• August 15, 2022

Jalen Hurts Must Not Rely On His Ability to Scramble

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was not happy with Jalen Hurts yesterday, as the Eagles practiced against the New York Jets.  Sirianni was riding the young quarterback and I appreciated the job the Birds head coach was doing. Hurts was doing something that reminded me of a former teammate I had, who should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.   The reason that he’s not is because early in his career he leaned too much on his ability to scramble.  I’m talking about Randall Cunningham, who may be the most talented quarterback that ever wore an Eagles uniform.

Unlike Donovan McNabb, who was developed as a young NFL quarterback and was forced by Andy Reid to play the game from the pocket, Cunningham was allowed by Buddy Ryan to rely on his scrambling ability and it damaged and delayed his growth as a young quarterback.  McNabb wasn’t as reliant upon his scrambling ability as Cunningham.  He developed as a complete quarterback especially when he was given some weapons such as Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook.

Cunningham would make the highlight plays, but he couldn’t execute from the pocket and that cost him and the team in the playoffs.  You can’t rely on your scrambling ability in the playoffs against a good, disciplined defense.  In three consecutive seasons in the playoffs, the Eagles were beaten by good teams with disciplined defenses because Cunningham couldn’t operate from the pocket as a pure pocket passer.   He would abandon the play without giving it a chance to develop.

All great NFL quarterbacks operate from the pocket by giving each pass play a chance before improvising.  They get the play from the sideline, then they drop into the pocket behind their offensive line and give the play a chance to develop.  They give their receivers a chance to run their routes and see if anybody comes open.  They will operate this way throughout the entire game if the receivers are getting open.

As a young quarterback, Cunningham would drop into the pocket and start looking for a place to run before giving the play a chance.  He would take his eyes off downfield and start looking at the pass rush to see if there was an opening.  He would thrive against undisciplined defenses, but he would struggle against disciplined pass rushers and disciplined defenses.

Waiting on your ability to scramble is a crutch for a young quarterback and it will prevent them or not allow them to grow as a pocket passer.   You must be a pocket passer in order to be a great quarterback in the NFL.  Cunningham did develop into being a great pocket passer late in his career when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.   He had a MVP season throwing the ball to Randy Moss and Cris Carter.  If he had had a head coach, quarterback coach or offensive coordinator, who demanded that he operate from the pocket without relying on his scrambling ability early in his career, he would have developed as a pocket passer and it would have allowed him to develop as a great quarterback much earlier in his career.

Eagles young head coach Sirianni is doing the right thing by making sure that what happened to Cunningham doesn’t happen to Hurts.   Yesterday in the practice versus the Jets, Hurts wasn’t giving the plays a chance and he was pulling the ball down and running much too much.  He must make it a point to leave the huddle before each pass play with the mindset that he is going to sit in the pocket and give the play a chance to develop.  He must leave the huddle with the mindset that he is going to throw the football to one of his receivers.
It must not be about scrambling for Hurts.  Scrambling is the icing on the cake, but it’s not the cake.  The fact that he’s able to scramble can be the ingredient that sets him apart and takes him to another level, but being able to operate as a point guard, as a distributor from the pocket is the key.   Before the play, Hurts must be thinking I’m going to get the ball to my teammates.  This mindset is a prerequisite for being a great quarterback in the NFL.
He’s not going to be a quality quarterback in the National Football League unless he disciplines himself to leave the huddle before every pass play with the mindset that he’s going to drop into the pocket and throw the ball to an open receiver.   I love the fact that Sirianni is demanding this mindset from Hurts.   It’s going to help Hurts grow as a quarterback and not delay his growth.   The foundation of quarterbacking is executing from the pocket.  The ability to scramble can’t be the  foundation of playing the quarterback position, it can only be the icing on the cake.
Hurts needs to get better in reading coverages and getting the ball out of his hands.  It’s going to take some time, but if he will leave the huddle each time there’s a pass play with the mindset of giving the play a chance and not relying on his scrambling ability, he will get better each day as a pocket quarterback.  Sirianni must continue to demand that his young quarterback discipline himself to not rely on his scrambling ability, but develop his skills a s a pocket passer.
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  • I’ve stated early on that if Jalen Hurts scrambles 8-10 Times a Game, then he won’t make it thru an Entire Season
    Yes a couple of Scrambles here and there are going to happen, but if he looks to run after his first read isn’t there, then it will be a long season and he won’t last physically adn the Offense will be very limited..
    He must learn to pass from the Pocket, sliding up or back or side to side with the intention of delivering the Ball,
    not running at the first sign of Pressure which he will get early and often…
    The Receivers have to help too and come back to the ball if hes scrambling about in the Pocket and hopefully the OL can protect him well enough where he doesn’t have to scramble too often and of course, the RB’s has to help Pass Protect when staying into protect or sliding out quickly as an pass option to receive the ball.
    These are all things that every Young,Mobile QB need to happen in order to be successful at the NFL Level
    so we could say the same thing for Justin Fields, Trey lance, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, etc, etc..

  • L. Jackson won an MVP rushing 12 times per game, Josh Allen was an MVP candidate and runs 7 times per game, Rus Wilson averages 6 carries a game (more when younger), K. Murray averaged 8 carries a game last season and even J. Herbert averaged 4 carries a game. Deshaun Watson like 6 per game–ALL OF THESE QBs have pretty much remained healthy–
    The game has evolved greatly since the days of Randall.
    Does he need to pass from the pocket YES- does he need to keep on R/O YES- does he need to scramble -YES-
    much ado about nothing.

    • But L Jackson, J Allen, R Wilson, P Mahomes, K murray have demonstrated many times that they can hurt you down the field with Big Plays over the Top when they scramble around to buy time.. Hurts has shown this just a few times that he can do too (Packers game when Hurts hit Greg Ward after scrambling around) but it’s still too small of a sample yet with Hurts..

  • The first 5 years of Randall’s career he only averaged 5.5 runs per game– LOL– HOF QB steve young average 4.5 runs per game his first 5 years.
    This thing about Hurts is made up, pre-season drama

    • We all know that Hurts will get 4-5 Designed Running Play’s a game off the RPO’s, naked Bootlegs, etc
      I’m talking about him taking off and running 8-10 Times off script when the Play Calls are for Pass Plays

      Randall who I enjoyed watching unfortunately was not a HOF QB as he just didn’t have enough very Good to Great Seasons to warrant a HOF Career.. Lots of Good Players in the NFL for aFew years hear and there, but you have to be very good to great over ar long period of time and Randall was not this due to some crappy Coaching early in his Career with Coach Buddy Ryan and Richie Kotite, etc,etc

      I think Hurts will have a good Season with approx 3,500 Yards Passing with a 60% Completion Rate for about 28-30 TD Passes with another 6-7 TD’s Rushing while tossing 12 Int’s and losing 6 Fumbles and Sacked about 30 Times..
      All in all, a pretty good Season for Hurts in his first full Season with an Improved Completion % but will till needs to work on protecting the Ball better

      • If u watch that small sample size last season hurts did ok throwing mid to long range passes. Worrying about him taking off is ridiculous. He is prototypical of a modern day QBs. he will get a few huge first downs with his legs and many more with his arm.

  • Yes plz scramble hurts. Early often and when it’s there run. I want a Russ Wilson, i want a Watson (pre public learning he’s a pure scumbag rapist ), josh Allen , etc. fuck a pocket. 25% of time i want qb movement. Holla

    • absolutely — today’s QB makes plays outside of the pocket- many on here haven’t evolved in their thinking- like saying a LT is somehow more important than a RT, like its 1995 etc- The best player in the league (Mahomes) is his best out of the pocket– teams who are good outside of the pocket score more points- there have been analysis of this the last few years. Injuries happen in the pocket as well— a QB in the pocket is defenseless and he’s got a few tons of beef falling at his ankles/knees (see J. Burrows injury), shoulders exposed to hits with 350 pounders falling on him, hands exposed to hitting a helmet on the throw- outside the pocket there is confusion in the secondary, the sideline, and sliding for protection- hits tend to be glancing-
      The best part of outside the pocket plays especially with an athletic receiving corps is that on the snap there is the initial read, if open take it from the pocket- if its not open and hurts escapes the pocket it means he’s got athletes either shaking their man or finding a spot in a zone- so either get a play in rhythm or draw a play in the dirt– it keeps the chains moving

  • Brees had a devastating Rib/Lung injury in the pocket, Prescott had an ankle injury on a QB draw, Brady missed 08 because of a hit at his feet in the pocket, Big Ben last year torn knee cap in the pocket. Or if you have a few minutes look at the Andrew Luck Retirement hit compilation on youtube– 95% in pocket-
    Hurts needs to be out of the pocket more than in it by a large margin! People who think a QB should be a pocket guy are the same dummies that want “hog” OL and a big bruising back to carry the load 30 times per game! DUMMIES

    • The season the chiefs won the SB Mahomes led the team in rushing yards in 2 of 3 post season games.
      in 21 J. Allen led the Bills in rushing in 2 of 3 post season games.
      The days of the statue are ending with Brady– Rivers gone, Eli gone — I would say in the current NFL there are maybe 5 teams that have QB’s that would be considered non-mobile- Ben, Brady, Carr, Fitz (although in his day he could move a bit), M. Ryan— there may be a couple up for debate but really its a league of mobile QBs it has been evolving for quite some time–

  • Good Defenses Keep Mobile QB’s in the Pocket with a Discipline Pass-Rush and a Spy and make them beat you from the Pocket which many MObile QB’s are unable to do … Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers have proven to do so.. but other Mobile QB’s like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Tysom Hill, Cam Newton haven’t been able to show that they can do big damage from the Pocket..
    We’ll see how Hurts, Tua, Fields, Lance and the next Generation of QB’s handle the balance of scrambling vs passing…

    • Lol in your “they haven’t proved anything” stupid comment you mentioned 2 league MVPs…
      You may not understand this but it always comes down to numbers. In the old days a pocket passer meant the defense was essentially paying 11 v 10 cuz the QB was stationary. Now with the RPO you are optioning a player meaning he’s unblocked and in no mans lane, add in a mobile qb and the team has to spy all of a sudden the offenses start playing 11 v 10 or even Q11 v 9….
      Doing damage from the pocket, the edge or wherever is a good thing.
      Ideally you want controlled breaks from the pocket a la Rodgers Mahones ….I think Hurts has that intangible

  • Helluva a trade by howie! We now have a competent nfl caliber qb!! Ya see howie and everyone with eyes and a brain who watches football knew Flacco wasn’t an nfl qb and howie got us one. Well done!

    • Flacco is fine. Picking up a QB who has demonstrated a decent level of competence for a 6 is brilliant. 17 game schedule…. Covid restrictions etc getting Minshew was genius. Howie had a wonderful off season

      • Case and point both Dallas and Washington started 4 QBs last year . So if the birds are in the playoff race week 14 or so and flacco and hurts are out do you prefer Minshew or Mullens ? Easy answer

        • It’s minshew over Flacco. He’s our #2

          • I wouldn’t bet on that ….not yet anyway

  • It really is amazing that people who watch this game do not understand this is not college.

    The mobile QBs are not ideal when it comes to longevity. There is a reason why Brady has out played Mahomes both times in the biggest games of there careers.

    Lamar can barely win a playoff game.
    Russell Wilson has 1 ring and was led by an all time great defense where he was a game manager.

    The guys who get the ball out consistently in 2 seconds, and pick defenses apart is what wins at this level. It’s not college.

    • Outside of Brady who happens to be the goat what statue wins consistently? Rivers, Carr, stafforrd, Matty ice. Lamar has a much better record and PO record than Manning at this stage of career. He’s won (and played in more) PO than Carr, Philip rivers won 3 playoff games in 16 years, Stafford hasn’t played in one…. Am I missing any other pro style QBs that have had more success this early I. Their careers

      • Super Bowl Winning WB’s Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Trent Dilfer all come to mind in Winning Super Bowls with very little mobility and escapability

        • Trent Dilfer won the SB TWENTY ONE years AGO, Manning won 11 years ago! Flacco had a dominant defense and Foles caught fire with the RPO which was brilliant coaching and of course QB play. No one is saying statues can’t win, what I’m saying is that because defenses are so fast and athletic the nfl is going towards athletic QBs who do some of their damage outside of the pocket. All you need to do is go around the league and look at the starting QBs and compare them to the years Flacco, Dilfer and Manning were in their hey day.

    • It’s really amazing how dumb Americans are. Eg you ya pervert lunatic

      • Nice one Boris

  • The accurate passer from the pocket will always dominate long term compared to the mobile QB.

    Lamar is one hit away from being done.

    Stafford is going to be a monster in LA now that he finally has a team around him. By far the best of his career.

    Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, Rodgers,

    Watch Justin Herbert and Trevor end up being the next two long term answers

    • Lol Favre retired like 12 years ago and he won 1 SB! Rodgers is a hybrid and moves out of the pocket with the best. Manning’s last SB he was a game manager and it was a dominant defense (the same critique you gave Wilson). Every QB is one hit from done. Luck got murdered in pocket. “Watch Herbert Trevor be the best LT answers”…meanwhile Mahones has been to 2 SB, Jackson is N MVP, Watson even as a criminal has a hi price tag, josh Allen mvp candidate…
      I think Herbert is great BTW but you are denying facts about the others
      Oh that’s right I forgot you are a racist MAGA idiot… I remember in my youth “black QBs can’t win”… I guess that was when America was great.

    • And look at the turnstile that is becoming the QB position. I suggest that turnover at the position MAY become more of a thing. Meaning that every year college is putting out these athletic strong armed QBs and we all know it’s easier to build around that rookie contract.
      Look at the teams that build around the established expensive QB and their SB lack of success (minus Brady).. stafford has had 3 head coaches, and is well under 500. The falcons have averaged 7 wins per season (granted one SB appearance) since Ryan signed his first huge contract. Manning signed his first big contract in 2010, won it in 11 and after they were sub 500.
      That second contract can be a killer for a team

      • 49ers Coach platooned both QB’s, Jimmy G and Trey Lance in their Final Pre-Season Game
        Out of the first 24 Offensive Snaps – Jimmy G took the Snap at QB while Trey Lance took the other 10 Snaps . We will see platooning more and more at the QB Position, as I stated a couple years back,
        as another evolution of the Sport, as some College Programs have been doing this for years..
        A Taller, Bigger Arm Pocket QB replaced by a smaller,more athletic scrambling QB to mix things up and have the Defenses Prepare for either style of QB..
        This is going to be the Future in the NFL, I believe having these Franchise Type QB’s with Huge Long Term Contracts will be less and less common as time moves forward and especially as the NFL goes to 18 Game Schedules where having 2 Different Style QB’s can help balance out a Roster and give new looks over a longer Regular Season and into the Playoffs

        A Couple of Reminders for Teams Not to Do
        1) Never Sign a RB to a Large Contract Extension after their Rookie Deals are up – get 3-4 Good Years out of their Legs and go Draft another one
        2) Don’t Overpay for TE’s who are becoming more and more prevelant and skilled coming out of College Football and there’s a good quality amount of TE’s in the Draft every Year
        3) Don’t Overpay WR’s – They are a dime a Dozen anymore and there are lots of good ones every year in the Draft// /he WR Room is becoming what the RB’s Rooms have become , a Postion by Committee
        There are Few True #1’s out there – but put a a few #2′ s and #3’s with different Skill Sets is what most Teams do now in Building a Roster.. Get me the Big Physical Target who wins those 50/50 Balls and a nice target to have in the Red-Zone, Get me the Sneaky fast Slot Guy to move the Chains and get me 2-3 Versatile Receives with Speed, Explosion and Good Hands

        • I’m not sure of that “balance” part with the big arm pocket guy vs. the athletic guys– nowadays the athletic guys have cannons==
          I’m not sure the Taysom Hill dynamic is actually the model teams will follow- I thought so at one time-
          Trump supporter Wentz who is an anti-vaxx dummy is on the covid list

    • Watch Trevor Lawrence be a nfl backup at best in 3 years.

      • Too early to tell… these guys come in with hype and draft gurus foaming at the mouth… it’s just to keep nfl in the new cycle. Think of all the hyped recent picks that have been moved. Nfl cuts losses very quickly these days. I think the cardinals draft 2 high pick QBs in back to back years…

      • Trevor Lawerence has looked very good that last 2 Pre-Season Games after a shaky start, He’ll be fine and they have some good Young WR’s on that Roster (Chalk, Shevault Jr..)

        On a Side Note – Vikings Starting TE (Irv Smith Jr) tore his Knee up and is going in for Surgery which will likely end his 2021 Season, Could Howie pull a deal off with the Vikings again Ertz

        My Sources have Eagles Trading OT A Dillard to the Seahawks for Veteran CB Damarious Randall and a late Round Draft Pick , Randall can play both Inside/Outside and provides more Depth in the CB Room

        Another Trade Rumor I’m hearing and making up is the Eagles Trading LB Michael Bradley + 3rd Day Draft Pick to the Carolina Panthers for WR David Moore

  • It is very interesting this site. Frankly my favorite pizza is the pancheta. Excellent !

  • Long Term in the NFL means 2 Seasons and that’s it, whether its High Draft Picks, Free-Agent Signings , Coaches, or Bloggers, You Reload every year and weed out the Players or Coaches who are not performing or buying in

    • This is actually a very good post. It is true the turnover is quicker than ever… it is a new day.
      In response to the Watson post… yeah once these stories started to really surface it got more impossible. I don’t know exactly what is true and the nfl is willing to put up with talented assholes but at the QB position with charges pending… no way. There is so much disinformation but I just couldn’t see it happening

  • Funniest story of the off season is the Watson trade rumors. Lmfao. Not a single team would trade for that scumbag. Nobody Would give up a wooden nickel for him. So damn dumb.

  • Landon Dickerson is OFF the NFI list. This is big news. Means he’s available

    • Give Dickerson about 3-4 Weeks before he’s available to Play as he’ll need a few weeks to get into “football shape” as had no real Practice, Contact Drills or much of anything since last December so they will be careful and bring him along slowly as they should, You can say the same thing about Rodney McLeod who will need a few weeks of Practice.. I would expect both these Players to be Available to Play by Week 3 of the Regular Season if no setbacks occur but definitely good news for the Team moving forward

  • Jaguars Trade CB Syndey Jones (Former 2nd Round Pick of the Eagles in 2017) to the Seattle Seahawks for a 2022 6th Round Draft Pick as Seattle revamps their Secondary with a depth acquisition ..
    Pete Carroll and Seahawk Defense have done a pretty good Job in Developing CB’s over the Years..
    We’ll see if Sydney Jones ever amounts to being a solid Player in the NFL , this is a great opportunity for him

  • Cam Newton Released by the Patriots in the day’s first real Surprise Cut
    more to come around the NFL I’m sure

  • Trade Rumors abound with the Eagles in the final Hours of Roster Decisions

    OL A Dillard to the Seahawks or the Steelers
    TE Z Ertz to the Vikings, Bills or Cardinals
    OLB G Avery to whatever Team will take him .. Probably a Cut Casualty in the end
    OL M Pryor to the Steelers,Bengals, or Lions for a Day 3 Draft Pick in Return

    Stay Tuned …

  • Eagles Trade OL Matt Pryor and their 2022 7th Round Pick to the Colts for their 2022 6th Round Pick
    No Real Surprise as Pryor was not going to make the Eagles Roster but does have experience and position flexibility to provide Depth for many Teams around the NFL and the Colts has sustained Injuries and Covid-Related Issues with many Players on their Team including OL so a Good Pick-up for them
    Good Move Howie in getting an asset back for a Player not in the plans ..
    Now Move Genard Avery and get another Asset for a Player no longer in the future plans for the Eagles

  • Talks between the Eagles and Cardinals are heating up again
    Eagles to Send TE Ertz to the Cardinals for LB Jordan Hicks, but the Teams are having disagreements about who sends what Draft Picks as both Eagles & Cardinals also want a Draft Pick in return as well..

  • Keep an eye on the last WR Cuts of the Bills, Colts,Panthers and Chargers who all have some pretty deep WR Corps and believe the Eagles will Claim one

    Buffalo – Jake Kumerow (6-4″- 210lbs) or Isiah Hodgkins (6-4″ 205lbs)
    Colts — Dezmon Patmon (6-4″ – 225lbs)
    Panthers – David Moore (6-1″ – 215lbs )

    • bottom of the roster moves are what today is mostly about and in the end don’t add much. Once in awhile you can get a guy that ends up filling in and doing an admirable job for a couple games (Fulgham comes to mind) but overall today is about spots 45-53 on the roster. I don’t see the eagles picking up another WR — I think Fugam gets cut and they keep JJAW. There will be adds and cuts for the next couple of weeks as each team tries to turn garbage into gold. Maybe a 5 for Dillard would be news worthy.
      meanwhile lots of hand wringing w/the Minshew trade— “means they have no confidence in hurts”– “they still haven’t named him the starter”– dumb stuff – It is no secret he’s the starter, it is no secret they aren’t 100% convinced he’s the guy moving forward. Honestly there aren’t a whole lot of teams who going into the 21 season are 100% convinced they have their guy for 22- Hurts has every opportunity and thats all anyone can ask for.

  • Minshew = no confidence in that bum flacco who is complete trash and who eagles should cut today

  • By my count 16-18 teams aren’t 100% in on who their QB for 22 is…. I think the eagles look at Minshew as great depth going forward- to speculate further is a just that speculation- I think he only makes like $800K which is just fine for a back up– I think he is good through next year

    • Minshew straight pisses on that loser Flacco. For fucks sake this nobody minshew threw 21 tds in 12 games 2 years ago something this loser Flacco has done only 4 times & 0 times since 2014! Flacco is complete ass and if he ain’t cut he may be listed as qb2 but that’s in name only cuz if hurts goes down there is 0% chance Flacco will start here because he fucking sucks!

      • You seem to have something personal against Flacco- I dunno- I’m not on the practice field – I know that QBs go thru highs and lows- Foles for example had record setting periods of times– 27-2, SB victory and he can’t beat out anybody and hold a starting job- Minshew caught lightning in a bottle kind of… this stuff happens all the time.
        Obviously Minshew is younger and more athletic and it would seem he will surpass or at least should

        • Flacco was 0-4 on a bad team and Minshew was 1-7 for a bad team. This isn’t a debate between Montana and Brady … 2 guys who have had some success in the nfl .

  • @TransparentMofo

    Who ever said “Black QBs cannot win”? Another woke bitch take on this site. Making up narratives to support your “I aM oPpReSsEd” Agenda lmfao…

    Nobody has ever said that. But the truth is a lot of blacks QBs have not won Super Bowls. Only 2 if we are being realistic and truly honest. Pat Mahomes momma is white.

    A lot of that has to do with 80% of the QBs being white in the NFL and in college.

    The 53 man roster looks good.

    Glad Stoll made the roster along with Tyree Jackson. The Eagles have a damn good OL, TE, RB, and QB room. I really love the talent at WR with Smith, Raegor, and Quez Watkins . All 3 should look better based of experience alone, and having the OL healthy .

    DL will be top 5. LB Corp is deep. Secondary will be solid with Harris, Rodney, Nelson and Slay. .

    10-7..Sirianni and Gannon surprise the whole league/division

    Hurts throws for 27 TDs and runs for another 7 and makes the plays when they matter most.

    • Ultra critical of a very young Lamars playoff record yet hailing the white QBs who had worse records. Wilson’s SB win you gave an asterisk. Then even your citing Mahones pointing out the white mother… trumpers know the code.

      • Facts do not care about your emotional feelings. Get over it..

        Only a racist will find racism in everything like the woke warriors.

        Russell Wilson – 1 SB where a defense held Peyton Manning to 8 points.
        Lamar Jackson – Cannot make a throw from the pocket consistently. It ends up hurting the offense in the long run, especially against elite teams.
        Pat Mahomes – his momma is white… RACISM lmao

        But you’re right lets go by your “code”

        America hated Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Cunningham, Steve McNair, Culpepper just because they were black!! The brave woke warrior with another brilliant take

        Uncle brain dead Joey and his cult followers are just as sick as he is. Shocker.

        Gardner Mishew will provide some crazy competition to Jalen Hurts. He was competing with Trevor in Jacksonville very closely, and he believed he should be the starter. Do you think he will come to Philly, & not have the same mindset with a QB like Hurts who has accomplished less than Gardner? For the woke warrior here, this is not a racially motivated statement ^

        • You forget rush Limbaugh the MAGA hero Donovan comments!
          Did you mention the Peyton SB where he could barely throw yet had a great defense win it for him..? No cu Peyton is a prototype (code)
          As for Minshew Hurts… it isn’t racists to say he’s gonna compete nothing woke bout that. I don’t understand any player conceding the starting position. I think depth charts should be blank for a few days in preseason

          • Warren Moon, Doug Williams et al have all documented the racism they encountered coming thru the ranks. Moons college coach received death threats

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  • Lmfao it’s amazing how sensitive and desperate the left is for racism..

    What did Rush Limbaugh say about Donovan McNabb that was so evil and “racist”

    All he said was that Donovan McNabb was overrated… and there is a argument to be made that he was. It’s ONLY bc McNabb is a black man that it’s called racist.

    McNabb went 1-5 in NFC championship games and was a product of an elite OL, defense & coaching staff.

    Why do you think every-time Donovan got hurt another player would come in & play well?

    AJ Feely
    Jeff Garcia
    And more

    Am I saying they were better than Donovan? No. But they won with the same exact team.

    McNabb is criticized bc he choked and came up short against elite teams every damn time. He choked in that super bowl also

    T.O is on record saying how bad Donovan McNabb is… and would tell his friends and teammates how overrated he was.

    Is that racist?

    The dude puked away his hall of fame career, and then claimed “racism” when people said he was only glorified bc the NFL was desperate to have an elite black QB back then.. that’s just another fact.

    Stop listening to the fake news

  • Keep in mind Donovan went on to be a sports analyst… and that ended up being a overrated failure as well.

    McNabb was a good QB I’m not denying that.

    He wasn’t an elite QB not even close.

  • The Initial 53 Man roster was about Protecting the Rookie Draft Class/UDFA of 2021 who most are not ready to contribute in 2021 but the Eagles want to develop these Payers for the Long term (TE J Stoll, DE T Jackson, DT M Tutu, LB P Johnson)

    I believe the Eagles are looking to Trade LB/Edge G Avery for a 3rd Day Draft Pick in 2022
    I believe that TE T Jackson, LB D Taylor and possibly OL L Dickerson may be moved to Short-Term IR which will open up a few Spots to bring back a RB J Howard, or DT TY McGill and Add a DB and WR from the Waiver Wire

    I also believe that the Young Players Kept – J Stoll, M Tutu, T Jackson will be moved to the Practice Squad after Week 1 or 2 opening up a few more spots

    Eagle Players Cut/Waived who I believe will be Picked-up by other Teams meaning their Eagles Carreer’s are over ..
    TE R Rodgers to the Vikings, Lions,Saints & Bill
    OL S Opeta could be Picked up by a bunch of Teams who need Interior OL Depth (Giants,Jets, Washington, Detroit, Seattle, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta,Carolina, Texans, Arizona, LV Raiders, etc,etc)

    My Thooughts of WR Travid Fulgham not making the 53 Man Roster was completely expected by me for he had a very lackluster Camp once the Pads came on.. There is a Reason why Fulgham has been released 4 Times from 3 Different Teams now (Packers, Lions and Eagles) and the Fulgham had a golden opportunity to seize not only a Roster Spot, but to be a Starter for the Eagles and the fact that he didn’t focus, commit, prepare every day over the last 2 Months for Himself to solidify a Spot tells you all you need to know about him.
    He’s Immature, lacks preparation and Focus and just doesn’t Practice Hard so he lost all Trust with this Coaching Staff.. Fulgham has NFL Level Talent but his lack of Focus/Maturity has cost him another NFL Job and I don’t believe too many Teams will be standing in line to bring him in, plus the fact he plays no Special Teams was another Mark against him for making the Eagles so buyer beware for whoever picks Fulgham Up

    Now about JJAW as the 5th WR- He has played Special Teams this Summer and actually has played pretty well there, Hes still the Best Blocking WR on the Team and will help on Running situations or Quick Screens to other Receivers with him out Front Blocking Downfield.. Bottom Line, the Coachign Staff Trusts JJAW is going to put the work in and do whatever is neccesary for the Team where they never felt that Fulgham was 100% putting in the work or truly committed to work on his game

    • lmfao “He’s Immature, lacks preparation and Focus and just doesn’t Practice Hard so he lost all Trust with this Coaching Staff..” what a blow hard, try hard, and feces slinger

      • Its been Travis Fulgham’s Reputation on every Team he’s been verified with Packer, Lions Teams at his Previous NFL Stops, He’s a Talented Kid who just doesn’t care much about Practicing and putting in the work and then pouts why he’s not Playing .. Immature,Entitled, Lack of Focus, Gets Down on Himself … That’s who he’s been in his 4 year Journey thus far in the NFL and the biggest reason he’s currently out on the streets looking for a New Team, which I called would happen for the last 4-5 Weeks now ..
        No Big Surprise to Me that he Played/Practiced himself right off the Roster..

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