• May 24, 2022

Flyers Experience And Discipline Has Answered Chicago’s Youth And Speed

Everybody was talking about the youth and speed of the Chicago Blackhawks before the series began.  The noise increased when they took a two-games to none lead after the two initial contests in Chicago but the youth and speed talk has died down now that the Flyers have evened the series.

Nobody was making a big deal of the Flyers experience and discipline but they are now.¬† Flyers coach Peter Laviolette installed discipline when he arrived during the season and it’s one of the main reasons the Flyers are on the doorstep of a Stanley Cup.

They’ve played aggressive yet smart, which isn’t always easy to do.¬† Time and time again they’ve refused to retaliate when they manhood has been challenged, which has limited their time in the penalty box and kept them out of a lot of one-man and two-man disadvantages.

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger has led the way by being physical and smart with the speedy young Blackhawks.  He has gotten them frustrated and agitated, while nearly always keeping his head.

“Not to retaliate, we certainly talk about it as a group,” Laviolette said. “Where we’re at in the season and how far along we are in the playoffs, discipline I think plays a really big factor in hockey games.”

On the other hand, the youth of the Blackhawks has opened the door to the scoring opportunities for the Flyers.  In the last two games, Chicago has shot themselves in the foot and Philadelphia has been there each time to take advantage of the situation.

They’ve commited some stupid and untimely penalties.¬† The Blackhawks have been caught with their pants down numerous times in their own end as the Flyers have swiped the puck and scored.¬† At times, the veterans in orange have used the Chicago defensemen as aids in redirecting pucks into the net.

Still the game tonight is a must win for both teams, but especially the Blackhawks.  If the Flyers can take this one, it would give them the opportunity to come home with a chance to clinch it here.

It would be so sweet to win a Stanley Cup in the Wachovia Center.

Could you imagine what it would be like to see the team passing around the cup on the Wachovia Center ice as an arena full of Flyers fans celebrated at the top of their lungs?

The Flyers can give themselves and the city a chance to see that happen if they can beat the Blackhawks tonight.


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One Comment

  • The Flyers are getting great perfomances from many players…
    On Defense — Proger,Timomen,Coburn and Carle are playing as well as any group on Defense has ever played for the Flyers.. (just limit Krajeck’s ice time though he did play much better in game #4)
    Goalie Leighton is doing what he does best, which is keep them in the game and play consistent..
    and the Forwards are playing well with good solid play from Briere,Richards,Giroux,Hartnell,Leino,Asham,Gagne,Garcillo,Carter and even Powe,Betts are doing a nice job on the forechecking line..
    The other big reason is the Head Coach, who has just the right temperemant with this team..He’s been a winner before and knows what it takes but also lets the players play and keeps them loose..
    Coach Peter Laviolette could be the difference maker in the Series when it’s all over…

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