• July 3, 2022

Is Fletcher Cox Giving His Best Effort?

Fletcher Cox had zero tackles, zero assists and zero sacks in the game against the Atlanta Falcons.  That makes you ask the question of whether he is giving his best effort or not.  Let me make this clear, the Eagles are not the same defense without Fletcher Cox. He is still one of most dominant defensive players in the league.

I checked out the tape and Cox is being double-teamed for most of the game.   That is opening up opportunities for his teammates, but Fletcher shouldn’t be taking those plays off.  Yes, the two sacks by Javon Hargrave and the one sack by Hassan Ridgeway were both partially the result of the Falcons double-teaming Cox, but he still shouldn’t take those plays off.

He needs to attack one of the O linemen blocking him in the same way Aaron Donald of the Rams does.  Fletcher is so powerful he can attack one of the offensive linemen, blow him back and still be a factor in the play.

I understand that he will get tired at times.  That’s fine, but he should take himself out of the game, but he shouldn’t be taking plays off.  Fletcher still almost had a couple of sacks during the game.  He’s still a great player Hall of Fame player and he should give the team all he has when he’s on the field. 


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  • Fletcher Cox appears to be in the Best Physical Shape in Years and will be fine, he’s not going to get a lot of Sacks (5-6 Sacks a Season) as he’s just not as explosive or as quick as he was 4-5 Years ago, instead he will tie up 1-2 Blockers In that interior OL which allows other Players to make Plays
    He’ll be fine but FC is not and has not been the dominant DT Player he was a few years back, he’s just not and there is no comparison to Aaron Donald’s who is a freak , but FC is still a good Player, just not a great one anymore

    • What a corny ass take

      Classic negadephia

  • “I need to to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new stuff you postÖ”

  • CT we may have a mutual friend. You tight with Phil?

    • CT,
      The above message is not from the real Paulman, here in NC,
      I have no idea who “Phil” is and don’t even know anyone names Phil that I can recall

  • Eagles Win Sunday versus a 49er Depleted Defense who come in without their 2 Top CB’s (Verrett/Hopkins) , their Top OLB (Greenlaw)
    and 4 of their Top 6 DL banged up and questionable how much they can play or how effective they’ll be (Kinlaw,Armstead, Dee Ford and even Bosa is still not 100%) so Eagles will take advantage, attack their Edges/outside CB’s with Bubble Routs, Jet Sweeps, Quivk Screens, etc, etc
    Eagles Win 30-19 over a depleted 49ers Defense and get off to a great 2-0 Start of the Season and positioned to make Noise in the wide open NFC East and NFC Conference which is up for grabs this year outside of Tampa Bay who their own Defensive Secondary Issues as well

    • “Depleted SF team “… you are already couching your statements your narrative is “they beat a horrible falcons and a depleted 49ers”, if they lose “they couldn’t even defeat a depleted 49 team”…. Predictable in every way…
      I get so tired of the Kyle Shanahan genius talk… dude has had 1 out of 4 good seasons… in the years other than the SB year he is 16-32…I call bullshit

      • If the Eagles were without Slay, Nelson, OLB Singleton and Top RB Sanders and a banged up DL , than I would predict a 49ers Win over a depleted Eagles Team …
        It’s about Health and Coaching right now but you have to have your horses to play at a optimum level which currently, the 49ers are not, due to their Injuries

        • But when the birds are injured you say different

  • Told Everyone that the Eagles would lock up/extend Josh Sweat before TE Goedart
    Smart move for the Eagles as they extend Sweat 3 Years – $40 Million with almost $27 in Guaranteed $$$
    Barnett will be the odd man out and probably dealt by the Deadline or Sooner

    • I thought they were in cap hell? They seem to have it figured out pretty well…. Too funny…. Mailata and sweat … who knows bout Goeddert I’m not convinced he’s worth what he wants…. Same with Barnett .
      Say what you want bout kicking it down the road etc… Howie has a comprehensive game plan that Paul doesn’t have the capacity to understand

      • I not only understand but have called about every move they made this off-season as they had no choice but to restructure almost every Veteran big contract on their books, it’s not rocket science we’re talking about here ..
        But to the present and Future, Always signing/extended in house Olayers at premium Positions like LT and dE is the smart way to go, Goedart’s deal can wait to see how he performs as the TE1 for the season, there is no rush to get a Goedart deal done and especially now with Ertz for the Season which actually helps Howies leverage with Goedarts Agents

        • And they are in perfect shape,.. you did not say that!

        • And they are in perfect shape,.. you did not say that! The eagles are locked and loaded. We will see bout 21 but their contracts are good and young talent is good

          • They are in very good shape for the Future, Lots of Young Talent on Offense and will need to add some Back 7 Defensive Players early next Draft.. CB, Safety & LB
            I believe this was Howie’s Best Off-Season..

            • You are bipolar!
              Well his best off season has to be after the 16 season… results matter.
              You said they were handcuffed because of “bad contracts”. That is just wrong they just had a few contracts that didn’t work out. You have to play ball and Howie plays it well. The fake salary cap is simply a game itself. All teams go thru it but there is never a panic (except with you). The cowboys and saints are like $60 million over next year so in your logic they are screwed and won’t be able to add but magically next off season you will see them restructure, kick the can and add a piece here ir there.
              Lurie said it … in the nfl you can fix salary cap issues within 1 year. That was actually pretty insightful.

  • Howie will get himself a nice 3-4 Year extension himself from Owner Lurie

  • 2108 draft the birds selected 4 starters out of 5 picks and did not have a first round pick. 2 have been extended, one is in hard ball negotiation for a big deal…. That’s a damn good draft right there . Maddox will sign a second contract as well….

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