• June 27, 2022

Day 2 Setback-Eagles pass on starters, add to depth chart

TALLAHASSEE, FL – SEPTEMBER 08: Florida State Seminoles defensive back Asante Samuel Jr. (26) checks with his coaches during the game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Samford Bulldogs at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Florida on September 8th, 2018. (Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

First impressions, feelings of joy, that excitement can quickly fade over time.  In the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, it took a mere 24 hours for that feeling to kick in.  I’m not ok as an Eagles Fan with what went down on the second day of the NFL draft.  This was a full Howie show, the live footage of an Eagles top scout recognizing the cornerback from UCF was a named he begged the Eagles to select.  Why would their be a fist bump or high five, for Howie sticking to his board for a rotational defensive tackle and a 6th round pick from the Carolina Panthers?  For a second consecutive draft, the Eagles ignored the present needs of the team, the staring cornerback positions were not addressed.   Howie stuck to his board, a sacred value chart of numbers that he adores and one which has final say.

What message does that send to the starters on the roster and the team as a whole?  Imagine how a starting cornerback trio of Darius Slay, Asante Samuel Jr and Aaron Robinson would look with Anthony Harris and McCleod/K’von Wallace at safety.  The Eagles secondary would have been transformed and Howie could have done anything he wanted rounds 4-7, he would be talk of the turn, for all the ‘right’ reasons.  Instead, the Eagles added depth for the future and did so at two position groups the Eagles allocate 20.9% of their 182.5-million-dollar salary cap towards.

Is Howie making good business decisions?   I’m putting Howie supporters on the defensive stand since he felt like ignoring the starting secondary was the right call.

Jeff Kolsky

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    Eagles selected Louisiana Tech DT Milton Williams with the No. 73 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.
    Williams (6’4/278) was a fairly unheralded two-star recruit who was basically invisible with a national ranking of 2,651th from the 2017 high school class, accepting his lone FBS scholarship offer to Louisiana Tech. A converted basketball player, Williams worked diligently at putting weight onto his lean, muscular frame until he got a shot to play in 2019, posting 59 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 35 pressures and 36 stops in 760 snaps. His play really elevated over the last half of 2020, as he created 17 pressures, 17 stops and 3.5 sacks in his last five games. His torrid closing stretch led to Williams earning an elite 90.8 overall PFF defensive grade and vaulting the rocked up lineman into draft consideration. If his production weren’t enough to pique your interest, he ran a blazing 4.63 second 40-yard dash, posted an absurd 38 ½” vertical and ripped off 34 bench press reps at his pro day workout while weighing in at 284 pounds. Williams has the potential to evolve into a scary three tech similar to former KC Chiefs second-rounder Turk McBride. He’ll start out in a sub-package role behind Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave.

  • Jeff what analysis have you done and what games have you watched that makes you want Asante? Is it just because of his daddy or because you evaluated him? Lemme guess the former?

    Here’s a pro evaluators evaluation.

    Chargers selected Florida State CB Asante Samuel Jr. with the No. 47 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.
    Samuel (5’10/184) is yet another CB in this class with some NFL pedigree, as his father was a four-time Pro Bowler and two-time Super Bowl champ. A short, scrappy cornerback, Samuel is a bit of a loose cannon whose game revolves around being aggressive towards the ball in the air. Samuel has some issues dealing with strength from bigger WRs, though he does try commendably to play bigger than he is, and can be susceptible to being thrown off-balance as result of some sloppy footwork. Samuel is best playing off-coverage, either man or zone, and being allowed to trigger on what is in front of him (4.09s short-shuttle), rather than try to fight and run with a WR at the line of scrimmage. Moving him to the slot full-time could help quell the issue of dealing with bigger, stronger receivers, too. Samuel has some glimpses of Donte Jackson to his skillset, and should immediately be deployed as a rotational corner in nickel packages for Los Angeles



    Eagles selected Alabama OL Landon Dickerson with the No. 37 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.
    Dickerson (6’6/326), transferred from Florida State, where he’d become the first true freshman offensive lineman to start a home opener in more than 30 years. Dickerson went on to win the Rimington Trophy (nation’s best center) while being named a first-team All-American in 2020. But his December ACL tear in the SEC title game was his fourth season-ending injury in five collegiate seasons. Dickerson has a wide, rangy frame for the interior, a physical force of a pivot with a cruise ship anchor. In 871 pass-blocking snaps over the last three seasons, he allowed only one sack and eight hurries. Dickerson is an animal in the run-game, a phone booth goliath that gets lower than you expect, with legs churn through the echo of the whistle. An exciting interior prospect for gap/power teams with legitimate three-position starting versatility, Dickerson’s biggest questions marks are his medicals and a lack of elite athleticism. As a glass-chewing, tough-as-nails center with a bully streak hailing from the SEC, he gives serious Frank Ragnow vibes. Dickerson is “on schedule” in his rehab and has been cleared to resume workouts. The Eagles are hoping to have him for Week 1.

  • I see Samuel Jr as aSlot CB in the NFL and have states so all Spring, He can be a good one too but you don’t Draft Slot CB’s in the 2nd Round as they are a dime a dozen and can be found in the Mid-late Rounds

    DT Williams is an athletic freak who will generate a pass rush from the Interior which the Eagles can really use,
    Dana Brugler of CBS Sports, who’s a sharp Draft Analyst ranked Williams as the 4th Rated DT in this Class
    I liken Williams style and size to an Ed Oliver type of the Buffalo Bills, quick,explosive and can make some plays on the interior
    Oliver was a late 1st or early 2nd Rounder of the Bills a couple of Drafts ago
    I like this Pick .. but it will take a year or two to develop and will get valuable Snaps in 2021
    Behind Cox,Hargrove and Ridgeway as a Interior Pass Rusher on obvious passing downs

  • Jeff Kolsky is only slightly more disciplined than fraud man or gm cliff. What a shit show this “article” is… the ‘man’ that wanted to sit in stands and chant fire howie… Jesus Christ what an idiot…
    draft room drama? Are u kidding? GROWN MEN doing big boy jobs disagree? Headline news…

  • I give zero shits about Howie roseman. But if ur gonna cry fire Howie on draft day it better be because you evaluated players on your own and you know he missed on talent. It can’t be because he didn’t pick some corner who pro scouts say has the upside (at best) of a slot corner. It also can’t be because he’s the child of a former eagle.

    If you wanna criticize past drafts fine. If you wanna cry because Wentz was trash fine. Cry away on past picks that have shown who they are

    But crying cuz he didn’t pick a former players son is pathetic, lazy and ignorant. I’ve seen tweens make better arguments.

    I also find it quite comical that according to an unpaid writer on a blog that 3 people read Howie is not a football guy yet same unpaid writer somehow knows more than a professional football gm. Too fucking funny

    You should just tweet bro because objective blogging / writing isn’t bringing your uninformed temper tantrums to the table.

    Good luck

    • U sound is possibly the most intelligent poster on this site… good critique

  • Thoughts on the Eagles ignoring corner and linebacker but adding more to the d line? Who are the starting 3 corners and linebackers this year? Looking at the depth chart and you guys must see something I’m missing..

    • It’s April. Plenty of FA including rich Sherman. Newsflash we haven’t had a corner worth a piss in 10 years. Also newsflash we drafted one likely better than Asante samual who went a trillion picks earlier. Relax slappy

      • It’s May 1st actually !!

    • Jeff… it’s always hysteria with you. It’s may I guarantee you this… by September they will have starting CBS and LBs. As for the DL they always value it as they should. This was a solid draft. All teams add youth and talent on draft day. The hope is we got a star and 3 starters and 4-5 solid contributors

  • Above you literally try to roast howie for sticking to his / our draft which is the exact same thing every single team in the nfl does. Yet you think this is some special thing only Eagles do. It’s beyond comprehension that an Eagles writer could try to make a point that the team should abandon their hard work and ditch their draft board and just wing it based solely on need and their daddy’s name. I’m blown away at the ignorance of this point. Lmfao so silly

    15 year old me certainly thought similar things but then i grew up and educated myself. I’m also smart enough not to say we should’ve drafted x or y person cuz i know a grand total of zero about college prospects nor how to evaluate talent

  • Well the 2021 Draft is Over,
    Eagles added some Talent and boy did they add athleticism to the DL with the Williams,Tutu, Jackson Selections
    I really like the RB K Gainwell and Safety/LB J Stevens picks.
    RB Gainwell can do it all and is very explosive out in space, Good Runner, great pass receiver and can actually block too, he’ll upgrade the RB Room and will push to get onto the field and eventually replace Boston Scott and bring a more athletic Player to the Field.
    LB/Safety Stevens reminds me of a poor mans JOK, long, wiry build with a knack of being around the Ball and may just end up being that pass-coverage specialists from the LB Position that the Eagles really needs in order to match up with these Athletic TE’s and Backs out of the Backfield in time

    CB McPherson is a quality CB Prospect but I see him more of a Nickel and Slot CB than Playing on the Outside, but that’s ok too for Everyone Team needs 5-6 CB’s in Today’s NFL

    Last Selection DE Patrick Johnson is smaller at 6-2 and 240lbs probably best suited in
    a 3-4 Scheme as an OLB but he is relentless to the ball and could have a shot as a outside LB/Special Teamer, practice squad player for 2021 as he develops

    If OL Dickerson, can stay Healthy which is a big if, then this Draft Class could turn out to be a solid Foundation for the Future as I think DT Milton Williams will surprise some people and get on the field on a rotational basis in 2021

    I was disappointed that a True Outside CB wasn’t selected in the 2nd/3rd Rounds and also that a true Safety wasn’t selected at all thought Howie would use more of the later Round Picks in a Package Trade get another Selection in that sweet spot of 60-100
    I was also surprised that another Interior OL wasn’t selected in the later Rounds just to develop in case Dickerson ends up injured

    No one knows how any of these Players will do as none of us even know what Coach Sirianna’s Offense and Jonathon Gannons Defense will look like scheme/formation wise and what thry will focus on, etc,etc

    I do believe they added Talent,Athleticism and Players that love to Play the Game of Football
    A few of these Players Drafted were Team Captains on their College Teams so they have High Football IQ, maturity,leadership which seems to be a common theme throughout this first Draft under the new Coaching Staff and second Draft under Andy Wadl..

    To Give a Grade on potential is kind of senseless but in terms of working the Board after the First Round, Drafting for Value and the Trades that Howie made pre-Draft and in
    I would give Howie and Company a Solid B with the potential to be a B + If Dickerson stays healthy thru his Rookie Contract

  • Looking at the available free agents for positions that need starters and depth. Not sure what is realistic with the salary cap, but players who could be signed that I believe offer low risk with high upside.


    Kwon Alexander
    Todd Davis


    Michael Davis
    Jason Varrett


    Malik Hooker
    Tre Boston

    • CB Steve Nelson is still out there
      and there will be a few veteran Players who will be cut/released after June 1st as Teams re-adjust their Rosters after the Draft and free up Cap Space for other needs

  • “I’m sure some fans are tired of the eagles drafting on the lines. That’s how we won a championship and it’s how we are gonna win another one”. Howie frustrates the hell out of me but when he stays true to that quote he nails it in the head.
    The title of this article “setback”… I have no idea how you come up with this?

    • There will be a ton on Competition along the DL this summer as all players will be learning new schemes under DC Gannon
      They definitely got quicker and more athletic across the DL.. some big name Veterans will need to come to Camp in tip top shape and be ready to compete for these young guys will be bringing it and you can probably say this across the Board with every Position Group so this Summer Camp may be the most exciting one to follow in year with a New Coaching Staff that isn’t going to be tied to some of the older Players like the previous Coaching Staff were … Exciting Times ahead !!
      WR Room, RB Room, OL with a lot of Young Guys who played last year aren’t just going to concede playing time to returning Veterans off injury … LB Group has lots of young Players so it will be competition everywhere
      CB and Safety Positions are wide open too

  • 1-2 weeks ago feces Fraudman said Sixers were sputtering and fading down the stretch. Since said dumbassed statement he has yet to utter a word. That’s probably because Sixers have won their last 3 games by a mind blowing 97 points.


    • Versus the Thunder and Hawks missing Trae Young for the first Game ? Wow, Go Order Your Championship Hats !!

      • Against professional basketball players yaidiot.

        Why don’t you just grow up and say you hate basketball and hate the Sixers rather than give you miserable hate filled 2 cents ? Just a thought dork!

        • And when Trae played game 2 what? Sixers smashed their faces in with and without him. A playoff team got murdered and game was over by half. You a miserable cunt

          • So what,
            Pacers just Beat OKC by 57 Points in their own Bldg ..
            They’re all Professionals right ?

            Young’s first game back after missing out a few Games so he and the Hawks are in sync right ?

            Meaningless Regular Season Basketball Games until the Post-Season begins ..
            Then I’ll pay attention

            • Only thing meaningless is your bitch ass. How bout that??

  • Boys… arguing about the NBA is silly. The sixers tanked for many years to be an above average team with ZERO title hopes…. ZERO. It’s a horrible product. Embiid is maybe the 5-8 best player…. Simmons … top 40? They have no chance to win a title … they are terrible in half court, their best player misses games for in grown toenails…. their second best player won’t shoot an open J from the free throw line… go to ur local Y…. guys salivate for a look from the line Simmons cringes … they aren’t good…. stop arguing

    • Ain’t nobody arguing. Paul’s a fruit cake racist Hates nba Bc it’s predominantly black. Embiid the best sixer to ever lace em up. This team will skull fuck them pussy ass nets (bucks will be a prob tho). Just enjoying the ride unlike this trash ass flyerse Phillies and Eagles.

      We r the 1 seed now and aren’t gonna lose it. U like nova and love Sixers cool. If u don’t cool. Just don’t act like a miserable pig whore and hate on the best team in the East. This is sports. This is basketball and Sixers best team in Philly and it ain’t even a lil close. Hate if you are a miserable cunt phony. Love if ur a 4 for 4 fan.

      It’s that fucking simple.

  • The NBA is a Shitty Product and Sport where the Top 6-8 Players dictate the Success or Mediocrity for an entire League which is a disgrace to Professional Athletic Competition .. and I love Basketball but I don’t support or follow the League much anymore and really haven’t in Years thanks to the “Process”
    To each their Own..



  • Girardi has to yank 1B Hoskins right there,
    Where his head at ? Get the Ball back into the Infield.. Phil’s are a mess and their Bullpen has reverted back to its tomato can self wasting good Starting efforts too often
    This Team haven’t won Back to Back Game in a while… Argh !!

    • Beat it dork. Nobody cares or watches these scrub ass Phillies

      The Sixers are on you big dumb lesbian

  • Big win by the Milwaukee bucks which barring an injury to Embiid clinched the #1 seed. Huge fucking win. Hopefully Miami can take bucks out the playoffs again this year. I ain’t scared of the nets.

    • “barring injury to Embiid”….. and I believe you are the one that says Embiid is the best player to ever wear a sixer uniform. To be clear they NEVER said “barring injury to ….. Wilt, Doc, Charles, Hal Greer, AI, Billy C”….
      Embiid is a freak player…. unfortunately he’s soft as cotton- He is a part time player who dominates when available. He’s a pussy otherwise.

      • If you think Embiid is soft or a pussy you clearly never watched him play. And for the record you are a miserable cunt. Sixers al but clinched the #1 seed last night and your pussy ass is crying about it. Lmfao. What a miserable twat

        • And yea you big dumb twat we said that about AI. Who knows about what was said about the other guys I’m not 80 years old.

          • AI averaged 70 games per year… Embiid 36 per year… COTTON!
            Number 1 seed… excellent…can you honestly say that in a series where half court is so important the Sixers will beat Milwaukee or Brooklyn? The tank failed

            • The tank didn’t fail u stupid twat. They Sixers stance was tank and we contend for titles in 2020 and that’s a quote from doc j. So the plan worked as we were in title contention last year and we are this year.

              I ain’t scared of the nets even a little bit.

              • Further flyers Eagles and Phillies are garbage. Whether u like it or not the Sixers r in title contention. Root or don’t fuck if i care If you wanna be a nets and bucks fan go for it

                Miserable emo cunt

              • Title contention in 20? I thought they got swept in the first round?
                Doc averaged about 79 games per year, cheeks 80 during his prime, Barkley 75 during prime… Embiid 36… is the best platoon player in sixers history….
                Sixers will not make the finals…. ain’t happening…. process completely flawed …

  • In what fantasy is getting swept considered title contention? This is the mentally that is pervasive amongst process guys…. first they say tank for a title and then settle for some good stats and a bit of buzz followed by watching other teams win a title all the while saying…”we have a couple of really good players”

  • Sports happens dumb dumb. I guess to fit your narrative you use actual results to determine if they contend or don’t.

    If results dictate who is contending then i guess there is no contending there are just champions.

    Cool narrative on Embiid although completely misleading as he was drafted to not play year 1 and had a season ender setback year 2 and of course u include that because you’re a emo cunt hater that hates ur home team. Since those 2 years he plays exactly what you would expect in today’s nba where stars are rested and sit out for longer than needed. According to your dumb logic kawhi and klay or tissue soft too. Aka they’re not ur just Whiney hater.

    The process been over so flaw it don’t flAw it but at eod we got talent to give us the best record in the East and the 1 seed.

    Suck off your beloved do no wrong Eagles if ya like but shuddafuckup about hoops ya emo freak

    • If Embiid makes the HOF he will have a nice exhibit. Unfortunately if you visit on Monday the exhibit will be closed on Tuesday. He’s a wonderful part time player…
      contend means make noise in the playoffs, finals ? The sixers weren’t a threat to win the title last year and in their current make up are not this year.

  • Yes btw using “actual results “ is the way to determine success in sports

    • Oh god your an imbecile who can’t comprehend clear as day English.

      You know who cannot compete for a title this year and has 0% shot ? The other 3 Philly sports teams

      Go play in traffic dork

  • Who wants Embiid when we could’ve just been the Charlotte hornets and rolled with Thad young , iguadola and Michael Carter Williams nerlins Noel. Lmfao

  • Your home town Sixers. Built through the draft and gm trades got that 1st seed on lock not the bitch ass nets who have 3 players that all forced their way out of the prior cities to build a corny ass super team. Not them. Us we got that 1 seed.

    Some of you weirdos would’ve rather had a bum ass team that got the 8 seed

    Some you weirdos would’ve rather just sucked and hoped and prayed stars like pussy ass Durant would come join us or that emo lesbian kyrie would’ve choose us or some other miracle to happen to our squad.

    Some of you weirdos just are miserable and hate your life and you just like to whine and cry and hate but never had your own plan to get us back to complete domination basketball.

    For the first time in 20 years we got that 1 seed. Deal with it you cry baby ass cunts!

    • you seem to be the whiner????
      They are a nice team. Not a championship team but really good. Embiid is the best part time player in the history of the game. He’s a freak for sure. Simmons will disappear in the 4th quarter on the offensive end although I believe we are in for a snow storm as he hit a fadeaway last night……..its a shame when thats news

      • Feed me your tears you miserable cunt.

  • It is great… it really is. I’m truly just having some fun. It’s a generational thing. It’s tough for old heads to get excited for a team when their best players sit for no reason… it goes against any athletic values. Seems a bit gay .
    I love to have these arguments with my 24 year old son. I tell him to look up all time greats in every sport and we discuss their stats vs this analytics driven horse shit we have to watch now.
    Steve Carlton had more complete games in a season than all of baseball has.
    Hank Aaron never struck out 100 times
    Jordan played 82 and averaged 39 MP, Leonard plays around 62 averages 33 MP.
    It’s not as enjoyable… the ratings bear it out.

    • Fair points

      Started from the bottom, now we’re here
      Started from the bottom, now my whole team fuckin’ here

  • Go Phillies with a 4 Game Sweep over the Brewers who came in playing well..

    • And an actual complete game…. a pitcher threw 118 pitches

      • Wheeler tossed 80 Strikes in those 118 Pitches too, Efficient as heck and going right after the Hitters..

  • In fairness to the process people the sixers have the 1 seed and their 2 biggest pieces are their own draft picks a bit like the Warriors a few years back who had several of their big pieces were their own picks.
    The nets who have lost 3-4 in a row with their ‘recruits’ all missing time for various in grown toe nails or whatever are still an issue. The Simmons half court game is still an issue.

    • What Year did Process begin ? 2013-2014?
      7-8 Years ago ? That’s an eternity in Sports
      What are the Results so far since ,
      Two 1st Round Series Wins in 7-8 Years
      Wow… That Sucks …

      • As an anti process guy I will defend…. you lose Lose draft 19 year olds and have to wait for them to turn into men….
        NBA being the crap league it is you only have 2 choices… build thru draft and take 7-10 years or recruit 30-35 year old stars…
        It is why 82 games don’t matter, it is why a coach would actually utter the words “that was a scheduled loss”

      • Process ended the second the nba forced Sixers to fire hinkie. Then nba forced Sixers to hire collangelo who drafted for need and fucked us with whatever that guards name from Washington. Could’ve had a true player like Tatum or moved that pick for an established stud.

        Sixers got fucked. But here we are. 2 players on team in top 5 dpoy. Coach coy. Embiid top 3 mvp. 1st seed.

        Stacked talent. Young. And built to compete for at min next 5 years.

        Deal with it emo boy

        • But when did it begin?
          7-8 Years to only Draft 2 Starters with all the Draft Capital the 76ers from the Hinkie era Sucks!!!
          Think of What Fans would say if Roseman had this type of Draft Capital and Cap Space to Win 2 Wild-Card Games in 7-8 Years? 76ers Fans are delusional and few!!

          • Fuck if i know or care when it began. Doctor J said title contention by 2020 and i was on board.

            There is no comparing a 53 man or roster to a 8 man roster

            U that dumb?

            • NBA Roster’s have 15 Players?
              Not 8 You Fool !!

              • 8 guys play yaidiot 7 just wear a jersey

            • And they did not contend in 2020! They were swept in round 1. Results matter! They seem to have a chance to contend this year. Paul mans point is correct… multiple tanks for 2 players one a part time MVP candidate, one all world defensive player who won’t take a YMCA jumper. Charging full price for years of a D league roster. Hinkie Stinky was more interested in assets than wins… you can’t play what if because you have no idea what he would do if he stayed in charge… think about this he’s the only GM in the history of sports that the commissioner (who works for the owners) had to step in… that is fucking embarrassing … the sixers are a joke

              • They were on pace to contend and Ben got hurt period. It was an approximation and Sixers were on target and if you disagree then they were one year off. Deal with it cry baby

                Sixers are also best team in Philly by far

                Feed me then emo tears loser

  • What entertaining question

  • Ya sound like an emo lesbian crying for years. So wrapped up in hating u can’t enjoy total domination. Cry less ya lesbian

  • “The process was a failure” as I watch Joel Embiid make gargantuan men look like children

    • The process as you are well aware is all about championships. Nothing less. The sixers are playing great there is no denying it. Win a championship and the process is a huge success … until that day we had a professional sports team playing to lose think about that playing season after season to lose. Could you imagine telling your child to go out there and lose? Could you play on a team that loses on purpose?

  • This ain’t little league t ball. This isn’t play for the love of the game. This is a business and the business model is win a title not have fun and let’s have juice boxes after the game. You slow ?

    Also process been over for years. Let it go or are you some psycho that has a kill list of people who gave you wedgies in middle school?

    Shut ur emo ass up

    • You forgot the orange slices.
      No need to call names. That is typically what 8th graders do so grow up. It’s a simple disagreement or as I stated a while back it’s generational. The losing on purpose is a horrible precedent. If they get a title in the next 5 years I will eat my words gladly. American sports are so ingrained with analytics they are becoming unwatchable…. in baseball there have been 4 no hitters so far, most teams have 3-5 guys hitting at the Mendoza line. The constant shifts, using 4-5 pitchers a game, the swing for the fences every at bat… it’s killing it. Basketball has tankers and contenders …. stars sit for no reason because analytics say “we don’t need this game”….at least the league MVP plays every game… Jokic is a throw back

      • Name calling 8th grade fo show.

        Holding grudges, pouting about what 3 gms ago decided to do and letting that impact this team, these players and this front office is something a emo tween female would do. So grow up, grow a pair and move on ya big dumb emo baby.

        • I believe the person that wrote that rides the short bus or is just illiterate

          • Wait you say me complaining about 3 GMs ago yet you talk about how great stinky was? Hypocrite

            • Ain’t nobody said hinkie was great ya idiot.

              But speaking of hypocrites you routinely roast paulman for playing mmqb and roast him for criticizing Andy, howie, amaro,etc. but here you are year after year after year roasting this Sixers team because of actions of 3 gms ago. Never once did you articulate a plan for Sixers being good enough to get a 1 seeed. So if ya got a mirror take a look son and in it you’ll see a crybaby hypocrite. That’s straight facts

              • Well I don’t agree… I’ve stated: 1 losing on purpose is horrible (true) 2. Embiid is an incredible part time player (true) and 3. Simmons lack of shooting is an Achilles heal (true) 4. Given their limitations I don’t believe they are not built to win a title (remains to be seen)
                I’ve also stated that rivers is a terrific coach, Thybulle and Maxey were great picks . Also the Morey brand combination is looking to win and that’s a pleasant change

              • THATS NOT A PLAN DUMMY

                The facts are nba product is shit because of the how the league is ran. Players have all the control and nba commish office don’t care about FairPlay and competitive balance.

                There’s only a few ways to win in nba

                1. Catch lightning in a bottle – bucks with gianis and Steph and klay in Holden state and Luka

                2. Pray super stars picks your city to build a super team (ie Miami with lebron and bosh. Golden state with kd, nets with kyrie, clippers with George and kawaiii

                3. Be a beautiful city so stars just want to come ie LA Miami.

                4. Or tank

                It ain’t fun but nba don’t care about fans. They allow players like brow force trades to lakers. They allow a bullshit nets trade for harden and they gave up nothing. Then the nba got bull shit buyout rules that allows good players to just walk away free just b4 playoffs and of course they’ll all Wanna go to the best current team (ie blake, Jordan…)

                It’s a horribly managed league and it’s a joke.

              • All that said Philly ain’t Miami or la so stars coming to this ugly city and freezing their dicks off Lightning in a bottle ain’t a plan it’s a prayer which left us no choice but to tank unless ur ok with being ass forever

                So hate on the process all ya want but unless u had an alternate plan shuddafuckup

  • Brutal Loss for the Phillies last Night in an exciting but crazy Game…
    Need a big bounce back and Pitcher Nola will have to Pitch a great Game again …
    What the hell was Neris thinking on that 1-2 Pitch to Sandoval, right down the pike and thigh thigh which is right in his wheelhouse… you have to attack the Panda up high and away .. he’s been a low ball hitter his whole Career… Ugh

    • Phils are a missing piece or 2 away…. they are going to need a huge move by Dombroski

  • McCutcheon starting to heat up over the last week or so and Herrera is getting his legs under him a bit
    N Maton has been a nice player and find and has played well and doesn’t appear overmatched or the opportunity too big like Kingery/Moniak seem to have …
    Phil’s need an Everyday CF & 2 legitimate arms for the back end of the Bullpen
    When’s this Bradley die to return ?
    Is Dominguez out for the Season?

    Trade Bait would be Segura who is a quality MLB Player, Kingery if any interest is out there,
    & Velasquez who has pitched better of late

  • Well I agree with 99% of your post. The nba is a shit league… my hate in the process is hate on the league much more than hate in the sixers. You and I are actually more aligned… you can’t get out of the way of your own whining to see,that.
    The sixers took one in the ass to try to compete. You correctly point out there are only a couple ways to do it.. and getting ass fucked with no lube is one of the ways.
    If you look historically at everything I’ve ever said about the process it’s due to the nba being shit, Embiid resting every other day…it’s the way of of the shit nba. Your venom is misplaced

    • I ain’t whining yaidiot I’m rooting for Sixers now and telling ur hard headed ass to stop whining about 5 years ago and Sam hinkie

  • Don’t Sleep on the NY Knicks in the Post-Season, A Very Physical and Confident Team going into the Playoffs and will give whoever they Pkay a handful …

    • I’ll sleep on the Knicks all day and pray Sixers face their bum asses

      • Classic tho. Suck off a scrub Knicks team with 0% shot at a title and hate on your home town. LmfAo you can’t make this shit up.

        Buncha weirds

        • Watch the Knicks knock out the 76ers
          Classic Philly Style …

          • A rose is still a rose by any other name—- that post is fraudman hating on his hometown

  • Biggest game for kicks last night in over a decade at home vs lebron less Lakers with a playoff berth on the line on natty tv and they did what? Lmfao. watch out.

    • Well Paul saying watch out for the knocks is typical… everyone knows there are only a few teams with a chance and the knicks ain’t close.
      However you ignore that the sixers in the drivers seat and Embiid sat out for no damn reason… god the nba is brutal.

      • yes; he along with Thybulle and Shake sat because the #1 seed is locked up and so there is / was nothing to play for so you sit your stars and get them rest and fresh for the playoffs as they do in every sport on gods green earth.

        good news is Ben was incredible last night.

        so in a nutshell calm down slappy; its sports and its how the game is played

        • they will have a week before the playoffs and its not clinched yet. Play sparingly yes but my god the guy has only played 49 of 69 games he’s 26 what the F does he need a rest from? Seriously, why in the world does a guy who has played in 70% of his teams games need to sit? it is just insane and today’s soft fan actually think its a good thing… bunch of whiners.

          • whining? Lmfao can you look in the mirror as it is all you have done when it comes to the sixers

            i give zero fucks about a meaningless game and only care about playoffs

            • and yes its clinched. 1 loss from any other team or 1 win by us vs magic 2 times or heat. its a wrap. cry more

            • There in lies the problem…”I only care about the playoffs”. You just hit the nail on the coffin! 82 games of shit ….games mean zero.

              • Ok. Fuck if i care. That’s all i care about when my team is the 1 seed. That’s all our coach cares about. It’s all our fans care about. It’s all anyone except u cares about.

                Ur weird man

  • 76ees Scored 32 Points in the 2nd Half last night against the vaunted Pacer Defense ..
    Who’s teaching these punks to shoot

  • Eagles with 2 Nationally Televises Games

    Monday Night (9/27) at Dallas Cowboys
    Thursday Night (10/14) at Home vs TB Bucs

    That’s it, I remember Paulman stated the NFL would penalize the Eagles this Season with their Schedule and cut a National Game or two for the Eagles tanking that Final Game vs Washington last season
    I hate to admit, but that Paulman is alright sometimes.

    • They were a 4-12 team! Of course they only got two games. That’s a lot for a terrible team ….

    • U hate to admit one of your only 3 readers is alright. Jesus why don’t you just call him a jackass shit slinging idiot

  • I even Recall HAC responding to Paulman
    that the Eagles Brand was too big enough and that Owner Lurie was too influential for the NFL to slap their wrists …
    Guess HAC was wrong Again, He seems to be wrong a lot … Crazy Times

    • HAC never said that! Ever! I went back thru all the old posts where fraudman said the eagles would get a home game in London etc… HAC never said that G….
      HAC said the eagles will be fine! That the eagles were in good hands with Howie and Lurie and would see their way out…

      • clearly Gary is Paul. corny

  • Well cried about it now ya got it. Heat Sixers all lacing em up in a meAningless game for Sixers. And we going against dogs in bam and jimmy. Completely idiotic if ya ask me but let’s see how it goes Emo boy

    • And how did it go? The Heat are a Team the 76ers don’t want to face in the 1st Round

      • Sixers played their worst basketball of the year. Embiid is invisible for the first time this year. Ben sucked As always and he should be on the rockets if not for the rockets appeasing a baby and trading harden for legit nothing. It was a meaningless game and Sixers played like it. Tonight 1 seed gets locked up. Byeeeeeee

        • #1 Seed means Zippo in the meaningless Regular NBA Season
          What Counts begins next Week and the
          76ers better Hope they don’t Face the Heat or Knicks in the 1st Round or
          or may be be a long Summer for 76ers Fans and the Team

          • It means home court throughout the East playoffs u dumb fuck. Which is very important considering we have 2nd best home record in the entire league

            Also you dumb fucker the Sixers literally cannot play Knicks or heat round 1.

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