• July 6, 2022

Four-for-Four Status Update

The Philly fan that identifies with the four-for-four sports mantra is having themselves quite the week.

The Phillies are doing just enough to earn the status of ‘buyers’ prior to the trade deadline with a walk off victory last night.  The team is in a position to make the playoffs more so because the division is weak and not with their overall performance on the diamond.   It’s felt every bit of a .500 season, the glaring holes are obvious, the need for a closer, starting pitcher, and center fielder rank in order of necessity if Dombrowski seriously wants to avoid a decade drought of playoff baseball.  A depleted and mismanaged farm system to pull talent from will be an obstacle to entertain trade dialogue, but I expect a few moves to be completed by 4pm this Friday.

The Flyers became relevant for a few days with 4 trades headlined by two household names being shipped in Voracek and Gostisbehere.   The Flyers were aggressive in their plan to move past the 2020 embarrassment of defensive play by trading for two defensemen and things should be looking up for Carter Hart who had his head buried in regression after a memorable 2019 playoff run.   Cart is the future for a Flyers team that will have their attention focused on scoring once free agency gets underway.

Ben Simmons + X= Y, the trade exchange most 76ers fans are actively checking their social media accounts for updated rumors as Thursday’s draft approaches.  It’s time for Daryl Morey to make that big trade, to be willing to part with young fan favorites like a Maxey or Thybulle if those assets are needed to get a deal done that will return a scoring superstar to play alongside Joel Embiid.   Beal is 1a, Lillard is 1b and Lowry is 1c.  Minus Embiid, there should be no untouchables, the ‘process’ was about increasing the likelihood of winning a title.

The Eagles, they are going to get their due.  Training camp is around the corner and many wish they could plan the day around the fun that West Chester and Lehigh Valley entertained.  Gary Cobb has the pulse on the Eagles with his latest article today, but I’ll be sure to make some noise once the pads go on and non-tackle drills have subsided.

All four franchises have MVP caliber faces with no identify of championship anytime soon, the realism of a four-for-four Philadelphia fan.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Glad that in the article Jeff specifically mentions Morey as the man behind any trade that gets done. There was some weird controversy bout that a couple months ago… make no mistake he is the man that ultimately pulls the trigger.
    Flyers have no choice. That core was the most boring ever. They all had skills etc but man when it comes to winning especially in the playoffs they were a snooze fest.
    Phils … one day I a buyers, next I’m a seller… they are the quintessential 500 team.
    Eagles let’s go birds…

    • Oh however on the Phillies… their stupidity in not getting the vaccine is hurting their chances. I personally would buy but if I’m in management I’m calling in Harper, JT, Hoskins and saying , “you guys want me to add pieces yet at any given time when we have a big series 4-5 dummies can flunk a test that even the stupidest person should pass with ease and I have to leave those guys home pulling their dicks while we are trying to win? “… phils don’t play smart baseball and I see why a bunch of dummies

  • A Good Time to be a Philly Sports Fan
    Teams are competitive with some new Players, Coaches, etc,etc
    Eagles have had a very good Off-Season to start the Nick Sirianna and Jalen Hurts ERA

    Flyers made some nice moves to add quality Veterans with good Leadership abilities which has
    sorely been lacking

    76ers have Trade Opportunities, Draft and Free Agency to re-tool their Lineup minus Ben Simmons, Mike Scott,
    Danny Green and D Howard I hope

    Phillies has been consistently inconsistent and at times look as good when healthy buy boy, their Pitching and Bullpen is just so unpredictable to count on, that I cant see them making Post-Season unless they add 3 Quality Arms to the Pitching Staff including a Legitimate Closer (Kimbrel from the Cubs)

    Whats the Eagles % of Players who have been Vaccinated ? Anyone Know ?
    Saw a Report the Other Day that 14 NFL Teams were above 85% Vaccinated thus far which is good to hear
    I also saw a report that the Chargers, and Washington FT were the lowest at around 50 % , which I do believe could cause a split in the Locker Room for some Teams

    • That spilt will happen if teams are forced to forfeit games. There is zero reason why this is going on. People getting info from Facebook and Twitter. Your doc should be your only medical advisor. Not a talking head on tv who only has political goals and doesn’t care if people die or in this case forfeit games.

  • Phils just traded for Tyler Anderson who averages almost 6 innings a start. That’s pretty good these days

    • Moore or Vinny out of the rotation? Spencer Howard new bat boy?

      • I think vinyl goes… no real reason why… I personally am more frustrated with him.
        Howard already needs a new franchise, fresh start

        • Vinny has a very quirky personality, could provide depth in the bullpen as Moore doesn’t have the velocity to be anything more then a 5th starter. Not sure why the Phillies felt it necessary to move Howard from the closing role he was accustomed to prior to being drafted by the Phillies, but their scouting and player development has been an issue for years. I’d personally like to see a 2 for 2 deal sending Bohm and Howard to the Cubs for Bryant and Kimbel. The last time a Phillies prospect amounted to anything at the MLB level might have been Carlos Carrasco.

          • I wonder if the Cubs would do that trade but I would certainly endorse it.
            As for Philly prospects I believe Nola was a major cy young candidate a couple of times and a solid top of rotation pitcher, Hoskins was 4th in ROY and a solid MLB player, Bohm was 2 in ROY but it’s fair to say as a whole they have got to straighten out their development program.
            Defense and sp killed them again last night. They give teams at least 30 outs a night… errors and plays not listed as errors just kill them… Moore as bad as he is they basically gave them 8-9 outs in the first 2 innings… you are asking a lot from a 5th starter.

            • I like your parallel comparison of defense and special teams at the MLB level. Eagles will be the outlet in a few days, the Phillies have produced mediocre results, self-earned, not at my paying dollar. The Eagles are a different story. Passion for football trumps all Philly sports markets unless it’s Flyers playoff hockey, those Wells Fargo suites are a good time. Hopefully after the butchering of that Anderson trade, the Phillies get their professional act together and execute meaningful trades.

              • I’m not gonna kill them on a trade breaking down. Stuff happens a lot.

                I think an under reported story is the WFT not getting vaccinated and their head coach being immune compromised. It’s early and the NFL season is long BUT in a traditionally dysfunctional organization to have this early dissent…. Keep an eye out

  • Paul man has famously called the eagles dysfunctional etc… meanwhile, Washington is one of the teams at 50% with a wonderful coach who beat cancer and is immune compromised. There is potential for a real issue there. The jets draft their qb and can’t sign him because of standard contractual language. Green Bay is “as the world turns”. Eagles are ok… if hurts is the real deal then we are even better

  • Washington FT is in real trouble and Coach Rivera is starting to get pissed that more than half the Roster has still not been Vaccinated which is going to cause real problems in their Locker Room and for this Reason Alone, I
    have downgraded them for the 2021 Season to a 7-8 Win Team instead of my Original Prediction of them Winning the NFC East with 10-11 Wins…
    Eagles are in a much better position to compete with an improved Secondary with the Signing of Steve Nelson which allows them to play Avonte Maddox in the Slot where he is most comfortable and very good at and the Nelson Signing also allows the Eagles to bring Draft Pick Z McPhersen slowly and not just toss him out to the wolves before he’s ready.. If Eagles OL and DL remain Healthy, they should play well and lead the Team to a competitive Season where they will be in most Games.. How does Hurts Develop, How does Coach Nick and the Gang Call Games and Execute their Play Calls during Game Days, Does Kicker J Elliot rebound with a Strong Season which would be huge for the Eagles Offense where the Coach doesn’t have to go for every 4th Down or 2 Point Plays like they did last year after losing Confidence in Elliot
    Believe it or not, Kicker Jake Elliot has a very important role and impact on this 2021 Eagles Team

  • Lamar Jackson not Practicing to Start Summer Camp for the Ravens due to Covid Issues
    Lamar Jackson also is Negotiating his Contact Extension worth some $150-$200 Million as his Own Agent
    Now I like Lamar Jackson, but I’m not sure this is such a great idea.. but to each their own i guess

    • No vaccine, no agent…. brilliant dude

      • and as a Franchise Owner, do you to tie your Franchise or have the Face of the Franchise that’s woth a Few Billions $$$ with someone who has some major Decision Making Issues ? I wouldn’t but that’s just me …

  • Eagle Players Im looking forward to watch this Camp are mostly the 1-2 Year Players, Remember Rookies last Summer had no Pre-Season, watered down Camp time so it will be nice to see how J Reagor, Q Watkins, J Hightower, N Herbig, J Driscoll, A Dillard and RB’s K Johnson, K Gainwell look
    Defensively, its all about the Young Players like LB’s D Taylor, S Bradley, K’von Wallace, J stevens, Z McPherson, M Jaquett, Josia Scott, Craig James, M Epps and the Young DL M Williams, Tutu, Tarron Jackson, Patrick Johson and of course the new experienced Players like A Harris, S Nelson, E Wilson and R Kerrigan on how they look..
    The Eagles on Defense have about 12 + Veterans who’s Contracts are all up after 2021 Season and many will not all be back for 20221, so there will be a lot of opportunities for Young Players to Step up and show they are ready to contribute and take over as Back-ups and compete for Starters time by next Season…
    Notable Defensive Players who’s Contracts are up after 2021 Season
    DE Barnett, DE J Sweat, DE R Kerrigan, DT H Ridgeway, LB Singleton, LB E Wilson, LB G Avery, LB TJ Edwards,
    CB A Maddox, CB S Nelson, CB Craig James Safety R McLeod , Safety A Harris, Safety Adams

  • NFC Teams Trending Up
    Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Detroit, Bears, Panthers, 49ers & Seahawks,

    NFC Teams Trending Down
    Washington, Atlanta, GB Packers, Vikings, New Orleans, Cardinals & LA Rams

    • Forgot to place the Super Bowl Champions TB Bucs as Trending Up

  • Predicting the SEC ALognment for the 2025 Football Season

    New East Division

    South Carolina
    Auburn (Move from the West Division)
    Alabama (Move from the West Division)

    New West Division
    Miss State
    Texas A&M

  • Hurts vaccinated and many other birds coming out and staying the same…. In Indy that wimp red neck that used to be here is refusing to say… we know what that means! Watch he misses the required number of snap counts because he gets the trump virus and has to sit!

  • Whats the Betting Line on the amount of Trades that 76ers VP of Operations Darryl Morey will make
    this NBA Draft ? I’m setting 3.5 as the Number of Trades ..

    • I will bet $500 on the under

  • Aaron Rodgers just spoke. To recap… I know the nfl, I know players, let me help build a winner around me… GB hasn’t respected good players who were hi character guys, let them walk (he named about 10 guys)… he said I can recruit players that want to play with me but they weren’t interested… they tried to shut him up with $ he said fu .
    My take Brady has essentially turned the nfl into the nba and Rodgers wants in…
    he has this year and walks,,,

  • Rodgers will move on after 2021, Russell Wilson could also Walk after 2021
    Out of 6 New QB’s Starting in 2021 (Tua in Miami, Hurts in Philly, Darnold in Carolina,
    Z Wilson in NY Jets, T Lawrence in Jacksonville, J Fields in Chicago ) 2 or 3 will struggle and be replaced in 2022, this doesn’t include Big Ben likely retiring in PIttsburgh, the unsettled QB Situations in New Orleans & Denver and then there is Deshaun Watson situation to work itself out
    I figure Cam Newton will start the Season for the Patriots before Mac Jones replaces him sometime during the Season I believe the 49ers ride out Jimmy Garappolo for the 2021 Season and then give the keys to Trey Lance next Off-Season for 2022 Season
    I think the Eagles are in good hands with Jalen Hurts for 2021and beyond …

  • Angst all around the NFL opening Week

    1) Rogers Situation in Green Bay

    2) Lamar Jackson out with Covid to Start Ravens Camp so No Practice for Him

    3) Saints WR Micheal Thomas decides to get ankle surgery this week to clean up
    from a prior ankle procedure which will mean he will miss Camp and likely the first few weeks of the Season
    which has upset HC S Peyton on why he didn’t do this months ago.. WR M Thomas is a head case and will be traded by Peyton by the Trade Deadline and I would stay away from this guy, though he is very talented

    4) Dolphins CB Xavien Howard feels disrespected by the Team even though they gave him a 4 Year Contract Extension in 2019 at an Average of $13 Million per Season which was a Top 5 Contract at the time, Now he wants a raise from this $13 Million closer to about $15-$16 Million per Years, Dolphins say, lets talk after the 2021 Season, Howard says, Trade me out of here..

    5) Giants Cut TE Kelvin Benjamin due to reporting to Camp 17 Lbs over his Requested Weight by the Team
    Kelvin Benjamin has not played in the NFL the last 3 Seasons for a Reason, another head cases with a questionable work-ethic and desire and has always battled with his weight…

    This is why Good Teams Draft “Smart People” that happen to Play Football..

    • Well Paul man.. two of those teams in disarray are teams you continuously say are better franchises than the birds. As your old buddy tells you the eagles aren’t perfect BUT neither is anyone else… it just sticks out more when you follow one team so much closer than others.
      It looks like your sixer trade over under may actually go OVER because as of 11:30 today they’ve already traded for a second rounder in exchange for cash. Morey is getting his ducks in a row for this evening. Some talking heads today talking bout some of the guys gonna be drafted tonight and I heard one say…”he has the CLUTCH gene”… that is what is missing from Ben….

      • Eagles have had plenty of their own Drama too in recent years but are at a much better place going into this Season than they have been in years as there was a Ton of Drama going on since the Super Bowl, between the Front Office and Coaching Staffs and Players and even before the Super Bowl during the Chip Kelly and and Andy Reid era’s ..

        • Drama and Injuries have plagued the Eagles the last 3 Seasons, maybe its time that it moves to other Franchises while the Eagles can focus on the work at hand and just keep improving
          This would be nice, wouldn’t it ?

        • Point is drama isn’t dysfunctional… it’s standard in the NFL. Lots of money, lots of egos, lots of testosterone with huge vested fan bases …. Media trying to stir it up… perfect formula

  • 76ers Draft Selections Tonight if No Trades are made..

    Rd 1 (26th Overall) SG Tre Mann (Florida 6-4′ 180lbs)
    Rd 2 (50th Overall) PF RaiQuan Gray (Florida State 6-8″ 260lbs)
    Rd 2 (53rd Overall) PG Rokas Jokubaitus (Lithuania 6-4 195lbs)

  • Only one inconsequential trade for sixers . They drafted an 18 year old…. Their asking price for Simmons is hi indicating IMO they are willing (for now) to hold on to him. Would love to know Moreys grand plan…

    • Don’t sleep on 2nd Round Pick (50th Overall) C/F Felip Pretusev from Serbia and who played at Gonzaga in 2019 and was Rookie of the WCC Conference but then went back home in 2020 at the start of the Covid Pandemic , A typical International Big Man who can Run the Floor, Pass, Shoot from the outside but is not a Physical Interior Defender at this stage and was MVP in at Andriatc League last Year where many Top Eastern European Players play …
      At 7′ 235lbs , 21 years of age, he will get stronger and will find a role in the NBA in 2 Years time as 2nd Team Contributor and develop into a Nice Bench Player and is further along with his development than many other Int’l Players..

  • Are Phils still on the fence about being Buyers or Sellars and most of the Players on the move have been moved
    Cubs still have Bryant and Kimbrel, maybe off R Hoskins, V Velasquez and 2 Prospects
    then Move Bohm to 1B platooning with Brad Miller with Bryant at 3B and see what happens

    • They aren’t going to subtract from their ML club to add. The problem is they don’t have the prospects people want

      • Phillies are Playing with who they got…
        Ownership doesn’t want to pass the Luxury Tax threshold and I don’t blame them to be honest for they can’t compete with the Dodgers,Giants, Padres or Brewers in the NL Playoffs anyways.

        • They did ok at the deadline.. you need to get into the tournament… anything can happen especially in baseball. Cant have a losers mentality and be scared of the competition. Do the the teams you mentioned have better rosters? ABSOLUTELY…. but only pussies would say “can’t compete”. I’ve never in a million years heard a professional team with eyes on the playoffs say those words

  • Carson Wentz Injures Foot at the end of Camp Practice Yesterday and status is unknown as further testing being done today… There goes that 3rd 1st St Round Pick for 2022 Draft..

    • Of course a $150 million starter gets a boo boo in camp and he sits for 2 weeks. This won’t hurt the pick…. Saving that for a week 4 separated shoulder
      D jax catching a bomb in July wearing shorts that is nothing but a yawn!

  • Colts Starting Center Ryan Kelly out with an un-dertermined Elbow Injury
    Colts Projected LT Eric Fisher still recovering from off-season Knee Injury and unsure of his Return

    D-Jax is looking good with the Rams so far this camp per Reports hooking up with a few big passes down the FIeld from QB Matt Stafford (Rams have WR Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Van Jefferson) along with D-Jax who can play 15 Snaps a Game and still make some Big Plays with Fresh Legs…

    • Maybe Carson is the bad luck charm

  • Colts to Acquire Nick Foles from the Bears who is 3rd String behind Dalton/Justin Fields,
    Foles is set to earn $6.75 Million for 2021 as the Colts 2 other Current QB’s on their Roster
    Have Zero NFL Experience (Eason and Ehrlinger)
    Obviously Foles would know the Colts system reuniting with Frank Reich from Day 1 so a relatively easy transition for both
    If Wentz has to have Surgery, he will likely miss the first half of the Season at least so no 1st Round Pick from them to the Eagles in 2022 Draft as it it will end up being their 2nd Round Pick
    2 First Rounds and 2 Second Rounds Picks for 2022 for the Eagles

    • Wentz has to play between 12-13 games for the eagles to get the 1. If colts make playoffs is closer to 12, if they don’t make the playoffs it’s closer to 13. Optimistically he misses a couple of early games then it comes down to a fluke hit or so,etching that knocks him out of games later in the year

    • Will be interesting. 75% of 17= 12.75 SO he can miss 4 games plus a bit… obviously it’s rough math dependent on offensive snap counts in each game. Best case he misses first 2, they lose and he played well enough to keep them in wild card hunt till late in season and it ends up at 18-20 or he misses a bunch and they stink (tough schedule) and it’s pick 35-40? . In the end this actually is still a huge win… the guy is just cursed. Moving on is the way to go

  • I love your writing style really enjoying this website .

  • Thanks.

  • Carson Wentz is a smug doosh and his teammates hate his guts. He’s a part time qb and thank goodness howie shipped his bum ass out of here.

  • 3 Rumors for Tuesday (8/3)

    Eagles Restructured both Lane Johnson and Derek Barnett’s Contracts to Create Cap Space
    for one of the the Following moves

    1) Trade of DE Barnett and LB A Singleton to the Cleveland Browns for WR Odell Beckham Jr

    2) Trade of OT A Dillard, and 2022 2nd Round Pick for WR Robbie Anderson

    3) Trade of OT A Dillard, RB B Scott and a 2022 1st Round Draft pick for CB Xavien Howard

    • #2 would be a Trade to the Carolina Panthers
      #3 would be a Trade to the Miami Dolphins

    • Paul man, I saw an interesting post on Twitter today that said “remember in the NFL the salary cap is 70% fake. Fans should not spend one minute worrying about their teams cap”. This was demonstrated by Howie again this off season as he managed to strengthen several areas of concern by signing pretty good players in FA. He didn’t get any shiny toys per se but he did just fine.
      Many beat writers are reporting the recent restructuring deals will more normal maintenance than they were to make room for any particular player. Probably time to start offering contracts to some home grown guys.

      • Its all funny $$$, and there are many Ways to shift Cap Space around, but the bottom line is not to be so tight or over or simply overpay for a Players Production where it restricts you as a Team of pursuing other Players or Upgrades in your Roster Building Process
        Yes the Eagles added 4 Quality Veterans all on 1 Year Cheapo Deals (A Harris, E Wilson, R Kerrigan and S Nelson) mostly because the Eagles offered these Players the best opportunity to be starters and play significant Roles on the field for 2021 and now 3 of them will look to make some of that $$$ left on the table in a Covid,tight Market next Off-Season when things possibly return to bigger spending by Teams
        Some of these 4 Players (Kerrigan/Harris are 30 or Older) so their Big Pay Days are behind them and probably just want to finish their Careers in a good Team environment where that can compete and contribute (Kerrigan was looking to stay as close to his Family Home in Washington DC as he has Young Kids) so Philly, Baltimore,Pittsburgh were the Only Teams he was even interested in talking to)
        Where else could have CB S Nelson Signed in the NFL where he would be a Starter at CB Day 1 ?
        Maybe Atlanta ? Anywhere Else ?

        • Only you can put a negative spin on a great off year.
          Salary cap gets proven time and again to be a non issue. Cowboys are projected like $30 million over next year… means zero.
          Eagles are a. Ok.
          Biggest concern now is can Hurts be the dude if so they are golden… no amount of negativity can dampen it… if he stinks they are poised to cut it off and still be in good shape

  • Leftover Rumor from Yesterday (8/2)

    Eagles involved with a 3 Way Trade including Houston Texans, Denver Broncos and the Eagles
    I’m still trying to come up with Player Names to make it work out right and is taking longer than when I started this Post ..

  • News gets worse and worse for the Indy Colts
    All-Pro Guard Quentin Nelson suffers a similar Foot Injury similar to Carson Wentz and was placed in a Boot yesterday and now the Team says he will have a similar Procedure/Surgery and will miss significant time

    Giants Issues
    NY Giants Big Priced Free-Agent WR K Golladay left Practice with a Lower Leg injury (most likely a Quad/Hamstring Pull per Reports) , The Giants Offense has struggled this Camp so far and return status
    for RB S Barkley is still unkown as hes been slow to recover from last years ACL injury/Sugery

  • My Sources have the Eagles Trading QB J Hurts, TE Z Ertz, WR J Reagor and a 2022 1st Round Pick and a 2023 2nd Round Pick to the Texans for QB D Watson and their 3rd Round Pick in 2022 Draft
    Stay Tuned !!
    DeShaun Watson will be suspended 6-8 Weeks by the NFL so Joe Flacco will be the Starter for 2021 with Nick Mullins as the Back-up (Which is why they signed him to have an experienced QB in case Flacco Struggles/Injured)
    Watson, Age 25, is due to Earn $10.5 Million Salary in 2021 and then his new Contract Extension that he signed last Fall with the Texans kicks in for 2022 (4 Years at $156 Million) which will average about $35-$40 Million per season from 2022 thru 2025 Seasons

  • QB Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills agree to a 6 Year $280 Million Extension that will kick in for 2022
    with a Guaranteed of $150 Million which is an average of $43 Million Per Season as the QB Pay just keeps rising every Season …
    Next in line are QB Lamar Jackson who I expect will end up with a huge deal despite his Covid exposure and lose to Allen’s Average and QB Baker Mayfield who may go with a shorter term deal (3 Years at $35 per Season)
    On a Side Note – Trading for DeShaun Watson means assuming his 4 Year Contract Extension that he signed last year and which takes effect for Years 2022 thru 2025 Seasons for a total of $158 Million
    which averages out to $39.5 Million per Season ..

    • All just market value deals. It’s the nfl… any of these guys could start getting injured and or playing poorly. A coup,Ed of these deals will backfire and a couple may end up as bargains. Price of admission. Now the key is to keep all your guys…get creative with the cap. Remember the cap is a mirage

  • Eagles have Approx $12.5 Million of Cap Space for 2022 with about 25 Players who’s Contracts are up after 2021 including the following projected Starters in Goedart, Mailata, Sweat,Barnett, Nelson,Wilson, Harris , etc
    Eagles need these young Players drafted from 2020/2021 Draft Class to step up and Play and find out who is part of the Future Core which is what the 2021 Season is about
    The Eagles have restructured most Long term contracts already to get under the Cap this Year that there is not much funny $$ to create for 2022 so expect 2-3 Big Names to go after this Season or perhaps by this years Trade deadline if Eagles are not competing for the Division by late October

    • Said the guy on the internet who thinks the cap is real. The eagles upgraded at least 4 positions on the defensive side of the ball when this same guy on the internet said they could t do anything because they were cap strapped. The cap is simply for fodder to keep peop,e with no lives engaged in the nfl. I would predict 30 or more of the 53 man roster to be on rookie deals. If there is a necessary FA that they feel is worth the $ they will be able to get if both parties agree. it’s a huge nothing burger..cowboys are $28 million over, giants are $14m over

  • Phils have gone unwatchable to must see TV…. Here’s how… Harper who many whined about his measly salary is hitting like MVP, JT same thing… they are 2 likeable stars. Then their role players, Miller, Torreyes are stepping up. Mostly gated Segura is now mr clutch .
    Pitching is still shaky but the BP is finding their stride. MLB relies heavily on 5-6 BP guys that bring heat… they have that
    The moves at the ready were not blockbusters but real solid

    • Phillies are staying the Course for the most part and its paying off with their big Players Playing well (Harper/TJ and Hoskins tot a lesser extent) ) but they are getting solid contributions from many Players from Segura who’s been their most consistent Hitter all Season, to McCutch, Brad Miller, Torreyes, Jankowski, Hererra,etc,etc ..
      But the Key is their Bullpen is finally pitching well as a unit and will determine t of the Season down the Stretch Run..

  • Congratulations on My Favorite #17 Eagle Player, Harold Carmichael, for being Inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame which was well-deserved and long overdue .. a Great Player, Teammate and All Around Good Guy and very active with the Philly/Delaware Valley Community for years with many Positive Causes and Activities ..

    I’m kind of surprised and a little disappointed to be honest that the Philly Community, Media, Fans and the Team itself didn’t spend more Time Celebrating this Achievement, but their loss… Everyone is more focused on the Here and the Now and what’s current but Harold Carmichael was one of my Favorite All-time Players and always carried himself with honor, respect, competitiveness, humor and decency which I guess these Days are simply not valued very much by the Public and is a microcosm of our Society today which is devoid of character and understanding or many people even having an interest or curiousity about in History as i digress…

    • He got pretty good play on local tv and radio… part 2 is that he was elected LAST year — covid really has screwed so much up. there were like 30 people that went into the HOF so it was all watered down.

      • Glad to hear about some local coverage..

      • Glad to hear about some local coverage..

        Were Owner Lurie, GM Roseman or any Current Eagles Executives there ?
        I didn’t see them but the TC Coverage was short and not a lot of Views of the Crowds,etc

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