lined up out in the Slot, out Wide and out of the Backfield, He’s an athlete
    and can be very dynamic if used properly, He’s not an traditional End-Line TE and wouldn’t be used as such
    Goedart can play End-Line with Jordan split outside in “12 Formations” — Think of a Trey Burton type but much more explosive, young, hungry and healthy and that’s Brevin Jordan

    Rest of the Draft will have the Eagles focus on OL,RB,LB and WR Depth

    • You are seriously mentally ill but if those values actually work then I say bully to you. Eagles need talent talent talent… they need people to make plays

    • This Draft I believe is about the Eagles Re-building the Back 7 of this Eagles Defense first in order to compete with not only all the Offensive weapons within their Own Division, but to have a new Creative Defense that’s better staffed and equipped to handle today’s NFL Pass-Happy Offenses and Rules Changes that Jim Schwartz was simply unable to do as the Years went on..

      I know everyone wants a Big Name WR, I get it, but the fact remains, the Eagles currently have 5 WR’s under Contract who are 22-25 YEars Old and just learning what it takes to be in the NFL
      WR is not a Priority, it just isn’t

      I know many Fans or Media mention OL as the Eagles have Drafted a lot of OL in the Top half of Draft’s in their Past and they place a High Value on OL, but look at what the Eagles did this Off-Season Re-structuring Contracts to keep Kelce, Brooks and LJ all intact, Now if Players can stay Health and Andre Dillard shows he can play at the NFL Level, then all of a sudden, the OL becomes a real Strength again
      Look at all the Exprience the Eagles OL has with Suemalo, Kelce, Brooks and LJ with the LT Spot being a Batttle between Mailata/Dillard along with Back-ups who gained much experience last Season in N Herbig and Jack Driscoll.. Most NFL Team would die to have this much Experience and Talent along their OL
      I do believe the Eagles Draft in the late Rounds an Interior OL who can play both Guard/Center to groom for the future. So in the End I don’t believe OL is a real Priority need for the Eagles in this 2021 Draft with any early Picks

      The Eagles have a very Experienced DL and this Draft is not very Deep with Pass-Rushers or Stud DT’s so the Eagles can add a Young Player at DE who is versatile and has Upside.. If there was some ELite Pass-Rushers in this Draft then I would want the Eagles to consider Selecting one, but the reality is that this is a Down Year
      for ELiete Pass-Rushers, this doesn’t mean that are any Good DL Players, but for Value sake, there is little sense in taking one in the Top Half of 1st Round as the Value and the Player just doesn’t match this Draft
      and Howie loves to get good Value for his Draft Picks as he should

      With QB1 Hurts as the Starter and Experienced Veteran Joe Flacco as QB2, there is no Need to Draft a QB
      until the late Rounds or the Eagles can even wait to Sign one from the Undrafted Free-Agent List since they added WR/QB Khalil Tate to the QB Room over the weekend, So QB is simply not a Priority

      Could the Eagles do what they always do and Draft a DL/OL ? Sure its possible, but I believe these Young Coaches have had many discussions with the Front Office & Howie, Lurie about what this Franchise needs the most right now in 2021, and its a infusion of Talent, Speed, Athleticism and Toughness in this Back 7 of the Defense or this Team will simply not be able to compete with the Teams in their own Division let alone the rest of the NFL. Today’s NFL Defenses play in more and more Nickel/Dime Coverages (about 65%) of the time rather than their “Base” Defense, which is the standard 3 LB Sets, we have seen for years and years… Most Teams 3rd and 4th QB’s play about 60-65% of all Snaps so NFL Defense can’t get by with only having 2-3 quality CB”s, You need about 5 Quality CB’s with at least 3 being true Outside Cover Players and then a couple CB’s who can play inside at the Slot and who are Versatile and can play various Styles from Press-Man, to Soft Zone, to Cover 2 and Cover 3 Schemes , to Man to Man, etc,etc
      NFL Defenses need athletic LB’s who can npot only run sideline to sideline but who can actually drop back in Pass-Coverages and kind of be like that Hybrid-Safety type roaming around and who can Stop Slants, Cover athletic TE’s who go Vertical down the Seams and cover those RB’s out of the Backfield
      This is why I believe JOK from Notre-Dame would be an excellent Pick for the Eagles for this is where the Defense is heading to and only having a LB who can play forward and in the Box but not be able to drop back effectively and play in Pass Coverages means that he won’t see the field often
      This Draft Strengths is just what the Eagles Need – Back 7 Talent … The Eagles would be very wise to Draft
      from the Strength of this Draft Class and get their Back 7 Filled out while they still have a Good Experienced Defensive Line

      • Paul… you almost sound sane … WTF happened…. you actually acknowledge the strength of the OL- you almost sound POSITIVE! You never are positive… you typically aren’t positive even after great accomplishments by a Philly team yet here you are not being a negative nitwit … . you make a salient point about the back 7 instead of a big name WR. I assume you bumped your head as you give a long winded but pretty reasonable post RE the draft…. probably first. Time EVER

  • Trade Alert between Jets nad Panthers

    Jets agree to Trade QB Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers for a 6th Round Draft PIck in 2021
    and two Mid-Round Draft Picks in 2022 based on some conditional terms…
    A Good Deal for Both Clubs
    Jets are moving on from Darnold and look to Draft Zach Wilson or Justin Fields with their #2 Overall Pick in the Draft and Sam Darnold gets to go to a Team that wants him and has some Offensive Talent and a up and coming OC/QB Coach Joe Brady who worked wonders with Joe Burrow at LSU.
    The Panthers Owner/Coach were not very happy how Tedy Bridgewater Played in the 2nd Half of last Season where it appeared he hit a wall physically and mentally, and since the Panthers have the #8th Overall Pick,
    the chances of Drafting a Top QB Prospect without Trading Up and giving a ton up, was just not what they wanted to do as they are still in a rebuild mode and not just a QB Away from any legitimate Playoff Run soon
    So they take a flyer on Darnold and if he works out, than its a great deal, If it doesn’t then they keep plugging away but I think Darnold has some Promise and hopefully he’ll get going in the right direction

    On a side Note, about Howie Trading Down, Howie knew from speaking to Joe Douglas that the Jets were all in and going to Draft QB Zach Wilson and that was the only QB that the Eagles really liked from this Class, once Howie knew this and was aware that the 49ers were Trading up to #3 to get a QB with Miami, that It was time for Howie to Retreat and get as many Draft Assets now, instead of waiting until Draft Night, for once all the QB’s are off the Daft Board, their Original #6 Selection lost its Value and would not have returned a Future 1st Round Pick next Draft so good job Howie.. Teams only give up Future 1St Rounders when moving up for a QB, if there’s not more Top QB Prospect Left, then there is no future 1st Round Draft Pick in Return

    Another Reason I do mention this is now that Panthers have a QB, they may be willing to Trade Down from #8
    to recoup some Draft Capitol, #8 could still have those 1-2-3 Premier Players that Howie still covets !!
    I do thnk Panthers Select a Top OL on the Board for they need big time help on their OL but if Pitts was there ..

    Atlanta Falcons also announce that their #4 Overall Pick is on the Trading Block if a Team wants to move up for a QB… Broncos, Patriots or Bears all come to mind..

    • Per Adam Shefter

      Panthers Sending Jets their 6th Round in the 2021 Draft and their 2nd Round and 4th Round Picks in 2022 Draft
      No Mention of Conditions in Terms of performance, games played, etc,etc tied to the two 2022 Draft Picks yet.

  • New Paulman Mock Draft for the Top 20 Selections of the 2021 Draft

    1) Jaguars – QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)
    2) NY JEts – QB Zach Wilson (BYU)
    3) 49ers – QB Trey Lance (North Dakota State)
    4) Broncos in Trade Up with Atlanta – QB Justin FIelds (Ohio State)
    5) Bengals – OT Penei Sewell (Oregon)
    6) Dolphins – WR J’Marr Chase (LSU)
    7) Lions – WR Jalen Waddle (Alabama)
    8) Patriots in Trade up with Carolina – QB Mac Jones (Alabama)
    9) Atlanta – TE Kyle Pitts (FLorida)
    10) Cowboys – CB Patrick Surtain Jr (Alabama)
    11) NY Giants – OL Rashon Slater (Northwestern)
    12) Raiders in a Trade up with Eagles – LB Micah Parsons (Penn State)
    13) LA Chargers – WR Devonta Smith (WR Alabama)
    14) Vikings – OL Alijah Vera-Tucker (USC)
    15) Panthers – CB Jaycee Horn (South Carolina)
    16) Arizona – CB Greg Newsome II (Northwestern)
    17) EAGLES – LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Notre Dame)
    18) Dolphins – OL Christian Darrisaw (Va Tech)
    19) Washington FT – OL Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State)
    20) Bears – OL Liam Eichenberg (Notre Dame)


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