• August 15, 2022

Jalen Hurts Won’t Be Bothered By Negadelphia

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts excels at the leadership requirements at the quarterback position.  His Dad is and was a head football coach.  He knows how to be a leader both on and off the field.  This part of the game doesn’t come natural to current Indianapolis Colts signal caller Carson Wentz, so Hurts’ leadership qualities didn’t help Wentz in comparison.   Wentz was clearly bothered by the drafting of Hurts and his presence on the sidelines.  The former number two pick in the draft, couldn’t seem to focus on doing his job properly with Hurts on the roster.

I don’t think Hurts would have reacted in that manner, if he were put in the same situation.  The former Oklahoma and Alabama quarterback knows how to inspire guys in the huddle and he knows how to do all the things from a relationship standpoint to be a tremendous leader.  If leadership was the only requirement for success at the quarterback position, then Hurts would be headed to the Hall of Fame.  He knows when to take over and when to shut up.  He knows how to take criticism and not let it bother him.  He knows how to thrive in the middle of controversy day in and day out, by focusing and concentrating on football.

This ability is very important here in Philadelphia because of Negadelphia.  I gave the Philadelphia sports community that name years ago because the criticism can get pretty severe here.  Negadelphia, which consists of the many extremely tough and demanding sports media and fans here in the area, can make enough noise to cause a player to lose his focus on doing his job on the field or court.  Negadelphia is capable of running players out of the area.  You see that occurring right now with the weak-minded Ben Simmons of the 76ers.

Negadelphia won’t phase Hurts.  I know there are other demands for success at the quarterback position, such as decision making and throwing.  Again, if Hurts doesn’t succeed in Philadelphia it’s not going to be because of Negadelphia, it’s going to be because of his inability to make accurate throws downfield.   It’s going to be because of poor decision-making eventhough I don’t really think that’s going to be a problem for him.   I think he’s shown he knows the importance of taking care of the football from his days in Alabama and Oklahoma.  The key is going to be his arm.  Can he make the throws downfield?   Can he make them accurately?  Can he do it consistently?  He has all of the intangibles in abundance.

I know great quarterbacks who had problems with the Negadelphia part of the Philadelphia sports fans.  Criticism is something you have to deal with if you’re going to play in Philadelphia.  Donovan McNabb was a great NFL quarterback, but he was bothered by all the noise that Negadelphia made.  I think it bothered Wentz last year.   He says he wasn’t listening, but he played like a player who was being bothered by the criticism.  His play got worse game after game.  It seemed that he would make a mistake and get down and never recover from it. He played like a player who was listening to the criticism.

Hurts showed everyone in his college career that he can block things out.  The young man is very disciplined when he’s interviewed.  I’ve seen him refuse to take the bait and start getting into controversy during an interview.  Remember he was benched during a National Championship Game, but refused to say anything controversial after watching Tua Tagovailoa rally Alabama to a huge win.  He was able to keep his composure in the “Football is Everything” atmosphere of Alabama.  He’s dealt with tremendous amounts of criticism, yet refused to let it bother him.

I’ve seen Negadelphia get under the skin of numerous great stars.  I’ve seen many players get frustrated and angry about negative comments made by the local sports media or fans, but I don’t see that happening to Hurts.  He’s just the opposite of Simmons.  Again, I don’t think Hurts will be bothered by Negadelphia.


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  • Lazy article “Negadelphia” sounds like Michael Wilbon. Fans/media in all large “cold weather” markets get on athletes, teams etc. For example, remember how “passionate “ actually violent the fans of Chicago were to Bartman, remember a fan poured a beer on Victorino during play. New York…. Come on man they can be brutal as can Boston…. It’s so lazy to characterize Philly in this manner. Hurts will do well because he is a good man and good player. Wentz didn’t wilt because of the media, neither did Simmons… they are flawed . Fans and media have been patient with both relatively speaking.

  • If Hurts can get down this Offense and Trust the System and his Receivers and deliver the ball timely and accurately, He will do just fine… What he can’t do is attempt to create Plays on his own, too prematurely and run every time he feels pressure for this is not sustainable as an Offense to have a QB bail too quickly and run,run,run which is also not good for his long time health.
    Run the Offense, Move the Pickle, Scramble to buy some time but keep in position to deliver the Ball to your Playmakers is the Goal .. If Hurts runs for 10-12-14 Times a Game for 85 Yards, then hes not trusting the Offense or running it well enough… Occasionally he will have to Scramble but it should be as a Last Resort, Not one read, and pull the ball down and run.. This isn’t College Ball, It’s the NFL and Hurts is aware of this

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  • Go to YouTube and search: “disrespect Jet fans-Thanksgiving “, “colts fans boo Andrew luck”, “giants draft Daniel jones” etc …. “Negadelphia” is just silly.
    How bout “Hurts appears to have the mentality to handle the ups and downs of being an NFL QB”….
    I’m one that really wants to give this guy a chance to be the man…. Using a 2 on him snd then him turning out to be good would really be special. Then with the 3 ones next year you can load up… trade up/trade down… basically a 2-3 season turnover

  • Howard Eskin is reporting that Ertz has been training in the NovaCare, plans to report and prepared to accept his role. My guess is Ertz sees the writing on the wall and in reflecting on his own career sees that he is currently in a similar spot as Celek was when he was drafted.
    Eagles have a bunch of high character champs nearing the end of their career. They are there to contribute on the field and off… in a transition or rebuild you need to establish culture. This roster is built to hand off to young guys as vets take a back seat.

  • Further proof that “negadelphia” could be the stupidest of all hot takes—- Last night in LA, dodgers fans BOOED the hell out of Kenley Jansen for blowing a save. Mind you this same Kenley Jansen has 333 saves for the dodgers including 21 for the current year. He has been a huge part of their 10 year run of success. Idiot fans boo no matter the city, drunk fans fight no matter the city—
    please save the “philly” negativity for the lazy national guys who just take cheap shots

  • I have not been this excited for an Eagles season for a long time… I guess it could be recency bias bc I am always excited for the next year like all fans..

    But damn we have some exciting players and coaches going into 2021.

    I love the new coaching staff.. They are young, energetic, and are going to be hungry to prove themselves. Its going to be a learning curve. That happens when you have a 27 year old LB Coach, a 29 year old QB Coach, & and a 35 year old OC. Sirianni just turned 40..

    Going to be a lot of innovation and hopefully they can resonate with the young players and develop them.

    Jalen Hurts I want to be the guy so bad. He carries himself very well and will not let the outside noise bother him. He has the poise and leadership to be great, and the work ethic. Do not get Deshaun Watson. Stay with the younger, healthier, cheaper, and less baggage option. Keep your draft picks.

    RB Room is top 10. Miles, Boston, Kerryon, and the Memphis rookie is going to be great behind a top 5 OL.

    The Silver lining to having all those injuries in 2020 was a lot of guys got experience like Nate Herbig, Jack Driscoll, Jordan Mailata etc.

    TE room will be top 10 in the league with Dallas G, Ertz and Richard Rodgers

    WR – Will be greatly improved with a better OL, Running game, and TE Room. Smith and Raegor and Fulgham will take a big jump. JJAW in year 3 with a new coach and system should be better. Greg Ward will be a solid 3-4th option.

    DL finished top 3 in sacks in 2020. Cox and Brandon coming into season healthy. Barnett 25 years old and Sweat will be improved. Javon Hargrave also had a slow start and picked it up. Should be a top 5-7 DL in the league.

    LBs are very young but the addition of Eric Wilson will be a nice shakeup in the passing game. Alex Singleton will be another year improved and experienced, TJ Edwards is solid…What will Shaun Bradley, Davion Taylor and the lSU rookie bring to the table?

    Anthony Harris, Rodney McLeod, Darius Slay, Avonte Maddox, Michael Jacquette in year 2, and the rookie McPherson has a lot of versatile in his game. We do need one more corner in Nelson, or Gareon..just one more body.

    But overall the secondary is solid with Gannon who will be implementing a lot of “exotic, but yet simple looks”…maybe a cover 2 scheme with disguises? Slay played great last season and although he is 30 I think he has 2 years left in him of solid CB play. Draft more DL and CBs in next years draft.

    I think our floor is 7 wins, and our ceiling is 10..

    most likely 8-9 wins with close games coming down to the wire. We will be more competitive contrary to what most in the national media think.

    Better OL than the Giants, better defense than the Dallas Cowboys.. every team has weaknesses..

    Redskins might end up being the best team though. People sleeping on Fitz. He threw 33 TDs with the shitty Jets and balled with the Dolphins. He has game, and whoops our ass every time.

  • Enthusiasm for the season rings throughout 32 fan bases. I don’t know which “room” in which of those cities is “ top 10” or bottom 10. No one really does. Each team has 5-9 newly drafted guys a few FAs etc.
    As for the coaching enthusiasm and “learning curve”…. I don’t buy either as nfl coaches better be enthusiastic whether you are 40 or 70! You better be full of piss and vinegar otherwise you will get killed. As for the learning curve. These guys live football it isn’t rocket science they will integrate things they’ve seen from staffs they’ve worked on and staffs they’ve coached against. On first site they seem excited to TEACH. As a former teacher and coach myself I like the concept of teacher more than a coach. As successful as Doug and his staff were I never (from afar) felt it was a teach first… exceptions… Stoutland and Staley…. although in fairness their WR coaches made chicken salad out of chicken shit most of the time.

    • Thats fine but 32 NFL teams do not have Brandon Brooks, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce on their OL. They do not have Jeff Stoutland coaching them up. We have some damn good depth that 85% of the league would kill for. Andre D and Jordan M competing at LT? Isaac Seumalu and Jack Driscoll who showed damn good signs ?

      We have proven veterans in there early 30s who have won a SB and competed in playoff games.

      Eagles are a big unknown but we have a shit ton of talent with a young brand new coaching staff..

      We just gotta stop breaking records in the injury department and stay relatively healthy. Injuries are apart of football, but not to the point where the broadcasters are saying “Ive never quite seen anything like this in terms of injuries..who is Boston Scott?”….lmao

      Ertz is labeled a bust and a washed up player after 1 bad season WHERE THE WHOLE TEAM LOOKED AWFUL and was hurt. QB play was all time awful… Ertz is 30 years old and has great ball left in him. He will prove it again in 2021. Lane is 31, Brooks is 32

      Eagles finished top 3 in sacks most teams do not have elite pass rushers that go 5-6 team like we do. Cox, Hargrave, Milton, Graham, Barnett, Sweat and Kerrigan??

      If you line up our symmetry OL/DL…We have a top 7 team in the trenches on both sides.

      • Ertz is not labeled a bust by anyone. He has reached a magic number of 30 that coincided with an injury plagued terrrible season. That raises red flags. It doesn’t mean he’s done it means he has a lot to improve,
        I agree the OL is cause for optimism but I’d say cautious optimism, OL can play at hi level well into the 30s but injury in the trenches can happen anytime.
        The eagles have some positives but since you want to “rate the room” based on recent performance they have a “bottom 5 QB room” and that’s based on fact. If hurts can play that moves the needle but right now it’s bottom 5… possibly BOTTOM 1. You cannot win with a bad QB room

        • You mean to tell me an elite TE in his prime who is younger than Travis kelce can’t get a 3rd round pick ?

          teams do not want to pay him or trade assets

          Plenty of people think he’s finished and washed up.

          He’s still elite

      • I take umbrage with “the eagles have a shit ton of talent”. I see just about every team with talent…. My god where does the eagles talent differentiate itself from any team? Young fast dudes at WR, big string guys on the lines? Secondary? Fast guys hungry for a chance! It’s the NFL dude each team is loaded with guys that fit the part… it all comes down to: 1. QB play, 2 health of the lines 3. A few young unknowns stepping up 4. The blue chip players playing blue chip. 5-10. Refer back to #1
        Eagles blue chippers that need to shine: Barnett, Reahor, Dillard, Smith, Goeddert, Saunders maybe Dickerson
        Unknowns to step up 2 secondary guys, sweat and a young interior DL,
        In the end … how is Hurts

        • How closely do you follow what other teams around the league are doing ?

          Offensive Linemen, especially great/elite OL play as a whole is very rare around the NFL.

          Most teams do not have depth and would kill to have a Lane Johnson, Brandon Brooks who has allowed 4 sacks since he’s he’s been here, the best center in the league for how long now Kelce. I mean he was the only bright spot in 2020 on offense outside of Jalen Hurts who only played in 4-5 games as a rookie.

          On top of that you add Andre D, Jordan Mailata, Nate Herbig & Jack Driscoll to the mix? The silver lining to having all those injuries is getting the young guys experience.

          If there is one thing about Philadelphia Football is that we find ways to recycle coaching staffs and roster after roster and continue to competing. We are top 6 in wins since 2000 & if memory serves correct top 5 since 1980.

          Dick Vermiel, Buddy Ryan, Andy Reid, say what you want about Chip who the fake news media labeled a genius one season & then a racist the next LMAO
          But he brought in a lot of talent and didn’t take Howies shit

          Doug pederson will go to Chicago next year and turn Chicago into a contender

          Sirianni another hire that is hated by the national media and split between the fan base ? Remind you of anybody? I say he has a good chance to be successful and win here.

          • Actually chips racism reared it’s ugly head again at UCLA.it wasn’t the media black players made statements about him getting rid of black players… the said it it’s news… not fake. Seems like Trumpers if they don’t like what is said they call it fake news… headline, “ chip Kelly’s players SAY he’s a racist” Next comes a racist trumper who doesn’t like the headline and he says fake news.
            Ct is hung on race … he goes in a diatribe about eagles coaching and has to sneak in race baiting…. it’s the MAGA playbook


    • Little harsh. It’s a bad take… a lazy as hell take. I think he was actually trying to compliment Hurts but as pointed out took the lazy mans way. G is alright, not a pulititzer prize winner and a closet trumper but he’s ok

      • Would rather be a closet Trumper than a white trash liberal who relies on government food stamps & hates America.

        Stay woke


        • Not sure to whom you are referring. Only a trumper would say such nasty things. His populism is destroying America and making people want to overthrow the govt. this action will lead to the destruction of America as we know it.
          As for white trash…. Take a look at: the trash at the Capitol 1/6, listen to MTG speak (disgusting) Trumpanzees are awful people.
          I’m a card carrying Republican. Have been on a couple committees with R governors and senators here in DE…. However a few years ago (tea party era) DE started to nominate these lunatic fringe whackos…. Which led to the real Trumpy whackos

          • You’re not a card carrying republican if you think Joe Biden & that whore Kamala Harris is better than Donald Trump.

            Over on the west coast they are taking down Abraham Lincoln & George Washington’s name on schools. They hate this country and want to turn it into Cuba which DOES NOT happen over night.

            They wanna tear down Mount Rushmore, demonize 4th of July and destroy the patriotism of this country. That’s step 1. Divide.

            Step 2, attack the middle class white men, because they know white men won’t accept socialists or communism regimes. Bring up how whites owned slaves when 99% of whites ancestors did not own slaves.

            They allow this city for a summer to be burned, rioted, people being murdered and businesses being destroyed. But yeah let’s bring up capital where a few Trump supporters broke some windows and sat at Nancy Pelosis desk.

            Go look at any major city that Democrats run. They have destroyed every single one in crime rate is at an all-time high. California has civilizations of homeless people.

            They hate this country. The flag, its culture, the people who built it, and will stop at nothing to build another society.

            But yeah that “ resurrection“ was EVIL!! Lmao I know five people that were there and they said 99% of the supporters were there just to support their president but they throw on the few people who broke some windows and everyone thinks it was like the BLM riots.

            Stay woke

            • Son I worked for Pete DuPont… look him up (it might be under Pierre ) . Served on a committee with Bill Roth (look up Roth IRA).
              Who is they? So the riots last summer = bad. Riot on 1/6 good?
              Trump continuing his lies about the election… I suppose you are one of the idiots buying in. Trump did a horrible job. He rode a growing economy until he had to make hard decisions and fucked it up! He could have been a hero with the summer riots instead he retreated to a bu met like a coward! Oh and let’s not forget he’s prohibited from having a charity cuz he’s a crook. Every single person in his orbit is in jail or indicted. He is a traitor

  • There is a reason why Latinos, Asians and middle class white men vote for conservatives. Why Cubans are down in Florida protesting because they seen all this happen before.

    But racist blacks, White trash liberals, gays and angry 18 year old college kids know better? (They all vote left) Most of them will vote for a Democrat because LeBron James told them to.

    Imagine what they’re going to say about Rob DeSantis when he runs. He will be another white supremacist KKK member overnight just like how they turn Donald Trump into a racist when he finally ran for office.

    The media even does this in sports where they will take a 40 minute interview and they will take a 19 second clip and spin it

    • Wow.. CT I forgot you were a stupid, racist trumper! You don’t have the ability to think clearly… white rioters good. Black rioters bad! Wow. My first election was 80, voted Reagan …. since Biden was in DE senate then VP candidate I had the opportunity to vote for him probably 10 times since 80… never did until 20 after trump showed his true incompetent, unfit self

      • White people rioting ?

        How many people did white people kill
        During that “insurrection” you white trash bum?

        Add up the BLM riots and add up the shire people riots LOL

  • Ct is one of those stupid fuckers that are more pissed when a black athlete peacefully kneels than he is when a white guy beats up cops and destroys the Capitol . Yes “I knew someone that was there and it was a love in”.. won’t believe his own eyes when he sees video of these traitors.
    I’m a Republican I support law enforcement… Trumpanzees dont

    • Another white trash liberal take.

      Who said anything about a athlete kneeling?

      I didn’t bring anything about a athlete kneeling. They find other ways to hate America and our flag. They constantly say “fuck America” “America is evil” “America oppresses it’s people.”

      I named you how democratic ran cities are being destroyed and 500 people were shot in Chicago over 4th July weekend. But you don’t give a fuck about that huh?

      Bring up a fact… a white trash liberal just says “your a stupid trumper” LOL. Zero logic and emotion.

      Im a racist ? There it is, the libtard woke political take.

      99% of black deaths are at the ends of other black men. They make up 5-6% of the population but yet commit HALF of all violent crimes. They also have the highest infidelity rate and single father house holds.

      That’s a fact not an opinion you white trash liberals. But you’ll respond with “your an idiot”

      Willing to bet your all 50-60 year old washed up men. And one of the first things that goes as a man ages… is his lack of judgement.

      “Im a card carrying republican”


      Stay woke

      • You seem fixated by race and have brought it up many times. I wonder why… hey I can only assume you are one of those fragile white guys … a Tucker Carlson clone.
        What happened in the cities was terrible but how are you using it as an excuse for those traitors.
        Hey support trump … it’s what the stupid, uneducated racists are doing these days. More power to ya
        Oh btw even trumps lawyer says she was spinning lies that no reasonable person would believe

  • The universities spew hate into our youth and students, all of these far left wing professors..

    Colin Kaepernick who is a privileged half white man kneeling is only a fraction of what we see and hear.

    But go ahead and bring up kneeling and George Floyd next


  • Dumb ass above said he supports law enforcement “but trumpanzees do not.”

    This is why liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Trump supporters hate law enforcement but the advocates for “Defund the police” love law enforcement? LMFAO!! You can’t make this shit up.

    It’s ok for black people to murder and riot, when white people do it though it’s a KKK rally. Especially if they break a few windows!! HOLY SHIT

    Critical race theory teaches our kids all whites are oppressors & blacks are innocent angels, another brilliant left political weapon.

    Let’s let the racist, white trash, & blue/purple/green hair emo kids run our country.

    Everyone is offended and so woke!! Socialism for the win

    Stay woke

    • Beating up cops is not supporting them .
      Critical race theory… you must watch fox who had 1400 segments on it in 6 weeks. For the record you won’t find it taught in one public school system in our area… it’s a buzzword to make the racist Trumpanzees go ape shit.

    • Who said it was ok for anyone to riot? Why do you need to bring up a black riot to somehow justify your white riot? Seems to me it’s because you don’t have a salient point and just cling to “whataboutism” to make you feel better

  • Universities are evil..,, learning is evil… keep them ignorant … perfect. You are an angry white child afraid you are about to lose privileges

    LINCOLN, WASHINGTON & destroying Ulysses Grant statue. It’s sad I have to put in caps when you stupid ass liberals are supposed to be “educated” and can

    They hate America.

    I brought up race ? I called you white trash boy. I don’t discriminate against race. I discriminate against woke liberals and racist blacks who hate America and looks for a reason to steal TVs, rob stores, &
    Then lie and say it’s for “social justice”. Lmao

    Education creates more 40k a year people than anyone. Modern day slaves who drive mini vans. It’s the people who do not spend 100k on a scam who employ college students who major in art lmfao

    If you want to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer etc sure go to college. Most people don’t. They go to college and everyone has a degree nowadays,
    And then go and get a job making nothing and have no idea what to do. Education & intelligence are two different things

    Keep voting for these woke losers and accepting your government food stamps and then blame Donald Trump when you don’t have shit.

    “Insurrection” LMAO.

    Chicago has insurrection everyday bitch boy, look up polices and action instead of your feelings.

  • I see why you hate Trump.

    He is everything you will never be.

    Rich, successful, driven, has a beautiful wife, and he exposed your fake ass CNN, CBS, and social media tech companies.

    He raised a beautiful family. MEANWHILE LOOK AT BIDENS CRACK HEAD FAMILY. That tells you everything you need to know.

    Remember when they called trump racist and his supporters conspiracy theorists for saying Covid was made ina China lab? LMAO!! Now Biden is looking into?

    Remember when Kamala Harris daughter said “white men in America are the single most dangerous thing to America’s safety today.” And then deleted the tweet when they found out the shooter wasn’t white in Atlanta LMAO

    Stay woke libtards. You brave social justice warriors

    • Do you remember him stroking XI for his handling of Covid? Do you remember “it will go away”.
      Ct I’ve gone back and read your posts… you are obsessed with race… you are a sick fuck… I used to think you were just an overly enthusiastic eagles fan… you are a MAGA racists… plane and simple.
      Name caller, you seem to think people who disagree are white trash.. I urge you to take a look at a MAGA rallly where teeth are at a premium and type 2 fatty diabetics are the norm.
      Good luck man you are extremely insecure and it’s unhealthy… get some sleep on your my pillow guy pillow… don’t worry Rudy will get his license back and have dump back in office august 10… when that happens I will join QANON with you!

  • Liberals are the type of people to say “Trump will destroy America!!”

    When he doesn’t they said “so what it was Obama’s policies”

    When Biden is in office and he is fucking up the economy, the Middle East knows we have a weak leader so they start there shit up again,

    He will destroy this country, and yet it will be Trumps fault.

    Just watch. Zero accountability lmao

    • You can’t defend him on merit always what about Obama, Biden of Hilary” Lame. Only one president openly courted dictators, fucked allies and named called like a. 8th grade girl.
      Trump = personal grievance … gives all the liars losers a chance to say “what about the…. Fill i. The blank”…. Trumpers play victim … pussies

  • I remember not too long ago that Republicans/Fox News called Hillary Clinton’s Supporters “SnowFlakes” when Trump Defeeated her in the 2016 Election and now the Show is on the other Foot and the Republicans/Fox News can’t come to terms that their Spineless, mafia-wanna be, Shysyter, Corrupt, and dingbat Leader in Donald Trump lost to Old Uncle Joe Biden
    This Country is so fucked up anymore
    For the Record, in my line of work (Transportation Industry) we are making money hand over fist in this Current Economy
    And my own personal 401/Roth Retirement Accounts are doing great !!

    Go Uncle Joe!!

    • Amen PM! The republicans under trump are the aggrieved…. Victims! I’ve never seen anything like it. Blame the poor, blacks, Mexicans, Dems
      Yes economically things great but the hate from trump . The whining crying etc is too much. He says tgat pence was weak! Pence was weak for four years… he only had courage on 1/6.

  • Trump is the Biggest Coward and Con-Man
    to have ever served in the WH , Good Riddance
    and his Family, and Children, Give me a F’n Break, they disgust me and almost as big of an embarrassment as their Stupid Father
    How this for telling it like it is !!

    • Paul man is in fire!
      Very succinct PM!
      I am in Delaware and for years we had a 50/50 type of state … 1 R Senator (Roth) and Biden… they worked together on national and local issues. They were friends with some pretty big differences but they worked together…. Now Delaware republicans only nominate the lunatic fringe… whacko trumpers. Professional victims and 8th grade name callers…. We used to have R governors, 1 senator and our lone congressman… then the tea party which morphed even more crazy into Trumpers

  • I grew up in South Jersey close to Philly in Camden County and in a very open-minded, politically open Family
    Ice always considered myself a moderate Democrat where is fiscally conscious but socially liberal and accepting of all people regardless of background where it was race, religious, orientation matters…
    Be nice to me and others and I’m a friend for life and would do anything to help a lending hand but everything is so damn divisive and black or white or win or lose in out Society that’s it’s a real shame as the Culture around has become so toxic in out Politics, Media, Soorts/Entertainment… it’s just crazy
    I can get why sone were attracted to Trumpers at first for his bravado and Make America Great Again but he fell so far off the tracks of decency and civility and now those in Power of the Republican beholden to him as sone kind of messiah, one of the many things that crack me about Trump is that he’s never ever been a practicing Republican or a religious fella though the Christian Right thinks he’s the 2nd coming despite all his personal scandal when it comes to his marriages and women in general…
    Just a dark period in US History flamed by the insecurity of the paranoid White Male and especially those who are uneducated who feel their lives slipping away to minorities who in many cases have worked hard to achieve the American Dream… Just too many bitter and angry people out there anymore which is disturbing but where we are …
    In the end, Only You can Improve your Life, not the Gov’t, so read from real journalists and actual History and learn from others by researching with a clear mind and no biases

    • Paul man that is damn good. You hit the nail on the head. I believe you should run against that Trumper Thom Tillis. He went full trump and it’s backfiring on him now.
      Perfect call on the insecurities of the uneducated white male thing. They blame anyone darker than them. I always ask… if you don’t have immigration who picks your veggies but I don’t think they eat veggies

  • We are the only country on the planet that blamed Donald Trump for Covid.

    It was his fault and he had blood on his hands. He killed all those people. When he put a travel ban on China he was called a racist…. but now it’s his fault.

    Covid a virus with a 99.7% they threw fire onto in a 2020 election year.

    Now Biden is in office and it’s all magically okay? The delusion from old washed up white trash men lmfao.

    Maybe Covid spread when they were rioting, burning, and killing people. When they had thousands of protestors across this country getting together during a pandemic. That had nothing to do with it. It was trumps fault.

    I’m obsessed with race the white trash hill billy says, but yet he’s always bringing up race and calling someone else a racist.

    What did I say that was racist? Or had hate towards anyone with a certain skin color ?

    Cause I said black men make up 5% of the population and yet commit 50% of all violet crime? But yet white people are the big danger? Is that what racism means in your libtard mind?

    It’s funny how I keep stating they are taking down Lincoln, Washington and other American heroes/historical figures and no one says shit besides “CT is racist”

    Donald Trump was a coward but yet he was the only one who stood in the way from this woke agenda taking place. This LGBTQ, anti America, fascist regime. Which is why the called him a racist

    The left control the media, Hollywood, sports, big tech and now the Oval Office again

    Dana white is a white trash nazi, so is Lil Wayne, Hershel Walker… don’t even get me started with Matthew McConaughey and all the other people who support Trump.

    Censorship, divide and conquer! Blame
    It on the Orange reality TV star!! What a coward !!!

    The man signed 5 peace treaties by the way.

  • I will put a very pleasant end to this boring argument…. TRUMP LOST… next stop jail

  • I don’t blame Trump for Covid but I do hold him responsible for not aggressively attacking preparing and coordinating the efforts to fight the pandemic and sending mixed messages on the Mask Wearing, Social Distancing and Safety Protocols while acting it wasn’t serious health threat that it was and still is….
    Many Lines were needlessly lost over the last 16-17 months and now something like 95% of all new Cases and Hospitalizations are with People who choose not to get Vaccinated
    It’s become like wearing a Badge of Courage to go around saying Fuck Science and the Data and “I’m. It getting the Vaccination” which continue to put People in harms way while further delaying a full comeback and end to the Virus in terms of People getting it or spreading it further
    Now it’s really hitting the Red, Rural Communities where Vaccinations are below 50% and they wonder why!!
    Just Get Vaccinated , it’s the Patriotic, Responsible thing to do and not difficult or cost a dime to get
    Follow the Science and Data and the Nation can have this behind us in a few months but instead this will linger on and find pockets and continue for years causing needless sickness, Hospital stays, a drag on the Economy and Health Care System and continuing more restrictions for all of us and the resentment and split will further grow from the folks who did do the right thing and got Vaccinated and for what ? For Your Freedom to say “No one is telling me what to do”?
    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!

    Trump is the ultimate Divider and preys on the People with less education to fuel a “Cultural War” and many of his Supporters continue to be dooped by him…Keep sending $$$ to him to fight Election Results as he pockets the $$$ from many people who can least afford it …
    Good Grief !!

    • Paul man you should stop debating sports cuz you stink at it but your points on trump and MAGA are really well done

    • Paulman real talk prob won’t mean much since you think I am a nazi now…but ive always respected you

      But quit making shit up man.. I didn’t say you blamed Trump for covid…MOST LEFTIST do.. Its pathetic that they used a virus with a 99.7% survival rate as a political weapon. Thats what the left does.

      The USA has 400 million people in it and he was supposed to stop and fight covid when they called him a racist for putting a travel ban on china?

      When that fraud Fauci said “WE DONT NEED A MASK” “That there is nothing to worry about”

      Those were Fauci’s words.. LOOK THEM UP and wake up.. We are the only country who tried to use it and blame our president lmao..

      Trump is still the president if not for COVID19..The left knew that..so they did whatever they could to take it.

      • I have never had any problems with you CT
        We obviously have different beliefs and takes on Politics, Political Leaders and Media Coverage , etc, etc , but that’s OK..
        It’s the United States where we can have differing points of views, analysis, thoughts and comments while still being respective to each other
        It’s not a bad thing to Agree to Disagree
        The other stuff, like name calling, crawling in the gutter is not conducive to constructive conversation about any issues
        and I will do my best to refrain from doing so…

  • I would also encourage Biden to mandate all
    9.4 Million Federal Employees including the Military to get Vaccinated or choose another line of work/employment
    The Military has had a high % of Illnesses which would be significantly reduced
    I also think he missed a great opportunity to
    Tie in any of the Stimulus Program $$$ to people and businesses that they will receive Gov’t checks once they were Vaccinated… sometimes you have to incentivize people to do the right thing

  • Holy shit. Ct is a total lunatic wow

    • Yes…. back when there were more participants on Gcobb and the 16 election was going on or just after it CT was one of the uneducated victims duped by the MAGA thing. As Paul succinctly put trump divided using fear (Mexicans are rapists, I can cure the ills of the inner city, I will keep blacks out of white suburbs) all the classic sound bites that non thinking people gobble up. That was pretty much the end of Gcobb as debate in this country has turned to people actually losing friends and family after watching them get sucked in by trumps toxicity

  • Yea if you engage someone that says

    “They are trying to tear down Mount Rushmore “

    “You are just jealous that Trump is everything you wish you were”

    You are the problem too if you even give lunatics like that anything more than calling him a psycho…

    • Fair point.
      Making an intellectual argument with someone who is incapable is insanity I agree… worse than arguing with a drunken slob

    • You prob got a ugly ass wife, and make less than 40k a year homeboy…Trump is the opposite of you and HAC..I see why you both hate him

      • Imagine being dumb enough and pathetic enough to dick ride trump Lmfao. Trump over country!!! Lmfao

        Trump is richer than everyone whoever read this site ever so what. He’s rich cuz he launders Russian mob money.

        Yea he richer than me but i got a whole lot of shit he don’t. Like family. Love. Friends. A wife i didn’t have to order. And a wife that’s 10,000 times smarter than trumps and at least 5 times better looking. See my wife can do this thing called smile, laugh, have fun, etc.

        If we r gonna take personnel shots though look in the mirror brother. No doubt u don’t have a college education as there’s zero shot an educated man would be a feeble minded freak who believes brainwash like they wanna blow up Mount Rushmore. Lmfao

        Bottom line ya boy lost. Get over it. Hate America if ya like or don’t. Either way grow up freak and support your country not a lunatic that can’t speak truth or facts ever.

        Ps did you inject bleach? Or stick a flashlight in your ass to prevent the fake virus ? Lmfao

  • LOL I am a lunatic.. I am the brainwashed one but yet the left controls:
    Big Tech (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, FB)
    Media (90% of it)
    Hollywood (90% of it)
    Our School system – which has gone down hill

    They are the party of fascist control, censorship, rioting and murdering people, destroying businesses.

    They claim its a white vs black thing, and they use race to get votes because they know if blacks stop voting for them they lose it all. Keep in mind blacks after slavery flourished right after it ended. 10 years after slavery ended they had businesses, banks, and land. They voted republican back then… Racism still existed, but black fathers were in the house… 18% of black family homes were fatherless..Then they started voting democrat in the 60s and that number is now 70% OF BLACK HOMES DO NOT HAVE A FATHER FIGURE. Keep in mind that number has gone up insanely in the white demographic as well. How come? Can any woke white trash commenter answer that?

    It all started with Lyndon B Johnson..read up and do your HW and see how racist he was and how much he hated black people.

    But that’s a crazy lunatic far right take huh? ZERO LOGIC behind it.

    Vote for me and create government programs to give you money because your too stupid to do it on your own.. <——— that as how a liberal master thinks.

    Generations of slavery did not destroy the black man, but one generation of welfare did. But thats another racist take huh?

    Do not say "fuck America", say "the system oppresses us", that "black people are being murdered left and right by police"…. which is a lie and then say its Donald Trumps fault..

    Blame the people you vote for, and have voted for the past 60 years.

    White trash liberals do not understand it because they only listen to what their favorite singer, actor, and athlete tell them in this cancel woke culture climate.

    You only hate Donald Trump because someone told you to, and he made mean tweets lmfao, and then turn around and vote for a 80 year old man who doesn't even know where the fuck he is…and the REAL president Kamala Harris WHO WAS HATED BY HER OWN PARTY. JOE only nominated her because she was a person of color. HOW IRONIC!! Gave a individual a job just because she's black to get votes!!! LMFAO They use race and Kamala Harris is the perfect example of that.

    What has she ever done to become the president? Trump is racist? But yet she has locked up more people for smoking weed, and doing petty crimes than trump could lock up in a life time. Instead he pardons people and reunites them with there families…YET HES HITLER 2.0

    Stay woke white trash

  • You know a white trash liberal is done in a political argument when they cant answer anything you said other than “You’re a racist” lmfao

    or they bounce off facts with insults..

    America is only a country of genocide and hatred when a conservative is in office.. But when the Far Leftwing Establishment is back in power….nah not anymore… lmao

  • “The White Liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way, the liberal is more deceitful, more hypocritical…than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the Negros sole friend and benefactor. And by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the negro, the white liberal is able to use the negro as a pawn or a weapon in there political football game that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.” – Malcolm X

    But yet I am a crazy lunatic… present a group of white trash liberals and racist blacks THE TRUTH.. and it still won’t be enough. lmao

  • Season coming quick! Hoping birds surprise people.
    They have a plus OL and DL and after that either unknown or minuses….
    As any eagles fan knows IF Hurts is a top QB candidate the retool is a very quick fix… if we are trading for a $150m contract with 3 ones…. Ugh

  • Steven Nelson signed. All these off season GM hand wringers who were pissy about Howie and the cap have zero to be worried about. So … in an off season of being handicapped they improved WR, secondary, LB and DL. OL with health is a plus…
    I have no idea why the off season GMs whine long before the roster six built

    • Damn good offseason by Howie. The man knows what he’s doing & he handles the outside noise in this town very well.

      A lot of his signings have not worked out recently due to injuries & bad luck, but at the time everyone loved them.

      It’s easy to hate on the Malik Jackson & DeSeans anti Semitic hating ass, but Howard is always trying to better the roster. I love that. Never scared to spend the money.

      Steven Nelson & Darius slay on the outside is a damn good secondary. Maddox & McPherson (rookie) will hold down the slot.

      Anthony Harris & Rodney with Marcus Epps & Kvon Wallace in year 2 we have some damn good depth at safety.

      We have a chance to go get that Dickson this year with a first year HC.

      I’d say Ron Rivera and the Skins are the favorites. Cowboys are over hyped with no defense, & the giants have the worst OL in the East, but have had a nice offseason as well.

      I think Eagles go 10-7 or 9-8 and push for a playoff spot

  • Funniest part is Trumps best friend and campaign chairman busted for spying for multiple countries. His campaign manager busted taking private voter info and giving it to russian spies and these morons love it and make up dumb shit like people are pushing communism and socialism. Feel bad for these feeble minded freaks incapable of free thought. Lmfao at they want to tear down Mount Rushmore. Ahahahahahaaa one can literally not be dumber

    • As Paul stated he has played on their ignorance, fear and personal failures. He creates a boogeyman, calls people names and being the stupid, racists that they are it’s like “ding ding there is a politician speaking my ignorant language “
      I have very good friends I’ve had these discussions with and it really comes down to fear of losing the white dominated culture…. S kneeling player should literally be hung ( trump just urged his Trumpanzees to boo USA teams at the Olympic) yet cheer the dummies at the Capitol… he is playing on insecurities

      • Part of it is also true uneducated white trash who have zero clue about real life nor our country nor our government. And now they had a moron in chief who spoke their classless whites trash language and they got hooked cuz it resonates with them.

        Look around it’s always uneducated whites who watch fox and get “news” from Facebook…. My own brother and more so his fianceee fit this bill and it’s sad. But at least they aren’t obsessed like ct writing retarded essays about his king on gcobb lmfao go live life dude and let ur obsession go. There’s no winning for ya here

        America spoke and the former guy is gone

      • Listen to Malcolm X talk about white liberals.

        “The American negro is nothing more than a political football. And the white liberals control this football through tricks who sell our people out for empty promises, or token gain or token recognition.”

        BLM is on record saying that are a MARXIST Organization. Look at there symbol of the Marxist fist symbol.

        Once again you were proved wrong like the white trash you are.

        They don’t wanna take down Mount Rushmore ? Lmfao ITS ALREADY BEEN DISCUSSED.

        Just like how they are taking down Washington & Lincoln off schools like I stated how many times above? Shire trash can’t read or comprehend? Which one is it?

        Then again, this is the party that thinks math is racist and there are multiple genders lmfao

  • Actually Facebook is a far left wing platform. They censored any post saying that the virus came from a China lab

    Bill Maher who is far left as they come even said how insane this was, especially now that it’s confirmed it came from a lab.

    Joe Rogan who is also very liberal said multiple times that “if you don’t think these news organizations have there own agendas and bias then you are lost.”

    I know it’s hard for white trash to read and comprehend things but you can do it. Do some research

  • General Flynn was at a QANON gathering where they gave him a rifle. Upon accepting it he said, “maybe I oughtta go up to DC to use this thing”. He got a huge round of applause… as a hunter myself I know there is zero hunting in DC so we all get the message he’s advocating assassination. The MAGA folks are sick. The good news for them is on Aug 10 the Fuhr gets reinstated…. Right CT?

  • Trump is Hitler 2.0 and Stalin of our generation.

    Meanwhile the party of Defund the police, censorship, abortion, multiple genders, drugs & sex, math is racist call Trump supporters “lunatics”


    This is the problem with the left, they hate Jesus and point the finger.

    Defund the police lmfao

    No response about the ON RECORD Marxist claims by BLM and there Marxist symbol? Just like the rest of what Malcolm said?

    Just “Trump sucks”

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

    • For the record it was the CHAIRMAN of the JOINT CHIEFS of STAFF who worked side by side with dump who compared him to Hitler. This is a man who served his country in battle. As all people of integrity who served for dump they all find him unfit, unbalanced and psychotic

  • Lmfao at “the left” (whatever that shit means) owns big tech, sports and Hollywood. Hahahhahhagaaaaaa Jesus man. I hope one day you enter reality and also hope there’s a class action lawsuit That you qualify for for being brainwashed

    Scary shit brother. You sound like a total moron incapable of free thought. Damn man. No way u came up with any of these thoughts on ur own. Matter of fact i know for a fact These are the things the biggest lunatics (ie trump, jr, boebert and mgt).

    Pathetic man. Ur brainwashed and radicalized by crazy people.

    God bless ya and anyone who cares about ya

    • Can anyone point to a BLM meeting? I’ve never seen one advertised? I know the proud boys and those other racist groups have meetings and organize things like insurrection and violence. Who is the leader of BLM? Just the boogeyman!
      Even Fox News is backing off the QANON crazy stuff. They still spout nonsense. If a MAGA asshole had a brain they would just listen to trump or mtg or Boebert speak… not how hannity tells you how to think…. listen to the source itself and then support it without saying…..”what about”

      • One group murders people and burns cities to the ground and is a ON RECORD Marxist group.

        The other breaks some windows and sits at Nancy Pelosi desk

        A person who worked with Trump called him Hitler? Lmfao!! What world do you white trash liberals live in?

        Everyone who works with someone loves each other?

        Mr Strawberry says someone is “incapable of free thought” but yet he supports the party that OWNS it all, that rallies for a Marxist hate group, defund the police, multiple genders, and wants to destroy America’s names like Lincoln and Washington

        Your mad because your a average loser with a ugly ass wife.

        Stay woke like the white trash you are and keep blaming The Evil Orange Man for your short comings in life.

        How pathetic

        • Mark Milley, General..yes he did.
          Read what he, Mattis, Kelly, Bolton et al have to say. He’s unfit


        You can find out who the leaders of BLM are… they were buying themselves mansions just the other day off political donations while other people are on the street in Chicago killing each other every day

        Grown ass man can’t read or do research lmao

        • I look them up…there are no meetings… no secret handshakes …no plots to overthrow government. Seems like a big bunch of boogeymen
          Now I know you don’t know who ANTIFA is… the deeper darker boogeyman.
          I don’t know why you are so angry your guy will be reinstated in a couple of weeks,,,right?

  • Paul, you’ve nailed the MAGA nuts perfectly… now please chime in on you not having faith I. The eagles (as per your usual) and how they managed to improve their roster while you said it was impossible. If as most experts acknowledge 2020 with Covid, no fans etc is a tough year to judge a player then the safety they signed (bad with names) and Nelson are significant cuz they were awesome in 19

    • Paul sounds brainwashed like you.

      Hates Trump and has zero idea why because a broke mindset loser like yourself will always demonize success because you have none.

      I’m on a comment section and I can picture you both perfectly that’s how much of a disease liberalism is.

      Hating on Donald Trump, but yet you defend a 80 year old who doesn’t even know where he’s at and said he “didn’t want his kids to go to a racial segregated jungle.” And then you point the finger like the no Accountability having bitches that you are and call someone else a racist

      But yet you voted for a 80 year old who did a eulogy at a KKK members funeral LMAO

      Malcolm X knew exactly what you liberals were even back then, and your still the same white trash bigots today than they were then.

      Stay woke

      • Once again… not a defense of trump… only a what about someone else.
        So this stable genius trump couldn’t beat an 80 year old guy that pisses himself? Solidifies Trumps earned reputation as a LOSER

      • I’ve hated Donald Teump since the 80’s CT and have stated so
        Many,many times mainly due to his shady business dealings, his lying, lack of Integrity and Ethics ..
        He stiffed many a Vendor in his Atlantic City Days including Glass,Cement Contractors,Plumbing,Electrical, Interior Design and Funriture Contractors who lost millions of $$ and some even lost their businesses due to having such legal expenses in fighting Trump in Court to get Paid …
        He also screwed up the USFL too which I liked because he thought it would be better to attempt to go head to head with NFL after the League was doing well in the Spring those first few years
        I admit that I have been familiar with Trumps Antics for a long long time and in no way shape of form, was he ever “Fit or Qualifield” to be Commander and Chief of these United States but he won in 2016 so he was our President and I wished him well for if the POTUS is doing well and a good job, then we all should do well as a Country
        but it wasn’t the case with Trump, He did Well for himself and his cronies but was very divisive to the majority of the US Citizens which is why he lost in 2020
        which really should have been a show-in for Re-Election if He just did an adequate job dealing with the Pandemic, but he couldn’t for he has no empathy,compassion or card for anyone but himself so he got what he deserved, a 1 Term, most unpopular President in many,many Years

  • Lmfao at Jeff months ago whining about the draft whining “who will play corner” lmfao. Grow up Jeff. Howie is awesome as was rueben amaro but idiots in media ran rueben out and trying to do same to howie. Embarrassed for ya

    • I don’t think the media can run a guy out.I do believe that GMs, coaches run their course and periodic change can be good. As Paul would surely say I was a HUGE RAjr. Supporter. He was/is old school baseball and didn’t embrace this analytics shit we are going thru now. As I’ve argued with posters on here about Howie,,, when you have a winning nucleus you have to keep your chips all in. You will eventually get bit in the ass but if you have a chance to win it all you go for it… professional sports is not for pussy hand wringers worrying 5 years down the road when a championship is within reach. Ruben made some masterful moves that didn’t work out in those post WS years and Howie tried post SB. The good thing is in FB it can turn around in literally 6 months. Tampa was 5-11, 7-9 the two years prior to SB

  • Trump lost! Good riddance!
    Howie rebuilt the defense and to all the negative nitwits wringing their hands about cap etc you owe a mea culpa
    Eagles gonna surprise

  • Trump 67 million votes in 2016.
    Trump 75 million in 2020.

    But yet Joe Biden got 80 lmfao in the middle of the night after the election was over.

    No wonder these libtards who support Marxist Groups, defund the police, & hate our national anthem want people to vote WITHOUT a ID. They thrive on the illegal alien to get there votes.

    Covid won Joe Biden the election. And people like you voted for him just out of hatred for Donald Trump.

    People didn’t vote for Biden because they loved him and Kamala who laughed about locking people up in jail over small crimes

    Liberals are weak. And they got there weak leaders running the show again

    The establishment is back!!

    • Sleepy joe beat trump. Simple.
      Unless you believe his lies (he doesn’t believe them… just another con to take money from stupid people). For the record do you believe his lies? That’s a yes no question. Did you send him money to support him?

  • This ain’t real. Nobody can really be this dumb; right ? This is just a huge troll job for someone that’s bored or it’s Gary trolling for extra clicks. No way this is real life.

    • White trash who votes for Defund the Police, Marxist hate groups, multiple genders and a 80 year old racist in Joe Biden is acting like he’s on the side of angels…


      The world we are living in..

      Stay woke

      • Yea bro ur retarded. Nobody wants to defund police you big dumb brainwashed lunatic. Nobody wants to blow up Mount Rushmore. Nobody wants socialism except maybe Bernie and Liz warren. Votes didn’t magically appear. Feel bad for ya ct mostly for the following reasons

        1. You are obsessed with Trump and can’t move on. And it’s unhealthy.

        2. You are radicalized and brainwashed

        3. You are very angry and can’t get along with others.

        4. You cannot take a breath of air without thinking about trump.

        5. You live in a universe void of facts.

        6. You are obsessed about others lives and put a premium on looks and money over other important things.

        This is America ya weirdo the former guy is gone and new guy is in. America moves on. Grow up weirdo

        • Yeah you right…Americas crime has not skyrocketed since these extreme radicals took over. The left who hate our police and made 30% of our officers quit/resign did not happen.

          1. The left is more obsessed with Trump more than anyone.
          2. I already told your stupid ass they are taking down Lincoln, Washington, and Ulysses Grant names and statues but I am brainwashed.
          3. They have discussed taking down Mount Rushmore
          4. Do some research libtard

          Look at the Middle East who was fine under Trump.. Now its time to turn up the heat now that a weak old ass leader is back.

          5% of the population commits 50% of the violent crime in this country. But that’s racist to say, but “Fuck America, defund the police, and our officers are murdering civilians left and right” is the logical balanced take lmao..

          More “void facts” for your simple minded ass.

          Stay woke

          • MAGA demonize everyone and everything

          • Even Dump admits his lies are “disinformation “. His lawyers admit their lies are so ridiculous only a moron would believe them

            • Meanwhile in reality CT. life has a lot to offer ya other than living vicariously through trump. Soak it in brother

          • The “take down Mount Rushmore” people are a handful of Uber libs, one of whom is disgusted that her great grandfather who carved it was a major player in the kkk. She probably has a bit of guilt etc… it has no legs with anyone of any authority.
            More concerning would be the number of swampy fucks in your guys orbit…. the bribery, quid pro quo etc in the trump govt gave whole new meaning to the swamp. More indictments by the day… dumb crooks.

  • Reports are that Ben Simmons is AWOL from all contact with the sixers. This guy has become the biggest loser in Philly history. A generational talent (hilarious) who averaged 6PPG in a playoff series against an inferior opponent while his teammate was slowed by injury…. he is a head case
    Further many in NFL circles are saying that the Watson trade is happening sooner than later. The eagles being the number one suitor … we will see..

    • Slow down on Ben slappy as Sixers have refuted this story. He warrants lots of criticism but believing single sourced reports like this during silly season while Sixers are engaging other teams to trade him is silly. Some gm or agent just trying to drive down value…

      Regarding Watson no chance we trade for him this year. Guy got 20+ serious allegations and there’s no way Eagles giving up anything for him until that’s resolved. Imo Eagles should just go all in today and got Rodgers and Adam’s…

      • I’ve seen the rebuff by the Sixers.,.. it is easy to believe the worst about him. He certainly doesn’t appear to give a shit

        • Agree. And i don’t see anyway he can comeback although i want him back but at PF not PG. My perfect scenario is keep him and move to pf then get Lowry via sign and trade. However i think he’s gone and i just hope our return ain’t ass…

  • Per Election Results –

    There were 4-5 States which were not going to Count in their Mail-In Vote until after the Same-Day Walk-Up Votes were Counted first, so there were going to be Hundreds of Thousands to Millions of early Mail In Votes were not going to be counted until after the Polls Closed, which obviously is going to take a few days to Count

    States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona all decided per their own State Legislatures
    to count their Votes this way where they would count the Mail In Vote after the Walk-up Vote was completed on Election Day
    Other States like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina tabulated all early Mail-In Votes as it came in so by when it came to actual Election Day, they could tabulate the Walk-In same day Results that much quicker and come out with some Final Results on Election Day since they alrwady counted in most early Votes..

    Most People who Follow Elections know that Democrats do more early Voting by Mail and most followers of the Election knew that Trump would do well on Same-Day Election Results as Most Republicans Vote on Election Day and in Person… What most People did not know was due to Covid, was how many would Vote Early and how Many would actually Vote on Election Day.
    Most Projected that Biden would well with the early Mail-In Voting and he did, but he actually did better than expected and specifically in these States that Decided to wait until after the Polls Close to start Counting them instead of tallying them up throughout the “Early Voting Phase” like most other states did

    The Big Differences Were :
    In 2016 – Trump Beat HRC By approx 76,000 Votes in Pa, Michigan and Wisconsin
    in 2020 – Trump Lost to Biden by approx 250,000 Votes in these same 3 States (Pa, Michigan and Wisconsin)
    (this is almost a 325,000 Voter Result Difference which is huge in these 3 States)

    In 2016 – Trump Won both States of Georgia by 211,000 Votes and Arizona by 91,000 Votes over HRC
    in 2020 – Trump Lost both States narrowly by approx 11,000 each so that’s a 300,000 Voter Turn-around

    In the End , Biden Received 7 Million more Votes than Trump Did and won the Popular Vote by almost 4.5% which is a pretty big margins by today’s standards (51.4% to 46.8 %)
    By Flipping the 3 States that Trump beat HRC by narrow margins in 2016 (Pa,Mich & Wisconsin) and then
    by Beating Trump in Traditional Red States like Georgia and Arizona made the Electoral Vote a comfortable Winning Margin of 306 to 232 in Favor of Biden

  • Now back to Football ..
    I’m hearing a Deal is close with the Houston Texans
    Eagles Send QB J Hurts, TE Z Ertz and 1 1st Round Pick in the 2022 Draft for QB Deshaun Watson
    who will have to sit out the first 8 Weeks of the 2021 Season due to NFL Suspension for Conduct Detrimental to the NFL , so it will be Sleepy Joe Flacco at the reigns of the Eagles starting out 2021

    • The Texans wouldn’t tAke that deal. I’ve been on the let’s see if Hurts is goodbandwagom but if that were the deal you gotta take the it

  • Darn the former guys campaign chairman charged with spying for foreign nations and made 250,000,000 bail. Wow. Ps who bailed out jarods 1+ billion loan and did it have anything to do with USA policy, UAE and / or trading of USA policy ?

    • Nothing to see here! Understand he is fighting with these election lies for one reason only …. Make it 2…. 1. He needs the cash that his toothless legions are sending 2. Distract American attention for just how corrupt he and his admin was.
      Now watch his defender will defend not TRUMP but will spin a slew of whataboutism

  • Everyone is poor, whites trash and has ugly wives unless they obsess about the former gut 24/7/365!!!!

    Want to be rich?
    Want a hot wife?
    Want to not be white trash?

    Well you are in luck all you have to do is bow down to the former guy. Obsess over him 24/7/365. Don’t believe any facts or news unless it comes directly from the former guy or one of his surrogates! Do that and you will be rich with a hot wife !!!

    • Nice defense…lts tough to defend the indefensible. So just pull nonsense out of the air.
      BTW this whole thing started when I defended Gcobb after a poster went nuts on him… and all I said was “Gcobb is ok, he doesn’t write like a Pulitzer winner and he’s a closet trumper but he’s alright” to which you responded, “ Would rather be a closet Trumper than a white trash liberal who relies on government food stamps & hates America.”…. so much for libs being hypersensitive, milk toast and over reactionary…. then your next diatribe included nonsense using boogeyman language like “they”, “libtard” etc,.
      Oh and BTW I assume you don’t need food stamps since you still live in mommy’s basement.
      Also, I love America and it’s institutions…, unlike trump

  • Retired from all the former guy talk, he lost we are better for it. He has a sick following and as much as I’d love to help them restore their damaged brain cells I cannot. I will not respond to politics on this or any site.
    I think the birds are in great shape. I think the people who complained the loudest, the ones who play for championships in March thru May should come clean that Howie did great. In the words of the immortal John Lennon, “all we are saying is give Hurts a chance”
    The Phillies will be buyers and have a chance
    Sixers seem to have a line on Beal and Lillard I hope they do t have to give up Thybulle and Maxey
    Flyers have been so uninteresting these past 10 years it’s good they are breaking g up that snooze fest of a core

  • That is exactly what made The Founding Fathers geniuses when they designed The Electoral College. They KNEW even back then if our elections went off of popular vote then the unpatriotic, hate filled trash liberals would win every single time.

    You cannot have major cities deciding your election…thats how you get dictatorships and fascist control like what’s happening today.

    They hate America and walk around in the street screaming it. They burn down our cities, loot & steal like the trash they are, sit on there ass during the national anthem, a say “white men” are the biggest threat to America because they broke a few windows at the capital

    The main problem with you white trash liberals is that you worship Hollywood too much and singers/actors. You listen to millionaire athletes who play a children’s game and go off their political views.

    You choose to do the most divisive thing possible and act SHOCKED when people who sit down on there ass during the anthem pisses half the country off… HOW UNBELIEVABLE PEOPLE WOULD GET MAD ABOUT THAT?!?!

    Its only “racist” when someone doesn’t vote for a democrat. Thats a libtards definition of racism.. But the fact is look at all the other countries in the world begging to have Trump back in office. Look at the Latinos who come from Marxist countries, the asians who vote conservative…I guess they are racist also and hate America.

    The FACT is angry white gays/lesbians who act like they have it hard in America, racist blacks, 18-22 year old college kids who go to Harvard vote for liberalism. Women also predominately vote for Democrats.

    We all vote liberal in your 20s, then eventually we all grow up.

    The problem is that baby boomers aka the Woodstock era destroyed this country. Drug addicts peace love & dope all sounded good on paper back in the 60s…now its progressed to a full blown out communist regime.

    School system is a joke, fatherless homes have gone up tremendously, all result of left wing establishment politicians getting into office and using it to get money… Meanwhile TRUMP LOST MONEY and so did his family.

    Line up the top 10 most dangerous cities in America, all democratic ran cities. Line up the top KKK members back in the day, all were democrats. Democrats fought to keep slavery and segregation around. Now they are doing it again in 2020. Just ask Malcolm X who knew what white trash was back then.

    None of you care, because the evil ORANGE MAN who is everything your not is gone. And PEDOphile Joey with the drug addict porno son is back in office lmfao.

    Stay woke white trash

  • Alex Jones is now posting on Gcobb… cool.

  • and before you ask yes i know the former guy wished a confirmed human trafficker well but that was only to own the libs and he didn’t really mean it. Yes i also know Trump Taj Mahal admitted in court and settled laundering russian mob money multiple times thus hiding their own human and narco traffic. Last yes i know the former guy ordered his wife and had a super shady company called Trump model management who also trafficked women. Yes i also know he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted dozens of women including 13 year old Kate Johnson via epstein.

    Yes i also know it’s confirmed his campaign chairman and campaign manager both got busted working against USA and for other nations. I also he brainwashed millions of hard working Americans with his tax scam that fucked virtually everyone in USA. I also know he bribed Ukraine potus and embarrassed the entire country in Helsinki. But guess what he brought us bleach, hydroxy, and flashlights!

  • The Ukraine story !!! Lmao!!

    Just like how he got impeached also right ?


    • Honestly what I miss most about him is his cool chants. I miss chanting things like like lock her up, and fake news and hoax !!!! I miss mixing it up with my people too!!! I’ll be darned if these lib turds get in my way!!! Nobody is going to tell me I cannot bow to my king!!!! Suck it up lib turds until the don is back in or one of his sons or daughters i hate America!

  • Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • No problem zov. Want to be friends ? Want to be rich and have a hot wife ? If you do all you have to do or say is i love donald Trump then poof you will be really rich really smart and have a smoke show wife !!! Join me

  • We have a “winner”… Alex Jones/Lin wood/Roger stone have all been let out of prison and or the looney bin and are posting on Gcobb, to get in the spirit they are communicating with the Russian bots that often infiltrate this bastion of American online chatter… Gcobb.
    Time to turn the phils on

  • I love Matt Gaetz!!!

  • Laugh all you want libturds!!!

    First it’s your statues. Next it’s your Mount Rushmore. Next will be your suburbs!!! And last will be the Grand Canyon.

    Wake up!!!!!

  • I wish the United States would actually split & conservatives could have there own country.

    But we have to hang onto you idiots. A bunch of woke cowards who will turn America into a third world country, and then will blame Donald Trump for it when it happens lmfao.

    Everything in this world is done for a reason, and the world is upside down.

    Glorifying sex and putting it in cartoons for little kids to see & watch. Dwayne Wade telling his 10 year old son it’s okay to get a sex change.

    LeChina saying “I am scared to step outside my Malibu mansion bc of white supremacy and being black”. And what’s scary to think 90% of Hollywood thinks this same exact way.

    You sick minded woke warriors support a president that has had how many creepy accounts with little kids and women?

    But yet you point the finger at Donald Trumps sex life and obsess over it. Hahahaha it’s quite sad how miserable you gotta be to hate a man because your broke and miserable and can’t stand the sight of your wife Maybe you should vote for him in 2024. He might be able to wave a magic wand and upgrade your life.

    Oh but don’t worry “Donald Trump is going to prison soon”

    Just like how the Russians hacked our elections systems, he got impeached twice, and meddled with Ukraine LMAO

    Stay woke you brave democratic activist p

    • “I wish libs and conservatives would split into 2countries”…. That is treason! No other word for it… I guess sedition works as well. Proof that you want civil war. You want to ruin America it’s not the boogeymen you point to it is you who want to ruin the country in the name of some made up purity test.
      The Meuller report absolutely says Russia hacked our election. That has been acknowledged by all… the bill Barr memo was a joke. Yes trump was impeached twice! And he lost to sleepy joe. Maybe you should move to Alabama with your ugly female cousin got a wife…. Have a few retarded kids and live the good life in a single wide with a Trump flag hanging proudly

      • Just another brainwashed sheep that’s been radicalized by Osama bin conald.

        • You probably advocate and want your son to be gay…thats why you do not care if its in there cartoons..children watching gay characters at age 8….

          Sick minded liberal loonies

          God help us

          • Interesting take there moron… “want your son to be gay”… interesting… “want”
            The only thing I want for my children is they be happy, productive citizens. I also want him to not betray the oath of matrimony and cheat on his wife and wear it as a badge of honor to a bunch of hypocrites (sound familiar? If not reread your moronic posts). I want my son to follow Christian morals, not lie, cheat and steal. I want him to pay his taxes and looks out for his fellow citizen. I don’t want him to use a public pulpit to belittle fellow human beings, call them names like a white trash 8th grade girl. Those are my wants for my son….
            who he falls in love with…. his call .., he happy not an angry unfulfilled moron

          • Dumb twat ain’t no queers in cartoons you dumb freak and no paw patrol wasn’t cancelled either. Get help ya brainwashed , white trash, uneducated domestic terrorist !

      • It’s treason to destroy your country because liberalism is a mental disorder.

        He got impeached AND GOT ACQUITTED Not once BUT TWICE LMFAO.. Thats how sick you white trash bums are.


        Already proved to be a FAKE NEWS STORY with zero evidence.

        stay woke

      • Its treason because your liberal ran country would look like Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Memphis, Baltimore, New York which have all been destroyed by liberal lunatics…DO NOT TALK ABOUT FAILED POLICY THOUGH… Talk about Donald Trump and his sex life

        sick minded

        • Hmmmthe cops testifying in DC right now aren’t talking bout mushroom dick… they are talking about MAGA congressman and pres betraying the country.
          Hey who was president during all the riots.
          As trump said while Obama was in office…”if you are president and it happens on your watch YOU are responsible “… so the riots happened on trumps was by his own admission he is responsible

  • Yeah the woke mob murdering and setting fire to our cities THE REAL INSURRECTION was Donald Trumps fault, not the “Defund the police” civil rights activist lmfao

    Go woke or go broke.

    Anyone hear the ESPN commentator during the Olympics say he felt “like my stomach was turning inside outside seeing the American flag wave in the air?”

    Another example of a woke organization who hates our country.

    Greg popovich the old washed up coward that he is ruining our gold medal chances lmao!!!

    We are the laughing stock of the world under this new administration

    • To quote him..”if it happens in America and you are the president it is your responsibility “…was he lying? Simple yes or no

    • Aah Biden is impacting the olympics?
      You understand that the world laughed at trump … they snicker and wonder how Americans can be so stupid to vote for an unfit, narcissist without sufficient knowledge of the most basic concepts of democracy

      • Funny cause his presidency was nothing but productive.

        Blaming Donald Trump when liberals kill, burn our city to the ground.

        The irony

        Zero accountability in these left wing fanatics. Mental health disease. How ironic

        Considering all of these athletes votes for there woke president and now are embarrassing us in the olympics pretty comical

        Obama gives the Middle East terrorist millions and millions of dollars to buy weapons and yet he’s called a hero by you no accountability anti American cowards

        But Trump is evil because he fucked stormy Daniels LOL

        • Productive? He rode Obama’s recovery economy pretty well. He fumbled with tariffs, there was violence all over America, he didn’t build a wall, he didn’t reform healthcare his “infrastructure week” never happened, he told us Covid would disappear AFTER he praised XIs handling of it.
          Before you slam Obama look at the growth of his economy… growth is good no matter who is president…
          Trumps fumbling of the riots and Covid were because he doesn’t understand the role of govt. … his best work was the crime bill…. he could have ridden its coattails to stop the riots in one day… instead he made a calculated risk to blame others (as usual)… “I Donald trump am putting together a group of cops, civic leaders, church leaders etc to form a commission to examine the stress of living in and policing America’s inner cities”… SLAM dunk and then he would have won… with Covid…instead of hiding like a sissy… “I the grand dragon am saying Covid is bad… we need to shut down for a little while (March-April) ..stay inside, put our economy on hold, beat this and come out stronger)… he doesn’t have it in him
          So did he lie when he said if it happens during your presidency it’s your responsibility? Simple

        • I though as a conservative you liked values? No?

          • No. Why you think i always talk about gays, pedos and other people’s wives ? I’m an ugly, uneducated , white trash , domestic terrorist who is obsessed with sex because nobody has ever loved me enough to give me any. I’m resigned to the fact I’ll die a virgin so i obsess on others sex lives.

            • Don’t forget living in mommy’s basement
              You oughtta invite officer Dunn to a debate about 1/6

              • Of course I think Matt Gaetz is sexy !

  • You are a little old

  • Its like the GOAT Floyd Mayweather said…”You NEVER heard anything about Trump being a racist before he ran for president, the second he ran thats when the woke mob went after him.”

    Trump hysteria a real thing..

    In 2015 they said Donald would destroy America and its economy, he would kill gays and blacks, he hates women and immigrants even though he has 3 wives who were immigrants, and he did more for immigrant than any president in history. Giving them jobs and providing them with opportunities.

    When the economy does great, and he does not destroy it like the left said he would … SO WHAT IT WAS OBAMA… lmfao

    Just like how that fake traitor who said “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TRUMP? WAVE A MAGIC WAND AND BRING MANUFACTURING JOBS BACK TO AMERICA?” And he did it lmfao!!! Just like how Elizabeth Warren lied about being native America lmfao!!

    Just like how the fake ass news said “TRUMP WOULD NEVER BE PRESIDENT WITH THERE WOKE LEADER OBAME” and yet he won….so they came up with the Russians Hacked the election Hollywood propaganda…you know…because the Russians are always the bad guys in the movies lmaoo!!! You cant make this shit up..

    Obama did nothing for this country. He even said “Gays cant get married..thats a sacred ritual between a man and a woman.” Election year came up and he did more for gays then he did for black people just to get the gay vote.

    He dropped how many bombs on the Middle East and started wars? He divided us even more AFTER electing a black president. BLM came into the picture and race relations got WORSE under OBAME who used the White House to make even more money.

    Obama and his husband Michael Obama both are lawyers who went to privileged colleges..saying “They get treated with racism in their million dollar mansion neighborhoods.” LMAOOO Oprah writing books on white privilege a billionaire black women.

    Just a heads up for you woke warriors..NEVER in the history of the world has any religion or ideology said there are more than 2 genders. It’s always been MEN and WOMEN… These godless animals wanna change it and tell little boys and girls its okay to change that and use the other restroom.

    white trash woke warriors who think they are on the side of angels lmaooo

    Have some accountability and accept your lies and exposure for the sick party you defend..

    If JFK was alive today he would be tagged as a White KKK member..

    Just like what the left will do with Rob DeSantis…lmao just wait the FL governor will be there next target in 2024

  • Look at the border under Biden, now look at what it was under Trump…

    Look at the Middle East under Biden, now look at what it was under Trump..

    We have NEVER handled out more degrees EVER in America. And yet we have never produced kids that are this dumb..and when I saw dumb I mean standardize test scores. They are not becoming smarter, and yet kids are getting more degrees. They want to be convinced of their own rationality, be convinced that they are smart and then be SHOCKED when they cant make any money. Because you cant make that much money on gender studies or LGBTQ studies…and when it happens they get mad at capitalism and Donald trump when they are broke..

    Yet these young kids who are getting degrees are the ones voting liberal. THIS IS ALL DONE BY DESIGN…

    Im a lunatic Alex Jones KKK member for saying facts though. lmao

    • There is no border crisis.! Trump built a huge wall that Mexico paid for… remember?
      Hey pal those dumb kids are your base!

      • You guys ever rub one out while watching those awesome dances Trump does at his rally or is it just me ? I don’t know what it is but when he fires up ymca and does that little jiggle wiggle it really gets me moving and by moving i mean doing boners !

  • And don’t get me started on him and macho man!!! Hubba hubba

  • You absolutely have to love these dumbassed brainwashed maga freaks.

    Somewhere above freak terrorist white trash uneducated scum says fauci said don’t wear masks. What he doesn’t tell you is fauci said this on March 8, 2020 when there was a grand total of 117 cases and THREE deaths in USA. Lmfao. Of course his position changed as the pandemic evolved.

    What the white trash terrorists also omit is ONE month later we had tens of thousands of cases and thousands of deaths a week and the former domestic version of Osama bin laden went on live tv and said put bleach and lights in ur body. Then peddled some unproven snake oil that does and did nothing. Then never endorsed masks. But hey it’s all faucis fault mostly because he doesn’t look sexy dancing to ymca and macho man and also because fauci isn’t cool enough to develop hate filled catch phrases like fake news and hoax.

    What a Fucking window licker you are ct

    • I’ve had my run ins with mr strawberry and PM… both are spot on in reading the disaster of 1. The trump presidency but more importantly 2. The ongoing poisoning of America, the picking at old wounds, the racism, the “I’m a victim, blame them (fill in the blank).
      I’ve been in DE all my life and I’m a Republican. My first election was Reagan and I was a proud Reaganite. I’ve had probably 8 opportunities to vote for Biden for senate and VP… I never voted for him till 20. As a school administrator I met him several times, sometimes with either a Republican governor or senator (Roth). He was always nice but I was more aligned with the traditional R party… the MAGA folks and trump have turned it into whiny victims who believe In isolationism…

    • Then how can you blame Donald Trump if that fraud Fauci CHANGED HIS MIND!?

      Listen to how fucking stupid the left is. It’s pathetic.

      People cared more about the Super Bowl Niners vs Chiefs and didn’t give a damn about Covid. BUT TRUMP WAS SUPPOSED TO SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY even when they called him a racist for putting a travel ban on China.

      Fauci was supposed the lefts God and expert in this field. “YoU have nothing to worry about.” “You don’t have to wear a mask.” LMAO NO wonder this fraud failed during the aids pandemic in the 80s.

      ITS TRUMPS FAULT!! Blame him for our average lives and ugly ass wife we gotta look at in the morning!

      How long before Joe Biden is pulled from the office and that nasty whore Kamala comes in? Wasn’t she fucking Willie brown when he was 60-70 years old when she was in her 20s? Lmao

      You sick bastards are obsessed with Trumps sex life so talk about that.

      Or how she’s locked up more men than trump could in 20 life times. How her family owned slaves and how cringe it is to hear that bitch talk lmaoo

      No problem at the border but yet she didn’t even go and was Basically forced to when she found out the President Trump went himself.

      How long? 6 months from now max ? That’s when the fun really begins

      Stay woke

      • Ct are you on drugs or just really really really fucking retarded?

        Who deemed fauci a god emperor ? Only person that called him that was you as best i can tell.

        Who blamed Trump for Covid? As best i can tell you are hearing voices and made that up on your own.

        Regarding travel ban on China. Didn’t happen as thousands still came here after said ban and also at that time Europe was equally bad and there was no ban. Maybe he restricted travel but def no ban. He didn’t stop international travel which may have been right or may have been wrong but their was no ban.

        Regarding slaves, sex life and border talk. Uh you sound like an Emo triggered snowflake. Lmfao. Cry more

  • Democrats owning slaves back in the day? Shocking!!

    The kkk were all Democrats and wanted segregation

    But the big leftist lie “they changed sides” LOL

    The left wing radicals do not want slavery, The KKK, & segregation on there resume, so they point the finger like nazis they are and scream “CONSERVATIVES DID IT” when in fact slavery never existed on the right.

    Imagine if Trumps family owned slaves… lmfao omg the hypocritical left have a field day!!

    • I state the “poisoning of America” read the posts above this one for exhibits A and B

      Exhibits C and D watch Ingarahm and Carlson on fox last night.

      We Republicans used to support cops now they support terrorists

  • Weird i was told that Dems were defunding police despite zero evidence where a dem wanted to defund them well this morning gop rep and insurrectionist rep gozar put through an amendment to defund the capital police. Ya can’t mAke this shit up.

    • Now green Taylor just filed an amendment to defund atf. These are facts. 2 republicans today pushed amendments to defund police. Democrats zero amendments to defund police. Weird

  • Also i was told gop “backs the blue “ and Dems don’t yet all gop tv (fox) and all gop senators and representatives are making fun of and / or accusing capital police officers of lying. Too fucking funny

  • Republicans & Democrats don’t really exist any more dumb asses.

    The two political parties are divided into two camps…

    Liberals & conservatives

    Been that way for decades now.

    Republicans can be just as liberal just like the guy who claims he was a “card carrying republican.”


    More leftIst zero accountability. Their whole party and supporters are walking around and chanting defund the police. It’s a huge marketing political tactic and now they’re trying to say conservatives want to defund the police…? LOL SWEEET GOD.

    How long before Kamala Harris takes over you woke cowards ?

    No comment on that huh ?

    • Nobody but republicans are chanting nor actually defunding the police. Get help man you’re a brainwashed lunatic. Layoff newsmaxx, fox and Twitter. You have zero facts all you do is spew brainwash food like the feeble minded freak you are.

  • Police Officers are retiring and putting in there resignations at a all time high you weak minded bitch.. Its not a conspiracy theory its a FACT!

    The liberals hate law and order and believe our cops are going around slaughtering black men, women and children…thats another conspiracy?

    The walked around burning our cities to the ground for MONTHS screaming defund the police, but that was really Trump supporters dressed up like liberals huh? LMFAO

    The city of ATL lost 25% of its police officers and how murder, violet crime is up tremendously..NOW ATL will become another liberal ran far left city…

    Woke cowards

    Its really Trump paying supporters to go undercover and go riot and burn down the cities LMFAOOO The Russians hacked our elections

    • So I assume you don’t count capitol police?

    • Please enlighten me and tell me where you got “ The city of ATL lost 25% of its police officers”. Imma wait. Show me proof.

    • See below dummy

  • Also for the record the biggest cities since the dawn of time have most crime because said biggest cities have highest poverty rates. hate to break it to ya but this ain’t new and ain’t going Away. The former guy nor Biden are responsible but systems and history are and specifically welfare, food stamps, unemployment and free housing contribute to the laziness and poverty rates but if ya take that stuff away crime will go up more, homelessness will go up more , healthcare costs will go up more for all etc.

    Grow up this is and has been life in USA for decades. Unless you got solutions shut your dumb ass Emo ass snowflake ass up.

    • “Unless you have solutions shut up”…YES!
      MAGA folks blame city issues on Dems … funny trump said he can fix the cities.. his words. What did he do for cities that anyone else didn’t. MAGA people like small words and quick solutions to complex problems. There attention span is so short… like their grand Pooba they don’t even realize nothing changed… “build the wall” no wall was built, “lock her up”…nothing…”Mexico will pay for it”…that one was funny, “get his birth certificate “ …. it’s simple phrases for simple people… it is why universally the Trump admin was laughed at

      • Factsssssssss! All of it!

        • I heard they Teach these Phrases at Trump University !!

  • “Their”…. I apologize for poor word usage on a device… not sure if it was auto correct, poor typing or just absent minded word usage on my part….

  • MAGA people don’t like big numbers so I will break this down as far as Atlanta lost “25% of their cops because of rioting”. This math must have been done on OAN. Atlanta’s police force is roughly 2000 officers at any given time. This would mean that 500 officers resigned because of riots. This is obviously fake fucking news. There were a few officers that retired in protest. Please note the word retired…not resigned to go work at Walmart… retired. Officers near the end of their career who said you know what being a cop blows. Everything we do is on camera, I’ve been doing this TWENTY some years… I’m taking my pension, the number that got out was roughly 25% higher than typically get out over that time span. So if in a typical year 50 guys leave the force then in the summer of the trump riots 62 left the force… that’s 12 extra guys on a force of 2000 .
    This is less than 1%

    • This is a retraction from I believe the APD union …8 resignations… and again there is zero evidence that some of these guys wouldn’t have moved on anyway:

      “ Earlier today, the Atlanta Police Foundation reported an inaccurate number of officer resignations within the Atlanta Police Department since the start of the social justice protests. Eight officers (8) have resigned since June 1. Due to a miscommunication we reported inaccurately that 19 officers had resigned. We apologize for the error.”

  • You weak minded bitches lmfao

    Major cities have always had more crime??? NOT LIKE THIS. They have destroyed our cities. Crime and gun violence has NEVER been this high in American history. Atlanta has never had this much crime and violence and crime is up tremendously right now. You think thats a coincidence you woke bitches? The police are tired of being blamed for bullshit and being demonized by you unpatriotic traitors.

    Keep voting for the party that loves government control..

    Vaccine passports, restaurant vaccinations are all coming next for a virus that has a 99.8% survivor rate..

    But lets not talk about diabetes, and cancers..the number one killer in America. And where do those come from? SUGAR..which is sold everywhere. Lets talk about a virus that “killed” people and 90% off the victims were peoples in there 80s and 90s…

    sick minded bitches… THE PARTY OF WELFARE, DEFUND THE POLICE, MARXIST HATE GROUPS, MULTIPLE GENDERS AND MEN CAN USE WOMENS BATHROOMS, “AmErIcA was BuIlT ofF of gENoCidE, WhiTe SuPRamAcy and gEnOcIde”…LMFAO lets take Washington and Lincolns name off schools fuck them!!

    Michelle Obama going on TV saying how proud she was for D Wades son becoming a woman… You cant make this sick minded shit up..

    How can Trump stop it when you have psychotic mayors running the cities?

    You want a solution? Quit voting for these far left wing cowards who use government programs, and thrive on peoples ignorance. Vote for me and get government foods stamps and money because you’re too lazy to get the shit done yourself… WELFARE has destroyed our country and the people who are on it take advantage of the system.

    Put MORE funding into policing and increase the amount of cops on the streets..

    Back in the 40-50s high schools had a gun team..No different than having a football team or basketball team. You brought your gun to school and you learned about defending yourself and became educated on the matter. When the woke socialist took over our School systems all of that went bye bye..

    They increased gun control and legislation…thats why cities like Chicago with the most gun laws in America have the highest killings in America.

    Imagine if everyone was educated and brought up with a gun in the country?? You think violence would go up or down if everyone had one ?? Knowing you social justice warriors you would prob think it would make it worse because of how stupid you are.

  • Fun fact: I have been coming to this site for 7-8 years now. Maybe a little bit more..

    I remember when we had a community here with a whole bunch of commenters and people who loved the game of football.. Now the site is basically dead and 90% of the people who were here are now gone..

    HAC (HaveACigar) and his woke cousin Mhenski both would cuss out the people who comment on here and belittle there opinion…and thats putting it very nicely if I am being real..disgusting comments towards people.

    Paulman shares similar beliefs in politics to them now so he probably won’t admit it today but he knows exactly what I am talking about..

    Now he points the finger like he’s some sweet innocent social justice warrior lmfao.. Always been a demented fake ass old man.

    Liberalism destroyed Gcobb.com and even Gary knows it…thats why he voted for Trump. LMFAO

    stay woke

    • “Even the swap meets around here are getting pretty corrupt”
      Bob Dylan – Brownsville Girl

  • Did you go on this tirade because:
    A. Your fucked up Atlanta info
    B. He didn’t build a wall
    C. He promised to help cities and didn’t
    D. He said Covid would disappear with bleach
    E. All of the Above plus many more failures

  • Thanks for clearing up the maga math hac. Ct is a lunatic. I thought cliff was the worst ever although maybe ct is cliff for all i know. Either way what a lunatic

  • Vaccine passports, restaurant vaccinations are all coming next for a virus that has a 99.8% survivor rate..

    But lets not talk about diabetes, and cancers..the number one killer in America. And where do those come from? SUGAR..which is sold everywhere. Lets talk about a virus that “killed” people and 90% off the victims were peoples in there 80s and 90s…


    What an absolute reeeetard. Does this lunatic think cancer and diabetes are contagious? Lmfao. Go play in traffick ya freak

    • He is not cliff…. Cliff was equally incoherent but in a different way. CT has been in the OAN, Fox spin cycle….
      I have some friends and family stuck in there…. And knowing them and even them confiding some truths tge MAGA phenomena is simply that trump gives them “permission “ to speak to their racist, homophobic thoughts. They truly are afraid the white man will be the minority and they are the victim. In fairness tge “wokeness” of some on the far left gives them ammo… they are the extreme that CT and my friends point to to justify their fear. However the MAGA cancel culture is 10 times worse…. The blaming, the vitriol, the playing the victim …. Trumps “those mean people are picking on me “thing is hilarious… they support such a PUSSY

      • Trump promised a “biggest infrastructure deal ever” for four years. Had all 3 branches and couldn’t do it… Biden gets it done in 6 months. Hey remember Trump said healthcare was easy… oops

        • It takes a special brand of asshole to treat a man that created a fake university with the sole intent of scamming children’s like a king

          • You mean the same guy that stole from his charity and is forever banned from having a charity!

  • Side by side video of Hunter Biden smoking crack while his piece of shit racist father talks about stricter laws for crack abusers…

    Similar to how he said he didn’t want to raise his family in a “segregated jungle”

    The man can’t even raise a family but he’s supposed to lead a country!

    Lmfao GO UNCLE JOE GO!!!!!

    • What about… pal you got nothing… nothing at all .. his son smoked crack… ok.
      Trump is dad and husband of the year. What a douche,.. you have zero to defend trump… zero

  • Every single authoritarian marxist regime started the same exact way.. it all begins with the doctors. Just like the Germans in the 30s/40s and the Soviet Union with the Soviets.

    Dr Fauci looks like a fucking Nazi…

    Its why these criminals won’t let COVID 19 go..They will hang onto this virus forever because it turns the average politician to a A+ politician.

    All you have to do is look at Jeffery Epstein and what they did to him. They MADE SURE that cock sucker wasn’t going to say a word to anybody.

    You think it’s a conspiracy theory to question who has a choke hold on this country and mark my words, you will see one day. Liberals are way more vicious than conservatives. Once they get into power and I mean COMPLETE power they will go Knight of the Long Knives and go straight military on the BLM and people who put them in power.

    Its already begun with the racism being talked about on every single news channel, cooking show and sporting event. Racism used to be taboo YOU NEVER talked about racism and now look where we are.. cancel culture is marxism

    Get your pop corn ready for when they wreck the economy and then blame it on Trump and capitalism.

  • Just now 205-of-206 House republicans (99.5%) voted against funding the Capitol Police

  • Answer ct

    Please enlighten me and tell me where you got “ The city of ATL lost 25% of its police officers”. Imma wait. Show me proof.

    Also answer why ur dumb ass keeps saying Dems defund cops meanwhile ur entire party literally just voted to defund police.

  • Your stupid ass doesn’t read

    I already told you republicans can be Democrats. The two parties are divided into two camps now. Liberals & conservatives and it’s been that way for decades.

    “We have been operating at less than full staffing for a while,” according to Atlanta Police spokesman Steve Avery. “The numbers fluctuate as people come and go.”

    Out of roughly 2,000 officers 400+ resigned or quit due to far left wing Marxist demonizing them and saying they are killing black men for fun.

    Do the math you woke coward. I know it’s hard to comprehend things for your washed up mind, but you can do it. I live Atlanta also by the way.. do you?

    Buck head has and is slowly becoming the hood more & more EACH DAY. I was out in buck head several weeks back and TWO people were shot.

    Do some research you white trash libtard and go get Strawberries to have your back. You know he’s prob a in the closet homosexual his ugly ass wife just doesn’t know it yet.

    OH AND BY THE WAY this is just Atlanta we are talking about LMFAO!! Not the other 10-15 war zones we have in the country that are ran by these Marxist who hate America that you claimed “have always had bad crime.” LMAO

    Stay woke


    • Out of roughly 2,000 officers 400+ resigned or quit due to far left wing Marxist demonizing them and saying they are killing black men for fun.

      Again where this information or stats come from? U know like a quote or some stat sheet or an article. Where does this come from? Sorry man I’m not a clown that believes it because u say it. Where does it come from ?

  • So around 20% not 25% MY BAD LMFAO

    I was off by a little bit by our woke genius HAC who destroyed Gcobb with his liberal sickness

    • 20% of 2000 is 400… 8 dudes quit in protest. Retarded MAGA creep

  • In January 2020… Before riots Atlanta had 1729 officers roughly 300 short. During and after the summer 45 officers retired or resigned. The number of retirement/resignations is inky slightly higher than a typical year.
    Like your grand Pooba you make shit up

    • Nah i don’t think he made it up at all. I think tfg made it up and he believed it or oan or newsmax or fox put out their brainwash and he bought it like the sheep he is.

      This small point is the crux of everything for you CT. Can you back up your stats with a source or not?

      • Good point.. remember simple point, short words, short sentences…. easily regurgitated

  • I don’t make shit up

    Look at the crime in Atlanta and where where it’s going. CHECK THE NUMBERS and violence

    And again, this is just Atlanta we are talking about. Not the other cities who have been destroyed

    The federal government has our country under control and will stop at nothing to destroy it. They own it all and even the office.

    Our government got too damn big because of sheep like you who believes the government is our friend lmfao

    “The Roman Empire did not fall because of the barbaric tribes, the Roman Empire fell because they got tired of defending it.”

    Same exact shit happening today.

    Liberals hate there country. Woke ESPN and all of our professors preaching unpatriotic “America is an oppressing country” and racism was step 1 in gaining complete power

    White men will not be able to vote one day because 00.1% of there ancestors owned slaves.

    Just look at how drastic everything has changed the last 10 years

    And the Philadelphia eagles are just a
    Distraction at the end of the day owned by the elite to give us circus and entertainment while they slowly take it all away

    • Got it you are a victim and you are standing up for yourself. “the white man won’t be able to vote”– no you aren’t racists… keep telling yourself that.
      OOOH and those damn professors teaching scientist actual science, doctors medicine, engineers how to build better– they are evil!
      You failed to mention how Trump is going to protect you from your boogeymen?

    • Ct you’re brainwashed and full of shit. I asked you a simple question and rather than answer it you wrote some retarded ass reply about romans. Wake up you idiot. You said 25% of Atlanta cops bounced then changed to 20% and now u won’t even say where you got ur information from and we all know why you won’t answer. And that why is because u are a liar, brainwashed and feeble minded.

      • I did answer you woke dumb ass.

        I even quoted the ADP police chief and there is PLENTY of data that shows what’s happening in Atlanta when it comes to murder, violent crimes, robberies etc.

        Being a cop in 2021 has NEVER been this hard before because of all the woke cowards pointing there finger at them.

        “20% not 25, I was off a little bit” LMFAO.

        Let’s scoff at 20% though and all the crime going up under these liberal policies.

        Your so fixated on Atlanta like a stupid ass also let’s talk about all of the other mass shootings happening on a daily bases through the country

        DO SOME RESEARCH!! Look at the crime going up,

        I can’t spell it out for your stupid ass any better than that.

        Now you can answer my question which you DID NOT answer.

        How long before the Racist In Chief Joey Biden is out and Kamala Harris comes in?

        A nasty whore who slept with 60-70 year old men? Who her own party HATED! Who was only elected because she was a “black woman”. She didn’t get her spot because of her elite back ground so tell me

        HOW LONG BEFORE JOE IS OUT, and then you have two whores running our country Nanci Pelosi and Kamala Harris LMAO

        How long?

        You won’t answer. You will just scream “SEXIST” like a woke bitch Mr. Strawberries

        And when Kamala comes in it will be Trumps fault when she destroys the country

        • Here is your one and only quote

          “We have been operating at less than full staffing for a while,” according to Atlanta Police spokesman Steve Avery. “The numbers fluctuate as people come and go.”


  • “look at how things have changed in the last TEN YEARS” — ok so when your boy says make america great AGAIN– the AGAIN you voted to get back to were 10 years ago which is 3 years into Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s first term. It is actually a pretty good time… he had the economy coming back, Bin Laden was killed…. it was a great time.

  • Just won’t answer the Kamala question lmfao… I have given you stats, data and examples of what is happening iN EVERY SINGLE MAJOR DemocRAT ran city in the country!! CHECK THOSE STATS BOY look at the crime for your self.


    Fast forward to a month later and Biden is making it a MANDATE!!! This administration is flip flopping left and right..And all Biden does is put that nasty red headed STUPID whore in front of the press and she won’t even answer any questions… Kayleigh Mcenany all she did was put those drug addict leftist media members in there place lmfao. Jen Psaki aka I’ll Circle Back To That Answer Later LOL

    The Nazi Party, officially the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, is here…and its in the form of liberalism, censorship, woke, cancel culture, glorifying gays, transgenders, and people who hate America and our founding fathers..

    TIME TO TEAR IT ALL DOWN and call the people who call it out “Trumpers” and “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”

    How long before Kamala Harris takes over?

    • WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME UP WITh 25% left Atlanta police force you silly cunt?

      Can you read?

      Are you retarded ?

      Answer freak show!

    • I’ll answer you’re dumb assed kamala question. I HAVE NO CLUE YOU SILLY CUNT; I AINT A GOD DAMN FORTUNE TELLER.

      FURHER IN THE EVENT SHE DOES TAKE OVER I AM 100% sure she will not

      1. Scam millions of Americans with a tax scam
      2. Shit on our allies and praise our enemies
      3. Encourage and advocate for the overthrow of democracy in USA like TFG did

      So eat a dick freak boy with your brainwash lies and bullshit. Either show where u got 25% from or shut your stupid mouth you dumb pervert

      • She will also allow her advisors to advise her without fear she will throw a tantrum because she’s not unhinged

  • “How long before those 2 whores are running the country”… along with racist and homophone I forgot misogynistic… my bad.
    Trumps gop just stopped a vote for funding for the Capitol police and the national guard.. you wanna know why? They are the VICTIMS of having to wear a piece of cloth on their face… so the defund cops and military because they are whiny babies

  • Ct what exactly did trump do to right all these societal ills? How did he fix the Democrat cities? We’re less people homosexual? Like you he’s misogynistic but that didn’t stop women from being involved, make them stay home wearing slippers with curlers in their hair. He didn’t fix anything… cities were more of a wreck under him. What the fuck did he do? He didn’t keep rapist Mexican out cuz he failed the wall… WTF did he do

  • Guys I am sorry I am a silly brainwashed cunt and all I do is parrot what I am told to think and believe all because I am an uneducated white trash virgin with no friends. Well I’m also a sexual deviant hence my obsession with other peoples wives and sex lives. I’m sorry I made up the stats about Atlanta. I will show myself the door.

    • Suspension with No Pay for You!!

  • According to notes, Trump LITERALLY told DOJ last year, “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me.”


    • As long as that dictator keeps blacks in the cities, Mexicans in the fields and women with their legs spread or baking a cake. Abdicate our world status and destroy democracy. Yup
      Very few if any serious people that served in the trump White House would vote for him

  • Trumps tax returns must be turned over to congressional committee. This law has been on the books since 1924. It’s not been done much cuz only trump refused to turn over his taxes.
    MAGA assholes will keep making excuses

    • Taxes will show he not only laundered Russian mob money but also Epstein’s. #100

  • “Just SAY the election was corrupt and me and my republican (sycophants) congressmen will do the rest”. There is absolutely no way any American who believes in the constitution would forgive this or support the person who said it.

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