• May 27, 2022

Should Eagles Answer QB Questions Or Try To Win?

It was good to see an Eagles quarterback come up to the line of scrimmage and know immediately where he was going with the football. It was good to see an Eagles quarterback making accurate throws to his targets. The Gardner Minshew was a breath of fresh air.

Still the questions remain. Is Gardner Minshew a franchise quarterback? Is he the kind of quarterback that you can build a franchise around? Is he the type of quarterback who can take you to the playoffs and then ultimately help you win a Super Bowl? Does Gardner Minshew have a bigger upside than Jalen Hurts?

Is Jalen Hurts a franchise quarterback? Is Jalen Hurts the type of quarterback who can take you to the playoffs and ultimately help you win the Super Bowl?

These are the questions that everyone’s asking and I don’t think you can answer those questions about Jalen Hurts. You know you’re getting close to it, when you give him 16 games to play. Does he show you that he’s a franchise quarterback? I think that’s debatable but I think Minshew clearly tells you that he is not a franchise quarterback. He’s very small. He’s a good athlete but he’s not an extraordinary athlete. He does not have a strong arm , but he’s got a high football acumen. He is an accurate passer.

Hurts has not proven that he’s an accurate passer, so that’s why you’ve got all these questions swirling about the season and this football team. These questions need to be answered, but I don’t think that you can answer these questions after seeing Minshew lead the Eagles to a win over the hapless New York Jets. I don’t think that tells us much  but I do think there are questions there.

Minshew showed us that he’s a quality backup. He’s a leader and he’s a fighter. The Eagles needed to answer the Jets scoring drives and Minshew helped the Birds do that time after time, but we can’t forget that it was the New York Jets.

Still I clearly cannot answer the questions yet about Jalen Hurts and right now I couldn’t givea thumbs up that he is the quarterback that you build your franchise around. He’s got some amazing qualities but his accuracy and decision making are suspect.

We may have to decide whether winning these games is more important than answering the questions about Hurts!!! Minshew might give you a better chance to win right now, but will that help you answer the questions about Hurts. Minshew is probably less likely to turn the ball over against Washington, but does that help you answer QB questions. Minshew might give you a better chance to make the playoffs this season, but is that a priority over deciding whether Hurts is the Eagles franchise quarterback.


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