• January 20, 2022

Examination Of The Eagles In The Red Zone

YouTube Video – The Eagles had a 3-0 lead and were in a great situation after Jalen Hurts hit Quez Watkins on a 91 yard bomb that gave the Birds a first down on the 49ers six yard line. Instead of getting more focused the Birds started making mental errors and that started with their head coach.

Nick Sirianni tried to trick the 49ers defense, but former Eagles linebacker and current Niners defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans wound up tricking Sirianni. All the Birds head coach could think of was roll out passes, screens, outside runs, and RPO’s (run pass options).

When the Niners committed the interference penalty on Devanta Smith, the Birds should have run a quarterback sneak on the one yard line. The Niners did it a few times in the game and got first downs. Sirianni doesn’t realize we have an outstanding offensive line. He should let them do their jobs.


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  • Disappointing Performance, Game Plan and Execution in Yesterday’s Game…
    Coach Sirianna loses Round 2 of the 2021 Season Championship Fight
    Regroup, Learn from the mistakes and missed opportunities in Yesterday’s Game and work on having a Iintermediate Passing Attack that can free up Receivers/TE’s on this 12-20 yard Routes in the middle of the field and take a few shots here and there to keep Defenses Honest..
    Injury to BG is big and could be Career ending for a long time player and leader of the Defense and the Team , Who steps up ?

    • Pman the Big “Blount” back
      Is missing? Dress howard or find a big bruiser for goal line. Once the weather turns, it’s even more vital. The defense can’t let consecutive 90+ yd drives happen at the Linc. No question that the game felt like a heavyweight fight and I was encouraged by standing toe to toe , but as the game progressed, kelce was on that roller skates we’ve witnessed before. Hes terriffic in space but in matching up vs a behemoth Hes undersized and nothing disrupts a young qbs like that up the gut pressure. I’d like see a concerted effort to use tight ends (hoping ertz) is cleared of Covid protocol. Go into Dallas and punch back and disrupt their receivers at the point of attack

      • “Find a big bruiser”… where? The game came down to some youthful mistakes… the Reagor TD was critical.
        The birds depth is about to be tested…
        I thought they stood toe to toe with an experienced team with a good coach. Disappointing loss but certainly not tragic

        • Sanders is 211… looking around the league the top back on most teams is 205-215. This 30 years ago mentality of a big bruiser is just outdated. Teams win titles with a 210 pound back, the nfl has evolved . He birds were beat by a better team… would have been great to steal one

    • Couple of Suggestions to have a more effective Red-Zone for this Current Eagles Team

      1) Spread the Formations out more
      2) Put Players in motion once in a while
      3) Utilize more Jumbo Packages in Short-Yardage situations (Extra OL)
      4) Stop the pulling of OL when in Red-Zone as these pulls take too much time to develop where Defenders reactions to fill gaps happens quicker and plays never have a chance
      5) Use more Lead Blockers in the Backfield
      6) Change the cadence count, the Eagles were
      stuck on same Snap Counts giving Defenders the advantage in get off…
      7) Utilize J Howard from the Practice Squad who has always been a very productive RB with a nose for the End-Zone

      Let see what Coach Sirianna and Staff come up with but they have to improve in this area are they e or the to compete with the better Teams in the NFL

      • They ran a bunch of jumbo packages, I don’t know why the TEs weren’t utilized. The big back theory is dated … not many teams have an230 pound back to pound it. I think Sunday was a team expecting to make a deep playoff /SB run vs a team that’s hoping to make the playoffs. I thought they showed well….

        • Unless you have Derrick Henry or Najee Harris !!!

          • Do the eagles have those guys? They have a practice squad guy! If he was decent 29 other teams who don’t have Harris or Henry would claim

            • Boston Scott is probably the Best Eagles back in the red-zone,
              Small, shifty but with a strong lower body and a knack of finding the End-Zone
              Gainwell is nice elsewhere but a Rookiw and not quite strong strong to get thru the forest of Defenders
              When close against a good NFL Defense and no, the Falcons don’t have a quality DL or Defense
              Sanders in the Red-Zone is average but needs sone space to operate in
              Straight ahead blocking, low man wins the battle every time , no pulling OL down this close , Mano on Mano and Eagles have to work on this part of their Offense big time

              • Best way to score deep in the zone is to create space and/or mismatches for receivers. On 2 of the 4 plays on the terrible series Ertz was the intended target. I’m not sure that’s the best option.

  • Bog Games tonight fo Me…
    App State hosting Marshall on a cool, crisp fall evening here in Boone and also the Carolina Panthers vs the Houston Texans for Thursday Night !!! Go Apps and Panthers !!

  • Prediction – App State 38 – Marshall 32

    Panthers 24 – Texans 16

    Go NC Teams !!

    • Good Night for Gootball here in NC

      App State Wins a Thriller 31-30 Over Marshall
      Here at Hone in Boone

      Panthers Win 24-9 over Texans to go 3-0 to start the Season buf did have some Key Players injured (RB McCaffrey to Hamstribg Strain ancestors Top Draft Pick CB Jaycee Horn broke his Foot

      Panthers Defense has given up 30 Points in 3 Games and Now has 14 Sacks and the NFL ‘s # Defense so far though they have played 2 Rookie QB’s in Jets Z Wilson and Texans QB D Mills as their road will get much more challenging but Winning is always the Goal for every Team so stack them up when you have the opportunity is all a Team or Fan can ask

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