• July 1, 2022

Eagles Mock Draft 1.0

The Eagles need playmakers and would appear to relying heavily on the outcome of the 2021 NFL Draft to fill several starting position groups.  Linebacker, cornerback, safety, wide receiver and interior offensive line are the positional groups that Roseman and company should make top priority.  The selections I have the Eagles taking do take into consideration ADP, their current roster and the 2022 outlook.  With 11 draft picks, the assets are available to inject youth into the roster.

Round 1: No. 12 –Jaycee Horn, CB (South Carolina)– In 2002, the Eagles drafted Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown in the first two rounds, nearly two decades ago.  Brown played collegiately at South Carolina, the same school 2019 defensive player of the year player Stephon Gilmore attended.   Horn reminds me of Gilmore, but he also brings some of the swag his dad played with during his twelve-year NFL career.  The idea of playmaker wide receiver has merit, but the Eagles need a plug and play starter opposite of Darius Slay.  Horn would be my selection over Patrick Surtain if I had my option between the two, this guy will be a Pro-Bowler within his first two seasons in the NFL.

Round 2: No. 37-Elijah Moore, WR (Ole Miss)– Every year I have a player that immediately catches my eye, Moore was the top guy this year on my list.  Moore understands his strengths and does not entertain conversation about limitations related to his size.  He catches everything thrown to him, and makes it difficult for opposing defenses to minimize is YAC.  He likes to have in game dialogue with the opponent, an edge desperately lacking from the soft shell of the current Eagles receiving core.  If the Eagles are going to stick with Hurts at quarterback, it would be wise to invest in skilled players that allow for quick and accurate throws.  Moore presents that big play after the catch skillset like Jaylen Waddle, while also providing another punt return option.  Moore can turn a screen pass into a 50 yard catch and score.

Round 3: No. 70Dylan Moses, LB (Alabama)– Bring the physicality back to the linebacker position, Moses is no Trotter, but he has a meanness to his downhill style.  The film on Moses from last year shows a player hampered by a lingering injury, when healthy he is going to make plays.  I wouldn’t classify it as another Jordan Hicks situation, but anytime banking on a player coming off from an injury is a risky.  If the Eagles can take a 3rd round flyer on a developmental player like Davian Taylor, investing in a NFL ready prospect from a big name school shouldn’t be an issue.  Moses was compared to former Eagle DeMeco Ryans in one of my previous articles, I could see Moses playing as the strong side linebacker position in 2021 and moving to middle linebacker in 2022.

Round 3: No. 84Monty Rice, LB (Georgia)– Defensive coaches love a player who is always is consistently showing up on film tracking down the offensive player with the football in his hands.  Rice has a tremendous IQ and the athletic traits to play sideline to sideline while also dropping back into coverage.  Looking purely at stats and Rice would be viewed as more of a day 3 guy, he did a lot of the dirty work that allowed several of his teammates to earn their name called in the first two rounds.  Rice is not a day one starter, I see him earning meaningful snaps as the season progresses and the speed of the NFL game slowing down for him.

Round 4: No. 123Paris Ford, S, (Pittsburgh)-Ford has the defensive back flexibility that would allow him to play multiple roles his rookie season, but he is best suited as a free safety.  Ford has some technique work to clean up which is why he is slated as a fourth to fifth round guy, but I’m not a person who likes to wait to see if a guy will drop a round, identify your guy and make sure he becomes an Eagle.  Ford likes to hit, has good overall athleticism, a little thin so his rookie season would see extended time in the weight room.

Round 5: No. 150Robert Hainsey, OT (Notre Dame)-Hainsey will be asked to make the transition to guard at the NFL level, and was overshadowed by other members of his offensive line.  Hainsey has the strength to win his 1:1 assignments, he will need to improve his footwork, he can fall into bad habits of chopping his feet when engaged with the defenders and lose his positioning.  With a. decent chance of  Isaac Seumalo moving to center for the 2022 season, Hainsey would have a full year to develop under the tutelage of one of the league’s best offensive line coaches in Jeff Stoutland.

 Round 6: No. 189Kary Vincent Jr, CB (LSU)– Not often does a three year starter at a school like LSU gain so little attention, but there isn’t anything that truly stands out about Vincent.  Experience and minimum mistakes against some of the best college receivers best describes Vincent, an upgrade to the names off the street the Eagles have plugged in the last few seasons.

Round 6:  No. 224Kylin Hill, RB (Mississippi State)- Hill reminds me of Marlon Mack with the Indianapolis Colts, nothing overly flashy but can hold his own.  Hill would be a nice complement to Saunders as I don’t see the Eagles going in the direction of a bigger north-south style guy.

Round 6: No. 225Deomodore Lennoir, CB (Oregon)-It’s still hard for me to consider drafting players from Oregon thanks to Chip Kelly, but Lennoir reminds me of when Jordan Poyer was drafted by the Eagles out of Oregon State.  Lennoir should ultimately make the switch to safety, despite having good speed he lacks the second burst to stay stride for stride with NFL receivers.

Round 7: No. 234Payton Turner, DE (Houston)-Athletic upside with a solid work ethic, struggled against better competition but has the length to position himself well against the run.  Will need to diversify pass rushing moves to earn a practice squad position.

Round 7: No. 240Briley Moore, TE (Kansas State)– Moore has body control for his size, and was used in multiple formations last season after transferring from Northern Iowa.  A project and practice squad player, the Eagles need to add prospects as they could be exploring a full rebuild at the position with Ertz on his way out,, Goedert yet to show he can be the guy and Richard Rodgers on a one year deal.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Good stuff Jeff,,

    I love the first 2 Picks with CB Horn and WR Moore who will be contributors from Day 1 with a lot of upside for future Seasons … Both are Physical, Athletic, Dynamic and Explosive with High FOotball IQ’s and a real passion for Playing Football
    I have to be honest, I’m not too crazy about the 2 LB’s you selected (Moses has had injuries his last 2 Seasons) and is limited in Pass Coverages in my opinion, which is a really a necessity for a LB to get/stay out on the Field and what the Eagles really need at LB more than anything ..
    Monty Rice is very athletic but on the smaller side of 6-1 224lbs and not very strong at the point of attack and a little slow in anticipating and is more of a Read/React and then run the Play down which he does well if he’s not blocked or have a lot of traffic and believe he’s more of a Special Teamer and not much of Starter/Impact t early in his Career and the Eagles already have these similar Type of LB’s on their Roster eith D Taylor, TJ Edwards, Bradley so I don’t believe this is an upgrade and a good Round too early

    Safety Paris Ford really had a so-so to poor Pro Day where his 40 Time (4.83 and 4.9 on both his attempts)
    and his Shuttle Cone Times (4.53 and 7.65) were far below expectations, Its most concerning now that he opted out back in November and was not able to improve his measurables.. His Long Jump and Vertical Jumps were below average as well so he has Dropped in most Scouts Eyes on how effective he can be at NFL Level with Sub-Par Athleticism for the Position. He’s very Physical but lacks quickness for change of direction and lacks Recovery/Down the Field Speed which is important at Safety.. He’s a High Energy Player who plays with Passion and Excitement but his lack of foot speed will be exposed at the NFL Level… Again, not an upgrade of the what the Eagles need at Safety in my Opinion

    OL Hainsey of Notre Dame, very Well Coached, Fundamentally Sound, Physical but lacks great feet and Athleticism, he may have an issue pulling out for blocks, getting downfield to the 2nd Level or out on Screens which are all things that OL Coach J Stoutland demands from all his OL .. Very Coachable but I feel there are better Interior OL out there in Round 4

    Love both the Picks at #189 (CB Vincent) and at #224 (RB Hill of Miss State) to fill needs for Depth and for their Value as these Selections
    CB Vincent goes just under 5-10″ and is very quick,explosive,with deep speed and very good ball skills and has a all the traits to be a very good SlLot/Inside/Nickle DB and also be a demon on Special Teams

    RB Hill at 5-10′ 215lbs who is very versatile,physical RB who can Run, Block and Catch out of the backfield and I agree with your comparison of Marlon Mack, Not great in anyone area but very good with everything

    I like the final 3 Selections as all promising Prospects for future development
    CB Lennoir (5-11 202lbs) has some size,speed and playing experience in a very good zone-scheme that they play up at Oregon.. could be a real sleeper, Special Teams and maybe even a 3rd Safety when Playing on 3 Safety Alignments
    TE Moore (6-4 250) is a good combo TE who can block, has solid hands and ran a 4.6 in the 40 with strong measureables in almost every category during his Pro Day and is more athletic than initially looks and would be a nice Addition to add into the TE Room/Practice Squad to learn and grow as a future back-up to Geodart

    Good Job Jeff !!

  • Paulman, feedback is awesome and appreciated. You make terrific points on my 3rd and 4th round selections, and draft talk is something I welcome as we near a crucial junction for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Round 3 if linebacker was not the path traveled, I’d prefer to package both picks and move back into Round 2. Per the value chart, the Eagles two selection are worth 410 points, that would equal pick #49 in round 2 which belongs to Arizona. At that spot, UCF safety Richie Grant would be on my radar, Asante Samuel Jr. would be my top choice but I think he will be gone in the late 30’s. WR & CB also have tremendous depth at this spot of the draft.

    One position that I would not be upset would be the Eagles pairing Hurts with his former center at Oklahoma, Creed Humphrey. This would allow the Eagles to keep Seumalo at offensive guard where he has been decent after a slower start and over drafted in round 3 by the Eagles out of Oregon State.

    Round 4- If the Eagles shy away from linebacker in round 3, Derrick Barnes from Purdue would be a guy I’d take in the 4th round. With 10.5 sacks, Barnes would provide a bigger body linebacker and a blitz option for DC Jin Gannon.

    Keep the communication open, it’s always fun for everyone but Howie to identify talent and then he picks guys that are never mentioned by us!

    • Barnes from Purdue is a under the radar prospect and could be a nice Selection
      One thing that does make Mocking this Draft even more so is the fact that we don’t know really what
      Systems these Coaches will run, We can look at their Backgrounds and Past Jobs and Influences and think
      that’s what kind of Team they will build, or this is what System they will run…
      We’ll just have to wait in see… but we have to assume from DC Gannon’s Background with both the Colts/Vikings that he will Value Secondaries/LB’s a lot more than Jim Schwartz did

      Also – Do Note that the Eagles are moving Genard Avery to OLB, so the LB Corps right now will be
      Singleton, Edwards with G Avery, D Taylor & S Bradley and Joe Bachie with Rashad Smith who were late season Pick-ups for the Eagles last Year so 7 are Currently under Contrtact for the 2021 Season
      A Chazz Surratt Selection would be a nice Fit as he’s very athletic, long and rangy at 6-3 230lbs and really excels in Pass-Coverage Play which is probably where their biggest Weakness as a Group lies right now
      I think they’ll used Avery as the Joker and in multiple Blitz Packages, TJ Edwards in on early Downs to stop the Run, HAve SIngleton all over the Place like he was last Season and then Bradley/Taylor as Back-Up’s Special Teams… They need that one High-Level COver LB from this Draft and these Prospects will likely be
      gone by Round 3 (JOK from Notre Dame, Zaven Collins of Tulsa) are some really good ones but they will go in the bottom half of the 1st Round

      On a Side Note – Jim Schwartz accepted a Position as a Senior Defensive Asst with the Tennessee Titans
      earlier today , so much for Schwartz taking a Year Off to contemplate his Coaching Future …
      He Knew his Defense and his Staff had run their course in Philly and it was time to move on

      • I would love to see the Eagles Package their 2nd Rounder #37 and TE Z Ertz and attempt to get back in to the 1st Round (Jags at #25 or the Bills at #30) then they really could Select that LB Playmaker (JOK or Collins or Bolton) or those 2nd Tier WR’s like Batemon or Marshall Jr who are both rising up the Boards

        Both the Jags and Bills could use a Veteran TE for their Offenses and Young QB”s
        Both Teams can Afford his Contract Cap Wise so a Win-Win for everyone
        It Ertz has a decent Season with the Bills or Jags, he could then parlay this with a decent Contract next Off-Season when he’s a Free-Agent which is better than what he’s looking at now

        If this doesn’t work due to BIlls/Jags wanting to use these Hogh Picks themselves then maybe
        Ertz can be packaged with one of the 3rd ROund Selections to get back into the end of the 2nd Round
        Example – Ertz and #84 Overall to the Jags for their #65 Overall Selection

        I think Ertz will be used in this manner where his Trade Value won’t be a stand alone Draft Pick in Return but that his Value will be used more in a package Deal to move up a half a round or so which is huge , Eagles have plenty of Picks with 11 Selections but if they can package Ertz with one of these and gain a half a round in the early ROunds, then they can add in a Talented Player
        inb the first 3 Rounds)

      • I would love to see the Eagles Package their 2nd Rounder #37 and TE Z Ertz and attempt to get back in to the 1st Round (Jags at #25 or the Bills at #30) then they really could Select that LB Playmaker (JOK or Collins or Bolton) or those 2nd Tier WR’s like Batemon or Marshall Jr who are both rising up the Boards

        Both the Jags and Bills could use a Veteran TE for their Offenses and Young QB”s
        Both Teams can Afford his Contract Cap Wise so a Win-Win for everyone
        It Ertz has a decent Season with the Bills or Jags, he could then parlay this with a decent Contract next Off-Season when he’s a Free-Agent which is better than what he’s looking at now

        If this doesn’t work due to Bills/Jags wanting to use these High Picks themselves then maybe
        Ertz can be packaged with one of the 3rd Round Selections to get back into the end of the 2nd Round
        Example – Ertz and #84 Overall to the Jags for their #65 Overall Selection

        I think Ertz will be used in this manner where his Trade Value won’t be a stand alone Draft Pick in Return but that his Value will be used more in a package Deal to move up a half a round or so which is huge , Eagles have plenty of Picks with 11 Selections but if they can package Ertz with one of these and gain a half a round in the early ROunds, then they can add in a Talented Player
        inb the first 3 Rounds)

  • My Players Wish List

    #12 – CB’s J Horn or P Surtain (Bama)
    #37 – WR E Moore or T Marshall of (LSU – 6-3 208lbs)
    #70 – LB N Bolton of Missouri or LB Baron Browning of Ohio State of Chazz Surratt of UNC
    #84 – OL Tyree Smith of Tennessee or Walker LIttle of Stanford
    #123 – Safety Caleb Sterns of Texas, (6-0 207lbs) Ran a 4.4 40 time, Vertical Jump of 42″, Started 23 Games over his 3 Year Career at Texas, He’s moving up the Draft Boards, Physical, Fast and very good Ball Skills
    #150 – WR Josh Hamilton of Tennessee (6-2 210lbs) Good Length, Reach and Hands, Ran a 4.5 40 Time so not a burner but sneaky quickness, but could be that big Outside Target that’s lacking on this Current Eagles Roster and maybe play the Role that JJAW was originally Drafted to do.. – Red Zone, 3rd Down Target, Good Blocker in the Run Game,etc. If Eagles Select WR Marshall with their #37 Pick instead of Elijah Moore
    then I would look for a speed WR/Playmaker as Marshall would then be that Big Target WR on the Roster

    Then go with your later Picks to fill out the Draft or fill out the Draft with CB,RB,TE and DL Depth

  • Eagles quietly upgraded safety and LB in free agency … great signing today. No big splashes, lots of doom and gloom on here..negativity and toxic talk about the cap etc. Funny negative nitwits…
    Howie and Jeffrey are playing an entirely different game than the average fan can recognize. The Wentz thing blew up and they either A. Have a cheap replacement already on the roster or B. Capital to replace him. They tried to play it back for a couple years after 17… made some efforts to stay in it… obviously that’s a tough road as it takes a lot to keep it at that level. The dysfunction with “old school” Doug they ripped the band aid off quickly… it stung but then they went for a boy wonder type… they are looking at the eagles from a more global, Birdseye view… fans tend to see it from ground level.

  • A very good Signing on Free-Agent LB Eric Wilson today who was the Top Back-up LB and LB used in pass-coverages which is his strength.. Wilson was they’d into a Starters Role last Season when the Vikings lost 2 Starters (Kendricks and Barr) to injuries and Wilson took advantage and played very well as a 3 Down LB
    Thr Vikings have both Barr and Kendricks under big money contracts and thry are tight in Cap Space like most Teams this Year so they were not able to re-sign with Safety Harris or LB Wilson as they are allocating their resources in other areas of their Team
    DC Gannon and the Eagles New LB Coach who also came from the Vikings are very familiar with both Harris and Wilson and these players will be able to help their new Eagles Teammates pick up the Schemes, etc they will implement
    A couple weeks back the Eagles announced that they were moving Gensrd Avery to his natural Position of OLB so now the Eagles may have a base LB Unit of Avery,Singleton & Wilson with Edwards/Taylor and Bradley ad the Backups and whoever they may add in the Draft, so Drafting a LB early may not be as big as a priority as many Fans/Media think it is

    We may now see 2 CB’s, 1 WR and 1 DL Selected with their first 4 Draft Selections thru the 3rd Round and I would be fine with this
    This Off-Season and upcoming Draft is about rebuilding the Back 7 of the Defense which was in poor shape Talent Wise and has already been strengthened by the 3 Free-Agents Signed (Adams,Harris and now Wilson) and with moving Avery back to his Natural Position could be a real improvement to start from what we’ve seen the last couple of. seasons from former DC Schwartz and his Staff
    Good moves in Roster Building by Howie with major input by DC Gannon and Staff
    The Eagles Front Office appears to be taken in and acting on a lot of input from these new Coaches and especially Gannon so far which is refreshing to see and I hope continues thru the Draft process as Gannon remakes this Eagles Defense in his likeness

    • They always took Schwartz advice on defensive players… this is absolutely nothing new! Remember HAC (RIP) kept telling you to stop being a ninny about the cap and let Howie just take care of it? Well it all seems to be working out as he said… you are changing your knee jerk toxic narrative which is good to see ..,maybe HAC (RIP) finally talked some sense in you.
      With draft many of the names that have come up in mocks and repeated here will be just fine. Just take BPA 11 times… BPA in position of value ..CB, OL, DL and finally WR… gotta get 3 starters (and maybe Dillard is a fourth)… hopefully find a specials guy that is a special guy… one of those players that covers punts and KO like a stud.

      • Not True HAC

        Schwartz wanted to Draft Jeremy Chinn
        Last Year in that 2nd Round and we all know how that turned out with Hurts being selected

        In 2019, Schwartz was very high on Safeties Juan Thornhill and/or Taylor Rapp but Owner Lurie stepped in once again and want WR JJAW and this was after the Eagles selected OT Dillard and RB Sanders with their first 2 Picks of the 2019 Draft for the Offense

        • Source?
          He brought in Bradshaw, was hi on Mills, brought in Slay
          Well documented he had input

          • You can’t help yourself … widely reported that Howie gave Schwartz evaluations of potential players much more weight than most GMs give their coordinators.
            “Jim Schwartz sway within Eagles is unparalleled for a coordinator”… JEFF MCCLANE
            You really can’t help it MCCLANE is plugged in….
            so shut up

          • Mills was a 7th Round Pick and only Dropped far in that Draft for his off the field Issues (Domestic Abuse) while at LSU

            Bradshaw ?

            Slay was acquire in a Trade
            Yes Schwartz was high on M Jackson, J Hargrave, and Loved D Barnett, V Curry, Nate Gerry and R McLeod, A Maddox too…
            He’s had input no doubt, but the Defense has always been an afterthought with the Eagles for the last 8-10 Years or so
            When AR Fired Sean McDermott who was tossed under the Bus following Jimmy Johnson, the Eagles Defense has slowly crept downward to average

            • Bradham
              Jeff mcclane says schwartz had incredible input to personnel– McClane and Brandon Lee Gowton say this… they are my sources…
              WHO ARE YOURS?

              • Also in Schwartz 5 years the eagles ranked 9th in points against– so that would be in the top third….. so I guess you continue to ignore facts

  • Among the NFL’s worst Defenses in Creating Turnovers which has been a real problem since their Super Bowl Season
    If you can’t create Turnovers it’s difficult to Win in the NFL
    A big reason for the 2017 Success was that the Eagles were among the Tops that Season in Creating Turnovers
    The bend but don’t break Defense philosophy in Todays NFL only works if you have a very efficient, explosive Offense that can put up Points like the Chiefs,Bucs,Saints, have had over recent years, you have to be more aggressive..
    Also the Eagles Defense over Schwartz tenure had given up more big Pass-Plays over the Top almost every season statistically which are momentum changers over a course of a game and season, the back end was getting worse and worse each Season under Schwartz
    The Stats bear this out

    • And Jeff McClanes reporting that Schwartz had more influence in the draft room than any coordinator? Do you take him or fraudman reporting? Confess you made it up!
      Still ninth in points allowed over a five year period… that’s better than 72% of the league… it’s simple math, you can’t argue with math

      • Schwartz biggest flaw actually was his inability to stop running QBs and jet sweep …. WR running across the formation… that was his old school stuff. And it really showed the last year or two as more teams incorporated it into game plans.
        The big pass plays… last couple of years he had you, me and Dcar as cornerbacks… we can’t cover. Plus look around and watch other games the big pass plays are the new nfl…. it’s standard.
        We all used to watch him on third and long play four across the first down line and get frustrated…. however that scheme worked WAY more than it failed. He’s a very good coordinator… got a hi pay low stress consultant job … probabnamed his price, his hours, his power place etc… that doesn’t just happen cuz he wasn’t a good DC… you are arguing stupidity

        • If Schwartz was so influential in the Front Office with acquiring, Drsfting Players and he knows the Eagles Secondary was among the worst in the NFL the last few years, then why didn’t he get more Talented Players for his back end of his Defense? Maybe it’s because Lurie/Roseman don’t value strong Defenses
          Even in their lightning in a bottle Super Bowl Win, the Defense gave up a record 500 + Yards to Tom Brady
          If BG doesn’t strip that ball from TB, who knows if they even go on and Win that Game too..
          Eagles Secondary and Schemes and Fundamentals have been a mess since Coach Sean McDermott left

          • So you are insisting that Jeff McClane and Brandon Lee Gowton know less than you?
            Ok… dad always said don’t argue with drunks and retards… in your case it’s arguing with both.
            I’ve always felt McClane was a hard working journalist who is VERY thorough…. he has great sources and triple checks . The. He writes well thought out pieces… not negative hit pieces or ra ra kiss the eagles ass pieces. Just honest well sourced reporting. But again arguing with a retarded drunk… I wish they didn’t sell liquor to low IQ morons…

            • What’s anything with my post have to do with Howie Lackey Jeff McLane?
              I stayed and acknowledge that DC Schwartz had some input with the Front office but as not much as he wanted and felt his voice being further and further muted as the years have gone by…
              Was Davion Taylor a Jim Schwartz suggestion from last Draft ?Absolutely Not…

              • McClane is the opposite of a Howie guy! Oh… sorry there is me arguing with a retard.
                McClane and BLG and a few others all who are plugged say Schwartz had more input in the draft room than most DCs…
                You take pride in being retarded

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  • New Eagles MOck Draft from OWner Jeffrey Lurie from Jeff McLane’s Notes

    #12 – QB Justin Fields – Ohio State
    #37 – WR Elijah Moore – Ole Miss
    #70 – CB Paul Abedo – Stanford
    #84 – LB Chazz Surratt – UNC
    #123 – CB Marco Wilson – Florida
    #150 – RB Chubba Hubbard – Oklahoma State

    Owner Lurie will then lets Howie Select the rest of the Draft Picks in the 6th & 7th Rounds as he has
    other Places to be on a Saturday afternoon as Jeff McLane has verified at Local Restaurant

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